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Vespar Troubles
(2013-05-19 - 2013-05-19)
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Angantyr Vespar Upper Arcadia.

Angantyr was easily the most recongizable of people Arcadia was after. He may not be very FAMOUS yet, or even that infamous as lets say the legendary Sky Pirate, but he was at least, VERY recongizable. This is why, suddenly walking through Upper Arcadia would being alarm, first through the Rank and File, and then to the Judges. The Criminal who attacked a Judge Magister, who was sentanced to death, was walking around town.

He wasn't even GOING anywhere. He just walked in a circle, some Soldiers thought he looked suspicious, someone checked some paperwork...

Whatever the Judges do now, Angantyr does not care. He is...simply walking. It is like he /wants/ to be found.

Also, he might not actually know how to get into contact with a judge.

He also might just be sending a message too.


It's hard to say, Angantyr is pretty antagonistic, at best, to Arcadia.
Rallius Vespar Rallius Vespar knows how his brother operates. In part, it is because his brother is...well, Angantyr has always been an impulsive boy, prone to jumping to conclusions and making snap decisions. The Judge Of Light, by contrast, has always been a much more patient man, a man who thoroughly considers every option when he has the time, who carefully weighs all the benefits and costs to each of his actions.

More than that, Rallius Vespar knows what Garland taught his brother. Where Garland has taught Rallius his infinite and immortal patience, his cunning sense of planning, honing Rallius into a strategic and precise tool, Garland taught Angantyr exactly what would strength Angantyr - rage, violence, and destruction. It only made sense; their master was a distant man, who knew how to hone men into tools and blades to suit their needs...and, Rallius is distantly aware, his own.

But that was the price Rallius had paid to become a great judge. His reputation for fairness was known far and wide, and, as far as Judges go, the man is relatively peaceful. It makes it all the more appropriate for Rallius to be the first to find Angantyr.

"Angantyr." Rallius steps out into the street, his massive shield held calmly in one hand, his helmet blocking out his face - and his slow, disapproving frown. "Is there some reason you've set foot into Archades?"
Zargabaath Word passes quickly through Upper Archades when a wanted man appears in the streets in broad daylight. After all, the nobles do not like the thought of someone interrupting their carefree days exchanging gossip--I'm sorry, Chops. But the identity of this wanted man...

Well, it has pulled Judge Magister Zargabaath out of his airship to see to the matter personally.

He arrives a few moments after Judge Rallius Vespar calls to his brother, and motions for the soldiers and Judges still in the area to disperse and return to their own duties. He makes no move forwards to involve himself, and in fact stays well back while simply folding his arms over his chestplate. From there, the Judge Magister of Reason waits and watches carefully.
Riku In Upper Archadia, nobody can hear you meander.

Or at least.. walk around in a circle as if you were enacting a terrible slow motion revenge on the cobblestones by treading a rut into them like an absolute fiend. The crowds continue to move along although some serious scance-taking goes on outside of easy sightline.

In the crowd, a young judge cadet is taking a very long walk from the market district back to the dormitories with a sort of dogged persistance. His feet drag slightly on the cobbles from fatigue, a clothing bag slung over his shoulder.

The teenager stops after turning a corner, backing up several steps as his mind refuses to process something all the way through. He brings up a hand to rub the bridge of his nose. His eyebrows raise very slowly as he continues to stare with morbid fascination and no little amount of confusion.

When Judge Magister Zargabaath shows up, his eyebrows raise even further and he leans against the edge of a building. He lays the bag down and folds his arms, seeing how this plays out.
The Judge of Ambition was also here, but mostly cause when people start hustling, even when you are temporarily civilian rank, you /still/ go to find out what is going on with keen interest.

So Gabranth, ignores some orders and decides to place on his armor, because if something was going down like hell he was going to be caught with civilian armor. He may get the fifth degree from Zargabaath later, but after a few stress runs and some sparring, he was sure he has this handled.


And yes-- he misses his job, amazingly.

So where does Gabranth end up? He ends up not to far behind Zargabaath, with his hands coming to rest on his hilts as his blue eyes peering out from the helm. He glances over to the Judge of Reason then back at the dark knight pacing around. So far no one was making a move beyond the Judge already at the scene and sense he was holding no rank, he couldn't give any orders.

Zargabaath, currently, was the one in charge when he was present, until Gabranth got his position back that is.
Cirra Constantine "/Who/ Is in upper Arcadhes?" A pause.

"And /who/ has gone out to meet him?" Another pause, a great roll of the eyes towards the heavens. "We'll be lucky if the raw pretentiousness doesn't sink the whole city."

So The Judge of Wrath suits up and goes through the streets of Archades, until she appears on the other end of the street as Zargabaath, one hand on her hip. Not much has changed about her armor, she insisted it wasn't needed with her temporary position, but others insisted that her station be made more obvious. So now there are horns on her helemet that curve elegantly backwards and taper down the neck of the headpiece.

cirra Cosntantine watches until the Golden Boy of Archadia decides to do something.

Or Angantyr hits him, either is fine with her.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr pauses...

There is his brother, as...yeah, he was sorta pretentious. Like...really. Angantyr wondered if that was always the case, or if it were years apart that made the obvious avalible to his eyes. More judges start appearing, he looks from side to side, noting Zargabaath, the old windy <GOOSEHONK> who loves the sound of his own voice. He sensed something else nearby...dark, but he can't put his finger on it...something was different, but he doesn't ask. Not now...

A familar darkness gets his attention, though, and he glares towards Gabranth, but he doesn't immediately strangle him. He turns back...

And then there was another judge...familar armor...horns?

Oh this was going to be...interesting.

Angantyr doesn't look hostile...well, okay, he LOOKS hostile, but he isn't drawing a weapon or channeling darkness. He is, pretty passive, placing a hand on his hips, and not making any reaches for a weapon.

"My presence here in Arcades should be concern on it's own. However, today...Brother, I am not here to fight with you. As much as I want to remove your stupid look off your stupid face, and take revenge on The destroyer.." he cocks his head towards Gabranth, "I have a different reason for being here today."

"I have left Garland's service. There is a price for such a thing, however...I daresay it was worth it, however. The price he wanted me to pay to stay in his service was something I could not pay anylonger." He takes a breath, steadying himself. "I'll spare you the details of what he was wanting, brother, and stick with what does concern you...and your fellow judges. His desire is to destroy the Vesper line."
Rallius Vespar "Then you should pronounce them quickly, brother," Rallius says quietly, "For the other Judges will not be as kind and forgiving as I."

Angantyr speaks, grave words indeed. But Rallius...Rallius pauses, and laughs. "Is that all you came to say? You came to warn me that our Master might slay me over a slight you committed?"

"I hope you have some greater purpose in mind here, for such will not save you from the others, nor will I stand between them; you are a criminal, and you deserve to stand trial."

Rallius clasps his hand on Angantyr's shoulder. There's a smile on his face. "....still. To hear you call me brother again is a kindness I had not dreamed possible. I will ensure that, if you come peacefully, some lenience, some mercy, is granted to your sentence. Archadia would be foolish to throw you away."
Zargabaath The 'old windy <GOOSEHONK> who loves the sound of his own voice' is, paradoxically, completely silent at this time. Judge Magister Zargabaath frowns slightly behind his helmet when voices are kept too low for him to hear at his current distance, and motions for Gabranth to keep an eye on the surroundings before he lowers his arms to his sides and advances forwards at a non-threatening but firm gait.

He overhears Rallius Vespar saying something about lieniency should Angantyr surrender now, and stops his advance at that point. There is no need to get any closer at this time, all things considered. "Judge Vespar. Angantyr Vespar." He inclines his helm to each of them in turn. "What is going on here?"
Riku Riku rocks back on his heels a few times and stretches his arms up above his head with a slight exhalation of breath. He is eavesdropping shamelessly, and although he isn't picking up anything concrete, he's picking up enough from body language and fragments to be concerning.

He refolds his arms across his chest and looks towards the other judge magisters, drumming his fingers on his forearm. He looks idly up at the nearby rooftops and then around at the city streets where he could get a better vantage point.

As something comes to mind he puts a hand to his face with a 'thwack' almost audible over the crowd noise. His other hand moves to rest on the hilt of the sword at his hip as he grinds that palm into his face, dropping it with an intense look of exasperation.
Cirra Constantine Cirra shifts her weight slightly as she watches the two talk. Gauntleted fingers rap against an armor plate.

"Yes, I'm sure you should surrender peacefully, and we could all go back to what we were doing."

With you behind bars, possibly in chains. She keeps that part to herself.
Rallius Vespar "My brother came to me with a warning, Judge Magisters, that our Master-Of-Arms - a swordsmaster I have yet to find the like of, from whom I have learned much with which to serve Archadia - has some vengeance to wreak against him. My brother believes my life to be in danger for his mistake." Rallius folds his hand over his chest and bows low to Zargabaath and Cirra - he hates Cirra as much as she hates him; the stuck-up rage-addict was less an arbiter of justice and more a woman working out her frustrations on the poplace, as far as Rallius is concerned, and her promotion troubles him greatly, but no matter. Rules were rules.

"I am...hoping to convince him to see the error of his ways. He is, after all, my brother, and I love him dearly, even despite his best attempts to discourage me."
Angantyr Vespar "...Oh wow, after all these years you developed a sense of humor.." Angantyr says, with a slight chuckle.

"Oh god, you were serious?" Angantyr pauses...

And then he laughs even harder. So hard infact that he ONLY knocks the hand away, instead of decking him for touching him. "OH man, that was good." he says, rubbing his eyes with a gloved hand. "Oh man...yeah, I needed a good laugh." he says.

"Yeah, no, I am not going with you. Not even a little bit. I have things to do, people to protect, and I won't be doing so dead. I came here, to give you my warning...and that also going to make the streets of Arcadia run red with blood." he says, "...That is all I know on his plan, Judges. So the rest is up to much as I /absolutely/ loath each and everyone one of your sorry <GOOSEHONK>s...these same people made me realize that while your foul corrupt and disgraceful society is all of these things...that it doesn't deserve the destruction that Garland and the heartless will give it."

"Now, we can do this peacefully, or not. I don't care either way, and I do have vengence I'd love to take out of at least two of you...more are always welcome to the pile of revenge." He says, shrugging.

He pauses...

"You are a fool. The man /taught me/ how to control the darkness I use naturally. He instructed me, specifically. He is a Shadow Lord, and you are a fool to think he won't kill you with ease." He says, shaking his head, "He is powerful and older than you can imagine..."
Rallius Vespar "If what you say is true, then when next he shows himself and commits crime within the borders of Archades, he will be brought to justice," Rallius sighs. He doesn't actually *believe* most of this; yes, he knows Garland is a terrible force of evil, but he's also pretty aware that Archades isn't exactly kind and fluffy, and he's ALSO aware that Garland doesn't stand anything to gain by killing Archadians.

"Until then, you are a criminal, and your word is at best the word of a criminal."
Cirra Constantine Strangely, Rallius has never found evidence of Cirra ever taking things too far. Cirra is equally frustrated by not finding evidence of Rallius' complacency.

"We think roughly the same of you." Cirra says, but then the eyes behind her helemt narrow. She steps forward, the gait in her walk has changed from the normal confidence to sometihng mroe cautious. "You say this Garland is the one that taught you how to use the Darkness?" /she/ knows Angantyr was born with that power, but that didn't grant him mastery.

"And he wants to target Archadia...Archades itself?"
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath is suddenly glad for his helmet as the full facts are laid out as obvious and bare as it gets. As it is, his stance noticeably stiffens as he hears both Vespars speak on the matter.

"Garland." That one word holds terrible understanding. He has been in the being's presence before, after all, and recent news of Garland's direct or indirect activity elsewhere has not gone unnoticed either. The personification of 'Chaos, Walker of the Wheel' has left a very strong impression on the Judge of Reason.

His helm turns slightly, first to regard Rallius, then to focus on Angantyr. "I am inclined to believe him, Judge Vespar. His presence here makes no sense otherwise, considering the given circumstances." He turns his helmed head to regard Judge Magister Constantine as she officially joins the conversation, but falls silent at this point to return to simply listening.
Gabranth has been listening to this conversation and at last starts to make his way over, but he keeps his distance for now. His swords were unlatched and ready to be drawn if need be, though he continues to hold his own. He was also observing the area closely.

He doesn't say anything, though he wants too. Mostly because he knows that if he speaks up he may cause some big issues. Bigger then what already are here.
Riku Riku leans away from the wall, picking up the bag and slinging it over his shoulder again as he comes closer.

"Your honors, I think the next time is going to be the actually forementioned blood running in the streets. They don't exactly do anything by halves. Ang pretty much handed himself over on a plate with trimmings and a can opener in order to give this warning. Is there..." he pauses.

"Please, your honor. Let this go peacefully. "
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr gives his brother a stare, "Like I care what you think. This is why I made a big showing of being here, instead of attracting your attention elseware," he says, rolling his eyes.

Zargabaath and Cirra ask the right questions.

"Yes, he did. I could not control it when I was younger. It came in bursts...ususally as violent as my mood. The last time I could use it, before my training, is when I faced down my own brother when he set one of our own cities on fire under the direction of Gabranth." he says, with a bit of...hostility. It cools...he hates this place, he hates these people...but he...Maira was right.

"And yes, he does...why I do not know." he continues towards Zargarbargle.

"Yes, Garland. And yes, you are right. I have no love for Arcadia, nor much for my brother, would be hypthocritical of me to not warn you." he says, with a shrug, "His activy is known, his contacts run I suggest you take him as a serious threat."

And then Riku speaks up, and this catches him by surprise. He looks at him, staring for a long moment...

"Huh." he says, thinking about what to say...but he stays silent, for now.
Rallius Vespar "...if that is the case, then we have no reason not to prepare." Rallius agrees calmly. He's grateful to Garland, and he doesn't really believe any of this, but if the Judge Magisters agree with Angantyr, he has no reason to be hostile to his brother.

"I did what I had to for the sake of our people," Rallius replies calmly as he turns away from Angantyr. His hand goes over his chest, and he bows to the Magisters again. "If you believe Garland to be a threat, then my first and only loyalty is to the people of Archadia. I will begin preparations to deal with any incursions immediately, as I know him best."
Gabranth keeps his hands near his hilts but he doesn't say anything. Even as Ang points out the old past that has created such a family feud. A sin, as many sins, that are placed on Gabranth's being for the things he has done over the many years of his service to Archades.

He does speak silently over the link pearl as he continues to watch the activities. His blue eyes gazing over at Zargabaath, then to Cirra, even to Riku, before going back to Judge of Reason. As if waiting for something to be said.

The Judge of Ambition's eyes do slowly fall on Ang once more though. Silent, still, and deeply contemplating on what is happening.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath rumbles lowly--not in response to any one person, just a sound of consideration barring any facial expression to give context to his currently-neutral stance. "Indeed, and so we shall." He salutes Judge Vespar as the Judge of Light prepares to depart. "Very well. I look forwards to seeing your work."

He regards Riku with a thoughtful cant of his helm to the side, then turns his implied gaze over to Cirra. "I agree with Riku, Your Honor. Why repay honest goodwill with shackles and chains?" He chuckles lowly, humorlessly. "A temporary reprieve will do no harm here and now. Vengeance and arresting authority can wait another day."
Cirra Constantine "I have no issue with him leaving." The Judge of Wrath says, in what Rallius probably thinks is an uncharacteristically calm tone of voice. She steps around the Dark Knight with her arms crossed. "PRovided he does so quickly."

She stops and turns on her heel to look at Angantyr, "Unless you're asking for our hospitality and generocity in exchange for this ... warning.."
Riku Riku raises a hand to Angantyr. A silent wave. He readjusts the bag and shifts from one tired foot to the other as he rubs the back of his neck. He straightens noticably as Judge Magister Zargabaath speaks, glancing towards Gabranth and Cirra for a moment before looking at Rallius and then finally back at Angantyr.

The look is.. very calm, if slightly frustrated. He raises an eyebrow and shifts his feet again, not adding anything else.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr barks out another laugh.

"And they said you had no sense of humor." he says, directly to Cirra. "Hahaha, no. I'd rather try my luck in the wastes than be here. I have given my warning...I have brushed my hands of this...and future conflicts will with Arcades as a whole. My issue is with only two of your number, and when the Garland threat has passed, expect my grudge to be rekindled. Until then..." He shakes a hand, "If you desire more information, it will not come free...or cheap. You, no doubt, know where to find me."

"I think I have overstayed my welcome, reguardless." He says, and a dark coorridor opens. It is...a reminder of that no matter how good he is...the darkness will never leave. He looks to Rallius, "I do hope our ancestors thought this was worth it." And he steps through.

If nobody stops him, the cooridor swallows him up...and then closes.
Rallius Vespar Rallius shakes his head.

"Stubborn, short-sighted child as he always is," He mumbles as he heads deeper into the city. Rallius has things to do and not a lot of time to do them in.
Cirra Constantine Cirra has a fantastic sense of humor when you get to know here!


Okay, not really.

She allows Angantyr to make his exit. Though a moment later her back straightens as if something else had irritated her. She sighs through her nose a few seconds later and turns away. It is probably going to be a long night of work.

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