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(2013-05-24 - Now)
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Faruja Senra Yaaaawn. Faruja half-stumbles, half-walks down the stairs into the lobby of Lindblum's popular inn. Dressed in robes more befitting a priest than a templar this morning, he has the distinct look of someone who's been up far too late, and perhaps nursing a hangover as well. The local pub was quite good at inducing those in the Burmecian, being one of the few cities left from his own world that he doesn't want turned to rubble!

Ajoran cross swaying on his neck, at first the ratling doesn't seem to notice the young lady working on her laptop. Instead, he makes a beeline for a small side-table, set up with coffee and tea both for waking guests.

"Sebastion, Lord bless thy kind soul." Mutters the rat aloud as he pours himself some tea, rubbing his good eye as he tries to bring the world into something akin to focus.
Alma Hyral It had been a rough day for Alma Hyral.

First she'd tried to run a background check on Feige Abramson. That led to her being blackmailed by the mad scientist into doing exactly what she stated, else Legion would be killed.

Then, she'd discovered that her method of hunting down World Shards by locating the original positions of their world within her empyrean majesty worked.. except it led to a fierce battle with a zombie wyrm to recover the actual shard. Her dowdy white mage robes had several holes hastily sewn up and patched as a result of that encounter, though she'd gotten out the blood stains.. mostly. Peroxide did wonders. Her hair was bound up tightly in its usual bun.

Emotionally she was a wreck, it felt like the entire weight of the world was on her shoulders, and she just wasn't equipped to handle that. She was a timid, dowdy creature after all. A pacifist that hated all of this conflict, that only wanted to live the rest of her life in adherence to the precepts of her faith, to marry, raise a sprawling family.. and generally, not be noticed. She still hoped to do that one day.. except now she realized she was in the End Times. The ancient foe of her faith, Chaos, existed in this world as one of the Champions of Ruin, Garland. The mere thought of him tended to make her stomach queasy.. and yet she was the only one left. It was inevitable that she be forced to face him.. one day. She did not believe she had some destiny. She held no hope of surviving the encounter. She just quietly accepted that she would die.

While she was alive, she had to make the best of the time left to her, and so she sat at a booth alone in the common room, tapping on the keys of a laptop that was quietly humming in the background of the inn. On a saucer beside her was a cup of coffee, its surface cloudy from cream. And a mug of milk. On the screen was displayed a constellation, and as she rolled it about with her keys, the orientation of it changed.

Marked in the background prominently were arrows, which led to different worlds. One was Ivalice. One was Gaia. Others readily apparent were Cornelia(World Name Pending), Land of Dragons, Manhatten, Olympia, and beside all of that, Galianda(?) which was more a large cube hanging in the background, than an actual marked world. She looked frustrated as she tapped furiously on the keys, as if she were trying to make the data work with her. But no. It failed to compile again within her parameters. The closest she was getting was 4.5 astronomical units squared, and that wasn't close enough for her formulas to track potential trajectories of shard fall. They'd have to search the world of ruin entire and beyond at this rate. She could restore other worlds.. just not her own. Not yet.

Her head in her hands, she missed Faruja's entrance at first. Until she looks sidelong, trying to timidly request a server to come to the table and refill her coffee.

She had to admit it, the Burmecian looked /adorable/. She definitely would find him cute and cuddly.. if not for the Ajoran cross hanging around her neck. There'd be a flicker of terror in her eyes, as she pushed up her glasses nervously and she'd try to subtly move her laptop at an angle in which the Nezumi couldn't see it. All thoughts of refilling her coffee were forgotten, as she continued at her work, every now and then looking up meekly at the Burmecian.
Faruja Senra Being stared at by humans, especially in a subtle way, has become something of a relatively common occurance ever since he arrived in these new worlds. There's /always/ someone who's never seen his kind before, and Faruja has eventually learned to accept it without becoming too cross over the ignorance of others. After all, how could be blame someone for being curious? At least the woman currently tossing him peeks is being polite about it, and not making any vocal comparisons to vermin.

Teacup in claw, Faruja turns to regard the young woman he managed to miss. Reflexively plastering a small smile on his muzzle that he hopes is less groggy-slash-hungover and more warm-and-inviting, he manages to catch a glimpse of the woman's work, before that single red eye of his notices a distinct lack of coffee and signs that the poor woman's been in a scuffle as of late. Picking up the coffee decanter, the rat casually walks over, stopping about a foot or so away to offer a bow.

"Ahh, good morn M'Lady! Do excuse the interruption, however, the dear staff seem as ill accustomed to early day's light at times. Allow me, if you please." His eye briefly flicks to the screen as he does so. The name Gaia catches his eye. It's enough to make him flinch, before he politely looks away. Curiousity lingers in his gaze upon Alma, now.

Pouring her some coffee, the rat then takes a step back as he moves to replace it. "Forgive my prying, however, are you quite well? If you are in need of healing..." Faruja trails off, setting down the coffee pot. "Ahh, how rude, I forget my manners. Temple Knight Faruja Senra of the Most Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados, at thy service."
Alma Hyral The young girl made a muffled sound, which to the Burmecian's ears would be taken as a gasp, as he approached her, she'd regard him with.. /fear/, perhaps? But then she managed to compose herself enough to not look entirely panicked in his presence.

The timbre of her voice still sounded quite meek, as she stammered terribly, "H-Hello S-S-Sir."

He refills her coffee politely, which may have relaxed her slightly, but still she just doesn't look entirely calm, and comfortable. "I-I'm f-fine Sir. I-It's just n-nerves. D-Don't take it p-personally. I-I'm not w-wounded, c-currently.. the g-grace of the C-Creatrix saw to that, but t-thank you for your o-offer."

She'd regard him nervously, before finally stammering out in reply, "A-Alma H-Hyral, s-sir, of the C-Church of C-Cosma N-Naturalis of G-G-Galianda."

Perhaps she omitted some of the pretentious titles for her Church just to try not to offend Faruja.. or maybe, she just found them unnecessary in general. It was tough to say at a glance given her obvious anxiety.
Faruja Senra Fear isn't something the rat's used to (outside of hunting more meek Heretics), and he can't help but shoot Alma a look of confusion. As she manages to calm herself, however, he sticks that small smile right back onto his muzzle. Hopefully he isn't showing too many teeth. Kid gloves with this one, rat!

The mention of the 'Creatrix', and what's worse, a Church that /isn't/ Ajoran has the rat's smile dipping. But only for a moment. Somehow, he can't help but feel like showing too much displeasure at her lack of Ajoran faith would be like kicking an abused puppy for hiking its leg on the furniture.

"May the Lord keep thee from harm, then. Perhaps, Lady Hyral, my presence shan't be so onerous as for you to abide by it for awhile? Do forgive the indisgretion, however, my wandering eye could not quite take leave of thy work. Possess thee some interest in my homeland, and that of others?" He nods his head towards the laptop.
Alma Hyral She takes a deep breath, a single hand pushing back at her glasses anxiously, "M-My a-apologies. I'm.. a-an i-inquisitor from your C-Church has s-soured my d-disposition ever s-since she tried to k-kill a f-friend of mine n-named A-Avira in a d-duel t-that wasn't to the d-death. She w-would have d-done it too had her m-master and I not i-intervened hastily."

She motions for him to join her if he'd like, then turns the laptop slightly, to take a look, "Y-You might say that. E-Each s-star is a d-divine spark of her c-creation, giving l-life, and w-warmth to a w-world. When a w-world dies to the forces of.."

Her voice drops to a whisper, as if afraid invoking it might bring it here.. "..C-C-Chaos..then so too d-does a s-star d-darken. B-By l-locating s-star c-charts from w-worlds b-before they f-fell, I've b-been able to create an a-accurate r-representation of w-where the worlds were w-when they fell. T-Then..."

She taps a few keys, which focuses in on the system Gaia is from. It traces a line from it to the rotating representation of the World of Ruin. "..if I k-know the d-day the w-world fell, I c-can track h-how the p-pieces of the w-world fell t-through the d-darkness to h-how this w-world was o-oriented to it. O-Only items of s-significance s-survive the journey t-through the d-darkness, so.. while I c-can't be e-entirely sure, s-sometimes it leads to a w-world shard. The s-significance is t-though that I can.. k-know which w-world the s-shard came from in a-advance."
Faruja Senra Sitting down as he's bidden, Faruja's smile evaporates at the mention of Avira nearly being slain! For a long, likely uncomfortable minute Alma gets a long, clearly agitated stare as the ratling tries to suppress the sudden influx of cold fear and rage. Claws dig into the table as he clenches it, the rat attempting to get a handle on his emotions.

"An...Inquisitor, you say? Nearly taking Lady Avira's life? Mayhap this Inquisitor's name is known to thee? How fares Avira? No...lasting harm, I pray?" Faruja gives up on the emotion front, a scowl on his muzzle even as his tail trembles lightly in worry.

"Master? An Inquistor of the Holy Church would never presume to..." He trails off, liking the sound of this less and less.

Peering at the laptop with the stare of a proper Burmecian tech-inept, he suddenly wishes he'd dragged Katey here. She'd likely be able to make heads or tails of all of this. Thankfully, Alma is happy to inform the rat, taking it all in silently.

Faruja manages a genuine smile for Alma. "My...kind, in general, are not quite versed in the ways of technology, nor am I any astronomer. However..." Taking out a piece of paper from within his robes, he quickly jots down a time and date, gently pushing it towards Alma.

"Give or take a few hours. There were...more pressing concerns at the time." The Templar flinches, old horrors rushing into his mind, red eye staring through Alma for a moment. Rather than the tea, he pulls out a flask, taking a long plug from it.

With the burn of alcohol, comes some slight distraction at least. "Fascinating, Lady Hyral. My own...companions seek these Shards as well. Not of the Church mind, an adventuring group in Fluorgis. To know from whence a shard came...'twould be most useful in restoring worlds indeed." Faruja writes down a pair of numbers this time.

"My MaBelle number, and personal linkshell. If there is any way my spear or other talents can assist this most holy work, 'twould be my honor. None deserve to have their homes wallow in darkness, brought low by the avarice of men and predations of Fell Chaos."
Alma Hyral She'd take a sip of the coffee, her hands trembling slightly, "Her n-name was O-Ophelia. S-She called her m-master A-Alexander C-Cromwell.. he... d-didn't like her. At l-least that was the i-impression I h-had.. s-she was c-choking A-Avira to d-death. S-She'll be f-fine. I was a-able to h-heal the d-damage to her t-trachea in t-time." She looks.. fearful, mostly at the situation though, not of Faruja.

She'd take the paper pushed over to him, looking Faruja in the eyes she seems to be more at ease when he seems interested in her work, "W-Well it's m-more than t-that.. I can p-predict where they f-fell a-accurately from e-each world. For e-example last night I t-tracked down a s-shard from the w-world C-Cornelia comes from, j-just from my d-data. It was our.. t-test run."

She'd listen for a time, and then Faruja would notice her.. paling, visibly. She'd close up the laptop, accepting the second pair of numbers. Then she'd put the laptop up, into a backpack which sat on the seat beside her. She still tried to appear quite calm. "T-Thank you s-sir. I'll c-certainly look... c-contact you.. h-have a good d.." And then she bolts, literally. As rude as it might seem, and yes there was shrieking involved as she ran out the door, "OHSWEETCOSMANOIDONTWANTTOBEPUTINADESERTHAREM!"

She trips her way out the door, stumbling, and landing on the cobbled streets her voice breaking into wracked sobs, before she tries to get up, and continue in her flight...
Faruja Senra Ophelia. Of /course/ it would be her. The news of her 'master', however, only deepens the rat's concerns over the woman as his superior's replacement, especially given her little reaction to that regen spell. His muzzle flattens into a line. "Thank you. This information shall be most useful." Barely contained wrath lurks in his voice, a sharp edge to it even as he tries to remain professional. Superior or not, breaking rules of an honorable duel, /and/ almost killing a dear friend isn't something the rat can abide by.

"Send Lady Avira my good wishes, if it pleases thee. apologies on behalf of the Holy Church. Thank Faram for thy efforts, M'Lady." A small nod of thanks is given, thought the rat has to squash the urge to hug the little lady. The sigh of relief isn't hidden. "That girl never fails to find herself in trouble." Mutters the rat.

Faruja can do little but watch as Alma bolts out the door, screaming something about harems. "...Good day M'Lady. Lord bless." The rat calls to her retreating back. "Do watch the..." Doorway. Faruja attempts to make sense of the reaction. A moment's pondering, and he comes to the only logical conclusion.

"...Ivo Galvan, I see 'tis high time that I /correct/ thy behavior."

With that, he'll get up to try to help the poor girl up, if she doesn't manage to flee in time.
Alma Hyral Given how klutzy and delicate she is, it does take her some time to rise, through the sobbing. Enough time that Faruja was able to catch up with her.

There may have been ineffective flailing too as he tries to assist her, as if she were afraid that he was seizing her, and more shrieking, "NOPLEASEILLDOWHATEVERYOUWANTJUSTDONTTAKEMEBACKTOTHEHAREM!"

More plaintive pleading, sobbing, and bargaining while on her knees. Perhaps the girl didn't think she could possibly flee from the Templar now that he's caught up to her.

People were likely going to start staring soon...
Faruja Senra Faruja finds himself the recipient of more than a few withering gazes at Alma's conduct. The rat is quick to let the poor girl go as she flails. Hopefully without dropping her to her knees too hard!

"...M'Lady, by the grace of Faram, /please/ calm thyself. Hardly do I intend to take thee anywhere against thy will! By Lord and Honor, M'Lady, do I swear it! Here. Stand up." In one clawed hand is a handkerchief plainly offered, the other held out to help her up if she'll take it.

"We are being stared at." Perhaps reminding her of public spectacles will calm her down?
Faruja Senra "And what /ever/ is this Harem business? No doubt more of Ser Galvan's gallavanting..." Frown!
Alma Hyral The girl is sort of hyperventilating at the moment from the anxiety. A soft white glow is passing over her, healing the abrasions on her palms, and.. correcting the imbalances in her system caused by the rapid breathing. If not for that, she'd likely have already passed out.

She does seem to calm, gradually.. And then she just looks up at Faruja through tearful eyes, her voice timid. "G-Galvan? W-Who is t-that? H-Helena C-Celba told me that R-Reize S-Seatlan e-ensorcels y-young girls into a d-desert h-harem."
Faruja Senra Faruja kneels down, looking Alma in the eyes rather than standing over the poor girl. Memories of a certain woman assisting him with the recovery of his king, and the would-be beating of certain Heretics (that ended poorly), has a light smile on his muzzle for all of one second. He tries to remain straight faced. The thought of Reize ensorcelling anyone is laughable.

"...I must inform you that Lady Celba is vastly mistaken. Ser Seatlan is not the sort to 'ensorcel' anyone. Possessed of great charisma and ability to gather disparate persons into a quasi-cohesive whole, yes. The dear boy's talents are entirely force of personality. Those whom are attracted to him do so entirely of their own will." Reassures the ratling.

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