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(2013-05-20 - 2013-05-20)
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Angantyr Vespar Angantyr was asked on a date, Angantyr isn't...shy around women, though a traditional date isn't something he hasn't actually done in sometime...quite sometime. He was but a younger lad when he took a lady for a date, though it wasn't by choice...they were just trying to marry him off.

He sets for Maira to meet him infront of a creole resturant in New wasn't by far a upscale resturant, it was defintely more lower...but it was cozy and relaxing. It was obviously wasn't ran by a company, and was ran by a local.

This means the food ws going to be /great/.

Angantyr isn't in the heavy armor, because the portals don't allow for this sort of thing here. However, he is also not waring it for another reason...instead it is a dark blue shirt, with a jacket over it. Slacks, and some decent shoes. He isn't screaming RICH, but he is at least dressed nicely. He looks at a watch, and shakes his head.
Maira Alright alright, she's late! Hopefully the results are well worth it though!

Maira finally arrives, crossing the street as she spots Angantyr. Of course, it actually took her a moment to figure out it was him. She doesn't see him out of his armor very often. That said, there are not many other men walking around who were nearly seven feet tall, so she's not completely fooled!

A car stops for her to cross the street and she hurries up a bit, waving shyly as she approaches. Maira is dressed in sleeveless green sundress, knee length, with a v neckline and sandals. She's arranged her hair to be slightly less insane, and has even put on a bit of makeup she likely borrowed from someone.

Do /not/ catch on fire. This will be her mantra of the evening.

Finally she reaches him, smiling up (way up) at him sheepishly. She can't believe she's doing this. This restaurant better have alcohol! Liquid courage! "H-hey Angan..." she says, looking him over. Her eyes just widen. "Sorry I'm a little late, aren't I?"
Angantyr Vespar "That depends? I am sure it is seven thirty somewhere." He says, with a grin, and opens the door for her. "Anyway, it's not like we need reservations." He says, and follows her in. He motions for seating for two, and they are placed by a window. The place is slightly smokey, obviously they allow smoking...but well, what place doesn't in this timeframe? Angantyr pulls a seat back for Maira, and then sits across from her, sliding in himself. He takes a menu, and orders some wine.

A bottle should be enough for the two of them.

"So what possessed you to suddenly ask me? Or was it being shirtless again?"
Maira A bottle should be enough for the two of them? Not so sure!

She blushes. "Sorry...I was...trying to...yeah," she says, gesturing to her hair. She moves inside then and takes a seat.

Maira looks around the restaurant, a smile forming. Its charming, and the smells coming from the kitchen are amazing! Of course, when he says /that/ she almost chokes on her own saliva. "I-it was not!" she protests. "Not that--urgh."

Maira takes a deep breath. Steady, this is silly. No reason to be so nervous. Relax. "I asked you cause I...wanted to know if there know...something here," she says, motioning between them. "I know you knew how I felt but...I really...I didn't even think you ever would. It's really complicated...want us to be honest with each other--but I want us to have a good time, you know? Things are going to get bad, we both know it."

Oh good, look, wine! The waitress pours and Maira downs half the glass.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks at the glass.

"Leave the bottle." She tells the waitress.

Angantyr takes a long drink, a very long drink. He then pours out some more, and then for Maira too. And then takes another long drink. That was going to help things...

"Things are complicated because I was interested in Avira before I knew you...and after Avira's choice and whatever...well, your feelings for me weren't very subtle. It's...well, I can't just go 'Sure let me go with Maira now'. It...cheapens whatever could be. I mean, it not only makes it look like I wasn't serious with Avira...but also not being serious with you either, and that you're just a runner up. That's...not something I think is fair to you. So...I just...kinda waited, I wanted to see if it was a thing...and let things calm down between Avira and myself."

"Then Garland made things worse.."
Maira Maira listens, nodding slowly with understanding. "Yeah...I...I understand that. Its hard for me to explain, but I really never thought there would be anything besides friendship. So when...the thing at the hot spring...I was pretty darn shocked! Heh, I had kind of told myself I wasn't going to do this anymore...pining over someone who didn't want me. Was ready to move on," she continues, reaching for her wine again. They'd better get some bread over here or something, and quick. Angantyr, being gigantic, can probably put away a bottle but Maira is probably going to be tipsy on one glass.

Maira looks out the window for a long moment. "And I never want to hurt Avira...or anyone..." she trails off.

Maira picks up her menu then and hides behind it while trying to decide what she wants to eat. Quickly her eyes scan over the menu, then glaze over. Oh god, she has no idea what most of these words are.
Angantyr Vespar "Yeah.." Angantyr says, sighing.

"This <GOOSEHONK> is complicated." He says, and pulls up his own menu..

Oh yeah...there we go. After a few moments he closes it. "I think I know what I want...the Gumbo is great." he suggests, and slides the menue towards the edge of the table. Hmm...

He takes a breath, and another drink. Angantyr can at least hold his drink's probably because he's was poisoned constantly by Garland, and as such has built up a large immunity to these things. He also drinks like a fish.

"Yeah. So...I admitted it. It was just...out of not wanting to cheapen you that I didn't persue...but yeah..." he says, rubbing his face.

" we are."
Maira Maira laughs. Yes, this <GOOSEHONK> is complicated. Extremely.

Maira sinks a little lower behind her menu, blushing roughly the shade of boiled lobster.

She takes a deep breath, then straightens, smiling nervously, but playfully. "Well you /kind/ of admitted it," she informs him. Not that she'd done any better. Damn, they suck.

Maira sighs with frustration then and scoots over to point out some words. "Okay what does this mean? And this word? ...also this one..." some of the words she's pointing out are obviously french of creole, some are just uncommon english words she'd not come across in her extremely rudimentary education. "Gumbo? Well, I should get something different so we can both try each other's," she informs him. This is to maximize foodings, because Maira is kind of a bottomless pit and has a deep appreciation for food. She was close to kissing Alma's feet when she came to cook for them.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shakes his head...

"You'll just take some Gumbo. Gumbo is where you start with this kinda thing...and you branch out from there, trust me. If you don't like gumbo, you won't like anything else."

Angantyr doesn't even bother reading, because he's pretty bad at Creole.

He takes another drink, and grins at Maira... "No need to be embarrased." he says, with a shake of his head. "Yeah...and I did." he says, with a shrug, "You're a beautiful woman, I'm not shy about these things."
Maira "Well, I do like gumbo...I had it at Mama Odie's," she said, thinking back to that time. Hey, maybe there is someone she should visit again. Maybe she'd have advice!

When he says she shouldn't be embarrassed, she shakes her head, laughing. "I disagree! This is incredibly embarrassing--especially when you say things like that!" she says, flushing, the air around her for several feet growing warmer. No no no! No being on fire!

"I can't imagine you being shy, but you do seem...kind of nervous? I don't know."

Gumbo is ordered, much wine is had by Maira, and when it hits her she's smiling easier. Food helps a great deal as well. Per usual, she eats with enthusiasm and isn't a mite embarrassed about it. If girls were suppose to eat dainty either no one told her or she doesn't care. Indeed, she actually sticks a couple of the dinner rolls in her purse. Old habits die hard.

Of course, someone outside is playing jazz. Maira is tapping her foot along to the tune. She wants to dance, but she knows Angan doesn't dance...well bah, fine he can watch her dance, she needs to move! "I....have to daaaaance!" she says suddenly, throwing her hands up before she hops up from her chair and moves outside to join in the sudden jam session, twirling and swaying.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr listens, and shrugs.

"Actually, I am just being careful with what I say. I'm a bit of a jerk, if you haven't noticed, so I am trying to be...less...jerky." he says, and is happy when the food gets here.

He eats, and grins as Maira shows just how...MUCH she loves food. He eats, slower, but still a bit himself...he is a large man.

Then...Maira starts DANCING. Angantyr laughs as she just suddenly can't help herself...nevermind that Jazz isn't often something you DANCE to...

The floor is already shaking, and he watches for a moment...

Then oddly, Angantyr stands up, walking towards Maira, and grabs her arm, immediately...

Pulling her into a twirl. Angantyr CAN dance...he CAN dance quite well, surprisingly as he pulls her back and forth, ready to swing her like a mace, almost.
Maira Maira would respond that he's not a jerk, at least not usually to her, when they are alone and not talking about someone he dislikes which is most people but--OKAY she appreciates the effort.

Indeed, Maira has had half a bottle of wine and she is about as tipsy as she's ever been, dancing seems like an absolutely grand idea.

She almost screams in surprise when her arms is grabbed and she's pulled--into a twirl? By Angan!? Well then! She gives him a very surprised look for a moment, then giggles brightly as she takes his hands, allowing herself to be swung around, she assumes with more care than his mace! She's kind of delicate after all!

Well, there is no way they are not becoming the center of attention. Its a lively jazz that's good to dance to and others have joined in, the musicians reveling.

"You can dance!" she laughs brightly, hopping upward to throw her arms around him so he can spin her again. Goodness knows her feet wont touch the floor. Everyone is so darn /tall!/
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr takes care of his mace quite a bit!

He also spins Maira eaisly, her feet not even touching the ground as they then move into a swing. Angantyr pulls her back in close, and starts a more lively and closer dance leading her around.

"I never said I couldn't dance...I said I don't. I was born in nobility. Dancing was something you learned how to do as a matter of course." he says, and continues, "Though this...this is a bit different." he says, and grins, pulling her back once more, and a second spin.

"Are you always so unpredictable?"
Maira Maira laughs brightly, throwing her head back with abandon as she spun again. She's dizzy, but its an enjoyable amusement park ride kind of dizzy, and Maira loves those.

"Hehehe it figures you can dance! Well, you should dance, because you're good at it, and you look like you're having fun!" she replies. " must have given up a lot of privilege huh? I grew up in a slum on the streets, then an orphanage," she laughs. This is not inherently funny, but she's drunk and right now its /hilarious/.

"Unpredictable?" she asks, she almost falls over as she's twirled. Someone is doing some fancy moves and she's trying to copy the footwork. It doesn't really work so well, her feet getting tangled. She falls over, still laughing. "I don't know! Maybe!" she answers.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is surprisingly good.

He, however, waits for the song to finish, and helps Maira off the floor, "You're also drunk," He points out and sets her down back at her seat.

He sits back down, it was a bit exhilerating. He takes another drink, "And all that activity just made it go right through your body. Eat something." he suggests, and shakes his head.

"It was...not all great. I grew up being reminded what I was, and how I was different. Sure, I was nobility, but I was...basicly treated like I was my father's bastard instead of a child." he says. "Rallus was treated like the first born."

"But...I don't envy you yours...growing up on the streets and a orphanage..." he shakes his head, "At least I knew my parents."
Maira Ooh she doesn't want the dancing to end! Don't let the music go!

She allows herself to be plunked back into her seat though, snickering. "I already ate a lot! If I eat anymore I'm going to burst. Also its really warm in here isn't it? Oh wait is that my fault? That might be my fault," she answers.

When he tells her about himself though, she listens, sobering some, her eyes wide and sympathetic, her expression so serious suddenly its almost comical. "Everyone has problems...I use to dream about being those rich people who got to live up on the plate and saw the sun every their lives must be so perfect. But no one's are," she says.

"Oh, I knew my mom for a little while. She died when I was six. There was this really bad illness that swept through and we couldn't afford medicine and mom was too sick to make any--I made it through, but she didn't. Then I lived on the streets for a while until someone took me to the orphanage," she explains. It is pretty much the most depressing thing. Maira is living better now than she was before her world fell to darkness. "Never knew my dad though. Mom said he was...a soldier or something? I dunno, she didn't want to talk about him much," she adds with a shrug.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr listens..

"Plate? You mean Goug right? Where the Shin-ra's world and that other world merged?" Hmm...he knew of the SOLDIER...he wondered if that is what her mother met...and he also wondered if the nature of the relationship was a trist...or maybe he died in a war? Who knows...and she didn't. This made things...sad.

He takes a breath, "The grass is always greener." He says, "It truly is.'re, and doing pretty good for yourself."

"I guess I am too, who knows." He says and trails off.

What could he say...? Words failed him, because this talk made him remember his home. Now, he could really think about what he lost, because he realized...nothing he could do could bring it back. IT was lost in darkness, and even if it did come back...the Arcadians.."
Maira "Yeah...just like that. Some places are the same, but most of it isn't the same...its a strange place to be. Sometimes I go there--we met there once, remember?" she says, smiling.

As for the grass being greener, she nods. She's not going to argue. Angan wasn't the typical noble, but she'd have taken it if it meant she never had to be hungry.

Now, when he says they are doing good for themselves, Maira laughs hard. "W-we are!? I guess if you measure success by how many extraordinarily powerful people want to kill you than we're doing very well for ourselves!"

Maira finishes what was left of her wine, then hiccups. "We should...go...outside...walk?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr puts some money on the table.

He nods, and helps her up, sighing, as he realizes he'll probably be taking her home...but well, he is used to armor so.

"Yeah, lets take a walk." he says, and smiles sheepishly to the owners who wave to them on their way out.

"Hey, Valkyri is pretty famous, and I'm a respected Mercinary. So...that's soemthing, right?" he says, "Don't sweat the small stuff.." he doesn't believe that for a moment...Garland isn't small.

"I remember, when Kaydin was making you upset. Second time I planted a dumbass tree."
Maira Maira waves cheerily to the owners, taking Angan's arm as they make their exit. Likely people will be saying what an adorable young couple they are and what a strapping bloke Angan is etc. etc.

Maira breathes in the night air, inhaling the smell of oleander and night blooming jasmine. New Orleans is a lovely place, and they are not even in the ritzy section. "Famous...I guess so. That just seems to mean we get our building destroyed a lot though," she answers. She blushes then. Oh that wasn't a good thing to bring up! Maira gives his arm a squeeze. They've already talked about that. Its in the past.

"Yeah...haven't seen him in a while, for which I'm pretty grateful! I did almost set part of the city on fire..." she sighs.

But hey, she hasn't caught flame yet tonight! Yet.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr doesn't comment on it the fub.

Instead he shakes his head, "You're getting better with controling your fire. You've done some good for these worlds, and that's what you need to focus on and now your failings. Never forget them...never forget what you need to improve, but never be discouraged when you fail. If you learn something from failure, then you've grown." he says, and grabs her hand, squeezing it gently.

"Don't worry yourself to death...what will be will be...worry about what you can change.." he assures.

"Anyway, it's too nice a night to be depressed."
Maira Maira smiles softly, sheepishly. "I'm getting better, but sometimes it still slips...I accidentally burned Perci really bad..." she replies, remembering that with a wince and a good bit of guilt.

His advice is noted though, and brings a smile back to her face. "I...guess I have. Heh, that's all I ever really wanted. I didn't want to go on existing, thinking that there wasn't a single person I'd helped, nothing I'd done..." Maira shakes her head, looking down as he takes her hand and tells her to stop worrying so much. Easy for him to say! ...Actually no probably not easy.

Maira turns her eyes to the sky then. "It /is/ a really nice night, isn't it?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr nods once...

"Hot in the day, slightly less hot at night." He grins, and continues to lead them along...he also shows little fear of any...CRIMINALS. It'd be their worse day.

Angantyr resists saying 'he deserves it' and instead frowns.

"You'll get better, you already have...and you already helped a LOT of people. So don't try this mopey stuff."

"Hmm...where should we go?"
Maira Would have to be pretty cross with him if he did say it! But she's actually kind of surprised that he doesn't. Yes, he's on super good behavior tonight and she should probably milk it for what it's worth.

"Yes yes! I won't be mopey! We should have kept dancing," she suggests.

Maira stops and takes a look around then. Where /should/ they go? "I don't know, I don't know this city at all..." she says, then lets go of his hand only to run around to his back and LEAP up to latch on. "Okay! Just run! We'll end up somewhere!" she says, a mad glee in her eyes.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr pauses...

He has a Maira on his back who just wants to run free...

"Very spontanious." He says, and shrugs...when in rome?

And he makes a maddash forward. It's not like she's heavy to him.

Maira laughs wildly, clinging for dear life and otherwise just enjoying herself.

She is going to be so hungover tomorrow.

Eventually she sees something, a little park with a fountain, and calls for him to stop.

Maira climbs down and moves over to take a seat on the edge of the fountain. "Well--" hiccup! "--that was fun..." she says, swaying a little. Wooboy, alcohol and fast movement is interesting...

Maira looks to Angan, smiling. " did it go?" she asks, gesturing vaguely between them. "This date thing. I haven't done it much."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr finally comes to a stop...

He looks down towards Maira as she finally sits down, and he moves to join her. Hmmm...

"Did you have fun? I think that is pretty much how a date qualifies for good or not, if we both had fun. I've had a few that were just a boring dinner while the lady just went on and on about herself." He says, "This...this was engaging, and a bit more extranious than I thought it'd be." He says, with a laugh.

"How about you, did you enjoy it?"
Maira Maira smiles, not really needing to think about it. Really, its probably the most fun she's ever had with him, probably because they were darn determined to have some fun. Nothing like the pressure of a god of Chaos and some Shadow Lords threatening you to make you live for the present, right?

"Yeah, I did! This was really fun...thanks for taking me out," she replies, looking up toward him. She's going to have to give a lot of things more thought in the morning...or well maybe the afternoon at this rate. "Don't have to worry about me going on and on about myself, I run out of things to say pretty quick," she adds with a laugh, followed by a hiccup.

"I'm glad you had fun, I don't get to see you smiling very much."

After a moment, Maira looks to the sky again, and just goes quiet.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks up with her..a sea of stars up there, dimmed by the city lights...

"You're too hard on yourself." He says, "And I thought I was pretty hard on myself." he says, ruffling her hair a little.

"...I guess I don't, do I? I...I've been on this path...his road to destruction...I knew the road would lead to my probable death....but well.." he says, with a sigh.

"...Now I guess I have my life infront of me...the past is still there...and I still have a bone to's...not grabbing me like that...not anymore."

He closes his eyes, "...It's freeing."
Maira To hear him say that really warms her heart. She smiles, warm and bright, reaching over to hug him gently. Maira's a hugger. She just is. "I was so worried...I mean, I'm still worried, but...this is good. It's going to be hard, but its better than feeling helpless, right? I'm really...proud of you," she says, her smile widening. "You have people who care about you, no matter what. You know...whatever happens, I'll support you, right? That's what friends do, and we're that before anything else, yeah?" she asks.
Angantyr Vespar "Yeah." Angantyr says unironically.

"Yeah.." he says, taking another breath.

"...Maybe I'll hit Faris up for that position on her crew." he says, "...I always wanted to be a sailor. If I am going to have to live my life as it is...maybe I should do what I love."
Maira Maira rests her head against his shoulder, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. She can almost think that everything was going to be alright. Somehow.

Maira smiles again at mention of Faris. "Heh, you were really comfortable on her ship when we were helping that seems so long ago...but it wasn't really, was it?" she comments. "You should then, if that what you'd really love to do. Run off, be a dark knight pirate...we'll get you an eyepatch!"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is much too tall for this to happen.

So she instead is just laying against him. Remember, he still SEVEN feet tall.

Angantyr frowns for a moment, " does. Very long ago. Yeah...I was very active on the ports when I could escape the house for a few hours. Eventually got my own boat before things went south. I always loved sailing." He says after a moment.

"Also, I don't think I can be a Dark Knight AND a pirate..." he says, "And the eyepatch makes it hard to see!" he says, "Hm...I might ware the patch if you ware the serving wentch outfit."
Maira "Well why not? You can't just not be a dark knight anymore can you? I mean I guess I don't know exactly how one becomes a dark knight but your darkness is part of you so I don't see it going anywhere," she comments. "You could very well be a pirate too--PFFFT!"

When he suggests that she wear a serving wench outfit the air around her heats up considerably--before she can actually ignite, (if that were going to happen) she falls backward into the fountain.

Probably for the best.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr laughs...

"That is the better of the outcomes. I mean, as much as I wouldn't mind the view, I think you'd mind the city getting it too." He says, and offers her a hand up. He is still chuckling.

"Are you alright?" he asks, between chuckles.
Maira She's soggy, but fine. Glowering, but it can't last. She laughs.

"Not like enough people didn't get a view when I use to accidentally burn my clothes off all the time...pretty ironic that its Ivo who put a stop to that.

Maira reaches up to wring out her hair, grumbling and blushing. She remembers that time at the maid cafe. He was totally looking down her shirt! So was Tera but Maira is /pretty/ sure that was different. /Pretty/ sure.

"Heh, I should probably get back..."
Angantyr Vespar "Hahaha...alright. Why don't I go with you back? I'd suggest the corridor...but I think this doesn't qualify as emergancy enough." He says, and stands up, helping her back onto the street...

"Also, you're tipsy."
Maira Indeed, Maira sways a little as she stands, holding into him like a giant crutch. She's missing a shoe, and she's not entirely sure where it went. Probably fell off while she was on his back. Woops.

Maira giggles, nodding. "Yes, yes I am! Lead the way--maybe we'll find my shoe."

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