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(2013-05-15 - Now)
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Tifa Lockhart Sometimes there's time for a vacation. Other times, just enough to relax for a spell. And that's what Tifa is doing. Her red chocobo pacing in the fields in front of her, as she leans over the wooden fence, she relaxes, takes a breather from fighting and bartending, just enough a bit of time off. Watching her chocobo is pretty relaxing, sometimes she races with it too. Premium Heart kwehs as she chases after other yellow chocobos around playfully.
Aerith "They're so adorable, aren't they?"

Aerith arrived just behind Tifa, having just arrived from Goug. The vacation they'd had with Kim was refreshing to be sure, and she didn't want to leave. But of course, other things called elsewhere, and she wasn't one to just ignore the world at large. Still, Goug was not the best of places, and once she heard Tifa headed out this way, she decided to pursue.

"I like the little warbles they make. When I was little I used to imagine I was one, just from how fast they could run." She propped her elbows on top of the fence, staring at Tifa's prize bird. "I wish I knew how to raise one a bit better."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart giggles at that, nodding "Well, you could have one too. They handle all of it here for you, you just come here to pick it up whenever you need one, instead of a rental, you know? Its nice, it makes for a good companion. They are smart too, Premium Heart takes good care of me in return." She smiles, and turns around, leaning her back against the fence with her elbows atop of it "Just need to ask inside. What would you name yours?"
Aerith Aerith placed a hand on her chin for a moment, wondering what a good name would be. She wasn't about flowers all the time, but a flowery name would do the trick... Then she shook her head and glanced toward Tifa. "Doesn't matter. It's not what I wanted to come out here for anyway." Her eyes softened, tilted upward just slightly. "I'm sorry... I've been trying to have so much fun with you and Kim that I've really been ignoring you, haven't I?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "Not really." She smiles. She's always the one to extend a hand after all. Her own little problems and issues are not that important in the great scheme of things. "There's plenty to keep busy with after all, between two bars, a third one in planning, not to mention the inn rooms and what not."
Aerith Aerith frowned. "Yeah, but keeping busy is just that. Keeping busy, trying to ignore things by doing other things." She glanced toward the chocobos again. "They're lucky. They get to live in peace, not worrying about anything but running and having fun. It's why I wished I was like them... but I'm not a chocobo." She sighed. "Look. Whatever you want to talk about, we can talk about now. I know we haven't had much time, but... now's as good a time as any, right?"

Aerith smiled then. "Besides, you know almost nothing about me, and that's not fair."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks at Aerith, tilting her head a bit "... Looks like you have things on your mind too, huh?" She slips off the fence, taking a few steps in front of you, strolling about to stretch her legs "Its true that we didn't really get to talk seriously. I mean, we got strung along into lots of adventures and troubles, and we get along great, but beside that... I suppose that's how things start though, we have a thing going now."
Aerith Aerith nodded. "It's kinda weird how that happens. Two people who know almost nothing about each other can have such a strong connection after going through so much. But I don't think that's enough, really. Especially not with so many worlds mashed together like this." She took in a breath. "So then... let's start with your mom. What was she like?" Common topic of interest, good start. She had to get her talking so she could get the courage to talk herself.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks down at that. Not the 'depressed' kind, but more about more or less repressed memories as it stings somewhere in her heart "She died when I was young. I don't remember much about her, except for her warmth and kindness. Dad used to say that I took alot from her, but I got his stubborness, like when I started martial arts. That's something my mom wouldn't touch, but I would hear nothing of it."
Aerith Aerith placed a hand on Tifa's right shoulder. "She sounds like a wonderful lady. I bet you were a handful when you were little, though!" She chuckled as she remembered her days in Midgar... or rather old Midgar, before they were sent here. "So, what was Nibelhiem like? I mean, you told me about it once, but I never really got the whole story."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart tilts her head up as she remembers, harms in her back in a bit of a stretch down "It was a quiet village, at least until Shira arrived with their reactor. Then the mountain became barren and monsters appeared all over it. Part of why I learned martial arts too, to have something to defend against those monsters. Swords and guns are one thing, but I prefered never be caught empty-handed, so I picked up martial arts instead, so my weapon is my body instead." She smiles, but looks a bit sad. The next part is harder.
Aerith Aerith grimaced as the telltale signs of Spirit Energy being drained from the land resonated in her ears. The monsters troubled her especially so. "A better life in exchange for all that." She sighed, picking up Tifa's unease from where she stood. "I don't want to hear the next part, do I?" She shut her eyes. "Make it quick, then. I have to hear it."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart sighs "Its not that easy for me either... but Nibelheim is no more. And I don't mean by the darkness of this world. I mean, it was burned down. By a mad men from Shinra. Killed everyone." She slumps with her back against the fence, just recalling the horrible episode "Even I was left for dead, but my master was nearby and managed to get me somewhere safe to heal me before I was out of this world." She shakes her head. "I can still remember the fire, it even keeps me from sleeping sometimes..."
Aerith Aerith fell silent for a moment, unable to determine what went through Tifa's mind. She wasn't a psychic after all, she could only read hearts and see spirits. After a while though, she sighed and spoke up again. "I'm kinda the opposite. I can't remember my dad at all, but I remember my mom more than anything." She smiled as the clear image of her mother flashed in her mind's eye. "Hair just like mine, she had my eyes, she always wore this beautiful dress... You could almost say we were the splitting image of each other, save for the fact that she was a lot older." Aeriths' smile diminished. "I grew up in a laboratory. Cold, unfeeling... My mom always said she couldn't hear the Voice in there, and I could tell she was always uneasy about it."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks up as you talk about yourself now... She can sympathize. Almost the other way around for her in some ways. Like polar opposites that found each other as friends somehow. Fate was tricky after all. "You told me about the voice before... you hear things I can't, your senses are somewhat more attuned then mine." Well, different senses at least. When it comes to a brawl, she has a sixth sense of her own.
Aerith Aerith nodded. "From a young age I could see things. Hear them. I used to be able to hear the wind and the flowers. It was hard back then because there was no wind, no flowers... no anything in Midgar. You know that as well as I do, but I've been there almost my whole life. Sure the building had plants and ferns, and I could hear them a little, but..." She shook her head. "I'm getting off topic. The point was, they were interested in both of us. And they did some things I'd rather not mention." She shuddered. "As hard as this is to believe... I don't hate them. I just hate what they were doing to people. My mom said not to hold a grudge for them, but to feel sorry." She chuckled. "She had a point. They mean well... They just don't know what they're toying with."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart sighs, hanging her head "... I do. I hate them. For planting themselves there, for destroying everything, for creating that mad men that took everything from me." She hugs her knees to her chest. "... I have nothing left you know. Its not just 'lost', its gone, destroyed." She buries her face a bit between her legs "I had to restart from new, you know that feeling I think. But I was older I guess, I should know better... I just can't help it..."
Aerith Aerith put an arm around Tifa's shoulders. "It's easy to do it, isn't it? Just hate everyone that does something against you, big or small. But it's like I said. They had no idea what they were messing with, and still don't." She shook her head. "If they had any idea, they would stop their experiments, but they only see the results and not the side effects." Or what they were doing to the Lifestream. A memory occured just then, a reminder that they were not the only ones doing this... "It's best not to hate the people, because people can change. Better to to dissapprove and fight against what they're doing. Hate will consume you... and make you lose more than you think."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart sighs, nodding "I know that... Its not everyone's fault, but I can't help it." She sighs, leaning against you now "Its just not fair is it?" She sighs "I can't hate them for destroying everything I ever known, killing everyone I ever loved." She gives a hug back. "That's why I've put so much effort into my friends here, into people, into customers..." That this girl is so strong despite all of her loss, its something to commend really.
Aerith Aerith nodded. "Yeah... it's not fair." She closed her eyes and held Tifa for a few moments, keeping silent for now. "I'd rather not tell you what happened to my mom. Suffice it to say that I try very hard to remember what she taught me. I have plenty of reasons to hate them, but I don't. Not when there's a bigger problem." The Heartless. "Wutai is in trouble, Tifa. And I want to know who gave them those Heartless. It's another case of handling something that they have no idea about..."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "I know..." She smiles meekly. She looks like she could cry too, at all of this. "That's why I'll fight with all I have. I could have let myself go and die... but that wouldn't have changed anything. I don't want to attack people directly either, I don't want tokill them, but I want to make them understand and stop them in any way I can." She nods "I know, its different now. With the heartless, and whole worlds disapearing, we have bigger fish to fry than Shinra directly. But I can't forgive those that took the decisions to burn my village down either."
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "We might as well start small then. I mean, what can we do now? Shinra's nearly untouchable. The thing with Wutai and the Heartless have a lot of people depending on them for protection. I'd rather not undermine that..." She shook her head. "So we take care of the first problem, then we deal with the second."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods again "Not sure we can take care of the heartless though, not after all this time. And meanwhile nothing is slowing down Shinra. What can we do though, that's another story. We can play diplomats, would they listen you think? If it was that easy, why wasn't it done before?" She sighs, crumbling down a bit.
Aerith Aerith nodded. "Understandable. But we have to try. If we can get them to stop using the Heartless, then somehow assist them in fending off Shinra, we'd have a chance." A shrug. "We can't use the Borrowed Knife, using the Heartless in that fashion means a world of trouble for us. We'd be no better than the Shadow Lords."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart sighs "And we know of one Shadow Lord that wasn't pleased with his work either. Its definitely not rainbows and candies there." She shakes her head "I suppose we can try at least. You know, that's something else I didn't tell you about. When I got to Midgar, all I could think of was getting back at Shinra. So I joined a rebel group, Avalanche, to try to curb them some. Maybe the means we were using weren't the best at the time, but if they wouldn't listen to reason, we were forced to use some muscle, and some explosions too. My bar was a front to gather money for them too.
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "If they knew of the situation in Wutai it'd be a gold mine for them. But since this group isn't entirely organized, we won't have much headway. The only solution I can think of for both problems is to start from the other side."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "They like warring a bit too much of course..." She hms "What do you mean the other side?" She wonders what kind of plans the flower girlw ould have to help things along. It'd be nice to have friends into her group, that's for sure. All of the mercenary workd she's done piled up money for the group too.
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "If they like warring so much, all we have to do is get them to stop for a minute, just to find out how they got the Heartless in the first place. Their anger is fueling them, no doubt. If we can get their leaders to calm down and assess the situation for what it is, they might see the problem from the proper angle."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods to Aerith's words, starting to move up "Well, its somewhere to start at, at least." She stretches, shaking her head as she looks back toward Aerith now "So what do you want to do about this? You don't seem to have much in the ways of plans for your own future, where you're going from here on."
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "Well I can hear the Voice plenty outside of Goug. I suppose wherever it takes me." She glanced over at Tifa. "You can come with me, y'know. I know you have things with Shinra, but it's going to take more organization and intelligence than we have now to do anything about it. All I'm certain of is we start with Wutai, stop them from taking any further action with the Heartless. Maybe get them to abandon using them altogether."
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "But until that happens, I can always drag you on crazy adventures." Cue a grin here. "Like always."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "I never waited on you for crazy adventures either. Hawaii doesn't count as crazy." She smirks, crossing her arms.
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "I know, it does count as fun though." She turned toward the chocobos again. "But somehow I can sense the presence of Heartless, and they can sense me too. If there's anything we can do to help the cause, I'm all for it. I don't know too much about how hearts work yet... but I know the Heartless want mine with a vengeance." Flowergirl shrugged. "I'm not all that special, really."
Kim Possible Suddenly, the sound of someone running can be heard. Then, the young teenaged figure of Kim Possible arrives in the area. She stops as soon as she gets to Tifa and Aerith, and stops to catch her breath while bent over with her hands on her knees. Then she looks up. "What's the sitch?" She asks.
Aerith Aerith glanced toward Kim, an eyebrow quirked. "Don't tell me you ran here... all the way from wherever it is you came from." She chuckled at the idea. "You either have a lot of stamina, are really stubborn, or just wanted to do it. I don't have any trouble believing either of those."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart blinks at Kim as well "Chocobos are here for a reason... did you think about adopting one too?" Permium Heart is suddenly LOOMING over Kim from behind. It has a happy face ^o^
Kim Possible Kim looks at Premium Heart and grins, before looking to the others. "Nah, I just arrived in a nearby location and decided to go for a run to keep myself in shape for the upcoming cheerleading competition." She pats the chocobo gently before looking to the other two.
Aerith Aerith's other eyebrow lifted as Kim explained herself. "Well, I wish you all the luck in the world! I mean, any sort of competition is difficult. I'd know, I was in one once." She chuckled and ruffled Kim's hair. "You just remember what I said about bringing things to you. If you want to win, all you have to do is want it bad enough, see the victory already in your mind, and then let it happen. Everything that's ever happened to you and will ever happen was because of you, because you wanted it."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "I train every day to keep in shape, I don't go into random sprints." She smirks at that, and moves over to pet her chocobo quietly.
Kim Possible "Random sprints?" Kim asks. "That's no random sprint, I was just timing myself to the ranch from a spot nearby." She rolls her neck around and jumps a few times to keep the blood flowing. "But enough of that, what's the sitch here?"
Aerith Aerith turned back to the chocobos and fell silent for a moment, considering whether she should talk to Kim about their conversation when she had other things to worry about. Then again, she did have certain skills they could use... Aerith just didn't want Kim to use them. There were plenty others who could do shady business.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to ask. Discreetly, of course.

"Have you ever heard of a country called Wutai?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart crosses her arms at Kim "I call that a random sprint if you just start running without any real reason to." She smirks, turning to Aerith to listen to what she has to say.
Kim Possible "Wutai? That sounds familiar." Kim thinks to herself for a moment. She doesn't comment about what Tifa has to say. There are more important things to listen to.
Aerith Aerith cleared her throat. "Once upon a time, there was a nation called Wutai. Its lands flourished and its people followed a unique culture and belief system unlike anything ever seen before. They worshipped the Lord of the Seas, Leviathan, and in turn the Serpent provided them with the bounties and blessings it became so well-known for.

"Then along came strangers from over the sea, calling themselves Shinra. They were an electric power company with such resources that they could be considered a political entity, with their own army, navy, police force, and even a capital city. They thought they could expand their reach and enrich the lives of those on the far shores with their technology and energy reactors."

Aerith sighed, her head bowed just a bit. "But once the Wutaian lords saw what just one reactor did to their greenery, their animals, the very soil that gave them sustenance... the reaction was immediate. They mustered up a great army and drove the landing forces out, thus declaring war."
Kim Possible "Wutai, that's a cool sounding place. I think I've been there--" Kim cuts off as she realizes that Aerith is discussing ShinRa, and her face contorts into a scowl. "The ShinRa! They're totally uncool as it is, but they did THAT too?!" She looks between Tifa and Aerith, narrowing her eyes. "I had no idea ShinRa could do such totally uncool things! Now they're at war with Wutai? What kind of creeps are they?"
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "If you want me to be honest, I don't blame either of them." She sighed and turned toward the chocobos. "Shinra wanted to increase their wealth and prosperity, and wanted to try and make the lives of those in Wutai better. At least I want to think that. Wutai saw the price of that and wasn't willing to pay it. Doesn't matter now." She took in a breath and continued. "The company put a lot of time and resources into the defeat of the Wutaian Samurai armies and their Ninja assassins. They even sent members of their special operations force, SOLDIER, into the fray. They were enhanced human beings, gifted by a serum that is to this day, unknown but by a sole few. Just one of them could take on hundreds of normal fighters. And it was because of SOLDIER that eventually, the worst happened for Wutai. Their base of operations, Fort Tamblin, was captured... And all seemed lost for them.

"That I think... is when it happened. I don't know who struck the deal or when, but Wutai used the Heartless to devastate thousands of Shinra troops... but in the process..." Aerith shuddered. "They ate the energy of the planet, almost all of it. Thousands of souls, united as one, screamed in pain as the Lifestream was chewed apart. Reactors everywhere went dead all at once, cities blacked out. But not even that was enough to stop Shinra and SOLDIER from standing firm."

She turned to look at Kim. "My world fell because of this war. It's still going on. I don't blame either side, nor should I. The one I blame is the Shadow Lord that started this. When I find them, I'm going to make them answer for this. All of it."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart listens to Aerith, noding. She knows about Wutai, but never been there herself yet. "They do alot of things, really. I'm totally against them." She looks s Aerith expands even more. "I'm part of a group that tries to stop them, Avalanche. We didn't always use good means to do it either, but since I'm the only one left right now, it kinda felt into disarray and forgotten about entirely." She lifts her shoulders "I've been working to get money for them meanwhile for when we'll restarted, but maybe we need to poke at Shinra too, in a way we can.
Kim Possible "Wow, that sounds like megacorporations, only these guys are beyond uncool!" Kim says, clenching her fists. "I'm thinking of having my team start focusing on taking those losers out!"
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "They have a counter-intelligence team called the Turks. There's no way to trick them, fool them, or run from them if they're interested in you. Shinra shouldn't be the focus right now." She cleared her throat. "I have a better use for your team, if you're interested. But you have other things to do, a life to live. I don't want to throw you to the wolves just like that. Before I say anything, I wanna make sure you're up for this."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "I'm not thinking of going head first at them either Aerith. Therew as only 5 or 6 of us at most, its not what we could do either.
Kim Possible "You're right, my team barely has anyone. It's just me and Ron..." Kim sighs and looks down at the ground. "I need to get out the word that Team Possible is looking for new recruits." Yeah, that's the name of her team. Creative, isn't it?
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "I wish I could join you. Fact is, I don't know the first clue about how to be a spy or anything like that. I only know how to make clever plans. And even then I had to learn that from someone else." Her lessons weren't even finished on them, she knew the bare minimum of strategy. "But it's a start, and something to consider. I won't say anything for now, you just focus on what you want to do instead of what you have to. The time will come when I need you, when everyone's gonna need you."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shrugs her shoulders "I don't know much about that either, but I'm sure we could use that kind of talent for information gathering too no?" She smiles, and cracks her knuckles "Let the brute force to me, but we could always play the seduction card too, right?" She's half-kidding of course. "We'll have to look into what's going on in Wutai more closely. We can get a boat there from Junon.
Kim Possible "Yeah, but are we gonna be able to slip in OK? ShinRa runs that place, don't they?" Kim frowns again as she thinks about this whole thing. "I mean I'm good at slipping in, but you two?"
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "From what I can gather, Shinra doesn't run Wutai. Wutai's gotten hold of their land back, and they let anyone into their borders. The problem isn't that, it's convincing them to stop using the Heartless in the first place. Sure it gives them an advantage, but the effects on everyone else..."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "They don't run anything there, Wutai is pretty much at war with them after all. But that they are using heartless, that's bad. And you know why. Makes them no better than ShadowLords, and it will eventually blow in their face.
Kim Possible "We can still do something about it, we can do anything!" Kim says with her trademark enthusiasm coming back into play. "We gotta take the time to plan things and figure out what to do."
Aerith Aerith nodded. "And while we plan, you have a cheerleading competition to get ready for. " She grinned. "You remember now, if you keep your mind clear of distractions, you can make anything work for you. And remember what I said about bringing what you want to you, okay?"
Kim Possible Kim nods after a while. "Yeah, I got it." She looks between the two girls. "Don't worry, though, the competition isn't for a few more days. I'm just getting prepared in advance."
Aerith Aerith grinned. "Well how about we help you? I think Tifa and I are pretty flexible. We can work on some things with you." Yes, she was dead serious. Tifa might want to run while she has the chance.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "Of course. I'm ready to do anything to help my friends too. I want to get back to Shinra too, but making sure everyone's in security first is much more important." If there's something she hates more than shinra is the heartless, that's for sure.
Kim Possible "Well the first step is planning, we don't wanna just rush in." Kim looks around, almost like she's worried someone might be listening in. "Then we can definitely make a coordinated move on the ShinRa! It'll be totally badical!"
Aerith Aerith nodded. "I figure we could use all the help we can get. Still, Shinra is popular right now because people are afraid of Wutai and their Heartless. We'd get more enemies than we could handle if we took it from the direct angle. This is why I suggested we handle the problem in Wutai first."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart pulls on Premium Heart's reins a bit, dragging the chocobo back toward the pen with the other chocobos "I'm all for that Aerith. You have my support. We should probably get a move on soon too."
Kim Possible "Definitely," Kim comments. "There's time to plan and time to move out. But for now, we should take it easy. If we overdo it, it'll be too stressful, and that's uncool!"
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "Well, what do you want to do about your cheerleading competition?" Always the one to bring things back on topic. "I mean, I don't know how we can help."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smirks "She's a cheerleader, that means she just needs our support and lots of cheering on." She pushes her red chcoobo gently forward, showing it off to play with the other, yellow onces nearby."
Kim Possible "I can take care of that myself," Kim replies. "That's my specialty in school, and I've dealt with it myself ever since I started."
Aerith Aerith pouted, hands on her hips. "Well as long as you know what you're doing." She turned toward the chocobos again. "So what do you two want to do? I mean our vacation was fun, but now that we're back, there are a lot of unsolved issues. I mean it's been quiet so far, but who knows when trouble could crop up again?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hms "well I was just taking a break here. I still have lots of things to do between two bars after all. And a third one in planning. There's lots to work with. But Whenever you need me, I'm ready to jump into action."
Kim Possible "Well then, I should resume training," Kim says as she starts to jog in place again. "I need to practice my stunts as well." She looks to the others and nods. "Be seeing you, girls!" Before jogging off again.
Aerith Aerith glanced over her right shouder, waved farewell to Kim, then smiled at Tifa. "She's adorable, isn't she?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smirks "Well she's focused at least. And that's the kind of thing we need sometimes too." She crosses her arms, leaning against the fence. "So outside of Wutai, what are you planning to do with yourself?
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "I'm someone who goes where the wind tells me to go, Tifa. I'll be wherever I'm needed, and nowhere else." She stretched her arms above her head. "You wanna go back to Traverse? We need to run the Cloud Nine, after all."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "Yeah, I'm leaving Premium Heart today, she has a checkup with Chole." She smiles, watching her chocobo running in the fields in the distance. "There's always work to do, its just nice to take a break.
Aerith Flowergirl nodded and headed back the way she'd come. "Yeah, well the break's almost over, I think. Things are gonna pick up pretty soon. Come on, let's go."

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