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(2013-05-21 - Now)
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Maira Maira, is hungover. This was expected. She'd slept in, woke up with a terrible headache, and downed a glass of water. Then, she started mixing herself a potion she thought should take care of some of the pain...then, then she took a shower.

Maira is wondering down to the main hall now with a steaming cup of tea in hand, dressed casually in shorts and a tank top, her hair still wet from the shower. She takes a seat and rests her head in her hands, groaning.
Emi Dennou Emi is still holed up with a broken arm from the encounter with Akari. It should be noted that her shirt also remains on. For now. Shida is also present, though not with Emi. In fact, she popped into the shower shortly after Maira got out. Inside the shower, she is singing 'One Week' in a monotonal voice. Shida has been staying over at VALKYRI a fair bit lately.

"The Network inquires whether Maira remembered to drink water after consuming large quantities of alcoholic beverages." Emi looks up, tilting her head curiously.

At first she just remains sitting across from Maira but after some thought, stands up, walks on over, and sits down next to Maira. She glances down at her hands, then back up at Maira, then scooooches a little closer. Then down at her hands, back up at Maira. Then scoooch again.

It seems like she has something to ask!
Leida A knock comes at the door, the gentle rapping of knuckles timidly attempting to gain the attention of those within almost as if afraid to disturb anyone inside.

Leida steps back from the Valkyrie HQ's front door after announcing her presence. Her hand goes to rest on the curved arch of a cheap wicker basket, joining the other in support to hold up the large container. Within, a large tablecloth has been carefully folded over the contents to keep them from getting dirty but also concealing them from sight beyond the odd lump and bulge in the surface of the fabric.

She stares at the ground, feet shuffling nervously and her gaze darting up towards the sturdy wooden door as she waits for a reply.
Maira Yawning, Maira looks toward Emi, nodding. She smiles then in greeting. "Hey, Emi. Yeah, I'm drinking water now...didn't before I went to sleep unfortunately," she says with a wince. Thus the headache.

At Emi's curious behavior, Maira gives her a questioning look. "Yes? What's the matter Emi?" she asks.

Then there is a knock at the door and Maira winces. "Emi...would you please answer the door?" she asks.
Emi Dennou "This one wished to ask--"


"....Understood." Emi stands up, approaching the door at a patient gait. She swings the door open and looks at what Leida is holding, then up at Leida's face.

"Ah, greetings Leida." She says. "Thank you for coming by." One of her arms is in a sling but other than that, she seems to have recovered from her injuries. "Please, come inside. You can assist in our pestering of Maira." She steps aside to let Leida in and will close the door behind her.

Shida continues singing in the shower monotonally.
Leida The small girl gives a start as the door swings open despite specifically standing here to wait for just this event to occur. Her nervous demeanor melts a fair bit upon seeing the face of her friend, a smile starting to form. She stops, mouth half-way open to greet Emi when her eyes alight upon the sling and all of the happiness and hesitation evaporates in an instant.

A hand goes to Leida's mouth as a shocked gasp escapes. The basket clatters to the stone pavement, boucing on its flexible straw frame, but its width prevents it from falling over and tipping the contents onto the ground. She takes a step foward, reaching out gingerly as if to touch the wounded arm but her fingers stop short by a few inches and she looks imploringly at the other girl for an answer.

"E-Emi-chan?! You're hurt! What happened...?"
Maira Oh, Leida is here! That's nice...wait, pestering? Why is she being pestered!?

When Leida comes inside Maira waves, smiling softly. "Hey, Leida, come on in," she beckons welcomingly. "I'll...get something to drink. We've got um...tea, juice, water...some soda..." she says, standing and going to look in the fridge. "Don't worry Leida, Emi is going to be just fine. She just needs to let that arm rest so it mends as it should. In fact I can take a look at it Emi and give you another healing spell to speed things up some," she offers.

"What did you want to ask me?" she remembers then, raising a brow as she stands posed by the fridge, waiting to see what she could get them.
Emi Dennou Emi raises an eyebrow. She seems a touch taken aback by the concern. And how does she explain what happened anyway? Hmm.

She reaches down to pick up the fallen basket with her free hand (which is what she's more thinking about, ironically, what could be inside?? Something lumpy! Perhaps it's full of lumps!). She holds it steady with one hand.

"Random encounter." She explains to Leida. "It is nothing to worry about. The worst of the injuries have been taken care of thanks to Maira." She looks over to her and provides her with a smile to show she's thankful. She isn't feeling very smiley but she doesn't want Maira to think she's ungrateful. Once she's smiled for a bit, she looks back to Leida, as neutral as ever. "Please come in. Imi is not in at present." She steps away from the door to let her in and in fact heads back to the couch. "Isaac lost his arm. This is barely an injury in comparision." She looks to Maira and adds, "This one does not mind the opportunity to show this much solidarity."

She'll sit back down in the couch in short order and, when asked about what she wanted to ask, asks what she wanted to ask, askingly.

"How did your date go? The Network requests detailed details."
Leida Leida hesistates for a moment. She isn't quite sure how to react when both Maira and Emi brush aside her concern, almost looking a little disappointed. But they probably know better than she does how bad the injury is so the girl merely nods quitely and shuffles inside.

She glances at the basket but does not make a fuss of requesting that it be returned. Instead, she slides her shoes off at the door and pushes them neatly together against the wall. A bow is given to the fiery mage along with a greeting in her usual soft-spoken manner before the girl makes her way over to the couch and takes a seat beside Emi.

She remains quiet for the time being, hands folding primly in her lap as she listens to the conversation that was clearly already underway before her arrival.
Maira Yes, it was a pretty random encounter! She smiles back to Emi, but its really not neccessary. She was happy to help! She wanted her friends to keep living, after all. Everyone really needed to stop getting injured so much--come on powers of darkness, chaos, and...well just random craziness, lay off will you?

Maira fixes a drink for Leida and Emi before returning to have a seat as well, wondering what it was Emi wanted to ask her about.


Maira blushes, laughing nervously. "It went well, I think...though I was so nervous I drank too much," she admits sheepishly. As far as details..."We went to New Orleans and had dinner at a restaurant. They had really yummy gumbo. Then we actually danced some. That was really fun. Angan is a really good dancer," she says with a laugh. "Um...then we went for a walk, I got a piggy back ride, lost my shoe...then we talked and I fell into a fountain," she reports. Probably not full of all the juicy details Emi is hoping for, but its embarrassing!
Emi Dennou Emi can tell Leida is dissapointed, but she's not sure what about. Is...Is Leida upset that she's not more injured? That doesn't sound like her at all! What's going on? Maybe it's not about the arm? Maybe it's because she picked up the basket for her?

She fears she may worry about this all day. She's going to have to run some experiments. Once they've sat down, she picks up the basket again and sets it on Leida's lap, and then looks up and studies her expression intently. Maybe it's because she didn't ask what's in the basket? Well she didn't want to pressure Leida on what was clearly meant to be a surprise. Hmm.

"Do you need us to go in search of your footwear?" Emi asks. "Or were you able to recover it?, The Network jealously recalls the last time they went on a piggyback ride and further requests this last addition to the statement made by the Network be forgotten due to their desire to cultivate an impression of someone too mature for piggyback rides."

She fans herself lightly. with her uninjured hand. The shower turns off and Shida stops singing.

"Was this New Orleans?" She adds.
Leida Leida jumps a little as the basket is returned to her possession, her attention fixed on Maira as she speaks, but quickly turns and inclines her head to Emi with a faint smile. She blinks as the other girl stares her down, eyes slowly going wide like a deer caught in headlights.

"A-ah... um... E-Emi...?"

Unsure why exactly she's being stared at, the princess quickly looks away with a blossoming tint of red in her cheeks. However, it seems the Network is more interested in whatever juicy gossip she can acquire from poking into Maira's affairs.

Leida finds herself a little curious as well, though she lacks the courage to ask who exactly it is that the date was with. Instead, she just wraps her hands around the basket and continues to listen in.
Maira Maira giggles. "Nothing wrong with enjoying a piggy back ride! You don't need to hide that," she replies. "My shoe? okay! You don't have to go looking for it. I'll go look when I can, maybe someone found it once it was light. Really, not a big deal," she says. "Yes in New Orleans. Its nice there at night. Lively music, the air smelled so sweet and floral..and Angantyr put on a suit and tie and actually laughed and enjoyed himself!" she adds with a wide smile.

A smile that turns a little guilty. Maybe she can just hide in a hole until everything resolves itself? Maira sighs heavily, shoulders drooping. "Ugh....I don't know what to do."
Emi Dennou Emi just can't help herself. The Network is naturally curious and very inquistive. And it's a lot harder figure out Leida than Maira's date. Did she misread? Maybe she wasn't dissapointed? Well when in doubt, give pats, Emi reasons.

She reaches out and pats Leida on the hand /twice/. "Thank you for coming." She tells her. "Sorry it's at a bit of a busy time. It is surprisingly difficult to multitask when you only have one body."

Shida can be heard humming as she walks down towards the lobby.


Emi manages to remain composed. "We are not hiding anything, The Network reminds of the previous request that should also be considered classified--" She begins before cutting herself off.

"Do about what?" She asks.
Leida Leida stares down at her hands as she is patted not once but twice. Many people her age would consider such treatment to be insulting, indication that the other person believes them to be childish or incompetant. Fortunately, the princess is used to such things, due to a combination of her unfortunate vertical impedement and her incredibly meek personality. She closes her eye and accepts the pats with dignity, offering a faint smile back at Emi.

"Oh... i-it is alright, Emi-chan. I understand. Please, do not allow me to be a bother..."

She starts to hunker down as if trying to shrink as small as possible to be less noticable but then something that was said finally clicks, the marble having worked its way through the maze of her mind and settling into the goal with a solid thunk.

"W-w-wha...?!" She's so surprised to hear that Angantyr not only went on a date in the first place but actually /danced/ and gave piggyback rides and other normal stuff that doesn't involve jumping out of the darkness and scowling at people that she can't phrase it into anything more than a stammered half-word.
Maira I know right? Practically unheard of! Maira nods to Emi then, smiling a little. "O-okay Emi. Classified," she replies. The Network is very strange sometimes! Okay, most of the time. It's a hive mind, it is inherently strange. If she's stopped seeing it that way, it is only because she's also becoming more and more odd.

Maira looks to Leida, smiling sheepishly. Yeah, she understands that reaction. Really, she does. She almost didn't recognize him at first without his armor on. "Y-yeah," is all she says, looking back to Emi. Girl talk time again, apparently. Maira takes a deep breath. "I...seem to have a problem because...two guys me...and I--yeah. When I first met Angan I really liked him, and that kind of continued even though he...was in love with Avira at the time...I never ever thought he would feel the same way about me. I'd really kind of given up, and in that time I met Percival and--" giant sigh! The rest comes out quickly; "PercisayshelovesmebuthealsoknowsIhavefeelingsforAnganandIdon'tknowwhattodo!"
Emi Dennou Emi sighs a bit. What's she doing wrong here?? "We can talk later." She murmurs to her. "If something is the matter--" Maybe she's just upset Imi isn't here. If only she WAS, she'd probably do something to solve this problem.

But Emi's eyes widen faintly as Maira provides her current situation. "This one has run into similar circumstances before. Rather to explain in detail, another individual came to me with this problem and The Network believes we have a solution. It comes from a french term. This one is not sure if you are aware of it, but The Network will use this opportunity to instruct in the hopes of helping you with your situation."

She raises a single index finger and says, "The Network suggests a 'menage a trois'."

"The Network will promptly take the opportunity to explain wht a menage a trois is--" Emi continues but then Shida pops in. She is wearing fuzzy slippers and has a towel wrapped around her body, a big smile on her lips. Excitedly she speaks up.

"Are we talking about threesomes, Shida of the Network asks with feigned innocence?"
Leida Realising that she has voiced her surprise outloud, Leida quickly attempts to become one with the couch again, sinking into the cushions and tilting her head forward so that her flat-cut bangs shelter her eyes. Perhaps she thinks that if she can't see anyone else then they cannot see her either? Maybe just wishful thinking.

"O-okay..." Her voice is barely audible when she responds to Emi's attempt to placate her but again the Network seems to get interrupted mid-thought by something far more interesting.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, Leida does not speak French nor has she heard of this particular term before. She peeks upwards through her curtain of bangs curiously, peering back and forth between those present.
Maira The air around Maira becomes quite heated! Weirdly, this term had come up before and she'd had to have it explained/looked it up and been pretty surprised/horrified/extremely mortified.

"No! No no no! Oh no, NO. no no," Maira seems to be stuck. She's broken. She just keeps saying "NO!" over and over again.

After a few more moments of this, Maira hangs her head. "No...I could never. Someone is going to get hurt and I hate that, but no. I have to choose. I should be obvious, shouldn't it? Why isn't it obvious?" she asks.
Emi Dennou "The Network admits to not really understanding--" Emi begins. Maira says 'no no no no no no no no' like fifteen more times and she shuts her mouth to let Maira get all the NOs she wants out.

She waits a bit longer.

"Love, infatuation, crushes--all these things are not settled logically. They are emotional constructs. Simply put, it is entirely possible you love each of them, possibly even equally. To us, something akin to accepting both relationships seems like the simple solution. However, we are not entirely unaware of the nature of societal expectations upon the individual nor culture's impact on such. Therefore--"

"Therefore," Shida interrupts. "Your other options, if 'threesome' is not acceptable, is to either pick one, possibly randomly--presuming equal love for each--or to simply choose neither, as they do not qualify under the notion of 'one true love."
Maira Maira sighs heavily, nodding a little. She thinks she just needs to stop being afraid of hurting someone and do what is it her heart. But that is so much easier thought than done.

"Thanks Emi...I'll think on that..." she replies.

Maira looks to Leida then, questioningly. She wonders what she thinks!
Emi Dennou Emi smiles faintly. "We wish you luck and will root for you."

She pauses though, catching that look. "ah, that is correct. Leida-Chan, you are much more experienced than ourselves. What do you think?"
Leida The vehement denial from Maira causes the small girl to stare. She's not quite sure what it is that has set her off but clearly Emi's suggestion isn't satisfactory. She'll have to ask what that word means later.

The talk of the Network's inability to grasp romance, however, is far more pertinent to her own interests. Leida sinks yet further into the couch, somehow, looking oddly like someone just told her that her puppy has died. She stares at the floor for several moments before her eyes dare to drift upwards again in the absence of conversation. Finding the others staring at her gives her a start and she turns completely red.

"W-what? Oh... well... I-I think..." She glances over at Emi and then Shida, not sure if it would be appropriate to talk about her views on love involving multiple people when the very people she would be talking about are sitting right next to her.

"Um... well... if... if you love them both... then... you should..." Her voice grows slowly softer as she speaks, drifting off into unintelligable mutters and the girl lowers her head to hide her face once again.
Maira "I don't know that I love them both. I care about them both, I really do, and--and--I just...." Maira looks down. "I really...don't want to hurt anyone," she admits with a sigh.

Leida is obviously incredibly embarrassed. Maira flashes her an apologetic smile. "Sorry Leida, didn't mean to put you on the spot. I appreciate the girl talk though, I really do."

Maira just has some serious thinking to do.
Emi Dennou "Ah, sorry for putting you on spots." Emi says, a bit awkwardly. She sometimes goes a bit too far.
"You're very kind, Shida of the Network thinks." She adds to Maira.

But after that there is a period of awkwardness.

Emi looks over to Shida. "...Your hair is still wet." She tells her.
"Ah, sorry." Shida says and uses the towel to dry off her hair.

Emi looks back to Leida and says, "But I am reminded. You brought a basket. We thought it may have been some manner of surprise, but we inquire what's inside all the same at this point?" Emi asks.
Leida If it were possible to completely disappear, Leida would - oh, wait she can disappear. Ofcourse, using her shadow magic like that might upset the others, so she is forced to merely pretend that she is invisible until everyone starts ignoring her. It's worked wonders in the past. Unfortunately, not so this time.

The apologies and quick subject change do a little to pull the shy girl back out of her shell before she completely withdraws. Leida slowly looks up once more, staring at Emi and then down at the basket in her lap as if she completely forgot it was there.

"O-oh... this is... I just thought you might... I mean... i-it's just some food..."

Carefully, the princess lifts away the neatly folded covering to reveal the contents of the mysterious basket. A plethora of various items lines the interior. Smoked fish that look like they were pulled straight out of the water and then set on fire, scales and all. Poorly kneaded rice buns that seem to be falling apart despite the seaweed wrapping them down the middle. Pipping hot sweet potatoes are clustered on one side, wrapped in an assortment of burnt leaves, as if she actually cooked them that way. Various other things.

The food all looks hand-made, though not very skillfully. Leida gives a weak smile to Emi and then turns to do the same for Shida. Her body seizes up, the small girl struck by a sudden onset of paralysis. One of her precious Dennous, in her utterly innocent lack of modesty, has chosen to use the same towel covering her body to dry her hair.

The girl stares openly at this, both horrified at what she's seeing and completely unable to turn away at the same time. Leida's entire body begins to turn red, the blush from her cheeks spreading across every inch of her pale skin. She opens her mouth, trying to say something, but the only thing that comes out is a pathetic squeak.

Maira blinks, tilts her head slightly, then shrugs. If Shida isn't embarrassed, she's not going to be! They're all girls here!

Oh Maira, so naive.
Emi Dennou "You made some food." Emi says. "We were taught about skinning boar recently. It was very interesting. With a knife, as an aside."

Shida hums a bit as she dries her head before wrapping the towel back around herself like nothing had happened. "Thank you for helping me warm up, Maira." Shida adds, referring to earlier when Maira NO NO NOed. "Do you have further need of me?"

Emi shakes her head. "Multitasking is less neccessary now that topics have shifted. Thank you."

She turns her attention back to Leida. "Did you bring these for Maira? Or Avira? The Network inquires and also offers a third possibility: Is it your lunch?"

She tilts her head. "Leida-Chan?"
Leida The replacement of the towel seems to break the spell. Leida realizes that she is staring and bolts upright in her seat, a surge of utter shame and embarrassment lancing through her spine. One can almost hear the ripping sound as she tears her gaze away from Shida's body, waving her arms frantically at the air between herself and Emi as if to bat aside any notions of what she was thinking.


The princess' head rockets downwards in a deep bow of apology for something that she clearly just stated did not happen. Her forehead slams into the edge of the basket, sending it flipping into the air. Leida stands up, a hand outstretched as if to stop time and prevent this tragedy from occuring but nevertheless the contents scatter across the room in a messy rain of sticky rice and burnt seafood.

She stares at the disaster for a moment then slowly lowers her hand, clasping them together in her lap. Her head tilts downwards as well as she retreats behind her curtain of bangs. "...I am sorry. I... I will clean this up."
Maira "Its okay Leida, I don't think The Network is shy," she says with a small laugh. "Oouuu you brought food Leida? It smells delicious!" she replies, and she seems to be serious. Maira loves food. All food. Burnt food? What's wrong with that? Adds flavor!

Then the basket scatters. Maira gasps, but immediately starts helping Leida to clean up. She may also be taking bites as she does so.
Emi Dennou "Right. We are not shy." Emi begins, but the princess is already bowing and proving that she hasn't sold off her KLUTZ levels just yet. Emi lashes out with a hand but she naturally is a bit slow herself to respond. Her hand lowers faintly as she sees what just happened.

"...To the Network..." Emi murmurs faintly. "...Wasting food is a sin."

She crouches down and immediately starts picking up food and shoving it in her mouth rapidly. She barely takes breaks to breathe. If it looks like something fell on something 'not-the-floor'--like for instance, landed on another piece of food, she guides it back to the basket. Otherwise; down the hatch!

NARF NARF NOM NOM NOM. Emi hunches over th food like she's afraid someone might steal it. The observant might notice that she USUALLY eats like that--to the point, perhaps, of it being a manner of habit even when it's not strictly neccessary.
Leida Once more Leida finds herself staring openly. Both of these people are devouring food that just got sent all over the floor like it's totally normal. Oddly, this manages to snap her out of the depression that was threatening to overwhelm the girl at the thought of all her hard work going to waste. Now she's just kind of grossed out.

"E-Emi-chan...! You should not...!"

Leida reaches out as if to touch Emi's shoulder but the ravenous way which she attacks the scattered food causes her to withdraw it just as quickly as if she is afraid of losing a finger.

"W-well... I suppose this means they liked it...", she mutters softly.
Emi Dennou Snarfarfnararfnarflarnflanrflanrflanrflanflfle.

Well she's not exactly super noisy actually. She manages to be quick and relatively quiet. Not totally noiseless, but it's mechanical the way she goes about it.

Shida shortly comes back in to help out. They're pretty strange. And maybe even gross. Maybe they've eaten worse than charred food that fell to the ground. Or maybe they're just doing it so Leida won't be sad. Either way, Emi starts coughing after eating a bit too quickly.

"Oof. You don't want any Leida-Chan?" Emi asks, reaching for some rice.
Leida The corner of Leida's eye twitches involuntarily as she attempts to fight back her digust. On the other hand, she doesn't want to make them feel unusual, even if they seem pretty resistant to things like that. Glancing around, the princess attempts to find something that hasn't landed on the floor and eventually spies a couple of the sweet potatoes still wrapped up in their leafy sheathes.

She wanders over to collect a few of them, tucking them into the nook of her arm. Her prizes in hand, she moves over to kneel down between Emi and Shida, offering each of them one of the baked vegetables.

"Um... try this. They're really sweet..."
Emi Dennou Emi and Shida will take sweet potatoes. They will bite through them, leaves and all. They patiently consume through the food at an even pace. But about halfway through the meal, they both stop and look to Leida.

"Thank you." Emi says. "For bringing us food."

"Shida of the Network apologizes if it was for someone else, but we do not make very much money and well--"

Emi gives Shida a look before adding to Leida. "We are accustomed to going hungry. That is why."
Leida In stark contrast to the methodical but aggressive eating habits displayed by the Network, Leida carefully peels the leaves away from her potato and begins to demurely nibble away at one end. She makes steady progress as well but without something to wash it down, she takes her time and swallows small bites.

The sudden display of gratitude comes mid-bite and Leida peers up at them curiously, still chewing away at the sweet morsel. Upon hearing their explanations, she looks shocked.

"R-Really?! That is terrible... I-I had no idea..."

She stares down at the floor feeling ashamed for not realizing that her good friends were going hungry. After a moment, she holds the half-eaten remains of her potato out to Emi. "Here! Please, take all you want. I...I make plenty of money at my job so... if you ever need food...!"
Emi Dennou "Ah, no." Emi says. "Please, we do have our pride. Regardless, we have jobs /now/, this is more how matters long before now. This one admits, it had become something of a habit." She goes quiet for a few moments. "...Besides which, The Network would have eaten this regardless. Since you prepared it." She smiles faintly. "It is clear you worked hard on it. In any case, our apologies for explaining poorly at first. This one enjoys working hard. We are secure at present. If it ever becomes not so, we could see about inquiring you for work. We have free room, it seems, due to our work with the TDA. It helps considerably. We are ... honestly quite happy. So this one suggests--you do not have to worry for us. Even if we are hurt in the line of our work--"

She smiles again. "--To be truth, The Network had no idea the world was such an amazing place until we arrived in Traverse Town. There's always new wonders to uncover. And friends to meet."
Leida "O-oh..."

Leida feels a little foolish for misinterpretting the explanation and she blushes in response to this. It did seem a little odd that they would mention going hungry when they worked for the TDA, now that she thinks of it. But they seemed to have appreciated the intention of her worry, even if it was needless and that makes her feel a little happy.

The small girl nods in understanding and retracts her potato, nibbling on it a little more in thoughtful silence. The mention of getting hurt draws her eyes down to Emi's sling-bound arm again, however.

"...but I do worry," she whispers.
Emi Dennou "We know." Emi admits. "And thank you for doing so. It is very kind of you. It's just..."

She frowns a bit.

"We hope one day you can enjoy this world as much as we do, someday, The Network supposes." She reaches out with an arm, intending to give Leida a quick one-armed hug.
Leida Leida doesn't seem quite as cheered up by the praise as they might expect. Kind wasn't really the word she was looking for. But, as always, she's too timid to say anything about it.

She does not shy away from the hug though, as she might once have. Infact, she even returns it, leaning in to wrap her own noodly arms around Emi's shoulders. She lingers for a few seconds, clinging lightly to the other girl before finally withdrawing and returning her gaze to the floor.

"Thank you, Emi-chan..."
Emi Dennou Emi would say she loves Leida. Of course, she's a close friend. But could she say she LURVES her? She's not sure. She's not even sure if she's capable of it or what it would feel like. She knows what sort of criteria she'd have, and Leida certainly fills at least one of those, but is that enough? Is she even mature enough for it? She is a lot younger, in numbers, than Leida might know.

"Lets go on an adventure sometime soon." She suggests. "When you have time off."
Leida Leida glances up from the corner of her eye hesistantly. Adventure has quickly proven to be not really her thing. There's usually camping in the wilderness, sleeping on uncomfortable rocks or surrounded by weird creatures she's never seen or heard before. Not to mention the death traps, monsters, and being out in the sun all day.

However, any chance to spend more time with Emi or any of the others is something she's not about to pass up. The princess puts on a bright smile and looks up at Emi properly, nodding to her in return.


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