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(2013-05-19 - Now)
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ExDeath Traverse Town's District 3 is now on fire.

There's no way else to say it; the Heartless are here, running amok and terrorizing the populous. There's lots of casualties already, and the fires are spreading from roof to roof. Wanton destruction is the order of the day here, and there's a distinct sight in the town plaza, guarded by most of the Heartless: a giant tree of darkness, it's branches bare yet snaking in elaborate loops and curls like living tendrils. The roots of the tree have penetrated the cobblestones and seem to be draining everything of life.

Your mission is to find a way to stop the fires, destroy the HEartless, and find a way to get rid of the tree, which seems to be acting as a HEartless Conduit. To make matters worse, Lord ExDeath is standing atop the grey wall, arms folded and watching the chaos, drinking it in.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney walks along the streets calmly, looking relatively placated despite the destruction around him. He's got a few scratches and dings in his armor/arms, but overall, he seems to be doing okay despite his situation, as he leaves most of his fighting to the minions. His destination? That gargantuan tree near the town plaza. "Are they always this obvious?" He mutters under his breath, as his Shadows take a moment to leap upon a group of nearby shadows, while Sydney watches in amusement. They're branded prominently with a Red Blood-Sin, differentiating them rather easily from other shadows. As he walks along, he takes a moment to prepare himself for whatever abomination awaits him at the center of the town.
Vespa Vespa says, "What the heck happened here?", Vepsa says as she arrives on scene, it's utter chaos fires spreading heartless rapaging around and a giant tree somehow has sprouted in the center, she can feel the dark aura emenating from the tree..

"Let's get to work Al and get to the root of the problem..", says the maid's as massive axe appears in her hands. "I can't belive I made that pun....""
District 3 seem to be having a /ton/ of issues here lately. To the point where it was starting to become very suspicious really. Between heartless, random crazy school kids, and now THIS, it was becoming a very high annoyance.

This time however, some of their equipment was actually WORKING. A few turrets actually come online, seeming to appearing in grid lines before taking form. The digital weapons suddenly manifest themselves in the user space and start taking aim. Firing bolts of red energy at the heartless as they move around, one even takes a shot for ExDeath himself.

There is soon a sound of nothing like a human machine coming in quickly. It soon becomes visable as it comes around the corner screeching across the ground. Its black lines are sleek and the red lines on it visible of who the owner of such a futuristic ride is; One of the members of DPS.

The engine roars a few times. The figure on the bike was wearing a black, leather body suit with red lines moving along the male athletic muscular form. There was some heavy duty padding on the shoulders, boots, and along the forearms. Even over the knees. The helm seemed almost fluidly attached to the body suit, with three glowing red lines one running down the center and two down the side, with one on the right going under a half orb with an antenna extending out from it. The visor was also solid black masking any visual information on the face.

Soon the Grid Bike went charging across the streets, before running up along a ramp and seeming to suddenly leap into the air. It then vanishes into a grid like style, before turning into a baton which he attaches to his belt. He then rolls across one of the roof tops, before pulling out to assault rifles which are just as black as his body suit.

He then takes aim for several of the heartless, before he examines the tree, then over to the odd figure standing on the wall. There was a low rumble that almost sounded of a bit of static before the voice speaks up that carries a slight robotic echo to it. "I would tell you all to halt and cease this activity, but that be on wasted breath."

The dark figure then walks over to one of the flames and stomps his foot on it, seeming to put out the flame with ease. Before then taking aim, his visual information in his own eyes already computing all targets around him to friendly and foe; the tree has not been noted as such yet. "So let me make this clear. I am part of the DPS and you have made a critical error coming here." There was another growl. "..we are a bit tired of unwanted guests."
Serah Farron Serah Farron was in town, still searching for a good bow. She could pick up any random wooden one, but that doesn't seem like a good idea even to her. She rather find one that works for her. But now... let's say the search was interrupted. Not by fireworks, but by fire. Not as pleasant, that's for sure.

Over the screams of people and the roots of the tree taking most of the space, she's been trying to guide people toward safer areas of the town. But there's still the heartless to content with as well, but as long as the people are safe.'

Agh, heartless. She's been a magnet for those ever since she arrived here, and now they came in with the whole cavalry and transport it seems, the huge tree kinda easy to spot throughout the town. As soon as she pushes people away though, she turns around to start helping out the fighters with some of her magic. She has lots of healing magic she can use in situations like these.
Evja Everyone's favorite Judge seems to be in town tonight for one reason or another. What reason is that? Well, it remains to be seen just what, but at the moment the Viera was seated - sans armor - atop a light-blue Chocobo. It was still the same Chocobo, not that anyone here had really seen such or could care less about wether the Judge had different Chocos or not. Besides Serah. And she probably didn't care anyways.

The sudden presence of Heartless though made the Viera think of Hades. Was Hades doing this? Was he using the Heartless to try and force Evja to fulfill his contract? Surely not, that would be pointless. Hell, use the heartless to fulfill it. There had to be a reason why he wanted /Evja/ to do it so much that he didn't do it himself.

A Soldier heartless charges at Evja with a running jump only to be knocked away angrily with a suddenly manifesting spear in the Judges hand, bursting it into little orbs as was wont to happen sometimes. "Damned things, even if they /are/ mindless, like the book Merlin offered. Mmph... there must be a way to control them, control them through the light rather than the darkness. Perhaps some kind of bait. I shall have to --GO AWAY!" Suddenly a group of shadows hop towards him and are knocked away with the spear again as he hops of the Chocobo and shoos it to run off somewhere safer. A portal opens for the Chocobo which it slips through to go back home on.

"Fine, beasts, let us keep you from hurting all here." The defenses caused Evja a slight confusion though he didn't attack them as he ran through the area, slashing, twirling and plunging his spears in and out of various things, trying to do his best to keep them at bay and protect those he can. Eventually he jumps thrice high into the air to look around and spots a tree. What in the Espers name was a tree doing here? Of course, magic suddenly furled around him and the Viera was left to look down towards the form of a girl who cast it upon him. Ah, that one. The one he'd seen at Golmore. Well, words for her later. For now, trying to figure out what the hell is going on.
Palom Oooh, fire! Palom can see it from the distance, and comes to investigate! But then... when he gets close enough, he sees that /the town itself/ is on fire! What kind of jerks would do such a thing?! The guy standing and watching is slightly /less/ obvious, with all the fire, so the little boy has no one to quip at and sets to, well... Putting out the fire! He takes a deep breath and holds his staff in front of him, muttering as he gathers the power to cast Waterga on a section of the fire!
Minerva They were under attack again? This was getting insane, this was seriously getting insane. What other choice did she have but to fight. She's now racing out of the HQ, and is already moing to rip into the heartless as she makes use of fire froma turret to cover her closing to melee.

"You come again beasts?! BACK TO THE HELL THE SPAWNED YOU!"

She just starts punching her first becoming covered in ice and lighting as she strikes. Then coems another Serah cast a spell to better protected from hostile magic.
ExDeath Exdeath turns slightly as the turret fires on him, and he promptly casts a fire spell on it. "Hmmph. Traverse town, defended by little toys! I've heard of this new 'defense system'...heh. I really should get my hands on some otherworld tech. Maybe the demons could make use of it..." He trails off when he notices SOMEONE is addressing him. He teleports right next to the dark figure with the assault rifle. "I do not sense the usual man-flesh about you..." he remarks.

The civilians flock around Serah, some of the townspeople with their own arms for protection. Evja makes quick work of many Heartless that attempt to jump him with that fancy footwork. The tree before Evja seems to pulsate like a living thing.

Meantime, Palom pulls off a water spell, drenching a rooftop and putting out the fires. There's still plenty more, so he'll have to have plenty of MP./
Vespa "Comon then I'll take you all on!", Vespa shouts hopefully getting the heartless attention and starts swining her axe in arcs infront hopefully taking out any heartless infront of her making her way to the evil tree of darkness.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney slowly makes his way into the square, to see just what fiend has caused all this trouble. He looks taken aback in shock for a moment or two, but quickly replaces it with his usual "Holier-Than-Thou" demeanor, trying to make any traces of surprise or fear. Announcing his presence with an "Ahem", he begins clapping his hands slowly. Plink...Plink...Plink. "Tell me, warlock. 'Tis that idiot general of yours here today?" He says rhetorically, looking about the plaza for a few moments? "No?" Sydney grins foully. "Lovely. No fool to defend you this time, warlock. You may have tasted victory in Goug, but I shall grant you no such mercy this time." He says, holding his clawed hand up in an open palm towards ExDeath. A small ball of darkness charges for a few moments, and as it grows larger he lifts it above his head. He begins to chant in an ancient language, the letters given physical form as they escape his mouth, floating up to join the ball of darkness. They leech darkness from the ball until all the letters are pulsating with malevolent energy, before seperating themselves and squirming their way through the air towards ExDeath, like some kind of Evil-Alphabet-Snake.
It would seem as turrets continue to fire, with a few taken out by ExDeath's spell. CHIEF soon finds looking right at the armored figure with the man's reflection casted in the black visor. The Military program with his red lines, instead of the green he normally carries suddenly flips back a few steps before training those assault rifles on Exdeath.

Suddenly all his targeting resources are honed right on ExDeath. He knows the people of Traverse Town are resourceful. They are quick to respond. They are heroes and he has fought many of them before being 'fixed' by MCP.

"That is because I am no User." CHIEF says calmly. "And you are not welcomed here."

However it seems /someone/ else wants ExDeath and CHIEF internally groans. By his programmer, users were /so/ annoying. He could be making himself useful elsewhere with his conjurings instead of up here on a roof. Like, oh, taking out heartless!

Yet, this is not said by the program, only suddenly quickly changing position, just encase ExDeath decides to move such away where he could get impacted by the dark spell. "..frag.. can never do this the /peaceful/ way." Cause you know getting the big bad to mosey along would make clean up so much easier. So thanks to the sudden attack from Sydney, CHIEF now has to take action and action he takes.

The assault rifles barrels start to glow, before several shots are fired off with laser bursts of green in color. He continues to move along the roof top, keeping on his guard. After all, the perk of being a program that went from F-117 targeting system, to Star Wars Targeting system, to drone targeting, then to operating a drone plus targeting, and having the trigger finger given to you, well simply put.

Aiming and shoot was indeed CHIEF's thing.
Serah Farron Serah Farron moves the civilians away as much as she can! To the next district, at least. As far as they can get from the heartless. Lots of heroes and firefighters have been gathering around too it seems, the braves that don't care about danger to save lives. Well, she can offer some cover fire, without pun here, by tossing magic of her own. She doesn't have water spells, but she can use blizzard. And ice is basically water, right? Well, if she can freeze some parts, it might help the fire from spreading at least "I have your back for healing!" She lets everyone know.
Minerva Minerva is shifting her form throught he ranks of the heartless she's attemping to keep them clear from those civilians making for Serah. She's fighting away and brutally taking the heartless down. There's no mercy and how could there be these are things that don't belong in this or any other world. CHEIF does get her attention though it seems he's like TRON from some of the terms he's using.

However she contiunes to try and cover Serah and those making for her as best she can.

"Fowl bests! DIE!"
Evja Shots fired. Magic formed and thrown. People he'd never seen before are suddenly fighting with someone and that tree looms ominously in the distance, the giant wood pulsa-- okay, bad pun is bad and won't be made, despite the tree pulsating and obviously alive. For a moment the Viera somehow managed to stay afloat in the air, one foot resting on a magic circle that formed beneath it vaguely of some Ivalician origin before it vanished and he landed with a heavy thump. Despite the armor, the crossdressed Viera did still seem somewhat heavy. Perhaps it was just the metallic Knight Greaves of sorts he had on.
"I think I see the source of this disaster." Comes a quick call towards Serah.
And with that the Viera points a distance away to the tree. "That thing must be attracting these things to wreack havoc somehow. They are attracted to things, to the hearts of worlds, to hearts... perhaps the pulsing nature of it is acting like a giant, mechanical heartbeat for this town."

A theory at best, which is what Evja was running off as he leapt into the air again and onto a roof top before charging towards the tree as fast he could. He wasn't entirely sure /how/ he was going to deal with a tree that size for an opponent, however. He had no magic and surely just beating the tree to death couldn't work. Can't punch trees, right?

But what Heartless would he meet along the way? The same variety that was already out, or perhaps something special.
ExDeath Minerva and Vespa start carving a path through the Soldier HEartless, as well as little winged bat demon Heartless. Slowly they inch closer to the tree itself. Meanwhile Evja charges for the tree, but indeed, some special Heartless come to meet him. They are floating orbs with small arms and wicked grins, and they give little cackles as they charge for explode.

Exdeath erects a magic barrier in response to the spell cast by Sydney, blocking it. "What's this? A little mortal mage, attacking ME with DARKNESS. Excellent plan, five stars, that surely ISN'T completely stupid!" He claps his hands, the metal clanking on metal, as he looks to CHIEF. "Give him some applause!"

Of course, then Chief shoots him with an assault rifle, and the bullets slam into the towering knight. "Hnngh." Those didn't feel like regular gunpowder munitions. "What an interesting turnout." He responds to them both by casting a Firaga spell, likely the same used to light these fires.

Speaking of fires, Serah's ice spell does quench more of the flames, leaving more buildings intact.
CHIEF tsks softly. "I rather not." He remarks to ExDeath. "He may get more bright ideas." However the fire spell is then launched at him and CHIEF tsks softly. Instead of dodging it, he tosses his assault rifle into the air and then tosses the baton at the fire, allowing the metal bar to impact with the spell.

The dark armored program with red lines then catches his assault rifle as he ducks down as the baton explodes on impact blasting right over his head.

He winces as it breaks a few shingles and then explodes over another building which shatters the windows.

Welp. LANCER was going to yell at him for destroying a decent Light Cycle in order to save a building's roof from further destruction, though that window on the other hand...

"Why are you here? What is your purpose?" He then trains the assault rifles on ExDeath once more. "Your the third dark casting glitch to show up here in this /same/ very district." The weapons then start to hum as they power up. "Don't you users have somewhere else better to go or is this like a number service?"
Palom Palom takes a dee'Water!' A split-second later, a great splash of water falls down. And then he points again, and again, moving his staff slightly each time. "Water! Water! Water! Water! Water! Water! Water!" Sploosh sploosh sploosh sploosh splooshsplooshsplooshsploosh--

A stray heartless approaches him in the midst of all this and Palom suddenly jabs his staff back towards its face and sends it tumbling away with a jet of water, not stopping his casting.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney chuckles amusedly at ExDeaths remarks. "Sometimes the only way to break a rock is with a stronger rock." HahahaahaHAAAAGH, he cries out suddenly as the flames wash over his body. He drops to his knee for a second, the heavy clanking of metal upon it as he coughs for a split second. As he rises, he takes a few seconds to dust himself off as the Blood-Sin reacts violently to the Firaga, doing what it can to dull the pain for Sydney to remain conscious. "If I recall correctly, it worked well enough last time we clashed, warlock." He responds mockingly. I mean, he got beat within an inch of his life last time, but hey, he's trying. "But unfortunately for you, I am no one trick pony." He remarks with a foul grin as he raises his clawed hand above his head once more. A three spears of holy light falls from the skies, looking as though its going to violently skewer their creator. At the last possible second, they explode into a small blast of holy energy. Sydneys aloft hand quickly absorbs the radiant energy, and he lifts his other hand towards ExDeath. Searing blasts of holy light shoot forth towards the sorcerer. Internally, Sydneys fearful. Last time, they had a debatable army to throw at ExDeath. Now its just a depowered Malcaster and a trigger-happy program.
Serah Farron Serah Farron phews as it seems to be working at least. So ice it is. She moves beside the bite-sized mage... who has much more powerful magic than hers, it would seem. But working together can probably get better effects too. She makes sure not to ice over his spells, but shooting in other directions... and also at heartless hordes that are around. There's lots of them around, crawling... and some of them are going to come for her, assuredly.

She looks at Palom "I think we got most of the fires under control now. We still have lots of heartless though...
Evja "Damn, these things again." Or at least something similar. They remind Evja of the Heartless he saw in the Narshe Mines. The ones who charged and exploded and caused such massive damage. But, there was nothing the Viera could do at this point other than throw her cloak up and duck her head as one impacted her and knocked her backwards, skidding and bouncing along the rooftops until she landed with a heavy thud on the shingles, coughing and growling out in pain.

That hurt like hell.

"Stupid exploding things, begone!" And with that, she does something a bit different than normal. She takes out a chain from beneath her cloak and clips it onto a spear before launching the spear towards the closest expoding Heartless, trying to hit it and make it explode before jerking the spear back and spinning around to do so again, once she stood up of course.
Vespa "Where do all these Heartless come from??",vespa wonders as she continues to hack h her way thought the hordes or heartless hopefully getting closer to the evil tree.. Then she notices Evja and the exploding Heartless. "Great exploding ones..", she a bit worried about those ones. That doesn't stop her all out assault thought.
Minerva Minerva is still carving a path through the Heartless along with Vespa she lets out a belloing shout as she starts to spwin and become a whirl wind of destruction. She just keeps striking them down. "We'd have to find the summoner!" She calls out as she contiunes to rip into ranks as hard as she can there are othes there who may work far better at finding the one behind thie she's rather busy to the point she's not fully clicked abotu EXdeath at least yet.
ExDeath "My purpose is complete cessation of existence, swallowed by the Darkness. I like to keep things simple, you see." Exdeath evades the force of the explosion, then turns as Sydney unleashes his blast of holy energy. The warlock responds with an intense blast of dark matter that sucks in debris around it, meeting the attack with his own.

Palom and Serah finally get the fires under control; now there's just the tree to contend with. Evja and Vesper manage to reach the tree proper after tearing through the Heartless ranks; what will they do?
CHIEF has to suddenly hunker down as Holy meets Darkness and not get knocked off by the two powerful forces meeting. He stays down a bit sneering his teeth behind the helm before he stands up once more. "...remind me to never get on your bad side.." the program mutters to himself before he gets serious again.

"So your plan is to wipe all users and any species really from the face of all worlds?" The military program asks before he shakes his head. "If you spoken about just.. no.. sorry chum. I can't let you do this or even think of doing it later."

CHIEF then aims right at ExDeath. "Game over, user." Then as the assault rifles continue to charge, CHIEF moves his one foot back to brave himself as the red power lines start to glow brightly. Then suddenly with a massive force, the two assault rifles fire off a massive beam of energy right for ExDetah. "Back to the recycle bin with you!"
Vespa "You know I recenly read a story about a great leader who chopped down a tree when he was a child..", Vespa says looking at the tree.

"As they say TIMBER!", she starts swinging her massive axe at the base of the tree trying to chop it down.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney gets knocked back a few feet by the force created by the two forces meeting, quickly disappearing to avoid whatever remnants of ExDeaths beam made it past the two forces meeting. "'Twould be a lie for me to say that wasn't...interesting." He says, bringing a hand to his chin as he attempts to speak with ExDeath. "You seek to swallow the worlds in darkness?" Pause for effect here. "...Why?" He asks bluntly, confused by the concept. He's seen people who want to rule the world. Commit mass murder. Rule the world of Ivalice with an iron fist. But to outright destroy the world? Thats just odd. "...What could you possibly have to gain by destroying the world, as opposed to ruling it? Thats just...silly." Midsentence, Sydneys three heartless leap upon ExDeath, slashing and clawing violently as they attempt to strike at him while he's Sydney tries to hold his attention. In terms of power and speed, they are in every way superior to regular Shadows, thanks to the Blood-Sin. ...Thats not a very hard thing to be.
Palom The fire is /soundly defeated/. Palom wobbles a bit unsteadily on his feet. That took a lot out of him! He looks at the mysterious tree, and the swarm of heartless in the way! Well, there's only one thing for it -- to blast his way through! He steps towards the heartless and holds out his hand. 'Bolts from the sky, strike with the wrath of the heavens! THUNDAG...a...' Electricity starts to crackle out from his hand, then fizzles out, and Palom just sort of falls over.

Out of magic. It is now nap time.
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks and eeps a bit as she reaches over for the falling little mage. At least he won't crash into the hard ground. Looks like he exhausted all of his magic alright. Well, at least he's rather small, she should be able to drag him over somewhere...
Minerva Minerva turns her attention now at last to EXdeathand move in she narrows her eyes at him. "Really?" She ahkes her head what's else is she ogin to say to that as she now starts running for Exdeath. She follows after CHIEF's attack throwing herself airborn as she leap charges she's actually flying right at EXDEATH spening as she goes like some sort of whirlwind as she soon only has her head visable as she flies right at him and possible through the ranks of the hearrtless to get to him. Then again she could very well miss.
ExDeath Exdeath just laughs. "Simple-minded fools such as yourselves could never hope to understand my motives. To even fathom my reasons...heh, I'd like to see what it would do to your little fleshling brains. Or metal brain, in one's case. In time, I, too, will allow myself to be swallowed by the Dark...but that's an end game goal. We're not even yet at the middle level!"

Exdeath teleports away from the energy beam, which conveniently heads in Sydney's direction. He responds to Sydney's Heartless by slicing at them with his telekinetic sword. The tree, meanwhile, seems to shudder and SCREECH with each Vesper hit. She's going to cut it down soon at this rate. The Heartless start to dissapear as a result.

Exdeath notices this. "Hnn. Seems my analysis is complete. I thank you all...for participating in this test."
"Test?!" CHIEF suddenly barks out. His helm at last flips back as the visor slides into the helm and its seems to collapse down bit by bit in a less then a second. That amber and red eye staring directly at ExDeath.

His red eye flickering just a bit as he stares in some disbelief of what he just heard, even his hair moving slightly in the passing breeze of both his brown and gray bangs. "You came here starting a fight just to get some data?!" He then sputters before cracking up laughing.

He then ahems softly trying to hold back his further laughter, only grinning now, "Nice to know users don't change no matter how they spin things. Your all the same. Every one of you." CHIEF then points one of the assault rifles at ExDeath - No he doesn't seem to care his shot missed and yes - he does find the teleporting thing annoying.

"But your not going anywhere. You are under arrest for terrorizing these people!" He then starts to walk towards Exdeath, taking shots almost with every step. A smile slowly starting to come over his face and a bit of a crazy look in that one red eye of his; even though his amber eye seems rather calm-ish.
Vespa Vespa gained achiement tree choppper! She turns to see Exdeath going on about something. "I have no idea what you are talking about.. Oh well bring it on and I'll cut you down to size!", she hefs her massive axe over her shoulders. "What with me making all these chiched statments today?"
Sydney Losstarot Making a quick roll to the side to dodge the beam of energy. As it wasn't aimed at Sydney, its not really the hardest thing to avoid. Sydney grimaces as he sees his heartless cut down, clearly in physical pain. They simply reappear in Sydneys shadow a few moments later, but the effect is done, and Sydney has to take a moment before his next attack.

Sydney laughs amusedly as ExDeath reveals his true motives for this attack. "Your strategies are flawed, Warlock. I have fought along many groups of people in my time here, against many threats, each group almost entirely different from the last. There are too many for you to ever gather data on, and for every one you strike down, another will rise in its place." Sydney raises a palm towards ExDeath. He squeezes his hand, and ExDeath might feel gravity get very heavy if he doesn't move fast. Unlike most Gravity spells, this one isn't aimed at his outside. Its aimed at his insides, and whatever wood organs he has in there.
Palom NAP TIME cannot last forever.

But it can last a little longer. The boy rolls over, sleeping on his back. Snot bubble coming out of his nose and everything. The Heartless close in on him, and one looms over him, preparing to strike... And then he half rolls over, on his side now, muttering something about rocks and flames, and then small crevices open in the street and swallow up the nearby heartless, and the one looming over him is set on fire and, in the process of running around trying to put itself out, also tumbles into the abyss.

Looks like he's getting his magic back already!
Vespa Vespa gained achiement tree choppper! She turns to see Exdeath going on about something. "I have no idea what you are talking about.. Oh well bring it on and I'll cut you down to size!", she hefs her massive axe over her shoulders. "What with me making all these chiched statments today?"

This scene contained 36 poses. The players who were present were: Vespa, Minerva, CHIEF, Palom, Evja, Serah Farron, ExDeath, Sydney Losstarot