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(2013-05-15 - 2013-05-16)
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Avira Traverse Town, a place of perpetual twilight, continues to be on edge. That edge has been significantly reduced as, since the destruction of the VALKYRI headquarters, nothing too extraordinary has happened since then. On top of that, there has been much more noticable movement amongst the Datapoint Security members throughout the town. Just their presence had a calming effect on the majority of citizens.

Programs might feel a little differently about it though.

Even Garland's last appearance was confined to attacking Avira herself and incurred very little property damage.

It's this calm that makes Avira suspicious. To lull people into a false sense of security and then strike would be an unpleasant, but quite viable, strategy-especially since the goal would be spirit-crushing.

Her tenseness is not palpable to those that come across her here in Traverse Town. In fact, today she seems quite sedate as she sits alone at a table at an outdoor cafe. There is a half-empty coffee cup in front of her and a fully empty plate with incriminating crumbs scattered over it. The scarred woman seems very engrossed in a book she has propped up against the edge of the table. Those who looked at it at just the right angle could see the title: 'BASIC Basics.'
Akari Seran Despite Avira's fears the town is peaceful today. Heartless attacks have been practically nonexistent since the early hours of the morning even on the undefended outskirts of the sprawling hamlet as if their attention were being pulled elsewhere. The plaza is full of people, even more so than normal. Families wander along together taking in the warm light of the bright lamps and elaborate signs that bring illumination to the eternally sunless streets. Couples walk hand in hand or sit on benches and the wide stone fountain.

But she is not the only one put on edge by this strange calm. The people all seem jittery and nervous, many glancing constantly over their shoulders and down dark alleys as if expecting the fragile peace to be shattered any moment by the routine appearances of the dark monsters.

When the calm does break, however, the source is not what anyone was expecting.

With a roaring explosion the clouds far above seem to ignite, a brilliant burst of crimson fire staining the sky for a few moments. All eyes turn upwards at the same instant as the clouds ripple and part to make way for the arrival of some piece of celestial debris as it streaks downwards from the heavens.

Falling stars are not an unusual sight here as Traverse seems to be strangely connected to the universe as an unofficial dumping ground for the things and people that get lost in the cracks of reality. This one seems to be a bit different as its shape seems much more distinct and getting more so all the time. In addition to this its approach vector becomes increasingly clear as it draws closer and closer to the ground - it's going to land right in the middle of the plaza.

This realization seems to dawn over the entire area at once. Screams of panic and surprise fill the air as people attempt to scramble clear of the area. To their credit the local guards swiftly step in and try to establish order, herding people through the streets and alleys. The whole place gets hectic real fast.
Tifa Lockhart The barmaid WAS enjoying some time out of the bar today. Past tense being key here.

Of course, he had enough time to get some groceries done, clean up a few things, there are tasks even a day off can't wait for, but then she had time to relax, check on her chocobo, and some personal shopping even.

And then all hell breaks loose. Sorta. This is where the past tense becoems important, because its not an enjoyable time anymore. The crimson fire, like meteors falling over the place. And the panic when they notice that one of them is heading straight for them. Funny, at the speed these things are going, you wouldn't think anyone would have time to notice either, or even get out of the way. But there they are, scrambling around.

As for Lifa... she crosses her arms. She's made sure she wouldn't get hit directly, she's put herself out of blast range, but in a straight line to observe it happening. At least its seems its going to hit the plaza, not the houses.
Avira Stars that wink out of existence...Avira has seen it. She's been gazing at the sky over Traverse Town before and witnessed a star wink out. Eventually she did learn that such a thing was a sign of a dying world-somewhere being swallowed by the darkness.

Falling stars were not unheard of either. While Avira appears to be reading, she does have a higher awareness of the people around her than expected. This is in part due to training and partially due to wanting to avoid that awkward moment of having a DPS agent finding her reading a programming book.

So as the crowd becomes panicked, Avira looks around, then up to where the falling star was descending upon the plaza.

Closing her book, Avira quickly takes cover around the corner of the outdoor cafe.
Izolde Danefield Traverse town may have been used to such a celestial offering such as a Meteor Shower, but a certain newcomer wasn't terribly enthused by them. Somewhere off to the farther reaches of the sky opened up a inky black portal, with the occaisonal sharp edged appendage trying to crawl it way out, desparate for escape. It was a few hundred feet in the sky and between it being put against the said sky in the middle of a meteor shower, it'd likely be hard to see by any of the current watchers. From the center of it spits an unknown mass of light blue energy that exits it's portal rather quickly and appears to be aimed towards the city.

Just as quickly as the portal had a appeared, a shilouetted head with the same shadowy appendages grabs the outside edges of the portal and pulls it inward, closing it.
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou sees FALLING STAR from elsewhere. Naturally, this attracts her interest and she actually ends up approaching the problem rather than running away from it. Believe it or not, this isn't the first falling celestial object she's had to deal with in Traverse Town. Of course, maybe this time it actually is a comet rather than a ship of some kind. She slows down once she makes it to the plaza, noticing Avira taking cover. She jogs on over to her and says, "Avira, The Network is wondering if you've seen the falling object?"
Vespa The maid walks thought Traverse town muching on a bag of popcorn, she has just purchased.. She hms looking up seeing the falling star coming down from they sky, she thought she saw a pair of hands there for a second but her eyes must be playing tricks on her..

"Great more rocks falling from the sky..", Vespa remebers the last time she had to deal with falling rocks from the sky..

"Think we could knock it back Al?", she says to someone, thought there no one walking with her. "Good point we don't know how big it is, or where it's going to land..", she keeps muching on her popcorn watching the falling star.
Myla Mason Myla Mason has been heading about town lately getting supplies and pauses for a moment as she thinks she heads somethinf strange going on tup someone's falling from teh heavens and ther's screaming. She stops mid sentance with the merchant she was dealing with and has sprinted off to go see just what the heck was going on and she'll find herself just after Vespa.

"By Levithians's scales what is going on here?!"
Akari Seran Strangely, though most falling stars a little more than temporary streaks across the sky, sights so rare and brief that to glimpse one is considered an omen in many societies, this one seems to be taking its time. The ball of fire blazes brightly as it ponderously drops through the night sky like a stone sinking through water. Layers of super-heated cloud and smoke billow out around its leading edge like an umbrella to ward off the ground but the abrasive air quickly evaporates this flimsy shield.

To those with a keen eye flashes of movement and dark silhouettes can be seen inside the envelope of flame. Sparks fly away from the edges of the object in sporadic and unnatural rythms, scattering in the wind like hot coals that twinkle brightly for a few moments then vanish. All the while the ominous meteorite draws ever closer to impact.

It takes nearly two full minutes but the fireball finally draws close enough that its heat can be felt pressing against those who have not yet fully cleared the area. It grows from mildly uncomfortable to oppressive in short order and the bright orange and red mix of fire casts its tone across the white stones below.

By now, anyone who is still watching will easily be able to note that the comet is not actually a piece of wayward space rock or defunct satellite. The majority of the shape within the flames is infact a massive Heartless, it's body easily twenty feet tall or more. Massively thick humanoid arms swing about as it falls, not out of fear or an attempt to steady itself against the inevitable collision, but in an effort to crush the much smaller figure standing atop its chest.

A young woman, teenager by the looks of it, stands astride the bare pectoral muscles of the shadowy creature. Despite the incredible size difference, she does not attempt to dodge the Heartless's wide hands as it swats at her, instead catching them easily and retaliating with powerful punches that impact like thunderbolts against the surface of the darkness. Dozens of craters already mar the body of the foul demon but an equal number of ragged scratches and bloody holes are visible on her slender frame as well.

Perhaps it is the heat causing some strange distortion but in the brief glimpses available to those on the ground the young woman appears to have far too many arms. Half a dozen fists flail wildly into the falling Heartless, propelling it ever downwards even as gravity does its part to ensure the final result.

The blazing duo slam into the ground at terminal velocity and the impact point erupts into a shower of shattered stone and earth. Thick particulate dust geysers outwards from the explosion, obscuring vision in a heavy fog for several seconds as the displaced dirt rains down across the plaza and sending a ring through the ears of anyone close enough to be hit by the shockwave of sound.

The moment of silence that follows is short, replaced by a scream of almost primal rage. The cloud of dust evaporates with the the noise, blasted outwards in a bubble from the epicenter of the source - the young woman. Onlookers get their first good glimpse of Akari as she slowly rises from a kneeling position in the crater her arrival has left. She appears to have only two arms now, though oddly shaped chunks of what looks like rock protrude from her back and shoulders, even now crumbling away into bits of rubble. The body of the Heartless lays stretched out in an awkward position, it's limbs twisted in painful contortions from the fall. A dark black smear on the ground below her fist is all that is left of what used to be its massive head and moments later the rest of it begins to follow suit, dissipating into motes of swirling black vapor.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart's hair gets blown back by the heat and the impact. She hasn't moved though, she wasn't close enough for it to be a danger. She waits for the dust to clear off, shielding her face with her gloved hand still, small rocks flying off and scratching her, but nothing she bothers with really. And she WAS a good distance away too.

She has good eyesight, she was able to see the drop of that meteor, ship, or whatever its supposed to be, all the way to the ground. And now that the girl and the heartless are totally revealed... she's puzzled as to what happened exactly. She starts walking over quietly, not trying to alarm the now normally-armed girl, although she wonders what she really saw back there. Dissipating heartless is standard sights around here though.
Avira Avira is stuck taking cover for an uncomfortably long time. She even pulls out her book every now and then to peek at it and read a line. She slips the book away in a messenger bag she has slung over her left shoulder when Emi approaches her. "Oh, I've seen it." Avira glances upwards. "It's still falling."

At least, she reasons, it has given everyone ample time to get out of the way. Sweat starts to gather across her brow as she feels the heat from the comet and slips behind the corner again when its flames lash throughout the ground. Funny, though, that the projectile looked rather odd when she was staring at it. She could have sworn there were moving shapes inside of it.

After the impact, which she can feel as the ground beneath her feet vibrates and dislodged rock and dirt scatter, Avira looks around the corner again to spot a massive Heartless there. It's so huge that, at first, she doesn't know the comparatively smaller girl atop it and immediately draws her weapon. It wouldn't be the first or last time she's fought a Heartless in this city.

Then there's that SCREAM. Squinting as the dust clears, Avira sees that there's already someone fighting this creature-and then, in short order, there simply ceases to be a Heartless by way of decapitation. Avira stands there a little dumbfounded for a few seconds, the Spine's tip pointed against the ground.

"...well then. I guess there's no problem at all. HEY!" Avira calls out to the girl, "Are you okay?"
Vespa Vespa keeps watching the falling star quickly seeing that it's not a star at all but a person and a very large heartless and there fighting while falling, the Heartless is really taking a beating, she puts her hands up in front of her face as the impact the ground protecting herself from any dust or debree.

"Okay that was pretty awsome..", she says walking towards the impact site still eating her popcorn.
Emi Dennou Not so terminal if that girl just chilled out through it. Emi observes the occurance a bit blankly, she may be getting accustomed to random things from falling from great heights. Or she's just the sort of person who has a low EXPRESSION score. She wonders briefly what are the odds of this person ALSO being from Alexander Academy but resolves that, really, that's really unlikely! ... or so she initially thinks, but those rocks from her body suggest maybe it's not so crazy an idea. She knows some people from that world have metal for their body too.

She waves an arm at the girl. "Hello, The Network greets the noisy but effective lady."

She glances back at Avira.
Izolde Danefield Izolde's entrace is far less spectactular by comparison. The further she falls, the more of the magical energy fades, revealing a darkened humanoid shape that gradually becomes illuminated by the light sources of the city. While still quite a ways in the air, a peice of the magical mass appears to fly from it, heading off in a direction that is likely going to land a district or two away from the main source.

And on that note, the mass disappears completely, revealing the Nu Mou entirely. She's flailing about fairly uncontrollably, desparately trying to right herself, but quite obviously unable to. Just as Akari makes her alarmingly bad ass introduction, Izolde, lands a few seconds later in the nearby water fountain, sending the vast majority of the water contained within it, in every conceivable direction.
Akari Seran Akari seemingly pays no attention to the voices and noises around her as she struggles to stand upright. Her body is hunched over, both arms hanging ape-like from her shoulders as she sucks in massive lungfulls of air in heaving gasps. The dust continues to clear away giving a complete and unobstructed view of her form which brings to light a fact that both answers and raises new questions.

From the shoulder down, the young woman's right arm is entirely made out of some sort of smooth stone. Intricate patterns are carved into the surface of the prosthetic, almost tribal in nature, though its general shape is that of an armored gauntlet wrapped about a musclar but normal looking limb. The final vestiges of the rocky protrutions on her back crumble away as she attempts to recover and oddly no other odd bits of rock or metal can be seen on her body.

The sudden heavy splash of water seems to snap her back to reality and Akari pauses as if realizing for the first time that she is surrounded by other people. Her fists slowly clench into tight balls and without warning or explanation she spins about and lunges straight for Avira! Her body seems to literally explode from the ground as if propelled by unnatural strength and the distance between the closes in the span of a few heartbeats.

Akari screams again, her teeth bared in a deep growling call of anger. There is no hint of recognition in her face even as she turns upon her fellow humans and in the instant before she draws close enough to connect the pure whites of her blind eyes become evident. She swings her stone fist at the spot that the young mercenary currently occupies and unless Avira moves aside or someone intervenes she's about to get a really nasty sucker punch.
Emi Dennou Emi has a few levels of Social Link with Avira and as such, when Akari moves in for a huge sucker punch, Emi elects to intervene. She only has a few moments so she can't counterattack, but it's enough moments that she can step in the way, pushing Avira just enough so that she isn't in danger of being clobbered. She also has enough time to bring up her arms to protect her face, electricity crackling around her body--it's gonna bite back, but unfortunately even then, the power. It's not as bad as being touched by Cronus, but it's pretty close.

The arm the fist collides into breaks instantly--if Emi hadn't blocked, she'd surely be dead. Instead, the arm has enough kinetic push that Emi is literally thrown off the ground, DESPITE being grounded, and is sent flying through the air. If she was more durable, she'd hit the far wall with enough force to smash through it. As it stands, she instead CRACKS against the wall and sticks to it, wetly, for a moment before she tumbles forward and falls face first into the ground, blood pooling around her as she drops from wounds across her back and arms. The spray is impressive too, there is a thick splatter against the wall where she impacted, sticking to it viscuously--droplets dipping downward as gravity remembers itself.

She doesn't get up.
Angantyr Vespar There is a burst of a dark portal...

Minutes ago...

Angantyr walks out of the armor store, finally getting the last of the recent dents removed from the armor. FINALLY it is starting to look like he has money...well, given he has a lot more now than when he started his buisness...


Angantyr narrows his it Garland?

A bit later, but not now.

Angantyr watches things unfold while standing on a roof...Avira approaches the woman..but he knows what is coming, there is something off...something familar as his time as Dahakang. A brutality that...


As Emi's body crumples under the blow, Angantyr arriving NOT fast enough, the Dark Knight appears right infront of Avira and Emi. Mace is already extended as he aims to drive it upwards, aiming to take the weapon and brutally drive it into the woman, darkness lashing out as the weapon strikes. Angantyr's rage is apparent, as one of his friends were put in danger, and another is seriously injured.

There is no snappy comeback, no witty retort...

Angnatyr might very well kill this woman.
Vespa "Avira!", Vespsa says seeing the woman trying to hit her. Everything seems to slow down as vespa drops her bag of popcorn trying to interpect the woman but she not quick enough! She gasps as Emi blocks the punch and goes flying and falls onto the ground, she not getting up...

Vespa turns to look at the woman. "No mercy.", and she holds one of her hands above her head as her MASSIVE axe appears in her hand.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says, "Your looking to become fish bait ain't you?""
Myla Mason Myla Masonis now catching up with Vespa and stare at the impact sight letting out a low whistle as there's womone fighting a creature it takes a moment and she smirks. "Woah I was not expecting that to happen." She expected a new arrival but not one to be in the middle of a brutal fight and then finish their foe so savagely then again the Heartless deserve everything they get. She makes her way to the new arrival and speaks up after part of the network does.

"Hey nice take down I have to say i'm impressed."

The compliment turns from a smile to a very angry look as Emi is attacked. Ang's here and he's so pissed he's not saying a thing and she has to agree she looks to unknown woman for a moment and says to her as she keeps her weapons ready.
Myla Mason Myla Mason says, "Your looking to become fish bait ain't you?""
Avira Whoever this person is-in short order, she realizes they must be like a Tyranosaurus Rex: poor vision, attracted by sound (which is actually not all that true). At least this seems like the plausable explanation for this individual suddenly hauling off with the intention of crushing her stomach with a stone FIST. Her intention to react is easy to read as she starts to twist her body, bringing an elbow downward for protection-

Except Emi suddenlly pushes her away without warning! She stumbles sideways as the green-haired girl interposes herself into the path of the sucker punch.

She can hear Emi's bone snapping at the impact. As she turns, she sees her body go flying, splattering limply against the ground. %R
Ang's appearance is registered and acknowledged only briefly. "A beserker! She's out of control!" Avira growls, sidestepping around the Dark Knight so she too can lunge in and attack. Unlike the last time Angantyr made an appearance, Avira's not going to stand back and 'not interfere in the fight'. Oddly enough, she doesn't attack with her weapon but instead closes the distance with a flying knee.
Izolde Danefield The Nu Mou's landing left her motionless for a short moment, laying face down in the slight amount of water still in the fountain. Her long ears slowly rise to the top and remain bouyant on the surface. The sudden need to breath reanimates her, pulling herself out of the water with a huge splash and a massive intake of breath. She looks around herself worriedly, looking over her arms and legs and giving a small sigh of relief when she realized that yes, indeed all of her is mostly intact, although sopping wet. Though she looks at her hand and flexes her fingers. "...Bacon whiskers. I must have dropped it."

It was about at this point where her water-logged ears started to pick up that she'd landed in a poplated place with a commotion, causing her to turn to see what was happening.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart blinks, eyes goind wide as Avira gets attacked so suddenly. And the sickening sound that Emi emitted when blown off like that, she knows its nothing to laugh at. Quickly, she moves in, sliding down to sweep the feet out from under that berserker, trying to get out of position for a takedown and hopefully for someone's tool or magic to contain her further "What the hell is with this girl?!?"

She's never met a berserker no doubt, but this is more intense than she's ever seen.
Akari Seran There is a moment where time freezes as Akari's fist strikes the hastily errected field of sparking electricity. The stone that comprises her knuckles begins to crack and flake on the surface as it passes into the barrier but it holds her back for only the barest fraction of a second before the raw strength imbued in her body simply erupts as a kinetic explosion.

Avira is buffeted by galeforce wind even from her position to the side and a sharp hiss of compressed air screeches past as Emi is carried to a painful impact with the far wall. The young woman lets loose a wordless bellow even as her fist makes contact, pushing the pain and fatigue wracking her body into the back of her mind along with the rest of her consciousness leaving only the anger and aggression behind.

Immediately beset by new threats on all sides, Akari grits her teeth and openly snarls almost like an animal. Angantyr's heavy mace crashes inwards, powered by his own anger, and crashes heavily into the woman's bare unarmored chest with a dull thud. However, instead of cracking ribs or sending her flying away, she merely grunts as the massive weapon stops cold on her body as if she were as solid as a mountain.

Avira and Tifa fare little better, their bare hands and feet failing to accomplish what the wad of heavy steel could not. The mysterious girl growls again and wraps her arms around Angantyr's mace, pivoting on her feet with a simple but ferocious spin in an attempt to yank him bodily into the air and toss him towards the wall next to Emi with absolutely monstrous strength. The two women will find that the dark knight makes for a very effective club as he is spun about.
Angantyr Vespar What happens when you attempt to hug a mace, granted the mace isn't a normal one...

The mace looks like it is better in the hands of SOMEONE that might be a giant. Angantyr is big, but he isn't as tall as Frank. The mace is also in the hands of someone that might not have the ABSURD strength of the little waifish girl hugging it...but he does have a /redicious/ strength. Angantyr did not survive years of training under the hell that Garland put him through on being weak. Angantyr is ALSO REALLY <GOOSEHONK>ing angry. Angantyr also, out sizes her, at this point...if Angatyr was considerably less strong, then this might have worked...Angnatyr however, is a bear of a man, and...simply has the advantage of leverage.

Instead of being thrown, Angantyr notices that his mace is now willingly being hugged by the woman. "Huh...My mace has an upgrade." he says, and...

Darkness courses through it, channling through his arms and into the weapon itself...becoming causic to life itself, before he slams the buisness end of the mace INTO the ground, aiming to repeatedly smash her, from side to side, into the earth.
Emi Dennou Emi is still lying on the ground and bleeding! She isn't moving, but her eyes are open. Dennous aren't tough, but they have tenacity. Other than that? Not much going on so far.

But you know how it is with Dennous. They're like roaches.
Vespa Vespa is pretty amazed that she able to take all those attack and keep still able to stand. Then again she did fall from the sky and beat the crap out of a large heartless.. She swings her axe in front of her.. "Allright let's go,Al!", she says leaping at The Beskerker trying to hit her from above.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart has met powerful people, but stone/steel hard like that, not often. Even armored Heartless were more squishy that that, she realizes as her leg hits with Akari's, and it feels like she hit a rooted mountain.

She gacks as Ang is twirled around, rolling away from the blows as fast as she can "USING ANOTHER MAN AS A CLUB IS NOT FAIR GAME ANYMORE!"
Avira Avira practically bounces off of Akari, despite her efforts. She's fortunate enough to not have shattered her kneecap in the strike but there will be a significant bruise on her knee in the coming days from that stunt.

She uses the momentum of being repelled to push herself backwards and out of immediate grab range. Fortunately, she is not the object of the next grab but would very well be in the way if that mace was wrenched free. Having been hit with that mace before, Avira moves again to the opposite side of Akari, just as a precaution. As she moves, she peers over at where Emi is lying on the ground and winces. If only there was a /healer/ out here..!

Now she comes at Akari with her weapon, moving for the girl's flank with several rapid stabs of the swordlike Spine. To hold it, she keeps her grip far up along the end of the tailbone and lets her hand slide down with each thrust to impart more force behind each blow.
Izolde Danefield Izolde sort of...just sits in the fountain for the time being, draping her arms over the edge of it and laying her head down upon it to watch the confrontation between two forces she knows nothing about. Afterawhile, she does grab both of her large, dog-like ears and pull them out of the water as well, taking a hand and running over the course of them to try get the excess water off of them. The faint jingle of the bells would be fairly easy to hear, despite the 'EPIC BATTUL' (tm) going on in the vincinity.
Akari Seran Anger is a potent weapon when channeled properly. Focused into a razor edge through training and tribulations, it can be a reserve of great power to call upon in times of crisis. Unfortunately for Angantyr, he is up against someone whose very existence is a permanent state of rage and it wells up inside of her like the heat of star as she meets resistance to her incredible fury. It's like trying to use rapier against an anvil.

When Angantyr twists in an attempt to smash his opponent to the ground, he finds that she simply does not budge at all. Her body remains firmly rooted to the ground as if she were a part of it and her arms cling tightly to the weapon in a deadlock. The wicked spikes fail to penetrate her skin somehow but the seething darkness that rises up hisses softly as it begins to eat away at flesh, leaving slowly spreading red abrasions on her skin.

Vespa comes in from behind now, wielding her massive axe with great ease despite its size. The heavy blade slams heavily down at her from above but at the last moment she releases her two-handed hold on the mace, twisting sideways to snatch the haft of the great cleaving blade before it can sunder her flesh.

With the darkness coated maul in her stone arm and the axe in her other, Akari is left completely exposed as Avira comes in from behind and hacks away at her flank with the strange blade. Each swing leaves tiny scratches on the surface of her skin that trickles with thin streams of blood.

And all the lot of this really manages to accomplish is to piss her off even more.

Akari literally trembles, her teeth grinding together as blow after blow piles up from various sources. Then with an ear splitting shout of pure fury, lets it loose. Both of her arms push outwards, shoving their respective owners away. The woman clenches her fists and hunches over as if struggling against something, perhaps to contain it within her body. But the truth is just the opposite.

Another shout heralds the release of power within as four stone arms, each identical to the one she is already sporting erupt from her shoulders. Piled atop each other in a strange and bulky fashion these new appendages appear fully functional and mobile despite their rocky composition, each powerful hand clenching into a tight fist almost immediately.

"Is that all you've got?! I'll kill you all!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart managed to get out of range of its fury. She doesn't even know what's motivating that person right now, or why it just wants to kill everyone in sight without them doing anything to really threaten her. If she has that much power, why is she even bothered by the mosquito bites that they seem to be offering as a counter attack right now. "Is there even any way to reason with this?" She has no words for that, is it a human or a creature or a monster or even a shadow lord, no idea.

She bounces back, moving to group up with the others "Why do you want to kill us, just to show that you can!?
Emi Dennou Do berserkers usually talk, Emi thinks. She may be able to hear bells but she's not sure if that's just her concussion talking or what. She can only manage a small spark right now, and she's not sure how long she can stay awake after that strike. She sends out some signals before slumping forward again. Time is ticking.
Vespa "Impressive"., Vespa says smiling Akari catches her axe, and the get thrown back. She manages to land on her feet.

Vespa point the axe at The Bezerker. "I really don't feel like dying today.I dropped my popcorn too. Why are you attacking us anyway?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr moves a few inches back...again, massively strong...the darkness that coursed through his mace did the job for him...

Angantyr eyes blaze with darkness...

Stone arms grow, and Angantyr matches her ferocity with his own booming power. Darkness surges from him, wrapping from INSIDE his very form. It trails up his body, wrapping into the fabric of his armor...

And then the man became something /else/ entirely. Dark armor forged from the abyss itself stares at her. His skin completely encompassed by the armor, as his crimson glowing eyes stare right at her. Darkness surges off of his body like a heat haze as his voice, now with a grating metalic quality, backed with a wavering otherworld quality as he speaks.

"That's my line. This is the part where you die, little girl."
Myla Mason Things are just getting crazy here, she's still moving in to attack she's not made an attack yet as she's got pistols she's wishing she'd had her solid slug ones with her today but this wolldo as Ang and she watgches Ang. This is why you never fought Ang lightly as he starts doing his Dark Knight thing. She's now starting to take pot shots when she has an opening.

This isn't a fight this is some crazy person who just attacked an innocent she's not fighting for fun she's fighting to make them not a threat.
Avira "So the beserker can talk." Avira mutters at the threats, not really taking them to heart. Beserkers aren't exactly known for that whole 'thinking' thing, though it is reasonably impressive that this one can form words.

Stepping back again, Avira continues to remain out of immediate grabbing range, pausing for a second as she sees this girl's skin bubbling and boiling, then growing new arms.

Undaunted, Avira presses forward, eyes narrowed, a silvery sheen forming around her, not from magic, but from something...else entirely. Her movements become faster and fiercer as she continues to move, staying out of arm's reach and keeping Akari at a distance with further stabs. She keeps working, keeps searching, until she has the moment she needs to suddenly dart in and ram the length of the Spine at the girl's gut. Normally such a thing would be a killing blow, but in this case, Avira has no reason to hold back from that. Especially since she'd be likely to survive it.
Akari Seran Oddly the sound of voices, human voices, causes the woman to pause. She turns back and forth with a clearly surprised look on her face for a few moments as the relevancy of what she's hearing sinks it. Still, she struggles to contain her fury now that it's built up steam.

Her lower stone hand rests against the side of her face, gripping her temple tightly in the classic mental anguish pose. Her other arms flex and clench with effort, their stone muscles moving and shifting as if they were living things. "I... what...?"

And then two things happen. Angantyr's darkness surges forth, overwelming her senses with the familiar taint. Her memory flutters back and forth between the present and the past, images of the dark creatures bursting forth from everywhere as they consumed her world. She fought them, struggling for days on end against the endless tides until she simply lost herself in the battle, only to awaken here in this place. The ground beneath her bare feet feels unfamiliar and foreign; nothing like the cold dull stone of the academy's scultped walkways.

Her lips twist into a snarl once more as the anger of that same feeling threatens to overwhelm her. And then Avira strikes at her again.

This time Akari's rage explodes at the mercenary. She utterly ignores the blade that lances out against her rock-hard skin even as it scores another long scratch across the surface of her stomach as if chipping away at marble. The spine deflects sideways, unable to penetrate properly, and the lunge brings Avira face-to-face with her attacker.

Glaring blindly at the person she knows stands before her, Akari leans back and then brings her forehead crashing down against that of the other woman. Any experienced martial artist will attest to the foolishness of using such a manuever for the chance of haring yourself is equal or perhaps even greater to than of harming your opponent. Clearly, Akari didn't get that memo. Her head is just as solid and impenetrable as the rest of her body and it crashes down with just as much force as that contained in her fists.
Avira True story: Avira tried to headbutt Angantyr once. It didn't end well. Headbutts are for emergencies only, in Avira's book. Emergencies like 'I can't move my arms or legs.'

As Avira had expected, the Spine can't seem to get past the skin of the beserker-so clearly, she would have to resort to other methods-maybe some magic to crack the stone by exploiting the cuts she made earlier. Given this prediction, she's not unwholy unprepared to suddenly be face-to-face with Akari and her blank eyes. She wonders, for that second, if she can actually see her in front of her.

Avira is headbutted in the face. An ugly-sounding snapping noise happens simultaneously and blood flows from both Avira's nostrils as she falls backwards. She hits the ground, dazed for a few seconds.

Then her foot sweeps out before her, aiming to take out both Akari's legs. Sure, Avira is in pain and probably has a broken nose, but doesn't really /care/.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart thinks we were getting to her, but... the others are focused on bringing her down by force it seems. Well, maybe everyone needs to release the pressure. She decides to go check on Emi instead. She takes out a potiong from her belt pouch, pouring it over the apparent wounds that the program might have. It seems to works for the other programs at least, so might as well try it. That sounded so terrible before too, but its all she can do without better medical knowledge.
Emi Dennou And then something incredible and wonderful happens. Namely, The Dennou reinforcements arrive. Three were in close enough range to actually make it to the battlefield. So to speak. THey don't actually have to arrive to see what's going on--rather, they gather their data from Emi's conciousness, up to date information about combat positioning, status of the fight, and so on being transmitted to the less damaged Networkers in real time. Rage and anger are truly powerful components of a warrior, but no matter how strong any opponent is, there are tactics to handle it.

Lightning crashes down from the sky for Akari's body. The process takes a few thousandths of a second as it strikes, The voltage is not insignificant either. But that's not really the only lightning bolt that crashes down for her either. Half a second after the first strike, a second slams down for her body as well with equal force, speed, and power. The only difference, is that the current wavelength remains a constant rather than a single strike, threatening to pin Akari down. She's welcome to try and punch it back like Superman, but the voltage will still push through her should she try such an act.

A half a second after that, the sniper bullet from about four buildings over is shot for Akari's head.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr takes full advantage of the woman's rage, she rages out towards Avira...he trusts Avira enough to know she knows how to handle herself...

The darkness rises...he controls it, not the other way around. The taint is there...but darkness taints all things. The issue, ultimately, is that Angantyr knows how to protect his soul against the power he was born with. His eyes blaze in their crimson spread as he takes a step forward...

Others rush forward to challenge her...a physical powerhouse, that's to be sure, but...

No man is a mountain.

Darkness surges out as he prepares to swing...and then a might say even SHOCKING shot clears the air, it's large boom echoing through the city striking into the warrior woman. Angantyr uses this, not taking a moment to look back at his friend, he takes the advantage given to him with everything he can.

The mace screams, becoming otherworldly as he follows through with the strike. He explodes in a series of blows, the armor tearing spikes aiming to rip and tear at her flesh...rock hard or not, they are made specifically to weaken such defenses. However...

The mace and Angantyr's arm itself seem to merge into a single entity, a single grotesc claw that /DEVOURS/ anything that it comes into contact to. It's very presence calling the life blood of the berserker...but it wasn't done yet. The terrible weapon swings forward...

Aiming to plant it right into her, the life bane weapon itself trying to devour her completely, aiming to tear at her very life essence, as he continues to draw it into himself and his blade...

"DIE!" he says, as the energy shatters, completing the strike as he draws the weapon back from it's single killing blow. Darkness continuing to stream off of him like a geyser.
Vespa "Okay not going to listen then..", Vespa says. She brings her axe up then bring it down on Akari, ma if she lucky she can pin her down to the ground or keep her distrated for a bit.
Izolde Danefield The newly arrived Nu Mou merely watches the battle for a small bit, witnessing blows being traded, denied, or even outright overpowered. In the meantime, she crosses her arms underneath her head that she leans upon, coming just up and over the lip of the fountain.
Myla Mason Myla Mason isn't evne sure at this poiht but well Angantyr is going full bore and she knows enoughs he'd not be able to stop him if she got in his way and really there are others with more pull than. She know he's gone into kill mode and this kinda makes her lower her wepaon and take a step the hell backa t this this has gone out of control even she's realise she has gone a bit overboard but one does not umm get in Ang's way doing so now means it would just get even worse for everyone.
Akari Seran The ground behind Avira simply explodes as the forehead meets her face, a wave of raw power striking her so hard that it passes harmlessly through and gouges another circular crater in the stone walkway. As before, attempting to uproot Akari's feet from the ground seems to be an entirely futile effort as if they were fused solidly together. Avira does more harm to herself than the stout pillars that support the berserker.

Before she can follow through, however, the timely revenge of the other Dennous comes crashing down from above in literal wrath from the heavens. The first bolt of lightning catches the multi-armed warrior offguard and she goes rigid as the electricity courses through her body, earning a gutteral cry of frustration and pain. Another quickly follows, giving her barely a moment to react but finely honed instincts take over without any real thought and her upper fist swings up to catch the sustained burst in the flat of its palm.

Both of her feet dig into the ground for traction as the powerful energy presses down on her like a physical weight, her heels digging into the ground with a soft crack and shatter of stone. Rage bubbles up at this new threat and she gives another cry, this one in defiance. Power wells up within her, chakra flowing along key points in her body and flooding her fists with disruptive energy. Both of her uppermost arms begin to punch wildly at the air, literally beating back the crashing thunder. Spiderwebs of static crackle all across her stone limbs even as she battles furiously against its painful influence.

Angantyr makes no hesitation in ruthlessly exploiting this distraction, bringing his full dark powers to bear. The hungry cries of his fell weapon draw her attention back towards him and she turns to intercept the deadly strike with a powerful punch from her other arms. Metal and stone clash with a resounding crunch, a wave of pressure washing out over the battlefield from the clash of opposing forces that sends her long hair fluttering wildly.

Thus begins another franctic battle as Akari matches each heavy flesh-rending attack with an equally bone-shattering punch. The young woman turns into a malestrom of rage and motion, her arms working in blinding cycles to beat back the threats that seek to bring her down and it seems to be working. No man may be a mountain but she draws upon the strength of one.

A telling sound rings out over the plaza that brings all of this to a screeching halt. The loud unmistakable bang of a gunshot reports in the distance and a few moments later Akari recoils sharply, her head snapping back with a wicked crack. She recovers almost instantly, gritting her teeth against the numbing sensation that has suddenly overwhelmed her brain but the momentary lapse of concentration allows for everything else to pile up all at once.

The lightning bolt surges past her fists and lances into her body once more, seizing up her muscles. Angantyr's nightmarish weapon finally beats past her defenses and impacts solidly against her gut which doubles the woman over. Her eyes go wide, her mouth opening in a silent cry of surprise, even as Vespa lands a telling blow from above. The heavy axe crushes her flat against the ground, planting Akari firmly on her face and shattering the stone arms on her shoulders as it cleaves through them to reach her back.

The young woman lays still for several moments, the only visible movement in her fingers as they clutch at the ground in a repeative fashion. Finally she lets out a groan that shows that the working of her digits is more than the last nervous spasms of a dying body and she struggles, attempting to lift her head up off the ground.
Avira At this point, Avira doesn't bother getting back up off the ground. Her head hurts too damn much. Instead, she decides to just shuffle backwards against the ground on her back to get out of the way.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart moves over to drag Avira out of the way too. She fortunatly has more potions in her pockets there "Gotta wonder what's going on in her head, just landing and attacking everything in sight..." She pauses "... some of the people here are not really helping though." She shakes her head, trying to make sure she's not getting hit by a stray blow from anyone present... There's plenty of those right now.
Vespa "Just stay down okay?", Vespa says keeping her pinnned with the blade of her axe. She seen how much damage she been able to take and dish out, and is consered she might try and get up. Thought ,she woudn't mind fighting her one one one sometime
Emi Dennou Three more lightning bolts slam into Akari's body the moment she starts moving her head. If Akari is basically Doomsday, then The Network has no qualms treating her as such. Basically lightning bolts are going to be coming down upon her until she stops twitching and then a couple more to make sure. Vespa doesn't have to worry about the electricity passing through her axe--the electricity follows the originator's will.

Emi continues to bleed over in the corner though x.x
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr does not even hesitate...

Once that head comes up, Angantyr repeatedly and brutally BASHES it with his mace.

There is no mercy in Angantyr's strikes, these are blows that would kill normal people...and he might be willing to do this to someone who has showed little compuction in killing his friends.

The mace comes up, ready for another strike towards her chest.
Izolde Danefield Izolde, tired of waiting, very slowly pulls herself up a littleways to be a little more comfortable, now that the battle had seemingly reached it's conclusion. She speaks up loud enough so that those nearby could hear her adequately. "Excuse me, Humes, creatures of darkness or otherwise deliciously large men in intimidating armor, does anyone mind explaining to me where this is and what exactly is going on here? I've really been waiting quite patiently."
Akari Seran Thunderbolts continue to drop from on high, sending fresh waves of muscle-clenching pain through the woman's body. Her fingers dig trenches in the solid stone of the plaza's decorative pavement as they seize up from the onslaught.

Angantyr does a good job of turning Akari into an ostrich, each strike driving her deeper and deeper into the stone until she's practically buried head-first. The ground actually deforms before her impossibly durable body though the wicked spikes do seem to leave tiny marks and scratches that turns her face into a blood-stained mess by the time he's all done.

It doesn't look like she's going to be getting back up for the moment.
Vespa Vespa turns her head as Angatyr start to pound Akari into the ground. She turns away from that her axe dissaparing and she walks over to Avira to help her up. "I would say someting like are you okay Avira but obivlously your not..", she sighs. "I don't have any healing potions on me right now.."
Myla Mason Myla Mason is glad she backked off this thing is just got out of control but it seems she's down now and stopped she thinks for a moment and looks over to Tifa for a moment. "she attacked without provcation all bets are off I'm going to go contact DPS to handle this. They are what passes for the police here. She's not quite twigged that Akari is from the school and right now is more concerned about someone like this being lose she pulls a phone out from a pouch and puts in a call to DPS to report the incident. What DPS does is up to them though. "Also do we have a healer on the way?" She adks before going back to teh call.
Maira Luckily, Maira had just been at the beach talking to Ivo! She's been close enough by to just run there like a life depended on it. You know, because it did.

Maira reaches the sight of the battle and her eyes immediately scan the area, looking for the telltale green hair of a Dennou. She rushes forward and falls down beside her, already channeling her cure spells into the fallen woman.

Maira shrugs off her pack and hands it to Ivo. "Get these potions out to those who need them most," she says, then concentrates on Emi.

She is aware Ang is beating someone into the ground, but she needs to focus here. She can only assume it is what did this to Emi.
Avira Tifa kindly drags Avira out of the way further. The Spine scrapes loudly against the ground as she does this. After a few feet Avira manages to 'sit' up and slip the Spine back into its sheat. Blood continues to dribble out of her nose, which is most assuredly broken, and slide off the front of her breastplate.

"Help Emi." Avira mutters, "I think she got it worse than I did, pulverized organs and stuff."
Emi Dennou Emi appears to have been punched so hard she slammed into a building. Her back is ripped apart, apparently from the impact judging from the bloodstains on said wall. She is still bleeding, judging from the red pool around her body. Once it seems apparent that Akari isn't gonna be getting up anytime soon she says, "Don't..kill..." before passing out.

Kindness?? Or is she just too curious at wtf her deal is to want her immediately dead. Perhaps she just doesn't want to be used as an excuse.

Nevertheless she's out like a light so it's not like anybody has to listen to her. The other Network members, though still out of sight, start approaching the battleground. Well two of them, the other is still on that building far away loading another round.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head at Avira "I already gave her a potion, there's nothing else we can do while standing here, and I doubt we can get her to a healer like this." She reaches into her pockets, pulling otu a potion and hands it to Avira "Here's one for you. She seems capable of listening to reason, but not while the others are constantly trying to drive her face into the ground, don't you think?" She drags Avira back toward Emi, the safest spot 'for now' it seems.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr's mace comes up...

And then slides back into the holster.

"...Be glad that my friend is merciful." Angantyr says, spitting to the side and looking back towards Emi...

Angantyr CAN do something...

It is horrible, and not something likes todo...

He drags the mace along the blood spilled, and walks towards Emi.

Darkness surges through him, the armor finally having enough and shattering back to what it naturally looks he sucks inthe blood spilled...and touches Emi's body. The energy that normally flows into him and closes his wounds, would do the same to her.

He hopes it's enough to stablize.
Ivo Galvan Dragged onto the scene by a very determined and surprisingly swift fire mage, Ivo arrives onto a chaotic scene difficult to make sense of, and lacking any healing capabilities of his own, the dark-haired swordsman is left on the sidelines momentarily as Maira rushes in. The typically unflappable knight-errant grimaces at the sight of Emi's wounds, and turns his gaze toward Avira, who is being aided by Tifa, another familiar face. There's a warrior just getting finished driving a woman's face into the ground over there, but it's kind of hard to tell who the bad guy is, and the people he knows don't seem too worried about it, so--

"That look suits you, Avira," Ivo quips, inclining head toward her face.

He's just contributing in his own special way.
Izolde Danefield Izolde frowns as her plea is quite consciously ignored by those immediately present and she rolls her eyes. Very slowly she pulls herself up into a standing position, her we clothes clinging to her in a fairly uncomfortable manner. She steps up and over the edge of the fountain , dripping wet. She speaks in a tone mostly intended for herself, but anyone could tell she wasn't in the most jovial of moods.

"Well that's a fine how-do-you do. Land from the sky, ruin a perfectly good fountain, lose my staff and the locals just carry on like nothing ever happened and even go about gentlemenly fisticuffs. Not one batted eyelash, not one dubious look, not one passive gaping of the mouth, not one ear raised, eyebrow-waggled or finger shake. Looking for a healer even and they don't even ask me, because total stranger just might not be terribly great with healing or anything. Nope! Not even considered." She starts squeegee'ing off the excess water to try to get it to a moderately wearable state, pulling out her neck scarf anf unveiling it outwards, sending some water out into the plaza.
Ivo Galvan Whereupon Maira shoves some potions into his hands, hopefully shutting him up for a little bit, and -- slightly bemused -- he looks for people to hand them off to, moving to whomever is closest.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks right to Ivo.

"Patience is very thin tonight, Unless you have something to contribute beyond your own pettiness, Ivo, I suggest you cram it, very VERY deep." Angantyr says, continuing to ignore Izolde, because they are obviously not a healer, because they would have healed if they were.

Healers heal. Duh.
Maira Emi is in really bad shape, but Maira is pretty sure she can save her.

When Angantyr comes over to do his part, however strange it might be, she smiles to him.

"I need my bag of stuff, its inside where I usually keep it by my bed, if anyone could go fetch it," she says to anyone nearby, calling up her cure spells again and again. The bleeding should stop, the wounds begin to close--at least become less dire. Maira is going to give this all she has.

When she is exhausted, she gestures toward Ivo. "Ivo, ether," she says, a tad breathless.

To Angan: "Well he's helping me now by passing out potions...whoever did this, I take it they are not uh...among the living anymore?" she asks. Soon enough though, Uist confirms Akari is still alive. "Well...I'll get to her too, I guess," she comments.
Avira Avira's eyes narrow. She is /not/ in a good mood right now. "<GOOSEHONK> you, Ivo Galvan. Also what the hell, did you put on some weight?" She manages to sit up now, though she keeps herself slumped forward because her head is still killing her. A smile is given to Maira, whom she had managed to summon via a quick word over the VALKYRI network. She's all too happy to take Tifa's potion.

"Well now Angantyr has stopped. So if that beserker has actual words for us before DPS shows up, now would be a good time." Slooooowly she looks over to the scolding nou mu.

"Speaking of words...if you are a healer, then show us with action." Avira sounds like she's trying to be patient here.
Artyom W. Valodjn Most mountains are stationary. They are colossal towers of earthen might that consider velocuties of meters per century as acceptably fast. However, not all mountains. Not all mountains are rooted. Some mountains can move very quickly when lives and/or unpunched faces at stake.

This is how Artyom W. Valodjn makes his way from one of his usual cat-nap alleyways to this rather spectacular show of battle and viscera. He glances, gravely, at those gathered and quite unceremoniously moves to where Akari's skull had been smashed into the ground.

He glances toward Odam, frowns, and then lifts Akari's body onto his shoulder. "Please excuse my intrusion," Artyom says, "I must ensure that she wakes up somewhere comfortable. For the good of us all."
Emi Dennou Life is hard. Omi had just recovered from HER beating. Now it's Emi's turn it seems. So much for her taking Omi's place for a while with the Braves. Her arm is decidedly broken. Other smaller fractures. Dennous are not durable. Healing is effective, from both Maira and, if he's helping, Ang. The Network doesn't start glowing with evil energy, however.

What does happen are two Dennous with listless eyes coming into view. They are crackling with stray harmless electric arcs, staring ahead listlessly. They are murmuring to themselves.

"Network down, awaiting response. Network down, awaiting response." Over and over, it seems. The two are wearing their goggles, but their hair lengths mark them readily as Umi and Ami.

The bleeding slows, and then stops. Emi doesn't awaken but she's gonna need some rest at the very least.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart waves over to Artyom "Whatever you do with her, as long as we can tend to the wounded here, would be fine with me." She looks at Akari, and then toward Avira, sighing. "Well kinda hard to talk with someone unconcious at this point, its just a tiny bit too late for it." She shows her fingers thiiiiiiis close to each other to demonstrate too.
Vespa Vespa just GLARES at Ivo. "Not tonight okay?", she puts herself between Avira and him.
Ivo Galvan Ivo gets the feeling the man currently scowling at him begins his days with his patience ninety-five percent thinned. "I do now," he says amiably, as he hands Maira the requested ether. It's not like he wants to antagonize just anyone.

Avira is special that way.

There's a wet woman engaged in a stream of consciousness over there, but this is Traverse Town, and characters are a given. Ivo is giving her a curious look out of the corner of his eye, but even he has more important priorities right now.

"Yeah, I did," he replies to Avira. "I'm trying to catch up with you."

Like making up for lost time. Even as he mentally pats himself on the back for that one, Ivo then flashes the VALKYRI leader a warm smile. He's missed these exchanges even more than he thought.

"I'm glad you're still in one piece."

But then Vespa steps in, and grinning, Ivo holds up a hand in surrender. "Right, right. If Miss Maid says so." Seems like VALKYRI has held together just fine.
Maira Maira looks between Ivo and Avira. She is about ready to wag a finger at the pair of them except that she is elbow deep in Emi's blood.

So quit arguing!

"Ivo, Avira, /seriously/?" is all she says before chugging the ether and returning to healing Emi.

Once someone fetches her things (hello NPC! Where did you come from!) she begins applying salves and bandages.
Izolde Danefield The Nu mou finally manages to gather someone's attention, and to that she walks a bit closer to Avira, perking a heavy ear towards her. She offers a small sigh towards her in response. "Well I don't know anything about your people, what that...creature..person..was, where I am, or even if my magic works. But I am quite a capable healer if asked to be. Hang on to your brain-straps." She closes her eyes and holds splays out her fingers over one another, including her thumb, making a rough triangle shape.

She begins concentrating inwardly on herself, searching for to effectivly cast magic here. It would take a dozen or so seconds of searching, but when she finds it, she smiles. A mystical blue light eminates from her hands, down towards the crumpled mass of the girl who got hulk-punched, and enters her belly, seeking to regenerate. Targeting first her skeletal system, if no resistance is encountered, bones would begin to pull themselves back together and muscle sinew would reweave itself into the proper configurations. The Nu mou is completely silent while this is happening.
Avira "You know, I think DPS is supposed to incarcerate her at this point for making a <GOOSEHONK> mess of this place right now." Avira drawls at Arty. She doesn't get up or make any attempts to stop him, though, since she's not in much condition to fight, concussion and all.

A faint growl escapes Ivo, her terrible mood persisting. "Ivo, you need to /lose/ weight to catch up with me." she says disparagingly. "I'm not sure if you've noticed." With a grumble, she rubs her head.

"You are from Ivalice, right?" she asks the nu mou, "Your magic will work here, don't worry." Where else would a nu mou be from. With the healing that follows, the bleeding finally stops and the bones in her nose all click back into place. Pulverized cartilage is repaired. "Ooh." she sighs, "That feels so much better. Thank you."
Emi Dennou Suddenly...!!!

A hand rests firmly on Izolde's head. It belongs to Ami. Ami is still staring ahead listlessly, sort of like a zombie? "Seeking Network connection." She say as she...!!

pets Izolde's head repeatedly in measured fashion. Pet. Pet. Pet. Petting. Pet. Pet. Izolde can help heal, but at this point it's largely OVERHEAL. Some cuts are healed, a fracture Maira might have missed mended. But Emi really just needs rest right now. Getting punched that hard hurts.

Pet pet, pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet.
Angantyr Vespar "Children." Angantyr says, looking at Ivo specifically, "Unless you want to be the first person to experience space without using a rocket to get there, I suggest you focus on Maira needing your hands..."

He pauses, "To give her things, those things better stay to yourself otherwise." He makes sure to add.

He looks to Umi and Omi... "Girls, how about we take your..sister back, when she is healed okay?" THIS IS SO <GOOSEHONK>ing creepy.
Vespa "I know I know Al.", Vespa says seemingly talking to herself, again. She takes a deep breath in then out calming herself, the been enough violence for one night. She not going to start anything else tonight..
Ivo Galvan Ivo, in the middle of supporting Maira's distribution of healing goods with the potions he's got on hand, quirks an eyebrow at Avira's grumblings.

'You want me to notice?'

is what he doesn't say, because he just promised Vespa, and because there's a scary-looking guy looking at him. Hey, that's exactly what he's doing! Those hands are right in view.

And that's where they'll stay. Even though it's in the wake of a battle and everyone is irritated and fatigued, Ivo seems unusually content to help in silence.

It's good to be back.
Emi Dennou Umi responds to Angantyr. "Connection lost." She looks at him, raises a hand and--

--starts petting him too. "Attempting reconnection."

"...Connection lost."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr sighs.

"...I am going to have a talk with the Dennou's about heroic sacrifices. Specifically NOT doing it.." Angantyr picks Umi up, and over a shoulder, and offers to carry Emi in his other hand in a more supported carry. "I'll take them inside to rest."
Artyom W. Valodjn People are carrying everyone everywhere, today. Artyom hrmphs quietly at the sight of a bunch of strangely identical looking girls patting various individuals on the head. What a bizarre group of individuals. Perhaps it's some kind of cult?

Regardless, the colossus offers a nod toward Tifa, "Yes. If she's here when she awakens, she may wish to keep fighting. Please, tend to your injured. I will ensure that this one doesn't do... /too much/ harm."

He inclines his head once more, "By your leave, then. Excuse me."

And with that, he begins to retreat- unless someone stops him!?
Maira Maira nods to Angan. "She's all bandaged, really gentle, obviously," she cautions.

She then blinks as the other Dennous start petting people? That's...different... Maira cant even begin to understand.

Oh hey, is that Artyom!? "HI ARTYOM!" she say, then just waves to him, friendly-like.
Izolde Danefield She ceases her healing after the two she targeted had been healed up decently, though the touch on the head brings her out of her magic casting state. Despite being wet, she's still somewhat soft and smooth to the touch. She offers a warm smile back towards Ami before turning back to Avira.

"You are very welcome Hume, but how is it that you know about Ivalice? This very...very clearly is someplace different. I knew of some strange things in Flourgis, but this entire meteor monster thing is new. As is the petting." She flicks an ear towards the odd girl going to town on her head, letting it be for now.
Emi Dennou Good luck with that Ang!!

Umi is easily heftable. She keeps petting him, though, Ami doesn't move on her own--she keepts petting Izolde. Emi can't even protest either. She's on autopilot. Ami that is.

This scene contained 85 poses. The players who were present were: Ivo Galvan, Tifa Lockhart, Avira, Maira, Vespa, Angantyr Vespar, Emi Dennou, Myla Mason, Artyom W Valodjn, Izolde Danefield, Akari Seran