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(2013-05-17 - Now)
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Emi Dennou People frequently tell Emi to stop putting herself in harm's way like that and really they do have a point, but despite how Emi acts, she may react emotionally more often than her typical demeanor suggests. The Network, upon Emi's reawakening, has returned to normal. Shida actually had to drop by because when Emi is konked out, the others tend to fall apart. Shida is the best equipped to deal with individuality.

Emi is in the Dennou's room, resting in bed. Shida is near the entrance, periodically checking the door to see if anybody is coming by. The other Dennous are not present. They are effectively with one another irregardless of distance so they don't see much need to personally visit past the first day.
Avira It's questionable that Avira would have been able to take that punch that much better. Sure, Avira works out every day. She's trained very hard for months now to better herself physically because being a Heartless-hunting mercenary is a very demanding job.

But that Akari kid was just so ~strong~ Avira might have doubled over coughing up blood! Like poor Emi did!

Suffice to say, Avira felt pretty bad that Emi got so hurt. She happily would come to visiter her in the TDA! The Dennous can smell something delicious with her approach, though what that smell belongs to isn't immediately obvious. There's a white bag clutched in her hands.

"Hi Shida." Avira greets, "I am here. She's awake now, right?" Well she was talking on the radio not long ago. Fortunately her card game had wrapped up pretty quickly.
Emi Dennou The Network isn't really made for sturdiness. They were meant to be disposable. They've naturally, as a result, focused on their maneuverability. If someone could kill you with a touch, avoiding being touched was really their best option! Unfortunately that leaves them perhaps a bit less prepared to take Herculean punches than they'd like. Honestly it's best to avoid being punched by someone so ~strong~. Next time they'll be better prepared: They'll bring towels and erotic centaur pictures. Maybe even some milk.

"Avira! Thank you for coming!" Shida says, going in for a hug! She says, "Ooh, what's that? Shida of the Network pries noisily." She pauses. "She's awake. And bored! But this one has been entertaining her. I am on the 10,237th sheep!"
Avira Avira grins and pauses to receive the HUG from Shida of the Dennous. Afterwards, she holds up her bag. "Oh, a little treat for us. Here-"

Unwinding the bag, she opens it so Shida can see. Inside, there are several very large cookies! They are sugar cookies that are half dipped in chocolate and half dipped in vanilla on one side. Natives to New York will recognize them as the famous Black and White cookies available in bakeries throughout. One is offered to Shida before Avira moves into the room.

"Emiiiiii." Avira gives her a sad grin. "Hey."
Emi Dennou Shida peers down into the bag. She seems to recognize them. Her stomach makes a faint grumbling noise and she murmurs, to herself, "Excellent work, stomach, now she will be compelled to share." This is of course in spite of Avira actually saying it was to share around anyway but The Network likes their little games.

She will gladly take one with a big smile and start munching down, spraying crumbs about. She...devours it pretty rapidly.

Emi seems a lot better in the room. Her arm is in a sling, and she looks tired in spite of all the rest she's had, but she doesn't have difficulty moving aside from her aforementioned arm, and shifts a bit to sit herself up so she has a better look at Avira.

"Hello," Emi says, relief clearly audible in her voice. "Thank you for coming. The Network apologizes for troubling and/or worrying you." She expressly takes great care in not looking at the bag of cookies and, as such, manages to call a great deal of attention to them anyway.
Avira There's actually more than one cookie in there! There are six, to be exact, as Avira accounted for possibly encountering ALL THE DENNOUS EVER while out on this excursion. As a linked network, surely Emi would have alerted the others to the presence of multiple cookies.

Of course, she might have brought all six cookies for Emi! But Shida is allowed to pilfer one regardless.

"There's no need to apologize, you took a pretty nasty hit there for me. This is the -least- I can do for all that pain you went through." her eyes fall upon the arm in the sling and Avira moves closer, sitting on the bed.

The bag of cookies is offered to Emi even though she is quite clearly trying to not look at them.
Emi Dennou FLUORGIS!

Umi hisses under her breath, "If she eats mine I'll steal her food for a week....!"

Emi considers stealing Umi's cookie for a few moments. She reaches over with her uninjured arm and sloooowly reaches into the bag and slooooowly pulls her hand out but it seems she has elected to take just one cookie. She examines the cookie's back and front, wiggling it about, and then draws an index finger along the center. She doesn't pop it into her mouth just yet.

"The Network is never alone, but that does not mean we do not get lonely, from time to time, because we are one. Mother's Day passed recently." She adds. "We thought about mentioning it, but we thought it might be inappropriate. We weren't certain how to celebrate it."

She shifts a bit in bed. She hasn't taken a bite of the cookie yet but she has a pretty firm grip on it, her body was in fact a bit hunched over it as if she were afraid it might get snatched out of her hand at any moment. Well, not quite, it's more like she's accustomed to treating food that way and isn't thinking about it.
Avira Avira lets go of the bag, leaving it on the bed between the pair. She leans back, propping herself up with her own hands, so she can stretch. Her eyes remain upon the arm-within-the-sling.

"...that's...huh. I never would have imagined that, Emi. If you all can talk with each other at any time..." she trails off, "...Mother's Day. Usually you celebrate by doing nice things for your mom. But if you don't have a mom around then there's really nothing to celebrate. Who knows where mine all..."

She thinks back of that lady scientist. Fiege? Would she count. "...probably don't have one to celebrate either. Or if it's the woman I'm thinking of, you proooobably don't want to be nice to her."
Emi Dennou "Feige is not our mother." Emi says, getting where Avira is coming from. "We are not certain she is from our world either. We don't know if there is an original template for us either. The more we learn about our home world the more it seems entirely possible there might not be one. They had the capability to create thinking golems. We are not golems, aside from some modifications we are effectively as human as anyone else but soul transfer, body creation--both were within that world's capabilities so it was possible there was no original." It sounds like she only recently found some of this out herself.

"You are too young to be our mother, of course, but we do respect you more than any other woman. We wished to tell you that."

She bites into the cookie finally.
Avira " are not from Isaac's world?" Avira asks, swearing that's what she heard, and that Isaac was from a world vaguely similar to her own. "Then you were life created from scratch? That's pretty incredible. I mean, I don't think I've heard of anywhere else capable of doing it."

That Emi seems to be just figuring this out is not lost on Avira either. She had to wonder...where would Emi look for information?

Mentally, she does a little math. Yes. Definitely too young to be their mother. " do? That...really means a lot to me, Emi. I like you guys and..uh.." she seems to have been pretty caught off guard by that and struggles to make WORDS COME OUT, "Well you don't have to worry about mother's day, or anything like that. But..."

She turns a little red. "Don't hurt yourself for me this badly next time, okay? It makes me sad seeing you with your arm broken like that."
Emi Dennou "No, we are definitely from Isaac's world. Apologies for the confusion." Emi realizes she may have forgotten to explain some intermediary details, she isn't talking to a native, after all! "We learned more about our world from Isaac." She glances to Avira. "This one will tell you a possible secret if you promise to not inform Mercade." She adds. "Either way, it is just a possibility. That Man...was lost with that world, along with our true purpose." The mysteries surrounding herself must be agonizing considering her current occupation. She likely was happy to leave well enough alone before, but now the questions nag at her, questions she may never find answers to.

She reddens faintly as Avira mentions she made her sad.

"...Sorry." She mumbles.
Avira Detectives gonna detectate!

"/Oh/, alright." Avira definitely was confused. So an Earth-like world had produced (literally) the Dennous. And Isaac. Fascinating, really. "A secret? A secret about Mercade." She makes a face.

'Promise not to tell Mercade' actually might be hard for her to do, "Well...what kind of secret is it? It might be kind of hard for me to keep things from Mercade."

Aww, now Emi is sad too. Avira didn't want to make her even more sad. "You can apologize by getting better!" she says quickly, reaching out to ruffle Emi's hair.
Emi Dennou They gotta!

Emi really would like to tell Avira, but she has what she feels is a good reason for not telling, but she can't give the reason for not wanting to tell so it's a bit of a thing.

"It's..." Emi thinks it over. "...You might have noticed the photograph." She pauses. "...But it is a secret about how the first time we met Mercade was not the first time we met Mercade. That is about all we can say without that promise, The Network thinks as she is nervous about meddling."

She looks down at her feet for a moment and adds. "We will get better." She smiles down at the floor. "Thank you." Her hair gets ruffled, she actually laughs a little, some warmth returning to her features.
Avira She frowns. The photograph...

...that constructed TDA office Isaac made. He definitely had the photograph that Emi speaks of in it., surely it's because Isaac has been to the TDA office in New York before, right? "...that Mercade doesn't know about you and Isaac meeting Mercade before? How can that...ahh, just tell me, or it's going to drive me crazy trying to figure it out."

Yay, Emi is being decidedly less sad! Avira smiles at this too.
Emi Dennou "...There was a Mercade in our world too. There was a TDA in our world as well. This one wasn't a part of that TDA, but the TDA provided something to the group I was a part of, a group called 'Endgame', The Network provides the recap. Specifically, they provided the organization with futures. Well, until the world fell."

"...So when I saw a TDA office in Traverse Town..." Emi trails off. "This one investigated." She mumbles.
Avira "Multiple Mercades?" Avira gasps. "And TDAs? But..." she trails off, just listening and trying to make sense of it all. "I guess Mercade knowing that would be pretty awkward. Was he like my Mercade?"

Heh. 'Her' Mercade.

"What do you mean by provided your organization with futures? How's that work exactly?"
Emi Dennou Emi smiles at 'Her Mercade' just fine.

"The people of Endgame are also artificial--like Cronus--they had entities called 'Requiems' inside of them. To make a long story short, they eventually destroy the host entity. They stabilized the process, The Network explains, in order to keep that from happening. This one isn't sure of the details."

"To be straight, we were not really a part of Endgame, we did not participate in their work, our experiment was entirely with Cronus so we could not really speak as to the purpose or role of Endgame." Emi adds. "But they were also artificial beings."

"Mercade...well, in truth we did not think much on him at the time. We were anticipating our demises irregardless. But we think he was quite similar. Perhaps not exact, but in core mannerisms. Likely."
Avira Strange how the Dennous don't refer to themselves as artificial at that moment. But she does get the idea when Cronus is mentioned as she was familiar with his anomolous nature. "So the TDA made it so they wouldn't get killed by the Requiem inside of them. Got it."

Avira tilts her head after that interruption, letting Emi continue to explain.

"So a gun-slinging, suave, half-boiled detective, then." Avira grins. "It's a shame the TDA there couldn't have stopped the experiment with you all and Cronus."
Emi Dennou "They didn't know about it." Emi says. "Irregardless, they had bigger problems to worry about. Even in retrospect, I'm not sure we would have inquired for their assistance. The world was ending. Distracting them from that...well, obviously it fell anyway, but we still had a lot to learn."

She smiles a bit again. "We didn't know them as well as Isaac but ... ... well, this is why I wished to speak in private. But you're important to me, so I wanted to tell you what I could without compromising a significant amount of his privacy. Is that alright, Avira?"
Avira "If they're anything like we are here..." Avira trails off, still considering herself a part of the TDA despite being more of a 'contracted' member if anything. She WAS from Manhattan though so... " did"

She starts to wonder. Maybe a second Mercade would show up one day? How confusing.

Her thoughts drift back to when she came upon Emi speaking to Isaac, who had recently had his arm torn off by Garland. "Ah...that. Well. If you feel comfortable telling me. I promise I'll try not to let Mercade sounds like it could be kind of awkward."
Emi Dennou Emi bites at her lip. She hasn't told everything, of course, but she's really not comfortable with that last bit. "OF course, we wouldn't want anything to happen to this one. So, this one requests redundantly that you look after him."

She nods slowly. "And we appreciate your discretion. We did not know an 'Avira' in that world, but you are as akin to family to The Network. We will look out for you too. Next time, we will endeavour to do so in a way that does not injure ourselves, however."

She smiles and takes another bite of the cookie. "...That's what I wished to say."
Avira "Of course. I won't let anything happen to Mercade. ...or Manhattan for that matter." Her gaze darkens just a little, "I'd like to see someone try. Anyone try..."

Avira actually seems a little relieved that there was no counterpart of hers to speak of in this other world. Or, well, if there was, she's probably dead. Gone with the rest of Isaac and Emi's world.

The dark look is gone in an instant and a smile remains. There is a happy grin on her face and, very carefully, she leans over and hugs Emi. "Good."

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