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(2013-05-23 - 2013-05-23)
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Maira After meeting Mateus again in Traverse, Maira had rested then took off to get Mao. Since then, she'd gone to Goug to do some thinking, hoping the somewhat familiar surroundings would jog something in her or Uist. It was to no avail.

Mao was twitchy, so she took him out to the chocobo fields, where he was now happily grazing and watching the other chocobos curiously. Maira is sitting in the grass, laying back in the sunshine with her hands behind her head, looking like she may be asleep.
Percival Percival didn't actually radio in. He made inquiries. Maira wasn't exactly the hardest person to miss given.. how she dresses, rides a red Chocobo, and talks to everyone under the sun. Not that he thought those were bad things. They were rather endearing qualities in his eyes. It didn't take too long to track her down to Goug.

And after a few cups of triple espresso coffee at the Seventh Heaven he was ready to go out under the sun. He approaches Maira at a slow pace in the field, his hands behind his back, his wings furled, his tail twitching at an anxious cadence. "It's a lovely day, isn't it Maira? I've been told that there are a lot of humans that enjoy sleeping under the sun.. as we do."
Maira Maira was sort of dozing, but not fully asleep. When she hears someone approaching, her eye open and she looks upward and toward Perci. She smiles softly, a little apologetically. She's sure he's not overly pleased with her, but he was sleeping and she needed to get away to think.

"It is a lovely day....heh, guess I dozed off. Yes, I love the sun. So warm and bright, it just makes me feel sleepy and peaceful," she replies, patting the spot beside her. "I'm sorry I took off and didn't tell you...."
Percival The russet-skinned gargoyle still kept his hands crossed behind his back. He'd glance downwards, giving her a fond smile, "I made a promise to you, didn't I? That I wouldn't act like an overprotective Guardian anymore. I'm not going to smother you, I'm not your keeper. But I will always be there for you Maira."

He'd take a few steps forward, before descending onto the grass beside her. He'd put an arm around her initially, and a moment later the wing followed. "What's troubling you, truly?"
Maira Maira sighs, leaning into his embrace like its second nature. Should she feel guilty?

"A lot of things...but mostly, I've learned some really confusion information. I saw Mateus again, posing as the street performer. Leon was there, and Angantyr showed up too. Mateus didn't attack or anything....but Uist--he needed to know. He pulled on me stronger the he ever has, making himself appear solidly to Mateus. He was wearing Palamecian armor, Leon recognized it--and Mateus, Mateus recognized UIST. He knew him, from when he was alive," she explains.
Percival There's a long pause as he considers the information, trying to put it all together in his head, and failing, "Uist.. was Palamecian in life? But your world, didn't have Palamecia did it? And you met Uist as a child.. it doesn't make sense."
Maira Maira sighs. "Exactly. It doesn't make sense--I haven't even told you the most puzzling part. Uist...he's regained some of his memories. Something about being near Mateus. Uist is--was?--my /dad/," she tells him, confused, shocked, and not at all sure what to make of any of this.

She laughs some, shaking her head. "I feel like everything I thought I knew is wrong..."
Percival "What does Uist have to say about it? Surely if he remembers that he's your Father, he knows.. more."

He gives her a sidelong glance, frowning, "Don't talk that way. Sometimes life just doesn't turn out the way we expect it to... I know mine hasn't. We just absorb it a day at a time."
Maira "It was Uist that remembered. He says he knows he's my father--that he remembers my mother, but he doesn't know how met her. I am...well, I was pretty sure my mom was from Midgar. Maybe Uist somehow got there before the worlds merged? I don't know. It was just...kind of a shock, heh. If I want to know more, its Mateus I'll have to ask."

"Leon is also losing control...the darkness keeps creeping back. That woman, Rena? She knows Mateus too. I'm wary...looks like you were right to be cautious about her," she offers Perci a small smile.
Percival Percival breathes out a long sigh, "I hardly care if I was right or wrong Maira. I'm not the type to gloat over that. I only care that you're safe. And thankfully you still are...but yes. He is. Each time the darkness wells up inside him he is closer to losing himself again."

He'd squeeze her a bit tighter, "I wonder how he managed to travel between worlds before the fall..."
Maira "I didn't really change anything. I thought...I thought I'd saved him," she says, then smiles bitterly. "I thought perhaps I'd done at least one thing right. Saved someone instead of just getting everyone hurt," she admits.

"I must have been Mateus. He must have sent him somehow. The corridors of darkness--maybe he knew how to use them already," she guesses.

Maira hugs herself, though she appreciates the comforting squeeze she is given.
Percival "You didn't?" He taps a talon against the air, in a way close to his heart. "He certainly looks like a man, talks, and walks like a man. If anything, you gave him more time to /live/, Maira, as I doubt what he was, was truly living. I'd still call it a good thing that you did."

He shakes his head, "Too much speculation at this point, and I doubt Mateus is simply going to tell us what happened."
Maira Maira smiles some. "Yeah, I guess, but it seems like he will just go back. Will I have to do it again? Could I even do it again? I don't know," she admits with a shrug.

"Heh...sorry to be so down. I just feel kind of lost I guess."
Percival "Don't be sorry, let's just think it through..."

He'd lean down, and presses a kiss to her forehead. "Whether you can do it again or not.. well if you can, you can. If you can't.. then we'll deal with that as well, Maira."
Maira Maira closes her eyes as he presses a kiss to her forehead, her cheeks flushing a rose-pink. "Heh...thanks Perci," she replies, leaning forward for a hug. "You always make me feel like somehow, things will be alright."
Percival Percival gives her a sad smile, "I believe the same of you, Maira.. somehow I doubt that I have anything to contribute to everything working itself out."

He'd lean in a little closer, "So how much of Goug do you remember?"
Maira "Heh, you do though. More than you know obviously! Everyone does. Everyone makes a difference," she says with a warm smile.

"It was Midgar to me...Midgar merged with Goug to make something similar, but different. Its not quite home, but its close I guess," she says with a shrug.

Out in the field, Mao has made friends with a pretty yellow chocobo. They are chasing each other around. At the sight of it, Maira giggles. "Well, at least Mao is having fun!"
Percival "Oh, do I?" He laughs light-heartedly. "Sometimes you wouldn't bloody know it, with all the doom and gloom that comes sputtering forth from my uncouth tongue."

He'd nod as he listens to her talk about Midgar, "Is it for the better, or the worse after the merger?"

And then he'd chuckle, "So you decided to keep the name? Ah well, it fits him far better than that... man, from my world."
Maira "Yeeeah...its just too late really to try to change his name now. Surely it was a fine name before one guy came and ruined it," she says with a shrug.

At the question, Maira is thoughtful. "I don't know...worse I think. It all looks like ruins, mines everywhere...not very pretty," she says with a short laugh.

Maira reaches over and pokes Perci playfully. "Yes you do! I've been pretty gloomy too, really. I'm sorry for that."
Percival "Mao it is then. May it serve better than...him."

He'd give her a thoughtful look, "Is the orphanage you grew up in, still there? Or was it lost to the merger of the worlds?"

And then, "Oh don't apologize, you're sunshine and roses on any other day of the week. You're allowed to have a gloomy day every now and then for how many you've allowed me."
Maira Maira shakes her head. "No, the orphanage is gone. There's another one though that is kind of similar...I've gone by a few times. I gave them some of the potions I'd made and some hats I'd knit for when it gets cold," she explains.

Maira laughs lightly. "Sunshine and roses huh? Not lately! But I'll try to do better, I will. I just want everything to make sense--and I don't want to..." she looks away, sighing. "I don't want to...hurt anyone."
Percival "But there's noone left that you knew?"

And then a slight pause, as he smiles sadly, "You can't hurt me Maira... I'm made of stone."

He teases. "So don't worry about me."
Maira Maira shakes her head sadly. "No. No one. I didn't know anyone particularly well...but I miss some of them. They were kind to me," if distant.

Maira then gives Perci quite the look, placing a hand on her hip. "Only half the time! You darn well know I'm going to worry about you anyway. You can't worry about me and expect me not to worry in return. That's just silly," she says, sticking out her tongue briefly.
Percival "Maybe one day we can search for them, to see any of them made it..."

Percival would just nod his head in acquiescence to Maira, grinning, "If you say so...but I think you worry far too much about hurting me."
Maira Maira twitches slightly. He's grinning, but she doesn't seem particularly light-hearted about it! "That is just because you think you deserve to be hurt," she replies.

Maira starts walking through the grass, gathering wild flowers because she can. Wherever she settles next she'll have some nice flowers to put in a vase.

"I went on a date with Angantyr. Not...going to try to keep anything from you. I figured it was....fair...I guess. If anything is fair."
Percival Percival just watches her for a time, quietly regarding her, before finally stating, "Did you have a good time?"

He doesn't sound upset.
Maira He doesn't sound upset at all. Maybe he's just hiding it. Maybe his feelings have changed.

Maira sighs quietly, plucking a blue flower. "Yeah, I did. We danced. It was fun."
Percival The Gargoyle just smiles, it is perhaps a touch sad, "I'm glad that you had fun."
Maira Maira looks toward him, her face for once expressionless. "I got pretty drunk," she adds. She's not really sure why.

"Been kind of keeping your distance from me lately..." she says, nudging a rock with her foot. Mao wanders over toward Maira deciding it is PETTINS TIME. Maira obliges.
Percival The Gargoyle would actually suck in a breath, before muttering something, and deciding to confide in her... "I used to drink by myself, alone, every night of the perks of being my kind is that we don't suffer hangovers but.. I quit not long ago. It was my way of running from my problems, rather than facing up to them. One of.. many ways, that is."

The Gargoyle would stand eventually, and walk over to her, bending over to whisper into her ear, "Do you think that I want to? Truly?"
Maira Maira frowns gently. Of course, it made sense. A lot of people turned to alcohol or other drugs. She'd seen it ruin people.

"I'm sorry Perci," she sighs. She has not intention of becoming a drunk!

When his voice is suddenly near her ear, she jumps slightly. She'd heard him approaching, but hadn't expected he'd be that close!

Maira chews her lip anxiously. "I...don't know, do you? I'm sorry, its selfish--I got so use to having you around."
Percival "Maira."

The Gargoyle would wrap his arms around her in embrace, then his wings. Then he'd lean down, and press a kiss against her lips, drawing back after a few moments, his voice quiet as he spoke. "In what world would I be such a fool that I wouldn't want to spend time around you?"
Maira Maira closes her eyes as she is kissed. She sighs through her nose.

"In the world where I can't make a decision because I'm too afraid of the consequences," she answers quietly.
Percival The Gargoyle laughs throatily, "I'm rather certain I'd prefer to be around you, even a world such as that one.."

He taps the back of a taloned finger lightly against her nose.
Maira Upon being booped on the nose, Maira laughs lightly. She steps forward and throws her arms around him. Damn it, she needs hugs. "Alright.....alright. I can do this," she says, probably talking to herself.
Percival "And just what can you do, Maira? You know, besides be gorgeous, and amazing, both at the same time?" He smiles affectionately towards Maira.
Maira Maira blushes hotly, but does not catch flame. She's being very mindful of that! "You'll see, I guess. I'll see, I guess. I should find Uist--ugh I don't...I don't know how I can think of him as my dad. He's just...he's Uist," she says. It really is ridiculous. She has a ghost dad. Guh. Obviously he is not around right now or he might be choking Perci.
Percival "You have a Ghost Dad.." The Gargoyle just grins at her like a fool, having made the connection from the movie recently, "It sounds better than you think it does."
Maira Maira laughs. "I don't know! It probably sounds worse than I think it does! I...I'm that he's remembering--I don't know that we can keep on as we are. I never wanted to think about losing would be incredibly selfish of me to keep him around when he should move on."
Percival He tilts his head to the side, "Well certainly, but does he even want to move on? He may be remaining behind for reasons we can't even comprehend at the moment."
Maira "I know...we'll have to figure it out. But you think we can stay tied together as we are until I die too?" she asks, looking at him with a slight frown. "Maybe...maybe he'd like to go beyond--be with my mom again."
Percival "I don't know."

Percival says this quietly, in admission, "For some reason the afterlife does not seem so very simple anymore, to me. Mayhaps he'll stay, mayhaps he'll go. Mayhaps he loved your mother.. I would like to hope so. Either way, you can only ask him what he wants, and come to an answer amongst yourselves."
Maira Maira nods, then just leans forward into his embrace, a bundle of wild flowers still held in her hand. "Yeah...I guess so," she replies.

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