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Apology Dinner
(2013-05-18 - 2013-05-19)
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Avira The VALKYRI Headquarters...back in one piece and better than ever!

Reconstructing the place did present a good opportunity to make some modifications, which the group had happily taken advantage of over the past month or so. Notable additions included a second floor at the back of the guild-hall which accomodated two extra walled-off rooms and a balcony. Beneath the rooms were two other rooms, including the now-refurbished bathroom. The room next to the bathroom was a guest room of sorts, meant for when guys came to stay (such as Angantyr) or if someone needed a quiet place to recover. The upper two rooms were unfurnished-nobody had decided what exactly to do with them yet, making them prime real estate for an enterprising VALKYRI member.

A laboratory with computers remained in the basement, even though the VALKYRI member Valencia had not been seen for some time. It's also used as storage.

The main hall clearly draws its inspiration from the vikings, possessing a long table bisecting the middle of the enormous room. Along one wall was the kitchen area, with a stove, range, sink, and various surfaces to work on. Along the opposite wall were beds, shelves, and cubbies for members that wanted to spend a night or two.

Sitting at the table remains Avira, leaning back in one of the many mismatched chairs lining the table. Her feet are up and there is a book in her lap.
Sanel What a good place to visit.

Sanel was looking for familiar places and people have mentioned about VALKYRI and Avira's name has popped up a few times. This led to the boy's curiosity. There was even the fact that Alma was being brought over to cook for VALKYRI.

So what better way than to tag along?

After all, he wants to see Big Sis again.

The boy had made his way to the entrance. Given the role that Alma will have, Sanel would be her bodyguard! Her protector! Her knight! Or something like that.

Knock *THUNK!*

And the door is down.


Perhaps letting Sanel knock on the door was not the best idea.
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral followed along with Sanel at a slower, more deliberate pace, in stark contrast to the boy's enthusiasm. Her healing magic had done much of the trick, but that was the second time in three days that she'd fought Akari Seran.. she considered herself lucky to be alive. Instead she made it out of the second battle with only a few cracked ribs, and minor burns. She carried a large brown paper bag in her arms with her as she walked alongside Sanel.

When they'd arrived, she'd politely asked Sanel, "Could you please get the door, Sanel?"


The girl looked around the paper bag, and was immediately looking inside at Avira, through the now collapsed door. Her expression mortified. "Uh, H-Hello A-Avira. I c-can.. p-pay for that."

She started to cringe behind the paper grocery bag.
Margaux Fleury Margaux has been something of a ghost around VALKYRI as of late. Her antagonizing the Church and her alignment with Ramza and his force has made Margaux's travel life rather difficult as there were just so many people who wanted her dead these days.

Perhaps such a thing comes with also being a member of a group called the Death Corps.

Despite this, it was about time for Margaux to pay a visit to the HQ. She would simply have to either be sneaky or go in a disguise. The young woman ended up choosing option c, none of the above.

The redheaded teenager simply walked through Traverse Town nonchalantly in her elaborate dancer's garb with a blue traveler's cloak worn overtop. Perhaps she thought that they wouldn't be looking for Margaux the dancer or perhaps she merely didn't care.

The Death Corps member has to pick up her floor length skirts to walk over the newly fallen door. Her multiple bangles and necklaces clink noisily together as she walks past Sanel and Alma. She looks over her shoulder as she does passes them and says, "Greetings. Do not worry, I am sure Avira did not like that door very much anyways." Margaux says teasingly to the pair before shifting her blue eyes over towards the main hall.

Well what do you know? Avira was right there. The dancer soon closes the distance with a few graceful strides. "Avira, 'ow nice to see you again! It has been quite some time, no?"
Avira The door is down. VALKYRI IS UNDER ATTACK AGAIN OH NO!!!

Avira is immediately out of her chair, the book flung aside (it seems to be that same programming book she was reading earlier this week) with a hand reaching for the Spine upon the table in front of her. In a flash, she's on her feet, ready to rumble-

Except she notices Sanel standing there with Alma cowering behind him. She lowers her weapon with a sigh. "Oh, hello there Sanel. I see you brought..."

Her eyes narrow just slightly at Alma before Avira manages a smile. "Hello Alma. Here to make good on your promise I presume."

Margaux slides past her, clothed in a dress she hadn't seen on her before. In fact, she reflects, she hasn't seen much of her lately though she was not unaware of the reason, having spoken a few words about her to Ramza about a month or so ago. "Hello Margaux! It has, hasn't it? Your timing is impeccable, actually, as this young lady..." she nods towards Alma, "...will be making us a meal today."
Maira Maira's food senses were tingling. This is suspiciously similar to her stomach growling, but whatever. She arrives back at VALKYRI HQ to find the door has been knocked down, and blinks, stepping inside anyway. Uist has already checked for hostility so she's pretty sure its safe. "Who broke the door /this/ time?" she asks, dropping her bag down by the door and greeting everyone with a bright smile.

Avira is tackled per usual. "Introduce me to our new friends?" she asks, smiling to Margaux and Alma. "Oh! Sanel! Hi there! How are you. Well that explains the door anyway. Are you Alma? Are you here to cook? Cause that's just awesome I'm starving! I blew all my money at the races--I can't believe I lost! I never lose! Or at least I hadn't yet but I guess there is a first time for everythiiiing...." she says, bubbling over with enthusiasm.
Alma Hyral Alma couldn't help but gawk a little as Margaux walked on by. She glanced down at her dowdy white mage robes a little self-consciously. Margaux looked so exotic and elegant in comparison to herself. All she could do is mumble, "I h-hope not. V-Very nice to m-meet you."

She relaxed a little as Avira spoke to her, "I.. y-yes, A-Avira. I j-just need to l-look around the k-kitchen, then I'll g-get started. I-It's good to see you a-again."

And then she looked at Maira, puzzled for a moment, then recognition dawned, "O-Oh! I r-remember you. Y-Yes I'm A-Alma. I h-healed you after S-Souji rescued you from E-Emperor Mateus. I d-didn't get the c-chance to d-drop in after you r-recovered. I-It's g-good to see you again."

She was starting to stammer even more furiously from the sudden overload of new faces, or those she barely knew, so she tried to make an excuse to duck out of the common room as soon as possible, she leaned over to Sanel, murmuring, "G-Go sit with the n-nice ladies S-Sanel. I'll h-have d-dinner out s-soon."

She'd look around, and after she figured out which door would take her to the kitchen, she started to bustle about inside, calmer now that she was alone once again, and in the middle of a more familiar setting for her. And once she became comfortable with where everything was located...

/Max's Lessons Took Over./
Sanel "Hi hi, Pretty Dancing Lady." Sanel looks over towards Alma, a question mark appearing over his head. Sanel is gazing at her mortified look, but it is soon dismissed when he sees Avira.

"Big Sis!"

Sanel beams happily, then he looks at Alma once more. "Sanel brought friend! Sanel's Almmy! Almmy, Big Sis, Pretty Dacing Lady, and..."


"MaiMai! YuYu!" Sanel is moving towards three of the ladies as well as Uist. All of them, includin Uist, will find themselves in Sanel's crushing hug. "Sanel missed everyone~"
Margaux Fleury Margaux removes the clasp holding up her cloak and hangs the entire garment off the back of one of the chairs belonging to the central table. The entrance of Maira now causes Margaux to look towards the new arrival. She waits a moment of recollection, but one does not come. And so, Margaux gathers her skirts up at her sides and glides into a curtsey towards the newcomer before doing the same towards Alma. "My name is Marguerite. A pleasure to meet you two," greets the woman in her introduction since 'pretty dancing lady' was accurate in Margaux's opinion, but maybe a tad too literal. Blue eyes shift now towards Alma and Sanel. That man has rather good memory to remember her and she recalls that he was a decent dancer himself. This brings a smile to Margaux's face. "Messire, you remember me! What good fortune for us to meet again. 'ave you been practicing your dancing?"

The talk of dinner being prepared is very interesting to the dancer as she had just finished some travelling herself and found herself a little famished. Alma and her white mage robes gets an appreciative grin from Margaux. "You shall be the cook this evening? Wonderful! I shall look forward to whatever meal you 'ave in mind." She says in a friendly tone to the timid seeming girl.

Finally, Avira is returned to. "I must extend my utmost apologies, but the life of a dancer can be busy. And this is especially so in these times." Margaux speaks in the same tone in which she spoke to Alma with. "I intend to be less scarce now and once more would like to make my talents available to VALKYRI."
Avira "Maira." Avira greets, the Spine finally set aside on the table. She moves forward and hugs her best friend, half-intercepting the tackle from the excitable fire mage. There is a light frown when Maira mentions that she lost all her money at the chocobo races. "How sad! Was Mao having an off day?"

Avira seems to be studying Alma carefully and, thus, her words to her sound kind of awkward. She notices that she's stuttering pretty heavily and, had quite notably, not done so when Alma had snapped at her the other day. "Kitchen is over here." Avira supplies, jerking a thumb over her shoulder. "If you need anything else, let me know."

Remaining standing, Avira casually rests a hand on one of her hips. "So I hear. In fact, tales of your exploits have reached me...though if only because I bump into certain circles."

Avira pauses, taking stock of everyone here before continuing, apparently judging them all trustworthy enough. "Certain Ramza-flavored circles. Though this does bring up something I wanted to ask you about...but. Maybe later. It may be a question best asked privately."
Maira Maira's eyes widen. "Oh! You're the one who healed me! ...Good job! I'm a healer too!" she informs Alma with excitement. "I wouldn't say knocking me over my had and taking me against me will a rescue buuuuut lets not arguueee..." she says, sing-song.

"GURK!" is the sound the follows as she is gripped by Sanel and squeezed tightly. The girl is pretty sure she just heard a rip crack. Wheeze! When she is let down she almost falls over. Uist however, cannot really be hugged, being incorporeal. Sanel will go right through him, but Uist does actually laugh and greet Sanel with a hello. Nice to be seen now and then.

"Sanel, good to see you--think you should maybe...hug a little more gently," she rasps, swaying.

Maira turns golden hued eyes to Margaux, blinking. "Nice to meet you!" the red-gold haired mage says, obviously in admiration of Margaux's dress. "Your dress is sooooo pretty..." she says, practically making grabby hands. She bets the fabric feel /so/ smooth and soft...

"Right. So. Um. Alma! Do you need any help in the kitchen?"

Maira looks to Avira, shaking her head. "No I'm not racing Mao I just bet--Perci did win though! He didn't bet as much of course..."
Alma Hyral "A-Alma, A-Alma Hyral." She'd just flush with pleasure as Marguerite spoke of her anticipation of her cooking.

And then Maira would compliment her healing and she'd initially smile.. until she spoke on Souji knocking her out and taking her against the will. She cringed, murmuring hastily in apology, "I-I'm sorry, I d-didn't know....and n-no. I've g-got it, but t-thank you M-Maira." And then she retreated to the kitchen.

Everyone in the dining room would hear the faint playing of a sappy love song from the World of Manhatten in the kitchen. The girl had a fondness for them, particularly music from the 80's.

As she bustled about, they'd on occasion hear her humming along with some of the songs as she worked at preparing the food... The lessons Maximilien had given her allowed her to prepare the food at an absurdly fast rate, if she so desired, but instead she took her time, focusing on presentation as well in the Haute Cuisine style that he'd taught to her.

Promptly she brought out the hor d'ouevre of grape and blue cheese truffles, carefully arranged. About twenty minutes afterwards, she brought out Papaya and Water Cress Bisque, a bowl for each one at the table. And then, smoked whitefish elegantly dressed upon salads with hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, olives onions, and horseradish cream, presented as if it were a high class lady. The smells wafting from the kitchen would show that this was definitely.. not the end of their dinner, merely the beginning.

As she had multiple timers going at once, and had a moment.. she stopped by Avira as she served her third course, and stated to her meekly, "I-I don't k-know what h-happened between you and S-Souji. So I s-shouldn't have s-snapped at you. That was r-rude of me. I h-hope you'll accept my a-apologies... and m-maybe tell me more on what h-happened, so I can u-understand. I k-know he's not the e-easiest person to get a-along with.."

And then her voice grew even quieter, "..n-now that is.."

Every so often, she'd glance at Sanel, to see if he was behaving himself. Though he seemed to know everyone here, and they were comfortable with him. How strange..
Sanel As Marguax introduces hersel as Marguerite, the boy furrows his eyebrows.


0> Marguax Fleury has been nicknamed to 'Margy'.

The boy beams happily, tilting his head over. A nod follows in response to her question, "Nnhnn! Sanel has practiced dancing lots." Sanel looks over towards Avira and Margaux as they speak.

In the midst of hugging Maira in the crushing sort of way, the boy tilts his head over. He brightens to a smile, "Hug gently?" Sanel realizes that Maira is in pain. "Oh! Okay!" Upon the realization, Sanel releases Maira from the hug. Uist is given a beaming smile.

The attention returns to the two ladies.

"... Ramza. Beoulve."

The only one who is not given a pet name. There is also something to be said in the fact that Sanel states his name very slowly. Sanel gives a quizzed look as he thinks about him. "Ramza Beoulve... Sanel met him once! Sanel thinks Ramza Beoulve is funny."

With the music playing, Sanel is listening to the tune. But when Alma finally tarts bringing ut the food, Sanel looks over atthe meal prepared. He stares over towards the table.

"Woooow!" The boy beams, "Alma is amazing~"
Maira Maira felt rather strange about just letting some girl she just met make her dinner. What had she done, exactly, that she felt she owed Avira a meal?

Not only a meal, a meal fit for a noblewoman! Maira almost passes out from a foodgasm after only the first course, her eyes wide and sparkling in pleasure that cannot be described. Then more food keeps coming! "I'm dreaming, aren't I....oh...oh my..." she says, practically trembling. She feels guilty, even though she's enjoying this immensely! Alma is a really, really good cook.

Maira has the strange feeling she's cheating on Percival. I'M SORRY PERCI! OMNOMNOMNOM.
Margaux Fleury Brows are raised at Avira's statement to her about having something to talk about to her in private. Margaux can guess what it is about, but there was no way for her to be sure until Avira spills the beans. "I appreciate the discretion. -Certain- individuals whom be both know do not know the meaning of the word." Ramza could simply not just blab everything to everyone. Margaux never envied Artemis' job in trying to protect Ramza. It must be a Herculean effort.

The compliments from her fellow redhead results in a continued smile on Margaux's face. She outstretches her arms and effortlessy turns around in place on her toes thanks to her slippers. From the long skirts to the split sleeves of heroutfit, it is clear that it was designed to be as flashy as possible when the dancer moved. The jangling of her bangles and necklaces only adds to this. "This is quite easily my favorite thing to dance in. Unforunately, I have found that 'eartless are not the biggest lovers of my craft." Neither were the Church, but that's a whole nother story.

Alma has really outdid herself. Margaux was not expecting a feast! She eventually tries to flag down the busy chef as she heads in and out of the kitchen. "The food looks and smells absolutely divine. You spoil us all." She says with a laugh. Margaux hopes that the praise will go over well with the nervous seeming white mage.

Margaux de Fleury visibly cringed when Sanel shouts his newly chosen nickname for Margaux. Suddenly, 'pretty dancing lady' did not seem that bad. The dancer tries to chase away the cringe with a smile, but it is late appearing. "Messire, it is very good that you 'ave been practicing your dancing. But, could you perhaps choose something different to call me, hmm?" Margy. Ick.

Maira practically assaults the food which convinces Margaux that is was indeed time for dinner. She is unaccustomed for such food being prepared for her. Margaux had danced at balls and other noble functions before, but the hired help were never invited to the table. The dancer pauses near the food and is struck with indecision. Where to even begin?
Soan Sagittarius "It would appears that I am a little late, now, am I?" Speaks out the voice of MILD-MANNERED SOAN SAGITTARIUS, stepping into the dining room while holding a small bucket, filled with ice and a bottle of fizzly, fruity breverage. Not terrifingly alcholic -- it is the weenie's way to drink booze, or at least when you're underaged.

The Rogue is dressed as he usually is as he makes his way toward the table, bowing his head at the assembled VALKYRI members and others that he knows off. "My apologises. I've been delayed by some important matters. Alma invited me... and the door was open, so." He gives an eye toward the already very much set table. That can't be right. That looks far too good.
Avira "Oh yeah, so I heard you were spending some time with Percival." There's a little bit of wariness in Avira's voice at that. She seems a bit...unsure, perhaps, about something she's set into motion. "Betting on random chocobos then."

She takes a few steps, then elects to lean against the long table in the center of the room, watching the white mage with curiosity. "Yeah, funny thing about that, I had some words with Souji over that little incident...up to include all the insults he was hurling at you back then. I don't think he'll be making an efforts to recruit you again in the future...that being said."

She looks to Alma, "I'm not going to mince words here. Your boss is a <GOOSEHONK> prick."

But before she continues, she notices a marked change in Sanel. The brown-eyed huntress turns to face the young man fully, watching him extremely carefully. Ramza was right, after all. "Oh, you've met him before? I've met him too, Sanel, and he was very nice to me."

That awkward moment passes-a little, as Avira keeps an eye on Sanel as she elects to sit back down in the seat that she had abandoned. From her seat, she does get the chance to watch Alma cook and finds something REMARKABLY FAMILIAR about it all. Thanks to a certain Phantom Thief and his love for cooking, she can recognize French-inspired cuisine when she sees it. "This..." she inhales the amazing scents, "This is delicious."

Avira would start eating before really continuing with any more meaningful conversation.

Soan appears, stepping through the open doorway of the VALKYRI guild hall. Avira quickly stops eating, swallowing her current mouthful, so she can stand and greet him. "Hello and welcome. Just go ahead and set that on the table. Alma's already well underway with the food."
Maira Maira watches Margaux twirl to show out her outfit, transfixed by all the prettiness. "Oh're a dancer? That's so cool. I love to dance! I'm not super good at it or anything, but its really fun, you know? Especially when you have someone to dance with who knows what they are doing. My friend Faruja is a really great dancer, for example," she replies. " much does an outfit like that cost? Its so pretty....and you have /jewelry/ too!" Maira coos. The only item of jewelry she owns is the half a heart bff necklace around her neck. Avira has the other half, /obviously/.

Maira looks to Avira, blinking. "Well, yes he's my friend why wouldn't I spend time with him...? Things are kind of complicated but...I mean..." Maira trails off as Souji is mentioned again. Maira winces. "I don't think he would try again anyway, considering I'm pretty sure he--well, he doesn't think highly of me," she says, looking down shamefully. She's still quite hurt by the things he said.

Soan arrives then, and she looks up, waving to him, smile returning. "Oh, hello! Nope he doesn't look familiar to me, have we met him?" she says that second part to Uist more quietly. The ghost shrugs.
Alma Hyral As she served them, she'd just flush a deeper shade of red at the reactions of Maira, Margaux, and Sanel. She wasn't used to receiving compliments, it seemed. Her gaze would actually linger on Margaux for a moment as she twirled about to show her outfit.

But then as she listened to Avira speak on Souji, she sort of cringed, and withdrew into herself, speaking even more timidly than before, with a plaintive tone of voice. "I-I'm sorry. I-I'm so s-sorry if S-Souji has mistreated you.."

She did relax a little when Avira joined in on complimenting her food. And then Soan arrived, and she'd motion for him to come in. "H-Hello S-Soan!" And then she looks over to Avira. "I h-hope you don't mind.. I i-invited him. S-Soan is a f-friend of my s-sister and a g-genius r-rogue. H-He's someone y-you d-definitely will w-want to know if you go out a-adventuring."

She'd walk into the kitchen, and bring out a hastily put together potage of the papaya and water cress bisque for Soan's place at the table.

Then she'd return to the kitchen... and brought out the actual main course. Pheasant in bourbon cream, meticulously arranged on each of their individual plates. She'd serve each of them, before continuing to stand nearby Avira, wondering if she'd.. continue the conversation.
Sanel Sanel says, "Umm... Margy!" Nope! Stuck with the name from Sanel /FOREVER/!

Blink. That's a new word.

chB">> Sanel has learned a new word.

The boy blinks for a moment, then he brightens to a smile. The discussion about Ramza, as brief as it is, earns Sanel's curiosity. Even the fact that the boy met him before. "Nnn! Sanel met him when he met Margy." The boy tilts his head over, then he shuts his eyes. "Sanel does not remember much."

The boy has forgotten about Ramza in favor of the cooking. The young boy goes through to place the meal to his plate.

And of course, Sanel moves in to scarf down the food. "Mmm! Gnnd!" Sanel pauses mid-bite to hear Faruja's name. With a gulp, Sanel beams, "Snow Mouse King! Sanel misses him!" He thinks over, "Sanel has not seen BunBun or LiLi either."

Soan's arrival earns a glance from Sanel, who brightens happily. "HiHi!" Sanel moves back to digging into the food.

His eyes widen at the sight of the pheasant. Ooooh....

Sanel digs into his new piece.
Soan Sagittarius Soan Sagittarius returns a polite bow at the assembled people, getting introduced by Alma. Ah, so that's why she invited him over. Talk about Souji -- or rather, the aftereffects of Souji's jerkiness. Of course. It's a good reason to summon him, certainly. "Indeed. A pleasure to meet all of you -- oh please, I am no genius. Just a hard worker." The polite rogue replies humbly, taking himself a seat at the table, while setting down the bottle of fizzly fruity drink he bought along. Always bring something nice if you're invited. So when you come back sometime to rob the place, you can have it back. And if you like the locale in question, well, bring them something you can't steal back. Like food! It always works out in the end.

Either way, Soan takes a seat, looking over at the food and serving himself, deciding to listen in for now before speaking up, and know more of the situation first.
Margaux Fleury Margaux has never met this Souji before and this seems to perhaps be for the best(?). The dancer can only stand and bear witness to Avira's testimony and Alma's defense of him. Thankfully, Maira alleviates some of the tension by bringing up dancing and Faruja. Two things that Margaux knows about! "Messire Zealot? I mean, yes of course, I know Faruja. We've danced before but it was with unfortunately with blades instead of smiles." Maira's continued praise of her outfit keeps Margaux's attention on the redheaded mage. "You truly like it? A tremendous amount of work and coin goes into a dancer's outfit." The dancer now gives Maira an appraising look from head to toe. "I could even help sew together an outfit for you as well. Some alterations in certain...areas..will 'ave to be made, but we could even use one of my older outfits as a base for it."

Sanel gets a glare now from Margaux. She is starting to hate that nickname more and more now. The Ramza talk from Sanel and the others goes without comment from Margaux. There was no need to broadcast her allegiance too openly afterall.

Soan's entry in the hall causes Margaux to turn from where she was standing by the table. She returns Soan's bow with a curtsey. "Welcome Messire Soan," greets the dancer. "My name is -Marguerite-." Sanel gets a pointed look from Margaux at this moment.

And now the dancer seats herself at the table when the main course arrives. It was finally time for her to partake and enjoy Alma's hardwork. "Please join us at the table. You should be able to enjoy your own handiwork, no?" implores Margaux of Alma when the mage goes to stand near Avira.
Avira "Now I do think it's quite tragic that the love of his life was killed." Avira adds, for Alma's benefit, "I can't imagine what it would be like if Mercade died."

It could actually be a thing...if Evja ever succeeded in carrying out Hades's contract. Something really ought to be done about that.

"But, you see, my conversation of his was interrupted by-ironies of ironies as the subject had just switched to him at the time-Garland. -see, occasionally this Garland elects to attack me as a...well, teaching aid."

Her gaze darkens, "Souji decided to interrupt the impromptu lesson with a sword to my back. His interference was /very/ unappreciated. I am dreadfully amused that Souji's challenge to Garland went unanswered though. Garland left shortly after the interruption. Regardless, I have some issues with him that I hope to settle at a later date."

Read: Avira wants to beat the snot out of the sole Murasame heir.

The huntress is suddenly distracted. By PHEASANT. "I...I've never eaten pheasant before..." she remarks, awed. Further mastication ensues-the subject of Souji dropped for now, unless pressed further.

She slows, watching Margaux offer Maira a new outfit, perhaps modeled after the dancer's own. A small chuckle escapes her as she can envision the reaction Maira will have to this before it begins.

"Oh, Faruja is not too fond of you?" Avira says with a touch of surprise. "Is this a more...recent development?" she says, tactfully trying to avoid any implications that Margaux has joined Ramza's numbers.
Maira Maira gawks at the idea of this woman making her a dress! She is delighted, but embarrassed! "R-really!? That would be amazing but I don't even know where I would wear it and I just lost most of the money I saved up so I don't have any--OMG TINY DELICIOUS BIRDS!" she then exclaims as the main course arrives. She looks like she's going to faint. Or cry. Or cry then faint. Instead, Maira gets up out of her seat, marches toward Alma, and embraces her hardily (much more gentle than Sanel though, obviously!). She really has no words.
Alma Hyral Alma would wordlessly sit down beside Sanel at Margaux's beckoning, smiling faintly at the dancer's beckoning. There wasn't really all that much left that required a lot of preparation, so she could afford to spend the time. She was suddenly starting to feel a little sick to her stomach though, as she listened to Avira speak, her heart sank. Was Souji really... that far gone.

And then Maira embraces her, and she's just...shocked. She'd return the hug by embracing her in turn. "I uh.. uh.. I-I'm g-glad you like them..." She at least felt a little more relaxed, at least the people were all happy with her cooking.

But then she'd venture to broach the subject further with Avira. "W-Who is G-Garland? And.. w-why did S-Souji do that? H-He... well. T-There are certain.. f-forms to be respected in his style. A-Attacking someone in the b-back doesn't seem like him."
Sanel Sanel senses that glare from Margaux.

The boy instantly deflates. In fact, Sanel looks like he is shrinking from the glare. He even manages a squeak, even teary-eyed in the most pitiful way. "Um.. MarMar...?" He'll make amends with a new nickname! It's the only other thing he'll remember! Q_Q

"...Killed...?" Sanel squints for a few moments. For a few moments, the boy's expression becomes serious. In fact, it almost becomes reflective. It is a gaze towards the food that likely starts to linger longer than it should.
Soan Sagittarius Garland is a name that has come up a few times in Soan's investigations. So, he actually exists, he muses as he eats on the delicious dinner that is being made. Pheasant is quite a treat. How that hell can she affor--Oh. Right. Obviously.

Soan listens in to the facts that comes drippling, making new pieces in his mental puzzle box. There is things he can show he knows, while others need to be left in apparent ignorance. However, it's quite true Souji tend to not stab people in the back... on the other hand, who really knows about that guy now days? "Who else was present during that event?" The Rogue asks, politely waiting after both finished talking. He gives a nod at Magraux, smiling back. "Ahhh, the Burmercian Templar, correct? I've met him once or twice, so far."

Namely, that Faruja owes him one for saving his king.

"Attacking in the back is not strictly his combat style, no -- what I worries, however, are his reasons to do such a thing to begin with. What he had to /gain/."
Margaux Fleury Margaux looks down at the feast before her and then up at Avira and the others as they talk more about that Souji guy and now this Garland person. She must be really out of the loop these days because of all this heretic stuff occupying her time. When Alma sits down at the table, Marguerite smiles pleasantly. Thatta girl. The ongoing conversation between Avira and Alma now causes Marguax to purse her lips together. "Madamoiselle Avira? Was not our cook here splendid in preparing -all- this food for us?" She asks in feigned innocence in hopes that Avira gets what she is hinting at and goes easy on the poor girl. "And as for Messire Faruja, I need to speak with him to see if he bears ill will towards me. We merely ended up on opposing sides due you say...recent developments.

The fire mage's reaction to the prospect of dress making and the food draws a bright grin out of the blue-eyed dancer. "I was not born to wealth and never came to know it. There are other ways to get the materials we need to make you a proper dress. We will just have to be a little crafty."

Poor Sanel gets another glare when he unveils his new nickname for Marguax. "My name means 'Pearl'. So maybe you could call me that instead? Or even 'Roux' would be better." Margaux says in a slightly exasperated tone while motioning to her own red hair. Maybe one of those suggestions would be easy enough for Sanel to remember.

The rogue gets a nod in confirmation from Margaux. "Yes, the one and the same. Tragically, I 'ave begun to believe that the Church has something against dancers in regards to recent events and that bas..fool of an ally that Faruja has found within the Church's ranks."
Avira "It was just me, Souji, and Garland." Avira admits before...frowning, "Well, it is the truth. I can't name any other witnesses to this."

How irritating, so it was just her word against his-and frankly, Avira doesn't expect /Garland/ to stick up for her. Both of these people knew Souji pretty well apparently. She crosses her arms over her chest. "Souji seemed to be under the impression that I was a /weakling/ of some kind. Hmph. Regardless...Garland...well, we're still trying to figure that one out. He's apparently an incredibly ancient force of...well, the easy answer would be 'darkness' but when I look into him." Avira shivers, "He's more than that. Something far more chaotic. He's made it his...extracirricular activity to torment a handful of us and bring hell unto Traverse Town. He's yet to deliver the last but I suspect it's because he's waiting for us to get too complacent. It also would not surprise me if he chose to attack somewhere completely different while our attention is focused on Traverse Town but..."

Avira makes a face, "I'm not sure what we could do to prevent that outcome."

Marguax, quite nicely for Alma, tries to force a subject change to make the white mage a bit more comfortable. "Oh, I agree, this food is fantastic! Alma, you definitely have quite a bit of talent in the kitchen. The rest of the TDA must be extremely excited by this." She listens with further interest at the explanation of Faruja is which Avira nods evenly.

Wisely, she does not prod any further. The heretic issue was a thorny one and Avira could appreciate not being openly associating with them.
Maira Maira gets pretty lost in Alma's cooking, pretty much stuffed to bursting. Not that she wouldn't have room for desert. She would. If this were three years ago she'd be stuffing leftovers into her pockets.

There are a couple of things Maira doesn't really want to talk about. One of those things is Garland, and another of those things is Souji. So Maira is going to talk about dresses and try to forget that Garland has sworn to make her completely and totally miserable. "Oh, really? You are so elegant! You look like such a fine lady!" she says. One would have to try pretty hard to have a lower class upbringing than Maira.

Now, Faruja she will talk about. "I'm sorry you ended up fighting each other miss Marguarite. Faruja really is a very nice person, but yes he can the word..." she says, tapping her chin. "Zealous? Yes I think that's it!"

Maira looks to Avira then, her expression becoming guarded, fearful. "I think maybe...maybe we should stop using his name so openly Avira..." she says, involuntarily hugging herself.
Alma Hyral The girl would flush further with pleasure as Margaux compliments her cooking, she'd decide to be a little more forward by making a suggestion, "I-If the two of you are l-looking for a s-seamstress, my b-best friend Seloria is t-trying to get e-enough business to open her own s-shop in Costa Del Sol. She c-charges fairly, and can make a-anything. S-She may even m-make some c-clothes for free if you'll m-model for her." She'd scribble down Seloria's radio frequency, and pass it over to Margaux and Maira.

She'd put reach a hand across, placing it over Sanel's, before getting a little defensive, "I d-don't think he can h-help it M-Margaux. P-Please excuse him."

And then Avira describes Garland, and she'd nod along, like she was watching some sort of terrible trainwreck. Except that trainwreck was her perception of Souji Murasame... And then Avira uses that single word. /Chaotic/. She used it, as his descriptor. And Souji had stopped her from fighting that monster. The girl pales, visibly, as she just gapes at Avira in a sort of numb shock, even throughout the compliments about her cooking. Then all of a sudden she just.. gets up from the table. Mumbles, "E-Excuse me.."

And then she just.. flees, to the nearest restroom. The door would slam, and they would hear the sound of vomitting.
Sanel In the midst of it all, Sanel is shrinking more and more at Marguax's glare. However, as Alma places a hand over his, the boy actually... leans onto her. He looks at Marguax in fright.


....Close enough, right?

However, Sanel then sees the girl jet ino the nearest restroom.

Soan Sagittarius Soan listens to the description of Garland, interrupting his eating while she goes more into details. His eyes are fixated on Alma as she stands up, retreating off. The Rogue's expression sharpens, steeling himself at what he hears. Once she is gone, he takes a deep breath, setting down his fork, shaking his head.

"Excuse her." Soan says, eyes riveted toward Avira. "Darkness is one thing, but Chaos has a certain... meaning to us from our home world. It denotes corruption, darkness and everything to spite against the Light. While Alma is extremly religious, a Naturalis, if I recall, hearing about a creature so malevolent of Chaos is very disturbing to us."

His eyes darts toward the direction toward where Alma fled. "It gives me shivers, myself. The things that Chaos can do to a person are unimaginable. To her... it's the eternal foe she was raised to defeat. To hear it about Souji, well..."

Not to mention, for DRAGOON MAN, this is very troubling news. He have a new target of information to research as a Dragoon.
Margaux Fleury Phew. Margaux was quite happy that Avira got her not so subtle hint. She is also glad that she can now file both Souji and Garland into her people to look out for list. It was almost sad that her primary function sometimes was merely gathering and reporting information to one person or another.

Margaux also does love compliments when it comes to her dresses. She put a -ton- of effort into making them and enjoys it when people notice this. It nearly makes the hours of sewing and mending her outfit worth it. Maira gets a happy grin from the dancer. "You are too kind with your words. And you could be just as elegant if you wished to be," compliments back Margaux simply who had a less than ideal upbringing as well.

Alma's suggestion is a good one as Margaux own ability only goes so far. She nearly has to resort to professional help when it comes to repairing/salvaging her outfits after a pitched battle. "What do you think? Shall we both become models?" asks Margaux jovially after turning her head towards Maira. The scribbled down frequency is accepted with a thankful nod by the dancer. "I shall have to speak with Madame Seloria about this. Consider myself interested and thank you for the kind suggestion." Margaux then watches Alma pale, get up, and flee from the table. The unforunate sounds from the bathroom causes Margaux to gather up her skirts and follow after Alma. Sanel gets a defeated look as she passes. "Beggars cannot be choosers," deadpans Margaux as she nears the restroom.

"Madamoiselle? Are you okay? I'm coming in." Margaux says firmly and then attempts to enter the room herself should the door not be locked. Alma will at least need someone to hold her hair back afterall.

Unforunately, this means that Margaux might miss some of Soan's explanation on what was going on with Alma. She is able to hear some of it thoughh from where she was.
Avira Avira falls silent at Soan's observations. A thoughtful look is the first response, "That sounds pretty accurate. Given all that I've...experienced of him. I could go into details but..."

A look of guilt follows as she glances off to the bathroom where Alma ran off to, then to Maira. "...let's not speak of this subject any more. It isn't the best conversation to be had at dinner. Especially a dinner so wonderful."

She leans in towards Maira, "So...becoming a model eh?"
Maira Maira grins to Margaux, practically bouncing. "Really!? Could you teach me to be graceful?! MODEL!? O-oh! S-sure! If she want's me, I'm not...I'm not really /model/ material..." she says with a blush, being short and not a size 2.

Maira blinks then as Alma runs off to puke. The healer in her is immediately concerned, but Margaux is quicker. They'll call if they need her, right?

Soon enough Maira learns what it was that drove Alma to such a reaction and she doesn't blame her one bit. Maira falls into chair as Soan goes on about Chaos and Garland. Really. Really could they change the subject!? Maira pales as well, a flood of memories, most recent among them the things Garland said to Angantyr, promising to break her, to eliminate everyone they cared about, to take their /children/ which wasn't only terrifying but embarrassing!

Maira looks to Avira, wide-eyed, reaching for her friend's hand. "Y-yes lets change the subject...I hope miss Alma will be okay..."
Alma Hyral As Margaux walks into the restroom, she'd find Alma knelt over the porcelain fixture in the room, a hand to her forehead. Thankfully her hair is tied up very tightly in a bun already, so it doesn't need to be held back. The other arm is wiping away her mouth with a rag from the washroom. She just keeps murmuring one thing over and over, "IcantdothisIcantdothisIcantdothis...IcantdothisIcantdothis..."

Then she'd rub a hand across her face, stricken, "Why did I have to be the one to come out of the darkness? Why am I the only one left? Why couldn't it be you daddy? You'd know what to do... You could..." And then she's sobbing. She doesn't even seem to know that Margaux came inside.
Minerva Minerva has been away, she's often the one going to look for food, or drink. She's been out hunting for barkings haggling and not afraid to distract the merchants she was dealing with. Given their repair bills for the base. They need to save money just about any way they could. So here she is entering back in with a sack of potatos over one arm and a keg of something under the other she doesn't yell out as she enters as she's get the feeling something is up.
Sanel Chaos. Darkness. Many of the conversations, they have not been lost on the boy. He is looking at the group from left and then to the right. In fact, the nature of Chaos draws an interesting aglance from the boy. "Chaos. Naturalis." He blinks, and then he looks at Soan. "Eternal foe."

Sanel is worried for Alma, but it looks like Marguax has it handled. In fact, the fact that he dancer resigned to the name that the boy has given him earns a beaming smile. "RuRu~"

Still, the boy cannot help but look at the restroom. "...Sanel hopes his Almmy is okay."
Soan Sagittarius "I agree." Sagittarius says out with a sigh, reaching out for the bottle he bought in, going to pop it open. He does, with very little fuss, or spill for that matter. He holds it up, offering it to his hosts.

While the conversation goes over to models, Soan's mind goes at full tilt about the new information he acquired. This will make things complicated for the recovery of their world's shards, but now they have a name. A name, and what the magnitude of what they are facing is like.

"I hope so as well. She is tougher than she looks, or allows herself to notice." Soan says, pouring glasses.
Annia Leradine Bully sense, tingling!

Actually its just a bad itch, due to some touching the wrong kind of herbs after her chcoobo ejected her out of her seat due to trying to not run over a mother dove followed by its little ones. But still, she got the feeling something is going on here, with one of her favorite targets. She peers through the door to the HQ... holding a wet towel over her arm where its itching.

She looks around. None of her usuals... None in sight. There's Soan there, that oaf of a thievering wannabee. Oh well. She decides to just call out "What's up?" Simple, to the point, the least amount of words she has to say the better.
Margaux Fleury Margaux keeps a very neutral expression on her face as she surveys what awaits inside the room that Alma fled into. The dancer takes stock of the situation and quickly allows a sympathetic and hopefully calming smile to display on her face. "Shhhh." She intones softly as she grabs another rag and then carefully kneels beside Alma. "Please listen, Madamoiselle Master Chef. Everything is fine. You are surrounded by your friends who are out there enjoying the wonderful feast that you 'ave prepared for them and you are safe here in our 'eadquarters." She would then attempt to help out Alma by using the rag she previously grabbed to wipe at Alma's eyes. "Everything is just fine," reinterates the dancer in a soft tone.

The dancer is prepared to say more, but she restrains herself to see how Alma takes her opening words. Margaux was still unfamiliar with Alma and would not want to crowd her too much more than she already has.
Avira Mentally, she makes a note to talk to Soan a little more later about this Chaos and Naturalis stuff. If Souji was Naturalis, well, that /could/ explain why he wanted to fight Garland so much. But something still felt off-why did he attack HER instead of HIM?

Maybe she had to beat the answer out of him! Later!

There is concern on her face as she peers to the back of the room. "...I hope so too. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset her so much."

Avira grasps Maira's hand.

Her other hand reaches out to take some of the offered fizz. "Oh, hello there." she greets to Annia as she peers into the doorway, "We were just having dinner."
Alma Hyral Alma would sob for a time, as Margaux sat beside her. And then she seemed to register what she was saying, and she would allow Margaux to dab her eyes, as she calmed visibly. She'd smile at the woman, and just say two words quite simply in a very calm voice, "Thank you. You're right. Everything.. is just fine."

She'd stand up, composing herself further, wiping off her eyes. Then she'd gesture to Margaux that she intended to go back out there.. She'd walk out of the restroom, then over to Avira, and said quite calmly,

"When do you think that Garland will come for you or Maira next? I'd like to be there."
Sanel At the sight of a new face, the boy is in the middle of stuffing his face. "Hnnn!(Hi!)"

When Alma comes out, the boy brightens considerably and he waves a hand at Alma, "Almmy! Sanel is happy that Almmy is well!" The young boy tilts his head over, his single eye pointing towards Avira and then Soan.


Maira Maira is still looking toward the bathroom, wondering if she should go talk to Alma. Her reaction is understandable. Sane. Anyone who isn't terrified or disgusted by Garland probably has issues. Not...that that stopped Maira from caring about those people who happened to have gotten close to Garland--which is pretty much why she's in trouble to begin with.

Alma calms herself and returns. Maira looks up to meet Alma's eye, blinking. "I don't know...probably when I least expect him?" she offers, unhelpfully. It's the truth though! "I understand you want to stand up to him...I will too," she adds.

Oh, did Minerva just get here with BEER?! Maira's totally into it. "Oouu....Minerva, could I have some please?" she asks, batting her eyes.
Minerva Minerva realise she's come in at something rather serious and she sets her puraches down as she looks over to Soan and listens. She tilts her head a little bit and looks over at Margaux. She tilts he rhead as she sizes Alma up for a moment. Well she shouldn't butt into the fairly serious issue, so she speaks on food. "Food now that is good news and it seems we have quite a bit of company, Avira."

She looks to Alma as now something she gets comes up related to the topic.

"He wants us to live in fear of his next attack it's imporant we do not."
Soan Sagittarius Soan is thinking similarlly. He'll need more information about all of this -- heck, other things, as well. The rogue sets down the half-full bottle of fizz, sitting back down... until Annia comes through pretty randomly. This town is really not that big, now, is it.

Soan would be offended at her thoughts, perhaps not for the reasons she thinks, however.

"Like they've said! Dinner. Talking. What are /you/ doing, more importantly, what's that wettowel doing there?"

Alma comes back, the rogue turning his attention back at her with a smile. Good, she's alright, see? Then she ask something tremendously huge. Soan's smile slowly turn into a faint frown. "You don't intend to fight him alone, do you?" He asks him, evenly.
Annia Leradine Dinner huh. Well, she could use something to eat. ALthough she's not invited, she just steps in, and looks around for a place to sit down. But before she can, Alma, the meek stuttering girl steps out. She doesn't know what happened, or what they were talking about though. But, hey, looks like the girl is ready to fight huh.

She suddenly is behind Alma, and then a hand comes down... and pats Alma on the shoulder "That's the spirit girl. No use running away, if something bothers you, go head on and confront it."

Kind words from Annia? That's certainly new enough. But gotta understand, bullies go for those that fold easily, makes it more fun. If they don't break down, there's no fun in it.
Avira As Alma returns with Margaux, her eyes first go to the lovely dancer herself. A 'thank you' is mouthed at the woman for going after the poor girl. Then, she looks to Alma. "Welcome back." she says quietly, motioning them both over to rejoin them at the table.

Alma's question shocks her and, for a few seconds, she seems hesitant to answer. She didn't want to give Garland any more conversation time tonight. "He comes at any time, any place." she says relucantly, "You'd have to follow me around." Minerva points out something important though. "We do not fear. We /will/ not fear." she says, a steely sort of determination in her voice.

Subject change. AGAIN. She looks to Annia. "All the food you see here was made by Alma. It is absolutely /divine/, you must try some."
Alma Hyral Alma would listen to Avira, and just nod, "Then that is what I'll have to do, if you don't mind.."

Then she would just look at Soan, with a quiet intensity and say, "Only if I have to. But since I'll be around them to predict his arrival. I won't be alone, will I?"

And then a hand clasps itself upon her shoulder. Words of encouragement were given, and she looks up over her shoulder, and... quavers, all of that confidence melting away in an instant. "A-A-A-A-Annia.." A muffled gasp of fear from the back of her throat. And then the words she says on if something bothers her, to confront it register, and then she's babbling plaintively,


She shrinks away from Annia, visibly cowering.
Sanel Sanel is happily eating his pheasant. In fact, Sanel is all full now.


Rubbing his tummy, Sanel beams happily. "Almmy makes good food! Sanel is happy!" However, the boy looks towards the interaction between SOan and Alma. But then, well...

She panics at the sight of Annia.

Frown. Sanel already doesn't like this. Sanel plomps from his seat, and then he just walks over towards the spot, stepping between Annia and Alma. He turns to face Annia and looks up at her with a curious glance.
Margaux Fleury Margaux smiles back at Alma when she calms herself down and recovers from that little episode. She rises to her feet as well and watches Alma leave the restroom and decides to linger back for a moment. After Alma had left, Margaux would breath a quick sigh of relief before venturing in front of the nearby mirror. She'll ensure that -she- still looks altogether after that and takes a deep breath before leaving the restroom herself.

The redhead returns to the group with a smile on her face like nothing was ever wrong. She chooses not to say anything about the incident as that would be in bad taste. Margaux merely nods simply at Avira's mouthed words and turns to look towards the newcomers. A polite curtsey is offered as Margaux retakes her seat at the table where they are discussing -GARLAND- and CHAOS things again. A hand is raised to cover a brief pained expression that they are back to talking about that again. Her hand is lowered and a smile is aimed at Avira when it is now the other woman who tactfully tries to change the topic.

"With so many people showing up and such great food to eat, the only thing that is missing is some music and dancing," supposes Margaux idly. There was still some faint music coming from the kitchen, but it was not quite loud enough to fill the entire room.

Everything seemed to be going so well until now this Annia is causing Alma to break down again. Face meet palm.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine looks at Amla cowering back. Well, that's more like it for her tastes. She still got it, at least. Although Sanel just stepping in like that... gets him a flat stare. She hasn't done anything to Alma. Yet. She lifts her shoulders, pushing Sanel to the side just an inch, moving herself on her toes to look over him at Alma "Is there another flan to hunt down? You made good bait. But if there isn't, just keep making food."

She rolls back on her feet, and then reaches to grab a nugget of food, tossing it into her open mouth "Its rather delicious after all."
It has been awhile since he has been in Traverse Town. He kinda made the wrong turn and ended up in some place called Land of Dragons and maybe even at some point helping some heretics! Though he still had to chew on that stick and decide if that was a really wise idea.

These worlds were so large and confusing, including all the things that went in within them.

So Ulharisk not so hungry as in the weeks past, but still slightly tired makes his way up to what seems to be the repaired HQ he tried to defend. His hand extends up carefully as those violet eyes study the door before he taps the back of his knuckles against it gently.

Who would answer? He had no clue.

He wasn't even sure anyone was home.

Though suddenly he notices his knuckles don't hit anything and he blinks a few times. "..Huh?" Those violet eyes blink before he scratches his messy blue hair with its red streak down the middle. "..How..?"

This is about when he suddenly also realizes he hears voice and carefully peaks his head in with a timid, "..Hello..?"
Maira Follow her or Avira around? Maira wouldn't advise that! "O-oh you can't follow me around! Avira would be better, she's...well, she's a badass," she says, smiling to Avira. She's jealous though, does that mean Alma will be cooking for Avira!? Or or or! Is this new shy girl going to take Maira's place as bff!? Nooooooo!

Maira turns her attention to the newcomer, who is completely unfamiliar, and waves. "Oh, um, hi..." she greets. Then Alma freaks out and Maira's eyes widen. Sanel quickly moves to protect her, (adorable!)

The newcomer doesn't exactly seem like she's going to start trouble, why is Alma so freaked out? Something about a flan?

Insert distraction in the form of Ulharisk! Maira straightens, her eyes brightening. "Ulharisk! Come in! There you are! Where have you been? I've been worried about you!" she complains, shuffling him inside.

Margaux says something about more music and dancing, to which Maira nods vigorously. "Oh! That's a great idea!"

Minerva Minerva says "Good and now let us eat. Humm I'll be back in a moment there's a keg that should be done if anyone wants something to drink."

The brusier lady wanders off into another part of the building seeking said keg. She's back soon enough with said Keg it's already tapped and she's got crate of mugs with her.

"Here if we're gong to eat we should drink a well! Maira no using your powers about my brew however. Given what happened /last/ time."
Avira "Well uh..." Avira's not all that sure about the thought of Alma following her around all the time with the hope of catching Garland. That was actually pretty dangerous. "I'm not sure if-" Fortunately, Alma's all too suddenly cowering at Annia's presence. Avira makes a face as she realizes that she's clearly missing something here.

Avira facepalms.

"Maybe I should call up Isaac. He's pretty good with music." Avira suggests, waving at Ulharisk in the doorway. "Come in, come in. Man, this is a regular party now. They must've smelled your food, Alma."
Soan Sagittarius Soan watches the happenings, frowning a little more tightly. She's really thinking about doing this, does she? Letting out a sigh, the rogue stands back up, giving a stare over at Alma, despite her panicking. How the heck can be she so resolute about something that suicidal, and yet, when that bulky amazon comes in...

"It is delicious. Perhaps you should back off, Annia. Alright?" Soan calmly offers, before his attention is turned toward the door. Hm, there's more people in this place that he imagined there to be. He gives a nod at the blue-haired guy peering in. "Hello, indeed!"
Alma Hyral Annia basically tells Alma to keep making food. She interprets that as /Get back in the Kitchen and make me something and I won't hurt you./

And so Alma just lets out a sort of muffled gasp and kind of, starts to retreat towards the kitchen. And then Ulharisk enters, and she freezes, just staring at him.

Sanel Sanel is pushed slightly, but he doesn't exactly push back. Nope. He told Alma that he would be good. So, Sanel will be a good boy. However, Sanel does look over towards Alma, who is freaking out.

So, Sanel walks over towards the quivering girl. Sanel looks around, "Dragon?" However, Sanel is already walking towards Alma.

...And then he moves to scoop her off of her feet. Literally, into his arms. Time to take Alma for himself again.
Soan Sagittarius Soan's eyes widens a bit, eyeing Alma. "What?" He lets out, turning his eyes back toward the blue haired guy.
Ulharisk blinks a few more times as Suddenly a wild Maira appears! "Greetings Maira." he goes to place his hand up in a sheepish wave before suddenly he is pulled in by the very chirpy girl. "Um. Here and there? Little bit of everywhere? I decided to go exploring since I know Percival had you in good hands and with the threat a bit less-- I figured you be safe with just one of us."

No, he doesn't know about what has been going on yet. He wont be happy when he hears it either.

He then looks over to Avira with a sheepish smile. "Perhaps that is what I picked up on. The smell in here is indeed very aromatic." He then waves over to Soan until suddenly someone screeches 'DRAGON'.

The Draconian raises an eyebrow and looks over at Alma as she starts to back up into the kitchen. "..Alma?" He says softly. He knows her from the road out in Giza. "..why...?" His puzzled face pretty much says it all. He did not harm her then, why is she acting so frightened now?

Suddenly everything starts to go crashing down and his shoulders slump slight before he places up his hands. "Look. I am not a Dragon. I am Draconian. I am sure there is /some/ difference here."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine moves into a chair, and kicks her legs up on the next one nearby. Yeah, *those* dancing legs. She doesn't have up top seems to be concentrated on the legs and hips at least. Well she is a dancer. Might be the reason or the result.

She reaches for more food. She shakes her head. This is why its easy to pick on Alma, she reacts so much, even without doing much at all. Just like Jidro, in fact. Those that don't react are no fun. Like Soan there. She tried before, but beside making him annoyed, there's not much to get out of him. Well, she can focus on the good targets anyway.

She looks to the 'dragon' as he enters, tilting her head. Well, he's not burning the house, so its alright with her. She's seen worse.
Soan Sagittarius The reason why Soan don't react is that he finds it funny that people tries that on him. He also have a reputation to make people send to the counselor, people that tend to go overboard or personally attack him as he traps them into harmless but humiliating traps. Whenever that reputation is true or not is another thing entierly.

The thief's earpiece works up from Alma's panicked babbling, his eyes focused on Ulharisk. Hmmm, facinating... a dragonkin. He didn't think he'd see one here, he knew that he didn't feel like quite a true dragon at all like he knew them. That's Dragoon Man information, however. For Soan Sagittarius, Dragons are another thing entierly. "Facinating!" The Rogue lets out, visibly pleased by that, grinning. "Indeed, there might be some difference, there. I am Soan Sagittarius -- Alma invited me over for dinner."
Minerva Minerva gets a mug for herself fills it up and she notes for a moment "Oh I am Minerva." She doesn't give a last name maybe she doesn't have one. She'll find a place to sit and she seems uprised at the bit about one of their guests. "Humm interesting."
Avira "Whoah, calm down, he's a /nice/ dragon." Pause, "Draconian." Avira too did witness the transformation that day. Pretty impressive! And it did give her ideas. Ideals involving flying through the sky on Ulharisk's back.

She reaches over, helping herself to a little more pheasant. Sanel sort of just...picks up their cook though.

"Sanel..." Avira sounds amused, "What are you doing?"
Alma Hyral Foot in mouth. It was becoming a common theme lately with her. It wasn't just that she wasn't graceful with her feet, but she wasn't with social situations either. She had a tendency to say the wrong thing, at the wrong time. To get emotional, at the wrong time. To let things build up into an overreactive outburst. The whole evening had been one breaking point after another with her. Sanel would pick her up, and it would register, as she took a few deep, calming breaths before saying to Ulharisk, "I-I'm sorry, I'm s-sorry... it just.. it h-hasn't..."

And then she decided to quit while she was behind, rather than make excuses or explain herself. She brushes one hand up behind her glasses, to cover her eyes. How mortifying.

"I'm just s-sorry. S-Sanel... you can put me down. Please. I s-still need to s-serve another course..and U-Ulharisk, he's t-their g-guest."
"Big sis!" The boy beams, "Sanel is taking his Almmy away for himself~" The young boy is ready to rush off. At least, until Alma asks him to put her down.

Squeak. T_T

"Nnn!" The boy gently leans forward to set the young girl down, allowing her to serve another course. Alas. Alas.

However, Sanel looks at Ulharisk for a couple of moments. The boy starts walking over to the larger man, tilting his head over with a curious gaze.
TRON "What in the world?"

Alan sighs long-sufferingly but good-naturedly as he pauses in the entryway, staring forlornly down at the (once again) fallen door with hands resting on his hips. How many times has he had to put that door back in its place? "I'm starting to think we should just bolt the door and have people climb in through the window from now on. That, or..."

His voice trails off as his gaze focuses on the group gathered at the main table over the rims of his glasses, an eyebrow twitching as he recognizes some but not others. It's an odd sight to behold, and his expression betrays momentary 'what is this I don't even' before an eyebrow fully and noticably rises. "...Am I interrupting?" He removes his glasses from his face and tucks the frames in a chest-pocket of his collared shirt, brown irises flickering a glowing blue for a moment.
Avira Avira subtly nudges that book she was reading earlier, which had fell to the floor, underneath the table. The title? 'BASIC Basics.'

"Hello TRON. No, not at all, we are having a pleasant dinner and, in fact, not being attacked tonight. Isn't it wonderful?" she claps her hands together.
Maira "Oh boy...I need to update you Ulharisk..." she begins.

Then of course, she'll be horribly distracted by Ulharisk apparently being a dragon. Alma knew but she didn't!? Maira turns toward Ulhariks and places her hands on his shoulders. "You're a dragon. ....Huh, it all makes sense now...." she begins, calm, until she's not. "YOU'RE A DRAGON! OMG! THAT IS SO COOL!" she says.

Really, if anyone is going to burn down the house its Maira, which she's almost done on several occasions.

More company! Or, actually, someone who actually lives here! "TRON!" she exclaims, her smile so bright its nearly blinding. She scampers on over and hugs him tightly in greeting. "I haven't seen you in so long!"
Oh, Ulharisk can be a full fledge dragon, though some may call him a drake due to the fact that his people were-- not very big. Big enough to carry one normal size person, but they were not like giants as some dragons in mythology. However like this, he was pretty much a guy with slightly scaled skin and odd elf like ears.

Oh and those clawed toenails and fingernails.

His violet eyes glance around the room for a moment before he rubs the back of his neck looking off to the side. His violet eyes peer at Soan. "Yes. Mm. A pleasure to meet you Soan. Ulharisk." He gives a slight nod to his head before he looks at Maira, then back to Soan. "I-- believe what Alma is.. stating is because of my other form, you see." he tilts his head slightly to the side and a bit downward. "We were created much like what you people here call Dragons, but due to Whe'ir's tamperings, Mit'ir gave us bipedal forms in order so we would not destroy our home in the valley, but also so we would not kill ourselves with the gift of fire. As if we run out of fire-- we could..well.." He hrms, "..Lets say it isn't pretty."

His attention turns to Alma. "Its alright. Your the first person who seems honesty frightened of such a thing. So I am sorry that I scared you." He then gives a nod to Avira when she explains he is a good guy. He then looks back at Alma. "But I would never hurt anyone. That is against our nature as a people. We protect, not harm, unless we must harm to well," he chuckles. "Protect." He then gives a sheepish grin.

"After all, among my people, we never even had a war amongst ourselves. The only war that has ever been told was between Mit'ir and Whe'ir and that--- was, well, between gods." Ulharisk then hand waves a bit, before he lowers his hand. He then blinks and studies Sanel as he starts to walk over to him. "Um. Hello there." He says with a smile. Yes, he does have slight sharp canines.

Then TRON-- we mean Alan-- shows up and Ulharisk turns to look at the new comer. He raises up his hand. "Not it." He says calmly with a smile.

He then peers back at Alma. "Also, if um, you are making some food, or-- have some food.. I would /love/ a plate." He eh-ehs softly before scratching the back of his head. "Always a good idea to eat as much as you can before you go on long trips where it may get hard to find food."

He blinks and peers over at Alan, "TRON?" He blinks his eyes again. "You were the one at the fight right? The one that glows?"

Then before he can reply to Maira she is already hugging the program who just walked in.
Alma Hyral Oh sweet Cosma, the biggest bully out of the survivors other than Akari just heard that from Sanel. If her friendship with Sanel got to Helena.. who knows how she might twist it around.

Even so, she puts a hand to Sanel's shoulder, managing a wan smile, "T-Thank you S-Sanel."

She mumbles a hello to TRON, not recognizing at all what his rather distinctive features might mean. She listens to Ulharisk's entire explanation, and just gives him an ashamed look, "I k-know...I-I know you w-wouldn't.." Then she nods quickly, "I-I'll get you s-something."

And then she walks quickly back into the kitchen.

Not long later, she brings out two more portions of pheasant in bourbon sauce, setting one down in front of where she suspects TRON will sit, then Ulharisk.

She returns to the kitchen, and a short while later brings out a tray of filled with servings strawberry sorbet, sitting one down in front of everyone.

And then after one more short jaunt to the kitchen, she brings out the last course. Pears with a wheel of Goat's Milk Cheese, on a platter.
Minerva Minerva looks over at Alan as she takes a sip from her mug. "You are not, Alan." She oes back to her drink nwo just really getting a feel for everyone and nots about the Dragons of her world. "Dragons existed in my world but they were normally beasts, high order beasts but beasts none the less. The world is just full of suprises." She takes another drink. "And the fact this dragon here's rather cute too." She grins before setitng her mug down. "Your more than welcome to help yourself Ulharisk."
Sanel Taking moments to examine the man, the boy is taking in those clawed finger nails the scaled skin, and the elf-like ears. So, the older man is considered to be something smilar to a dragon. The boy is approaching the larger man and then...

Sanel moves to climb onto the man's back.

Soan Sagittarius Soan listens to the tale of his people, the Rogue sitting back down as he thinks this over. Quite a different thing than on Galianda. "I see! Very interesting. Dragons never seem to be similar from one world to another, much like any races, for that matter. That's good, that's good." The Rogue says, watching Alma come back with more stuff. Good freakin' lord, how did she lug all that crap HERE anyway? "In Galianda, the Dragons, legends says, were the First Born of the Gods, that lies in Bahamut, the only ones that can walk on the clouds."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine is just watching silently for now. There's food to be eaten after all. Hey, if the girl can cook and she wants to cook, she's going to enjoy the food either way. Just gnna avoid eating too much, but otherwise, yum.

Everyone seems focused on the dragon-man too. As long as they don't want to set everything on fire, like people too, she's fine with it.
"Thanks Alma." Ulharisk says with a smile and then he stares at the food she brings out. There is a smidgen of a grin on his face, before he peers over at Minerva who calls him cute. He blinks his eyes a few times and ahems softly. "..I... um.. Thanks?"

Then suddenly Sanel seems to have indeed taken great interest in Ulharisk till suddenly there is a kid on his back. "Ouf.." and he has to do a few steps forward in order to maintain his balance and then corrects himself to not only move his arms such away to give Sanel a piggy back ride but grins at him. "Now are you not the adventurous type?" He says with an amused grin.

Perks of being the son of the leader of your people; You get use to kids.

He then looks over to Soan and gives a nod of his head. "I see. Well, I doubt my people can walk on any clouds, though we can indeed reach them and play among them." He says with a grin. "Though I do know for our world, beyond Mit'ir and Whe'ir who created us, they were created by Xur'shio, who we considered the father of all creation."

The draconian tilts his head. "Kinda interesting though comparing all the tales, legends, and histories of different worlds."

Then he glances over at Sanel before he smiles, "Hang on, kid." he then grins before he then starts to run around the open space, giving Sanel a bit of a fun ride about the area. "Prepare for a hard bank!" Then he makes a hard turn around before going back the /other/ way.

Kids were always fun, no matter how old they were.
TRON 'Alan' whoofs a bit as Maira bearhugs him, returning the hug with a friendly chuckle. "Avira, Maira. I'm glad to see you're both well."

He nods over to Ulharisk in greeting. So the strange User is actually a Dragon--well, Draconic. He remembers seeing something that fits the description of a dragon, and he makes the logical mental jump connecting the two. Doesn't seem to bother him, however. "Affirmative, and we also met in Fluorgis at the Tower, though I was wearing armor at the time." His mouth closes, but the modulized 'voice' could be heard at casual speaking volume: "<You would probably recognize thiz voice better, az well.>"

He moves to go sit down, offering Alma a smile in greeting in the process as she brings out more food. "It has been a long time since I've been back here," he admits, chuckling as he watches Ulharisk give Sanel a running piggy-back ride.
Ulharisk cuts a glance over at TRON, before he spins around with Sanel with a bit of ease, "Oh yes! Indeed, indeed. Good to see you again either way!" back to play flight with Sanel. ZOOOOM!
Alma Hyral Alma would just kind of giggle as she watched Sanel play with Ulharisk, then she'd seat herself down beside Soan. She'd lean over, and whisper something to him....
Maira Well. Yeah, she's well. Sure. We'll go with that! She'll get even better if Minerva keeps that beer flowing. "I'm glad you're back TRON, though I don't know how long I'll be staying--though I have to wonder if it even matters," she replies vaguely, rolling her eyes some.

Maira giggles as Ulharisk gives Sanel a piggy back ride around the room, trying to make sense of the young man. He was certainly protective of Alma, but he seemed so much younger than he appeared to be. Not to mention excruciatingly strong. How had a combo like that even happened?

Maira will sit next to TRON, reaching for some of the next coarse of food. Pears and cheese? Sure! Munch munch. "I've got some things I need to catch you up on, that's for sure...but lets just enjoy ourselves tonight, huh?"
Avira So many courses! "It's rare that I have meals with these many dishes." Avira remarks, eyes straying towards the sorbet. She doubletakes. "...wait, you made that? How do you make that?" It's as if Avira has just woken up from a wonderful dream and realized that there was a way for NORMAL PEOPLE to make sorbet!

Picking up a serving of her own, she smiles at TRON/Alan...the smile growing a little more when he takes a second to speak in that special program accent. "Seems you've healed since then. Glad to have you back, yes~! Look, we've even redone the place." she gestures behind her at the newly refurbished back of the room.
Sanel Sanel, on Uharisk's back, has a smile a on his face. The adventurous lad has a beaming smile. However between the food and the exhaustion of the day....

Sanel is sleeping on the draconian's back~
Minerva Minerva :looks over at Alan again he seems distracted by the others. She just kinda watches things play out sipping at her drink she seems to be quite amused and in a pretty good mood. She's totally not living in fear at the moment.

"Seems you got a friend Ulharisk!"
Alma Hyral She'd look towards Avira briefly and look puzzled, just stating... "S-Sorbet? It's j-just s-sweetened water that I f-froze. It was the e-easiest course other than the f-fromage."

And then she'd watch Sanel fall asleep on Ulharisk's back and her expression had it plainly written on it... /D'aww, so adorable/.
TRON TRON rolls up his sleeves, revealing that his black leather gloves seem to stretch up his arms far past his wrists. "Yes, there is much to catch up on all around," he agrees with Maira, "but I agree more on enjoying each other's company."

He tilts his head slightly at the phesant, furtively glancing over at how others have seemed to have eaten their meal before beginning eating as well. "The error has been fully repaired by now, yes. Disc damages take longer to repair than I had expected." He casts a glance over his shoulder, as if to give a piercing stare at the circular bump between his shoulder-blades and beneath his shirt.

TRON (since he is clearly not enforcing the 'Alan' alias) leans on the table to survey the back of the room for himself. "Looks good! Hopefully my small side-project in Manhattan will look even partially as nice once it's done." Which will come all the sooner once he gets his helper Program Deelel back, but one step at a time.
Ulharisk continues to give Sanel a rid until the kid has fallen asleep. He smiles softly and then slows down his pace before he walks over to a couch. He then carefully lowers himself down where Sanel's bum comes to rest on the couch and carefully, very carefully goes to lay Sanel down on the couch.

He even unclasps his cape, before laying it over the young lad as a form of a blanket.

The Draconian then starts to make his way back to the table giving his arms a good stretch before he sits down. He then glances over to Maira for a moment and wonders what she wants to share with TRON is the same details she stated to him earlier.

Ulharisk then proceeds to dig into his food at a rather quick, but cusual face. Enjoying each bite and drinking some water, before continueing to eat. Somewhere in the middle of this and once his mouth is empty of food he gives a soft smile to Alma. "This is really good!" Then he continues on!
Avira Avira facepalms again, "'s...really that easy?" It was of those things. Pay for sorbet at the store and there you go. Making it? That's stuff that happens in factors and all.

Avira's curiously watching TRON eat...or at least trying to pretend she's not curiously watching TRON eat. From previous conversations, she knew that Programs normally subsisted on 'grid energy.' So eating human food wasn't exactly optimal...but on the other hand, human food had all sorts of flavors, didn't it? "Side project?" she asks curiously.

Sanel, latching to sleep on Ulharisk is of course adorable. Avira likes that Ulharisk carefully removes him before going about his business.
Maira Maira finishes her glass of beer. Was it the first glass? She thinks so...hmm maybe it was the second? Anyway, she smiles to TRON, nodding. These were the kinds of moments that would help them all retain their sanity when everything inevitably went haywire. Maira leans over and rests her head on TRON's shoulder fondly for a moment. VALKRYI, family.

Maira smiles also to Ulharisk. Yes, she's got things to tell him, but they've tread that ground so many times tonight already.

"Yes, what is this side project? And heh, Alma is a super good cook, I think we should steal her," she says with a playful wink toward Alma.
TRON TRON knows how to eat human food thanks to being in Userspace for the past few months, and eating the bourbon phesant is kinda like eating rotisserie chicken or KFC... or something? But taste? That's... difficult to explain. The food is good, don't misunderstand, but there's nothing like 'food' where he comes from so 'taste' doesn't quite have a comparative. Grid Energy is mostly akin to carbonated water with a huge caffiene boost.

He pauses mid-bite, blinking at Maira and Avira both owlishly, then understanding visibly kicks in. "Oh!" He swallows, clearing his throat a bit. "That's right, I hadn't mentioned it before now." He has /meant/ to, but there's been a lot of stuff going on lately! "Deelel and I have been working on restoring Flynn's Arcade in Manhattan. We may even try opening it for business once it's complete."
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral kind of gives Avira a blank look, uncertain if she's being serious or not, "U-Uh yes. I-It's pretty e-easy, I can s-show you."

And then she looks towards Maira, even /more/ uncertain if she's being serious until she winks at her, "W-Well. I'm p-pretty busy with my r-research. I-It's almost to the p-point where I'll be a-able to start t-trying to track d-down W-World Shards... but s-since I'm going to have to be a-around you and A-Avira for a while... until G-Garland comes.." /And kills me./

"...I can a-always c-cook for you, w-when I'm a-around."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine looks over to Alma. She shakes her head. The girl's so spooked its not even fun right now. She munches, crossing a leg over the other, as she keeps a watch. "Who's this Garland you've been talking about anyway?" Sounds like bad news there.
Maira Maira shakes her head. "Alma...wait, okay? A lot of people are working on this Garland thing. Don't throw yourself in," she says gently.

"And you can't come with me. There are more people after me than just him. Its...pretty silly. A-and you don't need to cook for us Alma, we like you just fine even if you couldn't cook, yeah?" she says.

Maira is sensing a kindred spirit here.
Ulharisk pauses his eating and peers at Maira. He furrows his brows as his eyes squint slightly, "..wait.. Garland is /now/ after /you/?" He sighs and shakes his head. "..great... so we even have a bigger problem now."
Avira Her thinly veiled curiosity at least has a cover now since Avira was interested in whatever TRON was up to. "Flynn's Arcade? Ohhh. Huh. Can't say I've heard of the place myself, actually...I was never really big into video games. But I'll definitely check it out when the restoration is done."

Avira puts her head down on the table. "Ugggh, can we not talk about Garland again? If he can hear us right now, he's probably laughing with glee at how much time we spend thinking about him." Her hands lift to press against the back of her head for a few seconds before she sits back up again.
Maira Maira groans. She doesn't want to talk about this either, but Alma started it! "We'll talk about it /later/" she says.
Alma Hyral She looks at Annia, and just puts it as simply as possible, in three words that someone from their world would understand, "Garland is Chaos."

Whether he was a minion of Chaos. A manifestation, a god... it didn't matter. It was all just /Chaos/ to her.

And then she'd look at Maira, "D-Don't worry. I-It's not like that.."

Unfortunately it totally was.
Soan Sagittarius Soan has stayed mostly silent, like he tend to be most of the time. Mild-mannered Soan Sagittarius, after all, does not take all that much space just by being who he is. Alma's comments, however, gets more of his attention. He takes a deep breath. "Yes, I agree." He says, giving Alma a brief look. Maybe a little stern. Like hell she's going to do that.
Alma Hyral She'd lean in towards Soan, and whisper with even more urgency. Her eyes pleading.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine waves a hand "Well then Alma, why are you trying to go against it?" She stands up, a hand on her hips "At least, don't go alone when you do?" She looks at the small girl pointedly. A dead target is even worse than a boring one after all. "You have friends no? Don't ignore them."
TRON TRON grins over at Avira. "I hope everyone from VALKYRI could at some point. But there's still a lot to do in the meantime." Even without circumstances currently plotting against him, but he won't ruin a meal over his own issues.

He merely emits a sound suspiciously like a 'hrmph', but returns to his dinner without further comment on Garland as per requests to avoid the topic.
Ulharisk listens to this a bit, including the fact that Maira and Avira both want to change the subject. He then glances over at the others and rumbles softly, before inhaling a deep breath of air through his nose. "Ok. No more Garland talk. No more Chaos talk." He says glancing at everyone with a low rumble in his throat.

"We are here to have fun and enjoy one another's company right? Not to concern ourselves over the woes of the problems. Long as we have one another, we can overcome anything. Through Valor, friendship, honor, and trust. We have these, those of darkness, do not." Ulharisk then smiles softly. "We have one another and in that, I am sure we can beat anything that comes at us." He gives a strong nod.

"Now, what else can we talk about, hm?"
Maira Maira is starting to look pretty darn tired. All this delicious food, good company, beer.....she yawns widely and leans forward to rest her chin in her hand, elbow on the table. She looks to Ulharisk as he gives his stirring speech and smiles widely, her eyes lidded. "Mmmmmhmmm, what he said."
Alma Hyral She'd just stare at Annia for a while. Was that concern? She didn't think so. She was about to answer her when everyone would ask her to change the subject, and then she'd just go back to murmuring to Soan.

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