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(2013-05-23 - 2013-05-23)
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Helena Celba The Ame-no-Torifune, a impressive ship created and mantained by the Muramasa family, one of their many secrets...another one, Helena, had called Feige to one of the few labs on the ship. This one was relenquished to Helena directly...she often did magical experiements, reloving around her strange brand of dark Necromancy, but even she dabbled in other was one of these, but alas...her skill in the sciences was not as great as Kyra's or...well, Feige.

Helena is not too proud to as for help, she knows her limits...and when she can exceeds them by learning from those who are willing to teach. Right now, there is a strange dress being hung up and sealed from the rest of the ship. It was made of a dark material, that occasioanlly glowed, as power from the Ame-no-Torifune was sent into it, keeping the biological systems alive...still, there was an important part missing...

Something that would make her work TRULY wonderful...

But what was it? She feared it was beyond her skills to perform.
Feige Abramson Feige was supposed to meet Helena twenty minutes ago. Fifteen minutes ago, Feige sent a message to Helena claiming 'something came up' and she would be in as soon as possible. She is a secretary, after all, so she probably is a bit of a stickler for schedules.

When Feige does arrive, she seems frustrated by something. And perhaps even a touch dissapointed. Her labcoat flourishes behind her.

"My apologies, Miss Celba, but a bit of a wrinkle occured in one of my projects that had to be dealt with immediately and ... firmly."
Helena Celba Helena is forgiving..

If it were Master Murasame, she would be less forgiving.

"It is alright. I have been kicking around therums anyway..." she sighs dramatically, throwing her hands up and placing her spell-pad down.

"What I am missing I can not do with magic, and my skills in xenobiology is not as extensive as I would like. This will take time I do not wish to take..." She says, and looks towards Feige. "Something I think you have more ideas about than I do..." she pauses, "Must have been important to vex you so.." It takes one of similar mind to know the mind of another. "Nothing troubling I hope?"
Feige Abramson "Some members of this crew seem more...moralistic than I had anticipated." Feige says. "I hope I don't have to worry about this with you, Miss Celba."

Feige even looks like a mad scientist so really she is not very sneaky about her belief structure and what she is. She doesn't do drugs, though, kids! Even Feige doesn't go that far! So just say no!

"Luckily it has been dealt with though I will have to inform Mr. Murasame of this development. But enough about what vexes me! What vexes you is far more interesting than stubborn outdated belief structures! Please, explain to me what you've been working on and we'll see if I can be of some assistance."

She takes a moment to push up her goggles.
Helena Celba Helena pauses...

"Alma." She says, without even needing anymore than that.

She sighs, "Much like the recipient of this dress so long, I think more so. Kyra at least had the drive to learn beyond the scope of her religion...she's grown...more than one way." She winks, "But...Alma refuses to grow, she refuses to is /annoying/ to be around her. She offends me in every way possible..." more than even she wanted to admit.

"Please do inform him...she has grown into a problem...and no, you do not need to worry from me...Necromancy is not something you are good at if you have morals like hers." She runs a hand through her hair.

"I am trying to make a dress that feeds off the bio-electrical signals of a human...bonding to them. I was inspired off the strange mimics found in the undercity of Goug...they take the shape of other organisms, and feed off of electricty...I thought, if I could make a symbiont, this would be a good basis of it. So we make it into a article of clothing...perhaps even install some features...obviously ones of fassion, but maybe some defensive and offensive skills...perhaps even a way to keep some roudy people...under control." She smiles.

I have it able to feed off of small electrical current...even low enough to not harm a host who increased their intake a bit...chaos," said like 'hell' "it might even be a selling point..."

"Alas, magic only takes me so far...I can't mimic what I want it to do with my spell's like...magic is a roadmap, the issue is I am trying to drive to a place that doens't exist yet. If I had the road map.." she waves, "Of course, I am only a novice scientist by comparison to your skill, Doctor." she pauses, "Or was it Professor?"
Feige Abramson It's interesting that she'd use 'chaos' in casual language like that. She's not sure if she knows about Souji's situation, however, and isn't about to blab herself. Better to play safe with Souji until she knows more.

"Ah excellent, I'm very glad to hear that. And I see you know a bit about her already. Very interesting, mmyess..."

She adjusts her goggles again. "Hahaha, you're flattering me! It's a nice feeling. Alas, I still have so much I have to learn. So allow me to see if I understand. You wish to create a shapeshifting dress based off the 'mimic' entity, and you wish to anchor it to another being, granting power but also dependency. Very interesting, very interesting! I recall a similar project, but never of the idea of making it into a dress. Very creative, mm, mm..." She fwips out a datapad, tapping at it rapidly. "Never heard of a secretary into necromancy. You must have had an intriguing life. I don't suppose you could tell me a bit more about Miss Hyral?--and Doctor, if you prefer, but I don't stand on formalities. I'm not a teacher as of yet."

She taps more at the datapad, scrolling down some selection menu with an index finger. "Allowing it to read mental signals so it can obey mental commands is simple enough if it's already feeding off it. There may be a matter of willpower, of course. Ahh--And with some minor modifications, we can allow it to secret a pleasureable drug cocktail to encourage its use. Addictive, of course. With time even if they desired it, it would be quite hazardous to remove."
Helena Celba Helena just looks AMUSED by this...

"Now, THAT is something I should have thought of!" She is a DEVOUS giggle of course.

"It might require more samples..." she ponders, "Unless you have something in mind already?" But the secretary stood up, "Ah yes, I am Master Murasame's secretary, yes...but I was brought into the Muramasa family at a young age due to a...unique connection with darkness based powers and the power over death. Master Murasame is as close to a brother as any I know." She says, and takes another look at Feige... "I am starting to see why he brought you in, yes.." She finally says, "It is no small honor to be regonized by the Muramasa family, they have an eye for only the best, and only those who want to push passed their limits."

"Well, an article of clothing also seemed the best way to hide it...people are easily fooled by appearances." she giggles again, like they were by her.

"Alma or Kyra? You know all you need to know about Alma, she carries powerful light based magic, she has a unique ability to shape it to her whims...but does boringly."

"Kyra on the other hand is a white mage too, but also understands the power of science, she incorperates science into her studies of light faith...and has even sought my unique skills to add to her own. I have hopes for Kyra...though her disdain for Master Murasame is...vexing."
Feige Abramson Feige Abramson hmms. Monster or modification. She doesn't neccesarily deem it neccessary to find a sample to work off of...but that doesn't mean it isn't a good idea.

"If you can find a creature that performs such a symbiotic secretion, or any number of working parts to accomodate that sort of system, then that would--in theory--speed up the process than just modifying it wholesale. I wouldn't say it's neccessary, but gene therapy takes time. The closer we are to what we want originally, the less room for error, you understand. And then we can focus on making it a pretty pretty dress."

She pauses a moment.

"Of course, I don't know much about what makes a dress pretty."
Helena Celba Helena smiles, it is a smile that Feige is familar with, but never sees herself.

It is the smile of mad genius. "Oh nevermind you...I have a design in mind. I have a GREAT taste of dresses...and I know my Kyra well!~" she giggles.

"Ah...well, I guess I can see about Ranching then. I just have to find the right samples...probably want superior specimines as opposed to the common run of the mill, yes?" She says, nodding once...

"Well, I will see what I can do for you Doctor.."
Feige Abramson Finally, rational minds. Feige was worried she'd forever be trapped in a world of madness.

Feige chuckles. "Well, you want a superior dress, yes? I hope to learn a lot about dressmaking. Thank you, Miss Celba." She bows her head respectfully. "I hope that those two see the light, of course. It always saddens me when potential is wasted."
Helena Celba "Kyra will come along. She is a woman of science too, like yourself. She is...still new, but I expect good things from her...she has adaptability! And that...that is very important." She chuckles, " I am afraid that she will...not come along, short of shattering her mind." She ponders..

"It's not out of the question."

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