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(2013-05-13 - 2013-05-13)
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Shiki Misaki It's been three days since we collected what we needed. Three days of hard work and forging for the Legendary Smith, and three days of unknown adventures for you guys, I'm sure.

And it's finally come to this!

There's not much ceremony to it, but she has three weapons to hand over.

To Lenn, she gives a Rune Blade.
To Lily, she gives a Rapier.
And to Shiki, she gives a Mythril Staff.

"I trust that you will use these weapons for the good of others and to fight against the Heartless," she says to the three of them. Kumoto, happy to stop pretending to be in any position of authority, is sat off to the side eating a sandwich. Shiki takes hers- an aquamarine polearm with highlights of pink and champagne- and weighs it in her hand.

And she bows to the Smith again, this time keeping her hat on.

"You're welcome to come back to Daguerreo any time to improve your training. This is only the first step."
Evja "Such a range of weapons."

Evja mumbles aloud while leaning against a nearby wall, arms crossed as she watches the 'ceremony' of offering weapons. "I wonder just what limitations you have on the things you can make."

Still. No point in bringing that up at the moment. Evja could simply approach the smith later to ask a question of her regarding such. Perhaps she could go so far as toe forge that mythical weapon she has been searching for. "So what now, Shiki? Lenn? Lily? Is this that and we are to leave?"
Deelel Deelel has been watching her friends train and contiune to grow. She really ahas no need for another weapon than her dic it was just a thing with her still her friends now had crafted and learnedf to use some weapons that would let them better take care of themselves. "Hummmm so it seems your traning is done at least for this... phase." Given what Lenn said she's pretty sure this is the start of a much longer process.
Lily Lily receives her weapon gently, and unsheathes it in a smooth motion to gaze upon the blade. "I'll remember what everyone taught me." She murmurs warmly to the smith, beaming up at her.

"ONly the first step... but what would the second be," she mumbles to herself, then looks to Shiki. AIN any case, she slides the blade back into its resting place and attaches the scabbard to her outfit, tightening her new belt into place.
Priel Aylin "...Hehe~ Time to have a little fun. Ready, big guy~?" A certain red headed dragon girl spoke from her vantage point atop Daguerreo. A gruff snort was all the response she got back, which came from a vaguely dragon shaped creature. The colored shapes it was made of clearly marked it as Noise. A Ragtime Drake in fact. One of the stronger forms of Noise.

"Good boy~ Now go and make their days a little worse~"

Their cheery discussions were then cut off as a bone chilling bellow could be heard echoing throughout all of Daguerreo. Following that was the sound of flapping wings and then...the ground shook as the drake landed. "Ehehehe~ this'll be a fun show~" Priel giggled, resting a hand in her lap and her chin in her hand as she stared downwards, watching as the chaos began.

The drake wasted no time upon landing however and raised it's head, beginning to gather energy into it's opened mouth. "Annnnnd boom~" Came Priel's whimsical command, dangling her feet out and spreading her arms as the Noise roared and then thrust it's head forward, releasing a blast of laser breath to tear into the architecture, causing huge chunks of stone debris to go flying about!

Happy training funtimes have just been interrupted. This is a public service announcement! Have a nice day!
Shiki Misaki "Limitations? Try me. I didn't get my name for no good rea"


Aww, and we were going to talk about so many interesting things! Shiki had somethign to say to Lily and Deelel but even if she did, then the noise would have drowned it out! That loud, awful noise!

She shoots a desperate, frightened look at the others, and then--

Runs to the entrance. Where else would she go?

Shiki has never seen a Ragtime Drake before in her life. She didn't think they MADE Noise that big.

Among Noise, it is one of the most distinct- lacking an awful lot of body parts, it is far more graffiti-tattoo than scale. Its skull-like head, feet, wings and spines, as well as part of its tail, are made of purple and blue two-dimensional paint, and its body glows with pale green energy. And it can shoot lasers.

Those lasers have just carved a portion of the cliff face off of the entrance to Daguerreo, not completely covering the entrance but bringing down tons of rock into the lake around it. Shiki steps out, shielding herself from the gravel.

Of course, it could only be her.

Lily Gosh darnit -- "PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!" Lily's screech almost mirrors Shiki's. She hops back away from the falling debris, and nearly stumbles. But soon the air around her fills with a faint mist as the recently acquired water affinity infuses her, seeping through her mind, body, and spirit alike...

The girl in white robes turns to get a good look at the abomination Priel's summoned and immediately scowls. "Noise and Heartless, they're pretty similar on the inside... and she thinks nothing of using them. Sorry, Ivo, I'm breaking that promise!"

But then she gets another goodlook at the Ragtime Drake, and shivers. It's time to put her newly gained skills - barely acquired, and mostly unrefined as they are - to the test, and that opponent's FAR more than she bargained for...
Evja "Don't hate! Do NOT fight with hatred in your heart or anger! You have no idea why she is doing this and for all you know you could be lashing out at someone being forced to!" Evja tries to get the girls here to not fritz and try to murder Priel, mostly because the Viera knew... what it felt like to be forced to do something under contract with Hades. Still, there was panic, and chaos, and Evja didn't exactly feel like he was suited to do much other than hurt or protect, and in this case... protecting is more easily done by nullifying the other force first. "All of you do your best, just... please, trust me. Giving a chance and being hurt is better than hurting because you would not give a chance."
Wait, isn't that similar to one of Reize's 'vows' thing? Well, perhaps. The player forgets. Either way, Evja charges towards the drake and attempts to get it's attention by fluffing up and trying to appear big and scary and dangerous while not actually attacking it just yet.
Deelel Deelel pauses for a moment as Priel show up and she's summoning noise. She puse looking at Priel for a moment. There seems to be a bit of an understanding there for a mom en as the attack comes. Priel has gone viral in the basic's understanding of the world. Whelp that was that there'd be no holding back today as she now pulls he disc off her back and powers it's combat up with a humm as the edge lights up.

She looks to Lily for a moment. "Nothing to be sorry for, she's the one going viral. She made her choice now we do what we have to."

She contiune to throw her disc at the noise and movingly rapidly as she goes so.
Lily "Wrong, Evja! Priel went up and signed a deal with Hades to become a bigger jerk than she already was!" Lily complains, waving her free hand frantically at the person she's addressing! "She wasn't forced to do it or anything. She wanted to!"
Priel Aylin "Hiiiii~" Priel called down the group from where she was...pretty high up. That probably made it even more insulting somehow. Following her greeting, she waved rather cutely at them, fluttering her hand slightly. Not doing a very good job of helping Evja's case. Whether or not she was being forced to do this was anyone's guess.

The Noise down below with them though was not so interested in casual greetings however. It's skull head raised, glaring about before finally settling on Evja who seemed to be making a fool out of herself to get it's attention. Well, it worked. The drake was distracted long enough for Deelel's attack to come impacting into it.

Damage was minimal though and it did nothing but the anger the beast who roared angrily before whirling about quickly and without warning, lashing out with it's tail to strike all present. It did not stop there. Opening it's mouth, a stream of less powerful laser breath was fired, lancing out to envelop all present in a burst of anger.
Shiki Misaki "It might have even happened if Sho hadn't put the idea in her head," Shiki says distastefully. And quickly, because there's terrible laser breathing dragons to deal with!

She'd love to fight Priel but not even a piercing pillar can reach up that high. So... she's got to do this with a partner, so she holds out her-


Shiki leaps once, twice, polevaults with her mythril rod over a rock-

Holds out her player pin and offers it up to whoever will take it. She's not a Player, but the pact still works and empowers whomever she works with to give them more power when it comes to fighting Noise.

Just because she has a weapon doesn't mean Mr. Mew's not going to sit back and let her deal with this herself! He scampers up and bears his psychokinetic claws, leaping to scratch at the Drake's wings. And face. And tail. Shiki appreciates it!
Evja "You're not helping yourself!" Evja grumbles aloud towards the dragongirl high up before sidestepping the attack of the dragon, reappearing a bit away from where he was a moment before only to leap at the dragon with his Judge Sword out and miss in some fashion. Great. "All of you! If you know anything of the ordeal with Avira, how did she break her contract?! I was never told!" If he can break the bad-end of Hades contract with her, perhaps she can simply be left with the power of it and not the bad things.
For now, though, the Viera leaps up into the air and attempts to pounce down atop the noise with one spear, only to bounce up and chuck it again.
Lily Lily's clobbered first by the tail, knocking her back and leaving a nasty bruise on her cheek as she's sent tumbling to the ground and then exposed to BURNING FIRE. She screams from the insane, searing heat as it washes over her, setting some of her clothes on fire - and her aqua barrier's not doing a very good jof of tamping it down, though some of it smolders to nothing other parts of her outfit are going up in flames.

"PRIEL! This isn't a game! We'll be hurt, and SO WILL YOU!"

She brandishes her new weapon, hesitating only a moment... but points it first at the Ragtime Drake, unleashing a burst of ice crystals straight at it!
Deelel Deelel doesn't have much to say to Preil as she moves try and bring the beast down. She's not able to evade the attack but she does manage to parry it with her blade enough to surive it and she's now fading back running a few commands on her self that should give her quite the boost in the long run. "It's too late she's already made the deal if she's controling them."
Priel Aylin "Haaaaah? What was that? I'm so high up here that I can heeeear yoooou~" She was lying, she heard Evja and Lily just fine. But this was more amusing to her. She wasn't saying anything to prove or disprove her situation. All she seemed to care about was having fun. And so far, this was pretty fun. To her anyway.

The barrage of strange stuffed animals, fireballs, and sword strikes definitely did some damage. The drake falters for a bit before taking action again. It launches up into the air, avoiding Lily's ice barrage in the process before spreading it's wings, which began to take on a peculiar glow before flapping downwards.

The action caused a forceful wind current and a wave of energy to be emitted, aiming to throw them all off balance. Following that, the noise opened it's mouth, gathering energy for another laser blast...

It was preparing...
Shiki Misaki "No?!" Shiki shouts to Evja, confused. "I thought she was just this girl with a pretty awesome sword?!"

Shiki doesn't pay attention to things outside of her monkeysphere. Also, now she's got a pact with Lenn! Split screen effect and everything. Gotta love that mild, pleasant feeling of synchronising your soul to hum in time with someone else.

Subsequently she catches the barrier crystal perfectly, even through the high winds, swinging on her rod to evade the hail of slicing stone the Drake is knocking up. And she can see it charging--

"You're gonna be next once we clip this guy's wings!" she assures Priel, creating a tangled chain with her Straitjacket pin. And once the Drake's on the ground... might as well completely rattle its brain!
Evja "Damnit... at least give her the benefit of the doubt! She seems the type to enjoy it even if she was being forced into doing it! We all know she likes making you lot fluff up!" Geeze, it's like these 'nice people' were suddenly bloodthirsty. 'Too late, she's already in with them.' 'We're gonna clip your wings' Geeze.

Then suddenly Evja was knocked backwards and stumbling from the wings of the dragon flapping around, head knocking hard against the wall and groaning softly. It took a few moments before he stood back up and attempted to jump straight up and use his spear to stab the dragon things mouth shut, trying to keep it from destroying things.

"Well how do these things TEND to work in your worlds?! Magical contracts, I mean! We don't have those in mine, though there are always books and stories about witches and spells being broken by silly things!"
Lily The blasting winds catch up the light-framed Lily and her burning robes, throwing her high into the air after quite a tumble over the ground. Her body wasslammed against debris and the ground again and again, so when she finally heads skyward it's with the winds whipping around her, raging gales that work to support her as she can only seem to manage when she's getting REALLY worked up. This time those winds are frosty and filled with mist...


The lakewaters ripple and dance, glowing faintly as Lily's power infuses it. That same glow's preading forth from her. Soon, jets of water roil and spew skywards, and temperatures plummet until crystal clear ice forms into mighty wind-born fragments, twirling and swirling like a tornado. Huge barrages launch from it, dozens - HUNDREDS of softball-sized fragments hurling themselves through the air as if thrown by an expert baseball pitcher. Some are smooth, many are spiky and sharp... and they hurl for both Priel AND her big Drake too!
Deelel Deelel looks up to see Priel as she keeps going on. More and more Deelel wonders if the demi human thinks this is a game? Either way she made a deal with Sho, and pretty much has cemente she's an enemy. Deelel is able to use a trick she learned from TRON and deflects this chain of attacks with her disc and them bounds towards the drake she'd try to get the demi human but right now the dragon noise or whatever it is then deal with her.

"You really gltiched up, laugh it off now but your a virus and serve no purpose in this world or any other anymore."

Then Deelel strikes with several powerful disc strikes before falling back to prepre for her next attack.
Priel Aylin "Whoops~" Priel spoke rather nonchalantly, lazily shielding herself with an arm despite the fact that the currently in flight Noise was taking the damage. The barrage of ice from Lily, spear strikes from Evja, disc strikes from Deelel, and Shiki's chains. Needless to say, the drake was grounded rather hard.

...But wait, it's energy was still building. And building...and building. Soon it grew too much to be contained and forced Evja's spear out and away. "Ooooooh, here it comes!" Priel announced with excitement, leaning forward to watch. An energy sphere left the Noise's mouth, seemingly suspended in place.

"Annnnnnnd boom~"

Suddenly the sphere contracted into nothing and...all seemed well. Right? Wrong. BWOOSH. Almost breaking the sound barrier, a blast of laser energy was fired out from the drake's opened mouth and it turned it's head, aiming to raze the landscape and all combatants at the same time. "Wheeeee~" The reapear cheered above, clapping her hands at the show on display below.
Shiki Misaki Oh well, we tried!

Should have frozen it, Shiki thinks, on reflection. She was hoping she'd hit it enough that whatever laser it fired would just go off into the air, but instead it goes off into the party. And it's loud.

And it /hurts/. It really, really hurts, knocking Shiki off her feet like a ragdoll. She bounces one, two, three times and the third sends her into the water.

Ever so slowly, she picks herself up. The Legendary Smith didn't expect her to use her rod for a crutch, I'm sure.

"I DON'T HAVE MAGIC IN MY WORLD!" she shouts back at Evja, perhaps a little TOO loud. She sucks up the pain and clenches her teeth.

"And right now I don't CARE! Concentrate on the giant psycho Noise!"

"Sheesh," more quietly to herself, "If you like her so much why don't you just kiss her or something... eh beh beh... come on, Lenn."

Shiki tries to establish a connection, reaching out through panic and pain to try and synchronise herself with Lenn.

For a moment, her elfin friend might feel just a taste of Shiki's desperate anger and the depth of the fear she wants to conquer, despite her bluster--

And with their spirits in alignment, her and Lenn can perfectly coordinate their Fusion attack. A combined and synchronised melee attack to pummel the Ragtime Drake into the floor! Even Mr. Mew joins in! And Shiki smashes it like a baseball bat!
Lily LAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaser!!! As it rushes in towards her, Lily drops all control of the gathered ice and instead focuses her power inwardly and just in front of her. A thin shield of light forms and sparks fly from it as the laser hits. Fear flickers on Lily's face as the shield quickly starts losing its intensity, fading and flashing in places as she struggles to pump power into it and leech away the laser's to fuel it. Chunks of the laser disperse into the air but--


The shield's punctured in a hurry, and the beam rakes across Lily, searching flesh with a burning intensity. She promptly tumbles groundward, and plunges into the lake with a meteoric impact.
Evja Doesn't have magic?! Preposterous! She was using magic right now! Those pins were magical! Evja was about to grumble when he had to look up at the drake, the spear acting as a method of making it more and more dangerous. "Ohshi-" The Viera curled up with both arms in front of himself and brought his cloak up just as the laser hit the Viera and sent him flying backwards foot over head and into the watery basin around the area.

'If you like her so much, kiss her!' rolled through his head as he laid there in the water dazed, before it suddenly hit him. He'd read stories before where a kiss broke magical enchantments. That's just stupid, though. Surely it wouldn't work... right? But, Hades was real. Magical contracts are real... maybe...


The angry shout came from the watersoaked Viera as he leapt out of the water and his cloak flew off, flying at the dragon with two spears as he glowed a bright golden color. The area around him seemed to darken as if the light sucked in towards him before he ripped straight up and 'through' the dragon in an attempt to destroy it. Of course, this repeated itself several times, up and down, around, dancing back and forth before he finally launched the spear down towards its' head and vanished.

But where'd the Vieran Judge go?


Swish swoosh!

A careful eye could see him zipping back and forth through the air, off things, bouncing around before finally reappearing beside where Priel was. "Hey, stop this shit you idiot, I'm trying to keep all of you from killing each other!" came a chastising tone to her before the Viera spun her around and attempted to plant a kiss right on her lips. Of course, the veil 'she' normally wore wasn't on at the moment, trying and hoping that, well... if this place is full of magical and crazy things, maybe that WOULD work!
Deelel Deelel is quite fast has surived a lot from her own world let alone this strange alien one she's been dumped into. She's able to just get clear of the attack in time but to her horror she see's Lily go down and go down hard. Something kinda goes pop, not only Lily was a User but she was her friend and somene dispist her limitations on technology had tried to understand about Deelel's word. This is not a hpppy program, she's not a happy program at all. She can feel like any human and what she feels right now. She now runs for the creature. She has no real love for Evja but prehaps? She's finally getting her act together as she seems outraged as she is about Lily's condtion. Deelel follow the humanoid rabid up with her disk and she's making to go for the kill there's no speech no words no flah just an intent to brutally take the enemy down.
Priel Aylin Priel just sat there, legs dangling over the side of the cliff face from where she was, watching gleefully as the Noise's laser blast tore into the landscape and sent people flying. What caught her sight the most however was Lily flying through the air...and then crashing into the lake.


And all at once, Priel burst out into raucous laughter. Holding her stomach, she leaned back, kicking her legs out wildly as she laughed up a storm. "Oh my god! Ahahahaha--seriously? Did she seriously just---pffff! Ahahahahaha! Oh wow! Oh god! I can't! She just...SPLASH! Oh man, that was great! Ahahahaha!" So busy was Priel laughing that the fact that those brave heroes below took out that poor Ragtime Drake with a fierce array of counter attacks.

The sheer power of their combinations caused the Noise to be banished into nothingness soon after. Especially Deelel's final strike to put the nail in the coffin. However, so busy was Priel with laughing that she also missed Evja's reappearance until she was turned out and promptly kissed. Yes, kissed.

Her eyes widened at that and her laughter was immediately cut off. Silence. ...More silence. ....Even more silence. And the they parted. "Oh my, Evja...I had no idea you swing that way now~" Feigning embarrassment, Priel brought a hand up to her mouth, smiling in sheer amusement at the viera. No, there was no indignant yelling or maidenly embarrassment, but one thing was clear.

That sure as hell didn't break any contracts. Good job Evja! You solved nothing! Hooraaaaay!
Shiki Misaki Shiki's mind is just a swimming, spilling mass right now. She's not able to think coherently, just running from one emotion to another. She's filled with vicious, survival-fuelled fury as she thrashes at the Drake with everything she's learned so far, until it implodes into thin air and static. As soon as it's done, she doesn't stop her momentum, stepping forward, lurching like she's punch-drunk, looking around but not able to actually see anything.

And then she sees Lily in the water, and she basically loses it.

Shiki hasn't cried once, despite everything that has happened. Despite maybe losing Neku. Despite being alive and trapped in a body that's not hers. Despite everything that Priel has done. But seeing Lily, she just--

"NO NO nonononononononononono"

She wades out into the lake, mythril rod flailing from side to side, hiking her legs up and desperately grabbing Lily, dragging her through the water.

"Nonononono, Lily."

She drags her to dry land, tears streaming down her face, snorting through her nose, looking around for some way of making this right.

"Don't die, oh god please don't die."
Evja "..."

Evja glowers at Priel as he lands a few feet away on a standable surface, only to look down at those below. Shiki freaking out about someone hurt, someone hurt, another seemingly trying to help the hurt one. "Are you truly enjoying this, Priel? Hurting them like this? Am I... was I that wrong about you that I offered you safety?" He was asking her at this point, ignoring her remark on his direction of 'swinging' as it were.

There was no hate-filled or angry speech at this point. If anything, Evja just felt disappointed. Did she actually feel bad about this? Was she doing it on her own?

Well, there was nothing he could do at this point for Lily, so in the end, all he can do is stay by Priel in case something happens/he needs to act on it.
Priel Aylin "....Well." Priel rest her chin in her hand, turning away to watch the others panic over Lily. "...Let's just say that I'm fulfilling a necessary role in their lives." Well, that sure wasn't cryptic enough. Maybe she should try a little harder just because! Either way, her face didn't budge any and a smile remained firmly in place.

"They can hate me all they want. And honestly, I really don't like the lot of them. But regardless. This is something they need. Even if they violently protest it." And apparently that was all Priel was going to say on that subject, she fell quiet then. Watching them treat Lily for a little while longer before speaking up again.

"Oh and by the way, I was given an order from Hades that you may find some sort of interest in." Smiling still, the redhead glanced aside at Evja, eyes twinkling with amusement. "He wants me to burn your house down and then remind you that you still have a job to do on that Mercade fellow~ Otherwise, I suppose that your soul will be forfeit~"

Yeah, nice time to drop that bomb.
Lily Well, dragging Lily to shore's not hard. She floats, she floats very well, and somehow ended up on her back. She is, however, a mess. Her new outfit's utterly RUINED, scorched to a mess and in parts gone completely. The skin that took the blow's similarly scorched to the bone... in a nice, wide scar going diagonally over her body. And in fact, until the curative magics from Lenn wash over her she IS NOT BREATHING.

But that's not apparently unusual for her. Shiki and Lenn might both pick up on that. Still... the healing magic works a wonder, sealing up bleeding wounds, removing some of thsoe burns, restoring some flesh. Finally, she coughs, spewing out a combination of water and blood and flopping onto her side, gasping hoarsely. "Aww... awah...."
Shiki Misaki Shiki stares at Lily.
And Priel.
And Lenn and Lily.

Back to the reaper.

"Oh, I hate you. I hate you so much. I've hated you ever since October. But now it's not just personal. Just get out, Priel. Or I'll... I'lll... I'll kill you. I'll do it. I'll j-ju-j-... j..."

And Shiki just holds onto Lenn and Lily and cries.
Evja Evja had been watching the group below until he heard Priel say what she did. At which point he suddenly felt cold and looked a bit sick. Uneasy. "I... I do not..." he begins to say, then stops and reaches both hands up to his face to cover it a moment before yelling, "DAMNIT HADES I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS!"
Follow this by the Viera shakily mumbling something towards Priel, something that only she could hear. Something that the others weren't meant to hear.

"Please... take me home, Priel. If you can. I will not hinder you, but... let me say my piece and protect someone who may be there. Please."
Priel Aylin "Wow. I did better than I thought I would. And to think that this was just a test run." Priel commented lightly, not budging any despite Shiki's rather dramatic proclamation of hate. In fact, she just continued smiling. Looking all the more amused for it even. Being the bad guy sured seemed easy when Priel was doing it.

"Well. I think that about sums up the show for today!" Announcing that, Priel abruptly stood and glanced back at Evja, listening to him. "...Sure. I wasn't ordered to /kill/ you or anything, so...I guess I have a bit of leeway." Shrugging her shoulders, Priel gave one last glance down at the others before casually opening a dark corridor.

"Off we go then~" And she gestured for Evja to step through. Once there, she followed, waving down at the group despite the threats and hate claims. "Byyyyye~" They were gone after that.
Shiki Misaki Shiki sniffs.

"I lied. I don't hate her."

"I'm scared of her."

"I'm just so scared of her."

This scene contained 34 poses. The players who were present were: Lily, Priel Aylin, Shiki Misaki, Deelel, Evja