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(2013-05-25 - Now)
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Argider Port Royal is a strange place.

Heartless tend to appear out of nowhere while undead pirates frequent the streets and pubs as some habits and vices tend to die hard. But there are also a more living sort of pirate about too. One such pirate is Sky-Captain Argider who sits outside of the boarding ramp to his ship in a folding chair. A few bottles of rum are scattered around and there seems to be someone accompanying the captain tonight. A massive sleeping Bangaa is snoring loudly in a chair opposite to Argider where even more bottles can be seen about.
ehind these two active and productive citizens of Port Royale is Argider's ship, The Flowering Cactoid. Little has been done to hide the military nature of the ship besides a fearsome (not really) pirate cactoid painted on the side of its hull. Some crew can be see out and about, but most are busy taking merry and enjoying some more downtime. That was the problem with it being constantly night in Port Royale, the party never really ended for some who take refuge here.
Maira You know, walking into a place infested with heartless and zombie-pirates probably should have sounded like a bad idea to Maira. It seems like there is a pair of glowing yellow eyes in every shadow when her eyes roam. By and large though, her and her companions have little trouble dispatching them. That's how it goes when VALKYRI travels together. Like the battle-maidens of the legends, VALKYRI is a pretty formidable lot. Even Maira, squishy as she is, has some powerful magic at her disposal. Unfortunately, it would seem she attracts the Heartless a great deal. Best they find this ship, and soon!

To fit in, Maira is dressed as she thinks a pirate should dress. This...includes a very wench-looking outfit somewhat similar to the maid dress, except with a longer skirt tied up on one leg with extaneous belts and buckles. She'd put on a an eyepatch, discovered she couldn't see anything, and now just wore it around her neck.

"He said it was called the Blooming Cactuar or something," she says then, scanning the area.
Kyra Hyral Port Royal is also a great place to go to forget all your troubles! It's a rougher town, sure, but Avira ain't afraid of no rowdy pirates! She's yet to meet a pirate that could actually give her trouble! For now, she can enjoy herself, grab a drink, maybe pick up a job or two.

If there WERE any jobs that didn't require a full crew and ship to accomplish.

Now Avira actually thought she'd get some alone time for her soul-searching and practice. No such luck, actually, as the rest of VALKYRI decided to tag along too. She's been pretty ambivilant about this particular choice. Unlike Maira, Avira's elected to wear her usual Rabanastre-produced outfits rather than dress like a wench. Avira's not really wenchlike to begin with. "Well it's an airship, shouldn't be too hard to find, right? If only I could fly up and check."
Vespa Heartless? NO problem? Zomibe Pirates? Easy! Finding a Pirate ship.. now that;s a problem.

"We are not lost are we?",Vespa says looking around.. She still in her maid outfit carrying her massive axe over her shoulder. She looks at her axe. "My sense of direction is fine Al!", she says sounding a bit annoyed. She looks around a bit more. "Does it have some marking that makes it stand out?"
Alma Hyral Port Royal was an especially strange place for her.

In the wake of her resignation from the Murasame Zaibatsu, Alma Hyral was travelling alongside her sister... except there was a problem. She didn't really have all that much money. Thankfully the services of a healer were often in demand, especially in a pirate port. She undercharged for her services, generally. She was dressed in her... typical frumpy white mage robes, with her hair bound up tightly in a bun. What? You expected something else? Her garb as a white mage marked her as a healer, which people generally did not mess with without good reason.

But for the next leg of their journey they were going to need far more coin than necessary. And so she intended to sign on alone as medic and ship's cook both.. only to be suprised when she found Avira and Maira were both here. She certainly didn't mind following either around a little longer. Even though she was actually.. a hair taller, than Avira, she kept close to her, stayind behind her in general.

"Uh right, though I don't think any of us can fly.." A slightly nervous chuckle. "Do you think we're close?"

She gave Vespa a strange look, was she actually talking to her axe? And how does she carry an axe that large! She decided that some questions were best not answered.
Argider The bangaa adjacent from Argider gives off a particularly loud snore which startles the captain awake. He momentarily forgets that he is in a folding chair and nearly collapses the chair with him in it. Thankfully for Argider, he remembers where he was and decides to wipe the sleepies out of his eyes as he stands up. The over six foot tall man stetches his arms out over his head and looks around his immediate surrounds placidly. Everything seemed to be alright here. Argider now looks over his shoulder. Phew. Ship was still there and it wasn't on fire. That sure was a relief.

The now awakened Argider straightens out his quasi military uniform and brushes himself off before stooping down to pick up one of the fuller rum bottles. The captain himself didn't dress any differently actually because he already -was- a pirate. He also hadn't lost any bets recently so he wore his usually boots, trousers with a stripe down the leg, suspenders, collared shirt and his gunbelt.

The man is just about to take a swig of rum when he spots the group of female warriors making there way through the port. A brow is raised as he takes notice of the red-headed tavern girl, the Rabanastre refugee, white mage, and axe-wielding maid.....axe-wielding maid?! Argider reaches over and takes a device from off the sleeping Bangaa's stomach who merely snores louder in response. The device is raised to the man's eyes and it mechanically extends outwards to reveal itsel to be a telescrope of sorts. Wait a chocobo-chasing minute, he knew that -entire- group.

Argider collapses the telescope and tosses back at the bangaa before heading on over to greet the group with the bottle of rum still in hand. "Miss Maira and Miss Avira, what a pleasant surprise to see you both again." An approving nod is aimed towards Maira. "An you even dressed the part, what a lovely surprise Miss Maira." He says with a jovial smile before looking to Vespa and Alma. "Miss Vespa, I say that it is always a pleasure to run into you again. Quite the busy bee you are, always coming from work dressed as you are." The axe is motioned towads. "But -that- is certainly new." The captain chuckles before finally turning towards the white mage who was one of the ones there to witness Argider's fall from chocobo grace. "And you Miss Alma. You seem to have an eye for good company," says the brown-haired man with a gesture towards the group at large.
Maira "Nope, not Neverland, can't fly here--though they both have pirates!" she says, smiling widely. If Avira had wanted to be alone, well, she probably should have just said so because Maira wanted to stick by her best friend's side like they were glued together. Sensing she wants at least some space (esp with Alma being her shadow) Maira hangs back with Vespa. Together, dressed as they are, they are drawing a fair bit of attention--but not so much that Vespa's axe couldn't dissuade that attention from becoming bothersome. "Oh don't worry, we'll find it," she says. If only Uist were around, she could send him scouting!

Luckily, Argider spots the extremely conspicuous crew and calls over to them. Maira perks up, then scampers on over. "Aha! Mr. Argider! There you are! We came to see your ship! And you. And your crew," she adds, looking to the bangaa.

Maira looks down at herself, shrugging some. "Its weird, sometimes when I go somewhere else I just sort of...appear in different clothes? Weird, right? Though in /some/ places its even more--remember the pride lands Avira? I was a lion!"
Vespa "Hello again.", she says as she looks at her axe. "This? I had to kill some rats", Vespa pauses. "..they we're really big rats...", the axe glows for a second and disspears! It doesn't really dissaper just shrinks down to broach size.

"I was curious and wanted to see your ship as well.", she says. She looks to Maira. "You turned into a Lion? Really?
Kyra Hyral "Well I more meant flying as a..." she trails off, Avira not electing to speak the word mutate. "Yeah it's just that getting an aerial view would be faster." Not in light of that conversation she had earlier.

"Well hello again, Argider." Avira smirks as she spies the well-coiffed sky pirate again. Then again, that came with the job. Sky Pirates were expected to look fancy and Argider definitely fit the part.

She saunters forward and casually plucks the bottle of rum out of Argider's hands since Avira's probably the only one of this little VALKYRI group that could actually drink. Well. Legally. By Manhattan terms. She takes a swig before passing it back to Argider.

"I'm not too sure why that happens, Maira." she pauses, "You were a...lion? Hm, I wonder if it means something. What animal you turn into. ...I turned into a jackal myself."
Alma Hyral As they arrived on deck, she'd smile at Argider, "It's v-very nice to see you again M-Mister Argider." She remains astoundingly polite, though she certainly seems decidedly less timid about being in the man's presence as compared to before. "M-Maybe, t-they do tend to be the b-best company."

She'd watch Avira take the swig of rum, her eyes focusing on the Bangaa for a moment, she'd never seen one! She'd have to meet him later, once he.. woke up.

She'd give Maira a curious look, "Really, in some lands you turn into animals?"

Right, Alma had best not ever go there, she'd probably turn into a mouse or something. A tiny owl at best, but even that was up to debate.
Argider "The clothes definitely suit you, young miss. I certainly hope you didn't have any trouble along the way. There seems to be quite the unruly lot in port as of late." The pirate says to Maira before pondering the concept of lion-Maira. "A land that transform you into animals? I would be a-lion to say that such a land would not be amusing to visit. Regardless, I am quite please that you are feline better, young miss," continues Argider with a grin.

Vespa's explanation and subsequent axe disappearing act captivates the captain's attention. "I nearly feel sorry for the rats for they would hardly stand a chance against such capable hands."

Argider's eyes light up whe the talk of them seeing his ship is brought up. He smartly does an about-face and cups his hands up to his mouth. "Julia! We are going to have guests! Ensure that the crew is up and about."

The Bangaa's non eye-patched eye flaps open and the crew-member gets out of their own chair. It seems Julia is even taller than Argider. The droopy-eared Bangaa raises the eyepatch to reveal a perfectly healthy other eye and smiles towards the group of visitors in a perhaps endearing/ perhaps slightly frightening way depending on one's exposure to Bangaa. One salute later, 'Julia' nimbly disappears up the ramp of the airship with the two folding chairs in tow.

Argider about faces one more time just in time for Avira to snatch up the bottle of rum from him. He grins approvingly of the action and takes a swig of rum himself when he gets handed back to him. Avira turned into a Jackal....hmm...despite Argider's vivid imagination, he cannot transform the beauty before him into a beast. "A jackal?" He wonders aloud. "A most dangerous creature when given the proper motivation." It wasn't much, but he tries to make it sound like a compliment with the right inflection being added to his words.

The timid politeness of Alma gets a smile out of the man. "It speaks a lot about one's own character by the company you keep." Argider says simply before glancing back towards the boarding ramp where Julia disappeared off to before he glances back towards the group. "Ah, but I should not keep you all waiting." The man gestures towards the ramp now. "Shall we young misses?"

Should they venture up the ramp, they would enter into one of the ship's spacious cargo bays. There is not much cargo present at the moment, but there is a group of crew throwing knives at a pilfered portrait of Vayne Solidor which hangs from the far bulkhead.
Maira Maira glances toward Avira when she trails off, her brow furrowing slightly. Was Avira missing being able to fly? Can't blame her, she would be too....

Nope, don't go down that road right now.

"Well, a lioness. Weird right? It was certainly something. I remember you were a jackal, and wasn't Angan a big black cat of some kind?" she thinks she remembers that.

Maira nods to Alma, smiling brightly. "Yeah! some of the places, you conform to it...its odd, but kind of cool!"

Well, if Avira is drinking rum..."Oh! Is that rum! I hear pirates like rum! Can I have a sip?" she asks, holding out her hand for the bottle. If given, she takes a swig. Her left eye twitches slightly, but other than that she's fine. Though, she thinks she prefers whiskey.

Maira bounces excitedly (try not to become hypnotized now) when Argider says he can show them the airship. Then she hops up beside Avira and links her arm through hers. "I bet he can help you with your ship! Maybe help you build it or at least find materials!"

As they move inside, Maira smiles and greets the crew throwing knives. She looks to Argider and asks. "Who is that.... man? in the picture?"
Kyra Hyral Argider would be surprised, no doubt, with how beastly Avira has been in the past! But it was unlikely that form of hers would ever rear its head again.

"It's certainly a fun experience that I encourage /everyone/ to undergo at some point." Avira smirks, recalling seeing poor Riku subjected to the magic of the world. Argider makes an interesting comment that Avira looks confused with at first, but decides to take it as a compliment since that would make her day better. She looks over 'Julia' the Bangaa. Actually not a strange thing-it may be a fake name. It wasn't unsual for Sky Pirates to adopt new names once they became official sky pirates. Helped cover up their origins!

Excitement bubbles up in Avira now as they are presented the ship. "Oh let's!!!" she says, clapping her hands together, her eyes practically SPARKLING as she looks the airship over. She struts up the ramp into the cargo bay and looks around, spying the picture of Vayne. "Oho, I'm not the only one not fond of house Solidor around here, it seems."

Maira excitedly talks about materials and Avira laughs, "That would be awesome. Well, I do need materials. Sarafina has given me a list."
Vespa Vespa follows everyone up the ramp, she wonders what animal she turn into,A dragon yes defintly a dragon. She oohs a bit as she board the airship, she never a been on one before! She smiles and chuckles at Maira enthusiasm, it a stark contract to Vespa realxed and almost stoic nature. "I'll help if I can to get the materails as well."
Alma Hyral Alma would follow them into the ship, enjoying the tour thoroughly. She would give Julia a fascinated look, even if she'd shrink away slightly at the smile. It was definitely a little frightening to her, even though she found the Bangaa fascinating. She'd just say, "V-Very nice to meet you J-Julia."

For some reason she can't imagine Avira as a jackal, and she voices the same thing, "R-Really, you were a j-jackal?"

She would have guessed a Lion herself.

She'd just kind of give Argider a warm smile when he states that about the company she keeps, "T-Thank you, sir."

And then a furtive glance was given to Maira, as she leans over and whispers, "W-What other places do you c-change in?" Suddenly she seemed.. interested, though she wasn't sure exactly what to think about that.

Alma would give the portrait an inquisitve look, wondering the same thing as Maira, but she doesn't inquire, thankfully Avira for her answers, "O-Oh.. r-really? What's wrong with H-House S-Solidor Avira? Kyra and I w-were actually thinking of m-moving to Archades."
Argider Argider may be a pirate, but he is also a gentleman of sorts. He uses his immense strength of will to keep his eyes at head level despite the wonders of gravity on certain bodyparts. Thankfully, the talk of ships causes Argider's brain to chug right along. He turns to Avira now and taps a finger against his bearded chin. "I would put my hopes into turning into some kind of bird. I can think of not a greater torment than the sky being taken away from me." The man says quite truthfully to Avira. The talk of gathering materials and ship building is considered. "Miss Avira, I would gladly offer my expertise on the matter. I am also a purveyor and collector of airship parts should you wish to place an order for such materials. You would be surprised how airships parts can seemingly fall out of the sky at times." Argider says pleasantly with a broad grin. A few barrages of cannon fire usually expedites the process.

Vespa gets a grin from Argider as he heads up the ramp himself now. "That's the spirit we like to see around here. There's a whole multitude of worlds worth of materials out there, it just takes a motivated few to get out there and capitialize on life's little opportunities."

Julia, who has now rejoined the group, looks toward Alma when she addresses her. Once more, the lizard-like bangaa merely smiiiiiles towards Alma before nodding. Argider catches this and shoots a quick glare at his crewmember. "Now now, Jules. No need to scare our guests by playing the intimidating mechanic card." Julia in return nods distractedly towards Argider. "Right-o Captain. I'll be back in da engine room gettin' 'er ready for when you be ready," says 'Julia' before departing off towards the aft of the ship.

The talk about the identity of the target causes one human crew member to look back and say, "An ass..." The crewmember next to him hits him with an elbow. "...a right arsehole." THUNK. Another knife is thrown.

Argider can't help but smile at this turn of events. "That's Vayne Solidor and..." The pirate trails off to dramatically look right and then left. He now drops his voice before leaning in slightly towards Alma. "...the problem with him is that most of my crew are Rozarrian and we haven't forgot the war. " His hand drops down to his left pistol and he quickly draws the weapon before leaving a scorch mark on Vayne's forehead. "Not one bit," he says in a much louder voice.
Maira Maira thinks on Alma's question. "Hmm...let me see...Well, there is Neverland. I turned into a little pixie there! So much fun--there's Halloween Town where I kind of just...change clothes I guess? All witchy and stuff. The Pride Lands as I mentioned...Um...well I can't think of any more, but I bet there are plenty of places I haven't been yet," she offers with a smile.

Maira looks up toward Argider then as he identifies the man in the picture. Hey, what do you know, she actually knows who that is! "That is Vayne Solidor?" she asks, frowning deeply. Then she turns, picks up one of the daggers nearby, but rather than throw it (which would not go well) she uses her magic; a quick burst of air shooting it forward swiftly to stick the picture right between the eyes.

Maira turns back to her friends then, smile blooming anew. "You're getting ready to leave port then? Can we come for a ride!?" she asks excitedly.
Kyra Hyral "He's a bit of a symbol of oppression in my circles, Alma. House Solidor was in charge when Archadia started spreading and these days that guy-" she points at the Vayne picture, "-is the figurehead. Sure, he acts all nice in public, but I don't trust him." And neither did Angantyr. Most of her dislike of House Solidor came from him.

Her eyes still sparkly with delight, she turns towards Argider, her hands clasped together, "Oh really!? You would? I would enjoy that so much!" Of course, she figures she'd have to pay for it somehow since, well, pirate, but if he could help her get parts, "I bet you get a lot of parts falling from the sky, I'm sure." She winks at him.

She'll let Argider continue the explanation of why Vayne Solidor is Bad and Aweful. She bets his crew has some fantastic things to say about him. "....Rozarrian?" she says, brightening, before nudging Maira. And Vespa. And Alma.

"Rozarrian accents are...very nice to listen to." she says, her voice low.
Vespa "My clothing never changes. Ever. ",Vespa says dryly. Good luck getting her to wear anything but her maid outfit!

She ooohs louldy this time. "Can we? Can we?",she looks a quite exicted! She ahems and coughs trying to regain her composure "I mean it would be nice.... Oh be quiet Al!"
Alma Hyral Alma mumbles, "I'd h-hope to be an owl, but it's m-more likely I'd be a m-mouse."

She'd give Maira an interested look, "What else do y-you c-change into in Neverland?"

Alma relaxes a bit, once Julia backs off, but she still watches her return, mostly to see how the Bangaa moves. The lizard like humanoid still interests her. In her head she was probably trying to imagine her internal anatomy, so she'd be better equipped to heal her if necessary, but in the end she'd probably need to look at drawings in a book.

She'd actually flush a touch at her faux pas, cringing as they each put some.. holes in the visage of Vayne Solidor. Most of her studies of the Ivalician Zodiac had encompassed a /different/ Ivalice. She didn't know all that much about the Archadian Empire and its foes. She'd have to remedy that by reading a few books before Kyra and her set out for Archades. All she mumbled was a sort of lame, "S-Sorry.." in response to Argider and Avira's statements.

And then she'd lean in listening to Avira speak conspiratorially of Rozarrian accents. Now that she thought about it.. Argider's words really did sound rather pleasing to the ears, how they rolled off the tongue at least.

And once again she'd look between Vespa and how she spoke to her axe, before she'd lean in to Maira, concerned, whispering, "I-Is she normally l-like this?"
Argider Argider listens as Maira talks about the various lands she has been to and then watches with interest as she throws the dagger towards flat Vayne. "Quite the arm you have there, Miss Maira. Keep acting like that and you'll become the darling of the crew." Two of the knife-throwing crew-members nod their heads in agreement before going to retrieve a few of the thrown knives before returning. The talk of them getting a free ride causes Argider to ponder this over in his head. Eh, maybe he will let this slide this time. "We actually are. It was about time that the Flowering Cactoid flies again. And you are all welcome to ride along for we have guest quarters on the starboard side." Usually those were for paying customers, but Argider considers this charity an investment in the future of his ship should VALKYRI want to purchase his services.

The talk of Solidor and the wink towards Argider causes the man to grin sheepishly. "We try to do our part in keeping the skies clean of unwanted airship parts." Argider then does his best to keep his best Triple Triad face when Avira mentions her liking of Rozarrian accents. The two male crewmembers who were doing the knife throwing immediately look at each other and then offer their most debonair smiles towards the girl in the Rabanastre gear. "Beautiful miss, lovely miss. Have you ever been inside a warship's cannon battery before? It truly is a wondrous sight." The dark-haired and olive-skinned man on the left asks while the one on the right conveniently streeeeetches as to show off his muscles. "Tsk. Tsk. Our guests would much rather be shown to our humble bar then this....'cannon' of yours." The third crew member who was also the only female of the group can only shake her head and go back to the knife-throwing. It seems this was very much business as usual on board the ship.

Argider only can clear his throat loudly before looking back to the VALKYRI girls. Alma gets an apologetic smile from the airship captain. "Do not trouble yourself, Miss Alma. Most of my crew our veterans of the Rozarrian fleet. It takes more than a few words to get them riled up." Unless they were drunk. Then...there might be problems and Vespa's axe might be needed as a deterrent.

Finally Vespa gets a look from Argider. "Your clothes never change do they? Even if you were asked to attend an elegant ball by a Rozarrian gentleman?" He asks with a simple smile accompanying his words.
Maira Maira looks to Alma, smiling and nodding. "Yup! Vespa's axe talks to her," she explains, as if this is totally normal. To Maira, who talks to ghosts, it /is/ normal.

When she is ribbed by Avira in regard to Rozzarian accents, she blinks in confusion. What was with Avira and accents!? She supposed it had a certain exotic, musical quality to it...

The young woman looks over then as the crew members begin...flexing and...posturing for Avira. SEE ARGIDER!? This is why she warned you! Maira gives him a look that says "see!?"

When he says they could come for a ride however, Maira bounces again. "Yes! That's awesome! The last time I was on an airship--well--I wanted to leave it pretty quickly!" grumble-grumble Souji Murasame grumble.

"Hey, can /I/ see the cannon battery!?" her and cannons have a lot in common, after all.

Maira, sadly, is also a bit dim. "How does the sky get unwanted airship parts?"
Maira Then, Maira hears something about an elegant ball and she almost swoons right there and then. She grabs Argider by the arm and shakes him a little. "You go to balls!? What is it like!? I want to go! Does everyone dress up? Is there dancing? Is the food /amazing/!?" she asks.
Kyra Hyral FREE AIRSHIP RIDE WOOO! Avira seems like she could /not/ be more excited by this. It's like she's in heaven right now-surrounded by sky pirates aboard their own airship. About to go flying!

Her excitement dampens a little. "Well Alma, it's more of that...other Ivalice that seems to have all this with the zodiac constellations. I think. There are some similarities, enough so that I think they may be temporally related, but I'm having trouble finding the connection."

Then, she adds to Argider, "We will be going anywhere you are going for now, then."

Uh oh. Sounds like her comment was overheard. Not that Avira's too disappointed with the results. A slooow-forming grin forms on the scarred woman's face. "Oh, don't worry boys, I'm sure we're going to get the full tour of this -wonderful- vessel. I would not be opposed to you both accompanying us." And continuing to talk.

She looks to Maira, considering how to answer that question...and leaves it up to Argider to come up with the appropriate response.
Vespa Vespa looks around and listens to the converstaions. "Oh this is going to be fun!", she say smiling at the invite. Who could say no to a free airship ride? Not her. It be rude to deline anyway. She giggles lightly at the cannon joke. The crew we're defintly a lively bunch.

She turns to Argider. "Nope. Not even for that.",

"..mabye", she says in a whipspered tone to herself.
Alma Hyral Alma would nod once again at Argider, biting her lip momentarily. She always seemed to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. She was just glad that /that/ one didn't rile them all up.

She'd look between Maira, then back to Vespa, then to Vespa's axe, then back to Maira, her expression only gave off the impression of, /Huh/?

Alma would remain quiet as she listened to Avira for a moment, and then state to her, "Uh well actually. I think all of the Ivalices are the same world.. they're j-just either alternate reality versions like in the books.. or different time periods. Their star charts are all exactly the same. I'll need to look more into each of their histories and figure it out."

And then she'd lean in as Maira spoke of going to a ball. Maybe, just maybe she had some romantic notions of being taken to one herself one day.
Argider Argider raises a brow at the talk of a sentient axe. Once upon a time, he might think that this was strange or weird. These were however strange and weird times and Argider was quickly building up quite the tolerance when it came to such a thing. He did witness Maira's ghost talking afterall.

Heads turn when Maira asks to see the cannon battery. Mouth then open, but it is Argider who chimes in first. "-I- will be the one giving any tours to the aft and port cannon batteries," reports the captain crisply to his crewmembers. This was the VALKYRI ladies first time on his airship and he already had to deal with the cheek of his crew. The airship part question draws a chuckle out of Argider. "We live in such a mysterious world that such things have become commonplace." Finally the arm-bar from Maira and shaking causes the man's eyes to open up wide in surprise. "Why yes, those who attend must dress accordingly. Certain employers prefer to conduct business at such affairs and everyone has to act their part. Julia is, in fact, one of the best dancers onboard the ship after myself." This may be a lie, but no one was really going to argue the point with an over 6 foot tall bangaa even if she wasn't any good. "The food can be quite exqusite. A shame I could not escort you to ball in Rozarria proper. Those were truly the events to attend," says Argider which just a small look of sullen whimsy in his eyes.

Argider nods to Avira when she accepts the offer for a free ride. "I believe we are headed back into Galbadian airspace as we will be returning to Deling City." Prices for follow on trips can be discussed there, but Argider leaves the business part of things out of it for now. Avira's comment to the dynamic Rozarrian duo causes them to both smile towards Avira. "You wish is our command." They chime in unison to Avira. Argider can only shake his head. If only they were that naturally obedient to -him-. It took years of military service for him to get them under his influence and it seems they are already enraptured by Avira.

Vespa's response draws a good natured shrug and then laugh out of Argider. "A maid's work is never done it seems." This whisper is lost to Argider or maybe he just has the good sense to not embarass Vespa if he had overheard anything.

Alma's talk of star charts causes the olive-skinned duo to turn towards Alma. "We have our own star charts here on the Cactoid and it would be my pleasure to escort you to them should that be your desire." The one on the right says with an extra emphasis added to the final word of his offer.
Maira Maira goes all starry eyed. An elegant amazing would that be? With a certain man to twirl her around the room....

Maira lets go of Argider, frowning gently. "I'm sorry, I did not mean to bring up painful memories," she says, turning then to walk Avira walk off, two men in her wake like hounds who've caught the smell of meat.

She no longer envies her.

Maira looks to Alma then, smiling, sensing a like-minded girl. "Maybe someday Alma...we'll both get to go to one," she says.

"Well! Lead the way to....things!"
Vespa "Yes I it never is..", Vespa smiles lightly as she say that. She shakes her head. She not hear to think about work but to have a good time. "Yes onward!", she says cheerfully.
Kyra Hyral Avira actually believes that the axe is sentinent-and, not, well, a thing like Vespa's maid outfit.

In the meantime, she does offer an aside to Maira about fancy balls. Argrider's words do back up hers-pirate business of robbing or kidnapping someone certainly being a part of the reasons to attend. Maira sounds like she'd want to attend one out of sheer fun-as the escort of Argider though? Avira lifts an eyebrow at the thought.

Maybe Argider ought to start swooning over Rozarrian accents too! He might get more obedience then~ "Oh, fantastic." she grins at them both, motioning for them both to follow.
Maira I don't think it's the swooning, Avira. I think its the <CENSORED>.
Alma Hyral Alma would give Argider an inquisitive look, "Is she r-really that g-grand a dancer? R-Rena is trying to teach me how.. but I'm p-pretty hopeless."

She'd look vaguely after the Bangaa, as if speculating on her hidden talents.

She'd smile at Maira, just nodding, even though inwardly she thought that it was pretty hopeless for her, not only could she not dance, but she doubted that anyone would even ask her.

As she followed them on the tour and the two olive-skinned gentlemen asked her if she'd like to see the star charts. She'd smile at them, "S-Sure! I'd l-like to see how a-accurate mine are.."

Apparently the emphasis on the word desire was lost on the oblivious youth. Though she had to admit it was one striking accent. It made her blush just listening to it. She'd probably be blushing even more fiercely if she understood that they emphasized desire. She'd put down a backpack, and take out a small device for her wrist. Turning it on, she'd rub tap her fingers on the screen, picking an option for 'Ivalice 2 - Archades/Dalmasca.' Then she'd fiddle with the controls for a moment as a circular half-circle came into view. She'd then rotate it until it was in line with the season and date. "L-Lead on."
Argider Tsk. Tsk. Maira. When one is young, that is the time to attend many a grand ball with many the different gentleman. You have the whole twilight of one's life to focus on the one. Argider looks to Maira when she breaks contact and smiles towards her. The smile is a little pained, but the man seems to be doing his best to downplay things. "Like I told Miss Alma, we men and women of Rozarrian are of a hardy stock. You should worry not about offending anyone present." Alma and Mair both get an exchanged look. "The next time there is such a ball to attend, I will know with whom to invite first. There are many a man onboard who would be delighted to escort such beautiful young women to a ball." Alma and Maira would not have to look far to see a nodding of the head from either of the knife-throwing duo.

And what is wrong with an escort like Argider? But alas, the pirate-captain cannot read thoughts and must guess at why Avira is lifitng her eyebrow in such a way. Argider, a Rozarrian himself, is probably going to stick with the tried and true methods that he has been following. "Let us head onto the aft gun batteries. We will swing on by there and then head to the bar which connects on the other side. By that time, we should be airborne and in a perfect spot to see Port Royale from the night sky with perhaps a bottle of rum in each hand." The Sky-Captain announces before gesturing that the remaining knife-throwing crewmember (the sole female one) join the group.

"Perhaps you can ask Julia to show you a dance or two. Maybe even tonight should enough rum be handed out." Arigder says to Alma with a grin. "The star-charts are kept up on the bridge. I imagine we could get quite a view from there as well," adds Argider as he ushers everyone towards the corridor leading deeper into the ship. The VALKYRI girls may be a handful, but Argider thinks that they all could get along very well. His crew probably thinks very much so as well.
Alma Hyral Perhaps she had the rest of her life to focus on one gentleman, however she truly thought that she was hopeless. As it stood, she had asked her sister and her best friend to arrange a marriage for her when she turned eighteen three years hence. Maybe she didn't truly believe one of these gentlemen would escort her to the ball, but still her cheeks flushed all the same at the compliment, and the nods from the knife-throwing duo.

She'd follow them on the way to the batteries, until she was waylaid by the suggestion to see if Julia would show her a dance tonight, "I-I'd like that, if she's that t-talented." The thoughts of actually consuming the rum never crossed her mind.. she remembered what happened during her first drink, not too long ago.

"Really? I'm s-sure it's very beautiful. I used to gaze at the stars from the Ame-No-Torifune b-before I resigned from Murasame's corporation but..." She flashes Avira an apologetic look, as if to say /You were right/. "...the view wasn't that great. That a-airship is s-swathed in s-stormclouds at all times, l-like my home. It m-makes S-Stargazing difficult."
Kyra Hyral It's a strange day when Avira seems to be the only one picking up on the flirting. Perhaps it was an age thing in this case for, of the VALKYRI (and Alma) here with her today, she's fairly certain sh ewas the oldest. Clearly those extra years have bestowed upon her an awareness-but still, she had historically been oblivious to genuine flirting attempts.

"Yes." Avira says brightly, the excitement obvious in her voice. Argider has perhaps struck it rich-she is certainly very interested in his ship!

The surprise disappears when she hears a few key words from Alma about correctness. She returns that look, eyebrows raised, as if to say she wants details-but later. It would be rude to bring up such talk while on a tour.
Argider Julia who had kept to the back of the group eventually catches up with them. The praise from Alma causes Argider to turn and motion back at Julia. "Is Julia quite talented? She nearly single-handedly keeps the ship together. Invaluable to be put it succinctly." The Bangaa in return merely smiles toothily as blushing wasn't really in her reportoire. "And not a bad dancer to boot," adds Argider as he considers what Alma has to say about the last airship she was on. "A shame to be up the high, but always have one's view obscured by clouds. You will not find that here on the Cactoid. I warn you though, the view just might steal your breath away."

Argider is keen to the flirting going on, but that was because he was apart of it after all. Say what you will about Argider and his crew, but you have to say that they are persistent despite their failures. And Avira may be the oldest among the VALKYRI present, but Argider himself has her beat by a good number of years. "Julia and me have been putting in a lot of work to give the old Cactoid a little more punch. You would be surprised what sort of tech you can find if you know where to look. But I'll let the guns speak for themselves as we are nearly there."

And thus, the tour would continue on for there was still much to see and much to potentially drink before the airship reached Deling City.
Alma Hyral Alma would smile rather warmly to Julia, though she still seems pretty timid in her presence. "M-Maybe she can t-teach me s-something after all. T-Though like I said, I'm p-pretty hopeless."

She'd actually smile sadly, "I g-grew up on a c-continent that was always s-swathed in the s-same storms. It made s-stargazing difficult. But all the p-people on my c-continent did gain a t-talent you'd probably find u-useful. We can s-sense changes in the B-Barometric pressure, and k-know when the w-weather is going to change a few h-hours in a-advance."

That smile became a little more enthusiastic, "Well t-then. I'd v-very much like to see that this v-view of yours."

Alma on the other hand seems mostly oblivious to all the flirtation going on. She was probably the youngest person aboard, and by her rather frumpy robes, dowdy appearance, and obvious timidity... it was apparent that she was rather oblivious to it. As if she didn't realize that any of it could possibly be directed towards her. "Huh. I'd like to s-see some of it. My s-sister is the real tech e-expert though. M-Maybe you can t-tell me some of the s-specs so I can r-relate them to her?"

And she'd continue on the tour with them all the way unto Deling city...

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