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(2013-05-24 - 2013-07-19)
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Maira Maira is trying to haggle, but the guy she's trying to sell to is giving her a pretty raw deal. Maira is tired, hungry, and getting annoyed. She is beginning to imagine what this man would look like without eyebrows. "Come on, I know they are worth more than that and so do you..."

"Can't do it girly. You probably stole them anyway--then I'll be selling stolen goods and I'll get in trouble," she says, crossing his arms to make him look more intimidating.

Maira balks. "I did /not/ steal them, I made them!" she protest. The man simply scoffs.
Angantyr Vespar There is a dark shadow over Maira.

Angantyr is a frequent visitor to Goug, and comes and goes and purchases things as he travels through the area. He's rather famous as a mercinary at this point, and occasionally even takes odd jobs for for the Shinra.

So when he see's a friend, trying to sell potions, to a vender who is giving her a hard time, he walks over, and places a hand on his shoulder.

"Maira? What seems to be the problem here?" he asks, with a low rumble, and looks to the shopkeep.
Maira Maira almost throws her potions in the air when Angan puts a hand on her shoulder. She lets out a short 'eep!' before she recognizes his voice. Then, she is filled with glee! Bwahahah! She'll get a much better deal now!

The shopkeep looks up to Angantyr, his eyes widening. He recognizes him, of course. "A-ah Mr. Vespar! No, no problems at all. I did not know she was with you. I'll buy your potions miss, here you go, full amount you asked for," he says, passing her the money. Maira smiles, but narrows her eyes slightly. Ugh, people.

Maira takes her money and tucks it away, moving away from the man and grumbling under her breath. She smiles brightly up to Angan then. "You have fantastic timing. I was indulging thoughts of setting his eyebrows on fire. What are you doing here?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr holds his hand at the man.

"Strange, you see I was coming here for potions.." he says, "And she has potions..." He says.

Instead, he provides Maira the cost of the potions plus ten percent.

"Snooze you lose." He says to the keep, and takes the potions and hands Maira the money.


"A noble endevor, I assure you. That man is a hard<HONK> at the best of times, trying to unload anything on him is a chore...I tend to just go to Florogis to do any trading..." He shrugs, "But sometimes you gota do what you gota do.."

"Supplies, Maira. I do travel. Never know when you need potions or food, and stuff. I guess you're getting money yourself?"
Maira Like some kind of dark angel of money, Angantyr hands her more than she was even asking for the potions. She blinks. "Huh...I didn't think you'd want to buy them..." she says, looking at the bag of money. YAY FOOD!

Maira blushes then, sighing. "Yeah...I need some money to buy food and places to sleep I guess. I kiiiinda accidentally lost all my money on a bet on a chocobo race," she admits sheepishly.

Next stop? Hot dogs! Maira is already making a bee line.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr, who is VERY frugal with money stares at her.

He shakes his head, "I see.." he chuckles, "Well, don't do that! Betting is usually a waste of time.." He says.

"So..." he says, "Is now the time for that question?"
Maira Maira huffs. "W-well, I've never lost before! I'd always picked the winner of the races, I couldn't believe I'd lost! Must have really been an off dog?" she asks, having reached the vender, now paying for several because she's starving and can't be bothered to go sit down somewhere and wait to be served.

She passes some gil over, takes a large bite of hot dog, then turns back toward Angantyr, eyes wide. She tilts her head. "Mmmwhatmwhuestion?" she asks.

Angantyr Vespar Angantyr buys a few hotdogs. He could use a treat. And he likes uneven change... He eats one and tries to figure out how to phrase the question, "The thing that Umi said the other night...when you were a bit woozy." he comments, "About 'boyfriends'." He states.
Maira Maira swallows, which is a good thing because otherwise she might have choked!

She still looks like she might.

"W-what!? When do Umi say anything about boyfriends!?" she asks.

Still, she knows what he's asking and well, she'd needed to talk to him anyway. Maira sighs heavily and wanders over to take a seat on a concrete block that use to be the foundation of a building, now sort of serving as a bench.

" the time that I was running from the Dark Knight, Perci was with me a lot. He...says he's in love with me..." she says. She looks positively miserable. "I didn't think you uh...felt that way about me but I...had to resolve my feelings about you none the less and Perci knows that--so, now you know it too," she says, daring to look up to meet his eye.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr places a hand on his head...rubbing the side of it for a moment and shaking his head..

"Not again.." he mutters, and continues shaking it. "Maira, I didn't...commit to anything because I was sorting my own stuff out, and of course, the whole Avira stuff...and not wanting to.." Argh...

"This is completely stupid.." he says, "Nope. Not going to do this again," he says, "I wish you two the best of luck."
Maira Maira straightens, closing her eye for a moment, willing tears to stay at bay. Nope, not going to work. "I know Angan, I know that /now/ but loved Avira and...I just...I didn't think--Well, I guess I just didn't think. I didn't know Perci felt that way about me either, then you came back and...I'm sorry Angan, I didn't mean to pull you into anything like this again," she says, reaching up to scrub away her tears.

Then, he seems to just give up. Maira's eyes widen. Maybe he didn't love her. He'd never actually said so or anything. "Do you...not really like me then?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr pauses...

He shakes his head, "No...that's not it at all," he says, " remembered what happened with Avira. Everyone got hurt..." he says with a sigh. Nobody said walking without Garland was going to be easy...walking the path of humanity... "I'm not doing it again. Hurting you, or dragging this into a situation where we hurt each other. There is more to this than hogging your affections...if you love each other...then good luck."
Maira Maira reaches up and covers her face, her shoulders sagging, sinking into herself. "I can't...I can't..." she begins.

She turns and hugs him. It may not be welcome, but she needs to do it. "Avira...she was hurt...she...I..." she just looses it, crying. "Angan I'm so sorry."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr returns the hug.

"Everyone was hurt. This is why I am not doing it." he says, "If it doesn't work out, I'll be around...if it does, then it was meant to be." He says, "The best thing you can do is be happy, so you should go with someone that will make you happy." He says, "Jealousy isn't a trait I have."
Maira Maira sighs heavily. Maybe, if he had said he loved her. "Angan...I'll always be there for you, no matter what. Everyone was hurt...and I don't want people to hurt anymore," she says quietly, in between sobs.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr gives her one last squeeze, "I'm sorry...I should have said I love you sooner...I was too wrapped up in myself." And it was like, what? A month?

He finally lets her go, and starts to turn away, "Anyway, I'll get on my way.."
Maira Maira's heart just breaks in half. She almost feels like the whole world must hear it. "Don't...don't say you're sorry. It isn't your fault. It's....I don't even know what it is. Be careful, okay? are /really/ important to me...I..." she's just run out of words. Right now, she just hates herself.
Angantyr Vespar "I will, and don't feel sad, Maira." he says, and starts to walk off, "It's not like we have to stop being friends...your frienship is important to me too."
Maira She isn't capable of not being sad, but that helps a lot. She smiles a little. "O-okay..." she says. There are other words on her lips, but she can't say them.
Maira The hot dog cart, the most romantic of places! Not really, Maira couldn't think of another land mark at the time that was better, okay!?

So she comes running into the slums again, making a bee line for where the hot dog cart is, though the guy has probably packed up and gone home. She's clearly been running for a while, as she is extremely out of breath, eyes scanning for Angan.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr was here, sitting on one of the benches, waiting.

He stands up as Maira runs to the cart, now out of breath as he waits for her to notice him..
Maira He's easy to spot. She veers from the location of the hot dog cart and just /launches/ herself at him. He can totally take it and she knows it. Maira throws her arms around him, her cheeks stained with tears, and just clings like she never intends to let go.
Angantyr Vespar Maira is clinging to Ang, he can indeed take it...

"Maira.." he says, holding her close, "Did you run all the way here?"
Maira Pant pant, wheeze, pant! "Y-yes!" she answers, trying to catch her breath. That was the most exercise she's gotten in a while, that's for sure!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr sighs...

He holds her close to him for a bit, "So stick with me you know what Garland is going to try and do right?" he says, of course she does but,...well. And he holds her tight again, and then...

Maira "He was going to do it anyway," she replies, once she has the breath to do so.

Then she stretches upward and presses her lips to his in a sudden bold moment probably brought on by oxygen deprivation to her brain.


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