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A Heartfelt Talk: Violet
(2013-05-26 - 2013-05-27)
Reize has a heartfelt chat with Violet at the garden. Reize and her share a conversation concerning the day that they had prepared for an adventure.
Reize Seatlan It's night time in Fluorgis. Hours passed since the night of Reize's attempt to go on an adventure ended abruptly with the presence of the Shard Seeker's child, Dandelion. The beagle of destruction sent Reize on a nice three hour nap before he finally woke up.

He escaped to the city proper upon waking up, deciding to get a bit of fresh air. That fresh air would lead him into the streets of the town.

Like always, Reize would hang at the bridge, gazing up towards the stars. He winces, rubbing his throbbing head.
Violet It felt as if the rest of the city was asleep already. At least, in this part of town where the businesses, huts and store shops are closed in the evening. The only sounds being the gentle babbling brooks and streams that weave through the city. It isn't difficult for Reize to see from his point on the bridge at the familiar figure down below, the girl having abandoned her shoes to wade ankle-deep in one of the closer rivers, mere feet away from a waterfall. Anna splashes with her feet, gently kicking up more waves as she holds onto her skirt if only to make sure that it doesn't get wet as well. The small smile on her lips tugs, though her thoughts are distracted as she lifts a hand to brush back her pale locks, crystal blue eyes wistfully glancing up at the moon while the pale light shimmers on the water around her.
Reize Seatlan While taking the moment to gaze over his surroundings, Reize runs a hand towards the back of his head. He then stops upon spotting a familiar figure down towards the river. After inspecting ahead, he realizes that it's Anna. "Huh, it looks like she is up as well." Reize moves down from the bridge, deciding to make a few twists and turns along the bridge until he finally makes his way underneath.

When he makes his arrival down with her, the boy tilts his head over. His eyes drift over to ensure that no one else is around. Not Lily, not Ivo, not Shiki. No one but them.

"Oi, Anna."

He is careful with her name. It is a moment before he takes a sheepish look, a hand gesturing towards the back of his head. "Err, sorry about earlier, I was reaching for the fruit jar, and..."
Violet Only one person here knows her name. At least to use it publicly. And it was enough to give her a pause before the girl glances over her shoulder at him, her pale blonde hair a gentle white glow under the moonlight.

Watching Reize as he approaches, the awkwardness in his stature while he apologizes is enough to earn a rosy flush in her cheeks. "Oh. That." Anna curls her fingers subtly into the fabric of the skirt in her hands. "I know. It was an accident. You are not the type of boy that would do something like that to... well, that..."

Her cheeks burn hotter. Or did it just feel warmer outside? It's so difficult to tell. "It was just a jumble of confusion to be honest. I did not know half of the things that were going on. People flying through windows..."
Reize Seatlan Finally settling underneath the bridge, Reize looks over towards Annalise and then he starts to approach her direction. He remains standing, looking over her while she gazes his way.

Her reassurance is comforting given that Reize did not intentionally grope her. He has had a bad luck of getting into those sort of situations, especially with his current--- hrm. Reize thinks over the situation, offering the princess a grin.

"Well, that was the case. So many things happened at once. However, Ivo is back and we can start our adventure around the world!" He lifts his head up, "...And leave Fluorgis to the others for a while."
Violet Anna couldn't help but soften as he grins. That boyish grin that says to the world that he'll take on anything that's thrown at him. Something sparkles in her eyes as she turns to face him, using one of her bare feet to toss a small splash in his direction. "You still have a few things to clear up for me."

Her smile grows a she lifts a pale brow at him. "What were you and Ivo arguing about for example?"
Reize Seatlan Reize keeps tht boyish grin on his face, showing that he is ready to take on anything, no matter how tough the challene is. It is at that moment that Anna is stepping in as the challenger, splashing the water at his way with her barefoot. In turn, Reize brings a hand to shield himself. "Gack!"

And she brings up the question about himself and Ivo. "I.. uhh..." He coughs a bit, then he starts coughing.

"I... uhh." Crap. Where can this go? "Just uhh... guy stuff!" His eyes become dots as he gets that look of determination. "Guy talk!"


...Antenna hair flop.

"...He was asking me about which one of the Shard Seekers have I been spending time with while he was gone."
Violet Annalise blinks her crystal blue eyes blankly a few times with mild surprise at the unexpected answer. At the unexpectedly vague answer. That's weird... "'Guy stuff'?" she can only guess what that could mean.

His antennae hair visibly flops as he explains further. Kinda. She quietly frowns in thought. "You mean, which female Shard Seekers you have been spending time with?" Anna knew that Ivo was essentially Reize's big brother. Is that what he could mean. "And... I suppose that would be secret."
Reize Seatlan Ugh ugh. Reize hates this topic! This is why adventures are so much better! Less talking and more fun and travels! The boy, although wishing he was traveling, is here to explain things to Annalise, who has been prying in. Though, in retrospect, she has been very open to him.

...So he is going to open up with her.

"...Yes." He furrows his eyebrows, "Well, I wasn't quite sure what he was getting at, but then he mentioned Lenn... implying about... umm.." He then lifts a finger, "Well."

He coughs, "That's when I accidentally blurted your name."
Violet Implying... She can only assume it wasn't good, since it was from Ivo. And her name was blurted. Color flushes in her cheeks with some embarrassment, shy even knowing that their designated older brother will assume the worse. It wasn't as if they had done anything either.

Her fingers quietly release her skirt as Anna wades closer, the water sloshing around her ankles before she leans in to kiss Reize softly on the cheek. "I... just wanted to do that..." the princess admits quietly as she leans back, the shy smile tugging at her lips.
Reize Seatlan The situation becomes more and more awkward for Reize to explain it all. It is honestly hard to tell. He knows that, in the end, it is going to be digging a ditch for himself. So, he wants to try to say as less as possible. However, Reize notices those cheeks turn color. His eyes widen a bit, then he offers a sheepish smile.

However, the surprise comes when Annalise wdes closer and she leans forward to kiss Reize on the cheek. His eyes widen, the cheeks flushed while his hand hangs over a bit. It is in those moments that Reize allows the silence to pass.

This situation is becoming more confusing. On one hand, he is engaged to Lenn. Lily is... like another part of him that he can't explain. Shiki is his Partner. However, Annalise. There is something about her that the boy is falling for.

His hand reaches for her own slowly, offering a smile. "Anna. Let's head back. It's late, I realize. We should get ready for our travels in the morning."
Violet His fingers lightly touch hers as Reize takes her hand, and Annalise flushes a bit deeper as she quietly curls her small fingers between his. It was a trusting gesture that she wouldn't give to just anyone. "Sure." she agrees. "I am still packed from a few hours ago. My bag is at the foot of my bed ready to go."

The young woman bites softly at the inside of her lip as she looks away, before her hand gives his a squeeze.
Reize Seatlan Once Annalise starts to curl her fingers against his, Reize is slowly considering his situation. He keeps pondering over the complicated relationships that he is in. Nevertheless, he maintains a smile, then he looks at Violet.

"Great! We'll be off in the morning."

With her hand squeezing against his, he promptly returns the squeeze before taking her back to the Headquarters.

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