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Preparing for Adventure
(2013-05-14 - 2013-05-15)
Tired of remaining in Fluorgis, Reize decided to gather the Shard Seekers together to leave the city and go on their long adventure.
Reize Seatlan Summer time approaches.

Within Fluorgis, that means the weather is HOT. The grand desert city is where the heat rises beyond the normal temperatures. It is likely within the hotter spectrum with the blazing sun roaring. The city is brustling with life, people had been recovering since the invasion of the Dark Knight. However, the atmosphere has been tense, especially with the constructon of the Glabados church within the city.

However, within the Shard Seekers, Reize is resting against the opened window of the lobby, frowning. "I wonder if this is such a good idea." Then, he offers a faint smile, "Maybe it won't be too bad, but..." He squints. "Faruja will probably give me more information as to what is going on."

He soon hops off, turning towards his backpack. "Nevertheless, it's time for the Shard Seekers to start moving on anyway." He lifts his head up to the sky, "... We need to find those World Shards!"
Violet She only had a few things to pack, if any. Being so new to this realm has its advantages, as Violet hasn't had much time to gather worldly possessions. And that's fine with her for now. Making sure she has everything she needs for a lengthy trip, the pale-headed girl hefts the bag onto her back before hurrying out the door. No doubt Reize wouldn't wait very long if anyone was late, he was so eager.

Arriving in the lobby just in the nick of time, Violet takes a short moment to catch her breath. Just before she blinks in realization and quickly looks around them. Reize was there of course, but where are the others? "Are we the only ones? Where is everyone else?"
Lily Lily's returned from a rather extensive trip to Daguerro or however that's spelled, along with Shiki and Lenn and a few others. She's just now returning, meaning...

"Phewaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh..." All but toppling in through the door to her home in relief. New acquisition: a shiny rapier sheathed at her side, held in place by a blue belt fitted tightly 'round her waist. Despite seeming exhaustion, there's a new spring in her step and alertness in her eyes as she has a look about. "I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!"
Ivo Galvan "Leaving without me?"

Reize and Violet will have some time to react to Lily's arrival before a familiar good-natured man's voice will echo through the lobby. It is likely they will not see Ivo as he slips through the door, left open by Lily's headlong tumble through it, giving him a few moments to regard his nostalgic surroundings with a warm and almost wistful smile, broadening into a grin as his gaze settles upon the antics of his younger friends. It's then that he speaks. His cloak is draped over one arm, both because it is hot and because it seems to have endured quite a beating wherever Ivo has been, but the dark-haired young swordsman and mischevious big brother of the Shard Seekers looks much has he always did before his unexplained disappearance.

"Lily, Princess," he greets the two girls in turn, his smile softening as it shifts to the girl in white, now with rapier. "Long time no see. Chief," he adds, voice deepening playfully as he looks back to Reize, eyes sparkling with his usual mixture of affection and amusement. "How's the device been treating you? It must be getting time for a Version Two."

He looks happy to be back.
Reize Seatlan Of course, Reize would had totally left people behind if they did not hurry up. Reize was eager to explore and if they were content with staying home, so be it. The boy was definitely ready to get the move on.

It is, however, that when Violet arrives, Reize suddenly fidgets. "...A--Ah--Anna!" He yelps a bit, then he brightens to a smile. His eyes glance over at her his posture tensing slightly. It soon ends, however, when she shows that she is packed for the trip.

"Ahahhaha.." He rubs the back of his head, "It looks like you're ready for the trip, and..."

That is interrupted when Lily comes strolling in, looking lively as ever. "Oooi! Lily!" The boy waves a hand her way, then he squints at the sight of something that is out of place for her. "Buh? Taking up the sword, Lily?" That is pretty new for the young girl.

"Well, Violet and I are actually planning to travel. If you want to join, better hurry up!" The boy beams.

'Leaving without me?'

Quickly turning his head to the voice, Reize's eyes iden as the familiar figure appears. "Ooooi! Ivo!" With jubilee, the boy waves his hand wildly at Ivo with a renewed bright smile.

"Where were you---..."

It is when Anna, or rather, Violet being referred to as 'Princess' that Reize winces a bit. He thought she was trying to hide that? He looks back at her and thn Ivo. He squints.

The subject of the device is brought up, "Oh! Well, we thought we saw a Shard, but... it turned out that it pinged to a giant bird. One of its minions nearly kidnapped me until Lily, Violet, and the others saved me!"

Reize squints, "Where have you been?"
Violet Violet blinks at Reize first when he stumbles over her name. Her actual name. And because he yelps with surprise that she becomes self-conscious, at least a little bit. Him rubbing the back of his neck doesn't help either...

Whatever this weird thing that was going on is suddenly interrupted as first Lily enters, then Ivo as he practically saunters in. The greeting was as expected from him but when he calls her 'princess' Violet tenses visibly. "Who are you calling 'princess'?" she murmurs with some flatness in her voice.
Lily "With Shiki!" Lily answers. "We got held up by Reapers and mean people..." Much of the conversation seems to be going over Lily's head, but the girl in white robes glances about with considerable confusion at all the talkers. "Ivo! IVO!" With a gasp Lily's whole body shudders. "Oh... oh, that's right. I have something important to tell everyone. Priel abandoned all of us and is with those people who are after Shiki now!!" She waves her arms as if hoping for people to listen. Pleading for them to listen!

"--uh?" Only to suddenly blink at Reize. "Leaving? But... huh?"
Ivo Galvan Ironically, when Ivo first called Violet 'Princess' the day the two met in the garden, it was meant as a nickname; that she confessed it to be fact perhaps was testament to his intuition. If he notices Violet's heightened tension, though, he doesn't show it, unflappable as usual.

"Why, Reize, of course," he responds to her question, before grinning at the boy. "Sounds like we both went on some wild goose chases. I got held up on an island packed full of Heartless I had to dispense with. Sorry I was out of touch; my phone fell in the ocean."

All of this is technically true.

"If you're going on a journey, why don't I tag along? You kids will need a chaperone," says Ivo, who is like three or four years older than some of you, making him practically a grandfather by JRPG standards. "My curiosity needs sating." And four is a good number for an adventuring party.

Ivo glances over at Lily's news. He doesn't exactly seem-- surprised, at all. But his lips quirk downward, notable precisely because he seems to try to suppress it. "That's what happens when I'm not around to rein her in," he murmurs to no one in particular. "Don't worry. If she's after Shiki now, then we'll see her again, right?" He doesn't sound too troubled. Poor Shiki. "We'll find out what Priel's after then."
Reize Seatlan The tension in the air is perhaps unclear at this time. However, that is thankfully interrupted with Lily's arrival, who was rather upbeat. However, it is when she answers about Shiki that Reize blinks. "Eh?"

And then, Lily has something important to tell them.

Priel has betrayed them.


His antenna hair flops low and the boy hangs his head with a sigh. "...And I was beginnig to trust her, too." He mutters to himself. Then, he looks at Lily, "Yes, we're going to find the missing shards. There are more shards to find and we will not find them sticking around here!"

Then, Reize grunts at Ivo with a twitch of an eyebrow, "Ah hahaha.... Sure, we could always use your expertise. Besides, you can operate the Shard Seeker better than I can."
Violet Maybe it was because of the fact that Violet only met Priel once, but she wasn't to hurt emotionally when Lily explained that Priel had left and betrayed them. Lily and Reize both were closer to her than Violet was, even Ivo appeared a bit disappointed.

Her soft lips part with a small breath. "The only thing we can do now is move forward." And hope that Priel wasn't privy to any sensitive information about the Shard Seekers.
Lily "No, Ivo. I mean it! She... went with the Reapers. Made a deal with that fire hair Hades person with the creepy teeth." Wait, when did Lily comprehend the idea of a contract? "She's... I don't even know if you can undo that. She has the wings, leading Noise, everything! And she... attacked all of us..."

She qucily moves to Reize's side, one hand on her new weapon's hilt, the other squeezing his arm for comfort. His, or hers, it's hard to say. "Violet, you're coming too?"
Ivo Galvan "She already had a tail, didn't she?" Ivo's slight smile is back, and his calm voice remains unwavering in the face of Lily's assertions. Though his stance is casual, his tone is reasonable; he doesn't sound dismissive, just unworried. "Wings aren't so out of place. Don't fret. If she attacks you again--"

His smile quirks up at the corner.

"--I'll just beat her, okay?"

If Ivo is having any deeper thoughts about Priel's betrayal, he isn't hinting at them. Having returned to headquarters at last, perhaps he's simply not in the mood for any drama. At least, not of this particular brand. "Speaking of expertise," he remarks, strolling over to Reize, "have you been broadening your horizons in the meantime?" Grinning, he places a hand on the boy's shoulder. "You've been with all these girls unsupervised for so long that I wouldn't be surprised. No need to be shy, right?"

Ivo's tone is blithe, but his eyes are twinkling.

"Seriously, who've you gotten the furthest with?"
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki was in the market, buyin' some stuff, since she's been in Daguerreo for quite a while and she took all her stuff with her and now she ran out of it so she needed to buy some more stuff! Girly stuff. And Shiki stuff. You know how it is. And now Ivo's back! And Reize! And everything is awkward now.

"Oooooooh hi." ._.
Reize Seatlan So, there are more Reapers and Priel is amongst them. How annoying. Reize mutters a bit, rubbing his forehead for a moment. It is when Lily arrives at his side that he acks. He looks back at Lily when she squeezes his other arm, "Ahh...!" He laughs a bit, "Well, it looks like Violet will be coming with us, yeah."

Ivo's dismissive nature earns a frown from the boy, then he lifts his shoulders with a shrug. "...I suppose you so." His antenna hair flops from one side as he gives an incredelous look at Ivo. "We'll deal with it as we go!"

Meanwhile, Reize loks at Ivo when the older man places a hand over at his shoulder.

Broadening his horizons?!


...His antenna hair stands up as his cheeks turn red. "Ack! Wait, Ivo..." His eyes shift between Lily and then Violet. His head turns from left to right and back again.

Cheeks puff and he glares at Ivo as his antenna hair points directly at the older man, "Oooii! That is not a topic of interest! Adventure is and.."

And Shiki returns.

Without skipping a beat, Reize remains bright as can be, "We will be traveling onward to find the remaining shards!"
Violet Between Lily's hugging and Ivo's suggestive inquires it was difficult not to do anything. Her hands tighten on the straps of her knapsack for but a moment before Shiki Misaki appears, giving some amount of relief. A distraction. Exactly what they need right now.

The long length of her pale blonde tail sways slightly as Violet glances over her shoulder at the new arrival, lowering her chin with a small nod towards her before returning her attention to Reize and the attached Lily. "We should start before it gets any later in the day. It would not do to get outside of the city walls only to need to build camp for the night."
Lily "Someone has to!" Lily agrees with Ivo. "But... she's strong. Really strong. She beat back all three of us... Shiki, Lenn, and I..." Lily quite suddenly shudders and draws closer to Reize, nibbling on her lower lip as the memories of that awful pain return. She's never quite been hurt SO BADLY all at one moment...

"I... just got baaaaack..." Is her only complaint to what Violet brings up.
Ivo Galvan Again, Ivo's tone is calm in a manner not dismissive but reassuring, but he does grow quieter at Lily's words. "I'm sorry she hurt you, Lily," he says. "It's my responsibility for inviting her among us and asking you all to trust her--" The moment he made that wish flashes back to him. "--and if I had been here, I might have been able to do something to stop her."

Too bad he had /such good reasons/ for being gone.

"But don't you worry about me and Priel's power."

Ivo's slight smile has returned, and his eyes are warm again.

"I know her weak point."

This is true.

"Milady is right," he then says, presumably referring to Violet -- in these moments, it's hard to know whether he's messing with someone -- as he turns back to Reize, after flashing a smile and nodding in greeting at Shiki (she seems exhausted). "I'm back, but if we can't have a party, let's form a party." His hand is still on the boy's shoulder. "The Shard Seeker device clearly remains in need of serious testing, as does our fearless leader's cootie tolerance."

He leans in toward Reize conspiratorally, but absurdly doesn't bother to lower his voice, meaning that Lily, Violet, and Shiki can hear him just fine anyway. "No, really, which one's your favorite? It's Leida, isn't it? She's so charming. Oh, no, I get it. It's Lenn, huh? Yeah, I understand. The others don't really-- well, you know."
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki just sort of stands and listens and blinks a bit.

Ivo's here, yes, but romance problems are the least of her concerns given that this is the first time she's seen Reize in weeks and the conversation about Priel's betrayal seems to have started without her. Also, there's someone else here she doesn't recognise, so she's going to have to make this brief, much as she doesn't want to under the circumstances.

So she walks up and gives- in order- Reize, Lily, and then Reize and Lily a brief but meaningful hug, after which she sits down on a chair.

"/Hello/, Ivo," she says rather distastefully. "Hello..." she searches for Violet's name, but comes up blank. "Hello, I'm Shiki Misaki. I don't think I've met you before."
Reize Seatlan Grunt.

Reize grunts at Violet when she brings up about camping, or rather, not wanting to camp. The young boy puffs his cheeks and he retort, "Nonsense! It is perfectly acceptable to camp out in the middle of nowhere where the monsters dwell in the midst of traveling!"

"We have places to see, shards to find, and..." He starts unrolling his map. "With my trusty map, we will find a spot in no time!"

And the subject falls back onto Priel once more.

Grumble. He was having a good day, too. However, Ivo brings up an important tactic.

A torch light appears over Reize's head.

"Priel's weak point!" There is a look of determination in his eyes. In fact, one can see the flames light up. "If we strike Priel's weak point, she will be defeated for sure!" Nevermind that Priel would make his life hell. However, traitors deserve having their weaknesses used against them!

"Finally, we're back to the talks of a party! We will leave soon and start the---" The words are interrupted when Shiki hug him. Buh? The boy offers her a faint smile, placing his arm around her to hug her. It looks like Shiki has been through a lot.

Nevertheless, Reize says, "Okay, guys! We will travel and...."

And Ivo switches topics once more.

Twitch. Twitch. With the input on Leida and then Lenn, Reize finally puffs his cheeks with an annoyed look.

"Ooi, Ivo, Violet's aren't ----"


Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki says, "/Travel/. Yes. Let's go, travel and adventures! Hoo-ah. I like this plan. Let's go on an adventure and leave our cares behind. I can get behind this!"
Violet Violet glances at Reize with a mildly flat look. "I do not mind camping. I just do not want to waste most of the day getting outside the city only to have to stop and camp. I rather we have a good bit of distance travel before having to need to set up camp but trekking through the dark is foolish. I can only imagine what would be out there, not to mention the possibility of becoming lost. Seriously lost."

Violet quietly watches as Shiki hugs the others, then takes a seat on one of the chairs. A small smile tugs at her lips as she dips her chin to the other girl. "Call me Violet, please. It is a pleasure to meet you. I wish it was under better circumstances."

Her crystal blue eyes blink as she glances back at where Ivo was whispering loudly to Reize, only to frown. "I am not what?"
Pumpkinhead Ami walks inside suddenly without any preamble, opening the door and stepping right on in. She doesn't say hello or even wave. Instead she just hunches up her shoulders, distinctly takes the effort to look away from ANYONE and props open one of the larger windows inside the building. She then takes a small tape measurerer and gets the measurements of the windowspace before nodding to herself and walking to the girls dorm without a word.

About five seconds after that, a Dennou leaps through the window, spinning around like a javelin and lands in a handstand. A pause of movement allows one to infer it's Umi before she handsprings back into a standing position, jogging forward towards Ivo and attempting to give him an ATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMIC HEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADBUUUUUUUUUUUUTT for no readily apparent reason.

Because she only shouts her reason after performing the atomic headbutt. "A TRUE MEETING OF THE MINDS! This one has come to speak with her fists or more accurately her face, and through the rival's challenge we will grow to learn and understand each other!" She punches the air a few times, kicks the air a few more times, and then says, "Absorb my feelings through your skull!"

Ami comes back down, hugging Mr. Mew in her arms. She has apparently outfitted Mr. Mew with a small knitted pink sweater. "..."
Lily After returning Shiki's hug, Lily hops in place a few times and waves her free hand, making her new weapon rattle a little in its scabbard. "We're really leaving again so soon?" Apparently the topic Ivo's bringing up is going RIGHT over her head, but she does give Reize a confused look as if not sure what's wrong with him...

And murmurs, "Huh?"
Ivo Galvan Ivo is glad to see that Shiki is making an effort to get her spirits up, and so her sharp and hugless greeting is responded to with an amused grin, his eyebrows raising slightly, as if to say, 'Come on, you love me.' Can you blame him for being even more irrepressible than usual? Reize's good cheer and characteristic burning determination is helping, and as usual Ivo is reciprocating by enabling the boy -- "That's the spirit, chief!" -- but most of all, he just got back.

And he strikes gold. When Reize trails off, Ivo has to bite his lower lip, shoulders trembling slightly before he can safely contain himself. But while his expression is composed, his eyes are practically shining with mirth. "So you /have/ been paying attention," the knight-oh-so-errant remarks, just a little too casually. "I always took you for an apt student." His eyes flicker to the two Legion-chans as they wander in, as is their wont, but he can't stop now, he's on a roll. "Yet really, Reize, were those all Lenn were to you? Can you cast her aside now that you've found a new set of--"


"Are... your feelings... pain?"

This is all he can managed as, poleaxed by Umi's headbutt, Ivo stares dazedly into the distance. "If so, I'm readinng them loud and clear. If not, perhaps you could learn to speak with your face more gently. Reize can teach you all about that."

He's still at it, even as he grimaces, raising a hand to gingerly touch his brow, squinting as the headache passes.

"Ahh, I'm seeing double. ...No, right, there /are/ two of you."
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki rubs her forehead, and rolls her eyes at Ivo.

"Hello, Violet. As you can see, things go a mile a minute around here when these two are in the room together. You know Reize? I met him and we spent a few weeks travelling, camping, adventuring too. That's how we got to know each other. It was really fun! I mean, aside from that time slave traders nabbed us... but still!"

Don't you just love it when you can recount adventures like that?

Mr. Mew doesn't do a single thing. He's enjoying this juuuuust fine.
Reize Seatlan Violet's comment earns a quick, "Nothing! Nothing!" from the boy. He is already sweating bullets. The boy is definitely trying to find a new topic to get away from the current one.

Adventure, yes. God, let's adventure. "Good thinking, Shiki!" He frowns at Lily, "Of course we are! We can't stick around in one area for too long." Then, he considers, "Well, you guys can, but I am making my leave." Reize wants to adventure and he is impatient.

And Ivo brings up the topic regarding Lenn and Violet once more.

....Until he is headbutted.

Reize winces at the impact of Ivo's headbutt, then he rubs the forehead. "Uhh...." He mutters to himself, "I'm hungry...."

There is thankfully a fruit tray nearby. Or at least, should be. The boy had been wanting an apple, or some type of melon. His hand reaches out to the fruit tray...

...Only to move past it.

"Are you okay, Ivo?" Pause. "...I think he is."

--Instead, he ends up accidently grabbing something. Or someone. Poor Violet.


"Now, I can get a tasty-...."



Reize has a wide-eyed look upon realization.
Pumpkinhead "Woah... it worked!" Umi grins suddenly. "I will have to headbutt more often, for communiucative purposes!"

Ami continues silently hugging Mr. Mew who, as is only natural, gets more action than anyone else in the room. She pats his head fondly. She doesn't especially seem troubled by Reize grabbing Violet's melons. Melon theft is a well known issue in the Shard Seekers.

"Thank you, Ivo, our brother in arms. The Network clarifies that brother is metaphorical in this instnace and not an actual symbol of blood or adoptive relations."

Umi doesn't seem troubled by her own headbutt. Maybe she rams her head into things a lot. She looks towards Reize. "Would you like to talk too?"

She braces herself.
Lily Mile a minute is okay. Lily lets go of Reize and hops away when he goes reaching for something... and then ends up blinking up a storm at the apparent accident. She makes a very odd face, as if not entirely SURE what just happened there. IN fact, she turns that confused look to Shiki a moment later!
Violet Violet blinks blankly at the Ami first as the girl walks in, begins measuring the window, then walks out. Just before Umi seems to randomly leap through the opened window and lands in a handstand. Just what is going on around here anyways?

The young girl frowns to herself as she glances to the stomped Ivo, confused, before her attention is pulled towards Shiki. "I... suppose that is something similar to how I met him. I just came through the portal from my world without realizing it and... well, literally ran into Reize." Not her most proudest of moments.

Violet blinks her powder blue eyes up at Reize, who was denying something so utterly and completely that she had to wonder what was going on. Her lips part with a small exhaled breath, attention drawn to the dazed Ivo on the floor as Reize moves around her for the fruit tray. At least, that's what she thought was supposed to happen.

The hand grabs her front unexpectedly and for a moment the girl just blinks in blank surprise. While everyone stares. A swift and deep flush rises in her skin equal to that of any cherry as she dips her head down to hide her face behind her bangs, and several moments pass before she leans forward to whisper something into Reize's ear.

And just like that she removes his hand. Still blushing fiercely, but much less hitting than one would expect.
Ivo Galvan "Wait, what do you mean, 'it worked'?"

Her feelings /were/ pain!?

Ivo is still cradling his head when Reize, as it were, makes his move, which makes it easy for the erstwhile provocateur to conveniently slide that hand over his face to muffle his mouth, /forcing/ himself not to laugh. "See, Reize, you've got to trust your instincts," he says between gasps for breath and a gap in his fingers. "Your body knows what your mind is yet ignorant of."

For now, at least.

"Why do you need to clarify?" he offers to Umi when he finally lowers his hand. Maybe he's still a little dazed, and asking random questions, but at this point it doesn't look like Reize is going to need any further help getting into trouble. "Does the Network have any non-metaphorical brothers? You're all sisters, right? In a manner of speaking."

He pauses, then crosses his arms and cups his chin, amiable smile broadening into a grin again.

"Say, I know I've never asked before, but I don't suppose any of your sisters are a little... older... looking?"

Give it a rest, Ivo, you had enough of that in Hawaii.


Oh, now everyone's /whispering/.

"I can hear you!"

He can't.
Reize Seatlan When Umi asks the boy if he wanted to talk as well, the young adventurer tenses when the girl braces herself. "W---that--that won't be necessary, Umi! Really!" Inwardly, Reize wished Emi was around. She would be a bit more level-headed! Emi is unlikely to headbutt him either! Goodness!

And when Violet whispers into his ear, he gives her a sheepish smile with a sweatdrop at the back of his head. "Ahahahha... sorry, Violet. That.. that was an accident."

Ivo's comment gets a glare from the boy, who mutters. "Ooi! My instinct says ADVENTURE! We are to go on an adventure!"
Shiki Misaki "I hope that doesn't mean you're engaged to her now, too, Reize," Shiki says, because hey, Ivo's not the only one who can tease.

"In any case! If we're going on an adventure, did Lily or Lenn tell you the reason we all shipped off in the first place? Ooh, did they show you the weapons the Legendary Smith made for us? I put mine back in my room! I was just in the market looking for something I could use to carry it around more easily with! Trust me, it'll be a big help if we're going out on the road..."
Violet The fierce flush remains in her cheeks as Violet manages to raise her eyes, glancing at the others only to blink at Shiki's words. "'Too'?" she asks, confused. A small frown knits at her delicate brow as she looks from Shiki to Reize, searching his face for an answer that wasn't there.

Finally she presses her lips as she glances away. "No, nothing of a sort. I would never force someone into marriage like that. It is manipulative."
Pumpkinhead Umi is the one Dennou with a low enough INT stat that she actually somehow doesn't know everything the other Dennous know which should be fundamentally impossible. It's probably because she is also probably the most independent of Dennous.

"Um?" She says. "No, we don't have any brothers. We're all girls. And we're all the same apparent age." She almost goes into how old they actually are but Ami holds up an index finger in a 'ssh-ing' gesture. It's already weird enough for them.

"Ahh--but yes! No older looking sisters. They would have to clone another one, though THe Network doesn't think anybody has that level of technology, at least none that we frequent...uh...frequently?" She frowns faintly. "And there's other...stuff..." Pause. "...We'll be older eventually! With time, our bodies age! Man, I hope I make it to 40 so I can have an over the hill party, The Network thinks that would be hilarious. Ha ha ha novelty old people gifts!"

Ami hugs Mr. Mew a little more tightly.

"So! This one wants to go on adventure too! Lets do it!"
Lily Now what? Lily's confusion's just growing, it shows when Shiki whispers to her. Her shoulders bunch up in a shrug, another newly acquired mannerism... "... Adventure, as always! But this time I'm packing more clothes. They keep getting ruined. EVERY TIME." She finally says. Apparently it's ALL she has to say, keeping this simple.
Ivo Galvan With time? We don't have any time! It's adventure time!

"I figured as much," Ivo murmurs, shrugging and shaking his head with mostly-feigned resignation. "Metaphorical brother it is." Could be worse. Though that headbutt was pretty bad.

The exchange between Shiki and Violet forces Ivo to suppress another grin. So Reize hasn't said anything to Violet about-- well, this sould be fun. "Reize is right," he interjects clearly. "It's time for action. Why don't you guys go on ahead? I need to replace my phone. I'll get in contact with you all and meet up on the road later. Besdies--"

He inclines his head toward the battered cloak on his arm.

"--I've got to get changed, at least."

And with that, Ivo is going to begin sauntering off to the good old boys' dorm, an amused smile on his face -- though hopefully not so swiftly that he misses the result of Reize's rolling a 1.
Reize Seatlan "Uhh..." Reize lifts his finger, wondering how to explain the situation. Instead, Reize decides, "Adventure!" He grunts, "We shall be leaving and nothing shall stop me from leaving!"

Just as quickly, the door of the garden open as a small beagle comes running into the lobby. It quickly starts bowling the boy over off of his feet. "Acccckk!"

As the boy slips and falls, the padding that he falls on is arced to where the boy starts rolling into the garden.


Oh, slick ground.


Reize's current condition: x_x
Shiki Misaki "...I'll show you later," Skiki decides.

And so she goes to put her newly acquired market stuff in bags and so forth! Because we're going on an adventure! Hopefully this one will work out better than the last one!

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