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Bad Idea, Worse Idea
(2013-05-19 - 2013-05-19)
Minette asks Helena for advice on how to seduce someone. This goes about as well as one might expect and probably a whole lot worse.
Minette Odam Minette was left alone with a briefcase full of money. Then Thirza returned early, there was a really awkward explaination, and finally a decision that 'We'll just tell Souji you dropped the briefcase in a puddle'. And then Thirza departed, leaving a red-faced Minette behind. The briefcase as since not even been so much as glanced at.

And so we find Minette in her room at the inn. There are only two other people allowed admittence (other then the 'gentlemen' guarding the door in case of emergency), one of them is Thirza, the other is Helena, whom has also been assigned to help carry out this hostile corporate takeover.

Minette is reclining in a chair by the fireplace, having changed into a terrycloth bathrobe and a comfortable pair of slippers shaped like chocobo heads. They're adorable. Well, they're dorky as hell. Minette inhales slowly, then exhales even more slowly; that was embarrissing, but at least Thirza is the only one that saw it.
Helena Celba "So there was something about a puddle?" Helena says, deciding to embarras Odam a bit...mostly for her own kicks, mostly because she was still working out her own TERRIBLE frustraitions.

She was sitting in the doorway, looking at Minette for a long moment. She doesn't laugh, but you can tell by her gaze that she was /highly/ amused by what she saw, and walks slowly towards Minette...

She makes sure to walk, JUST right, her sway making every part of her bounce. "I got a note...and was wondering WHO could have sent it to me.." She says, dropping the piece of paper on her lap.

"Truly, I am...flattered!"
Minette Odam Minette shrinks further down into her chair, muttering and grumbling unkind things about Odin, the Odynar, and loud-mouthed Shivans. "Yeah, I stepped in one on my way into town!" Minette says, snappish and a little cross. She folds her arms in front of her chest and is all huffy, her face turning a fine shade of beet red. Minette half-stands to pick up the chair under her bum and drop-drag it once, twice, three times so that the back is facing Helena. Hrumpf.

But her head peeks out from behind the chair, light from the fireplace reflecting off of her glasses. "Why would you wonder that? I submitted it with my daily paperwork." A frown. "And signed it."
Helena Celba "Geeze, and here I thought I'd get more embarrassment out of you." Helena says, rolling her eyes.

"So...WHO is the boy you want to make you a lucky girl?" Helena says, with a giggle as she sits down in her own chair, leaning over to give her a good LONG stare.

"Come on, who do you got your sights on?"
Minette Odam "I'm not Frumpypants." Minette counters, only a little sourly. And she's not. She's better! A little. She can at least hold her own with Helena, which is more then a lot of people can say. For Minette, it is an issue of daily (some would say 'over') exposure. Helena is rarely shocking and Minette finds her ways, in truth, more tiring then anything else anymore. Still, there are moments. Like this one.

"Idontwannasay." Minette mumbles with rapidly decreasing volume, turning away from Helena. She's still beet red, but that's nothing new considering what she was just caught doing fifteen minutes ago.
Helena Celba Helena giggles...

"Uh huh.." she says, "Well, I suppose it doesn't matter...perhaps it will be more fun to FIND the end." She says, and leans back. " want to know how to seduce a man..." Hmmm... "Well, first...I suppose we will have to start with the basics." she says, and points at her clothing, "That won't do at need a change of style, my dear Minette. We will have to find you some new...clothes." she pauses...

She gives Minette a long stare...what would...should the clothing accentuate...Minette has to have at least /one/ good feature.
Minette Odam Minette's best feature is her... well her arms are... her legs are sort of... her hair's like... it... maybe it's her eyes. Those eyes, hidden behind half a friggin' inch of glass so that they can't be seen. There's a risk there, but it's one that might be worth taking. Because otherwise we're going to have to go with her belly button. And she's an outtie.

"I don't... really wanna change my clothes. I /like/ my clothes, that's why I wear them." Minette starts to vouge them, but then realizes 'oh wait, I'm wearing a bathrobe and oh man I forgot to tie it'. Minette hurriedly sweeps the cloth up in both arms and returns herself to decency. Her 'one good feature' wasn't hiding under there, anyway.
Helena Celba "Eh. Nothing I haven't seen before." Helena quips, and shrugs her shoulders.

Hmmm... Minette is...going to need a lot of work.

Helena reaches over, and yanks the glasses off of her face. She also moves her hair, letting it drape down her back. She wants to check something out...maybe...

...EVERYONE has one attractive feature...she might not be busty or buxom...or even...girlish...but there was SOMETHING...
Minette Odam Minette's frame is best (or at least generously) described as... 'tomboy'. There are people that do like that sort of thing. Most of them are generally creepy. "He-hey! Helena, what are you, WOAH!" The glasses come off, and there is a moment. One, shining moment. After the glasses are pulled away, the twin twist braids are thrown backwards, and after Minette gets over flinching, she opens her eyes.

It's like time stands still, for the beat of a heart. Minette has absolutely beautiful violet colored eyes.

And then, groping forwards for her glasses, she falls out of the chair and straight onto her face, utterly ruining the moment. "...malboro farts. Owwieee... ... ..." Well, that's... that's something that might be able to be worked with. Somehow.
Helena Celba "Hmmm.." Helena says, enjoying the fact that someone just hurt themselves, based on her actions in her presence.

"Completely blind without these?" she asks, as if she wasn't stating the obvious. However...

"I think I found something we can use." She says, "But...we have to find a way to get rid of these glasses...You have such...beautiful eyes."
Minette Odam "I have... myopia and cataracts." Minette grumbles, pushing herself up off of the floor. Her head cranes about this way and that way, eyes squinting heavily and ruining the potential effect. "I can't get contact lenses because of that... something about the cataracts." Minette manages to flip her way around to sit on her butt on the floor, indian style. In the robe, it's totally immodest but as Helena pointed out, it's nothing that she hasn't seen before and Minette can't even see well enough now to realize.

"I hate my eyes." Minette grumps, holding up her hand at arm's length. She slowly starts to move it inwards, towards her nose. She stops it and announces, "There. That's were it isn't blurry." Her hand is maybe an inch from her face. By the advanced Ramuha medical definition, Minette is legally blind.
Helena Celba Helena frowns...

"Then..." hm...

"Maybe...we should try some different glasses. Maybe...something that isn't ABSORBING all of your face." She thinks about this for a long long moment.

"We have to do something about these," She considers things. "Until then...maybe a sexy black dress and some heels to try and get you something nice to ware...maybe let your hair down..."
Minette Odam "Those are the only glasses that'll correct my vision." Minette says with a sigh, pointing her face at the sound of Helena's voice. She gropes out blindly, hunting for her glasses which she assumes Helena to have. The distance between the two is such that Minette can't reach from where she was sitting and she doesn't realize it.

But that one admission is like the crack in the dam; it begins an avalanche. A few moments later and Minette is out-and-out whiney. "I trip when I'm in heels, isn't there something else? And... I like my hair like this, it's traditional. I like traditional." It's frazzled and unkempt is what it is. On second inspection, her hair isn't terrible. Something could be done there; hair is easy to work with. At least compared to the body, anyway. Between hair and eyes something passing fancy might be arranged, but Minette is never going to be a knockout without cosmetic surgury and/or dramatic lifestyle change. Neither of which either girl has the time for right now. "Can't I do this dressed as I am?"
Helena Celba Helena puts the glases in her hands, and then...

Grabs a nearby mirrior, pulling it up, and placing it RIGHT infront of her.

"You are unwilling to change. This is what you'll stay like. Without any willingness to change yourself..." she waves a hand. "You'll get nothing. You want to seduce? Be noticed? You have to work at it, you do not WAIT for them to notice see the worth that is on the inside like in stupid fairy tales. Nothing can save you from this, except /action/. So, Minette, are you wasting my time, or..?"
Minette Odam Minette is hauled up to her feet and dragged up to the mirror, tripping and stumbling as she goes. It's not until the pair comes to a stop that Minette gets a chance to put her glasses on. She stares at the mirror for a long moment, both hands still on the thick horn rims. She inhales a little to speak, opens her mouth, and...

And what should she say? She wants to be noticed, to be loved for who she is and what she is, not what someone else thinks she should be. The world, all the world, and from what she's seen, all of the /other/ worlds have held this to be high virtue and eminantly esteemed. That it is what is on the inside that makes people beautiful and not this crude, ugly flesh on the outside. It proposes a moral conflict, that anyone that would fall for her because of what she looked like on the outside wouldn't be falling in love with her for the right reasons and therefor wouldn't be worthy of her, but she can't attract his attention without, AUGH! Why is life always unfair?


But Minette knows that she's not pretty on the inside, either. She knows her own thoughts, those petty thoughts of revenge, that lightning bolts from the skies should strike down those who have wronged her. Her increadibly jealous desire to see something terrible befall people that are too pretty, and nice, and perfect. And then, that one time, something did, and her first thought... her first, terrible, awful, evil thought when Tira Hyral disappeared was...

"I think that I am." Minette replies, very, very smally, which is not to say that she replies softly. They are two distinctly different things. Her head droops and her eyes fall on the floor.
Helena Celba Augh...

"Really? That's it?" Helena siiiiighs. She can sense something is on the edge...something unsaid that is...causing this, but...she either knows not how to bring it up, or care. She lays a hand on Minette's shoulder, "Then if you refuse to change...refuse to grow...then you'll always be...plain old Minette. Nobody will look at you, nobody will notice'll be just that girl that is good with numbers forever." She says.

And switches sides, "Until, of course, Master Murasame finds someone who is good with numbers, who isn't a complete failure. Who is...sweet, who is nice...who is /pretty/." She switches again.

"Someone who isn't glass jawed by Nik in every encounter...who changes when is necissary...who doesn't hide behind their own weakness.."

"Who doesn't waste company time." Her hands grip in, "Who doesn't waste /MY/ precious time." She says, with a tone of murderous hostility. "But that is fine...hide here, stare at the girl you are. Let the failure soak in...know this is /all/ you will ever be, because you LIKE your clothes, because you LIKE your hair...and because you LIKE being a failure. It's safe...comfortable. Nobody needs or wants you. Eventually, you might even get to die...alone. Nobody will even remember your name." She says, and lets her go. And turns to walk away.
Minette Odam "It's probably better this way." Minette says, shrugging off Helena's hand so that she can shamble more then walk over to her chair. She flumps down into it heavily. "Everytime someone does notice me it's just to kick me around. She doesn't flinch as Helena starts making her proclimations. They're true; Minette has accepted them as total fact. She has no protest to raise, because there is nothing to protest. With one very signifigant exception;


Is want Minette /wants/ to say. But she does not. Later. Tomorrow. Later in the week. Maybe even later in the month, she will play this conversation back in her mind, and she will say that line. Sometimes Helena will be too shocked to reply. Sometimes she'll counter with some evil line and Minette will hold a mental dialoge with herself in which she destroys Helena with a carefully constructed and rehearsed arguement. And sometimes, Helena will break down crying, and Minette will go to her and comfort her and make it all better to show in false humility how much better of a person she is then Helena.

But here. Here and now, Minette says not a word. Not a single goddamn word of protest or self defence passes her lips as she sinks back into her chair and lets out a half-formed and half-hearted utterance of 'I'm sorry'. For what, Minette doesn't know. She's not sure she cares.

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