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(2013-05-19 - Now)
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Rufus Shinra Rufus had been busy, while not a major player he had made some deals with Souji, partilly to help move the Shinra forward to recovery paritally to keep an eye on him as the young man was abitious as he was. He also had adept followers. Rufus was watching but he could bide his time after all the more noise one made the more trouble they got after all.

Rufus had been suprised about the request for a meeting from one TRON, the R&D department had long been going over Reno's suprised capture from the virus LEXUS and later working with one native of the word it connected to. It was a simple arrangement that had lead to some improvement in their own computer technolgoy as the world it came from did somethings the ShinRa had never thought of.

He's waiting at his massive desk on the top floor of the Shinra building as Tron has been shown his way in. TRON wold have seen both SOLIDERs and Shinra Troopers here or there, never too visably heavy but it was clear the Shinra didn't take chances when it came to security. He'd been shown in promptly by the receptionist and now Rufus awaits.
TRON TRON had set up an appointment to meet with Rufus Shinra a few days prior, after receiving word that Deelel had been captured by DPS. He had taken the opportunity to grab a new set of clothing that is far nicer than anything he currently owns, and somehow managed to find his way here. Not that it's difficult to find once you get close enough, but there's much of the World of Ruin that's difficult to traverse by Light Cycle.

As it is, he is here on time and moves to the elevator as directed without drawing attention to himself nor seeming bothered by the security presence. He is wearing a nice navy-blue business suit with a white shirt and a blue tie, glasses on his face and hair... well, it's not slicked down or back, but it is at least neat. The only thing that seems 'off' about him is his stiff gait and the fact he is wearing black leather gloves over his hands for some reason.

He nods to the receptionist and enters Rufus' office, pausing in the middle of the room to bow his head to the CEO of ShinRa. "Mr. Shinra, I am TRON. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me."
Rufus Shinra Rufus Shinra is looking at TRON as he enters paying attention to the man as he enters. "It was not a problem, though I must confess some suprise about it." The Program who had made an arrganment with the Shinra for contuhned access to the hardware they'd taken from LEXUS had been captured by DPS an secirtty group in Traverse Town. He'd got the basics but wished to know more.

"Give the nature of the situation you wish access to the laser which we removed from LEXUS' control and our assoiate has got herself intoa good deal of trouble it seems."
TRON TRON nods once. "I will explain what I can, sir." He takes a seat in one of the chairs across the desk from Rufus and interlaces his fingers in front of him. "Deelel became suspicious of the activity of one Datapoint Security, the enforcement arm of Traverse Town's current mayor who originated from the same world as Deelel and myself. She infiltrated their base on her own, having told none others of her plans, and was caught by SARGON's forces accordingly."

He frowns. "I myself did not hear about this until one of SARGON's enforcers contacted me. He stated that Datapoint Security will release Deelel should they receive data pertaining to the digitizing laser. This, admittedly, aligns with my own goal of restoring the laser to its rightful place in Manhattan--specifically, Flynn's Arcade."

He leans back in his chair slightly, not enough to indicate relaxation but certainly an attempt to look less tense. Worry is clear on his face, both due to the situation and for Deelel's safety itself. "I am not here to make demands of you nor your company. I simply want to make matters right."
Rufus Shinra Rufus Shinra listens for a long moment, this sounded like certain behaviours he'd observed in many powerful wandering people from the various worlds that make up the World of Ruin it was curious and also telling too. He also senses a chance to make some gains of him own.

"So your friend is in trouble with SARGON. With SARGON wanting the laser which we aquired it's become quite the valuable asset to our resarch division. Well the data of the plans to build it and you wish your own copy while being able to free your friend? I can't give away something for nothing. Mr. Tron..."
TRON TRON nods slowly, trying to not look discouraged and only partially succeeding. The aftereffect is the worried expression deeping noticeably. "I understand." A less-than-charitable thought crosses his mind. Why do Users always look for some sort of personal gain out of someone else's problems instead of simply doing the right thing? Then again, are Programs really that much different?

He spreads his arms apart, the forearms resting on the armrests of his chair with palms upraised. "If you cannot part with the laser itself, I can study blueprints and schematics instead. I would also only need one copy. The data within the computer itself is equally important, as the laser won't function without it, and I would need only one copy of that as well."

He emits a low sigh, though there are a few indications that it is more habitual than out of some biological necessity. "If you are seeking repayment, I do not know what it is you would require."
Rufus Shinra Rufus Shinra is a businessman and understanding he's got TRON in a sticky situation but isn't planning to run the Program too hard. "I do not intend ask for two much. You are much like Deelel and others of your kind." Humm Tron's asking for plans and copies of data he can live iwth this.

"Might I ask what your function is?"
TRON TRON tilts his head faintly, a small measure of distrust in his brown eyes, but not nearly at the point of hostility. If anything, it's just a guarded defensive look too benign to really be serious. "I am a Security Program. I defend my assigned area and those in it, neutralizing threats that would destabilize the system."
Rufus Shinra Rufus Shinra humms and nods, "Humm would you be able to upgrade some of our own systerms security or would that not be possible for you to do. It would be suitable work for the things you are asking of me and nothing that would be unfair."
TRON TRON's brow furrows in thought. Upgrade the security of this company's computer system? He hasn't tried doing that in months, ever since he fixed VALKYRI's single computer. He's still not entirely sure how he's even able to do that, come to think of it.

"I believe it is possible, yes. I have done such a thing before." He glances around briefly. "Is there a centralized computer I can made upgrades to, or will I need to go to individual units?"
Rufus Shinra Rufus Shinra says "Some are centralized some are not. It's best to not to keep everything in one place." Given the nature of the worlds addec security would be a hting also entities like LEXUS and others out there.

"I suspect you'll have more success than our suriving inhouse programmers have had." And like hell he's letting Hojo near certain things. Hojo was useful but he also knew how dangerous the man was.

"The primary network would be the main concern as well as several stand alone units thankfully those are few and are here in the tower. So then we have ourselves a deal, you upgrade our security measure and you get the data you require."
TRON TRON nods thoughtfully. Not /easy/ by any means, but what is? This is a clear 'take-it-or-leave-it', end of negotiations, and he doesn't have the luxury of leaving it. Besides, there's no logical reason to refuse the offer. "So be it."

He rises from his chair a little stiffly, but not harshly. If anything, it's more like he'd been sitting a bit too long. "Then there is no time like the present." He readjusts his cuffs in apparent almost-mechanical habit due to the crisp movements. "If it could arranged for someone to lead me to where I need to go, I will see what I can do immediately."
Rufus Shinra Rufus Shinra nods once "Very well then i'll call for the IT department so you can get started on the job. It has been a pleasure doing business with you Mr. TRON." ALl things considered Rufus request was not unresonable all things considered and nothing that would be against TRON's ethics. Ether way the deal is cast the formal contract will be done up and he shall call for the IT head to meet TRON at another part of the tower.

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