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(2013-05-24 - 2013-07-19)
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Artemis Eurus The Mist plains. It is a good place to hunt--the prey is aggressive, it likes to hunt you back. That makes it all the more fun.

Artemis stalks through the mist wearing earth tone colors that blend in easily with her surroundings, her mask one of ivory today. She carries a spear in one hand, a bow slung across her back. She creeps silently, slowly, like a tiger through the jungle. Her target, a beast she does not recognize but that looks edible enough--with a great furry hide that would likely sell for a good bit of gil.

The huntress waits, her grass-green eyes focused on the creature. She waits for the moment, counting the heart-beats.

Then she springs, crossing the distance quickly on long, strong legs. The beast turns to meet her rather than flee, but it stands no chance against the huntress, who leaps high and brings the spear down straight through the animal's skull. A quick, clean kill.
Alma Hyral The Mist Plains. They may be an excellent place to hunt.. or be hunted. The lone girl, travelling alone would likely be considered prey.

Given the mist that always wrapped around the plains in thick wisps which were cloying to the senses, from her place on the road, she only heard the quick brutal conflict. Peering through her glasses, she only saw dark outlines, which would mark the end of Artemis' successful hunt. Leaving the safety of the road was.. a hard decision for her to make. But even so, she couldn't deny that someone might be injured.. it was also just as likely that what she saw were two beasts, fighting.

Her booted feet crunched against the moist grass of the plains as she took a few steps off the road, in the direction of Artemis' hunt, calling out timidly, "H-Hello? Is e-everything a-alright? Do you n-need a-assistance?"

If she heard no answer soon, she was likely to turn and bolt outright...
Emi Dennou A Dennou is riding a chocobo. The Dennou in question seems quite fashionable, wearinga a black and white striped shirt, a pink jacket, even black stockings--skirt. She is really dolled out. She has her hair pulled into a sidetail. NAME THAT DENNOU!!

Sitting behind her is Emi who is wrapping her arms around the first Dennou for stability. Neither of them are smiling or obviously communicating with one another.

The chocobo bounds over a small ridge and lands behind Alma--cutting off any hope for escape! The lesser known Dennou pulls on the reins a touch and the chocobo slows down to a walk.

"..." She says.

Emi dismounts and looks towards the hunt.

The riding Dennou sniffs faintly and looks away suddenly. "..."
Artemis Eurus Walks on two legs, hesitant, cautious. Faint smell of soap--human.

Then comes the voice. Artemis places her foot on the dead animal's skull and yanks her spear out, sheathing it then in the ground nearby as her eyes rise toward the approaching girl.

As Alma draws closer Artemis appears like a ghost from the mist, her mask resolving from the fog, a few strands of pale blonde hair that have escaped her braid floating ethereally.

"Everything is fine, traveler. Just the completion of a hunt. I have a fresh kill," she says, approaching Alma then, getting a better look at her. Her eyes rake over the other's form, then return to her face, frowning slightly. "What are you doing traveling such a dangerous place by yourself?" she asks.

Then two Dennou's appear, and Artemis nods to them. She's not sure which ones they are, but she greets them. "Artemis greets the Network. Are you traveling with this girl?" she asks, indicating Alma.
Alma Hyral She turns around, startled as the Chocobo bounds over the ridge behind her, "..."

That was her real reaction, as she was entirely speechless to the appearance of the two Dennous. She might have panicked, and ran. After all.. she didn't want to give Feige any excuse to.. do what she had threatened. But running away might make the two Dennous suspicious, since they'd been rather friendly in the past. And that might.. affect the variables of the experiment to the point that Feige might interpret her as meddling. She had to remember one thing.

Until she knew /how/ Feige did it, Feige Abramson was omniscient as to what happens around the Network.

She couldn't rein in her trembling, but she could at least /try/ to act like nothing more was wrong than the usual. Everyone thought she was a neurotic, timid mess.. and most of the time she was, she could explain it away.

And so she looked up to the Dennous on the back of the Chocobo and stated through rampant anxious stuttering, "E-Emi, is that y-you? It's g-g-good to see y-you again. W-Who's your f-friend?"

She'd glance sidelong at Artemis, pushing up her glasses through trembling fingers, "W-Well.. I was h-here l-last night. My r-research a-allows me to l-locate world s-shards, and I'd l-led an e-expedition here. We f-found what we w-were l-looking for. So I w-wasn't a-alone."

Despite Artemis having been there during that.. incident. She'd never actually seen Artemis, given that she was in the midst of being abducted at the time, "M-My name is A-Alma ma'am. A-Alma Hyral. I-It's very nice to m-meet you."
Emi Dennou Emi tilts her head to the right, then towards Alma as Artemis asks a question. For some reason, there is a bit of a delay to answering what really should be a simple question.

Ami ironically speaks up first. "...Sorry for scaring you." She says, pauses, and then points towards Artemis. "A friendly spirit." And then she huffs up her shoulders shyly and looks away again.

"We were not traveling with her." Emi says finally. "We came for...."


Will notices two Dennous staring at a wall.
"Hey Ami, Emi...what're you--"
"Observing drying paint. It is fascinating," Emi says.
"Maybe you should go out and have some fun."


"We are here for the purposes of fun." Emi says. "Ami desired to ride a chocobo. She is also part of The Network, The Network clarifies for those who can't tell someyow."

She looks at Alma and reaches up and---pinches a cheek. "..."
Kamon Lionward Mist makes it easy to hide. It also makes it easy to believe that you're hidden, when all you are is looking like an idiot.

Perhaps surprisingly, Kamon does not fall into the latter camp, largely because he's decided that continuing to hide from this group is going to be self-defeating. Whoever the hunter is, they're good enough that he doesn't want to fight them -- it wouldn't be quick or clean, and he doesn't want to have to apologize for injuries given or sustained in the battle, should he startle them.

Kamon walks out of the mist and through the grasses at a slow, methodical pace. He's holding what looks like a spear, with a head of dark, sharp metal, and with a butt banded in a different kind of metal entirely, with some scraps of some kind of greyish cloth dangling from it. He's holding it point down, and appears near the Dennous, a few paces away from them. His expression is almost grim, and he gives the impression of being tense as a coiled spring. Perhaps notably, he didn't make a sound on the approach.

First thing's first. "Alma," he calls, "are you alright?"
Artemis Eurus Well, Artemis doesn't know anything about Feige or what might be going on with the Network. She does, however, owe them a favor, of which she will be sure to remind them. She would do almost anything to repay that debt.

As Alma introduces herself, stutteringly, Artemis raises a brow beneath her mask then bows to her. She can locate world shards? ...What in Odin's name was a world shard? Questions to ask later.

This girl was named Alma.

Artemis glances back to the Network, dropping another bow to them. "A pleasure. I will remind the Network that I owe you a debt. Contact me when you want to settle it,' she says quickly before looking back to Alma, focusing on the girl with quiet intensity. "Does the name Ramza mean anything to you?" she asks, watching her carefully for her response.

Of course, Emi then pinches Alma's cheek and Artemis tilts her head slightly. Well, alright. That's...okayyy...

The silence of the approaching man with the spear(?) is notable indeed. She does however, smell him. The huntress turns her face toward Kamon as he approaches, nodding a head to him. "Ah, a protector perhaps? I mean no harm--a chance meeting over the corpse of a beast. Fortuitous," she says, then looks back to Alma, waiting for her answer. Had she perhaps found Ramza's sister?
Alma Hyral Alma certainly realized that it was likely another node of the Network, but she considered it rude to automatically assume that she was. "H-Hello A-Ami it's very n-nice to m-meet y.." And then Ami pinches her cheek.

Alma makes a muffled sound. She almost wondered if Feige were trolling her. It wasn't out of the question, WAS IT?

She was a little startled though, so she took a step backwards. Looking over her shoulder, she was relieved to see Kamon. It was some sort of rule that the Hyral sisters all felt more at ease whenever the Odynar warrior was around.. part of the squishy life of being a healer. And Kamon was just /that/ formidable. She'd seen him break a dragon's neck with a mop for Cosma's sake! Her voice even seemed to calm down, "Kamon! I-I'm fine. A-Are you alright? You looked r-rather beaten up last night." Kamon might notice that several sections of her robe have been hastily sewn and patched back up.

She took a few steps closer towards him, before Artemis asks that question, and she looks over her shoulder, puzzled. Pushing back up her glasses, she states, "Y-You're the second p-person who's a-asked me that. I h-have an older brother n-named Ramza, y-yes." And then her voice becomes quieter, "I h-had an older brother, t-that is..."
Emi Dennou Ami can't actually pinch Alma's cheek, even if she wanted to! She's on a chocobo and her hands are on the reins. What she /does/ do is spin the chocobo around a bit and try to hide behing Alma. Without getting off the chocobo. It doesn't work.

"Kamon. Welcome to the Mist Plains." Emi says to him. "The Network greets you." She walks with Alma and doesn't remove her cheek pinching fingers just yet. Is it Feige trolling?!?!?! No, Emi is just sensing something is wrong and is trying to be reassuring through an affectionate gesture.

She lowers her hand shortly as Alma and Kamon converse with one another, however. She is quiet for a few more moments before adding, "You and Kamon got hurt? The Network is sorry to hear that and explains further that 'hear' in this instance isn't about actually hearing it so much as the apology is for the matter that you got hurt in the first place."

She attempts another trick and ruffles Alma's hair. People do this to her all the time so it should work on Alma.

"Understood." She tells Artemis and gives no indication of when she would like artemis to settle the debt.
Kyra Hyral Wherever Kamon may be, Kyra usually isn't that far behind. Well, especially /behind/ the solid wall of Odynar youth. Though since right now the threat of a large, undead dragon was not looming over them her impetus to follow is less about protection and more about other reasons.

The primary reason, of course, was to catch up with the rest of the group. Alma, in particular, which Kyra continues to worry about lately. Her mood about this fluxuates between 'I wish she hadn't told me anything at all' to 'I wish she had told me more.' All she really knows is that Alma is in danger.

"Kamon's feeling a lot better." She announces, uninvited, as she arrives with the solem warrior. Right away, she notices the familiar presence of the Dennous, whom she has encountered before! Though this may very well be the first time she's seen multiple Dennous in the same place and the scientist is delighted by this.

"Alma, you surprise me. If I recall correctly you have been /insisting/ that the rest of our family survived." Her tone is carefully neutral though Alma already knows what Kyra thinks about the rest of their missing family, to some degree.
Kamon Lionward Kamon smells like grass, and slightly of sweat. Perhaps oddly, the tinge of iron is strongest around him. He couldn't cover /that/.

"Nothing a little rest couldn't cure, don't worry," Kamon replies. He eases up when the situation turns out to look less like a kidnapping and more like a crazy random happenstance. He can deal with crazy random happenstance, but kidnappings mean Trouble, with that capital T.

Kamon gives Emi an odd look, seeing as how she is currently attached to Alma, hand to cheek. He nods at her, and her sister, and turns the spear over in his hand, resting the haft below the head against his shoulder. It isn't away, but it's the next best thing. He's about to reassure her, and then pauses again when Emi continues to explain kind of unnecessarily. Awkward.

"Uh..." Kyra shows up. Kamon glances back at her, and then turns to Emi again. " wasn't so bad. I got healed pretty much immediately; I just, uh, I double-jumped, kind of, and hadn't practiced it." He basically saw Soan do it once and decided to try it himself. Bad plan. All kinds of strain. His legs were the bad kind of sore in the morning.

"Fortuitous. Right," Kamon mutters, looking back to the huntress. Kamon steps a little further into view, absently running a knuckle across one of the metal scars on his cheek. It has the convenient side-effect of placing him between Kyra and Artemis. "I'm just looking out for her." Protector seems apt. He has no idea who this person is, and if he's learned anything out in the wider world, it's that you should always be wary out in the wilds... especially if someone starts spouting the names of your charge's siblings.

Briefly, he's reminded of the young man in the mirrors, granting wishes and changing people. He tightens his grip on the spear, suppressing a shiver.
Artemis Eurus Artemis blinks, her mouth thinning thoughtfully. What were the odds? Yet the way she spoke was not like Ramza. The accent...she didn't look like him either. is worth checking out.

Artemis takes a deep breath, then asks another question. "Your homeland...what is it?" she asks then.

As this was a random meeting, no one really needed to be invited. Artemis looks to Kyra, who follows Kamon, and nods her head in greeting.

Artemis looks back to Kamon, examining he cheek from where she stands. Is that...metal? Curiouser and curiouser. "...Well, we seem to have quite a gathering here. There was battle? I would like to hear about it. I will build a fire and roast my kill--share it, in exchange for the story," she says, beginning to move back toward the beast she'd killed, grabbing her skinning knife from her belt. She kneels down, hefts the bear-sized creature over without issue, then casually and meticulously slits it open and begins to skin it.

"I apologize if my questions are probing Lady Alma. I know a man named Ramza who happens to be looking for his younger sister, named Alma," she explains.
Alma Hyral Imagine her suprise when /Emi/ Dennou doesn't detach herself from her cheek. She shrinks back a bit. "I-I'm fine E-Emi. O-Our wounds w-weren't serious. K-Kyra and I made s-sure of that"

And then came the hair ruffling. Given that her hair was tied up tightly in a bun, several long strands were soon detached, and fell loosely down to her haste. She takes a moment to try to fix it, before deciding it was hopeless while they were standing there. She did offer a wan smile towards Emi, but otherwise seemed, subdued.

And then came Kyra's declaration, it felt like half an accusation, so she doesn't greet her sister. Instead she answers in a depressed tone of voice, after she blows a strand of hair out of her eyes, "I-I'd like to think that t-they are. S-Some p-probably are. B-But until we r-restore our w-world or more c-come out of the d-darkness there are.. l-limits to o-optimism Kyra."

No she definitely didn't seem like herself. Not to Kyra at least.

There was a vague twinkling in her eye as she regarded Kamon, he did double jump, didn't he? He definitely had the force of a Dragoon in the impact of that jump. Could he be Dragoon Man? It almost seemed absurd that an Odynar could even do that, given the iron content in their bodies.. but if anyone could, it'd be Kamon. "W-Well don't strain y-yourself too much K-Kamon. We n-need you..M-Maybe you should practice m-more before you try it a-again.."

Kamon Lionward has moved up from number two slot of POSSIBLE DRAGOON MAN CANDIDATES, to number one on her fangirl list.

She'd range a little closer to Kyra and Kamon all the same, her voice still subdued. "R-Right. W-Well if I r-recall, his name is Ramza B-Beoulve, correct? O-Ours is H-Hyral. I d-doubt he's the s-same person u-unless he changed his n-name. Though I a-admit it is a s-strange c-coincidence."

She'd been there, done that, had this conversation before, had her hopes crushed of another member of her family surviving. She wasn't going to fall for it again until she saw her brother with her own eyes.
Emi Dennou Spunky redhead Kyral, Gadgeteer! Emi waves a hand in her direction. It is maybe a bit inappropriate to get involved in that family dispute--but they are sisters, aren't they? Hmm. "You are the younger sister, correct?" Emi asks. She paps Alma a few times. She may go to shooshes if Alma isn't careful. "Do not worry, it is the responsibility of the younger sister to trouble their older sister." She nods a few times. "That is the benefit of being born later, The Network summarizes the viewpoint succinctly."

The motions slow and eventually stop. She doesn't want to embarrass Alma (intentionally) and so she looks over to Ami for a moment, then back to Kamon.

"We are glad you are not hurt much, then." She says.

Hmm, there are a lot of members of the Academy here. Maybe she should ask.

"While there are so many of you here...The Network was wondering if you could inform us a bit about the Murasame Corporation." Emi says.
Kyra Hyral "That IS a stunning coincidence." Kyra remarks, giving Artemis a sidelong glance from around Kamon. The white mage herself doesn't seem to be terribly afraid of the masked woman-though it could be she has no reason to be afraid with Kamon right here. "Oh yes, it was quite an encounter yesterday. An undead wyrm! Very vicious."

Carefully, she makes no mention of the loot retrieved since she doesn't know this strange woman too well.

Alma is watched like a hawk. The stuttering, that was to be expected, but Alma was so far subdued today that it was painful to watch. Inwardly, she grumbles, plotting to corner the girl alone later.

One of the Dennous, Emi as Kyra correctly recalls because she has a pretty good memory, asks a question-or rather, makes a request-that makes Kyra's face suddenly darken. "It's the sprawling company of the Murasame family, who was a well-known, very rich family on our home continent of Ramuha. Though I see out here that Souji has been hard at work reconstructing his legacy. Not sure how I feel about that."

Oh no, she did know how she felt about that. Kyra didn't like it. The less of Souji she had to hear about, the better.
Helena Celba Moments ago..

"WHEEEEEEE!" Helena was riding on a the back of a large bird she had managed to grab ahold of. The bird, NOT LIKING it's passenger was trying to get her off.

However, when the bird tried to pull of strange loops and decends and asscends to try and get her off...

Finally, it accepted it's fate as her mount.

Then she was gone.


Helena lands right behind Kyra, litterally falling right out of the sky and slow falling right behind her.

"You should very happy about that." She says, before Grabbing Kyra from behind into a hug. "Hi." She says, with a wide grin on her face and turns towards the others.

"What's all this about the Murasame family? I can answer a lot of questions about that! I am adopted, you see." She is all smiles right now...

Which could be good, or bad. Or both simotaniously.
Kamon Lionward Kamon 'Definitely Not Dragoon Man' Lionward mostly provides a convenient piece of hard cover for the Hyral sisters to hide behind, should things go sideways. He shrugs his shoulder a little, adjusting how the broken sword in its sheathe on his back hangs. He wishes that it wasn't just a keepsake at this point. If things get bad, the spear will have to do... though he'd love to hand it off to Soan and get something he's more comfortable with.

"They pack a nasty bite," Kamon comments, a little uncomfortably. In hindsight, that was a huge mess of a fight, but in the heat of the moment, it was /amazing/. He glances to Alma with an apologetic little smile and a shrug. "I haven't had a chance. I'm sorry."

Kamon watches the huntress begin to skin the beast with casual ease. He's a little surprised at it. He's more surprised when Helena falls from the sky, and even /more/ surprised when he finds himself turning on his heel, swinging the spear down from his shoulder, and thrusting it at where her neck will be when she settles on the ground.

Kamon blinks a couple of times, kind of owlishly. "Oh. It's you," he says lamely. He lowers the weapon and settles it where it was, immediately looking even more uncomfortable.
Artemis Eurus Artemis pauses in her butchering, elbow deep in guts, and looks up toward Alma. "Aye...well then. A strange coincidence indeed," she agrees, sighing quietly. Ah, Ramza...she had hoped for just a little while that she had found her. "I am sorry then, to trouble you," she replies, then continues about her work, wondering if the assembled company (to which she is now decidedly the outsider) would take her up on her offer or simply move on.

"It seems you all know each other. I am Artemis," she informs them, pulling out the still warm heart of the beast and giving it a curious sniff.

As the others speak, Artemis listens. Information about this Murasame is filed away, relevant. Ramza had met the man, and did not have a very favorable opinion.

Then /another/ arrives. This company just keeps getting larger. They seem friendly enough, at least. "An undead dragon? Yes, that sounds like it must have been quite the battle. Only ever faced live ones myself," she says, glancing over to Emi and Ami. Likely, Umi had told them about her random encounter with Artemis, Ramza and co. In which a dragon was slain, among other things. She smiles.

Artemis' eyes dart upward as Kamon moves, reflexively moving his weapon toward the woman who'd just arrived to get super friendly with Kyra. A warriors reflexes. Artemis' smile grows, but she says nothing as she goes about her work.
Alma Hyral Alma lifts her chin to listen to Kyra, and the Helena drops in, attacking her sister. She doesn't greet her, she just closes her eyes. A few tears drop down from behind her eyelids silently, as she wipes away at her face with the back of a hand. She states quietly in reply to the Network, "Y-Yes, Emi, that is the r-role of the b-bratty younger sister.."

She just smiles at Kamon, seeming not to even notice that he just pointed a spear at Helena, "R-Right."

And then she'd look towards Artemis, that sad smile returning, "Y-Yes.. i-it's fine, I'm u-used to b-being d-disappointed."

But on the subject of the Murasame corporation? She was mute.
Emi Dennou Emi says, "The Murasame family adopted you?" Helena is more than a bit unnerving but Emi's ability to keep a calm, measured gaze has about 20 skill pints in it.

Kyra speaks about Souji. Most of this is information she already had been informed of or figured out on her own, but her attitude is something she hadn't anticipated. Something is bugging her about the Murasame family. She can't tell just what, but she elects to not press her. She likes Kyra, she doesn't want to hurt or annoy her.

"I will try to be quick." She promises her, glancing back to Helena.

"We do not have family either, so I am sorry to hear that, but we are happy to hear you've found one." She pauses. "well--this one supposes we found one too."

She smiles faintly. "what work does the company do?"

Ami continues to be really bad at hiding while on a chocobo.
Kyra Hyral Kyra's eyes narrow at Alma as she doesn't as much comment on the Murasame corporation at all. In fact, Alma seems to be ignoring her older sister's presence entirely and it's slowly starting to drive Kyra nuts.

"MMhmm. And-" Kyra starts to continue on the subject of the Murasame corporation.

Somebody lands behind her and Kyra can feel the impact and hear the sounds of something hitting the ground, though with her back turned she has no idea who it is. The familiar voice, however, immediately tips her off and her eyes widen in shock and worry, "Helena-!" Kyra gasps before the necromancers arms wrap around her into a binding hug.

Of course, she starts squirming right away to little avail due to the strength difference between the two. In the back of her mind, she knows this to be the case, but it doesn't stop Kyra. Especially since Kamon is right there, pointing his mop-spear at Kyra inadvertantly right now.
Helena Celba Helena has a human shield.

She grins at Kamon, "Hi Kamon, nice to see you too...and with such a traditional greeting too!" She says, not phased by it.

"Oh don't look so glum, and I see you got a real weapon for once. Good for you!" she encourages him.

Hugging Kyra to her chest she uses her as support to look at Artemis first, "Oh hiii!~ Long time no see.." She says, with a grin and looks back towards Emi. "Oh you guys again! So cuuuute~!" She grins. She talks in simpler tones, as Emi asks her questions, "Well...the Murasame coperation was originally a weapons dealer. However, in the new world we've expanded into consumer goods and biotechnology, for medical purposes, of course. We've been buying mining operations too...but that is mostly for our own internal stability." She notes, "And yes...I am a ward of the Murasame family, they addopted me from the wastes of Odin, you see...I was orphaned at a young age because of the natural monsters of the land killed my family...horrible things." she says in a fairly neutral tone, more singsongy still, "I survived the wastes by myself for...years. Finally, I tried to raid a caravan owned by the family, and was picked up by the rescue team sent to find it."
Kamon Lionward Kamon isn't terribly concerned about Human Shield Kyra. He's removed his weapon from the equation already, though. "Uh... yeah." Kamon isn't really comfortable with Helena being Helena. She's kind of creepy, when you stop and consider what she's saying without the overly sweet tones behind it.

"Kamon," he replies, finally turning back to Artemis. "Kamon Lionward. Nice to meet you." He gestures to the others. "This is Alma, Kyra, and Helena." He does not even pretend to be able to identify the Dennous. He can tell which is Emi, but he doesn't know all of them, and maybe they change hair styles! "Are you, uh, are you from around here?"
Artemis Eurus Artemis nods to Helena smiling some. Yes, she remembers the woman. "Yes, a pleasure to see you again, Helena," she replies.

By now, she has managed to skin the beast, as well as remove a good portions of its organs. She places the heart aside, as she is in new company and eating it would /probably/ freak them out.

Then, Artemis stands and begins to wander about, gathering fire wood, listening to the others speak. There was a tension in the air. The girl, Alma, seemed very distraught. Artemis wonders why. Maybe once she has the fire going, she will make tea. Give Emi another lesson.

Then something Helena says catches her attention. She looks up, her gaze suddenly intent. "The wastes...of Odin?" she asks.

Artemis looks back to Kamon, nodding as he introduces himself and the others she doesn't know already. "A pleasure, Kamon Lionward, Kyra. Helena and I have met, as have myself and the Network. Heh, no. Not I am not from around here. I am from Ivalice. One of them," she replies.

Luckily, none of them seem to be of the Churchy persuasion. Her name and appearance was well known to those who hunt heretics.

"You speak of Odin...? Is he your god as well?"
Alma Hyral Alma walks over to the side of the road, allowing the others to converse... For her part, she just seats herself, a hand to her forehead. She just looks like she has a miserable headache.

She murmurs something that seems trite about being sorry that Emi has no family.
Kyra Hyral Well, at least not of THAT Churchy persuasion!

Kyra remains trapped against Helena's chest, a faint scowl on her face. She doesn't seem to have anything else she'd want to say about the Murasame Corporation-or at least not anything she'd want to say with Helena literally hanging over her shoulder. It is interesting to hear a little more about their recent mining excusions, confirming what she's heard about in Narshe.

She keeps her own tabs on Murasame for...her own personal reasons.

Furthermore, she knows Helena's origins pretty well. That little story had been shared with her a while ago.

"Hello Artemis." she says.
Emi Dennou "No," Emi says. "We came here seeking 'fun'. Would you like to watch grass grow with us, Kamon?, The Network takes initiative once again." She nods a bit to Helena. She's from Odin too, she remembers. Alma is being strangely quiet. Emi kind of stealthily tries to guide her over to Kyra. Sisters are important, you know.

"Biotech and weapons dealing." Emi says. "That explains much. Thank you very much, Helena, for answering our questions." She dips her head briefly.

"Ami." Ami says, trying to shrink even more.

Emi turns to Artemis and says, "Would you like to watch grass grow too?"
Kamon Lionward There's a moment where Kamon wants to ask Helena how she managed to survive out there by herself. He hesitates, though. It's a personal thing, talking about what you've done in the wastes; sharing it is not a thing that comes up, unless it's bragging about the kills you've bagged out there. Even then, though, it's a very touchy subject...

"Grass? Uh -- you know that 'watching the grass grow' is something you say when you're doing something, uh, mind-numbingly boring, right?" Kamon asks hesitantly. He's about to add something else when he registers what Artemis asked.

"Is he our --" Kamon seems startled by the mere suggestion. His eyes widen a touch as he turns back to her. Kamon turns slightly, looking to Helena with a 'is she serious?' kind of look on his face, not saying another word.
Helena Celba Helena looks back at Kamon...

Then at Artemis...then back at Kamon.

She turns to stare at Artemis for a long...long time.

Still holding Kyra like a plushy.

Finally, she moves back to squeezing it. Mm...

"Well...grass...isn't...very fun to watch grow. Maybe you should...go ride a gaint bird!" she says, "That's where I just came from, it was great fun." And dangerous as hell.

She shakes her head at Kamon, 'She doesn't understand' she indicates to him.

"Odin is not our god, it is the home we grew up from. Legends say our lands were the bodies of dead gods where humanity rose from..." she clarifies, "Whatever it is /underserving/ of worship. It is a wasteland, where Nightmare golems come from everywhere to kill and destroy all."
Artemis Eurus Artemis blinks several times, frowning deeply. "I see..." she begins, taking out her strike-a-light to get the fire going. "That is...interesting. Different worlds," she says, eventually shrugging. "Odin is a god in some worlds," she adds.

Then, she pulls out a TEAPOT. Fire going, she pours water from her waterskin into the teapot, then sets it over the fire. She hopes some people have cups, she doesn't exactly cary a full tea set wherever she goes. "You are all from the same world then?" she asks, looking between them.
Kyra Hyral Kyra is still trying to squirm free. She tries to slide down Helena and escape by dropping underneath. This starts to work for a few seconds, but then Helena resumes squeezing just beneath Kyra's boobs. A faint 'hurk' passes through the teenager's lips.

She straightens up again and looks resigned-for multiple reasons-casting a glance over at the despondant Alma. "Odin was a god, essentially." Kyra clarifies for Artemis's benefit, "Though based on my research out here, your Odin seems to be something else."
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral eventually just gets up, walks over to Kyra and Helena, and puts a hand on Helena's wrist, stating softly, in a totally non-threatening tone, "Please l-let her go, H-Helena."
Helena Celba "No." Helena says towards Alma, holding Kyra NICE and tight. Mmm...this is really comfy.

"What's with you, Alma? You're acting all more timid than normal? Did you have another dream about Cid?"
Alma Hyral She gives Helena a look, in her eyes it just looks like she's seen a ghost, or something even more terrifying. But she just keeps her hand on Helena's wrist, "P-Please."
Helena Celba "No." Helena says, "You didn't answer my question...and you're being pushy again." She says, "I am rather enjoying your sister's softness." She says, teasingly.
Kyra Hyral Kyra stops talking to Artemis for a moment to stare and boggle at this interaction. She twists a little so she can stare up at Helena with a confused look on her face.

Then her face turns red. "Right, could you loosen up a bit? I need to breathe."
Alma Hyral Alma just looks at Helena with those haunted eyes. She doesn't answer. She just gives her a plaintive look. "But s-she isn't e-enjoying it. And y-you've s-stated it's no f-fun if they h-have no i-interest.
Emi Dennou "Is it?" Emi asks of Kamon. "...Oh." She says. "...We thought ... we thought it was enjoyable. Peaceful." Pause. "..." She lowers her head. "...Hm." She looks over to Helena. Then at the ground again.

"...Are you two..." She begins.
Artemis Eurus Artemis grows concerned. "If Lady Kyra wished to be let go, you should oblige her Helena," she says, then looks to Alma. "I think your sister is quite capable of speaking for herself--provided Helena doesn't squeeze the air out of her."
Helena Celba Helena SIGHS dramatically and lets go finally.

"Only because you're looking so hot today, Kyra <3." she says with a wink and turns to Emi.

"Oh sometimes. It is not a serious relationship yet...but maybe someday."
Kamon Lionward "It isn't considered proper," Kamon says carefully, once he's finally turned back to Artemis, "to worship the First Gods. Like Odin, I mean. They sacrificed themselves and created the plate-continents that make up the surface of Galianda from their bodies. The Second Gods are -- uh, they're more like what you're talking about, I guess. Raiden is most worshipped on Odin -- he's the patron of warriors, soldiers, weapons and warfare, and is said to be forever vigilant against the incursions of the beasts of Chaos." He sounds like he's reciting something from memory.

Kamon nods after the explaination. "We're all from the same world, but, uh, some of us are Odynar, and some of us are Ramuha, and... yeah. We're just from different places. At first. I mean, later, we, uh -- we're from the Academy, so --"

Kamon is bad at this.

There's a moment where Kamon looks at Emi with a look of confusion on his face. He looks between her and Emi, and just kind of goes, "Huh?" Deciding he doesn't want to know, he instead steps over to Kyra. "Are you alright?" He shoots an agitated look at Helena.
Kyra Hyral Kyra promptly starts looking mortified and she seems extremely happy to be released. As she steps away from Helena, she lifts her hands and waves her hands around, "No, it's not like that at all!" While she would be in a great position to explain the history and mythology to Artemis, she's clearly a little too frazzled to join in to that part of the conversation.

This is especially the case since Kamon is RIGHT THERE.

"Yeah, I'm fine." she's quick to offer her classmate. Physically, maybe, but mentally? Eeeeeeeh...
Emi Dennou It seems not. Hmm.

Emi looks between the two an nods faintly before walking after Kamon. She looks him over up and down before reaching forward with both arms to--

--give his arm a hug, stepping in close. "The Network seizes initiative in this instance, then, considering whether they understand the methodology properly." There is a non-zero chance she'll get stuck again but she's getting better about that.

Ami gets off the chocobo and hides behind it now that her Alma-cover is gone.
Alma Hyral Alma just nods slightly to Helena once she let's Kyra go, "T-Thanks.."

She then looks sidelong as Ami leaves, taking her spot on the side of the road once again, spiritless.
Kamon Lionward Kamon doesn't get it.

Kamon especially doesn't get why he suddenly has an arm-Emi. He peers down at her, kind of confused. He repeats the all-purpose sound of, "Huh?" Either Emi doesn't get it, or Kamon doesn't get it, or both of them are getting different things. He is mildly concerned she'll stick to him again, which would be especially awkward given how she's holding onto him.

Kamon peers at Alma, and then looks back to Kyra. "Uh, then, is your sister okay...?"
Helena Celba Helena takes a LONG sigh and looks dramatic for a moment, "Whaaaaatever." She says, towards Alma, being dismissive...

"I am going to gooo..." she says, and looks towards Kyra, "Why don't we talk later?" she says again, and trots off, "Later Kamon~"
Kyra Hyral Why IS Emi clinging to Kamon all the sudden? Hmmm. "Yes, later." Kyra says, glancing back at the departing Helena. The white mage edges a bit closer to Kamon once Helena moves to leave.

She shakes her head, "She's not okay. I don't know what's going on though." Her voice is lowered though she's pretty sure her sister can hear.
Emi Dennou Emi can't help Kamon is so attractive. And anybody willing to be used as a projectile is a-ok in Emi's book.

But Kamon seems weirded out so she lets go after a while. "..." She looks at Kyra.

"...Yes something is the matter. She was like this the whole time." Emi murmurs to Kyra. "...Yes." Though that seems more to herself.
Artemis Eurus Artemis would very much like to know more about this world. It sounded fascinating. It seems there are other things going on however. Artemis just continues to make tea, then she'll see if she can't find a spit big enough to roast the beast she'd killed. Maybe she should just carry it back to camp first...No one seemed hungry.

"Tea, anyone?" she asks.
Soan Sagittarius "Oh, yes, absolutely." Soan Sagittarius says, sitting on the edge of a table, already lifting a cup of tea.

He wasn't there before.
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou looks towards the THIEF. "..."

Ami looks towards the THIEF. "..."

"That table was not there before." Emi says.
Alma Hyral For some reason, Artemis asking if she wanted tea at least snapped her out of her melancholy enough, to range closer to the table, awaiting the cup of tea expectantly.

All she would say to Soan's arrival, in a disspirited tone is, "H-Hi S-S-Soan."

No she didn't find the fact that there was now a table, or Soan on it unusual at all.. You got used to this sort of thing at Alexander Academy.
Kamon Lionward Kamon can't help having a ferrous skeleton, either. It's just a thing. And, well, he doesn't /mind/ Emi hanging off of him, per se; actually, she's pretty cute, so...

"Um, sure. Hi Soan." Kamon doesn't seem at all bothered by a table materializing. Soan does that sort of thing sometimes.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria pokes her head out from behind Soan.

"Tea?" she inquires.
Artemis Eurus SUDDENLY A TABLE! Also, Soan. This is less remarkable.

Artemis looks to the table, blinking. "Well, that's a useful skill," she comments.

This is heretic tea buddy, this is tea in the rough. It is still the best tea you will ever have the privilege of tasting. She only has three cups on hand, so it is first come first serve. Alma gets the first cup for speaking up so quickly. She also looks like she /really/ needs it. "Here you are," she says with a small smile. Something about Alma really does just scream 'PROTECT ME!'.

Artemis looks up to Seloria then, blinking once more. "Yes, tea," she says, pouring another cup and handing it over.

This day is turning out to be very strange.
Alma Hyral Alma takes the first cup of tea, sipping it. And then Seloria swings her head out, and Alma manages a smile, though she still sounds depressed. "H-Hi S-Selly."

And then she'd look to Artemis, and in a tone which seems entirely lifeless, her voice subdued, "This is the b-best tea I've e-ever had."
Soan Sagittarius Soan does not seem perturbed by all or any of this. He also don't really get surprised by Seloria appearing behind him, still holding out his cup of tea patiently, smiling. "I have no idea what you're talking about." He says, pleasently.

A core skill of being a rogue is denial of your own abilities, sometimes.

"Hey Kamon. Hi Alma. Hey Kyra. Seloria. Dennous. Nice lady I, unfortunately, do not know the name of."
Artemis Eurus Well, at least this one brought his own cup. Artemis moves over and pours tea into Soan's cup. "Artemis Eurus," she informs him.

She looks to Alma again and smile. "Thank you," she says, sitting beside the girl. She leans in to whisper; "Are you in danger here? You seem very out of sorts."
Kyra Hyral A bit of anger flashes in Kyra's eyes for a few moments, though it fades to see Soan there with that instant table and Seloria behind him. "Hi Soan." she doesn't sit at the table nor does she really seem all that interested in the tea.
Alma Hyral Kyra stares daggers at her for a time, and Alma just takes it, shuddering visibly. Thankfully it recedes.

As Artemis bends down to whisper to her, she just shakes her head and replies in a soft whisper, "N-No. /I'm/ not in a-any d-danger."

Perhaps she didn't realize she put the emphasis on one particular word.
Artemis Eurus Well, Artemis notices.

"Well, who is then?" she asks next. Because if its Dennou's she going to have to do something about it.
Soan Sagittarius Soan takes said tea, drinking out of it, tasting the flavour with a practiced look on his face of impassibility. Then, firmly, he nods. "Very good, very good indeed."

He smiles, looking over at Alma. She looks like crap. She's talking like crap. No wonders she's so stressed... Hmmmm.

"Of course she's not in any dangers. We're all here, nice and friendly, aren't we?"
Emi Dennou Emi isn't sure what's going on besides 'something'. Maybe she should ask Soan about it. He seems to be exercising discretion. Discretion on what, she doesn't know. She isn't sure what Alma is whispering to Artemis either.

"May we have some tea too?" She asks.
Artemis Eurus "Yes, of course," she replies to Emi and Ami, passing a cup of tea. Only one left. "I regret to inform I am out of cups, unless someone has another we could use?" she asks.

Artemis nods and smile to Soan, pleased with the compliment. He likes living. That's good. "You all seem friendly enough, merely wondered why Alma here seems so on edge--or is she always like this?"
Alma Hyral Alma would try to look as nonchalant as possible and just whisper to Artemis, "O-Oh n-noone's in d-danger.."

She ended up looking a touch more neurotic at least. Her nerves are entirely frazzled.

She takes a sip from the tea cup, and in her meekest tone possible just affirms..which is half a lie, half not, "I-I'm a-always like this."

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