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(2013-05-20 - Now)
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Cissnei Ahh, Traverse Town. What a quaint little place. A perfect place for gathering information..Although the outskirts are hardly a safe place for a weary traveller. The young Turk's black suit is slightly dusty from her long travel as she stumbles out of a portal of darkness, exhausted and covered in battle scars from a recent scuffle with heartless.

The streets for now look mostly empty, void of heartless and potential help alike..Will she make it to a safe haven in time or become overwhelmed by her wounds?
Tifa Lockhart Out of the more 'standard' travelling portal, a girl riding a bright red chocobo is seen. Coming out of it, saddle filled with goods for the bar (no doubt a much easier way of carrying things here), stepping calmly toward the town gates. Hmming to herself merrily, the barmaid travels, content of her findings.

But she can't miss, or ignore, the sight of a wounded girl either. She frown, and trots faster to get to level with her, and then jumps off her chocobo's back, as the steed comes to a stop nearby, warking curiously. Tifa reaches over to give a hand to the wounded girl "Are you okay?" As long as she's concious, not too much to worry about in this world. She reaches into her pounches, taking out a bottled up potion from it, handing it over.
Cissnei Cissnei glances behind her as another traveller steps out of the portal, and she tenses at the sight of the red chocobo..And its vaguely familiar looking rider. A slight smirk graces her lips. So. Tifa Lockhart is here..Interesting..She thought there were no survivors out of Nibelheim, but..

Cissnei smiles up at Tifa, taking the offered hand as she is given a potion. "Hmm, thank you miss. That's very kind of you. I'll be fine in a minute or two. Just bit off a bit more than I could chew...Say, I wonder if you could direct me to the nearest inn?" Idly, she wonders if the girl will recognize her uniform..
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart has recognized the costume alright. It makes her cringe slightly inside too. But she can't ignore someone needing help, that's not in her nature. She offers a hand up "Nearest inn would be mine actually, I run a bar and inn in Traverse Town." She points at the gates, meaning that, well, this is Traverse Town of course. She doesn't know if this Turk knows about the state of this world or anything though, but its not like she's been hiding herself either. Just... not very active as a terrorist lately.
Cissnei Cissnei arches a brow at that piece of information. Hmm, so she's a barmaid now? Well, it's certainly an upgrade from a guide. Still, she is curious to know how she survived that incident. More importantly, what else does she know about what happened on that fateful day? She could be a threat to Shinra.

"I see. How fortunate for me." Another sweet smile is offered as she peers towards the gates, then back to Tifa. "Hmm, perhaps you could show me the way there? By the way, my name is Cissnei. Pleased to meet you, miss."

The girl offers a gloved hand and a polite bow.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes the hand politely. She inwardly curses herself for being so nice. But whatever. "If you're feel weak you can ride my chocobo, I was heading there actually. Some shopping to furnish up my drink selection." Yeah, might come and bite her in the butt later, but at least she'll have a clean conscience around it.
Cissnei Cissnei smiles sweetly, looking quite innocent and harmless. Is she really a Turk? Maybe she just likes to dress like that. Big coincidence maybe? Who knows.."Sure, thanks for the offer." no need to show off her own capabilities afterall. With a slight hop, she propels herself on the back of the chocobo, glancing towards the city wall as they approach.

"So..Bar maid, hmm? How quaint. You must get many customers in this area. How long have you been working here? Oh." She laughs, "I'm afraid I didn't quite catch your name, miss.."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart says, "Tifa Lockhart." She states simply with a smile. She moves over to take her chcoobo's reins, walking toward the city. Its not a long walk left, and she's not afraid of a little hike either. "Haven't been here for that long, a few months now. Its the second bar I have here. You'll learn about it soon enough, but this world is pretty different." She glances over to you. Might as well not talk about Turks right away. "Looks like you've been chased by heartless though."
Cissnei Aha! So it really is her. Hmmm, interesting. Cissnei has to wonder who else survived but..She needs to gain her trust first. She must know who the Turks are, and what Shinra did to Nibelheim after acting as a tour guide to the many employees stationned in the small mountain town. But if that is the case, does she know who Cissnei is?

Throughout the internal monologue, Cissnei maintains a coolly neutral expression as she peers around the city, seemingly curious of this unfamiliar place. "Hmm? Two bars you say? So where is the other one?"

And then there's the question of how she came here and she nods. "Yes, I was lost in the darkness and accosted by heartless as I tried to make my way towards that portal. I guess I was pretty outnumbered, and I started to flee. Fortunately you came by when you did.." The potion's already taking effect, healing her more grievous wounds, although she still looks pretty exhausted.
Tifa Lockhart That's what happens with heartless alright. "They are a plague that we can't get rid of right now, its the new reality you could say." She sighs. "The other bar? Its in Goug, what's 'left' of Midgar." No use hiding that either. "The portal you appeared from leads to other worlds too, one of them being the World of Ruin. Its complicated, but its like lots of world all fused together, creating a whole new world. Goug is on an island with neighbors like the kingdoms of Alexandria and Tycoon.
Cissnei Cissnei nods quietly, thoughtfully as she listens to all that Tifa has to say. "Hmm...Midgar was my home. I'm sorry to hear that it has...Changed. Tell me more about this..Goug place, though? How do I get there, through one of those portals?" She glances warily back at the portal she'd just stepped through. Cissnei really doesn't want to travel through one of those again.

Cissnei frowns a bit at the World of Ruin part. "I see..." Hmm, she needs to check back at Shinra. Who knows what's going on over there right now. They could be in ruins or...
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hmms "Its hard to describe in words, but Goug is like a slightly less advanced Midgar. The reactors are still there, but there's no giant plate like Midgar. So I guess its a little bit easier to live with, but there's still the slums and the more high class upper plate of town." So its not that different in some ways. Its still a mass of metal in her book either way. And those reactors, ugh.
Cissnei Cissnei nods. "Hmmm, I wonder how that happened. Do you mean to say, the heartless destroyed Midgar, or something? That they destroyed parts of all of these..Worlds?" She sighs a bit tiredly, glancing ever ahead, hoping they'll get to that bar soon. She needs food and rest.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart reaches the bar, patting her chocobo as she leads it to its pen, an enclosed area for the customers and tennants here. "Apparently Goug is a mechanical city from another world called Ivalice. Either Midgar doesn't exist and relocated to the similar structured Goug, or both got combined one way or another. It doesn't change the final result either way." She hms, and then reaches up to grab her groceries, one back under each arm as she steps into the inn/bar.
Cissnei Cissnei frowns softly at this. "Hmm, interesting. And yet Shinra took over that city?" Well at least Shinra is alive and kicking. That's reassuring, if just a little. Cissnei follows Tifa into the bar, peering around curiously.

"So. You seem to know a lot about Midgar. Is that where you're from, too?" she smiles sweetly, innocently as she says that, trying to glean more information out of this woman, even as she peers around at the impressive bar.

"Wow, this bar is truly amazing. And an inn too, you say?" Ahh, must be upstairs. "So. Do you run the bars yourself? They must keep you pretty busy.."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "Oh you have no idea. I need to relax too, I have a few helpers fortunatly, but otherwise yeah, I run this one and the one in Midgar. I move between the two alot. And no, I come from Nibelheim originally, but its not even found on any maps anymore." It probably didn't cross over in this world at all, from the sounds of it. "I know that Junon and Wutai are around... Oh, and Cosmo Canyon, but that's about it I think." She moves the bags behind the counter, and moves back out for a second to get the rest of what was on the chocobo.
Cissnei "Nibelheim, hmm? I hear it was a quiet, qaint little town. Beautiful scenery though..You must miss it. I guess people there were pretty close to each other." she nods again. So Junon's here too. At least Shinra has some firepower left. Would Wutai be a bigger threat in this world? She yawns and stretches, rubbing her sore arm as she collapses tiredly into one of the barstools. "So, Tifa, do you have anything hard and strong? How about a Martini?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart pushes the last bag along the counter, putting it aside, as she picks up her bottles to ready the martini "Of course~ Wouldn't be much of a bar without those." She smiles kindly, and works up the drink rapidly in a small glass. "Here you go. And yeah, it was a nice town, except for the monsters that appeared after the reactor was installed.

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