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(2013-05-21 - 2013-07-19)
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Emperor Mateus District One is as busy as ever, the storefronts seemingly unaffected by the darkness that has plagued other districts as of late. In fact, most people here seem more interested in shopping to forget such recent bad news, some to even replace lost or broken items.

Matthew the street performer is back, seeming to once again be holding a performance in front of Dr. Facilier's shop. It's more low-key than his usual ones, music barely a whisper and his displays of contact juggling less flashy than normal. Even his outfit is relatively casual compared to his usual, seeing how he's without any kind of makeup for his performance and is even wearing jeans and a collared shirt instead of something more Goblin King-esque.

He isn't doing anything in particular that hasn't been seen before, and few townsfolk linger long enough to watch him. In fact, he almost seems to fade into the background of hustle and bustle...

...Unless you happen to know where to look.
Maira It was time to do a little shopping, which sadly Maira had to borrow money to do. With all that had been happening, she can't remember the last time she got paid for a job as VALKYRI. She had however, sold some of her potions like she use to...then she spent that money on the chocobo races, which she still can't believe she lost. Felicity seemed like such a sure thing! At least Perci's choice had won, and he's insisted she use the money to buy food and other supplies. Now that she's not /quite/ so hungover from last night, she's out and about doing the things that need to be done.

With a bag in each arm Maira roams the marketplace, wondering if she's forgetting something. There's always something you forget, then get home, and realize you forgot it! Always!

She observes with curiosity that a small crowd seems to be gathered to watch something, and begins to approach curiously.
Katyna Katyna had continued to keep a low profile, having not strayed too far from Traverse until after her wounds had healed. Honestly she'd been pretty bored, mostly searching for any trace of Jasmina and Felicia although she had also been concerned about VALKYRI after the last attack, and would occasionally linger outside, keeping silent watch over her former home..

Today she is out shopping for some supplies, determined to move on and search for the one who was after her life, and possibly after others as well. Having returned to the same street where she had met the street performer again, Kat is also drawn towards the little gathering outside of Dr. Facilier's shop..
Vespa Vespa in her usual maid outfit is relaxing for a change and reading a book she glaces up at the street peformers show, she seen better ones and it really doesn't interest her at the moment so she goes back to her book.

The title of the book? Nextwave.
Leon has not been having a very good week. Really he hasn't been. After going to Fynn alone, he found himself rather shaken up to be honest and instead of going back to someone. He just wondered around for awhile.

The former Dark Knight was most obvious cause of his red eyes, which shared much of the same trait with also Palamecian Officers, but what was different about his eyes compared to his former Dark Knight self was the life in the pupils, though that was slightly more dim then normal.

He was also wearing a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and a sword belt with his sword at his hip, along with a dagger on the other side. He had on a pair of hiking boots and leather fingerless gloves. His hair was slightly messy instead of its normal kept way.

Leon was-- really just wondering through town, he didn't even have a particular direction he was just going. He was-- just here.
Aschere Childs She's found the market! Excellent. That's-- well, usually it's the second thing you need to find in town, after lodging, but Aeschere hopes perhaps that the one might lead to the other, as it often does. Sleep is the last thing on anyone's mind along here, it looks like that, though. The tiny girl breaks trail along the walk, only the sheathed head of her spear visible in the crowd-- she doesn't see many people armed, here, always worrying, but nobody's stopped her-- and searches either for lunch or directions to a hotel.

Well, though there's someone else who looks about as correct on this street as she does. That's maybe not the best sign that he might know any directions, but Aeschere approaches LEon regardless. He does, at least, seem to have won himself some elbow room, that will be nice. She stops at the margins of his personal sphere, and smiles up at him. And up. Don't worry, she's used to that. "Sir?" Her voice is clear, but tiny, seeming almost a whisper even at volume. "I, aa, there was a question, I'll ask you? Do you know a hotel?"
Emperor Mateus Matthew's performance isn't bad, just... unremarkable. If you've seen him perform before, he has done far grander acts. If not, it's basic contact juggling maneuvers that would awe only those who have never seen such a thing before.

And yet, a crowd still gathers--small, but a few people, enough to block his view of the street. A smile seems to linger on his thin lips, and one would get the feeling that he doesn't mind who is around or how many they number. If even one pauses long enough to note his presence, it is enough for him.

He does not seem to notice any familiar faces in the small group, finishing his current act with a flourish and bowing deeply to the crowd as the faint music fades. "You honor me greatly, pausing your day to make mine. I thank you all for that." His voice is quiet, soothing, and warm. Perhaps familiar to a few people who happen to be around. "May the rest of your day be peaceful."

As the townspeople disperse with varying levels of smiles on their faces, some leaving behind some Munny, Matthew turns his back to the street and starts gathering his items. He doesn't seem overly busy, however, and he certainly does not emit an air of 'do not bother me'. Almost as if he's... waiting? But if that's true, for what?
Argider Traverse Town was an odd place to the uninitiated and Argider fit into this category of people. With his ship docked in the town's port, the man himself was free to do a bit of exploring or maybe even a little shopping. He really should buy something nice for his beleagured XO aka second in command afterall.

This has led the tall man to the town's market which seems to be still busy with activity despite recent events. Argider LOOKs to be wearing his usual fair of a crisp, collared shirt, uniform pants, and sturdy flight boots. It seems that the man has thought to be better prepared than to be surprised as he also wears a pair of guns on his gunbelt.

Despite his appearance, Argider walks in a lazy stride and carries a casual smile on his face. He seems to be enjoying his little market visit despite there not being a clear objective in the man's sights.

Some random juggler and his crowd piques his interest for a moment, but its a certain girl wearing a maid's outfit that gets his attention. Argider walks towards the book-reading girl and hails her with a, "Miss Vespa, coming off of work again or did you decide to take up the old trade and do some more exploring?" A grin soon follows his words.
Maira Maira spots Leon before Mateus. She'd been wondering where he was and why he hadn't stayed in touch. She suspects he went off to Fynn without her. She would be quite cross!

Maira changes direction then, making a bee line toward the former Dark Knight, smiling brightly in greeting. "Leon! There you are!" she says, her relief palpable.

Maira then catches a glimpse out of the corner of her eye of Katyna and stops, looking over toward her. "Katyna! Hey!" she calls. And Vespa is about too? "Hey Vespaaa!" she greets.

Maira continues to Leon, noting a small woman asking for directions. She greets her as well, smiling. "Hey, new to town? There's an Inn in district two, if you head that way," she says, pointing helpfully.

It is then that a voice is heard upon the wind. She feels Uist's invisible presence press close against her protectively, the air chilling. Maira recognizes the voice too, and freezes where she stands, her eyes going wide.
Vespa Vespa looks up to see who is talking to her. "Oh hello there ..Argider was it? I have trouble with names sometimes. She puts down her book.

"Well I was dealing with a evil tree that spouted up in the middle of town the yesterady...", she pauses. "That sounds pretty absurd doesn't it?"

She smiles waving to Maira and yelling back at her. "Hey Maira! Where does that girl get all her engery?", she hms watching Maira suddenly freeze...
Leon glances down to the young lady who address him. Those red eyes looking directly down at him. His brows almost furrow just for a second, as his red eyes almost start to glow before they dim back to normal for that second.

He places his hand up to his face as if having a headache before he just shakes it off and runs his hands throw his hair. Yeah. Look like nothing is wrong. Best thing you can do. "Hmm? A hotel?" He then blinks his eyes a few times before placing his hands in his pockets and then looks around to get his bearings. As his red eyes skim around the pass over an opening in the crowd showing the performer.

Though when he looks back, people block his view of what he thought he saw. He shakes his head and then raises up one of his hands, motioning the direction open handedly. "You may find a few in District 2 and maybe district 3. If you don't mind traveling some. There is a /really/ nice hotel on the Beach, with some great views out over the ocean."

He then goes to place his hand back in the hotel. "Most of the hotels are not hard to miss. They got some really nice signs out in the front." He explains to her. Though once he looks away he then watches the crowd start to move away and sees what he /thought/ he saw.

Leon's eyes stare directly at 'Matthew', however they are broken away as Maira calls over to him. He then looks over to her and she /also/ adds to the directions list as well. Good nice Maira. Though before he can say anything he notices Maira looking toward Matthew now as well and that 'chill' suddenly that finds the air.

His eyes glance from her, back to Matthew. "I would suggest you not stare to much." Leon says very calmly, his hands coming out from his pockets. "You could draw attention to yourself." He then looks back at Maira. Hoping she will follow his warning. After all, it may not be him, or it could be him. He was trying to ignore that /feeling/.
Aschere Childs ńschere leans on her spear, as Maira gives her a general direction, and Leon... eventually offers her some specifics. A man to watch, this red-eyed one, she decides quickly enough. And somewhere out in the crowd, there's a man /he/ thinks needs watched. Maira seems to agree, so even as she's offering her quiet but extensive thanks to the both of them, she too is-- well, not scanning the crowd from her height, but at least drawing a bearing from their stares. If the armed are getting antsy, she should probably be on her guard.

"In the next district you said. Good. Why are we staring at that juggler?"
Katyna Katyna peers over at Maira, smiling and waving at her. "Maira! Good to see you again..How you been?" she smiles cheerfully at her, peering thoughtfully over at Vespa and smiling a bit warily at her. How did the other VALKYRIE perceive her lately? Leon is noted too along with a bunch of other people she doesn't recognize. Unfortunately Leon doesn't seem to be in the same dark armour she remembers from before.

She simply nods and smiles at the others, only glancing a bit longer at Leon, "Friend of yours, Maira?" although she peers over at the performer and laughs in glee, applauding his magic tricks. "Yaaay! Awesome!" Although she pouts as he gathers up his things. "Aww...Leaving so soon?"
Emperor Mateus The not-so-subtle stares feel like lasers drilling into his back, but Matthew pays them no mind. Even the sudden cold chill, a presence without form to anchor it, is noted but completely ignored. He recognizes Maira's voice, even hears Leon's and a few others he doesn't quite recognize, but does not draw their attention to himself.

Instead, he straightens and smiles warmly to Katyna as she approaches, pausing his gathering of objects. "I fear you arrived just as I was finishing for the day." He bows to her in greeting. "It has been a while, Katyna. I take it you have completely recovered of your injuries since last we met?"
Maira Maira isn't facing Mateus, so she cant be staring. Instead, she stares at Leon, trying to keep her voice down as she speaks. "Did he have a twin brother you were aware of?" she asks, hoping very much for a very improbable 'yes'.

Maira looks to the other woman who was just looking for a hotel, and answers candidly, "Oh, because he might just be the emperor of Palamecia and he probably wants to kill me so...the Inn in the next district if free, if you are short on coin," she explains, moving a little closer to Leon after she mumbles something over her radio to Vespa.

Katyna approaches then and Maira smiles warily. "Heh, its good to see you too Katyna--Uist what are you," she says then, turning her head, eyes widening as the invisible presence apparently does /something/ that concerns the mage.

Uist is tired of this feeling. This hole in his being. There is an indentation on his memory, a large chunk missing, but occasionally there are glimpses, hazy dreams or just /feelings/ that something is happening. He's missing something, and it has to do with this man.

Uist is approaching.

A fine red mist seems to appear, drifting idly toward Mateus, gradually forming itself into something more with each step taken. The form of a man resolves, growing gradually more corporeal until he is standing in front of the street performer appearing almost as if he were alive in body as he was in mind. The man is tall, with a warrior's physique, his hair flame red and worn long. His eyes are likewise crimson. He says nothing, simply standing there and staring down Mateus, waiting for /something/ to begin to make sense.

Maira meanwhile, is kind of freaking out. "Oh god, oh god what is he doing..." she says, taking Leon by the arm.
Katyna Katyna smiles as she recognizes him from their brief encounter before. "Oh yeah! You're Matthew right? Nice to see you again! Say, maybe you can teach me a trick or two? I did tricks as a kid, but nothing as elaborate as yours! That was so totaly awesome!" At least what little she caught at the end.

She's still unaware of the murmured exchanges between Maira and 'Leon' going on behind her, and totally oblivious to what it could all mean..It's only when Uist appears that she blinks and takes a step back. She'd probably seen Uist's corporeal form once before in a battle at some point and so she recognizes him a bit..

But Kat's still pretty surprised. "Eh? What're you doing? Uist? Is that you...?"
Argider The young miss remembers him! Argider was in luck that he wasn't that forgettable. The slightly scruffy looking man blinks when Vespa explains what she has been up to. An evil tree? Trees can have alignments and/or feelings? Argider places a hand on the back of his neck as he summons up a response. "Evil trees huh? I guess there's a first time for everything. Hopefully, you had an axe on you." He jokes lightly.

Argider looks towards Maira when Vespa calls out to her. He wasn't very familiar with the girl or the guy she was with. However, it is something that happens nearby which captivates the airship captain. The red mist forms into a man.

The red mist forms into a -man-.

Argider's left hand drifts back to hover near his holstered weapon. "Miss Vespa, I am under the impression that shenanigans are about to ensue." A look now towards Vespa. "And not the fun, fireworks kind of shenanigans either."
Vespa "Oh yes I had an axe, a very big one.", Vespa smiles and chuckles a bit to her She spots Maira starting to freak out, and the red mist forming into a man. That not normal at all. She looks and nods to Argider "Yes I agree with you there .", she start to run towards Maira making her way thought the crowds. "Move!", she says pushing anyone that get in her way, she very worried about Maira.
Leon is suddenly watching Maira creep closer and closer. He then glances over to the Matthew and then back to her. He gently gives a shrug. "No idea. Though with so many words connected, perhaps?" He really doesn't know, but he also didn't want to say yes, or no. Since well-- what if his feeling was /wrong/ and he did something foolish.

He really didn't want to be arrested for man-slaughter. Even if the bastard deserved it.

Yet as the red mist starts to form, Leon blinks his eyes and watches as Uist takes form. He can feel Maira take a hold of his arm and instinctively moves in to protect her. Like an older brother would a younger sister. His left hand reaching down for his hilt of his blade. "..I don't know. You tell me. Has this ever happened before?"

Leon then murmurs. "..maybe its just.." He then suddenly recognizes the armor from the backside and his eyes go wide. "..a ghost.. of a Palamecia soldier?!" He then suddenly draws out his sword and puts Maira behind him as he stands his guard.

His hands shake for a moment as he holds the blade in both. Memories, flash backs, of when Fynn was attacked. Yet he had to hold his ground. He wasn't sure still. He didn't know yet. This could all be an illusions. " anyone else seeing that?"
Aschere Childs Okay but /now/ Maira is staring at something. So is ńschere, and she doesn't even need to ask what this time. She's followed the man's coalescence before the juggler, and now she can put a name to him, which is good. Yes. "Are you alright? Is she?" Though Maira looks fine, just a bit pale perhaps.

In her experience, in any case, this is usually the time when good girls make their weapons ready. ńschere reaches up, discreetly, to tug at the laces holding the cover on her partisan, watching the crowd for their reactions to Uist's shenanigans. She doesn't need her eyes on Uist himself, he stands out like a beacon to her, and he's got enough people staring anyways.

'Palamecia' is not an empire she knows, nor is she, even at the best of her family's status, accustomed to meeting high nobility personally. "He does certainly seem to be like a ghost, yes." Cautiously she edges back, in the suddenly much larger empty circle around Leon, until she's out of casual sword range. With that thought, in fact, she glances up to her own spear and shakes her head. No room, here. She lays a hand on the hilt of her knife, instead, and waits for a thing to happen.
Emperor Mateus Matthew laughs warmly to Katyna's enthusiasm. "I would be--"

The cold presence spikes, sending an involuntary chill through his shoulders and interrupting his train of thought. Out of the corner of his eye, he spots a thin red mist drifting towards him in a vague humanoid shape and coalescing rapidly. He steps back, away from anyone nearby, expression neutralizing as he turns to face the rapidly-condensing corperal form, and watches with no apparent surprise as it solidifies into near-opaqueness.

His head cants down and to the side, lavender eyes pinned on the ghostly apparition standing in front of him, and his brow knits as he frowns in thought. A few long moments pass as the others react in alarm and start taking defensive stances, but Matthew makes no such motion and continues to lock eyes with the apparition before him. Taking in his appearance, which looks all the world like a Palamecian Knight...

Then, suddenly, recognition and surprise lights up his expression and his whole stance changes--no longer the relaxed street performer, but the straight regal air of someone far more noble.

"Uist Netherpyre?" He asks lowly, sounding all the world like he's a step away from disbelief himself. "Now is this not a surprise, indeed..."
Maira "Uist...." she breathes, feeling him pull on her magic to make himself appear as solid as he does. He does not do so without a cost to both of them. This is important, and Maira knows it. Uist had told her, of course, of how he'd been feeling. He'd been acting strange ever since the Dark Knight first appeared. Now....

The armor Uist appears in is familiar in some way to her, foreign in others. It is more /solid/ somehow, less changeable, more /real/. Maira stares, transfixed even as others interpose themselves between her and Uist and Mateus. When Leon speaks, recognizing the armor Uist is wearing, Maira tears her eyes away from the spectacle and up to Leon, surprised and utterly flummoxed. "R-really...? But I don't understand..."

Maira looks back to Uist, with a quick aside to Vespa and the others. "Yes...he is a ghost, and my dear friend..."

Mateus finally speaks and his words hit Uist like a hammer, shaking the very reality of him. Names have power. Something is returning...

"Emperor," he says, and drops a bow, though he does not look pleased by any stretch of the imagination. Uist looks wretched, torn and hopelessly confused.

Maira starts to move forward then unless someone physically grabs her. Uist does know Mateus. Why does Uist know Mateus. Why does Mateus know UIST!? "Uist!" she shouts, causing the ghost to turn his gaze from Mateus in order to face Maira, he brow furrowing, looking at her now as though she were a puzzle he was trying to solve.
Leon quickly reaches for Maira's arm to stop her. "Maira. Don't." He says with a firm tone in his voice. It would be almost like the Dark Knight's own, but normal tone. It was that very commanding voice really that does this, nothing else.

"Stay back here with us, you need to keep your distance." He looks at her with those red eyes of his. "You said the Dark Knight was after you for your light. This could all be a trick for the same reason."

He then glares at Mateus. "..but good to know his face without all the glamor."
Argider Argider can only helplessly watch as Vespa runs off to protect Maira from the fog-man(?). The captain looks over his shoulder towards the general direction of his airship. "Just walk away...." Argider says to himself as he finds himself jogging after Vespa -towards- where the action was. "...and you won't get into so much trouble."

The brown-haired man sighs as he effortlessly spins a pistol out of its holster and up into his hand. "My XO is going to kill me." He mutters to himself before breaking out into an actual run. The drawn weapon is leveled towards the fog/ghost-man. "Now calm down here. No need for things to get out of hand." It looks like he thought that it was the innocent juggler that was in grave danger here.

Afterall, ghosts follow logic like most people do....oh crud.
Vespa Vespa ohs slowing down as she gets close to Maira. "Oh..", ,she was getting worked up for nothing. ..or mabye not something is going on here. She hope it doesn't get out of control. She just glares at the dark night cleching her right hand tight in a fist, a chain can be seen there hanging if anyone looks.
Aschere Childs Nothing about ńschere's intent is concealed, though perhaps her capabilities are not entirely obvious. Presumably, at least, she wouldn't bother hauling that spear around if she couldn't use it. She's reconsidered yet again, and has it held in an easy cross-body guard position, against whatever entertainment the Emperor and his shady visitor are going to provide. Though her smile has faded to a ghost, she does not seem unprepared, either for combat or for combat in this setting.

"That man, truly, he's an emperor? Not of here, I'm sure?" Apparently one of those people who has to end every statement with a question mark. Please don't let it bother you. "Perhaps, you told me that hotel now, I should go see it. Do you want help, Maira?"
Katyna Kat blinks in surprise at Uist...Wait, he knows this street performer? Wait, he's bowing to him? "What? You're an Emperor, Matthew? Then how come you're acting like a street performer?" And why are Leon and Maira so suspicious and wary of this guy? She peers back at them curiously, "Huh? Maira, what's going on?"
Rena-Proc "So many questions and so much confusion. Matthew, you have a way with the common people I see."

There is a langorious purr in the words, an easygoing amusement as a extremely tall woman slinks out from behind an alleyway. There is something very feline to her expression and the cast of those features for a second or two as she looks over (and usually down) at the assemblage one at a time.

She smoothes the curves of her leather armor, drawing the red cloak back with an idle flourish. "Leon, did your mother never tell you not to talk with strangers? You never know whom they might be." She reaches a hand up, leaning against the bend of her arm along the edge of a wall as she looks on all this with a completely nonplussed expression

. She looks to Maira and waves her upheld fingers slightly, looking to Uist and then to the others and around to Leon again. "
Emperor Mateus Matthew inclines his head to Uist as the ghostly apparition bows to him, then reaches out one hand towards Argider in a calming motion. "'Tis quite all right, lad. There is no hostility here. Please, lower your weapon." He only means 'no hostility' between himself and Uist. Leon does not count right now, despite the glare indicating otherwise.

He ignores the questions about whether he's an emperor or not and why he's here as a street performer even if he is. This is not out of rudeness, but because there are more intriguing things happening around him than a game of 20 Questions. The fact he doesn't deny it, however, is noteable in and of itself.

His other hand moves as if to rest on Uist's shoulder, making contact just as Maira calls to the apparition. For just that singular moment of contact, deep cold envelops his hand--yet, at the core, there is a strong bond of warm blindingly-bright light, a connection leading to--

His lavender eyes focus solely on Maira, his hands dropping to his sides as his chin lifts incrementally and his head tilts to the side. Not a haughty motion, but... curiousity. A very cat-like motion in truth. "How... so very intriguing..." He murmurs, the sound akin to a low purr. "There is such a keen resemblance... However could I have missed it before...?"

Rena's sudden appearance and subsequent comments only draws a warm, almost-boyish grin from Matthew, and he shrugs his shoulders slightly--a rather careless or dismissive motion, considering the rest of his stance. "So it seems, Rena. 'Tis not my fault, I assure you."
Maira Maira is grabbed by Leon, stopping her in her tracks. Maira struggles some on instinct. "B-but something is happening, you don't understand, Uist, he--" she begins to try to explain but she just doesn't know what to say! She's getting dizzy, Uist is pulling on her more then he usually does. He did this sometimes to protect her physically, but now, it almost seems like he's drawing on her--trying to be /alive/.

He's hurting her.

"Uist..." she says, growing weaker by the moment. Does he even know what he is doing!?

Maira looks to the newcomer, shaking her head. "You should go--go on I'm fine," she says. Not true, but she at least has a fair number of people around that are likely to want to keep her from being less fine.

Maira's golden eyes move toward Rena as she appears out of an ally, not sure what to make of her appearance. She knows Perci distrusts her completely, and Maira...well, she doesn't know. She'd helped Leon, hadn't she? Maira is trusting...trusting to foolishness. She sort of waves back?

Maira focuses on Mateus then as he turns his violet eyes to her. She resists the urge to shrink beneath his gaze, though her knees are feeling weak. "I don't understand," she replies, though she thinks she is beginning to.

Uist finally breaks out of the trance he was in as Mateus touches him, snarling at the contact and reaching up reflexively to grab the emperor by the elbow and throw him back. Uist looks back to Maira, realization dawning on his face before he begins to fade back to his usual incorporeal form, ceasing the pull on her energy.
Leon cuts a glance as Rena shows up. He knows her voice before he even see's her. Those red eyes narrowing slightly. She-- knew this street performer. She.. knew.. Mateus?! Leon suddenly was just staring at her in a great deal of confusion now.

The sword slowly coming to lower. Maybe there was some confusion. Maybe Mateus pulled one over her as well? Yes. That had to be it. THAT had to be the answer. "..Rena.." He says softly, before his red eyes cut over to Maira, then back over to Uist and 'Matthew'.

Then he draws his attention back to Maira, then to the others who have there weapons drawn. His eyes slowly go to Mateus as he tsks softly. "..if only.." He then forces his hand to sheath his sword once more. "Everyone stand down. If there is no fight to be had." He inhales deeply before he finishes with gritted teeth. " reason to start one.. right?"

His now free hand slowly starting to clench into a very tight fist darkness slowly starting to form under his feet and around his hand as his red eyes glow gently. "..Right."

He then cuts a glance over to Rena, before he at last lets Maira go. "..." Why does he let her go, cause he can feel the darkness starting to move through him due to his anger. He doesn't really want that to cause any trouble if he looses control of it like he did at the spa. "..someone help her stand.. I can't." He attentionally moves himself slightly away from her. His eyes locked as he watches Uist start to fade and his red eyes fully focusing on Matthew. Silence staying his words of anger.
Katyna Katyna narrows her eyes warily at the 'Emperor' as he focuses upon Maira..What was it about Maira that seemed to pique many peoples' attention lately? She's not sure what to think of this emperor, but she does step back towards Maira, hovering over her almost protectively.

"Maira..Why does Uist seem to know that guy?" She murmurs before glancing back at the Emperor. "What are you talking about?" When the cattish woman appears, Kat tenses further, uncertain of what's going on here..Clearly they all know each other, from somewhere, but..What's the connection?

She nods to Leon, moving to Maira's side, offering support if need be. No, she wont attack...Not yet..
Vespa "Maria are you okay?", Vespa looks at her very worry on what just happened to her.. She not really pay attention to much of the converstaions is going over her head but a fight break out she ready to protect Maira and her freinds!
Argider Leon is not the only one who is looking confused. Argider definitely has that look going on too. The significance of -any- of this is completely lost to the man. They were all strangers to him, so it was time to go into tunnel vision mode.

Argider looks left. The dark knight man was talking to redheaded girl who knows about ghost man. Nothing amiss there. Strange tall alley lady has shown up to do...something, but there doesn't seem to by any danger there. Katyna seems just as confused as Argider did so he also thinks that she isn't the one to be on the look out for.

The captain now looks right at Vespa. She seemed pretty gung-ho with springing to action. "Hey miss, does any of this make a lick of sense to you?" He asks before looking straight on.

That leaves ghost-man and the juggler. Juggler tells him to lower his weapon as does Leon. Argider seems happy to comply until Uist gets more aggressive. Drawn weapon is swung towards the hostile ghost, but then he just sort of disappears. Argider can only shrugs his shoulder and twirl his weapon back into its holster. Did the ghost listen to -him-? Probably not, but a man's gotta save his own pride. "Thatta boy. Guess even ghosts...." He begins to quip as he looks to....Vespa as she is the only person the man knows here. "...know when to fold'em."
Vespa Vespa shurgs at Argider. "Not really.. But if people hurt my freinds. Heads. will. roll.", hopefully she not being literal.
Rena-Proc "Well, there goes my compliment to your excellent manipulation then." She makes a small hand gesture as if to describe the evaporating praise, but the smile there is amused and dismissive of the statement and of the shove given as Uist breaks the grip.

Her eyebrows raise as she looks at Uist, tilting her head a little to one side and letting her hair fall in a braided stream. Her lips twist slightly to one side and purse faintly as she watches keenly the interplay between Maira and her shadow guardian, which they return to with a suddenness that faintly alarms her. "You do surround yourself with guardians, don't you Maira." she smiles, one eye closed as she rubs her forehead and brow.

"Some more capable and more mysterious than others it would seem." She slowly stalks away from the wall and approaches Leon, her eyes intent on him for every step of the way. She looks down at his feet, then at the sword in hand and finally up to his eyes. She takes two fingers and gently attempts to poke him in the chest with them.

"You never showed up."
Angantyr Vespar There was a shift in the flow of darkness...

Angantyr walks out of a nearby allyway.

Darkness was gathering here...and it seemed worth invesitgating. He was in town, he had dropped Maira off the night before and had stuck around.

He looks to the gathered...Maira is weakened, but Katyna has her it seems...? Maybe...just maybe they were right about her. Angantyr doesn't immeidately smash her head in, so that is a improvement. Rena...familar...Leon is having Darkness issues again...that might be what he sensed...and then Matthew. Angantyr looked at him for a moment, discerningly...there was...something. He could smell it, but he couldn't figure it out from here. He steps closer.

Then there was Argider? Who was this guy? Oh and Vesp..yeah...he doesn't say anything, he'd messed her up something good their last encounter. Oops..

"Maira? You okay? What's going on here?" he says, as if demanding an explanation.
Emperor Mateus Matthew is quite taken off-guard as Uist physically grabs his elbow and shoves him away, losing his footing and stumbling back a step or two before regaining his balance. He does not seem to mind, only making a show of straightening his sleeve with a dismissive huff. "I am sure we will meet again, Uist Netherpyre." His lavender eyes narrow slightly at the disintegrating apparition. "Until then..."

He smirks over to Rena, but says nothing in reply as she sets her sights on Leon. Instead, he turns his gaze back to the weakened Maira. "So he draws upon your light, Maira... How concerning." He makes no move towards her, instead appearing content to return to his forgotten items next to Dr. Facilier's building. "I am quite uncertain myself, in truth. Such an interesting puzzle that has somehow been woven..."

He straightens incrementally, his attention diverting to a nearby alleyway even before Angantyr appears from it. The Dark Knight's discerning look is met with one of his own, but he does not react to Angantyr's approach. "It seems Maira's ghostly guardian, Uist, took great interest in me for one reason or another. In the process, he apparently drew upon too much of her strength." He has no reason to lie to Angantyr. No reason to give all the details either, but it's the basics of what happened that others could elaborate on at their own discrecion.
Maira Maira looks understandably alarmed as the darkness starts to form around Leon's feet, the mist so familiar to her from his time as the Dark Knight. This is /bad/. Could she keep him from going back?

Maira takes Katyna's arm, standing still. She'll be alright, Uist stopped before he could do her lasting damage, she's sure. "I don't know Katyna...I don't know," she replies quietly. Uist stands somewhere between her and Mateus, silent, his emotions a tempest as memories try to creep through and overtake him.

"I'm alright Vespa," she says to her fellow VALKYRI, trying to give her a reassuring smile. "I'll explain later..." she adds. Like, when she knows what the hell is happening herself! And when someone with an axe says heads will roll, they are probably being literal. Safe assumption.

Maira's eyes move back to Rena, frowning gently. "I have /friends/," she corrects. "Uist first friend," she adds, looking to her ghostly companion, her heart aching to know what was happening here. What did Mateus mean by resemblance? Maira looks to Uist. She asks him, but he just shakes his head.

Then, Angantyr shows up. She is very relieved to see him. "I'm alright...I think. Really confused, but alright--for now. That, is Emperor Mateus," she replies, indicating Matthew. She's told him about this.

Now, Maira wants answers, and she wants them now. Maira lets go of Katyna and moves toward Mateus once more. "Tell me. You know him. You knew him when he was alive. Who is he? What are you doing here? Did you come to try to take Leon again?" she demands.
Leon had put away his sword really, even if his hand was resting on the hilt, so when Rena suddenly gets in his line of vision his eyes go a bit wide as he wasn't expecting to be standing at the woman who was an inch taller then him. His red eyes meeting her blue-ice gaze.

He mrphs and glances off to the side like a boy who just got scolded. "..decided to walk it alone for a bit." He mutters, the darkness starting to move off his hands and just only remaining under his feet. Yet then he senses something and it causes him to look toward the alleyway. Yes-- his light dark sense was starting to come back and it was kinda causing him to sneer a bit.

"Angantyr." He says calmly, almost emotionless, before he closes his eyes and then opens them to look at Rena once more. He then mutters softly to her with furrowed brows. " do you know this 'street performer' anyhow?"

Then suddenly 'Matthew' is getting ready to leave and Leon then goes to try and move around Rena. Those red eyes suddenly going to lock onto the man. His hand reaching tightly around the hilt. It /had/ to be him. IT HAD TO BE HIM! But then-- Rena would know Mateus. She could be working for him? No. NO.

Leon growled mostly at himself as he slammed the sword back into the scabbard and just turned his back to the whole ordeal. He glanced over to Vespa who decided to help Maira stand, or was it Katyna? One of the ladies and gives them a gentle thanks. His eyes were starting to blur their images which causes him to close his eyes and pinch gently the bridge of his nose.

Then Maira just goes to confirm things and Leon just /tries/ to ignore it. Just try to drown it out, cause if it was true. ANY of it was true. Rena then was working maybe for Mateus, unless she didn't know either? Augh! For now he was also just focusing on making the Light images go away around him.

He glances over to the sky pirate, only with one eye open and hehes softly. "..Ghosts that know poker. Cute." He then closes his eye once more and then tries to stand up straight inhaling the air gently. Just keeping his back to everyone and finding his once more open gaze looking to the twilight sky.

Keep it together Leon. Keep it together.
Argider Argider merely raises a hand in the middle of this. "Right, but is anyone going to explain these shenanigans to me?" A now gun-less hand is used to gesture towards the Emperor. "Like why an "emperor" was juggling in the streets for starters?" The airship captain was definitely in the running for looking the most confused out of those present. Vespa gets a sideglance. "Make sure you point out to me which ones are your friends. I'm rather attached to my head at the moment and would hate to lose it."

Leon gets a look when he is addressed by the man. He smiles. At least someone's got a sense of humor around here.
Emi Dennou Umi was practicing being a homeless person. Or maybe she just went in there for the hell of it, but either way, a cardboard box in the VERY ALLEY that Angantyr darknessed out of--suddenly starts floating in the air. Or more accurately, is lifted into the air by an Umi's head.

Her eyes flash, like stars.

She lurrrrrrrks after Angantyr, sneakishly! In her hands: A banana peel.

Lurk lurk, sneak, and then--

" like Maira back in that way too huh..?"

She makes a face. It is a terrible face. It is a face that might very well be :3.
Vespa Vespa sighs and crosses her arms calming down a bit "Allright..",she says to Maira. It's seems everyone here knows everyone else here, somehow. Small world indeed. She grins at Argider pointing at Maira, Katyan and Leon. "Just those 3.", she pauses "...everyone else is fair game....."
Rena-Proc "Everything and nothing and all the little wiggly bits inbetween." Rena says in response to the appearance of another of Maira's guardians. The one with the mace and the temper problem. She actually waves to him although technically she was almost on the very wrong side of that mace the last time.

"Possibly a /great/ deal of nothing. And that nothing involving some heavy drinking, because this seems like a fog of confusion that only alcohol can safely combat." she grins bemusedly at Leon, and then at his back as he turns around. Her smile softens as Maira corrects her and she bows her head slightly.

"Of course, Maira. Although. I think I owe one of your friends at least several drinks for his inconvenience earlier." she handwobbles as she looks at Angantyr. "I'm not certain of the exact number, but I'm willing to be persuaded upwards." she clicks her tongue.

"I think maybe you have inspired me, Maira. A lot of people tend to have this compulsion to spills their hearts out onto the street where anyone might scoop them up with a dustpan. Perhaps I will become a traveling performer myself. It seems a terribly exciting avocation." she splays her hands to Argider.

"Why not?" she inquires. "I mean-- whatever way you count them, it's only just a little sleight of hand." She leans in, whispering something into Leon's ear from behind without touching him.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr pauses...

He looks at Umi.

"Ami?" He asks, and frowns at her, wait... "Too?" he says, staring at her, and then turns towards Maira. "Too?" He says, narrowing his eyes. God, please not again. PLEASE not again.

However...he puts that asside, Mateus is called out, and he moves, striding infront of Maira and stares down at Mateus.

"You put the mark on him?" he asks, "Because if you did, we have a problem." He says, evenly. "Shadow Lord."
Emperor Mateus Matthew shrugs his shoulders at Argider's inquiries, hands lifting in a carefree gesture. "Because it is fun? Because I enjoy playing the part of an entertainer, however brief? Because I actually like learning of other lands beyond my own and do not wish for pomp and circumstance to cloud the experience?" No, he is not denying his station. He just isn't being specific about it.

He gives Maira a concerned glance as she walks towards him, then takes a seat on the ground with his legs crossed Indian-style in front of him. "How, indeed..." He flicks his hand, one of his crystal orbs appearing between his fingers, and he peers intently into it as if it would hold the answers they seek.

Matthew frowns for a moment, but not at anyone in particular. "Exact details escape me, Maira. I do know he was a Palamecian knight under the command of the first Palamecian Emperor, and was lost to Pandemonium before he and others who shared his fate were returned to my world." His gaze shifts to Leon as he corrects himself: "/Our/ world."

His gaze turns upwards as Angantyr towers over him, completely and serenely calm. "Well, isn't this a change in tone... Angantyr, was it?" Matthew smiles, but it is not a kind nor warm smile. At all.
Maira Naturally, Maira is concerned about Leon. She knows he is struggling. Rena will keep him in check, won't she? Unless...unless she is actually working with Mateus. The thought does cross her mind. They appear to know each other. To be friendly even. That's very troubling.

Indeed, Maira looks to Rena, blinking. Inspired? She gets the distinct impression she doesn't want that! "U-uh...."

As if things couldn't get more awkward, one of the Dennous shows up and asks Angantyr an inconvenient question. Then he looks to her and narrows his eyes, and she feels like she wants to disappear. Guuuh! Can they talk about this /later!?/

Oh, good. Yes, it seems.

Everyone is always standing in front of her. She knows it is too protect her, but she's kind of short and its getting really annoying! She steps to the side so she can at least still /see/ Mateus. When he answers her, she frowns. He's holding back. "He...was one of your soldiers? did he find me? I don't understand. You said there was a resemblance to he...related to you somehow?" she asks.

Uist shakes his head, putting a cold hand on her shoulder. What he says then in only heard by Maira, but it shakes her deeply. "Oh...oh...." she says, stunned. When Mateus sits, she does as well. Standing is too much effort now. ".....Oh."
Emi Dennou "...Too?" Umi says. "Yeah, like, she likes you, you like her back. Like that. Too." She seems confused as to why this is a point of contention worthy of narrowed eyes! "Mm...maybe this one leads a simpler life."

She strokes her chin as if to pretend she has a beard. "Hmm...Hmmmmm."

"Oh so." She adds after a moment. "Is..." She looks around. "...Something serious going on or something? This one is training." She offers Angantyr the banana peel.
Katyna "Ehh..." Kat scratches her head, feeling utterly confused. "Alright, alright. So like..If y'all aren't here for a fight, what do you want...And why does Maira interest you so much?" Ember eyes narrow, not moving an inche from her protective stance in front of Maira.

"Geez, this better not be more of that 'pure heart' stuff.." She rolls her eyes, remembering the dark knight - whom she still hasn't equated with Leon. That was a pain..

Then Ang makes an appearance and she tenses visibly, glaring coldly over at him. "You again..." She frowns a little, clearly no love lost between these two. Still, she remembers what they said about him, about why he had attacked VALKYRI. Still, she doesn't trust him, but Kat knows at least he wont hurt Maira..
Right now, she has other more immediate threats however. She focuses back upon the Emperor and the cattish woman once more, impatiently awaiting answers, only having some of her questions answered. "Wait a minute, drawing on his darkness..?" She glances over at Leon again curiously, still uncertain who he is and what role he plays in all of this..Although learning of Uist's past does cause her to gasp. "Wait a minute..Then how come he latched onto Maira? Thought she was from Midgar.." And what's this about a dark mark? She peers at Ang curiously..Then back to 'Matthew'. "Is it true? Are you a Shadow Lord?"
Leon cuts a glance over to Rena as she whispers something in his ear. His gaze goes down to the streets as he turns his head to face her, whispering something back to her. His face not indicating much emotion, outside maybe a bit of annoyance.

Something else was then whispered to him and he closes his eyes for a moment before he smirks and replies back with something in return. He then cast a glance at her with those red eyes, almost staring at her, before he then turns his shoulder; and his ear away from her. Once more he faces back out toward the populace again seeming to have gotten everything in check. Even the darkness at his feet is starting to simmer down.

Mateus speaks of their world and oddly corrects himself. This catches the man off guard and he raises an eye brow. Yet when Angantyr points out there is a mark on 'him', he silently wonders who was the him. After all, there was also the Sky Pirate here as the other guy. "Mark? On who?" He asks looking directly at Angantyr, "..and what is this mark..?" Though the term Shadow Lord causes him to raise an eye brow before he peers back over to Mateus.

So far, Leon is keeping his cool. He doesn't really want a fight to break out here. Not in front of Maira; not in her condition.

He also doesn't want to drag Rena into this any further then she already is. Man. Protecting two ladies at once was difficult; even if one of them could probably kick his aft in no time flat. He does admire their strength.

He glances then over to Katyna and gives her a shrug of like: 'I got no idea.' He really doesn't have any ideas. Curse of Leon. He has no memory of what Mateus did to him as the Dark Knight or what /He/ did as the Dark Knight, beyond what people keep telling him, and well, what he reads. For now the former Dark Knight is content to let everyone else prod Mateus with questions. He rather poke him with his sword. Through the heart.
Angantyr Vespar "On you." Angantyr says to Leon, and turns his goal towards Umi.

"On your head. It might make people give you more money when begging." he offers a suggestion, and then back towards Mateus. He doesn't smile, or look remotely respectful...he doesn't back down, he could easily hold his own against the emperor, or so he thinks. There is a reason he was an apprentance of Garland, and sometimes it leads to arrogance...but is it arrogance when it is deserved?

"People say that about me, yes." he says to him, "I don't play the game, Shadow Lord, I break through it and strangle those trying to hold strings with my bare hands.

He looks back at Maira... Maybe they should be getting her out of here, in her condition...but she isn't willing to leave...ugh.
Argider Argider attempts to file away as much useful information as he can here. No one really offers the sky-pirate much of an explanation to what is going on beyond Rena's own joke. This causes the sky pirate to merely scratch at the back of his neck in confusion. Ang calling Mateus a Shadow Lord does not help Argider's comprehension on what exactly was going on. His lack of expertise on magic and ghosts does not really help with Maira/Ghost man situaton. This just leaves Leon who seemed just as confused on this 'mark' thing and Vespa who clearly 'marked' whom he should not mess with.

Before he could ax Vespa another question, a rather loud chime emits from Argider's ear. He touches the linkpearl there and listens placidly to the voice on the other side. "Oh, I got distracted by some...." Argider looks at Maira, Leon, Mateus, and the others. "...shenangians. I'm on my way back now." The sky pirate offers a salute to those present because taking a few steps back and away from the group. "'Bout time I headed down that trail of mine." He offers simply with a sheepish grin as he quickly retreats back towards where his ship was docked.
Emi Dennou "Are you being honest about that or are you saying that because i'm a goofball that's annoying you?" Umi asks thoughtfully but then realizes while she was saying this she was already putting the banana peel on her head.

"...Huh." She says thoughtfully. "That was just ... sort of automatic, come to think."
Emperor Mateus Matthew looks over at the stunned Maira, at the confused Katyna, at the unimpressed Angantyr, at the borderline-angry Leon. His unkind smile never wavers, but the faint sound of a chuckle could be heard all the same until it builds into a low, ominous "Fufufufufu...!"

Leon would know that sound quite well.

He doesn't rise to his feet as much as he simply floats into the air, still cross-legged. "Dear me. Why does everyone assume so much?" He spreads his arms out wide. "Since when have /I/ shown unhealthy interest in Maira? T'was the Dark Knight who was so enthralled with her and," he casts a sly glance over at Leon, "still is, it seems. 'Twas none of /my/ doing, and I have actually had other matters of concern. Only just now have I learned something quite intriguing, but I shan't be chasing her like a mad wolf, for what my word seems to be worth."

He uncoils himself and lands gently on his feet some distance away from anyone, dispelling his objects with a careless wave of his hand. "Is one such as myself such a fear for all of you that you would threaten with words and intent--even to outright violence--when I have done nothing to warrant it?" He shakes his head. "Such a shame."

He straightens his shirt and gives a helpless shrug. "But since I am so clearly not wanted here, I shall take my leave. Perhaps you should direct your ire to more... constructive matters, such as tending to Maira before she faints, hm?" He spins on his heel with a careless wave. "Perhaps next time, we can hold a more civil conversation that would be enlightening to all involved." And with that, he walks off to the nearest alleyway--unhurried, unconcerned if someone would attack him from behind or not.
Maira Her condition? Her condition is still slightly hungover, now exhausted from Uist drawing too much of her energy, and now, shock. A revelation. A revelation she didn't understand, not completely. Yet she knows it must be true. Uist is sure. He remembers, at least something.

"" she begins, talking to herself it would seem. "....father?"

Maira looks up at Angantyr (craning her neck to do so) and just blinks. She looks utterly bewildered.

Maira looks back toward Leon then, frowning gently. Is he alright? Whatever Rena has said to him has helped it would seem. For that, she is grateful, if still suspicious.

Maira looks to Mateus. She almost believes him. He hasn't hunted her...he didn't attack her or anything...but she can't trust him, can she? She has only to remember what he did to Leon.

"H-hey, I am /not/ going to faint," she protests. Really, she's just been hit with a doozy of an epiphany, but she's more or less alright.

Mateus is leaving. She'd talk with him again. He's playing games, he must be. Damn Goblin King!
That /laugh/. Leon knows that /laugh/ and suddenly it causes his eye to twitch. "" He then grits his teeth. "..conniving..." he then reaches down for his sword as he suddenly goes to step around Rena. The darkness once more forming under his feet, before his eyes burn bright red. The sword is drawn out as his own darkness seems to suddenly channel through the blade in dark blue flames.

He suddenly charges forward slightly. Seems whatever calmness Rena provided him, quickly was faded by just his sheer internal anger. The anger of everything gone from him. It all stripped and here was Mateus now being so... COY.

"F<KWEEH> BASTARD!" Leon roars out as suddenly he swings the sword in an arch. The very blade tip slamming into the ground, however what comes from the swing is a suddenly dark wave which is slices through the air heading right for Mateus.

Leon blinks as he realizes what he had just done after the fact. He then drops his sword quickly after the fact, the dark energy removing itself from the dropped blade as he then just looks at his blue flaming hands.

Then his gaze goes upward at the Turrets that suddenly activate and are aiming right at him. Maybe the only reason he hasn't gotten shot at is because he /did/ drop his weapon, but that wasn't a good sign. He may have just pushed someone's aggro button.

He is kinda a deer in headlights right now, but he does eventually lower his head and his hands to his side. "..damnit.." He couldn't just let Mateus go. IDIOT!
Maira Apparently, Mateus' laugh was Leon's "VIOLENCE TIME!" button. There it is, the darkness surging up again...

Alright, Maira lied.

She faints.
Angantyr Vespar "Yes." he says to Umi, "See, you already did it." he nods once.

"...Seriously? IS this SERIOUSLY a thing you do? The laugh? REALLY?! What the <GOOSEHONK>ING CRAP MAN!? UGH. I am going to br-" and then turret noises.

"Dispensing Product." One says,

"Hello Friend." Another says.

"<GOOSEHONK>!" he shouts.

And then Maira goes out.

"I need a drink, she needs a bed, and THAT <GOOSEHONK> needs his insides made his outsides."
Rena Laradyne "A gracious good evening, Matthew." Rena says lightly over her shoulder as the performer/sorceror departs. "I look forwards to your next-- Oh, /Diabolos/ take you Leon."

Rena has a rather violent reaction of her own to the pushing of the 'Violence Merry Fun Time' button. She roars and it is a very loud and commanding noise, a snarl as she slams a fist into the cobblestones.
R% A wave of ice explodes upwards from the quickly frosted over in an attempt to absorb the crescent of darkness and blue fire

"Not here." she snaps at Leon in that same almost ground shaking voice. She then takes a deep breath and strides forwards, attempting to grab Leon by the shoulders as a shrieking cold wind whips through the area.

She spares a glance back at Maira and Angantyr, making sure the wilting maiden of light was taken care of and nodding once before she turns completely white like an ice statue and blows apart in the wind. Possibly taking Leon with her all at once and in a state of some odd semi-duress.
Angantyr Vespar "Ice teleportation!?" Angantyr shouts, "THAT'S NOT TELEPORTATION! YOU CAN'T DO THAT WITH ICE?! THAT'S LIKE DINOSAURS!" Angantyr has HAD it with all this complete bullcrap!
Emperor Mateus Matthew pauses for just a moment, overhearing Maira's stunned statement. 'Father...?'

That's when Leon finally lashes out--and he'd been wondering how long it would take! The performer spins around as the shockwave of Darkness arcs towards him--only for Rena to block the blast with a burst of ice before it gets anywhere near him. He inclines his head to Rena and continues on his way, letting her deal with Leon accordingly.

"Poor lad." He shakes his head ponderously, not really even talking /to/ Leon as much as /about/ him. "Is the truth that hard to hear, Leonhart?" He drifts into the alleyway without an apparent care in the world. "No matter... no matter."

He disappears from sight, 'fufufu'-ing again to spite Angantyr simply because he can be a petty <GOOSEHONK> like that. Those sensitive to the movements of Darkness would sense a spike as a Corridor opens and quite quickly closes soon thereafter.
Suddenly Rena snaps and Leon gives a sheepish smile. Yeah, it was a bad move, but that LAUGH. When you heard it before lights out and even more when you dreamed at night. It got pretty annoying. I mean, do you know what it is like to have 'fu fu fu' echoing in your head? Its like a bad meme.

He doesn't have time to hear Mateus words, probably a good thing or the second damn laugh. Instead Rena seems to summon her magic which he notes the sudden bite of cold around him. "You are not.." Then suddenly everything goes white. He almost has a whimper to his voice. " are.."

Angantyr Vespar Angantyr sighs...

He just picks up Maira.

"If he comes back swinging darkness, I am going to find her and beat her, and then him, and then David Bowie." He says, and walks back to Valk HQ with Maira.

"Coming with?" he asks Umi.

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