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Rena Laradyne The rugged snowy peaks of Bur-Omisace, now displaced to foreign regions has even more reason to be a sanctuary far removed from the problems of the outside world. The terraced steps lead every upwards towards the temple but the village is on the lower slopes. All sorts of humes, nu mou and other races mingle here in temporary and more permanent residents built into the mountain. If not all live in strict harmony, then at least they live not in strict contension.

A light snow is falling and Rena is in the middle of an open terrace, using a little bit of ice magic and more than a little showmanship to build figures in the snow. An ice moogle chases around a pair of children with a sound like wind chimes.

The Shivan herself is crafting the picture of a beautiful woman with a mask in her downflung hand, the other hand extended in welcome. She sits at the base of this statue when it is finished, blowing into her hands as curious onlookers approach.

A flock of crystalline ice butterflies swarm from her fingers and swirl around the audience. In one hand Rena has a small crystalline orb that she looks down into and brings up to eye level in order to see through, all of the world slightly distorted and changed when seen through that crystalline lens.
Alma Hyral In her head she had ranked Souji Murasame up from being a jerk, to being a prick. There were other words that came to mind, but she hadn't quite graduated to cursing aloud yet. Baby steps after all. Baby steps. Soon Murasame will be the biggest <GOOSEHONK> this world had ever seen.. once the thought of saying that word didn't make her blush so fiercely.

While she was still technically under the thumb of Feige Abramson, she felt more liberated than she had in some time.. Kyra and her were heading to Archades soon to try and find a place of their own. But for now, Alma made a stop in Mount Bur-Omisace to meet Rena. And after she stopped hugging the Ice Moogle that was chasing the two children so fiercely.. she turned her attention to the Shivan woman.

Watching her craft her ice sculpture brought a smile to her expression as she joined the audience, and watched the woman craft wonders with those talented, magical fingers, and once she saw Rena reach a point in which it looked like there was a pause in her creative artistry, Alma would make her way to the front of the group and say quietly, her expression one of humility, perhaps even shame. "I left the Zaibatsu Rena. He's too far gone. I was too weak to continue searching for any spark left in him."
Myla Mason Myla Mason is about as far away from water as she can get and sometimes she wonders about her choice in clothing, well all right she's wearing lothing for the terrain at least cloak, and some things over what she normally wears. Then again she'll never really change right? She just happening to well be cold but it could be worse right she's a bit suprised at the company here though Rena she knows and hac come looking for but Alma isn't expected at all.

"Rena...umm Alma?! Didn't think I'd see you here."
Rena Laradyne Rena blows into her fingers and then slaps her fingers together, rubbing them back and forth. She considers Alma for a few moments before turning her attention to the moogle. It explodes in a flurry of snow as it continues it's chase and catches the children. She tucks the crystal orb away and slowly stands. She leaves the statue, though it dissolves into a storm of icy rose petals after a minute or two.

"Hello Junker. I'm glad you could make it. Would you care to take a walk with me and my friend here? We have a few things to discuss and I think a little bit of a stiff walk would do us all good." she looks to Alma, and soberly nods. She says quietly. "I am sorry, Alma. What are your plans going forwards?" before gesturing the both of them towards the wide terraced steps and the gentle incline leading eventually towards the pilgrim's path that ascends the mountain.
Alma Hyral Despite the somberness of her current situation, the girl cracks a smile at Rena's mystical prestidigitation. She'd watch the end of her show, up until the moogle explodes into a flurry of snow, before turning to Myla, "W-Well it's good to see you too, Myla." She offers a wry smile at the Levitani woman. "And were this a single day ago, I'd ask that you continue to not see me here, but now it doesn't matter."

She'd follow along with Rena towards the the terraced steps, and start to climb with her up the pilgrim's path, "Kyra and I are finding a place of our own. We're thinking Archades.. Cornelia was never able to truly meet her needs. And.. since I find myself currently without /gainful/ employment." She emphasizes the word gainful a touch sardonically.

"...I am interested in a job, if you'll have me. I can't speak for my sister but.. she sounded interested as well."
Myla Mason Myla Mason shivers. "You know me and the cold i'd rather be moving and doing something than sitting around." She doesn'ty hte the cold that much but she's glad to be mobile in it given the region she was from was tropical the cold does hit her harder. "Good to see you too Rena, It seems you been busy." She falls in with her fellow students andf tilts her head a little bit for a moment "I'd lean to one of the more advanced places myself Manhattan might not have magic but they at least get a lot of the concepts like mog net and such. Wait what?! What have I missed working on Swimmer and my master plan." That being her constant designing of an airship.
Rena Laradyne "Do you have any references?" Rena asks with innocent teasing to Alma, a warm smile on her face as she rubs the bridge of her nose. "Forgive the minor subterfuge, or rather, the lack of it Myla. I have been keeping.. rather interesting connections going. There was a small difference of opinion within the Murasame corporation, and now I am hoping to pick up the pieces in the aftermath. Ask Alma if you want any more of the details."

she starts to move up the slope. "As for what you've been up to, I'm keenly curious because I'd also like to offer you an interesting project as well if you are at all interested. Have you done any research or know anything about synthesis? A amusing point of fact. Moogles do actually exist here. They are the ones who do most of the synthesis work for adventurers and the world abroad."
Alma Hyral Alma would just grin at Myla, spreading one outstretched mittened hand towards the side of the terrace where the snow still gathered, "Sometimes I wonder if I was really meant to be born Shivan. And the Creatrix changed her mind, and put me in this sickly Ramuha body. Far be it from me to question her will.." She'd wink at Myla, " sister wanted to move to a place with more rain. And to me snow is just a more delightful aspect of rain... another wonder of her creation."

And then to Rena, she taps her chin, "Do you think that Souji Murasame will give me a reference, after he.."

Her voice cracks slightly, ruining the terrible joke as a stutter creeps into her voice, "...s-stated it would be k-kinder if he k-killed me, and g-gave my c-corpse to his S-Science D-Division just so they could s-study my r-retardation?" The smile on her lip waivers, as she again reminds herself how foolish her personal quest had been, "No, I think you'll just have to accept my word that I have an excellent work ethic."

She'd look sideways at Myla, "No offense, but I think.. the fewer people that know what happened, the better.. for now. I'll tell you another time."

And then she'd listen to Rena's explanation on synthesis, she'd heard it before. She especially loved the fact that Moogles were the experts on synthesis.. She promised herself inwardly that she wouldn't hug any moogles that were working with them in fear of offending them.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "Megacorps are as megacorps do." She makes a face. "There's a reason why I'm freelance when it comes to my designs." She peers at Alma now wondering just what happrned and has to bite at this point. "I know real moogles it's kinda of mind blowing really." Shelooks backt o Alma listening fro a moment. "Maybe but I'm more fond of water when I can swim or sail through it." She looks peering "Did you like managed to get him angry or something and eh I'll not press. I got my hands full hurnting for shards and my work. Not to mention Swimmer was chasting cats again." Sigh. "I'm not sure giving him ranged weaponry was a good idea."
Rena Laradyne Rena laughs at the terrible joke and puts a hand on Alma's shoulder. "I suppose I will have to, at that." she squeezes very gently. "You are hardly the weak one, Alma. It is you, perhaps of all people who would rattle Murasame enough that he would stoop to such ham-handed cruelty. Take a small amount of pride in that, if nothing else. I hope the Arcadians prove to be everything you wish, and any surprises along the way mostly pleasant ones." she then turns to Myla.

"Really? Ranged weaponry? You know Swimmer is all about the chase. If you make it too easy, he'll go into a fit again." she smiles and then shrugs. "Listen Myla. I'm rebuilding my family's company again. I'm the last heir to Dynatics. I have no corporation and no airship and no corner office from which I can shoot myself in the foot, but I believe I owe it to my family that at least something of the new ways and the old ways survive the fall." she digs into her pack and pulls out a handful of crystals, odds and ends. Teeth and claws. She throws them at Myla in a ragged bundle to get her attention.

"Wonders crafted from scraps, levitani. You of all people should be interested in that. It'll be small at first, but I hope to expand into territories barely dreamed of by this world or the echoes of our home. And I'm asking you to get in on that ground floor, with all the tools and toys you can ask for."

Rena smirks, with the expression that Myla would know from school is the rare 'Oh dear. Trouble is inbound' smile. "Come on. It'll be fun. Trust me."
Alma Hyral Alma would take a deep breath, close her eyes, then open them again, steadying herself as best as she could, then she smiled at the Shivan woman. "I wish I could take pride in it Rena. I wish I was that type of person that could take satisfaction out of perturbing the man who portrays himself as so devoid of feeling, while within there is nothing but burning anger, cruelty, and lust for power. But all I feel.. an intense sadness that this.. monster, is something that my sister once loved. I don't hate him, Rena. I pity him, but even moreso.. I pity his victims."

And once she was fully composed once again, she'd look between Myla, and Rena inquisitively, "I uh.. what exactly is Swimmer? And.. ranged weaponry?"

All she'd say, in response to Rena's discussion of her company, was when she brought up the traditions, "Some things do need to be more than ever"

She just didn't know how, being the last real adherent to Cosma that existed in this world.

When Rena smirked with that telltale smile, Alma was... guileless. A symptom of having been two grade levels under the upperclassmen. She'd barely known who Rena even was, prior to the fall.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "The darkness spat you out so you can't be weak now can you?" She pauses "Well given tbhe creatures here he needed some upgraes to be honest but I may want to lock those activation to my control really." She nods for a moment "I can see that... and humm you got my attention my dear Shivan." She now goes to take a look for a moment. "I'm listrning at least." She looks over at alma "A Magitech robot I made he behaves like a dog so I call him as such. Not to mention we have chaos spawn crawling around everywhere from the things I been hearing..."
Rena Laradyne "As you should." Rena says quietly, almost in a whisper. "..for there are going to be a great deal of them before this is done, and names enough to drown out the wind." She sighs and shrugs the cloak back over her shoulders and around, pulling the hood up and over her face and holding it there with a gloved hand as an errant wind curls down the terrace steps.

Occasionally they will pass someone, a pilgrim or a refugee on the steps but as the mountain trail weaves on and upwards there is an increasing feeling of isolation and being left alone to ones own thoughts and imaginings. A time of reflection. "But this story is like many others.. and I very much doubt it is a happy one. There was a chance, perhaps. But he has twice squandered it. It is unlikely there will be another. " Rena shakes her head.

"You should see him, sometime Alma. Swimmer is quite a character. A machine that believes it is an animal." Rena chuckles. "Well good. I thought if I flashed something shiny enough across your sight line you would at least look up from the plans already spinning through the ether between your ears. I am thinking about building a workshop here, and perhaps one or two other places. Goug perhaps. It is calm and quiet here and is beholden to no empire or corporate interest. Traverse Town is the land of connections and Goug is a land of relics and electronics but both are.. somewhat beholden to other concerns." Rena smiles and shrugs a shoulder.

"Most places are. What I would like to do here is simple. Most adventurers consider synthesis items to be scrap. Those that they cannot use themselves, anyways. But these items can be used to create weapons and armor. Medicines and Equipment practically from thin air. Simple to Complex. So it is simply a matter of moving material around. from the adventurers who do not want it-- to the towns, and villages and kingdoms-- and empires.. that do. I hear the chaos spawn that you have been talking about render up a great deal of these special ingredients for one reason or another."
Alma Hyral Inwardly she said a prayer for them. She remembered the first time that she saw Souji Murasame, after the fall of their world.. when he asked her, /Do you think.. That we will meet again, eventually?/ and after she had answered, he stated, /We'll see her again. We all will./ It was the first time she'd seen emotions in Souji Murasame for years. For some reason.. that now seemed so very ominous to her. As if it directly related to how many lives he would cull from this world to attain whatever ambitions he hoped to achieve.

Once she had preemptively commended all their souls to Cosmo.. she looked between Rena, and Myla. A smile touching her expression once again.. "That would be a sight to see. You'll have to introduce him to me one day." She'd tilt her head to the side, giving Rena a smile. "So ambitious already? I'm glad that you already intend to branch out. This world deserves better representation of Galianda's children than the Murasame Zaibatsu."

And then she'd give her an impish smile. "I think we might have one of our bases covered, there... I had a thought, maybe you should try recruiting Niklas as well. Put him to hunting down rare monsters for components. A list for each region that he wanders to. It would give him something for living his lifestyle, off the land as he does. While I adore Nik, sometimes he needs something.. constructive to do, and if hunting down these Chaos Spawn will profit everyone, then he might just do it."
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "An interesting way of putting it much like in the end everyting is taken in th depths." She looks back at the terrain for a moment and lisen as the comment about swimmer. "Well he's mostly harmless and he's a godo boy." She nods. "Goug? I heard a Company called Shinra Controlled it pretty much. But then again there's still small time businesse operating there so who knows, I hear you. Takes a lot of work to make it happen but it's good money if you can do it. Oh I wasn't even thinking the heartless I heard things in city we first landed in. The King and his family was attacked some time back."

"The less there are the better."
Rena Laradyne Rena gets this ridiculously mischievious smile that lights up her face.

RENA Vision: A VERY-- very long list of a chibi Rena is presented to Nik, who then commences to throw it over his shoulder. Run away. There may or may not be bubbly pink hearts.

"Well. Maybe something to that effect can be worked out. As to ambition-- I might as well. My extended family was somewhat to the tune of twelve people, including my mother and Jacob. I have some significant backdraft and a great many shoes to throw before I reach the bottom of that well."

She chuckles and shrugs. "Well--- there is a rest space up ahead. We can take a moment there and catch up with less weighty matters."
Alma Hyral She would just give Rena a sort of knowing yet sad smile, she knew something of huge extended families. She didn't say anything snarky perhaps because... she had a great many shoes to fill as well. And.. it still bothered her that so few of her family had come out of the darkness. Why was /she/ the one that was chosen to come out of it? Why not her father, the ardent champion of the faith against the forces of Chaos? In the end.. it was more just because she missed them all, and she knew Rena missed her family as well. There was no need to poke a sore spot for either of them.

The walk up the terrace had already winded her, and she was grateful for the rest, "Y-Yes.. let's.. take a breather."

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