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(2013-05-13 - Now)
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Emperor Mateus The heart of the Palamecian Empire is suprisingly lush for being within a mountain range. The terrain would remind one of high desert or at least moderate-altitude woodlands, the castle visible from all angles high upon one of the peaks. But exempting a town and a guarded old coluseum, there are few signs of civilization on the coniferous oasis within the range.

But plenty of wildlife. Monsters from the Imperial World, mostly, but some wandering creatures from other worlds have begun to slip into the area and compete with the natural wildlife, notably from the likes of Guadosalam and Gaza Plains.

The Emperor of Palamecia leads a hunt with three Palamecian huntsmen from the village and two regular knights, all of whom ride horses strong in body but fleet of hoof. The intent? A purge of creatures not native to the area, and perhaps some hunting for food and supplies on the side. Palamecia prides itself on being a self-sufficient nation, after all.

This scene contained 1 poses. The players who were present were: Emperor Mateus.