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(2013-05-21 - 2013-05-31)
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Alma Hyral Midnight.

The Shinra resort town was now quieter under the light of one of the World of Ruin's half-moons. Silvery light shone down upon the waters, reflecting off the sea. As the sea joined the horizon line, it always gave the illusion that the sea of stars above joined with the ocean below. Her innocent faith told her that it was for that reason so many appeared on the beaches of the World of Ruin. The scientist in her scoffed at this.

Alma Hyral had recovered from the very awkward end to her /debut/ last night. She didn't realize that's what it was, not yet at least, as Kyra and Seloria conspired to build her confidence.

For now, the girl was set up on the beach, with a few large beach towels spread out. A telescope was on a tripod stand. A small folding table had a laptop upon it, which made a sort of whirring humming as part of a constant white noise. Beside it, was a framed picture of her older sister, Tira, in a white dress.

For several hours, she'd been gazing at the stars, and finally she decided to take a break.. but what to do? Looking at her laptop with a thoughtful look, she minimized the program, and tapped a few keys to bring up her web browser. Searching for something on mognet, she finally retrieved a video of a melody to one of her favorite sappy love songs. The video was sans the usual lyrics... but for what she intended, that was probably for the best.

Quite alone on the beach, she hit the play button, took a few steps back... and began to dance. Or rather, /try/ to dance. She had no real idea how. So in her white dress, it looked more like twirling, with the occasional impromptu dance step thrown in. Her hands moving about in an improvised manner. She just.. capered about on the beach on her towels, under the light of the half moon, while humming to the melody.

Music Change:

She'd have never done this on the Ame-No-Torifune, being so mortified of the possibility of being caught.. but here, it felt like good fun, for which she'd never ever be caught by one of her classmates.
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza has had a bit of a rough evening. When she was invited to the beach, she was very anxious about it. Back home in Shiva, she never had many friends. She was always too shy, too awkward, or too odd to be very popular. At Alexander Academy this didn't change much, largely because she was so poor she couldn't even enroll there until being picked up by talent scouts from Murasame Zaibatsu. She tended to stick to herself out of fear of being picked on there, as she was in many places, due to being rather accident prone and not very good at talking to people at length.

And, with the number of students at the Academy and Thirza's attempts to be modest with how she dressed--she didn't really draw too much attention to herself. Now that there's a lot fewer of them running around people have /had/ to notice her, and she's not sure how she feels about it. On one level, she's flattered that people keep complimenting her. On the other, she's distrustful, because why has this never happened before? Perhaps Minette's influence in that regard has spread to Thirza too.

Ah, Minette. Minette is, not by her own fault, part of the reason for Thirza's issues this evening. Frankly, Thirza couldn't enjoy herself as much as she might have for worrying about Minette. Minette, for all her faults, had been nice to Thirza before other people had--or at least, Thirza took it that way. So she tries to watch out for her, in her own, sometimes awkward way. Even with it, she still manages to come across as a bit more competent than her companion in anything that isn't math, many times.

Thirza is walking along the beach, lost in her thoughts, when she comes across Alma's camp. At first, she isn't sure what she's seeing. She's awestruck, for the moment, and forced to sit there and watch. Thirza dare not interrupt, between how much Alma seems into it and between how--nice it is, really. Instead, she takes a seat a little ways away and rests her chin on her knees. Unfortunately, she doesn't think to perhaps hide.
Alma Hyral The young girl continues to twirl in her extemporaneous dance. She'd ad-lib more of the steps as she continues. Really she had no idea what she was doing. It was just.. fun, for her. The song would continue on repeat, until she was breathless, and took some time to stop, catching her breath. She didn't really have all that much stamina, tiring easily whenever she was doing anything more than walking.

It was at about that time that she noticed someone out of the corner of her eye.. Turning around suddenly, she realizes that it's Thirza. Her eyes widen in shock at the thought that she's been caught in this embarassing position, as she quickly turns and punches the keys on the laptop that would close down the video.

She'd take a deep breath, closing her eyes, trying desperately to compose herself before walking over towards Thirza, with her hands clasped demurely behind her back. Her expression was downcast as she stated meekly, "H-Hi Thirza. I-It's nice to see you again. Y-You look very pretty t-tonight."
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza blinks several times when Alma suddenly stops. "Oh, hi Alma," she says quietly, "Um. Thanks." Thirza considers for a good moment, then adds, "Sorry for eavesdropping--you looked like you were having a lot of fun, so I didn't want to stop you. I didn't know you danced." Thirza says, pushing her glasses up and smiling at the other girl.

Thirza looks down. "I hope I'm not bothering you," she adds as an afterthought. "I had a lot on my mind, so I was taking a walk."
Alma Hyral "T-There's no n-need to apologize. And I d-don't.." She gives her a timid smile, her movements seemed awkward, stilted as she lifted her face to look up at Thirza. "..I n-never learned how. N-Noone has ever a-asked me to d-dance so I didn't t-think I'd need to l-learn."

She'd push her own glasses back, before smoothing down her hair. You'd never know how long it actually was, given that Alma typically kept it bound up so tightly in that bun of hers, but in truth it was long enough to be just past her waist.

"Y-You're not. You're a-always welcome c-company Thirza." And then she'd look at her inquisitively, gesturing for her to follow her back to her setup over on the towels, "Is s-something wrong?"

And then after a moment's thought, "It's.. about M-Minette, isn't it?"
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza smiles. "I think you were doing fine, really!" She hops up and moves over toward Alma, dusting off her seat she doesn't bring sand with her. She walks over toward the towels, bringing herself to a more natural distance to talk with Alma.

"Oh, um, thanks! I enjoy spending time with you, too. You're very nice, Alma." Thirza tugs her ponytail a little when Alma brings up Minette. It's an idle distraction to work off nervous energy. "--yeah. How did you know?"
Alma Hyral Alma would gesture for Thirza to sit down on the little stool if she wanted. Her left hand became gripped against her upper right arm, which was bare, other than for a small part of it which was covered by the scarf around her neck. Her expression would flush briefly, "T-Thank you, but I r-really don't know how. It's more j-just playing at it. I a-always used to watch S-Shivan d-dancers on television. I t-thought they were so e-elegant, but my father d-didn't like me w-watching it. He said they were i-immodest..."

Her flush would deepen at Thirza's compliment, but then, the conversation would turn to Minette, "Y-You're her best f-friend. It w-wasn't hard to f-figure out."

A short pause, as she collected her thoughts. "S-She doesn't like me, T-Thirza. I don't k-know why, but she doesn't... I try to be n-nice to her, be s-supportive of her.. I b-bring her w-whatever she wants, l-lunch, c-coffee... I even help her c-clean her office... but she b-barely notices I'm a-alive. Or w-when she does, e-either acts a-ambivalent, or like she d-doesn't want me a-around.. and I d-don't know why. I w-want to h-help her, but she w-won't let me. And then l-last night.."

Her gaze turns once again downward towards her feet, "I d-don't know what h-happened. She's s-seen me in this d-dress before. But.. I just got the i-impression that she saw s-something different. S-Something she didn't like, and...l-left. I t-tried to apologize to her, to ask her to c-come back, to f-find out what I did w-wrong but... she n-never answered."
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza takes a seat on the stool, though it takes her a moment to get balanced properly on it for obvious reasons. "I thought you did fine," Thirza smiles. "I watched those two, when I could," a pause, "...I had to do chores a lot." A pause. "And we all shared a television."

"Yeah," Thirza says, shuffling her feet. "I guess that's true, huh?" She seems happy that someone else (besides her) considers her to be Minette's best friend. And then Alma brings up her feelings about it.

"Oh, well," Thirza frowns. "I like you. I'm hoping Minette will warm up to you too, Alma. She's--" Thiza inhales deeply. "You make her a little uncomfortable, I think. It's not really anything you /do/ either. It's just..." Thirza swallows uncomfortably.

"...I think you remind her too much of Tira."
Alma Hyral "We didn't watch much t-television." Alma seems visibly more relaxed, smiling at Thirza. "For how r-rich and prestigious my family was... we lived very conservatively. My f-father thought it was sinful to do otherwise. Me and my m-mother slipped in our cooking shows though, on occasion. I learned how to c-cook from her."

She'd turn to face Thirza, dipping her head slightly, "It is. She a-adores you. I'm glad she has someone like you."

She'd listen to everything in turn, her eyes widening in shock. She suddenly quavered, looking very self-conscious, as she walks over to the fold out table, lifting the picture of Tira in a white gown, holding it up, and just staring at it, her voice lowering in volume just a touch, "W-Why? Tira is e-everything I could n-never be. S-She was p-pretty, k-kind, p-p-popular... she a-always knew what to say, knew w-what to do. E-Everyone loved her." She'd stare into the frame, "In w-what world could I be a-anything like her?"

From the glimpse Thirza could take of the picture, she'd probably see that Tira and Alma look...remarkably alike, especially with Alma dressed as she currently is. She's definitely younger, her facial features don't look quite as elegant. And she doesn't look even close to being as self-assured as the woman in the portrait but.. there it is.

"I k-know she d-doesn't like Tira... I h-heard her talk about it in her s-sleep once... even tried to d-discuss it with her.. I just n-never thought..."

She closes her eyes, "I-It seems so strange. I've l-lived my whole life being j-jealous of others...I've n-never had anyone j-jealous of me. I w-wish I knew what to do, to s-smooth things over with her."
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza seems relieved when Alma explains she didn't watch much either, mostly because it means that Alma isn't likely to try and talk to her about something she watched. Thirza has been in /that/ situation before. It makes her feel out of the loop.

"Oh, well," Thirza frowns, her worried gaze focusing on Alma as she starts feeling more self-conscious.

"Well," Thirza says, "--I think you're lovely, and kind, and well--" Thirza sighs. "Minette feels like she gets ignored a lot...and people like you." A pause. "--you really do look a lot like her..." Thirza admits, as she looks over at the photograph.

"Really?" Thirza asks, her eyes widenly. "Well, I've never really been there myself, either..."
Alma Hyral The girl would close her eyes, as they started to mist up. She put returned the picture to the folding table as she looked away from Thirza briefly, her fingers reaching up behind her glasses to rub her eyes. "T-Thank you..." What else could she say at the compliment? She could try to deny it but it'd seem like a half-hearted lie. She didn't feel she was anything like Tira, but she had to admit she did look.. at least a little bit like her.

That thought stunned her, as she suddenly remembered the events of last night. Could it be that...? Oh sweet Cosma no...

She suddenly looked extremely ashamed, "...I t-try not to ignore her, I had no i-idea..m-maybe this w-whole thing is a bad idea.." Trying to emulate Tira almost seemed, sinful to her, disrespectful of her memory. Even though that wasn't what she'd intended to do.. she now felt like she was.

She'd sigh, glancing sidelong to Thirza, "T-Thirza, you're p-pretty and kind. N-Never doubt that. If a-anyone didn't pay attention to you b-before due to where you c-came from.. then they're s-stuck up. T-That's all there is to it.."
Thirza Ingersleben "Well," Thirza says slowly, giving it a lot of thought. "I'm not sure it's a /bad/ idea, I mean...Tira seemed pretty great...not that I knew her, but..." Thirza thinks about this long and hard, tapping her chin.

"I think you should be yourself. I really like you, Alma. You're very kind and nice, and..." Alma showers her with compliments. "Um, thanks...I don't know what to say."
Alma Hyral "She was the b-best.." The girl keeps one hand against her eyes. She doesn't want Thirza to see her cry. "She was a-always kind to me, a-always s-supportive. And all I c-could ever do was act s-selfishly, to h-harry her with my p-problems, to be j-jealous of how much better she was than I. W-What kind of a s-sister was I?"

And then she confides something in Thirza, through a plaintive voice, "I d-don't even know w-who I am, T-Thirza. I've s-spent my w-whole life l-letting others d-dictate for me w-what I should be I s-should I s-should act. I-I'm what my p-parents made me. What t-those who p-pushed me around made me... I d-don't know what I'd be l-like if I s-stopped letting t-their expectations t-tell me what to be...and I'm n-not as nice as everyone t-thinks." She sounds pretty choked up, "I'm s-selfish, and d-deceptive...and I'm a t-terrible d-daughter, a t-terrible person.."

Then through the sniffling, "Y-You're a much better person than I c-could ever be, T-Thirza."
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza just sits there agape for a moment as the dam breaks and this outpouring of emotion comes from Alma. She doesn't seem to know what to think, at first, so she listens. She listens quietly and attentively as Alma explains how she feels and how she sees herself.

Thirza sniffles a little herself. For someone so incredibly durable, she's something of a softie. She steps forward to try and slip her arms around Alma and give her a hug. "I don't know," Thirza says, "I--I don't think you give yourself enough credit. I do tons of nice things for people. I think you're a good person! I mean, everyone has some problems, right?"

Thirza smiles pleasantly at Alma, trying to cheer her up. "No matter what you think about yourself, I like you, Alma. I think you've just never had a chance to really shine and make your own choices."
Alma Hyral The younger girl returns the embraces, sniffling as she tries to compose herself. she managed to keep herself from sobbing, but just barely, she just..says in an almost pathetic voice, "T-The one time I d-decided something for m-myself T-Thirza... I d-did something.. t-terribly wrong. I h-haven't d-decided a-anything for m-myself ever since.. I'm j-just a-afraid. I w-want to be my o-own person... but I a-also want to be the d-daughter my d-daddy c-can be proud of."

And then on her final comments, the girl seemed to finally compose herself fully, "T-Thanks T-Thirza, t-thank you for being so k-kind. I j-just wish I felt the s-same way."
Thirza Ingersleben "Well, we all make mistakes sometimes..." Thirza says, "I mean, I make them /all/ the time. I'm pretty sure you couldn't be half as bad as me if you were to try, huh, Alma?" Thirza keeps smiling, trying to help her feel better. She squeezes Alma again.

"You're welcome! Like I said, you're always so kind to me, I can't imagine that you aren't a great person when you put your mind to it."
Alma Hyral She actually giggles light-heartedly at that, "T-Thirza, the m-mistakes you make.. you d-don't mean to make them. T-They don't make you a bad p-person..." But she doesn't elaborate any further on her situation, at least in respect to that.

And she'd slowly draw away, wondering aloud, "W-Well, I m-may not be a g-great p-person, but I'm a p-pretty good cook. At l-least now I am. D-Don't suppose you'd w-want anything? S-Selly's room isn't far, and she's out for the n-night. She w-won't mind."
Thirza Ingersleben "Oh, well," Thirza says, shuffling her feet a little bit. "That sounds nice, actually. It is getting pretty late," she admits, looking up at the half-moon. "It's really nice here. I mean, I didn't mind Narshe, either, but..."

"Minette likes it much better here."
Alma Hyral Alma would begin packing her things. The telescope is meticulously taken apart, and put away in a metal case, which is then put in a satchel. Her work on the laptop is saved and it's shut down. The picture, and the laptop are put away in a backpack. She shoulders all of that. The table actually collapses down to a size much smaller than it by all rights should be, and she carries it with her. The beach towels are folded up, and eventually the girl's arms are full, as she finally picks up the stool as well.

She'd speak calmly as they walked back towards the hotel, "Actually, Thirza..." She pauses, and looks out in the distance, over the sea. "The ocean is nice, but if not for Selly... I think I'd probably stay in Narshe most of the time. The Northern lights are beautiful, and the stars.. you can just see them so clearly. It's beautiful there. I love the snow.. growing up on Ramuha I never saw snow, just constant storms. I always dreamed of what it'd be like, but my parents wouldn't let me go to Shiva.. I was too sickly. But now, I can.. and I really love it."
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza watches Alma pack, but does not immediately volunteer to help. It may be that she's unsure of how everything should be arranged, or it may be she just doesn't feel comfortable handling Alma's things. When they are all packed, however, Thirza does step forward.

"I can help you carry something if you'd like," Thirza says happily, "I mean, I don't want you to have to carry it all yourself." And then, as Alma talks a bit about how she feels about Costa del Sol and Narshe, Thirza grins. "Well, I'm glad you like it there. I don't mind it all--it reminds me of home, really, but I know some people think it's too cold." Thirza takes a moment to say anything else, like she's trying to think of what to say.

"You really seem to like Shiva, huh?"
Alma Hyral Alma would gladly accept the help. She wasn't very strong, nor was she graceful. It was more than likely that carrying all of that at once would have ended in disaster.

She'd smile at Thirza, "I'm.. fond of Shiva. Rena tells me stories about it on occasion, of the Hrimthur clan. Everything from that land seems so exotic. I'd ask Annia about life beneath the domes but.. Annia doesn't like me. I'm a fan of the Levitani too.. their lore, their navigational charts.. everything except... I'm a terrible swimmer. I like looking at the sea, but I don't have the same connection they do to it. And..."

She'd give Thirza a sheepish look at they walked towards the inn. "My skin.. I burn easily. Too easily, on the beach.. I'd probably have to confine my swimming to late in the day, or even around twilight if I ever learned." Indeed, she was quite pale, something else she'd inherited from her time under Ramuha's dark skies and constant storms.

Once they arrived, she'd open the door to the inn room, setting her things down just inside. She'd then give Thirza a questioning look, "Would you like breakfast, or dinner? We're kind of at that point of the morning where it all blends together."
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza is glad to help and takes whatever Alma sees fit to have her carry. As they walk she seems content to just listen to Alma for a while.

"Oh, yes! I understand. It actually took me a while to learn how to swim, since the water tends to be...mostly frozen around Shiva. I guess it was just by luck that I got to learn early." She doesn't say whether that's good or bad luck, but was probably bad. "I can try to help teach you sometime, but Seloria or Minette would probably be much better at it."

Thirza sets things down by Alma's lead. She smiles brightly when Alma offers to make something. "Well, you don't have to do that, I'm fi--" Thirza's stomach rumbles. "Um. Whichever is fine."
Alma Hyral The room looks like it's been recently cleaned. Everything is set in it's proper place. Even the sheets on the bed look like they've been barely ruffled. Seloria's stock is all organized on the racks, while the patterns and rolls of fabric, as well as her unfinished projects all neatly organized next to the sewing machines.

"Thanks Thirza. Maybe you can teach me a little. I have a feeling that Selly is too much of an expert to teach me out of the kiddy pools. She would.. if I asked her, but I'm not sure she'd have too much fun with it until I learned a little better. Minette.. I don't think she'll want to, but if she offers, sure."

She'd then give her an inquisitive look, "They taught you in.. frozen water? Isn't that dangerous? You could get hypothermia in seconds! Frostbite in minutes."

Alma would walk into the humble little kitchen that's been provided for the inn room, starting to bustle around in the kitchen as she worked to prepare something for Thirza.
Thirza Ingersleben "I'd be glad to," Thirza answers as she takes a look around the room, trying to find a good place to sit where she won't disturb anything since the room looks so nice and newly cleaned. She tugs a little at her towel (she's still dressed in beach clothes, with the towel around her waist).

"Oh, well," Thirza says, "it was kind of a sink or swim situation, really. When I was little I was trying to rescue an animal from where some ice had melted and I fell in..." Thirza doesn't mention that she didn't realize the thing she was rescuing could, in fact, swim and was in no real danger. "And it took them a while to fish me out. My family was afraid I was going to die for a few days because we didn't have the money for expensive medicine..."

"But I got better." Thirza doesn't elaborate further about how that was the point where her family decided she was touched by the Second Gods and needed to be a geomancer. Or how some of the later decided, due to her recurring bad luck, that she was instead cursed to survive whatever terrible things she brought upon herself."So...yeah. That's a thing."
Alma Hyral Alma calls out from the kitchen, "Really? You didn't have any white mages from the local Church nearby? Clearing up the effects of exposure doesn't take all that long if you have proper training. It's terrible that anyone would let someone die based on their ability to pay..."

A slight pause, "I suppose that's just the way it is for the poor and the downtrodden, but it doesn't have to be. I'm happy you pulled through Thirza. I'm trying to organize a sort of charity for some of Mister Sherman's friends who are out on the street. Something.. ongoing."


Alma brings out several plates of crepes with strawberries, laying them on the table near Thirza with some utensils. She doesn't take a plate for herself... instead it was apparently all intended for Thirza. It wasn't meant to be some sort of insult, she just realized over the past few weeks that Thirza.. had an enormous appetite. And she'd steadily increased the amount of food she produced to compensate.
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza looks at the plates with wide, expectant eyes. She loves Alma's cooking--really, she'd love anyone's cooking if it was free but Alma's is /good/. Thirza would eat it all day (perhaps literally) if it was provided.

"You're the best, Alma!" Thirza says happily as she picks up her utensils and gets ready to dig in. "Um. Yeah. I mean, I suppose if we'd lived in a better area it might not have been so hard, but we didn't have ready access to a white mage who wasn't a private physician."

Thirza digs into crepes for a moment and then, once she swallows a large mouthful, stops to ask a question. "'re not joining me? This is a lot of food--I hope you didn't make it all for me?" Thirza asks this almost hopefully. She's still not used to this kind of treatment.
Alma Hyral "Oh." Perhaps she really was that sheltered, as the idea of white magic being only readily available to those who paid really was that much of an anathema to her. "Well.. just know that you can always come to me. I won't ever make anyone pay for healing."

She'd flush a little at Thirza's compliment, before shaking her head, "No, I'm not hungry. It's all yours, if you want it." She decided not to try and touch the subject on why Thirza eats so much, she just figures she has a healthy appetite, and adjusts accordingly. "Really, go ahead."
Thirza Ingersleben "The best," Thirza repeats before going back to eating. After several moments, she speaks again: "You know, back home I had to go hungry a lot." Thirza says, trying to resist the temptation to talk with her mouth full and mostly succeeding. Mostly.

"I have several siblings so many family was always tight on money," Thirza says, "so a lot of the time, well." Thirza swallows. "Well, I guess we didn't go hungry as a family, I just did sometimes--" Thirza adds more quietly, "because I eat a lot. My mom used to scold me about it. She said I'd regret it when I got older if I didn't stop eating so much." Thirza smiles goofily. "--well, I mean, she wasn't mean about it. It's probably right, right?"

Thirza stabs a crepe. When it won't cut as easily as she'd like she winds up fishing the whole thing and eating it that way. "Mmpf. Sorry," Thirza gulps again, "Then at school I didn't have any extra money, soooo. Yeah."
Alma Hyral Alma quietly lowers herself down in one of the seats beside Thirza, listening to her, her hands clasped togetheron the table in front of her. She didn't appear to be disturbed by Thirza's table manners at all. She spoke up quietly, "I kind of had the opposite problem. I was sick more often than not, so I rarely had an appetite. But my family was always trying to get me to fill up more.. they thought I'd be healthier if I did. It made my mother happy to watch me eat so.. I tried, even when I didn't have the stomach for it. But.."

She sort of half-smiled, "While I never had a big appetite, I always enjoyed cooking. I wasn't really good at it, at first... it's just that eating good food tended to make everyone happy, so I kept trying to learn, until I became decent. And my mother.. she encouraged it, because we're a Naturalis family. It's expected that we'll be betrothed, and married as soon as we hit our eighteenth birthdays. So we're supposed to be prepared to take care of our own families. Not that we don't have enough money that we could do it without those skills, but.. it's still encouraged that you learn those domestic skills."

She'd run a hand back through her hair, smoothing it out, and moving it off the seat, to drape off to the side. "Anyhow.. since my parents are gone.. I've asked Selly and Kyra to see if they can look into.. finding someone willing to accept a betrothal to me."
Thirza Ingersleben "Really?" Thirza says, her eyes getting wider. "I can't imagine not feeling like eating. That must have been terrible!" She moves her fork over to her other hand and reaches over to give Alma and awkward sidehug. "You were sick a lot? I think you told me, but--I'm really sorry for you having to deal with that." Thirza continues eating with her free-hand despite the sidehug. Those crepes call to her, saying she must eat them.

Thirza smiles. "Well, that does explain why you're so good at it. I'm sure it's a good skill to have. I can cook a little bit, but nothing like this. Just basic survival stuff." She unloops her arm from Alma and picks up another empty plate, setting to side, so she can start on the next one. She stops, however, with her loaded fork halfway to her mouth when Alma mentions asking Seloria and Kyra to look for her a husband.

"R-really? That's great! I mean, um, getting married, I guess. It's not really something I've put much thought into. ...wouldn't you really want to find someone that you really love, though?"
Alma Hyral She accepts the sidehug with a smile, "Not so bad really, I just got used to it. And it's gotten easier dealing with being sick.. now at least. Once I learned how to control my magic.. I still get ill all the time.. but I purge it from my body before it can really take hold." She decided not to go into her recent illness in Narshe. It'd probably be best if that were never mentioned again.

She'd nod at that, "I can maybe teach you some more, when you're far afield. So can Nik I bet, he kills all his food with his bare hands.."

And then she flushed, visibly at the last statement, "I.. well yes. Yes I'd like to marry for love, Thirza, I just don't think I can find someone who loves me like that...I'm not the sort of girl that the boys are looking for."
Thirza Ingersleben "Oh, well," Thirza smiles. "I'm glad you're feeling better now. If you ever need help though, let me know, please? I don't get sick very often, so I'd be glad to lend a hand." Thirza stops herself. "Well, besides airsick. That happens occasionally."

"I'd like that," Thirza admits. "It'd really help, I mean, I just kind of put together what I can when I'm traveling." She keeps working on the crepes, which are vanishing quite rapidly.

"Well, what was it you told me about people not paying attention to me? I think the same thing applies to you, Alma. Maybe you're just not looking in the right place."
Alma Hyral She'd nod to Thirza, smiling sheepishly, "I don't really have much of a problem with illness.. it's just.. lately I keep getting dragged into fights with Akari, and I end up breaking a few bones. I don't even really want to fight, I'm a pacifist! I just.. I can't let my friends fight people like her alone."

She'd unfold her hands, kind of gesturing towards the crepes, "Well on the road, you can't make anything especially fancy, but there are a few different ways you can try cooking what you can find, or kill. And small things you can add to spice it up. I'm not very creative yet, but my teacher says I'm coming along splendidly."

And then she's just quiet for a while, before she answers, "I don't know Thirza. I'm usually a wreck when I meet anyone new, or in crowds. If I can stammer through a conversation then I consider myself lucky. I don't think the boys find that all that endearing. You know? Maybe it's just.. I mean I'll look, but if noone notices me then I'd just rather have.. someone, to take care of me, than to risk being alone. I'd like a family some day, I'd like children of my own.."

This scene contained 33 poses. The players who were present were: Alma Hyral, Thirza Ingersleben