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(2013-05-27 - 2013-05-28)
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Maira Now that Maira had some more money, she could buy more supplies. This is all thanks to Angantyr, who bought her potions. Of course, now she was determined to travel with him anyway. Still, she needed to come back to Traverse Town to check in at VALKYRI HQ and pack a few more changes of clothes, etc.

They arrive in the eternal twilight of Traverse Town, Maira dressed like she'd been to Manhattan recently in jeans and a black t-shirt, her red-gold hair its usual wild self. She is telling her large companion about her recent trip on an airship. "--so Argider invites us on and they were all throwing knives at a picture of Vayne Solidor--I threw one, for you," she says with a smile. "I think you would like this crew though, you should meet them if you are really thinking about getting work on a ship. I mean, its an airship not a...on the water ship...but yeah. Their mostly Rozarrian. Apparently Avira likes their accents?" she says with a shrug.

"So...where do you think we should go next? I kind of...have some questions I need answered, but I really don't know where to go. I think Merlin is still on vacation but I guess we could check over at his house..."

In the darkness of the alleyways a few predatory yellow eyes snap open, hungrily staring....
Angantyr Vespar "Rozarrian?" Angantyr asks...hmm...he didn't think any of the strong Rozarrian forces made it out...but then again, she called them by name. It was worth checking out, at least. The enemy of my enemy and all..

"Ah, a worthy target of a knife, if I ever saw one." Angantyr chuckled...House Solidor was not very loved outside the empire...and inside...well...

"Avira has a think for accents." Angantyr says, "The french guy from the TDA, I remember a Rozarrian that lived in Rabanastre...couldn't get enough of them." he says with an amused chuckle, "But you have to watch out of the Rozarrians...there are some stories about...ships with them. I am sure they are just stories though."

Angnatyr pauses thinking about this, "Well, which problem are you looking to ask about? The Dark Knight who is acting like he doesn't remember what happened, or Garland? Both are serious issues, both are effecting a way they are interconnected, the Emperor is without a doubt in with the Shadow Lords...nobody but they can make the marks found on the Dark Knight...but then again, such a mark is not given to trusted minions.."

"Those marks are given to those you expect to betray, or are too useful of tools to casually loose..." hmmm... "I never recieved one, thankfully. I wasn't ever important enough for Garland to care about losing...and he didn't expect my betrayal so quickly."
King Mickey There always remains to be something majestic about the eternal night of Twilight Town that continues to draw both the forces of light and darkness together. Even as the central hub of all civilization at the present time, people are continuously roaming the districts, shopping at various times, or wandering out to the beaches to stare across the star-filled landscape of the subtle oceans. It is this peaceful sight that continues to bring a certain anamorphic mouse back to this city for a little rest and relaxation.

Sitting alone atop of the shop owned by the renowned genius mechanic, Cid Highwind, King Mickey rests comfortably upon the roof, as he continues to people watch. His gaze shifts slowly as he picks groups out of the crowd. One being a couple on a date, just leaving a cart that arrived from Luca, enjoying some of the renowned sea-salt ice cream. Another shifts to a father happily spending time with his children and the list continues to go on.

The benevolent energy from those below him warms The King's heart and helps to set him at ease for the time begin. After all, he too has not been seen in the lands for some time now, under going his own agendas for purposes only known to him. Then again, for those that truly know his majesty and his behaviors, this is far from anything new.

A nomad and a vagabond by nature, Mickey himself is uncertain to why he decided to return to Twilight Town this night. One might call it a 'gut feeling' though he followed the call unconsciously, as if someone were calling out for him.

Nevertheless, The King remains in wait and continues his brief respite, taking advantage of the time he's been given for before long, he'll be off on yet another lengthy journey to places unknown. His gaze shifts down to the forms of a young fiery-red haired lass and her strong, well-built companion. He smiles at the young lady's continuous banter though something strikes him as familiar about the warrior at her side, a strong dark presence. His curiousity continues to pique his interest and keeps watch of the pair for the time being, as that he knows the man but just can't place him. His name is on the tip of his tongue, after all!

Oh, fiddlesticks!
Maira Maira snickers a little at stories about Avira and her love of accents. Poor Mercade! Or maybe she likes his accent? Everyone has one, don't they? Maira flushes slightly, but reaches out to take Angan by the arm as they walk.

"Well...I wouldn't even know what to ask about Garland--you know him better than anyone, after all. But yes, I'd like to find out more about what I did with the Dark Knight. Everyone wants to know what I did, and if I could do it again--and I just don't know! That's why Souji took me--he just wanted to know if I could do it again. When I told him I didn't know, he was no longer interested in me..." she says, glancing down. He'd also said a bunch of pretty nasty things, but everyone knows Souji is a jerk.

"Avira and Perci...and a lot of people I've talked to think maybe I' Avira--" she says, as if she's afraid to say it. There are already Heartless lurking nearby...

"I have to disagree Angan, you were obviously pretty important. I'm worried...maybe you have one of those marks and you don't know it?" she asks.

Maira looks around then, spotting Mickey. Her eyes light up, a wide smile appearing. She recognizes him, even from long ago, from the time they rescued Avira from Baron. "King Mickey!?" she asks, then picks up her pace, dragging Angantyr along. How fortuitous!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shrugs a little...but then is grabbed by the arm. Angantyr isn't one to mind these things, especially after recent things...yes things.

He does have a smile on his face, which is something that isn't often seen.

"Mercade has an accent...though I dunno if Avira can hear it. You tend to ignore accents of familar origins," Ang points out, and it's true. "Well, Souji...there is a respect between us, but well...yeah, kinda a jerk. I'm not exactly Mr. Rogers either." He points out, "He's blunt, some people are like that."

"Maybe? No heartless yet, but at the same time Avira was only chased when the Shadow Lords knew about her...and when it was almost time for the world to be restored...I think it's a resonance thing. Also, don't speak to loudly...and in public on such things. You never know who is a shaodw lord, a minion, or when a heartless is hiding in shadow..."

"Feh. Maybe, it's a thought I don't like thinking about...I've checked what I can, but well.." he shrugs...he forgoes making a naughty joke right now, they are trying to be serious. Though the thought amuses him a little.

Wait wh-DRAGGED. "Huh? King W-oh! Oh. Huh.." he says, not sure how a meeting between them would go now.
King Mickey The sudden call of his name, much less his full title, startles the king, making him become off-kilter momentarily! With his nimble nature, Mickey manages to regain his balance and maintain his place upon the rooftop. He takes a deep breath to compose himself from the surprise and notices Maira rushing towards the shop, dragging the behemoth of a man behind her with such ease, it almost appears effortless!

The sight causes the king to sweatdrop momentarily, as that must be somewhat emmascualing to a person of Angantyr's stature. Then again, a lady with a purpose is always something to reckon. However, Mickey puts on a smile as the pair approach him, giving them both nods of acknowledgment, "Well, hello there and well-met, friends!"

Rising from his seat, Mickey leaps effortlessly down towards the ground below to meet Maira and Angantyr, exchanging gazes between them both as he speaks, "It has been awhile. How have you both been?"
Maira Maira frowns gently. "A respect? Well, he certainly doesn't respect me," she replies.

Yes, things. Maira is still reeling from a lot of things, but she is smiling. Indeed, she seems happy, more peaceful than she has in weeks. No more limbo, she guesses.

"Well, there have been Heartless...I feel like every time I look in the shadows..." she tells Angantyr briefly.

In regard to the possibility of a hidden hexmark on Angantyr, Maira flushes deeply. Apparently, she's thinking the same thoughts!

She watches Mickey jump down from the rooftop then, smiling brightly. She lets Angan go and extends her arms and just /hugs/ him. She's so happy to see the mouse, and Maira is just a hugger. And really, look at Mickey. He looks so /huggable/.

She lets go quickly though, laughing with embarrassment. "Sorry! Its just kind of like you appeared out of nowhere when I was really hoping to find someone to talk to...I've been...well...a lot is happening and its been really crazy! Can we go somewhere to talk?" she says, glancing around then, cautiously.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr nods once at Maira.

"He respects strength. He doesn't understand the power of the" He shrugs, "He is likely to not get it at first either, but maybe with enough time." He shrugs, it's not like he knows he was replaced as an apprentance yet. He nods once to her, "Yeah. I'll be there, so don't worry about that." he consuls her.

Angantyr nods once to Mickey, "Yes, I have decided that I enjoy my meat cooked again, and of course am not a rampaging beast...good things all around I assure you." he says, with a grin at the joke, "Nor am I tethered to the forces of darkness." he shrugs, "A lot more is clear now, in my destination...but alas, one door makes more doors avalible. One mystery makes more appear.." he shrugs, "And because of the restoration of Manhattan, and the fights with the Shadow Lords, we've become...targets of interest."
King Mickey First, the young lady startles The King upon a roof and then she continues to surprise him with a sudden hug out of the blue! Talk about being caught off guard!

However, while Maira's sudden embrace startled him again, Mickey does not reject the young woman's gesture and responds in kind with a gentle embrace of his own. Maira's warmth and kind-hearted nature triggers the memories of Baron and allows him to recognize her in full, granted she was not looking so 'decent' in the aftermath of that event though 'tit for tat', as they say. As the pair part their embrace, that sudden 'gut-feeling' Mickey felt when coming to Traverse Town returns and makes him curious if this was the reason for his return. Whether it is or not, he's simply happy to see some friendly faces for a change.

The mouse looks into Maira's eyes with a genuine smile as he speaks, "Think nothing of it, my dear. It happens far more often than you might think."

His gaze turns to Angantyr for the moment, coming to recognize the dark knight who is now human from the monsterous beast he was when the king met him all those months ago. With a chuckle, Mickey shapes a grin about his face and says humrously, "Well, you certainly have lost a lot of weight since then. You look good, Angantyr."

As the dark knight speaks of the triumphs and hardships that both he and his companions have endured since then causes the king to feel for their troubles. He nods as he listens to the dark knight's tale, gazing momentarily between him and his female companion, commenting briefly with, "I see. You both have been through quite the lot in recent months, particularly with regards to combat though if one thing is for certain, it is that your paths have become much more clear to you both."

With that, Mickey turns to Maira to respond to her inquiry and pokes playfully central to her heart, "Perhaps more so in your case." and with that, he begins to wander off towards the inn, motioning the two to follow, "Come, we have much to catch up on."
King Mickey King Mickey says, "Oh and Angantyr.", stopping momentarily in place, lookimg back over his shoulder curiously, "Do you still have 'it'?""
Maira Maira looks back to Angantyr as he says he'll be there, and flashes him a warm smile, reaching for his hand.

As Angan explains what has been going on with him, she can't help but laugh a little at the way it was phrased. It must have been a long time since he'd seen Mickey. Maira remembers when Angantyr had been turned into the seemed so long ago. So much has happened since.

Tethered to darkness no longer. More importantly, not tethered to GARLAND. Hopefully...Maira remains afraid that he's been marked but /that/ should probably be discussed later. And near a bucket of water.

Maira looks back toward Mickey, nodding. "You have no idea, so much has happened--" she says, then he points at her chest. He's pointing at heart, right....? She blushes either way! "Yes...the Inn, that's a good place to go. Much less likely to be destroyed," she comments with a quick smile to Angan. Certainly, they have to be able to joke about this or they'll go mad.

Then she blinks, looking between Mickey and Angan, looking down toward one and way up toward the other. "It?" she asks.
Angantyr Vespar " not, actually." Angantyr says, "I am sorry to be so careless with your gift, but...well, someone else needed it more than I at the time. I gave it to Avira, who at the time was bleeding darkness every day and had not the resistance to it that I had," Angantyr shrugs, "I didn't think you would disapprove of your gift being used for the aid of someone else." Angantyr smirks a little, "Oh as for the loss of weight, thank you. I figured i had to loose a few hundred pounds for bikini season." he quips, not at all serous about that.

Into the inn, he looks around for a moment. He was not tied to the darkness...but his innate darkness was still a thing. He was still connected to it as anything else. But maybe the light was strong too?

"I don't see anything here...nor sense it. For now, I guess we are safe, and unwatched." he comments.
King Mickey Listening to Angantyr's response, King Mickey appears far from disappointed from the answer he received. In fact, while he speaks no further on the subject, his majesty appears to be humbled by the gesture and could not be more pleased. He turns back and heads into the Traverse Town inn with his new companions in tow.

As they enter the inn, Mickey addresses Angantyr once again, "We need not worry. One might call this place... a sanctuary, of sorts. So, we can speak in peace and not worry about imposing threats from the darkness."

King Mickey makes his way into a private room across the hall. The room is fully-furinished with comfortable seats, side tables, and a fireplace that keeps the room at a consistant and comforable temperature. He hops up onto a seat to make himself at home, gazing to his guests, "Before we begin, would either of you like something to eat or drink?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr interupts the pose order to shake his head, "When does Maira ever turn down either?" Angantyr says helplessly.
Maira Maira blinks, listening to their conversation. So, Mickey had given him something and he had given it to Avira? Oh...well...okay... "What was "it"" she asks again, unending curiosity that she has.

Maira snickers at the joke about Angantyr losing weight. Pfft, what, so he was only 7 feet tall instead of ten now?! Pretty silly.

Maira moves inside and selects a cushy couch to flop down on, smiling widely. She actually feels like she can relax a little, a rare thing.

Yes, at the offer for something to eat or drink, Maira perks up, her eyes lighting with obvious interest. "Ou, yes! That would be lovely, thank you!" she respond, at about the same time Angantyr quips in his response. She looks toward him and wrinkles her nose slightly.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr sits on the couch with Maira, because where else would he sit?

"Oh don't give me that look Ms. Hotdog mania." He grins at her, teasing her slightly.

"It was a charm to keep the darkness from gaining too much hold on me, the stuff LEXUS injected Avira and myself with was pulling on our darkness...I was at a disadvantage and an advantage...poor Avira...well, you remember how bad it got for her until Merlin made us the cure." He says, shaking his head. "Still, she turned out better for it in the end I think." he says...

"You never appreciate fully what you have until it is gone." he says, with a smile. "Anyway, less of the past here, and more of the current problems, yeah? I'll take some food, I think I was about to suprise Maira with dinner anyway."
King Mickey With the comedic and enthusiastic response from his companions King Mickey humbly obliges with the raise of his hand, along with the snap of his fingers. Suddenly, a menu appears out of no where and into both Angantyr's and Maira's hands. An unseen though easing presence can be sensed nearby the pair, as if waiting to take their order. Mickey comments, "Feel free to speak whatever it is you wish and he will take your order."

The King graceously waits a short time to allow the pair to look over the menu and make their orders. After the time has passed, Mickey looks to the two and asks, "So then, I understand some troubling matters are arising and I was getting the feeling you may be seeking some guidance. What may a humble servant such as myself do for you both?"
Maira Maira smiles when Angan sits beside her, scooting over to give him adequate space--but not too much. At the hot dog comment though, her eyes widen and she reaches out and smacks in in the shoulder. For her it was fairly firm--for him? Probably like being hit by a hurled chipmunk. "I was hungry!! You ate three too!" she protests.

She narrows her eyes playfully and lets him continue though, nodding at the explanation.

Oh, he was about to surprise her with dinner?! The smile returns, brighter than ever.

Maira blinks in wonder as a menu appears in her hands. "Oooh....are you a magician too?" she asks, looking over the menu then. "Uuumm..." she leans over toward Angantyr, pointing out the word 'asparagus'. "What this mean?"

Assuming he gives her the answer, she orders a steak with a side of asparagus.

She puts the menu down and faces Mickey then, nodding. "Well, I'll tell you my part, I'm sure Angantyr has some questions too but....well. Okay. A little while ago, a Dark Knight appeared. He called himself only that, the Dark Knight. He went around the world /testing/ people for the light and darkness in their hearts. I met him first here in Traverse, and he just came right at me and demanded I fight him. Luckily, some of my friends were nearby. He was terribly powerful--even when we hit him, he didn't seem to feel pain. I can sort of...feel the darkness and light, I guess, and his felt wrong somehow. He was like...a robot or something. Anyway, eventually I begged him to take mercy on my friends and he simply stopped attacking, and left."

"But after that he...kinda started to...stalk me? He called me Maiden of Light. He showed up once at VALKYRI HQ and made was so weird. Then we went outside to fight again--the more I saw him though, the more I thought there was something wrong. In his presence, my magic just...reacted. The fire turned brilliant white and I noticed it was starting to burn away at the darkness that shrouded him."

"I don't know what happened in between, but something...weakened him, or made him desperate, because he came for me again and I knew he had every intension of--of ripping my heart out. So I faced him, and I used my light to burn through the darkness. That is when Emperor Mateus showed up and revealed it was he who controlled the Dark Knight, and he was very upset I was trying to break his 'toy'. Again, many were there and came to defend me while I fought an internal battle with the the Dark Knight--and I, well...I got through to him. I broke the spell, at least for a time, and all his memories came flooding back. He was a man--just a man that had been turned into a monster by Mateus. His name is Leon, and he's still out there, struggling with his darkness. It keeps threatening to overwhelm him. Mateus seems /so sure/ that Leon will come back to him."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shakes his head, "It's in that New Orleans place. Don't like it myself." Angantyr orders succinctly, nothing too terrible. Angantyr, despite his breeding, ate whatever he could, because that is how you survived. However, steak and potatoes was the only meal for a man of his size.

Angantyr listens to this, not explains some things, and opens up more questions too... "Didn't that Emperor guy mention that there was that small hobo guy who did something?" Angantyr points out, with as little alt interaction as possible.

Still, he doesn't point out much, and avoids the third wall. You gota make sure it comes only when approprate...

"This explains some things...many things." he sighs, "It seems Mateus is...something. Desprate that he would enslave the heart of another. He must either be confident, or arrogant...probably both.
King Mickey As the pair provide their orders, their menus vanish within the blink of an eye and a clock suddenly appears on the table beside them, counting down to when their orders will be served.

Meanwhile, Mickey merely listens to Maira's story concerning the dark commander of Palamecia, the lord whom controlled him, and their countless encounters. As time passes, a few of the aforementioned details pique the king's interest, particularly the identity of Emperor Mateus though he does not speak of them openly for the moment. He leans forward as Maira comes to the end of her tale and looks down, appearing take a short time to carefully collect his thoughts.

In that time, the clock beings to ring briefly before vanishing. A table floats over and is suddenly masterfully prepared before the pair. All of the necessary utiensils and china are carefully placed before the main course is served, as requested. Then the presence is gone and dinner is served.

Mickey looks up as dinner is served and motions for his companions to eat, "Please feel free to eat and do not worry about me. All of what you shared with me is a lot to take in and I would not mind some time to consider things."

In fact, that statement may be more true than even the king himself realized. After the recent set of attacks in the past couple months on the northern continent, a visit to the city of Palmecia may be in order for the coming future for him just to see what this Emperor may be all about. However, those are future matters and his friends have requested his aid right now. He turns to Maira and asks, "Given what you have shared with me, I am to understand you freed this young man from the bonds of his dark servitude with your own power. Am I correct in understanding this?"
Maira Maira looks back to Angan, thoughtful. "Oh...yes! Will was there wasn't he! It must have been him," she remarks with a nod. She doesn't really understand what Will is really capable of, but she's heard some things from Avira and Perci.

Maira sighs. "He's arrogant alright, but it might not be without reason. He's very powerful. The Dark Knight was his way of exploring the world I guess, looking for threats or potential allies. I'm really worried about Leon though. I fear--I fear he will go to Mateus, as it seems he's the only one with the answers.

As dinner appears, Maira's eyes widen with child-like wonder. Sure, she is a mage, but she can't do stuff like /this!/ this was Merlin-like magic, and it is pretty damn spiffy. The food smells delicious, and she thanks Mickey before digging in, trying her best not to eat like its going out of style and take it slow. There is more to tell, but it can wait a bit.

At Mickey's question, she nods. "Yeah...I did. But not completely, I guess, since he's still struggling with it--but he is a man, aware of himself again. At least for now."

Maira chews a piece of steak then swallows, reaching for her drink. Hopefully its not wine. "I'd met Mateus before, but I didn't know it. I met him posing as a street performer here in town. He looks like the Goblin King," she informs him. "I didn't know until I saw him again. He's got to be a Shadow Lord--anyway, you probably don't know this but I...sort of...see ghosts sometimes, and I have had one kind of with me ever since I was really young, when my mom died and I was really sick. His name is Uist. He's kind of been my guardian, my friend...just...anyway--he doesn't, well, didn't remember his life. But he recognized Mateus. The other day, Mateus came as the street performer, and Uist appeared to him--in Palamecian armor. Mateus /knew/ him."

Maira chews her lip a little, looking to Angan. She hadn't even told him this part yet. "Uist remembers some things now...and he thinks...he's my father. But I don't know how that's possible. I wasn't born in that world."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr listens...

This...brings some things to light. Why a ghost is attatched to Maira, and why it seems to be latched onto her makes sense, but hmm...

Angantyr eats in silence for a bit, thinking about what is being said and continues to think silently. Though he does respond to Amaira, "Being powerful doesn't mean you are unstoppable...he is still mortal, despite what he thinks. No man is a mountain...he will find himself making too many enemies eventually."

Mm...some good potatoes, as things turn towards serious matters, he takes a breath, "He is, he has a mark on Leon. Leon's darkness, right now, is uncontrolable, and keeps trying to take him."
Maira Maira looks to Angan, blinking. "Why didn't I think of it--maybe you could help him! I know it isn't exactly the same, but one dark knight to another..."
Angantyr Vespar "The nature of his darkness may not be something I SHOULD help clings to him, it is trying to turn him back into the Dark Knight." Angantyr says, "Or I think that is what it is doing...I don't think I could help him, not until whatever hold Mataeus has is gone."
Maira Maira's shoulders sag with disappointment, thought she nods in understanding. "Right..." she says with a nod. It was a thought.
King Mickey The King lightly smiles at the mention of the young Will Sherman. It has been sometime since he has heard that name though it appears the capable hobo of the Twilight Detective Agency is still about and doing his thing. After all, the young boy has been in his thoughts in recent passings.

Mickey nods concerning the description of the Emperor's muses and looks curiously to the fire mage, as she speaks of the apparition whom acts as her guardian and the questions regarding her birthplace. While the pair is engaged in conversation, Mickey takes advantage of the distraction and subtly gazes into Maira's heart.

A glimpse is all he needs and it is over well before either of his companions notice. Given what he has heard and now seen, there is little doubt that the mage has the makings of one of them though she remains not to be one of the seven.

Mickey's smile once more returns to his face, giving the apperance that he has been merely enjoying the conversation being shared between the two as they enjoy their dinner, . o O (Oh, the joys of youth. Cherish it while you have it.)

Mickey decides then to enter in the conversation at hand, "It may not be your places to free this man. What is most interesting about those who are consumed by the darkness, either by force or by choice, is that the control upon those individuals is limited only by the strengths of their own hearts. Maira's ability to free this Leon from his master, if only temporarily, has provided this dark knight with an incredible opportunity, if he so chooses to seize it."

"However... That remains the key piece in all of this... If he chooses to seize it."
Maira Maira nods. "I wondered...if I did the right thing. But he would have killed me--or I would have had to kill him. I wanted him to have a chance to be himself again, once I glimpsed that there was some spark still left. He hates Mateus for what he did to him. He's terribly disturbed by what he did as the Dark Knight. But I think...we'll have to find a way to break him out of Mateus' control completely. Somehow..." she sighs.
King Mickey King Mickey says, "There will always be times when we question the past actions we have taken, remaining uncertain to 'what if?'s or 'what could I have done differently?'. No matter the outcome, what is done and it is in the past. However, if you ask me, I believe your heart was in the right place, Maira. Just as it has been for many of the others you have helped and for those who have helped you prior."
Angantyr Vespar "Doesn't mean he should have to face such things alone." Angantyr points out, "It might have to be his battle, but does not have to be his war." Angantyr points out. Slowly, he finishes his food, and places his fork down, with a nod to Mickey. "Though still, pride and all. I think it will be used against him in this...not that he is overly so, but.." he shrugs. It was a trait they shared...

"Reguardless...I have turned from Garland's service...but there is a cost. He's coming to destroy my family line, and strike out at any and all that would entangle themselves in a relationship with me.." he says, shaking his head, "Another enemy for Maira. Garland has also called for the destruction of anyone that gets involved with VALKYRI and the TDA. He attempted to use me in this way, and Avira and I planned to have me accept the offer, but sense they know my strengths, and I can hold back..." he shrugs, "It didn't work out well, Garland got suspicious and was watching me. we are." He shrugs.

"He forced a choice, and you can guess who I chose." he says.

"There are other things too of concern, things of the Princesses of Heart and of World hearts."
Maira Maira nods, smiling softly to Mickey. It was nice to hear him say that he thought her heart was in the right place. She hopes so. She /thinks/ so. She got to know Leon, who quickly became a big brother figure to her. She would fight for him to keep hold of his life.

When Angan tells Mickey about how made his choice, Maira takes a deep breath and reaches over take Angan's hand, shooting him a reassuring smile, her cheeks flushing slightly. She knows it wasn't /just/ about her, but she's happy to have played a part.

"Garland...terrifies me. But I'll stand against him. I'm not going to let him ruin your life," she says to Angan. "Or mine. Or Avira's. Or hopefully...anyone's," she adds.

Then about Princesses and World hearts, Maira chews her lip and looks back to Mickey.
King Mickey King Mickey nods to Angatyr, "Quite true. Those who seek to manipulate will use any advantage possible to maintain or enhance their position. This individual with his lord or in your case is certainly no different.",

Memories of Angantyr and Avira's tales regarding The Shadow Lords' manipulative efforts to use and discard them are recalled as a result of that conversation.

As the dark knight brings up the subject of the princesses, Mickey quickly interjects and changes things momentarily, "Before going into that subject, I would to inquire further about this 'Garland', if you would be so kind. I have only heard rumor of this individual though I hear is a man of incredible power and influence with the darkness. Having had experience with him, and if you would be willing to discuss it, could you tell me a little more about him and his methods?"
Angantyr Vespar "He is extremely powerful." Angantyr says, "His darkness is something I have never encountered...the Dark Knight and The Emperor are but pale flames compared to his bondfire of darkness." Angantyr says, "He found me when I had inadvertantly drawn on the darkness to get me out of the situation I was in...shortly after my home was conqured by the Arcadians, and he found me...trained me to use the darkness that was acting uncontrolably at best. He is a brutal teacher...often time combining Combat and itself nearly killed me several times.."

"Not just that...but he has massive dark technologies and equipment in reserve...things I haven't seen before...and I haven't seen anything. He has his hands in many organizations, and the Shadow Lords are but one. He's taken me to see their base of operations, a place they refer to as Hollow Bastion."

"He is...more darkness than man."
Totally Maira Maira nods to Mickey as Angantyr speaks, confirming with her expression the words Angan speaks. Maira is terrified of Garland now, as anyone in their right mind should be.

As he continues though, saying Garland's training had nearly killed him several times, Maira's fear begins to edge toward anger. She has defiance in her, and every night she fell asleep telling herself she'd stand up to him when that time came. And it would. She didn't doubt it.

"Its true he has a darkness like I've never felt...I don't know if others are out there to rival him--I feel like we've barely begun to understand what is lurking out there. But he is truly terrible, and Angan probably knows him better than anyone else alive," she replies.
King Mickey The King considers Angantyr's words about his former instructor momentarily, a resourceful tactician that has his hands in many different places. He glances up to Maira as she speaks on the subject before nodding, only responding with, "I see."

Believing he has been given enough for the moment, King Mickey decides to change the subject back to the prior matter as he returning his attention to Maira, providing her with a light smile, "Let us touch on the subject you are no doubt wanting to hear: The Princesses of Heart."

"As you both are no doubt aware, the existance of the ones known as the Princesses of Heart are a rare breed who are chosen to protect their worlds. Many consider their existance to be rumor or at best legend. However, without them, a world is most certainaly deemed to fall to the darkness. One who is chosen to be fit this destiny are likely to be met with trying time of hardships and perils due to the potential they possess."

The King glances between the dark knight and the fire-mage before continuing, "I am sharing this with you because as we have seen with the case of a particularly friend of ours, the forces of darkness are without mercy in searching the worlds for these individuals and those who have the potential will more than likely be targeted.", which he turns to Angantyr with a smile and continues, "meaning these individuals may need to be protected."

Mickey returns his gaze to Maira, "That being said. I will not say you are one of these individuals, Maira though you do possess a strong heart that carries the potential to become one. If destiny deems you to carry the burden of such a role, I ask you this, are you willing to accept the responsibility of such a burden?"
Totally Maira Maira sits straighter as Mickey comes to address the Princesses of Heart, listening raptly.

He cannot confirm that she is one of them. Of course, it couldn't have been that easy, could it?

The young woman takes a deep breath at his question, letting it out slow. "If it means protecting the worlds--the people I care about, then yes. I would. I couldn't do anything but. I can't really....I imagine its not really something one can turn down, is it?" she asks, shrugging some, smiling nervously.

She's pretty sure Avira never asked for it, that's for sure. Still, she remembers something Perci said to her back when they'd first found out about Avira and Manhattan. Some people are destined to be heroes, but some choose to be. If she could make a difference, she would. It was really the only mission she'd set herself on. Live, make the world better. Don't just drift endlessly, changing nothing.

Ah, but it was /hard/.

Luckily, she didn't have to do it alone. Whatever complications there where, however this all ended, she'd never regret meeting, and loving, the people who were precious to her. She leans against the dark knight by her side and just closes her eyes for a moment.

"Is there some way...I'll know? If I am?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr listens...he nods to the mouse king once, finishing up the last of his potatoes. This isn't his place to encourage or discourage, it was Maira's story, he was just here to make sure it went the way she wanted it and protect her from harm.

He looks up at Maira after a minute, "You don't have to, you realize? Nobody is making you do this, nobody expects you to protect people or shield the worlds from harm. If you step away, I won't suddenly turn from you. Hell, I'd rather not see you risk yourself for everyone...but you know, that's just me being selfish."

Angantyr, if nothing else is honest.

"Yeah...we know of Avira, and Jasmine." he says, "And you'll know when the Heartless start thinking your extra tasty."
King Mickey The King appears to speak no further on the subject, only smiling and listening to the exchange between the pair before him for a few moments. Although he feels it to be a lil wrong to do so, he chuckles briefly at Angantyr's quip concerning the heartless. He rests his chin upon his hand, thinking all the while, . o O (If destiny deems it to be so, then the life as you know it will become much more difficult. However, he is right. There always remains to be a choice and it will be for you to make when the time comes.)

The King remains silent, simply enjoying the moment before him, . o O (Nevertheless, I believe you will make the right choice when the time comes.)

Believing to have gotten the necessary point across, Mickey stands from his chair and addresses his companions, "It has been fun though I must be going. There are other matters I need to attend too. However, on that note.."

Mickey turns to Maira, saying simply, "If it is to happen, then trust me when I say you'll know."

The Mouse King nods to Angantyr and pats his hand upon Maira's knee for reassurance, "Til next time."

The King then departs out of the inn and back onto the streets.
Totally Maira Maira can't help but smile at Angantyr, letting out a breath that is the beginning of a laugh still filled with a great deal of disbelief that any of this was happening. "I know--I never expected you to almost die protecting me either, but you still did it," she replies quietly.

He's wrong though. It's his story too. It's everyone's story.

At mention of the Heartless, Maira chews her lip. "You mean it gets /worse/?" she asks. She'll never be able to go anywhere alone!

Maira's food is long gone, and she's wondering if there might be dessert, of course. She's particularly fond of ice cream....

Aw, but Mickey has to go. Maira smiles and places her hand over his when she can, nodding. "Thank you very much. Take care!"

Maira looks back toward Angantyr then, pursing her lips. "....Ice cream...?" she says then, giving him her best smile.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr laughs a little...

"Yeah sure, lets get ice cream." He says. Geeze...have a very heavy talk about things, and she just wants to get ice cream. Ah well...
Totally Maira Hey, heavy talks are best followed by ice cream! There are a lot of things that are best followed by ice cream!

Laughing, Maira climbs onto his lap before he can get up, supposing it can wait a few more minutes. They've got a room to themselves after all. " guess I'll be...sticking by your side, if you don't get sick of me," she says.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr has a Maira in his lap and looks at her for a moment.

"I doubt that," he says, "I don't get rid of people that I love." he says to her pulling her into a DISNEY MOMENT.

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