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Niklas Dragonius Dies In Magma
(2013-05-26 - 2013-05-26)
Minette Odam has challenged Niklas Dragonius to a dramatic duel atop the Brooklyn Bridge for reasons that no one can remember, least of all Minette herself. But this doesn't change the fact that NIKLAS DRAGONIUS DIES IN MAGMA!!!
Minette Odam Do you know why Niklas Dragonius needs to catch a buttwhooping?

Because Minette Odam sure as hell can't remember but as she stands there on top of one of the Brooklyn Bridge's two support pylons, she really, /really/ wishes that she did. At this height, the wind kicks up and blusters something fierce, forcing her to hold her skirt down to maintain decency. She tip-toes up to the edge and peers over, down the length of 'cable' that connects her pylon to the other one where Dragonius was going to appear. The height dizzies her and she staggers backwards. "Okay... so maaaaaaybe this was a bad idea." She mutters to herself.

Minette starts pacing back and forth. But she can't back down now. After all the noise she made about wanting to kick Nik's butt, and all the bluster, she'd look like a total coward to just walk away! Oh, maaaaaaan. But... maybe... Maybe Dragonius won't show up! Maybe instead of showing up, he's chicken o--get lost. Yeah, that's the one, maybe he'll get lost. If she has to wait, what, five minutes, that's acceptable enough to wait before declaring him a no-show. Magnanimous, even! He should be ON TIME for his drubbing! Yeah! Minette glances over towards the opposite supporting pylon.
Niklas Dragonius Niklas Dragonius sure doesn't know why he needs a whupping. It probably has something to do with Thirza; he's been hitting on Minette's Heterosexual(?) Life Partner quite a bit lately.

But if Minette doesn't know, Nik sure isn't going to remind her. It's taken him a few minutes to figure out exactly how to get from where he was (over in the World of Ruin, up on a mountaintop) to here (Southern Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge), but once he figured it out, it didn't take him too long. Now, he's standing at the edge of the wire quietly, considering what to do.

Really, what would be easiest? He could just walk away. Minette would take it as a win, it would make her really happy, and he'd never stop hearing about how afraid of her he was. He could fight her all-out, really kick her ass hard enough to dissuade her from saying anything ever again...but if he hurt her, he'd never forgive himself (let alone get anywhere with Thirza). He could hold back and make it look good...but that would probably get him seriously injured, since Minette is...well, she's crazy as hell.

Nik runs his fingers over his face and exhales as he starts climbing the pylon. Despite all his disapproval and distaste for things like 'hitting a girl with glasses' and 'potentially injuring Minette', there /will/ be healers on-site. He shouldn't worry about it too much.

Nik walks up the pylon, hands in his pockets; he's not really concerned by the heights. It's pretty high, but, well, he's been through worse. When he gets to the top, he puts on a smile and holds up his hand.


"SELLY! I'm not going out there! This is too i-immodest!"


"Look I know you t-took my clothes Selly! They did not just v-vanish!"


Alma stands on Brooklyn Bridge in a cheerleader outfit, complete with pom-poms and with her hair down. Alma may also be blushing so fiercely at the moment that she's likely to cause herself some sort of mental breakdown. Her self-image seems to be inversely proportionate to the amount of skin she's showing.

Yeah, she was the on-site healer, and current wallflower.

When Nik appears on his opposing support pylon, she just sort of gives her best /Go Nik!/ which isn't really all that boisterous at all. In fact it may have been mumbled a bit, so it doesn't sound like she's offending Minette either.
Minette Odam Minette Odam totally does not want to fight here.

"Aw, /sharkfarts/." Minette exclaims when Nik makes his appearence. The calculator twiddles her fingers, looking around for a new plan in the vain hopes that a /new/ brilliant plan will materialize out of the aether for her. It doesn't. She gives him one last chance to back down over the linkpearl aaaaaaand he doesn't. Her list of options is starting to run thin. She takes a tentative step out onto the cable, then backs away suddenly. "Ah! T-TIME OUT!" Minette calls across the span, holding up her hands in the universal symbol.

Minette backs down onto the pylon, ducks out of prying eyes for a moment, and scruntches down. And then she starts to talk to herself. "Okay... you can do this Minette. You can do this... you /can/ do this. Reach for the top, Minette! Reach for the top, Minette! Reach for the top, Minette. YAT-TA!" She concludes this 'pep talk' by springing up and pumping a fist into the sky.

Minette steps up to the edge, sheepishly shrugging and calling, "Time in." She leaps out onto the cable and starts running along it's length, towards her opponent. This is going to get ugly, quickly.
Emi Dennou Suddenly next to Alma, there is a Dennou. This Dennou is /also/ in a cheerleading outfit, and also her name is Umi. Umi has /absolutely no modesty at all/ and seems to be in a pretty gleeful mood. The wind blows her skirt around. She either doesn't notice, or doesn't care.

As evidenced as when she starts performing routines, waving the pompoms above her head, kicking into the air, and shaking that moneymaker.

"Rah Rah, you can do it, whomever you are, or should I be cheering for the other one, The Network requests clarification."


"Oh!" Umi realizes. "Who are you cheering on, Alma? I will cheer the other one, The Network volunteers turning this into a cheering competiton."

She randomly performs the splits.
Niklas Dragonius Minette calls a time out. Nik doesn't say anything; he just strips his jacket off and tosses it down with a surprising amount of accuracy to Alma.

Nik is ripped as hell.

He stretches his arms behind his head and yawns, twisting his torso left and right as he stands there calmly on the pylon, waiting for Minette to come in swinging. That was nothing new, though; Nik was the kind of guy who didn't move much unless he had to. It was a thing about being a master - you learned how to make every motion as efficient as possible.

Nik exhales, moving his hands off his neck and back into his pockets.
Emi Dennou Umi gapes at Niklas's chest. "He has all six packs!" She throws up both hands. "Okay I am cheering for him, you get to cheer for the girl, Alma."
Alma Hyral Alma would catch the jacket in midair. She'd fold it up neatly, and put it somewhere safe off to the side.

And then, DENNOU. At first Alma would gape at Umi.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she imagined Feige watching and deciding to conduct some science experiment on evil Pom Poms that double as weapons, or an aerodynamically evil cheerleading outfit, and perhaps even making up evil cheers for EVIL SCIENCE IS IMMORTAL.

After the horror of that faded from her mind, she's swallow, and smile at Umi. "Uh, well I wanted to cheer for Nik, but.. s-sure. I'll cheer for M-Minette."

"Go Minette.. uh, Rah.. Rah..!"

Worst, Cheerleader, EVER!
Minette Odam In practice spars at the Academy, Minette has lost to Niklas two hundred and fourteen times (that one time was a technicality, Minette counts it as a draw despite what the instructor scored it as) and has reduced her battles with Dragonius down to a cold, precise science of who is going to do what move when. She knows how he is going to act and react to her various prodding and stimuli, it's just a matter of finding out the proper mathamatical combination to overcome him and then he will never defeat her again, AH HA HA HA HA!

Or so Minette thinks, anyway.

Minette comes running in, using the built up momentum to launch herself up the convex of the strung cable and fly up the other side with greater force then she'd be otherwise able to. She Calculates a Slow spell into her Yo-Yo, then sends it launching forwards in several rapid strokes as she comes flying in toward's melee range. This is typical tactics for Minette. And then she follows through the routine with a dive to the side, and the flaw in her plan becomes instantly obvious.

There is no lateral space to dodge, only a fatal drop.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Minette declares as she jumps off a bridge for no damn good reason. In a panic, she whips her yo-yo about, wrapping it around the span, and comes swinging like Indian Jones around the underside of the suspension cable. She curves up and comes at Nik bodily from the other side. Totally intentionally, of course.

Of course.
Emi Dennou "Sorry I called it!" Umi nods firmly. "In exchange you get to keep his jacket, The Network is gracious in victory."

PomPomBot kept falling in love with all its targets so Feige had to scrap the project.

"Hey!" She shouts, throwing a pompom up into the air. "Hey!" She throws the other into the air! "What's his name? No seriously what's his name? Oh right you called him Nik! Okay Nik! You sure uh...quick! Your pecs are slick! So you're sure to kick! That girl's..."

What's about to say has been censored by the Disney Corporation so instead she shouts, "PATOOEY!"

She jumps up, swinging both pompomed hands into the air and kicking up with both legs.
Niklas Dragonius Minette is a crazy berserker, but she's a crazy berserker with skill. The yo-yo starts swinging in at Nik; Nik tilts his head slightly to the side, letting the yo-yo fling past him. His body twists with each strike, carefully avoiding actually moving his feet as she comes swinging - he doesn't really have enough room to move his feet anyway.

Minette's plan reveals to her its fatal flaw; she leaps, swinging up from the underside of the bridge to smash Niklas Dragonius in the back.

She's not met with Niklas Dragonius. She's met with the music of the Siren, as the Queen of the Divines manifests herself around Nik in mid-turn; the beautiful voice fills the air with both lyrical majesty and enough force to prevent Minette from ever reaching Nik in the first place.

Siren shatters; Nik's eyes flash as he drops low, his muscles twisting and rippling with each motion, pure instinct and mastery mixing together. He couldn't hold back; holding back would just get him killed.

Nik's fists snap outwards; the howl of Fenrir pierces the air, the fangs of the Dog of Hell suddenly breaking through the barriers of reality to lash at Minette's arms and legs.


Then it vanishes, as Nik leaves the ground; his foot swings around, a blast of water erupting forth as the formless Whyt makes his presence known for the wheeling axe kick.


Nik lands back on the bridge, his fingers sliding back into his pocket.

"I figure you deserve my A-Game this time," Nik exhales, "So I'm not gonna hold back."

Nik glances down at his erstwhile cheering section briefly and blinks. .../huh/.

Censorship is weird.

"Look, I really don't know where they went, Alma!"


Seloria quietly tosses a small box outside of a window.

/Alma need never know/.


Seloria joins her OtherWorld Twin, and grins. "Hi Alma."
Minette Odam Minette smashes into a wall of sound and she TOTALLY MENT TO DO THAT, NO REALLY. The barrier throws her about and she starts calculating a new spell into her yo-yo in preperation for her next assault. She doesn't get a reprieve as Nik starts coming at her full bore; this is not expected nor is it planned for. "Ah-HA! That's where you don't stand a chance!" Minette counters, even as she's thrown down the span by the impact of Nik's god empowered hands beating the fluff out of her. "Because the only people that PLAY are CHILDREN and I guess that means I'm beating up a chi--I'm not sure where I was going with that but TAKE MY ULTIMATE COMBO! MATH GENESIS!"

Minette announces what she does, though her 'ultimate' combo is somewhat lacking in the 'finality' department. She leaps to the attack, this time intentionally jumping off of the bridge and using her yo-yo like a whip to swing about in the air. Yo-yo strikes start to come in rapidly from the front AND the back as Minette's high-flying and oddly daring tactics give her a spatial advantage on what is otherwise a 2D arena!
Alma Hyral Alma would just stare at Emi cheering for a time, then harumph to herself. Alright, time to come up with an amazing cheer for Minette.. something that emphasizes her to a T.. Umi had basically challenged her after all.

"Hey! It's Minette! She's no dumb Brunette! 'cause when most accountants just talk the talk, Minette she walks the walk!" A lame waving of both pom poms. "She don't need no fancy widgets she calculates Pi to three hundred digits! Her Yo-Yo? So hot! And Nik's pecs.. So not!" Okay that part was a lie. Total lie. "..Nik, so Zetta slow! She's already gonna blow... through, you, because you're a Yoctogram! All that fancy summoning has got to scram!"

And after all of that, her eyes would widen at Seloria's appearance, and her cheer would falter, her voice becoming sort of meek once again, "Uh.. H-Hi Selly..."


Shida spots a box full of clothes. She looks inside and 'ooohs' faintly before heading to a nearby changing room.


Another pair of Dennous have appeared in the interim, they are ALSO wearing cheerleading outfits. They are both shaking her pomp poms silently around off to the side, apparently Umi is handling 'cheering'.

"Why are you doing math?" Umi pauses as she looks to Alma. "Is ... is this some new strategy..." She frowns. "....Very well," She cricks her shoulders, first the left, then the right. "Seloria..." She says. "I am about to drop some /equations/."

"Open parenthesis Imaginary 1 * 5 + 2 - 13 divided by twelve to the third Close Parenthesis Dividied by Open Parenthesis 12 times the square root of 16 minus three Close Parenthesis Equals Nik!"
r"yaaaaaaaaaaah! Go Nik!" Umi shakes pom poms some more.

Another Dennou takes a moment to lightly poke Seloria's pigtail.
Niklas Dragonius "I have no idea what you're talking about."

That's all Nik says as Minette comes swinging in. When Nik is giving someone his A-Game, he gives them his A-Game - he doesn't hit on girls, he doesn't get distracted by cleavage, he doesn't play around. He gives them his freaking A-Game. To do anything less would be wildly, hilariously disrespectful to them.

The Yo-Yo lances outwards; it glances off Nik's cheek, drawing a very little bit of blood as it slices across his face. Just that little glance drew blood...Minette is fierce, no doubt about that. With some more work, she could probably destroy him.

That isn't happening today.

As Minette flingers her yo-yos outwards, Nik dodges, superficial scrapes lashing across his body as his mind's eye hunts for an opening. He's willing to sacrifice a few hits for the goal. You have to be, in his line The moment he has the opening, he takes it. His foot suddenly bursts into light, and Nik lashes out for Minette's face as the great whale Bismark suddenly surges forth, merging with Niklas as soft sunlight explodes through the Manhattan evening.


The whale vanishes as Nik side-flips, rolling with the momentum of his kick into another stance fluidly, body twisting around into a grab. He moves to snag Minette in his hands - but they aren't his hands, as the great black wings spread from Manhattan's bridge, as the massive red eyes of Diabolos surge to life, Niklas himself enfolded in the demon-god's body as they rise. Nik moves to hammer Minette into the ground, and Diabolos moves with him - but it's not just physical force anymore. Now, it's the crushing power of gravity; the bridge distorts a bit from the sheer force of the blow.


Nik lands as Diabolos disperses; his hands swing outwards, massive silver-and-gold blades flashing outwards at Minette with each slice. The blades swing faster and faster, until finally Nik's whole body is nothing but a sword - a great, perfect silver-and-gold sword, dropping like the Sword of Damocles towards her.


Nik backsprings; he starts to spin in mid-air, faster and faster, until a torrent of wind and rain roars outwards as the great World Serpent surges forth, pounding downwards into Minette for a final, crushing finisher.


Nik lands on the other pylon, balancing calmly.

*His* finisher...well.
Seloria Delacreaux "Nik's pecs are not a lie." Seloria says calmly, pompom-less, but still in the other cheerleader outfit of the day. It is much likes Almas'. The summoner looks out at the battle, almost unhappily, before she finally looks back at the Dennou poking her pigtail.

Emi Dennou "I'm getting kind of bored of cheering though. Maybe I should fight Alma!" Umi says.

"Hello Seloria. Well done." The other Dennou says. About... ??? Pigtails apparently.
Alma Hyral Alma gapes at Umi's version of a mathematical cheer. She's about to give her rebuttal when Seloria mentions that Nik's pecs are not a lie.

She'd lean in and whisper, "I know that Selly! It's just..."

And then she's interrupted by Umi suggesting that she /actually/ fight her. "W-What? N-No! I don't f-fight anyone! I'm a p-pacifist!"
Emi Dennou "PaciFIST you say? I haven't heard of this style!" Umi prepares a crane kick. "You gotta show it to me!"

The other Legions elect to not inform Umi what pacifist means how does she even not know what pacifists are and--

They are otherwise distracted by Niklas's show.
Seloria Delacreaux "Pacifist means she doesn't fight." Seloria explains, then blinks. PaciFIST would be *awesome*.

She looks back at the fight. "I suggest waiting, though, I suspect we may need to bring in the healing spells shortly.'
Minette Odam Minette comes swinging upwards from below, twists around, and throws her yo-yo outwards towards the span for another swing. No sooner does the yo-yo wrap itself securely around the cable then does Nik launch his attack. Minette looks up, her eyes wide. Her eyes race about furtively, looking for the math, looking for an escape. She sets gravity as a constant and her downward velocity as an increasing variable. She could shift left, but then she'll take the hit and end up in the river. An air-dodge to the right would result in a carrying of an unfortunate three and send her into, maybe through, the road on the upper bridge. And knowing her quantum variance (what normal people call 'luck') she'll be hit by a car as she does so. If she increases mass downwards she calculates that she'll mostly disintegrate on impact and she sets that asside as the current 'best case' scenario until a better one pops up. She doesn't have the leverage for an upwards dodge, and that's unfortunate because that would land her in the river at a safer angle. A forward shunt would be acceptable if the downward angle her vector would pull her at wasn't involved to, once again, land her in traffic. A backward shunt isn't possible, no leverage. And no time to cast Teleport. And then Minette starts using 0 into her calculations and it appears for a moment, that the heavens open up and a beam of light comes down, as if to tell her, 'this is the way'. All of this goes through Minette's brain in a mere fraction of a second.

Minette does nothing but cringe; Nik attacks where she would have been had she done something other then staying in place.

It is not a perfect solution, and the equation seeks balance. The force exerts itself on Minette's yo-yo's string and she goes flying downwards like a ballistic missile. The string goes taut and starts wrapping its way around the cable; Minette goes flying past Nik in the same direction several times, finally smashing her down onto her feet a couple of paces away. "Ah-HA!" She exclaims drunkenly, dizzied and dazed. She points a damning finger at Nik that wobbles around. "I /told/ you I was... something." She tugs at her yo-yo; it takes a couple of pulls to get it to disengage from the cable and the effort makes her stagger backwards a step... almost off of the bridge again.

And then she Calculates a new spell into her yo-yo... /Drain/. "I hope you're ready for this! BECAUSE I'M NOT SURE IF I AM!" Minette goes into the place past pain; her yo-yo lances out, seeking to wrap around Nik's ankle. And then Minette leaps off of the bridge, combining gravity, leverage, and her own body-weight to throw Nik back and forth between the two support pylons several times in an acrobatic display that makes those watching wonder how it could be that she can do this yet trip over her own two feet all the time.
Emi Dennou "She doesn't fight..." Umi says. "Because ... she finishes off opponents in one strike??? I gotta know this!"

The Network is now otherwise preoccupied by Minette's holyt shit
Alma Hyral Alma gapes as Minette's Yo-Yo literally slams Nik back and forth between the pylons. A radiant yellow aura has begun to lim her body.. and since she is wearing a cheerleading outfit, there may be sparkles involved too. She may need to get up there, /really/ quickly to heal someone. She just never truly expected that it would have been Nik.

And then she just clears her throat awkwardly, stating to Umi, "N-No, I just d-don't fight anyone! I r-really really just d-don't f-fight at all! Like... Like Max!"

Max's definition of pacifism may in fact be a little more stringent than hers though.
Niklas Dragonius That was really sort of the problem with Nik's finisher. It left him very, very open, on the off chance somebody actually survived the attack, or he missed the counter. Unfortunately...he did.

Unfortunately, that left him stupid open to Minette hammering him with the yo-yo.

Minette hammers him *hard*. He's flung between the pillars, smashed back and forth and back and forth; he's undoubtedly bleeding internally from the force of the attack, as the pylons start to break inwards against Nik's body.

The problem with the Divine Fist is that it is incredibly, incredibly focused not on making you durable enough to survive the opponent, but on making you magically competent enough to summon the gods and make sure your opponent doesn't survive you.

Nik gets all of a split second as he's bashed against the pylon; his hand snaps around, the massive blade of the Ragnarok lashing outwards into Minette's body just to give him a few moments to breathe. Nik drops, snagging his hand around one of the wires; he hangs there for a brief moment as undeniable pain races through him.

Then he strikes back.

Nik presses his feet against the pylon and fires himself off it; he lands in the center of the bridge, narrowly avoiding one of the cars. His legs coil together like springs; he leaps straight upwards at Minette, and suddenly, the tracks of the Doomtrain lay themselves forward. Around them coils the serpent of Midgard; the train and the serpent are one as Niklas comes roaring upwards, furious and destructive, no longer himself but the Train of Progress and the World Serpent in one.
Emi Dennou Umi is quiet for a moment and then--she laughs! "Hahahaha! I knew that! Haha! I didn't forget. Haha. Ha." She rubs the back of her neck. "Sorry to worry you. Hahahaha!" She waves a pom pom. "Don't let her finish you off Nik, that would be...anti-climatic!"
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria is giving the fighters an anxious look, her green eyes dark in her pale face.

"Please, please, please." She whispers, mostly to herself.
Minette Odam "AH HA HA HA! I WILL DRINK YOUR TEARS! THEY WILL BE DELICIOUS!" Minette ends up aerial in the middle of the bridge, hovering between the two pylons from the force of her erratic and zealful motions. "No one could have survived that, except maybe Mr. Murasame! VICTORY AT LONG LA--eh?"

And then the engine of the Gods comes roaring out of the dust cloud with the world serpent wrapped around it. Minette flails around, trying to coil her yo-yo to find grapple purchace and with it an escape, but there's no safety to be had, no solace. "AAAAAAH!" She considers striking back. The question is raised in her mind, 'how do you stop a train with a yo-yo?'.

Answer: You don't.

The impact hurls Minette backwards into the opposite pylon, sending sprays of concrete in all directions as her body ricochets off of the century-old structure. Minette starts calculating her trajectory; it is not pleasant math. "NO!" Minette exclaims as she grapples up onto a lighting strut, perching there precariously. "IT ISN'T FAIR, HOW ARE YOU STILL STANDING?!" She bemoans her ill quantum probability for a moment more, then exclaims, "I've come this close... I CAN'T LOSE NOW!" Minette leaps skyward and hurls her yo-yo upwards; it starts bouncing off of the support cables, the pylons, the light fixtures, and even a few passing cars below. That ricocheting disc of mithral keeps bouncing around as Minette keeps Calculating spell after spell into it to keep it going, seeking Nik out wherever he goes and giving him no solace. But even this is merely a set-up for one last, desperate attack by Minette.
Alma Hyral Alma isn't entirely convinced that Murasame wouldn't have one of his minions murder Nik if he fell...

And so she's even more tense than usual. She can be up there before Minette could carry that out...she's just hoping it doesn't come to that, as she stares on, taking ahold of Seloria's hand, entwining her fingers and squeezing them reassuringly.
Niklas Dragonius Indeed you do not stop a train with a yo-yo. The train plows forward as Minette hammers it with spell after spell; the serpent breaks apart, but the train keeps on rolling. It takes spell after spell, shrugging them off as it slowly breaks apart; the train shatters at its apex, and Minette lands another solid blow on Nik, right in the chest. The spells surge through him in an instant, restricting his movement, restricting his stance, restricting everything about him - Minette is a hell of a calculator.

Unfortunately, Nik is a summoner, and no matter how broken Calculators can get with some work, Summoners are broken right from the word go.

Nik uses his restrictions - he falls, straight down, and the Train of Mankind's Progress comes roaring out of the shadows again, right for Minette. It plows straight down into the bridge, exploding in a beautiful, shadowy display, covering the bridge in darkness for a brief moment.

When it's over, Nik is standing there, but only barely. He wobbles for a moment, but he doesn't fall.

He does, however, cough up some blood, because he just got hammered by both pylons, *fiercely*.
Alma Hyral The time that elapses before Alma Hyral is up on that support pylon could be measured in fractions of a second. A literal yellow blur shooting through the sky. Before Minette fully falls, she's practically apparated on top of her and Nik and is pouring all the healing she can muster into them. The light of creation knitting back together any broken bones, torn muscles, rent flesh... replacing lost blood by stimulating erythropoietin receptors, as she just concentrates on putting them both back together.
Minette Odam Minette pulls her yo-yo backwards, a full-armed gesture that makes it curve out behind her, disappearing somewhere up into the sky. The clouds above Manhatten gather and swirl behind the calculator, as if a great cauldron in the sky where being stired with a mighty stick. Lightning crackles on a what was a cloudless day until a moment ago and the midday sky turns dark. Minette tugs upon her yo-yo's string, and the sky starts to fall downwards in a spiralling cone, as if a portal to another world was being ripped open so that something could fall out.


And then a train launches Minette into the air. The sky clears; whatever Minette was going to do does not happen. Somewhere in there, Minette blacks out for a few moments. She does not, at the least, 'ping' off into the distance.

When she comes too, she /is/, however, hanging from the support cable upside down; one end of her yo-yo's string wrapped around the cable while the other is entwined around her left leg. "Uggggu... this suuuuuuuuuuuuucks!" She whines, but even as holy light washes over her it's clear that she's going to be just fine. "It isn't fair, I was so close... /so/ close... /sharkfarts/." The bells in her brain tinkle in a gust of wind. And then Minette realizes that she's hanging upside down while wearing a skirt and thrusts her arms upwards, face reddening in embarrisment.

(chocobo print)
Emi Dennou "I win the cheer fight!" Umi says. "OBviously that was the difference between victory and defeat!"

The other DEnnous applaud politely.

Shida walks by wearing Alma's clothes :D.
Alma Hyral And after Minette has her... dignity salvaged, and is down from her compromising position. To Alma's credit, she doesn't laugh through any of it. She's quite supportive.. And once both Nik and Minette are back to relatively good health..

She descends at a far slower speed. Leaving a trail of sparkles behind, which is solely because she's wearing a cheerleader outfit...

Only to gape as Shida walks by wearing her clothes. "W-What!?! H-How did y-you? W-Why did you s-steal....? W-Where were you even...?"

Alma.exe has encountered a critical error and must shut down.
Emi Dennou "I don't understand! I fuond them for free, Shida of The Network has been taught by Emi to not take anything for granted." She smiles at Alma. "Was this yours? Thank you for the gift!"

She bobs her head several times. "This one will, of course, never let go of this gift. It will be ours forever. So thank you." She bows deeply.

"...Yay for Alma's generosity!" Umi swings her pom poms. The others follow suit.

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