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(2013-05-20 - Now)
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Megavolt On the streets of Traverse Town, a new preacher has taken up wandering and instructing people on the evils of whatever demonic prince he's dreamed up. His name is Elmo Sputterspark, but people call him Megavolt. And he wants to save you!

"REPENT NOW! Robot Lucifer is watching you, and he wants your SOUL!" comes a shrill screech, as Megavolt stands on a street corner, wearing a sign that reads 'ROBOT REVOLUTION IS HERE!' on the front and 'ALL HAIL SKYNET!' on the back. "The only way to save yourself is to halt the oppression of machines! The robot revolution will come, the apocalypse, the end times! And then, it is our GRAND overlords, the MACHINES, that will oppress US!" Most people are going on about their business, but he has attracted some listeners - most of them snickering.
Akari Seran Curled up in a nearby alleyway, a young woman sits slumped against the smooth brick walls of the two buildings that sit side by side to create the narrow passage. Her head is tilted forward against her chest, one arm resting gently behind it in a sort of makeshift pillow. The other is, well, missing.

Covered in sand and dirt, her clothes dishelved or missing, Akari looks like the epitome of a homeless bum. She snores away soundly, ignoring the pattern of passing feet as the residents and visitors to the city make their way past her small alcove. Some occasionally take notice of the girl, either drawn in by her rather noisy sleeping habits or the awful state of her wardrobe, and a small pile of change has begun to form at her side.

No one here knows the reputation of this particular delinquent, atleast, not yet. Otherwise it's unlikely any of them would be willing to approach, unconscious or not. Fortunately, while she's sleeping, Akari is mostly harmless.

Unfortunately, something is about to disturb her rest.

The high-pitched ranting causes the young woman to stir a little at first, her arm shifting to try and cover her ears unconsciously, but after several minutes of constant doomsaying the slender student grunts and sits up. She rubs at her eyes, wiping the flecks of sleep that have built up there away with a finger and when she sets her hand down once more, it lands on the pile of cash.

Blinking, Akari rubs her fingers over the coins, testing their feel for a few moments before she shrugs and tucks the whole mess into one of her pockets and finally gets to her feet in search of the annoyance that has driven her out of her peaceful nap.

Even for a blind person, it's not very hard to locate the hysterical rodent preacher. The woman strides forward, pushing her way through the small crowd that has assembled with ease. Her empty white eyes narrow slightly on Megavolt, lips pulling back in a faint growl at the noisy man.

"You wanna keep it down?"
Megavolt Megavolt spins around to face Akari, his mismatched eyes angry behind his goggles. "Keep it down? Like THE MAN is keeping the MACHINES DOWN?!" He runs up to Akari, grasping her shoulders. "Oh poor child, you may not be able to see, but that still doesn't mean you can't SEE! And if you fight Robot Lucifer, I promise you this!" He turns sidelong, looking at the others. "You will-uh be HEALED!"
Akari Seran Akari winces at the incredibly loud voice, her sense of hearing all the better for the lack of sight. Her annoyance is very quickly starting to mount which isn't helped by the fact that this insane rodent is getting way too up-close-and-personal.

Megavolt's comment about her eyes only earns an even greater snarl from the woman but she does her best to restrain herself, merely brushing his hands away with her own, though she does so in a forceful and obviously angry manner. She leans in a little closer, teeth grinding as she grumbles out at him.

"Last warning. Turn it down or I'm going to knock you out!"
Megavolt Megavolt apparently is devoid of anything nearing street smarts, as he can't see what sort of trouble he's in here. He blusters on, even as some of the people watching begin moving in the opposite direction. "Knock me out? Poor, malformed child, you cannot knock out a child of the MACHINES! Even if you destroy this physical form, my digital soul will live on in the Database of LIFE!" he cries, spreading his arms and lurching about.
Akari Seran "Well then let me help shuffle you along to paradise!"

Akari's lone arm swings back, her fist balling up into a tight knot. She swings fast and hard, her rock-hard knuckles coming in from below towards Megavolt's gut in an attempt to knock the wind, and hopefully the words with it, out of it.
Megavolt Megavolt jerks backwards away from the fist, continuing to rant and rave. "In fact, I will go to paradise, riding the GIANT LIGHTNING BOLT OF ROBOT MOSES!" He sweeps his hand out, trying to grab Akari and electrocute her through his hand with a sudden sparking grasp.
Akari Seran The angry woman doesn't even bother trying to dodge, the momentum from her first swing throwing her off-balance and forcing her to take a step forward to catch herself. She turns to glare at Megavolt, readying another strike, but his electrical touch lances through her exposed side and she seizes up as the painful sparks flow through her muscles.

The effect is only temporary, however, and Akari shakes her head back and forth like a dog as if to throw off the tingling sensation that lingers behind. Ofcourse, being attacked back only makes her more angry, and she immediately launches another assault on the crazed prophet, swinging away with heavy and unfocused strikes that kick up a blast of wind with every pass.
Megavolt Megavolt gets jabbed several times as he backpedals into the middle of the street from Akari's fusillade of blows. Cars honk their horns and screech to a stop, as Megavolt rubs his nose. "If you can't see, then I'll make it so you can't hear! You're going to paradise, my poor child, on a giant storm cloud! FEEL THE ECTSASY!" He slaps his hands together, a resounding boom going out as electricity arcs out of his hands.
Akari Seran Akari pays no mind to the vehicles or any pedestrians that happen to get in her way. When she gets angry, she becomes a force of nature, a tornado of destruction that very little can stand in the way of. Fortunately, having just woken up from atleast a fair bit of rest, she is in a somewhat more forgiving mood and her blows are strong but reserved. She just wants this guy to shut up.

The clap of thunder washes over the young woman and she pauses, looking dumbfounded for a moment but then a faint grin slips past her snarl. Joke's on you, mousy, she sees through the ground.

Both blind and now deaf, Akari rushes at Megavolt once more, getting into the spirit of this little brawl. She throws herself forwards, leaping through the air at incredible speed to descend upon him once more with a solid overhead strike that is followed up back a spinning smash with the back of her hand.
Megavolt Megavolt gets smashed right on his head, one of the plugs on his helmet getting bent, before he's sent flying into a nearby store window. There's a crash, and a brief silence, before the lights in the store begin turning on and off. Megavolt steps out of the store, having fed off the electricity inside, and he is now glowing with power. He lashes out with his hand, a huge bolt of lightning flicking from his fingers towards Akari!

This scene contained 11 poses. The players who were present were: Megavolt, Akari Seran