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(2013-05-13 - 2013-05-14)
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Cirra Constantine Cirra Constantine is a Judge Magister now, but despite the title and the nice new office, she has refused to move out of her previous accomendations, saying it's 'just temporary' and theres no need to move her to somewhere else.

Besides, the middle class (for archades) home is more out of the way and by Cirra's reckoning, private. So she sits in her living room, book open on her lap as she reads in her blouse and black slacks, aparently unconcerned with the evening.
Jihl Nabaat Thank you for not moving, Cirra. By not moving up in your fancy new accomadations, you have guaranteed that it is easier for Jihl Nabaat to find you. As such, after some handy munny getting shared around, and verification from others, Jihl finds herself standing on Cirra's doorstep.

*knock knock*
Cirra Constantine Cirra's reading is interuppted and she closes her book, she slides out of her seat and sets the book down and walks up to the door. She unlocks it and pulls it open a crack. She peers out and pauses a moment before opening it the rest of the way.

Jihl Nabaat "Judge Magister Constantine?"

Jihl asks this, but she's pretty sure. "My name is Jihl Nabaat. I have a ... issue." She quirks her lips up into a lopsided smile at calling this an 'issue', but... "It is important, but it does involve your world in any way... it is about something a little more..."

"Mm. Shall we say, French?"
Cirra Constantine Cirra has seen Jihl once before, at a ball. Regardless she looks the woman over again. "Yes." then she says why she's here, "Of course." she says flatly. Then steps aside, "Please come in."
Jihl Nabaat Jihl expects a MAX INTERRUPT. It does not come. She is disappointed.

"Thank you." Jihl says, giving a gracious nod of her head. "Max has come forward and ... admitted what happened, a week or so ago; I do not come to yell, or scream, or fight." She says, putting her hands out. Sh eis, noticably, missing her baton at her side.
Cirra Constantine Cirra seems rather indifferent to Jihl's pressence. She shrugs her shoulders, "I doubt I'll repeat it. But if you're not here to yell.-" she teps further inside and motions for Jihl to take a seat on a couch. "I'm not sure why you're here. You want me to stay away, don't you?"
Jihl Nabaat "Au contraire, my dear Judge."

Jihl leans against the nearest wall, a wicked smile crossing her lips - compared to most of her smiles, this one is very, very true to form - it speaks of the awful that Jihl is. (Who is very, very, very awful.)

"It seems we both appeal to Max in our own ways; I enjoy his mystery, you enjoy the more... honest side."
Cirra Constantine Cirra frowns at Jihl as she stays standing, and that awfull smile.

"To be more precise, I hate his mysterious side."
Jihl Nabaat Jihl likes standing. She does it a lot.

"Just his mysterious side? You like everything else?" She asks.
Cirra Constantine Cirra is growing steadily less amused by this conversation. "I dislike the falsehood, the mask he wears to make himself 'MARS'. I dislike the flagreant schoolboy with a crush desperation he had around me."

Cirra picks up her book and flips it open as she crosses her legs. "When he stopped that, he became a real person."
Jihl Nabaat Jihl slips into a seat as Cirra opens her book up.

"I see." She says, wisely. "Tis a shame; you two would have been lovely together. Of course, I would have taken you for myself, just to prove a point to him, but -- no, that is neither here nor there, as it is a hypothetical of a situation that will never happen, now."
Cirra Constantine "Not interested in women." Cirra says without looking up. "Max and I aren't 'a couple'. And we wouldn't be lovely together, we would antagonize each other to no end, havea relationship based on mutual objection to each other's lifestyle and it would ultimately end in heartbreak."
Jihl Nabaat Jihl bursts into laughter. "My dear Judge, I can see why Max still likes you. However, I believe I've overdone my stay. I just wanted to... ask some questions." She gives the sweetest smile. "Thank you for your time."
Cirra Constantine Cirra looks up this time with a small frown, "Well... you did. If the answers satisfy you, could you show yourself out? I'd like to try and get some reading in sometime tonight."
Jihl Nabaat Jihl gives a little curtsey. "For you, my dear, anything." Then Jihl walks out the door, laughing softly. Whatever she wanted to do, well... she seems to have done it.
Cirra Constantine Cirra turns the page in her book as Jihl leaves, and waits until a minute or so after the door is shut.

"Your girlffriend is annoying."
Maximilien Max doesn't laugh.

"I should be surprised, but really, I am rarely surprised where you are concerned," he observes as the door closes and he's revealed.

"I imagine she knew I was here as well. You are both very alike, in so many ways; it is a bit frightening, sometimes. I am only recently coming to accept that being in love with you both is not something to be guilty over."
Cirra Constantine "Perhaps you were trying to replace me with her," She turns another page. "But I didn't want you, so why shouldn't you have? If you find us so alike, is it wrong that you want to a woman that reminded you of one you couldn't have?"

Cirra finally closes the book and sets it back down. "I don' if you're going out with her, but don't expect to have what you have with her with me. She and I may be similar, but that doesn't make us interchangable."
Maximilien "Oh, I assure you - I am well aware that you are not interchangeable. I know very well how different the two of you are. It took me a bit to learn it, but...I love both of you very much." Max sighs, looking out the window. "I do not think there is even one other such person in all the worlds who can make me feel the way either of you do - for, what I am learning, are very different reasons. If I could have you both, I think I would be able to die without regrets."

"As for what I have with her...I do not know what I have with her. I barely know either of you, and you barely know anything about me. I know that I love you both very deeply, and I know that I would do a great deal to protect you both, at the expense of my mind and body...but I cannot honestly say what sort of relationship I have with either of you, beyond that you both evoke the same feelings of desire, longing, respect, admiration and protective empathy that no other woman in all my travels has ever managed to achieve. The closest I have ever found to such is my little sister Sylvie - and, just like for Sylvie, I would let the Darkness claim me in an instant to save either you or Jihl's life."

He's serious, too; the way his hand moves to grab his arm makes that all too clear. Max really would throw himselves into Shadow to save either of them.
Cirra Constantine Cirra's eyes narrow fractionaly.

"If you ever allow the darkness to overtake you for my sake, I will immediatly strike you down."

Cirra stands up and lean over to look down directly at Max. "Just because we had one evening doesn't mean I am a possession, or that I need to be coddled. You do not have to throw away your humanity to protect me, or Jihl."

"But if you do. I'll make sure whatever you become doesn't overshadow the memory what you are now."
Maximilien "I know you aren't possessions," Max replies quietly. "The fact that I love you does not mean I see you as a possession to be kept."

He smiles, though, and leans up to kiss her cheek. Nothing more - just...a kiss on the cheek. "But thank you. I do not intend to fall anytime soon; you are both quite perfectly capable of protecting yourselves, after all."

He sits back down, and resumes his position as she says something about overshadowing the memory of what he is now. He goes very, very quiet, looking away from her. "What do you think I am now, then, that you would kill me to protect its memory?"
Cirra Constantine Cirra doesn't move as her cheek is kissed, but straightens up wafterwards.

"A man."
Maximilien "That is not exactly what I meant," Max replies wryly, but at least he sounds more amused than anything. He sits there for a long time, quiet.

"But thank you."
Cirra Constantine "It is exactly what /I/ meant." Cirra says plainly, then moves to sit back down, one hand resting on her book.
Maximilien Max laughs. "Sometimes...perhaps it is to easy to lose sight of that sort of simplicity, mais oui?" He stands, brushing his cape over his shoulder; Max moves over to Cirra's seat, leans down, and presses his lips against hers in a deep kiss.

"Merci beaucoup. Sincerely." He straightens, moving for the door.

He pauses at the handle, then tilts his head back over his shoulder. "You look very beautiful tonight. I should have brought flowers; I will remember next time I come to spend the evening with you. Perhaps I will even get to cook for you."

Then he heads out.
Jihl Nabaat Cut to: Jihl sitting on the front doorstop.

"Nicely done."
Cirra Constantine Cirra mphs as she's kissed, her posture relaxes for half a second but straightens up again as Max leaves, "You know charming me doesn't work."

She sighs, this is going to lead to trouble.

This scene contained 28 poses. The players who were present were: Cirra Constantine, Maximilien, Jihl Nabaat