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(2013-05-24 - Now)
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Percival Well, it wasn't as if Maira didn't give him a lot of hints..

The way to her heart was through her stomach. That and her love for old movies which mirrored his own.

And so he'd arrived a few hours early to cook... When Maira arrived, she'd find a DVD collection of his favorite movies from the 70's and 80's upstairs laying in a pile. The small table was set with a tablecloth, and upon it was a a candle, not yet lit. Each utensil was in it's proper place, and there were folded napkins on each plate.

Mouthwatering smells wafted out of the nearby kitchen, as he worked, humming the melody to... /Cuban Pete/

He didn't look particularly anxious, in fact he seemed relax as his tail swayed from side to side with the rhythm of the song, his wings furled around his shoulders.
Maira Maira is feeling pretty upset, but she just keeps putting one foot in front of the other until she finds she's on the path to Manhattan. She called Perci ahead of time to let him know she was on her way. Sitting on a couch and watching movies just seemed like a really great idea.

Sighing heavily, Maira reaches up to scrub at her cheeks. She wished she could have stopped somewhere to clean up first! Oh well...nothing to do about it now.

Maira knocks gently, then peeks her head in the door, peering inside. The smells that hit her nose almost make her melt on the spot. "Hellooo....?"
Percival "In the kitchen..." He says this in a mock sing-songy sort of voice, as he continues for a time, before popping his head out, smiling at her, "Have a seat, I'll be out soon..."

And then his head would disappear back again into the kitchen as he continued busying himself preparing their meal.

And then his head would pop out once again, "You look gorgeous by the way, you always do."

The head then popped back into the kitchen.. Yeah, maybe he was a little doofey after all.
Maira Yeah, yeah kinda was. Maira smiles though. Did he even look at her? Her eyes are red, her cheeks kind of puffy.

Rather than just take a seat, she walks into the kitchen and leans against the door frame. She's dressed to fit in here, in jeans and a black t-shirt that says "Zero" on it in white letters. "Th-thanks..." she says. Maybe she blushed. It was hard to tell as her cheeks were red already. "What are you making?" she asks.
Percival Sure he did. He would have thought she was beautiful no matter what sort of a wreck she thought she appeared to be. He was a Gargoyle after all! His standards of beauty were a tad different.

He'd look behind himself, as he stirred the sauce into the pan of veal, "Winter salad in buttermilk dressing, Veal in cream sauce, and Chocolate Mousse. All good, I promise." He'd tilt his head to the side at the chocolate mousse, "Want to try a bite before I serve it?"

The salads were already laid out, and the mousse was finished.. the veal was all that was left, as he continued to just rotate his spoon around the sauce pan.
Maira She's not sure what winter salad is, but she is quite sure it is delicious. Maira approaches then at offer of trying the chocolate mousse. With a small smile she scoops a little up with her finger and puts it in her mouth. Her eyes widen with pleasure. "Ouu...that's really good," she says, then peers over the stove at the sauce he's stirring. That also looks great. "So...what's all this for? Are you trying to out-do Alma?" she asks, looking up at him, trying to summon some playfulness to her tone.
Percival "Mayyybeee I may have heard from a reliable source, that you were cheating on my cooking and that it needs to win you back..."

He'd tilt his head sideways at her, grinning.

"Just maybe I was a little jealous of this prodigy girl that Max has taken on as a pupil.. except, I'm not, as apparently he nearly kills her nearly three times a lesson, according to what he said on the radio."
Maira Maira laughs then, shaking her head. "She did make a really good meal, but...I think your cooking will always be my favorite," she says, leaning in to put an arm around him and give him a squeeze. "Its really...good to see you...and smiling," she says.

"I can't imagine why Max would would to kill her, she's so sweet! And timid...and she's /good/. I mean I guess I'll eat anything but I think I know really good food when I taste it and everyone else seemed to agree."
Percival "Are you surrreeee?" Sing-songy voice all over again. "You might need some more convincing... I intend to do a lot of that. To blot out this horrible French cooking affair."

"It's good to see you too Maira." And then he'd shake his head, "For some reason, I think Max is serious. He seems rather intense when it comes to cooking... but the girl is still alive, isn't she?"
Maira "Well, you can feel free to keep trying to prove yourself I suppose," she says, laughing lightly. She detaches then and moves to the table, wanting to eat some salad. She's hungry. She's always hungry. This is really nothing new.

Maira had bought a bag with a change of clothes. She looks around a little, chewing her lip. "I hoped maybe I might stay for a bit...I'm kind of tired of wandering around," she admits with a sigh.
Percival After he spends a short while longer sauteeing the veal, he'd put them on places, and take that and the salad out to them. He'd take out a match, strike it against a matchbox, and light the candle, before blowing it out.

And then he'd pour her a glass of riesling wine.. just her though. He took water.

It wasn't really a trick to try and get her drunk or anything, he just didn't want to... backslide into old habits, whereas he knew she enjoyed it.

And then he'd seat himself down across from her at the small table. "Really? You struck me as the type who would let wanderlust consume you forever."

He teases with a smile, "I'm glad you're back though, Maira."

He'd work at the salad with a fork and a knife.
Maira Maira shrugs her shoulders. "Well, yeah I moved around a lot but I don't want to keep paying for rooms at Inns. That gets kind of expensive! Besides...what am I doing, anyway? Just running away? Waiting for things to make sense? I don't think anything is ever going to make any more sense," she says.

She turns to her salad, eating voraciously per usual. "Delicious," she says, closing her eyes as she chews.
Percival "Well.. is Uist with you right now, again? Has he shown up since we spoke?" And then he'd point a fork at her, "See? What'd I tell you about betting everything on the Chocobo races."

It was more playful and teasing than anything.

And then he looks at her, folding back his ears, "Is something wrong, Maira?"
Maira Maira flushes. That would be the second time today she's been scolded about the chocobo races!

Then, he asks what's wrong, and she kind of hiccups. "I don't know, besides like, everything?"

"I ran into Angantyr in Goug. He bought my potions, so I have money again. Then...well I told him about you and he just--" she shakes her head. "You know how he went through that with Avira. He just...told me he wanted me to be happy and that he wasn't going to do this again," she says, tearing up again. She feels so stupid. Stupid and terrible.
Percival The Gargoyle would just rise, move over to her side of the table, and wrap an arm, then a wing around her.

"Hey.. if he decided to walk away from you.. well I don't know what to say from that, because I'm not much of a catch."

He'd press a kiss sidelong, up against her forehead. "I don't know Maira, maybe he didn't want to hurt you just as much as you didn't want to hurt him. I was like that not very long ago."
Maira Maira nods, her shoulders shaking. "Yes, he said that with the Avira situation, everyone got hurt. That we could be friends. That he didn't hate me or...why does it hurt so badly? This isn't suppose to be how it is. This isn't suppose to be what love feels like," she cries.

What did she know? Nothing but stories, mostly children's stories. There were happy endings for everyone. The evil were vanquished, the good celebrated. Light always triumphed over darkness. She feels like her heart is turning to lead in her chest.
Percival And then he'd just gently lift her up, take her seat, and place her on his lap, wrapping his arms around her, sighing, "Love doesn't go often go right, even in the tales. Someone usually gets hurt. Even in my books on knights and honor, and their ladies... And I'm sorry that it had to be him... but I'm even more sorry that it hurt you to make that decision, Maira. I don't want to tear you apart inside like this." He'd lean his head forward on top of her to snuggle her in a touch closer.
Maira How to begin? Maira just shudders, letting herself be lifted up and placed onto his lap. She gives in, wrapping her arms around him to hug him tightly and just cry into his shirt as she has done far too many times before. She's so tired of crying--of feeling torn and guilty. She sinks against him, closing her eyes and just tucks herself in as if hoping to disappear. "Y-you're not tearing me apart...just...everything...not suppose to be like this. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. The food is going to get cold--" sniff.
Percival "Let it. You're more important than a dinner plate. Besides, even though Max would think it's... heresy, there's always a microwave."

He'd just snuggle up against her, letting her cry it out.
Maira She just cries for a while, cries until she's too exhausted to cry anymore. She reaches for a napkin then, dabbing at her eyes. She just doesn't even feel like herself right now. So much has happened she doesn't even know who that is anymore.

Maira accepts the comfort. He was always there to comfort her, even when she was crying over hurting someone else. How ridiculous was that?

To answer an earlier question, she backtracks some. "N-no Uist isn't here right now. I have talked to him, yes, but he's been sort of...keeping his distance," she replies. That hurt too. She knew it was necessary for both of them, but having everything change with your constant companion of over a decade is very difficult to deal with.

Maira hugs Perci tightly, leaning down to rest her head against his shoulder. "....Am I a bad person?" she asks suddenly.
Percival "How can you even think of asking that, Maira?"

And then he'd lean down, pressing a kiss to her forehead. "You know the answer. And it is no. No you're not. You don't even know the first thing about being a /bad person/."
Maira Maira closes her eyes, shaking her head. "I feel like I's just...really stupid," she says, obviously frustrated.

Maira rises then. " there a shower? I feel pretty wretched. Maybe a shower would help..."
Percival The Gargoyle would gesture to the restroom that actually had a shower in it. "And Maira... you're not stupid. You're not book smart. Sure. But you learn faster than most, and you have a big heart. That's important. So don't put yourself down."
Maira Maira nods, then gets up and moves to the bathroom, closing the door and disappearing for a while. Eventually the shower turns on.
Maira Maira returns from the shower calmer. Calmer and determined. This has to happen, doesn't it? She won't just keep doing this to them, or herself. Dressed again, her hair wet and brushed, she returns the table and stands there, taking a deep breath. Breeeaaaathe!

Maira walks forward, then hugs Perci tightly. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. You have been nothing but amazing to me--and I value your friendship more than you can know. I think you're...astounding," she says. Big words, Maira!

Despite telling herself she wouldn't cry anymore, tears spill down her cheeks. "I....I have to go back. I'm sorry...I'm sorry, I love him," she says, reaching up to cover her face with her hands.
Percival The Gargoyle takes in a deep breath, his expression stoic for a time, but then he smiles, "Then you need to go to him Maira. I'll always be here for you. As a friend. You needn't worry."
Maira "Thank you...thank you," she says, squeezing him gently. Then she picks up her bag and runs.

No, wait. Few more bites of food.

"You are the best friend...I don't deserve you...I...I'll talk to you soon if you want to talk to me and--I--" she takes a deep breath, THEN runs.

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