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(2013-05-22 - Now)
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Maira Once awake again (embarrassed that she'd passed out even when she said she wouldn't) Maira packed up her stuff, got Mao, and took off. She headed toward Goug without even really realizing it. An unconscious desire to be in a place that was almost home, the strange merging of the city with Midgar was the closest she'd get to the place she'd grown up. Not that growing up had been pleasant, was a beginning, and sometimes you need to go back to the beginning to figure out where you've gone.

She probably shouldn't have taken off alone, but she's getting pretty tired of everyone talking about how she has guardians and what not. Maybe it isn't meant to be an insult, but it makes Maira feel...guilty. That said, having to dodge and fight Heartless in her travels with just her and Mao had been pretty nerve-wracking. /Certainly/ people would likely throw a fit when they found out. She's in one piece though, so she'd done alright. So there.

Maira sits on a bench near a dilapidated building she thought seemed familiar, her bright red chocobo by her side, 'wark'ing inquisitively at passerby. The young mage's eyes just roam the crowd and the cityscape, letting her thoughts run where they would.
Ariel Ariel has been wandering around for a few days now on a cross-world adventure.

She's somehow wandered now in to the mining town. She is wearing her cute blue dress, but is sure she probably needs safer clothes for an area like this. Maybe even... pants, that would be sort of cool.

She has a tendancy to pick up anything shiny, so she's got a bag slung over her shoulder of a few shiny things. Affording stuff usually isn't a problem, even if she looks a bit like an adventuresome hobo. Hobo princess.
Argider Yesterday was one confusing day. There were just so many questions running through Argider's head now. However, the skyship captain could ill-afford to get behind schedule. Goug was the pirate's next target. The airways surrounding the town were just full of airships that were just as full of potential plunder.

But then again, Argider was in no rush. A few days in Goug would do his crew good and they could actually have a chance to resupply here due to the town's technological advances.
Hisrgider himself has decided to explore the ruins of Goug while his crew took care of the actual troublesome hardwork of refitting his ship. He would really just be getting in the way anyways. The wandering pirate eventually ends turning a corner to find Maira, Ariel, and a chocobo. Argider whistles lowly to himself. "Three redheads. It looks like my luck just took a turn for the better." The man jokes to himself as he approaches with a tip of an imaginary hat to the fire-mage. "Never would I have thought to run into you again so soon." Argider stops to look around. "And thankfully, there doesn't seem to be a ghost or 'Shadow Lord'' in sight."
Katyna Yes, yesterday was certainly confusing. Katyna was bothered by the attention that Maira was given lately, concerned about her friend's welfare, especially after the whole dark knight fiasco. Who WAS Matthew, the apparent Emperor in common street clothing, and how did Uist become his retainer? Did that mean they could trust him?

Katyna did not intend to follow Maira to Goug, she just happened to be headed that way herself, just another stop point in her travels as she continued to search for a certain someone..Glancing up ahead, she does indeed see three red-heads, at least one who is immediately familar, althoguh she doesn't really know the other two, or perhaps she'd seen them around somewhere, but doesn't yet know them well enough to put names to the faces.

"Maira!" She calls out, nearing the girl with a smile and a wave. "whatcha up to?"
Clayton John Clayton, explorer and hunter extraordinaire, target of some nasty rumors lately...and more recently a recluse from the public eye. He walks the streets of Goug as if he owned the place, feeling an urge to view the ruins and do a little contemplation. He seems to be his usual self, dressed impeccably with his hair perfectly styled. He does not yet reach the view of Maira and friends, but he can hear voices. Some seem vaguely familiar.

"We can continue the discussion later," he says to thin air. "I do believe I hear some people...why, it's always good to socialize."
Maira Maira catches sight of a familiar head of hair. Indeed, Ariel was quite a red-head, Maira's was more golden-red than the crimson-haired totally-not-a-mermaid-what-are-you-talking-about. They have met before, and Maira remembers! They, well, they talked about their hair. And their favorite colors. Not exactly a deep conversation, but Maira is of the ridiculously friendly variety of people and she waves, smiling. "Ariel! Hey!" she calls, getting to her feet.

Then, another familiar voice. Argider, so recently met, here again in Goug. Yes, she's pretty surprised as well! She smiles though, and it is apologetic. " no trouble today," she says to him. "Sorry about all that, must have been pretty confusing...are you a friend of Vespa's?" she asks then.

Then, Katyna? Sometimes it seemed like the world was just throwing people in her general direction! Or, maybe Katyna followed her? Either way, she smiles and waves. "Hi Katyna...I was just...thinking," she answers with a shrug. She has some new information that kind of blew her mind. She's trying to make some kind of sense of it.
Ariel Ariel thinks she recognizes Maira too, though it takes her a moment to put that together. When she calls out to her, though, she remembers. She waves too. "Hey!" She walks over, but notices the mood may be a little more morose. "What's, ah, going on? It's a nice day out here but I'm not sure where here is. That seems to happen a lot though!"
Argider Golden red, crimson red, or chocobo red, all three of them were much more of redheads than Argider could claim for himself. Both the hair on his head and his facial hair were decidedly brown. The brunette smiles easily and nods towards Maira. "You got that right miss. I was plain confused with no ifs, ands, or buts about it." He remarks before ponder the question. "Miss Vespa? I don't think we could call ourselves friends quite yet. Ran into each other a few times and she just turned out to be pleasant enough company for me to remember her."

Ariel gets a nod and then Argider turns to see who the newcomer was. "Well look at that. Someone else from yesterday's shenanigans." Kat gets a tip of the imaginary hat too in greeting. "Howdy. Looks like this is turning out to be a genuine reunion. Any takers on who might show up next?" Argider's got his fingers crossed that it wasn't the Juggler or the Ghost-man.

The sky-captain may have heard something in the wind, but it was probably all this ghost talk getting on his nerves. The man gives the linkpearl in his ear a flick for good measure.
Clayton Clayton moves into view, walking down the street with his shotgun slung on a leather strap over his back. He doesn't seem to have an entourage of manservants helping him this time - just a lone Englishman walking among old buildings. He stops within earshot and puts his hands on his hips. "Why, what a nice little gathering. MIss Ariel, I presume?" He asks in his usual smooth baritone. He is grinning, but his eyes are decidedly duller.
Maira Maira smiles to Ariel. Mao, the big flirt that he is, bends his feathered head toward her and tilts his head as if to say 'why are you not cooing over me?' as this is what he has come to expect.

Maira reaches up to pet her chocobo with a small laugh. "Yes yes, and this is Mao, I think he wants me to tell you. It is a nice day...ah, as for what's going on there just some...stuff last night, and I think we all didn't expect to see each other again so soon," she says with a sheepish smile. "But since you were there...I can explain...I guess. Though I can't promise it will make sense even then!"

"Maybe we could get something to drink first though?" she asks, at least before she looks up with some surprise to find Clayton approaching. Hey....wasn't he the man who was fighting Vespa the night she freed Leon? Somehow, by the feeling of him, she knows.

Damn iiiiiiiit! Maybe he's not here for trouble? Maira nods to him, forcing a smile of greeting. Maybe this would all be just fine.
Ariel "Hello! Clayton, right?" Ariel doesn't forget him either; he was the one with the snarfblaat (it's apparently not called that, after all).

Maira mentions a drink, which also seems fine. "What's the local interesting drink?"

Then she realizes that most people are dour. "...What... happened?"
Argider The one redhead ended up being a guy. This was a problem that Argider has seemingly run into more often then someone would like to admit. Oh well, 2 out of 3 were still pretty good odds. Argider smiles pleasantly when Maira offers the best thing she could, an explanation for what happened yesterday. "I would love an explanation on the whats and whys of what just happened. I think that just might make my day." The airship captain states with a small chuckle.

The appearance of Clayton causes Argider to glance his way. Hmmm. Nope. Not a clue who that feller was. He does end up nodding Clayton's way as it would have been quite rude of him not to.

The talk of drinking brings Argider's attention right back around. "Only one way to find that out, miss. And that's to go and see."
Katyna Kat smiles at the others. "Oh hi, are y'all friends of Maira's?" Well it seems at least one of them is a friend of a friend. She gives pause at the name Vespa, remembering her from VALKYR but having not known her for too long. glancing back at Maira, she arches a brow.

"Thinking..? About the other day, y'mean? What's up? Seemed that Emperor guy knew Uist. And..What was that about that guy drawing on your light or something?" she probably means Leon although she doesn't know his name or his connection to the dark knight..

She nods and smiles however, never one to turn down drinks. "Sure! Hey, this is your hometown, isn't it? Know any good places for a drink?"
Clayton "Just an adventurer passing through; I do hope you don't mind if I chose this spot to rest in," Clayton says as he sits down on an old bench, taking out a pipe made of elephant tusk from his jacket. He looks at Ariel and nods. "I'm flattered you remember me. Lots of exciting things have happened since we first met on the beach. Well, at least for me. The life of an outdoorsman is never dull, I can say that."
Maira Maira nods to Katyna. "Yes...he did know Uist. That's the--well that's the puzzling thing I guess but--" she glances toward Clayton briefly, then back, hoping Katyna would get that she got a bad feeling about this dude and not say anymore.

"Ah, of course, you go ahead and rest here then, we're actually going to be moving on..." she says to Clayton, taking the reigns of her chocobo to begin to lead him away toward a bar. "It's not /quite/ my home town. Only a few things are kind of...familiar," she explains to Katyna. Midgar had merged with Goug. The result was odd. Still, she knows the bar and she knows there will be drinks and everyone seems pretty into that. Maira is into getting away from Clayton.

Maira would begin to speak, assuming those who wanted to know followed. "So...the red-haired ghost guy? That was Uist. He's been my friend for a really long time. Usually, most people can't see him. But if he draws on some of my...whatever it is...he can sort of manifest, which he did last night to the Emperor," she begins quietly.
Ariel "Ohhh," Ariel says, pretending she understands that (but she has no idea what happened with the emperor. "Well, nice to meet you, Uist," she says to the air.

She's a bit interested in the bar but perhaps Clayton is staying behind. She doesn't seem so certain he's bad news, so she looks at him as he sits down. "Maybe I'll catch up in a minute," she says to the girls. She still thinks the pipe is cool too.
Clayton Of course, Clayton is already up and headed for the bar. He'd prefer a drink anyway/.
Argider Argider puts on his theoretical detective's hat as people begin talking more about what happened the day before. He also notices a few glances going among Maira, Ariel, and Katyna which was in a way much more interesting than talk of ghosts and darkness. His eyes then glance around to find the supposed source of these looks. Was it him? No, he had enough cockiness in him to disregard that as a possible solution. And if Ariel, Maira, and Katyna all seemed friendly with each other...that only left guy number 2 or three if you counted Mao.

Should Argider follow after and get more information? There was a nagging sensation in the back of his mind that he was forgetting to do something important. His thoughts go to his XO and his ship. Annnnd. Nope. Nadda. Nothing. And so he does the only logical thing. He follows after the (gold)redheads.

"That fellow really was an Emperor? Like a real blue-blood? Are all emperors that good at juggling?" The sky-captain asks simply in a series of questions as he invites himself along.
Katyna "Eh..?" Katyna glances curiously at Clayton, then back at Maira, uncertain of why she distrusts this guy. With a little shrug, she nods to Maira and moves after her. "Hmm, oh right. That's weird, how they merged.." She shrugs and grins, although she's not totally oblivious to the fact that Clayton is following them. Hmm, she'll have to ask Maira about that later. For now, she'll stay close to her, just incase.."Alright, so where is that bar..?"
Maira Clayton is following them. Oh, great. No escape! Is he a Shadow Lord? Is he just--some guy who likes to fight maids with axes? She doesn't know. There is darkness in him--not that that condemned him, but Maira's instincts were that he was a creep and she'd been given lots of good advice in her early days about instincts.

Maira ties Mao up out front and enters the bar, taking a table that seems the furthest away from the others, leaning in toward Argider and Katyna. "Yes, he is--and I don't know, he is good at juggling isn't he?--His name is Emperor Mateus...of Palamecia. The man you saw who attacked him? That's Leon...but he use to only be known as the Dark Knight," she begins, glancing to Katyna. She knew the Dark Knight, at least. Had she even heard this part of the story?

Ah but a server is approaching. Maira orders a drink.
Clayton CLayton, thankfully for Maira, takes a seat at the bar, ordering a mead; he doubts they have anything else of real substance. "Fine hunting out in the worlds, you know. I don't suppose any of you have a taste for it," he mentions aloud.
Ariel Ariel orders whatever Maira is having. She's going to figure all this out at some point.

She leans in listening to talk of an emperor. That's even more than a King, so that might be interesting to her.

"Not... really," she admits to Clayton.
Argider Argider's own land has fallen on hard times to put things mildly, but he really would not know what to think if it had MERGED with Archades or something horrific like that. A fate worse than death? The captain wasn't sure, but was sure that this girl with the chocobo sure did know alot. And her friend, Katyna, seemed to be just as well informed.

Captain Argider strolls after the ladies and into the bar. He then gently pulls the server to the side, "I got the tab. Just bring me a bottle of whatever is the hard stuff around these parts." Free information certainly makes a man generous. Maira had spelled out a few of the names from yesterday, but Argider taps a finger against his beareded chin. "Thank you so far miss as this has been quite enlightening. Name's Argider by the way. Not sure if we ever got to formal introductions in light of...well...shenanigans."

Clayton's aloud supposing causes Argider to turn and glance his way. "I'll guess I'll bite. Just what kind of hunting are you talking about?" Argider asks warily.
Clayton "Animals, of course. Haha, did you think I meant PEOPLE? Ha!" Clayton laughs a little too freely. "I ask because this is the mating season for all sorts of wild beasts. Well, nearing the end. That's what I do, you see. Test my mettle against all manner of exotic pictures. If you follow the newsletters in Traverse Town, you might now. It's a lucrative way to earn money too, not to mention helping the general populac."

He tastes his mead, and decides it's satisfactory. "I tell you, there is no feeling quite like going to an unknown location and braving the elements to hunt down a beast."
Ariel Ariel considers. It MIGHT be worth it, but it's wrong to kill animals for sport like that. Even if he makes it sound like a real adventure, there should be another way. She's sure she could never convince Clayton of that. This seems to be his life. But her face is a little disgusted by it.
Maira No, Maira does not have a taste for hunting. Well, she'd killed a pigeon once, but she hadn't liked it.

She's eaten it though.

Maira smiles to Argider, extending a hand for him to shake. "Yeah, we really didn't. Sorry, I guess I kind of forgot! I'm Maira," she informs him. If he hadn't already gathered as much--which he probably had.

Clayton goes on talking, and she gives him another forced smile and a nod before she looks back to her companions. She really just wishes he'd go away. Some of her friends--well he'd probably consider them beasts.

Maira looks back to the airship captain, chewing her lip. "There's more....Uist, he's dead, obviously. He never remembered anything about his life until the Dark Knight started coming around. He..." she wishes she could come up with a better word, "--hunted me..." she continues quietly.

"Then, when Mateus appeared he began to remember things. Mateus recognized him, new him in life. He was a soldier of Palamecia--I don't..." Maira takes a deep breath. "Uist remembers...he' dad. Heh. Thought I never knew my father, thought I never would. Knew he was dead...I don't know why I never even thought--"
Katyna Katyna hmms at Maira's words. "Well...He doesn't seem like a bad guy." she smiles 'He's a good juggler...I dunno much about Palamecia though. Is that a bad place?" She frowns, scratching her head and deciding she really needs to travel around more. The mention of Leon does cause her to arch a brow, nodding in sudden recognition. "Oh I get it, the dark knight.." Darn, why does she always attract strange people? Reminds her of a certain other dark knight..Although that message he gave her was a strange one.

Glancing around at the others, she makes a face. "Gee, I've been rude. Sorry, I'm Katyna. Nice t'meet y'all!" had she introduced herself before? She doesn't really remember. When Maira speaks more of Uist, Kat blinks at her. "Um.....Wait a minute, that ghost is...Your...Dad? Woah.." That's a shocker. She frowns, "But I thought you were from Midgar, not Palamecia.."
It would explain his over protectiveness of her though..
Clayton CLayton knows the look on Ariel's face well; he has seen it plenty of times talking to other people of his time; mostly among the academics and upper class ladies. He smirked, leaning forward as he started puffing on his ivory pipe inlaid with a bit of gold, the smoke trickling up around him like a veil. "I've led many an excursion myself, you know. Acted as a guide for amateur hunters on their little forays. I can always tell who has the spark in him and who is just a boy out of his league. The man who has the spark...a TRUE man, will always respect the power, the viciousness, of the world he plunges into. He acknowledges and respects this savagery....and resolves to conquer it, to bring it to heel."

He leans back as Maira talks about Mateus; of course, he was there. He's even scheduled to meet with the Emperor himself and go on a hunt. "But the boy...the boy doesn't have his heart set into it. He's afraid of this world, afraid to put away the simple, easy life. He views it as a fun little side hobby...and this is a dangerous mentality. I've seen my share of injuries from those who don't know better." He starts to blow little smoke rings.

"Only a true hunter can appreciate the danger, the planning, the inherent thrill of putting your life on the line to prove your dominance over beast. It isn't so much the final blow you's everything leading up to it. The final shot is merely a nice little after dinner mint to a fulfilling mental and emotional feast."
Ariel Ariel looks startled by this confession. She thinks a little of her own dad. How is he doing, anyway?

...Does she feel a little homesick even? She has tried not to think about it. At least not until now. "Well, it's... good, he's looking after you."
Argider Argider was a pirate, more or less. He was always down for a treasure hunt, and so the talk of earning money does pique the captain's interest a little bit. It's more Clayton's notion of exploration that hits closer to home. The beast part he could take or leave, but there was really nothing like heading to points unknown. "You wouldn't happen to need a trusty airship to get your little hunting expedition off to...wherever it is you were going?" asks Argider with a smirk. He could almost smell the money from here. His XO would have been so proud to see him so business-minded for once.

The brown-haired man looks back to Maira as she reveals quite a few more details about Uist and what happened. Phew. It was confusing for him, he could only imagine how that was for Maira back there. "Well, young miss, I thank you for being so outright with the details. It helps a lot when it comes to trying make heads or tails of something like that."

Kat gets a look and a nod from Argider. "He didn't seem all that hostile, but he also didn't seem very much like any nobility I've encountered before." Al-Cid was a little eccentric when compared to other nobles. "And a pleasure to meet you too, Miss Katyna."
Maira Maira just stares at Katyna. "Katyna, he a Shadow Lord. He took away Leon's entire life--more, he took away his /self/ and he may still get it back!" she explains.

Clayton then goes on about hunting. The creepiness factor is rising considerably and Maira grows ever more uncomfortable. She sips her drink, but isn't going to go about getting tipsy again.

Maira looks to Argider, and shakes her head, eyes wide. Pirate or not, he doesn't want to get involved with Clayton, she's pretty sure of it. She hopes her look communicates as much.

Back to Katyna; "I know Katyna...that's what I don't understand--but its true, I know it. Somehow....I don't know. Uist is still remembering, and it might take another talk with Mateus to jog that memory."
Clayton "Airships! Marvelous things, I've ridden one before," Clayton says, pointing to Argider. "I would pay you handsomely for your services next time I go out. There's a pack of vicious gorilla I've been meaning to take on for some time now...something I've wanted to do for years." He takes out a business card. An anachronism, but Clayton has picked up a few things in the more advanced Earth worlds. "You may contact me anytime."
Ariel Ariel wonders if something in the drink has made her maudlin, but, maybe she should stop drinking it just to be safe. She looks down, realizing it's too late, she drank it all.

She pays her munny and stands up. "You know, I need some air, but, maybe we'll catch up later! I might stay in town another day."
Argider Argider had come to hate Shadow Lords, but so did most Rozarrians. If Mateus was a Shadow Lord, then that was another potential employer to scratch off the list. And speaking of potential employers, the captain does turn and accept Clayton's offered card. He does catch Maira's look and winks slyly in response. There was no need to burn bridges, but Argider knew better than to deal with certain shady types. Darn those moral compasses, they were usually bad for business.

The departing Ariel is offered a brief departing nod and wave as she gets up to leave before Argider turns back to Kat and Maira. "Miss you are a regular magnet when it comes to attracting all sorts of types. Shadow Lords, Emperors, and even eccentric hunters." He comments with a slight smirk. "But you sure have made quite an impression on Miss Vespa. Never saw her act quite like that when she ran after you."
Maira Maira is pretty relieved when Clayton makes his exit. Now she can explain her wariness! "That guy...I don't /think/ he was attracted to me, but I have seen him before. Actually, I saw him fighting Vespa. He hurt her real bad," she says, frowning deeply.

"It was the first time I saw Mateus as he is, rather than how you saw him...anyway," she says, blushing as he says she's made an impression on people.

"Vespa is a good friend. She's VALKYRI like me. That's um--an organization we're part of. We fight against--evil, I guess. We also chase marks--hunts, I guess, when monsters are terrorizing people or something," she explains.

Maira sighs then. "It'll pass...but yeah there's been a lot of trouble and it keeps finding me. I've been trying to move around a lot, hoping it won't catch up. I wish I knew who to talk to--who might have some answers."
Argider Argider looks a little surprised at Maira's word choice involving Clayton. He chuckles before elaborating, "I was talking more about about a magnetic attraction then an animal one." His chuckle turns into a grin. "But maybe it actually is a little of both. Can't say I've run into too many young ladies with hair quite like yours." Argider compliment nonchalantly before purposefully looking a good deal more serious. "-He- hurt Miss Vespa?" The captain takes a drink of whatever liquor the server had brought him. "Well that certainly changes things. I've only known Miss Vespa for a short while, but couldn't think of why anyone would want to hurt a sweet girl like that."

"The 'Emperor' guy seemed a little strange, but that's royalty for you." The talk of VALKYRI causes Argider to quirk a brow. "That the some group that a Miss Avira is apart of?" He asks simply before nodding his head sagely at Maira's last group of words. "Trouble catches up to everyone eventually." Argider pauses. "Unless you got one quick airship," jokes the captain with another little laugh.
Maira Maira waves her hands in front of her face, shaking her head. "N-no I didn't mean that kind of attraction!" she says, blushing a deep shade of red. Ew, Clayton was...well....eewww! She probably can't say he's too old, cause she doesn't know how old he is--but gah, no!

At the comments about her hair, she looks embarrassed but also puzzled, reaching up to touch the wild mane of hair as if she expected something besides her normal head of hair to be there. She certainly didn't think it was worth complimenting.

"Yeah, I think he just...wanted to fight. I don't even know--I was /really/ distracted at the time fighting with the Dark Knight and trying to break through his Darkness--kind of took most of my attention," she explains. She takes another sip of her drink. Sigh.

"I suppose trouble does, heh--so, you have a fast airship you say...?" she says, smiling widely. "Yes, Avira is the leader of VALKYRI--she also loves airships. You should really meet her--Don't fall in love with her though she has a boyfriend!" she tells him. This is very important advice!
Argider Argider just looks all sorts of amused at Maira's reaction to the attraction comment. She didn't say anything about his actual compliment, but she did do a little idle reach for her own hair. The youngish man always found it endearing when cute girls didn't realize it when they had it going on. Or maybe Argider had ecclectic tastes.

"I sure didn't know what I walked into. But Miss Vespa was charging ahead and I had decided to roll the dice and follow her lead." The blue-eyed man smiles again. "Never thought that it would have me coming close to blows with an emperor. That would be a first time for me."

The talk about Avira being the leader of VALKYRI and having a boyfriend gets a laugh out of Argider. "Thanks for the warning Miss Maira. But brunettes were never really my favorite," adds Argider with a slight wink. "If she or any of you VALKYRies need a ride, my ship could surely accommodate you'all. It's not really built for luxury, but we have done our best to make it a little homey." Retrofitting a military airship was quite the makeover afterall.
Maira Maira laughs a little, the color beginning to fade from her cheeks. "Yeah, it wasn't a first for me--but it was only a second," she says, smiling. She simply has to keep a sense of humor about this. "Just be really careful Argider. I don't know how much of the world you've seen or how much you know, but there are some /really/ dangerous beings out there and they are actively trying to destroy the world--which I guess you probably know since your world fell too. I've just...met a few of them," she sighs.

Hey, people fall for Avira. This is a thing! She has to make sure her and Mercade get married someday! It is a mission! She looks a little puzzled then. "You can have a favorite hair color? I mean I guess I can see having a favorite color but to rule someone out because of their haircolor seems pretty silly..." she trails off. "Heh! Really? I'll tell them! Avira is trying to get her own built, but she'd love your help! And I'd love to see it! I don't know anything about airships really, but I do really like them. Like anything that goes fast or flies," she replies.

She glances out the window to check on her chocobo. Yep, he's good.
Argider Step One: Compliment girl on her hair color.

Step Two: Make reference to other hair color not being his preference.

Step Three: Facepalm.

Argider laughs at something and just has a simple little grin on his face. He does not quite seriously when Maira talks about there being dangerous folks about. He pats the holstered pistol on his gunbelt before saying, "Dangerous world we live in now, that's for sure. I just hope to never run into a creature that can't be felled by a few well-placed airship barrages."

The sky-captain is sure that people could and would fall for Avira. But he was really just flirting back there and now he is awkwardly caught in his own failure. "Now its not that I was discriminating against brunettes. It's just that..oh nevermind." He cuts himself off with a laugh. "You are more than welcome to come see her anytime she's in port. You can even meet the crew...assuming that they are sober and all present of course." The fast flying part causes Argider to nod his head. "Well she's been kitted out to favor speed over firepower, but she was never a battleship to begin with. But we go way back and you can say that I'm loyal to her through and through."
Maira Yes, attempt at flirtation failed! Maira is a little obtuse. Okay, more than a little.

Airship barrages do sound pretty nice, though she bets Garland would just...get away...SIGH.

At his explanation, she smiles widely in understanding. "Oh, okay! Really though? I'd love to! Where is port? And your crew doesn't need to do anything special, not like I've never been drunk before," she says, shifty-eyed.

Hey, this guy was really nice! And cool! ...Just like Mateus had been!!!!!

Maira blinks, then narrows her eyes slightly at Argider. "You're not secretly a Shadow Lord are you?"
Argider Argider has been alive long enough to know not to give up on anything with atleast putting up a fight. He reckons he'll get another shot if Avira ends up hiring his ship now and then. Maira's exuberance to see the airship causes the captain to grin. "My ship is my pride and joy. And she allows me to be truly free. Can't really say you are trapped anywhere when you can always just get in your ship and take off." As for where port is, that one was an easy one. "My ship is docked just outside Goug. It's actually not that hard to miss as few ships still fly Rozarrian colors."

"That's good because I am sure they are enjoying their shore-leave as much as I am right now," remarks Argider with a gesture towards his own drink. Maira's question gets another laugh out of Argider. "I'm a lot of things, but I am certainly not a Shadow Lord. " He grunts. "I've got a few bones to pick with that lot and their allies. A few cannon shots too." While he looked serious for a moment, Argider was soon smiling again.
Maira Why she would ask that question then immediately accept his answer may leave him wondering slightly over her sanity. It has been a really rough few months, okay? "Oh, good!" she says then, smiling with relief.

"Heh, well alright, I'll come by to see the ship sometime soon! I should probably find a place to rest for tonight though. Maybe I'll stop by tomorrow if nothing, you know, happens," she says with a slight roll of her eyes. Things are always happening!

Maira is going to let him pay for her drink because Maira does not have any money. Maira lost it all on a chocobo race. Woopsie. She stands to go, extending a hand again for a goodbye handshake. "Nice to properly meet you. We'll have to introduce you to the rest of VALKYRI soon."

This scene contained 43 poses. The players who were present were: Katyna, Maira, Ariel, Clayton, Argider