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(2013-05-20 - 2013-07-05)
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Seloria Delacreaux It is time to show off, Alma Hyral. This is especially worse when the seamstress of the outfit you're wearing is dragging you out. "C'mon!" Seloria says, one hand wrapped around Alma's wrist.

"I know where all the good places are to rock out tonight, plus I'm tired of being sad and stuff, let's go be awesome!" Plus it'll allow Seloria to show off her own dress, a cross-front halter skin-tight knee-length white dress - they're going to draw eyes, and Seloria is using it as, well...
Help Alma Stop Being Embarassed Tactics.

(While pinging the other Academy Students.)

She stops to fluff out Alma's hair efficently, before hitting the boardwalk.
Minette Odam Do you know what Narshe is? Narshe is a terrible town filled with terrible smells and terrible sights and terrible memories. That's what Narshe is. It should be renamed to 'Narshible' or 'Terrinarshe' or something. That is what Narshe should be called. Confusticate and bebother Narshe and it's terrible Narshing Narshiness.

The initial phase of plan 'Make A Ton Of Money' complete, Minette has gotten the hell out of Narshe and won't need to return to that terrible, terrible place ever again. She has gravitated, naturally, towards Costa Del Sol because it reminds her of home. It's the smell, more then anything else. The water just smells different around here; nothing else about the place is anything like where Minette grew up. But then again, no place is.

And so, having added homesickness to melancholy, Minette has invaded Costa Del Sol's boardwalk. She's wearing a one piece bathing suit (she can't pull off a bikini well; among other things it shows off her 'outtie' bellybutton) with a traditional Levitani sarong that doesn't look so-right due to color mismatch between the two garments. She's been ignoring her linkpearl for a while, wanting to be alone with her mopeyness. Mope mope.

She's taken over a table at a small pizza shop. An entire pizza was brought to her table an hour ago, most of it is gone now and there's pizza grease all over her face. She's currently yakking the ear off of her increasingly uncomfortable waiter. "And then, and then, I was all like, 'studies show that eating boogers bolsters resistance to disease later in life' but they just wouldn't stop laughing..."
Will Sherman Minette's life is about to get a whole lot more HOBO-rific.

Slowly, the sound of a slide whistle of going up can be heard as Will's hat...followed by his head comes over the table.

There is no more pizza for him to steal! :(

Instead, he snags a breadstick, and..

The slidewhistle goes doooooown as he slowly descends back under the table to eat his stolen bread product!

He smells like a hobo too, so there is that!

Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom is at the beach.

And for once, he's not out for business. Instead, Artyom is putting one of his precious vacation days to good use and hitting Costa Del Sol for some magnificent R&R. There are, of course, some logistical problems with being a nine-foot-tall man who may or may not be at least one fifth mountain at a beach resort. Artyom's solution is as elegant as it is somewhat staggering.

That is, he has elected to completely eschew the use of a shirt, and instead wander around in his only pair of blue Murasame Brand swimming trunks. It is a reasonable compromise, Artyom figures: Instead of using- and needing to wash- any of his overly large shirts, he will only need to deal with a single piece of clothing by the end of the day.

Moreover, he has been informed that it is acceptable to go shirtless at beaches. The Levitani have told him this dozens of times. So he has decided to see if it is the case or not.

He still has his sword. It is tied over his shoulder like a colossal surfboard, in such a way that absolutely no surfboard should ever be tied.

People along the boardwalk give him odd looks. Artyom is too tall to even notice.
Caran Steel "Man... How do I keep missing these?" Caran asks himself, reading a Traverse Town newspaper with articles about last night's fire and the other day when some mysterious villain challenged heroes to show up. "I'm supposed to be helping people!" Ketan pads over, flying up to alight on his hat. "Maybe they're just background, leading up to future events you /will/ take part in." The feline observes. Caran hmms. "That could make sense..." But then, his phone beeps! "Hm? They want to meet at a beach?"


"Ghh... why is it so /warm/?" Caran walks along the boardwalk, in his usual full outfit (adventure could strike AT ANY TIME!) "Hey! At least /you/ can take your clothes off. /I'm/ covered in fur!" Ketan objects, riding on Caran's shoulder. Wings flapping slowly to fan them. Caran shrugs. "Well. This is a simple enough problem to solve with magic." And with a bit of cold magic, the air around them drops in temperature ten degrees or so. "Ahh, much better." Ketan's tailtip twitches. Caran simply nods. "Mmhmm... hey, there they are!"

Or at least, there Artyom is! He's kind of /hard to miss/. "Hi!" The Ramuha enthusiastically raises a hand and waves!
Seloria Delacreaux "Look!" Seloria says. "There's Frank and -- isn't that Caran? Steel? Go talk to them. I just saw Minette, I wanna talk to her real fast. Go. Shoo." She flaps her hands out at Alma, giving her a grin. "Just give them that thousand watt smile, they'll fall for your charms."

And maybe she won't have to set Alma up with someone, that'd make her and Kyra both happy.

"Minette!" Seloria says, happily bouncing over to her, seemingly having missed Will. "How are you doing?" She asks, folding her hands behind her back, a mischevious glint in her eyes.
Minette Odam Minette blinks as a hobo in a hat rises up from beneath her table. She watches, wide eyed (expressed primarily by a raising of her brow, her eyes hidden behind her glasses), as he takes a bread stick, then vanishes back beneath the table to eat it, loudly. The waiter takes advantage of the distraction to leave. While he's down there, Minette opens her mouth to voice complaint, but, you know what?

Minette lets him be. If he's that hard up for food, more power to him. So long as he's not doing anything untoward to her legs then Minette's got no complaints. In fact she's not entire unsure the attention would be wholly unwelcome at this point. Will is left ignored and unmolested.

"Oh, hi Seloria." Minette returns the greeting with considerably less enthusiasm. "I'm just... ducky." She lies. And she also frowns at that look in Seloria's eye. That is not a good look. That is an evil look. It promises suffering.
Niklas Dragonius Sun! Surf! Sand! Swimsuits!

Niklas Dragonius absolutely freaking loves the beach. The beach is where you go to enjoy yourself for real - where people get back to the primacy of humanity and get as close to naked as they possibly can and still be legal in public. It's amazing what girls will do around a beach.

Niklas is no exception to that. He's got a pair of swim trunks on and little else; not for the first time, those who haven't already seen Niklas naked are shown the full results of the Dragonus family training method: a frankly unreal musculature despite his slim body. He really looks like he could break a girder in half with his bare hands if he tried (he can), and Nik enjoys it thoroughly.

Apparently training yourself in basically-lethal conditions for like fourteen years has nice side-benefits.

"Sup, ladies!" Nik holds up his hand as he arrives. "And Frank. And...uhhh, Caran I think? How's it going?"
Alma Hyral Awkward.

Alma suddenly looks extraordinarily self-conscious as Seloria nudges her towards the two boys. Artyom, is Artyom. He's seen the outfit before, even complimented her on it. She's quite liked Artyom ever since he helped save her from a rather awkward incident and agreed to come with her for a few of the trips required for her research. But Caran? She only vaguely remembered him from school, and she was an underclassman.. this was an anxiety overload waiting to happen.

She might have just ran back to Selly's protection again if not for the fact that Artyom was there, whom she felt rather comfortable around. And so she closes her eyes, takes a deep, calming breath. And approached. She smiled her best smile, which still looked decidedly timid, and stated, "H-Hello Artyom." And then she looked over at Caran, "A-And, C-Caran isn't it?" Then in a shy tone, her voice growing quieter. "I l-like your cat."

And then Nik approaches, as she waves at him, "H-Hi Nik! Good to s-see you! H-How have you been?"
Thirza Ingersleben "Minetteeeee!" comes the call from inside of one the changing rooms not too far down the boardwalk from where Minette's dining on pizza, or was formerly dining on pizza. A moment later, Thirza pokes her head out (but only her head). Her glasses are aschew, and she's making a vaguely pouty face.

And then Thirza notices that a crowd of her classmates have gathered and seems even more bothered. "Oh, um. Hi Alma." Pause. "And Seloria...and Nik...and...Artyom..." Thirza trails off; her head would probably droop if she wouldn't hit it on the door.

Thump. "Oww...hey, um, Minette?" she says more quietly. "...could you come here for a minute?"
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom is about as hard to miss on a beach as a mountain in a desert. A desert made of water. And /sand!/ Though deserts are typically made of sand.

And so Caran approaches. Caran, who is in full adventuring regalia. Including that hat. Artyom just sort of... /squints/ at the hat, and the cat upon it. He makes a sound of idle disapproval, before lifting a frankly massive hand to rub gently under Ketan's chin. "Hello, cat and mount. It has been a long time since I have seen either of you." Pause. "Why in Titan's magnificent, volcanic beard are you dressed so strangely at a beach?"

Seriously dude.

And then /other/ people. "Nik--" Artyom inclines his head cordially, before looking toward Alma. He has indeed seen that dress before, and as before, it is met with an expression of quiet approval. "Alma. It pleases me to see you out. This sort of thing is good once in a while, mmn? And the stars are very clear here--"


Artyom blinks towards the head poking out of what appears to be nothing but wall. "Uh. Ingersleben. What... Are you doing?"
Souji Murasame Alma might have a premonition.

There is a movement from the other side of the boardwalk as Souji Murasame exits one of the resort hotels, having spent some time there on business. He holds a leatherbound folio in one hand as he heads, fatefully, towards the accumulating group. He walks past each of the members present, simply greeting them with their last name in turn. "Odam. Ingersleben. Valodjn. Steel. Delacreaux. Dragonius." He even manages to not compress a metric ton of scorn into him saying the name. It's like he's in a good mood or something.

And then he walks past Alma. He stops, his eyes widening slightly, and his swift walk falters to a stop. Slowly, he turns, his eyes directly focusing on Alma. His tone is quiet as he speaks one word next.


He missed Kyra flying around in the sky.
Caran Steel SUDDENLY NIK! Caran blinks. The muscles are noted. Nik looks like he could snap thin Caran like a twig. But no further thought is given to them. "It's going, um, alright I guess. I'm still living off the last couple of adventure jobs I took, but I need to find more soon..." SUDDENLY ALMA! Caran blinks at her in surprise -- for a moment, he's reminded of his little sister... but no, it's not her. Still, that 'little sister' vibe makes it hard to appreciate her dress. He simply nods at his name. "It, uh, looks like we're having quite a get together..." And then he flashes a smile. "It's good to see so many of us survived!" Yep he totally didn't end the world nope! Everyone greeting gets a nod... "Wait, mount?"

Caran's cat replies, "Thanks! My name is Ketan, what's yours?"
Will Sherman Slide whistle goes up...

Hobo is up. He looks at the two girls, grabs another breadstick, and goes back down with the slide whistle SFX.


"She looks legit." Will tells Minette from under the table. "Though she has some friends hanging around in her fate, you should charge them rent." He says, with a mischevious tone of his own.

Finally, he just sits on the table, instead of doing the slide whistle thing. "Couldn't even save me a slice, huh? The King of the Hobos is...hungry. And also impressed you ate a whole pizza by yourself..."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria blinks wordlessly at Will. Then at Minette. Then Will. Then at Minette. "Did you get a new boyfriend?" She finally asks Minette. It's a really valid answer, because Seloria would expect Minette to smack anyone stealing her breadsticks. Or something.

She hears Thirza and perks. "Hiiii~" She chirps, waving at Thirza, then sh elooks back at Minette. "I'll let you go help Thirza out, I need to ask both of you the same thing, so I'm totally okay with waiting~!" She gives Will a friendly smile, before peering at the beach. Nik, Caran, Alma, Souji, Frank, wait, what.



Seloria practically apparates next to Alma's side - she's certainly fast getting over there, giving Souji a smile and a chipper look. It's okay, Alma. You can hide behind Seloria now.

(Frank might be the better options.)
Minette Odam Minette wonders which type of girl Nik considers her to be; 'unreal' or 'fake'. She thinks she'd rather be 'fake', at least then she'd be acceptably exsisting. She resolves herself to remain in ignorance. "Hi, boss!" She exclaims brightly as Souji passes by. And then she narrows her eyes at Will. His statement does not make anything approaching sense. And then he insults her. "Hey! It was /my/ pizza! Who do you think you are? Go away, shoo, shoo!" She makes shooing motions at the hobo with her arms. "/No/, he's not my... ugh, I don't know who he is."

And then Thirza gives her an escape. Blessed by Thirza, unpronouncable be her last name. Minette gets up from her chair, drops some gil on the table for the waiter, and announces, "Oh hey, gotta go!" She scampers off towards Thirza and the changing station, narrowly evading hobos and whatever embarrisment Seloria was intending to inflict upon her. That was a close one. "What's up?" She asks of her partner in corporate not-crime.
Alma Hyral Alma would notice Thirza, and look at her in the changing room with a sort of puzzlement, even so, she'd smile at the woman. She'd grown quite fond of Thirza from their time together on the Ame-No-Torifune and a few expeditions far afield. "H-Hi Thirza. Are you a-alright, do you need some h-help?"

She'd turn towards Artyom, her smile actually widening, "O-Oh yes, I do a lot of my r-research out here, and in Narshe too. It's c-coming along swimmingly, I think I'll e-even put together an e-expedition soon for a s-shard as a test run for w-whether my theories are c-correct. B-But until then, I t-think we all need to u-unwind."

She tilts her head to the side at Caran, "W-Well I'm glad to see you did. I-I hadn't seen you a-around."

The talking, and flying cat only takes her aback for a moment, before she responds enthusiastically, "I'm Alma Hyral. V-Very nice to meet you Ketan!"

And then a premonition.. that someone is coming. Strange. She turns around reflexively, only to come face to face with Souji.

She didn't realize it yet, but in this dress, with her hair down... She could almost be the twin in appearance for a younger Tira Hyral.

She looks up at Souji, and just smiles at him obliviously, her voice suprisingly calm around him, "It's good to see that you're taking some time for yourself out of the office, Souji. How are you feeling?"

Seloria appeared at her side at ludicrous speed, but thoughts of hiding never even occurred to her. The fact of the matter was...

She has never been afraid of Souji Murasame.

Frustrated with his choices. Suspicious of him certainly. Saddened by the changes that her sister's death has wrought. But never once has she feared the man.
Artyom W. Valodjn Bossman.

Artyom lowers his head respectfully as Souji appears from what appears to have been a rather successful business transaction. Artyom knows that look on his face- it's the 'I just acquired a company for dirt cheap' look, or the 'my profits just shot up fifty percent in the past ten minutes' look. They're really quite similar- even Artyom has trouble telling, sometimes. "Sir. I hope today finds you well."


The cat- the /winged/ cat- recieves Artyom's full attention, then. He likes cats, you see. Ketan continues to be petted, as cats must be attended to at all times while present. "I am Artyom, of Titan. It is good to meet you, little Ketan- though I am surprised to find a cat that is capable of speech. Direct, human speech, that is."

Because Artyom can totally understand cats.

They are linked by laziness, you see.

"So," Artyom says toward Alma, after a minute of doing very little but petting a cat. "You are nearly ready to verify your work. Excellent. As always, I am ready to assist you whenever you might need me. Though for now, we are at a beach, and I believe that means swimming." Pause. "Perhaps in a little bit. I do not think that dress belongs in water."
Will Sherman Will stares at Minette.

"I just told you, but..." then she /shoo's/ him.

Will narrows his eyes.

Minette may /just suddenly/ become /unluckier/. If you don't think she can, well...

He doesn't move, instead stares at her, "Will Sherman, King of the Hobos." he says, simply, now annoyed. However, the strange lady who needs her help comes to distract and take Minette away. The other, NICE lady, walks away, well more like runs towards...huh....that was the sad boy with the fate...there was Alma!

He waves towards Alma, who was the apprentance of Max...

There was the guy who hits on anything waring a skirt...the kid with the blade and the strange cat.

The really tall guy.

He wonders what would happen if he and Tom got into a fight.

Will waves the guy down, "One gutbuster, everything on it, extra everything." then assides, "On her tab."
Caran Steel Caran smiles. Alma is researching shards? That makes him think of her again... dressing up in a labcoat or mage robes and talking about how she's going to be a great scientist/mage/etc like mommy and daddy and her older brothers. But this is also /interesting/, as <<world shards>> are practically a plot keyword. Is that an adventure hook Caran smells? "You're researching shards? Could I help with your expedition?"

Ketan /likes/ the giant's full attention. He's soon nuzzling and rubbing Artyom's hand and purring happily. "Mrrrrr. Nice to meet you, too... and yeah, I get that a lot!"
Niklas Dragonius Oh boy, /Thirza/ in a /bathing suit/?!?!

...oh boy. Murasame. In a bathing suit.

The English language sure is amazing, isn't it?

"Murasame," Nik replies warily as Souji goes and focuses on Alma. He didn't really like that...but, well, it's a free country, and Murasame even seems like he's in a halfway decent mood. Maybe this won't go that poorly.


Nik tenses up, though, only a little bit - but even that little bit is noticeable, because *every single muscle Nik has* moves fluidly, like a big cat tensing to strike, even though he's actually trying to relax around Souji and just /failing/.

Nik scratches the back of his head and mutters something.
Soan Sagittarius "Oh my, I've had no idea that this was a gathering for getting a first look on the latest fashions." Soan Sagittarius says.

Except for perhaps, oh, two people, it was quite obvious that the thief was /not/ leaning against that building, just a few paces away from the suddenly terse gathering, munching on an particularly juicy looking red apple. Even worse than that, the guy is such a causal bastard about it all, being so calm and collected.

"Good thing I've showed up on time for the show. Hey, everyone." He says, eyeing the hobo. He knows this guy. Oh gods. He do know that guy. Should be fine, thought. He's not wearing his armor. What gets more his attention, however, is Souji and Alma. Nothing better happen here.
Thirza Ingersleben "--hi Seloria," Thirza says anxiously. "Um, Minette's going to help me, thanks Alma!" she calls back, reaching out to try and pull Minette into the changing room with her. She may physically pull her over the swinging door, nearly.

What is going on in there, anyway?
Souji Murasame Dragonius is half right. Souji is in a suit, but it's certainly not for bathing. Or even swimming. The heir watches Alma for several more seconds, not responding to anyone or anything else. The more perceptive might actually notice a faint play of actual emotion across his face before he finally look away. He pushes up his glasses with a hand in a reflex as he responds quietly, "I am well, Alma Hyral." He pauses. "Delacreaux designed that dress?" Another long pause. "It goes well on you."

Holy crap, he actually complimented someone?
Seloria Delacreaux You haven't escaped yet, Minette Odam.

You /haven't escaped yet/.

She smiles. "Hello Caran, Frank. Greetings, Mister Murasame." She gives him a incline of her head. Then she wriggles her fingers at Nik, leaning in to murmur something into his ear.

"How are you all doing? Isn't Alma GORGEOUS?" She declares.

Then Souji remarks on the dress, and Seloria falls silent. Then blinks. Then blinks some more.

seloria.exe has encountered an error.
Alma Hyral She'd just give Artyom a nervous look, then just confides in him, "I d-don't own a b-bathing suit..but I'll d-definitely let you know when I'm r-ready Artyom, you're always w-welcome." She wasn't a wonderful swimmer either, but no need to put that out there.

She notices that Will is poking his head out in the background, and lifted her hand, giving him a shy wave. She then makes a beckoning motion like he should come over to talk to her sometime.

She imagined that her encounter with Will would lead to a lot of cooking, but she didn't particularly mind it lately, as her lessons had allowed her to pick up her speed to anime kitchen princess levels thanks to Max.

A look towards Caran, "Of c-course you can h-help! W-What's your mognet address? I'll s-send you the i-information after I'm done with the p-planning." Now that she knew that petting Ketan was entirely acceptable, she resolved to do that.. soon.

She looks between Souji and Nik, and started to tense up a bit herself. She'd try to diffuse anything that happened between them.. for now, she just gives Nik a pleading look which carried the message of.. /Please, please don't. Not now./

And then she heard Soan's voice, and she graced him with a smile, her voice still calm, "Hi Soan. It's good to see you again, I hope you enjoyed the party.."

And then the last thing she ever expected to hear, happened. Souji.. complimented.. her. She actually stares at Souji, speechless for a moment, her cheeks flushing several shards of crimson, such that it even covered up her freckles, now she was stammering again, "T-Thank you S-Souji. And y-yes. S-Selly made it for me." And then she had no idea how to reply to that, should she compliment him back? Would it be disrespectful to do so? Would it be disrespected not to..? Would it be disrespectful to /Tira/ to say anything of the sort to him? In the end, the sheer fact that Souji compliments her just gives her a sort of anxiety overload, which keeps her stunned in silence, her gaze turning to her feet demurely.
Artyom W. Valodjn Alas, Tom and Artyom are destined never to meet except in the non-space that occurs between worlds, and then only accidentally, at the coffee shop lodged at the intersection of Traverse Town, Fantasia Mountain and the World of Ruin, where parallel worlds intersect and impossible meetings become possible.

Some call it... The Ahne*NERP*be Cafe.

"So what manner of cat are you, little Ketan? One with wings and human speech. It is truly remarkable. Were it that I had a cat such as yourself-" Artyom imagines an adorable black cat with a little bell tied around its neck. It's almost diabetes-inducing in its adorability. "-I would surely be a much happier man!"

And then, Alma. Oh Alma.

"Ah," Artyom says, still playing with the cat, though his attention drifts towards the girl. "Perhaps Seloria can craft swimwear that would suit you? If there's anyone who knows about the sea, it is certainly her. I'm sure you would be absolutely stunning--" Eyeshift ===> Seloria, "Isn't that right, Miss Delacreaux?"
Minette Odam "Huh? What do you need he--woah!" Minette is pulled over the top of that little half door. The muffled sounds of a scuffle soon follow. The cloth sides of the changing booth occasionally bow outwards as a hand, elbow, or foot impacts against it, and Minette can be heard to clearly exclaim, "Thirza, I'm upside down!" The scuffle dies down (presumably Minette has been righted), and things get quiet for a moment.

Mutter mutter.

Minette too-loud announces, "Yeah, that suit is probably a little too small for your butt."

Mutter, mumble.

"Tie a towel around i--what do you mean the towel won't fit?"

Mutter, mutter, mumble, mumble.

Minette, "Well why are you trying to loop down through your cro--noooooo, not like tha--" A sigh. "Here, here. Look, see how I've tied my saronNO, your butt is NOT too big, Thirza! You're just not knotting it right."

More shuffling, more scuffling. The sides bow out as it takes two people to tie one knot in a small enclosed space. A few moments later, Minette comes stumbling out of the changing room.
Caran Steel "I /am/ truly remarkable!" Ketan raises his head and poses proudly. "Well, perhaps you can learn to call a familiar yourself..."

Caran meanwhile, pulls out his phone and shows Alma his mognet address. She may or may not be paying attention. For that matter, /Caran/ may not really be paying attention. Loner that he was, he hasn't paid enough attention to the rest of the class to immediately realize how odd it is for Souji to compliment someone. But when he notices everyone else freezing up, he tilts his head slightly.

"...Huh." /What is the significance of this?/ he wonders, rather than freezing up, and then gives Swimsuit Edition Minette a brief look. No comment on that either.
Will Sherman "...Even I can't make your luck lower. ...You are never allowed to meet Reize." Will says, suddenly towards Minette. "Ever. /EVER/. I fear the worlds may implode." He says, shaking his head.

Soan catches his eyes...there is a moment of regonition...he goes to speak...and then someone says a different name.

Will pauses...oh. OH! He gets it! He /gets/ it!

He winks at Soan.

Your secret is safe with him. A pizza is delivered, and Will nods, taking it in two hands and wonders off to the beach. Let Minette deal with the bill! :D

Will speaks up, "Hey Alma! Nice dress." he says, "Hey guys. So many of you around today. I guess this is why I woke up in that Trash can this time.." he mutters. "...And you, the guy who couldn't even introduce himself to me because he was too busy trying to hit on two /evil/ ladies. Seriously, the Elf chick isn't interested in anyone. Like. Seriously."
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom notes, idly- in between petting the cat- "Actually, he almost got her number. I think he /did/ get her number." Artyom pauses. "Mmn. Do not believe anything came of it, regardless."
Will Sherman "She probably gave it to him to shut him up. She's more tsundere than Cronus." he says, "The two of them in the same room would cause a feedback loop that could destroy the worlds."
Soan Sagittarius Soan catches Will's look and wink, the thief giving a weird look at the hobo. What the hell is he going on about? Why is that Hobo kid winking at him like that? Is he even more of a crazy Hobo type than he originally thought he was the first time he's met him? Will Minette ever not say anything that wont be a gigantic boot in her mouth? Will Souji ever smile like that again? These many interesting questions with no answers will remain without any period for quite some time, he feels.

"I agree, Alma," The Rogue says, grinning. "It's a very pretty dress. Seloria knew how to make you look at your very best -- and I did, I did." He answers, looking at Kyra suddenly appearing too. It seems like she's in shock. At Souji. He'll admit, that was disturbing, it almost like how a predator would only smile when prey is around -- and he didn't even smile for that! That was strange as hell. He moves up to Kyra, giving her a brief elbow nudge. "So! You want one, too?"

He pauses, turning that attention to Will. "Wait, what two evil chicks?"
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza stumbles out of the dressing room a little after Minette, and nearly trips over her, in fact. She's wearing a fairly modest two piece, made more so by the fact that she's got a towel wrapped tightly around her waist. The knot appears to be some ridiculous sailor's knot (Minette's handiwork, no doubt) that isn't what you'd normally tie a towel with.

Thirza looks around, running a hand through her hair nervously. "Um. Hi guys. What's up?" And then she notices Alma.

"Alma! You look gorgeous! that the outfit Seloria made for you? It's so pretty!" She looks over at Caran and gives him a weak wave, because she doesn't recognize him. Her attention drifts toward Will, who is equally unrecognized because Thirza is an uncivilized brute who does not know Hobo Royalty when she sees it.
Souji Murasame Souji nods. "Good luck in your future endeavors, Delacreux." He says, affirming her craftsmanship, and he turns away, beginning to leave the group and allow them to progress as they will. He has a slightly odd expression on his face as he leaves. It's not a smile, nor a frown. His gaze seems turned inward for the time being.
Niklas Dragonius Nik holds up his hand at Thirza. "Hey. You look great, Thirza. How's it going?"

No, even Thirza in a two-piece isn't gonna save today, because Souji Murasame just has that sort of magical ability to shut down-


Nik's grin spreads wide as he puts his hand on his hip. "Well, guys! Here we are. Might as well /do/ something with it, right? Besides just eat and swim. Who wants to play volleyball or something?"
Alma Hyral Somewhere in the back of her mind she makes a mental note of Caran's mognet address.

Alma Hyral was not.. used to being complimented. Her self-esteem was typically so low that Minette would have likely had to use negative imaginary numbers in order to express it. She'd likely have used pie charts too, graphs, and arrays expressing her self-esteem versus that of the rest of the employees on the Ame-No-Torifune. And yet, they just kept coming, from Will, Soan, and Thirza...they brought fire to her cheeks, and all she could do is mumble, "T-Thanks." She was at least smiling, just a little. It did wonders for her self image in the space of a few seconds. The problem was that she was just so anxious over how she was supposed to respond to each of them. Thirza got more of a reply, "Y-You look b-beautiful too T-Thirza."

And then she noticed Kyra, giving her a self-conscious sort of look, but Kyra would see the undertones behind it.. the girl was verging on a panic attack.

This was abated by Souji's sudden departure, which did a lot to abate the anxiety he'd inflicted upon her and Artyom's.. comment. That certainly shocked her right out of it, for the better or the worse. "I uh.. d-don't t-think I'd l-look...A-Are you s-sure?" She suddenly looks towards Seloria, trying to grasp her hand surreptitiously for support.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria.exe has rebooteD!

Seloria looks back and forth between Alma and Souji, and a hint of understanding crosses her face - even as she winks at Kyra behind Alma's back. Seloria then looks at Frank, hiding a somewhat large smile as she rocks back in her sandals.

"I um... did make *something*, but Alma would -- probably find it a bit too risque, but I would hope she'd wear it--." She admits. However, SUDDENLY THIRZA. Thank Cosma.

"Lookin GOOD!" She yells.

"Oh, yeah, hey, Thirza, Minette, wanna model for me?!"


Then she bows towards Souji, deeply, as a thanks for his affirmation of her craftsmanship. Uhhh. Well. /That/ was awkward.
Artyom W. Valodjn "What..." Artyom squints at the Hobo King, "What is a 'tsundere?'"

This term confuses the great Titan.

"You are indeed a remarkable cat!" Artyom returns to something that makes sense: A flying, talking cat. "Familiar, you say. Perhaps I will have to... Look into this. Hmn. Or perhaps you could instruct me, o' mysterious flying cat?" Familiar magic-- was there a class on that sort of thing? Or on summoning creatures in general? Maybe there was and Artyom just sort of missed it for Subterannean Stone Carving 101- or Mushroom Bonsai Cultivation 403.

He's missed a lot of classes like that.

Souji leaves. Artyom inclines his head after his fleeing boss, "Enjoy the rest of your day, sir--"

Thirza. "Ah, Ingersleben." Artyom blinks at his fellow geomancer and her... Pronounced hips. "Hm. I don't see why you took so long in that dressing room. You look fine to me." Pause. "Hm."

Artyom looks to Nik, then back at himself. "Volleyball?" The Titan frowns, remembering all those days of trying to play competetive sports, and then just being parked in front of a goal to assure complete domination. "I... Do not think I should participate--"

"--Oh, yes," he turns, then, to Alma. He might work up a kink in his neck at this point! "I believe so. Perhaps not something too..." He glances at Seloria, "Risque. More elegant, mmn? But I think this is a good thing. It is nice to see you more act with more confidence, Alma."
Minette Odam Thirza looks great. Thirza looks great. Thirza looks great. Minette turns towards Thirza with a smile and says, "See? What did I tell you. It's fiiiiiiine." She glances over the assembled, looking for Souji. "Huh... wonder where the boss went off to?" Minette's attention is drawn towards the sand as Seloria speaks to her. "Oh... I don't really want t--" Minette's head locks up in the process of coming around to look towards Seloria. Her gaze stops on Alma. Minette leans forwards a little, clearly squinting from the set of her eyebrows. She leans back, takes off her glasses, and holds them up to the sun, squinting at /them/. She closes her eyes, rubs her glasses on her sarong, then puts her glasses back on, and squints at Alma a second time.

She then abruptly turns and walks off, without a word.
Thirza Ingersleben "T-thanks," Thirza says, starting to redden. First Nik, then Alma. She's so embarassed. Why do people pay her so much attention lately? This is weird! Why do people compliment her so much lately? Is this some kind of in-joke she doesn't know about or something?

And then Seloria asks her to model. Thirza's jaw drops. "R-really? You'd want me to do that?" Artyom also complements her. Thirza blushes further. "Well, I suppose I could try it. It sounds like fun, doesn't it Mine--"

Minette walks off. Thirza panics. "Minette? What's wrong?" She gives chase, trying to put herself in Minette's way. Her glasses slide down her nose when she sprints after the accountant. "Don't tell me you're leaving? I just got dressed finally, and I wanted to hang out with you!!" Her protests seem pretty oblivious to the real problem.
Alma Hyral She'd look at Seloria, she still wasn't entirely understanding of what exactly happened there, between Souji and her. She isn't quite sure what she'd find.. acceptable for herself to wear on the swimwear front, but she states to Seloria, "Uh.. p-perhaps, m-maybe.. I'll g-give it a look."

She'd flush a little bit more with pleasure as Artyom continues with the compliments. "T-Thanks Artyom, I'll try... harder in the future." She'd walk a pace closer, murmuring to him secretly, "I j-just still get nervous in crowds."

She'd venture to make an effort to scratch Ketan behind the ears, now that she was freed up. "Well aren't you a lovely cat, Ketan? I wish I could take you home with me.."

And then she'd turn to listen in as Seloria asks Minette to model. She'd watch Minette, /stare/ at her. Then clean her glasses, and /stare/ at her again.

And then Minette walked away. What did she do wrong!? She'd put a hand to her ear, murmuring something in her Ma Belle transmitter.
Minette Odam "Oh, I'm just not feeling well." Minette lies to Thirza, like a lieing liar that lies. She gives her a brave smile that isn't that faked, helping to reinforce the falsehood. "I think I ate too much..." She hears her linkpearl buzzing in her ear; she ignores it. "So, you go ahead and have enough fun for the both of us, okay? I'm gonna go back to the hotel and lie down for a while."
Seloria Delacreaux A delicate frown crosses Seloria's face. She turns towards Alma, then mouths some things into her Ma Belle towards her, making sure she's paying attention, before Seloria disappears quietly into the darkness, back towards where virtually everyone (or at least, Alma and Nik) know where her hotel room is.
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral.. doesn't know what to do. She turns to face Seloria, she mouths back something in her Ma Belle, and watches her go.

She'd then turn towards Artyom, and tries to smile her best for the Titanic, but.. she doesn't quite succeed. Her lips are a thin line, "I-I'll let you k-know more w-when the time c-comes for the e-expedition.. I-It shouldn't be l-long. T-Thank you for all y-your support."

She'd make a brief farewell to everyone else still present, especially Kyra, Soan, Nik, Will, and Thirza..

And then she'd turn, and just walk slowly back along the boardwalk the way she came, her expression downcast at her feet.

This scene contained 45 poses. The players who were present were: Will Sherman, Niklas Dragonius, Seloria Delacreaux, Souji Murasame, Soan Sagittarius, Artyom W Valodjn, Caran Steel, Alma Hyral, Minette Odam, Thirza Ingersleben