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(2013-05-25 - 2013-05-26)
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Artemis Eurus It was time for a little adventure. Furthermore, it was time for a little....vacation? Artemis and Ramza had separated from the company for a few days in order for Artemis to lead Ramza through the Fujian province and up the Wuyi mountains. The first day of travel had been mostly countryside populated by farms and small villages, a few of which they visited in order to stay the night. The people of China were hospitable, especially to one who actually spoke their language, as Artemis did.

The Wuyi mountains are extremely picturesque, the towering rocky structures ringed with verdant, lush plantlife. A lake as still and clear as glass reflects the most prominent 'hill' of the Wuyi mountains below an azure sky dotted with wispy white clouds. The air is warm, humid, but not overly uncomfortable.

As they moved up a steep slope toward where Zhou would likely be harvesting the spring tea, Artemis is dressed for the climb in light weight pants and a tunic, her hair braided. Oddly enough, she is not wearing her mask. She doesn't want to draw attention here. She does not want someone who is hunting her to find Zhou and use him against her.

For this reason, Ramza had better be using a fake name instead of shouting out his heretic status from great heights!

"Just a bit farther," she says, looking over her shoulder toward Ramza, flashing him a quick smile.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza Beoulve was entirely invested in the idea of having a vacation. Life on the move didn't leave much time for actual.. rest and relaxation.

Of course that started with a few days of trekking through the provinces and mountains, but he was used to travel and offered no complaint. After all, he was in good company. Ramza did not speak the language, though he started to pick up certain words quickly enough. In time he was starting to speak it in a very broken manner, but enough that he could at least not totally embarass himself as a totally uncouth foreigner in Artemis' company.

He found the mountains peaceful, the scenery.. like something out of one of the fairy tales in Ivalice. He'd follow her up the slopes, and he was dressed in a manner which was just as light. Compromising on wearing his usual armor, which would draw attention, he was wearing only a light tunic and his breeches, with his leather boots on. As for his name.. he fell back on his old alias Barbaneth Lugria, since he had a feeling that the Church did not have enough /pull/ in the Land of Dragons to have that one be easily recognized. He was keeping up well, staying behind her..

No he didn't mind the view, he might of glanced.. once or twice. He'd flash a return smile, "Fain forgive me if I wouldn't mind our trek lasting.. a little longer. Though I'm overjoyed that I'll be meeting your mentor." He teased, continuing to follow behind her.
Artemis Eurus Artemis laughs softly, her smile growing. She knows he's been looking at her backside almost as much as the scenery. She doesn't mind. It's a nice compliment. She is admiring the scenery though, her expression peaceful, her every movement more tranquil than Ramza would be accustomed to. Generally, Artemis gave off the impression that she was taught as a bowstring, ready to launch herself into danger--waiting for it in every shadow. That is not the case here. Something about the land just speaks to her, puts her soul at ease.

"You will like him I think. He will be surprised to see me--and you. I have never brought another to see him before. He will be harvesting the spring tea leaves from some of the oldest tea bushes in China, Da Hong Pao. With any luck he will have some from last season still. Takes time to roast tea, and it must be done just right," she informs him, leading him further upward.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza was.. at ease as well. He'd had training from some of the best monks in Ivalice. Training did not mean mastery, but he certainly was able to find tranquility when he allowed himself to feel it. And like Artemis.. he loved this land. The Old Kingdom and the Land of Dragons spoke to him like no other land did. For all the modern technology and conveniences that the merger of the worlds had brought, he enjoyed simplicity. Simple, good folk like those in his land. The simple pleasures of life.

He'd continue following behind her up the mountainside, "I'm certain that I shall. Though I know little of harvesting tea leaves.. you'll have to teach me something of it, some day." He'd smile warmly, "Perfection in tea certainly sounds like a worthy goal. If only everything in life could turn out the same way.." He didn't sound gloomy, just a little introspective.
Artemis Eurus Artemis nods knowingly, coming to an overlook where the rock levels out briefly. She reaches back to take Ramza by the hand, leading him up toward the edge to look out at the land behind them. Not a view many in the world have seen. It is a truly breathtaking expanse. On the lake below there is a small temple situated, still and serene.

Artemis squeezes Ramza's hand gently, intertwining her fingers in his. "Perfection...perhaps..." she breathes.

She looks to him then, feeling so unguarded without her mask. "If ever a time comes when I no longer need to fight--this is where I will be."
Ramza Beoulve Ramza's fingers would intertwine with Artemis, and he was led to the edge, where he gazed out over the overlook. As he looked across the heart-stirring view, he closed his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath, memorizing that picturesque scenery in the back of his mind. And then he opened them again. He was still smiling.

It was a wonderful dream, wasn't it? While he wasn't a pessimist, he didn't truly believe he'd live that much longer, and yet.. he still longed for a life like that, "Mayhaps.. when that time comes.. I'll be here with you."

He turned to look straight into her blue eyes, which were no longer framed by her mask. After a moment, he'd lean forward to press his lips against hers. Just lightly, just for a few lingering moments. And while that was long enough to be lost in each other, he eventually did draw away, smiling. There'd be plenty of time to share these moments later, after they'd met with her mentor.
Artemis Eurus Artemis inhales a little sharply in surprise as he said perhaps he'd be there with her. Why was that surprising? It is difficult for her, she supposes, to imagine this future--and suddenly, she wants it fiercely. The samurai closes her eyes and wraps an arm loosely around him when he kisses her, breathing him in, the familiar smell of him both comforting and exciting. "I'll make a tea farmer of you," she says when they part, smiling warmly. She'll take his hand again now as they walked, the path wide enough for two. They were nearly there.

A few flights of steps carved from the mountain lead upward to a larger outcropping where a few huts are situated. A bit above, are the famous bushes of Da Hong Pao. An old man sits outside one of the huts behind a zither, plucking the strings to fill the air with music. He looks up when the two appear, squinting in the sunlight. Then, his eyes light with recognition. "Shuilong?" he says, standing and moving away from the instrument to move toward her. While he must be a man in his seventies, his skin wrinkled like old, crumpled parchment, he walks like a warrior still. He still stands straight, his body still chorded with the lean muscles of a martial artist. His hair still has a bit of dark coloring, mostly grey, and unlike many does not wear a beard. His dark eyes are deep and cunning--no, age has not dulled his wits.

Artemis grins and steps forward, bowing deeply to the man, straightening when he meets her to embrace him. He actually picks her up and --spins her--. "Zhou!" she says, then falls easily into their shared language, talking too quickly for Ramza to likely be able to follow. Soon enough though, she turns back toward Ramza and they switch to a more common tongue. She had taught Zhou as he'd taught her. "Zhou, this is Ramza. Ramza....Zhou. You're name is safe here."

Zhou turns to examine Ramza with undesguised interest.
Ramza Beoulve It's just as difficult for him to imagine some sort of ideal future.. even though he's seen it in the manipulative mirrors of an old foe. And yet.. isn't that what dreams are all about? Considering a better future, and striving for it. Ramza was certainly a dreamer of grand dreams. And the youngest Beoulve just smiles as she states that, "Really? My goodness, I don't think my Father would have dreamed that I'd ever be a tea farmer. And yet I think he'd approve. He always did have a love for the simple things life had to offer." A teasing tone, "I'll be entirely inept you know, you'll have so much to teach me.."

After they arrived up a few flights of stairs, he'd listen to the title that he gave Artemis, or perhaps it was a greeting? He wasn't sure. Ping had told him the most common one was Ni Hao after all.. He'd observe the interaction between the two, before he too bowed just as deeply in return to the man, with all respect due to his age, and friendship to Artemis.

He didn't expect him to pick Artemis up and spin her, and even Ramza is laughing by the time they're finished. He remained at a polite distance, only picking up a word every now and then as he spoke. And when they finally finished, and she introduced him, Ramza only would state, "It is a great honor to meet you, Ser. Artemis has told me so much about you. Though she has a few things out, I see." He had a warm smile on his expression.
Artemis Eurus Artemis laughs as she is picked up and spun. Zhou, showing off. Weren't old great masters suppose to be modest? Naaah...

Zhou sets Artemis down and bows to Ramza in greeting. He smiles easily. "Ramza, my honor to meet you. I feared Shuilong would never make friends," she replies, his voice heavily accented but understandable.

Artemis shoots Zhou a look, then rolls her eyes some.

"Have you come to help with the spring tea harvest? I think not--been some times since you last visited. Good. That means you have been living again," she tells Artemis before looking back to Ramza. "Do I have you to thank for this?" he asks. "Shuilong, make tea," he says, then gestures inside one of the huts. Artemis nods, then turns to go do so, leaving the two men alone for the time being so they could get to know each other.
Ramza Beoulve Modest? Ramza would never expect any elder to be modest. Modesty was typically for the young.

"Perhaps you feared overmuch. She is.. finding it easier, of late."

The young man would follow Zhou inside the hut, and then he gave him a look which belied his introspection, "I would like to claim nescience. Artemis always tells me that I'm far too modest.. but, I think in this case it would not be too.. audacious of me, to take some of the credit."

And then he'd just smile at the man. "She is a remarkable lady, beyond her talents as a warrior."
Artemis Eurus Zhou watches Artemis go, then looks back to Ramza, nodding, his expression more somber. "You have not tamed her. This is good. It is a great crime to try to tame a dragon," he replies.

His expression melts back into a sincere warmth. He gives Ramza a knowing smile, then nods. "Aha....I see," he says then, heading inside.

Artemis is bustling along preparing tea. Rather than the rather rough tea making she did while in camp, Zhou has all the necessaries for gongfu cha.

Once the men are seated she begins, a small table before her with several small gaiwan (a chinese covered cup). Artemis scoops the dried tea leaves into the large gaiwan, holding it out for the two to admire the rolled leaves in their dries state, inhaling their aroma. She then pours the just boiled water over the leaves and immediately pours it out over the two smaller cups, rinsing them with the leaves. This brew is poured out. Artemis then opens the lid of the gaiwan once more and holds it out for Ramza and Zhou to smell the fresh rinsed leaves, beautifully roasted, with a sweet, earthy scent that speaks of honey and plum. Each of Artemis' movements are calculated and practiced, as smooth and as elegant as the forms she practices each morning.

The hot water is poured again. This time, she gives it the proper time to steep before she holds the cup with the lid on, using it as a strainer so the tea leaves do not leave the cup. She pours the brew into the two waiting cups, already warmed from being rinsed, then motions for them to drink.
Ramza Beoulve "It is not in me to tame anyone, Ser." He would chuckle, "It is more likely that she would tame /me/, if I tried."

His cheeks would perhaps take on a slight flush at the implication of Zhou's statement, modesty was indeed a luxury of youth. Maybe even a /vanity/ of youth, as paradoxical as that might seem.

He would seat himself, across the table from Zhou, allowing Artemis to display the tea leaves. He inhales the aroma, and would compliment her choice with only a smile and a nod.

Watching her, he would once again inhale the sweet aroma, with his eyes shut. He definitely enjoyed watching her observe the tea ritual. Once the tea was poured, he would pick it up with both hands, and lift the cup. He would once again stop, inhaling the aroma with his eyes closed.... My, but it was shaping up to be a good day.

The smell of the tea alone told him that even before he took his first sip, which was even more heavenly than the aroma.
Artemis Eurus Zhou watches Artemis with a smile. "I did miss having a beautiful woman to make my tea," she says to them, bowing his head lightly to Artemis before he takes his cup and drinks. As the cups are fairly small, Artemis is already pouring more hot water for a second steeping. Indeed, as long as they kept emptying their teacups, Artemis would keep refilling them. She gives Zhou a playful look, wrinkling her nose slightly. "Don't be lecherous," she says.

"What, it is lecherous now to admire beauty?" he says with a scoff.

Artemis rolls her eyes.

"Along the line of beauty, you have traveled long. I still have your clothes, and there is a hip bath in the back. You should clean up Shuilong. It would bring me happiness," Zhou continues.

Artemis look at Zhou for a long moment, her gaze smoldering, but Zhou merely smiles slyly. "Tch..." she says, then waves her hand to them both and excuses herself to go clean up.

Ramza, you should probably be taking notes.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza's chest would heave with silent laughter, but no sounds of laughter would come out of him. He would very, very nearly spill his tea, but he prevented that, by taking another sip. The banter between the two was hilarious. "And here I thought that I bandied words overmuch..."

Maybe he should show a little jealousy, but he just couldn't be jealous of the elderly gentleman who was complimenting her in such a fashion.

When she excuses herself, he gives Zhou an amused smile, "How long have you known each other?"

Maybe he was mentally filing some of this away for later.. Maybe. Though he was likely toning it down a touch, Ramza was still Ramza after all.
Artemis Eurus Zhou is not lecherous, but he does have certain ideas about beauty and rightness, especially when it came to; a. martial arts. b. women and c. tea.

Zhou turns toward Ramza, sipping his tea thoughtfully. "She stayed nearby for about a year--though when I found her she would not sleep beneath my roof. Every now and then she would come out of the wilderness and we would sit and talk, gradually learning each other's languages. She was like a wild thing when I first found her, living alone, hunting, just...surviving. Eventually I began to train her, that is when she finally began to sleep beneath my roof. She stayed for...six months perhaps, before she left again. But she has always come to visit now and then. First time she has ever brought another however," he says.

Zhou glances toward where Artemis left. "While she stayed with me, I made sure she wore a dress once a week. A pretty woman like that should be seen in all her facets, don't you agree?" Zhou asks.

At this point, Artemis chimes in from the back room. "I CAN BLOODY HEAR YOU, YOU KNOW!

Zhou just laughs.
Ramza Beoulve "She told me something of her life.. in the wilds. But naught of that. I'm glad that she found you during those.. trying times. You have my gratitude."

He'd lean over forward just slightly, cupping a hand to the side of his mouth, and mouthing, /She wore a dress/?

Maybe he was shaking with silent laughter too, but then he states. "Mayhaps one day I'll see that.."
Artemis Eurus Zhou's eyes shine as Ramza leans toward him, cupping his hand over his mouth conspiratorily. "Sooner than you think," he says.

It is about this time of course that Artemis reappears, wearing a deep blue silk ruqun with a white sash. She absolutely glowers at Zhou, crossing her arms beneath her chest to display the draping sleeves. Artemis looks quite pretty.

Artemis is not amused.

Zhou however, can probably get away with just about anything it would seem.

Artemis looks toward Ramza, expecting him to be laughing.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would give Zhou a strange look, arching an eyebrow as if to say, /Really? In what world.../

And that's when Artemis reappears, and suddenly his eyes are only on her, and he's not laughing. No, he's not laughing at all. In fact, "Do you remember the breathtaking view we saw on the way up?" A thoughtful pause, "I'm thinking that it pales in comparison to the one I am seeing now. There are no words."

Ramza, master of corny sentimentality, strikes again. At least he's sincere!
Artemis Eurus Artemis...actually..../blushes/. This is a moment for the history books. Without her mask, it is fully visible.

Of course, then she moves over toward Ramza and kicks him (lightly) in the chest.

She turns to Zhou then. "Very funny, leaving only this," she says.

Zhou frowns. "It was my mother's, it gives me such pleasure to see you wear is Shuilong!" he says, his expression one of wistful nostalgia.

Then Artemis kicks Zhou (lightly). "You bought this from a theater that was going out of business! I was there!"

Zhou taps his chin, thoughtful. "Ah, so I matter! You should let Ramza have the bath water next. Go on," Zhou says.

Artemis looks back toward Ramza, narrowing her eyes slightly, her cheeks still a touch pink.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza, for his part, would just smile, rubbing at the area of his chest that she kicked.

And then he put a hand over his mouth, trying to hide any silent laughter as the two bantered back and forth between each other. "He does have an eye for fashion, either way..." He says this innocently.

Ramza would rise, bow politely to the pair, and then walk to the back to the bath.

After undressing, he'd start to bathe.. apparently he was entirely oblivious to any possible implications of this.
Artemis Eurus The two would be invited to stay with Zhou for a few days, a couple of pallets laid out in what use to be Artemis' room and now would be again. Zhou would, of course, give Ramza something of a look before he and Artemis went to bed, as they would have to sleep in the same room, which they mostly did anyway. Zhou was somewhat old fashioned, but he also knows that trying to be old fashioned with Artemis is mostly a losing a battle.

The next day they rose early for morning training, even Zhou. As the sun was rising over the horizon Zhou and Artemis moved through their forms, Ramza likely following in the ones Artemis had taught him. Zhou watched occasionally looked over in appreciation.

When finished, Zhou grins toward Artemis. "The student becomes teacher I see," he says, smiling some before he starts getting ready to go. Today, they are going up the mountain further to harvest more tea.

Artemis is dressed casually again. Ramza will just have to cherish the memory. She hands him a couple of wide straw baskets. "We'll be going up to pick the leaves. You will observe and hold baskets. Can' you with the leaves until you've been properly trained how to pick them," she tell him gently.

It's going to be a gorgeous day.
Ramza Beoulve While they slept in the same room, Ramza had stopped being embarassed about what other people thought of that. He didn't return the look to Zhou, as he doubted the man would believe the truth of the matter After the first month of snickering and gossip from his company he just shrugged it off. He knew what went on when she slept in the same room with him, and that was good enough for him.

When they arose in the mornings, Ramza would go through their forms with them, while he certainly wasn't as practiced.. he was a quick learner, and didn't fall so far behind that he was an embarassment.

"And an excellent teacher she is. I only wish I were as good a pupil as she is a teacher." More of his modesty.

Ramza is dressed just as casually again, he takes the straw baskets from her and nods. He doesn't consider it condescending.. he literally knew nothing about tea harvesting. And he wouldn't presume to condescend them by implying it was an easy task that he could pick up on the fly either. He just followed their lead. "Then I look forward to learning..."

It sure was...
Artemis Eurus Artemis smiles to Ramza, shaking her head. "Tch, I am a terrible teacher--he is an easy student and far too modest," she replies, then reaching around to pinch his behind playfully before she starts up the path to the tea bushes, Zhou in the lead. He didn't see the butt pinch, but if he had he probably would have laughed.

"You have to pick the leaves at just the right time and in just the right way. It is best to pick them in the morning like this, just after the dew is evaporating. We'll be picking the buds and young leaves, which are very delicate. Has to be done by hand," she explains, with reverence.

"After we've picked for a while, we'll head down to the lake for a refreshing swim," she adds with a cheeky smile. They didn't bring bathing suits.

The cliffs where the Wuyi oolong grows are reached, a small shrine set up nearby to one of the buddha's. Along the rocks grow the rugged bushes, lush green with new leaves. They are beautiful, and there are not that many of them. This is a rare and expensive tea. A legend. "They call these teas rock oolong's because of where they grow," she explains, wondering if Ramza is bored out of his head yet. Not everyone shares her passion for tea.

They begin to work. It is hard work, and gets hot. Artemis puts a hat on herself and Ramza once the sun is high. It is good work though, close to the earth, surrounded by the smell of fresh leaves and morning dew.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza just grins at Artemis, patting her on the arm. "Now who is the one being modest?" The pinch would startle him for /only/ a moment, before he'd start chuckling once again.

Ramza would nod along with her, "Is it the same way for every sort of tea leaf? The same time of day, the same way? Or does it differ?"

He would nod once again about bathing, the thought that he didn't have a suit didn't occur to him, he'd just bathe in his breeches. He does that all the time! It's difficult to divest Ramza of his ugly breeches.

Once they reached the cliffs, he'd regard the Wuyi Oolong with a sense of fascination, looking at how each plant attaches it's roots beyond the rock, before regarding the leaves and the branches in turn. Nope, he wasn't bored yet. Not at all.

And he'd carry the baskets, and let them do their work, smiling once she put the straw hat on his head. "It looks good on you. But then again, anything does.." He'd speak in an innocent tone of voice, as they continued to work.
Artemis Eurus "No, it is different for different tea. There are many things that go into the final product of the tea. First of course, is the varietal of plant and where it is grown. Then, it is the time and manner in which it is picked. Some teas use only the buds, some only the large leaves, some include a bit of the stem, etc. Every tea is different. There are two to three harvests for most teas, and the time of the year yields different teas. Of course, after the picking comes the roasting--that's where things really get complicated and the tea really developed different tastes. That is also generally where the type of tea is determined--black, green, yellow, oolong...depends on roasting and oxidization," Artemis explains as she picks.

When he compliments her in the hat she makes a sound that could be the beginning of a smile. "I believe you may be highly biased," she replies, reaching up to pull down the brim of his hat over his face. "You look silly--but it is much better than a sunburn."

Once the baskets are filled, they will move back down from the cliffs to the huts, at which point Zhou, shoo's them off. "Nap time for me--go swim Shuilong and Ser Ramza," he says, sending them on their way.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would give her a thoughtful look as he listened to everything she had to say on tea. He was filing it all away mentally. He didn't really have many questions, because she was answering... pretty much everything he could have thought to ask! Now, he'd have to learn what exactly was expected of each type of tea leaf.

As she pulls down the brim of his hat, "Am I? I promise you that I'm the soul of impartiality. And I /do/ look like I'm the target of some jape. That just proves I'm impartial, you see."

And then as the baskets were filled, he'd follow them back down the cliffs to the huts. He'd drop off the baskets, before Zhou started to shoo them away. He'd arch an eyebrow at Zhou, as the two of them walked off, "My. You'd think the man was the village matchmaker."
Artemis Eurus Artemis snickers, leading the way down toward the lake. "He always takes a nap about this time--but he is not blind Ramza, he know we will want some time alone," she says, glancing back toward him and raising a brow. "Unless you /don't/ want time alone with me. Afraid I may eat you?" she asks, looking up through her eyelashes seductively.

She laughs then, picking up the pace, walking down the steep path at a pace that would be unwise for most, but she knows this ground and her balance in impeccable.

When they come close to the lake Artemis moves around and up onto a rock that juts out over the water, about a hundred feet up above the water--and begins to undress. "Feel daring?" she asks.
Ramza Beoulve "You do have that reputation on the battlefield... Mayhaps a little fear is a good thing.." But he'd just grin at her, as the two of them walked along.

When she picked up the pace along the steep path, he'd follow along at a more deliberate one, but still fast enough that he didn't lag far behind.

And then at the hundred foot drop, Ramza would take off his tunic, scrutinize the drop.. then before Artemis undressed, he'd allow himself to fall. Right over the rocks. For a moment it looked like he was going to strike them. And then..


Just far enough that he would clear them. Oh yeah, that's payback for the time you made him think he had to save you from falling out of a tree.
Artemis Eurus Artemis watches Ramza taking off his shirt with undisguised appreciation. When he moves to the edge and falls off however, Artemis scrambles to the edge and looks down, watching him 'blink' to clear the rocks. Artemis curses and takes a few steps back so she can take a running jump. "Cheater, never should have taught you that," she grumbles, then runs, leaping off the edge of the rock and letting herself fall feet first into the deep water below.

The water is fairly warm, even this early in the spring, as they are in the more southern part of China, sheltered by the mountains for colder winds. Best for tea.

Artemis surfaces, taking a breath, letting out a joyous laugh from the thrill of it. Then, she begins to swim toward Ramza, at which point he would likely notice just how crystal clear these waters are.

And that Artemis is stark naked.
Ramza Beoulve And so he'd just be laughing after he came up from the waters, his hair soaked and slicked back from the experience.

He'd await her own descent, smiling as she finally arrived with a splash that caused him to briefly shield his face.

She'd listen to her laugh, and range a little closer to her and...

Alright she's naked. She's definitely naked, and he can see everything.

Yeah he's blushing now. He might even be averting his gaze just slightly.. just so that she's in his peripheral vision.
Artemis Eurus Ah, it had been too long since she'd made him all flustered. He'd been getting used to her far too much. Upon seeing his expression Artemis lets out a throaty laugh, splashing him from a few feet away. "What, Ramza? Does what you see offend you?" she asks, beginning to swim circles around him like a shark circling prey, a grin upon her lips and the look of the huntress in her eyes.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza's lip would twitch, as she began to circle him, blushing a little more fiercely, "No.. I wouldn't say it's displeasing to the eye. Certainly not offensive..." His tone of voice seems to be wavering to be partially whimsical.
Artemis Eurus Artemis laughs lightly, then swims toward him with the clear intent of wrapping her arms around him.

Question is, will he let this happen?
Ramza Beoulve He doesn't stop her. In fact, he wraps his arms around her in return.

His response is.. pressing his lips against her own, for just a moment, before drawing back, "A true wonder, you're even more beautiful when garbed in nothing, than you are in any of the fineries this world has to offer."
Artemis Eurus Drawing back? None of that! She presses herself against him, her embrace tightening as she returns the kiss. "Not so fast..." she whispers into his ear.

Fade to black.

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