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Morrighan Alazne It had been a while since Morrighan saw Rosemarie. She was busy taking care of things in Mullonde and generally just living her life. Thankfully, Valos never bothered her again, so she never needed to enlist the fellow dark elf's assistance in order to avoid further involvement with him.

But this deal did not go one way. Morrighan had agreed to help out Rosemarie with things as well. And it was with this thought that she wound up in Traverse Town, standing in front of a certain storefront. "...I see nothing has changed in the time I was gone now." The mage mused aloud to herself, loosely crossing her arms meanwhile. Well, no need to continue standing outside as if she were lost.

Striding past the open doorway, Morrighan made her way inside and spoke out clearly. "Hello? Miss Rosemarie? Are you here today?" Asking that she stopped at the counter, taking the time to have a cursory glance of the area to take in the surroundings while she waited.
Rosemarie Rosemarie emerges from the back after a moment or two, dabbing her mouth with a napkin. "Yes? Do you need something--oh, hello Miss Morrighan!" Rosemarie says cheerily, putting the napkin away. "You caught me during lunch, but it's always a pleasure. I hope you're doing well?"

Rosemarie moves to tidy the shop up a bit, making sure it's presentable. "I spoke with your acquaintance a few times--would like to sit down for a bit? I'll just take me a moment to clear the table."
Morrighan Alazne "Oh, there you are." She greeted, an amused smirk coming onto her face at the sight of Rosemarie dabbing her mouth with the napkin. "I see I came at a rather bothersome moment. Forgive me." Morrighan didn't look all that sorry though and moved on to the back, apparently agreeing to join her.

"Acquaintance? You mean that tiresome fellow with the petrification condition?" Because mentioning his name was too much trouble. "And how exactly did that go for you now? Learn anything of interest, attempting to probe that head of his?" She asked despite being rather disinterested, slowing down to a stop and stepping aside to let Rosemarie pass by her.
Rosemarie Rosemarie leads the way back to the sitting room (which often doubles as the kitchen. Furniture seems to rearrange itself to make it more comfortable to accomodate Morrighan's company while Rosemarie gathers up a downright excessive amount of dinnerware. Surely she had guests, because this is far too much food for one person.

A couch slides out of a closet on its own, sliding to a stop behind Morrighan. Rosemarie continues talking as she takes the dishes to the kitchen. "You were exactly right," Rosemarie says, "he's a very strange fellow, though he's prone to some genuine insights if one can withstand his constant needling and correcting of any perceived fault in your logic."

Rosemarie returns with a chest, which is presently floating while she leads it with a rope. "But I do have some good news for you. Several pieces, in fact."
Morrighan Alazne Not too worried about the general weirdness of the establishment, Morrighan just raised an eyebrow at the prepostrous amounts of food that was present. "...I was wondering why your hips were so wide." She mumbled, watching as it was all taken away. "I had just assumed you gave birth to a handful of children, but...I suppose this makes sense too."

Saying that, the elven mage just brought a hand to her mouth to hide an amused smile, though Rosemarie surely knew what she was hiding. In the meantime, she settled down and took a seat on the couch that had slid out, listening to the story that was relayed. "I told you. He is far too strange. He may be intelligent and rather insightful, but it is hidden behind a massive wall of irritants."

Clearly, Morrighan was still miffed about the subject of Valos because she crossed her arms again rather tightly, her smile from before disappearing to be replaced by an annoyed frown. The talk to good news did catch her attention thought and she blinked a few before tilting her head slightly at Rosemarie.

"Good news, you say? And do tell, what is this good news?"
Rosemarie "Is something amusing you?" Rosemarie says pleasantly as she returns, taking a seat in her oversized chair across from Morrighan. Rosemarie crosses her legs carefully, letting her dress fall around them so she isn't indecent. She rests her chin on an open palm, tapping her long, claw-like nails (presently gloved) against her cheek. "Oh, yes. It took considerable patience on my part to deal with him politely--though I have nothing if not patience," Rosemarie smiles. "I have dealt with arguably worse in my years."

"But yes, good news." Rosemarie tugs on the rope of the chest, sending it floating over toward Morrighan. "First, he sends you a gift." The chest opens, revealing a large (200 lbs, almost) solid silver axe. It is probably worth a fortune. "For your trouble. He tasked me with giving it to a Morrighan Alazne," Rosemarie smiles, "whom I may have forgotten to mention having met before. Do be careful, it's quite heavy--hence the enchantment around it."

"Furthermore, I don't believe he'll be bothering you any further."
Morrighan Alazne "Oh nothing, nothing." Morrighan had hastily interjected before things moved on. No need to question the lady on her prodigious hips. It certainly wasn't the time now anyhow. Setting that aside, she returned her attention to Rosemarie, listening to 'the news'. "I see. I must commend you then. You have far more patience than I do."

...That was probably a lie. Morrighan was decidedly pretty patient in the grand scheme of things. A healer had to be. It was just irritation talking at the moment. Raising an eyebrow at the floating chest though, she frowned. "A gift?" The dark elf asked incredulously to her fellow kinsman as it opened. Taking a look inside revealed a rather valuable looking....axe.

"This axe. Has he lost his mind? Surely he must know that I have no need such weaponry! Why, all I could do with that is sell it!" Pause. "...Unless that is the point." Yes, there was always that. But still! An axe! Of all the nonsense! "Besides, I am fairly certain that his is the very weapon in which he uses in combat, why would he hand this off? Fool!"

...Seemed like she was irritated more at the fact that he gave away something so valuable, and also something in which he would need to defend himself. "I need no such gifts! Who does he presume to think that he is?" Fuming for a bit longer, Morrighan eventually just sighed and glanced at Rosemarie once more, a curious look on her face.

"While I am not opposed to it, what exactly do you mean by that last point?"
Rosemarie Rosemarie puts her hands in her lap and listens patiently as Morrighan fumes. "I believe you're correct, Miss Morrighan, which is why I suspect you've probably figured out precisely what I meant with that statement." Rosemarie shifts her legs, swapping which is folded across the other to get more comfortable. She tugs at her earrings, slightly, as though making certain they're properly aligned.

"Count Valos is not long for this world. I am not certain how much older, or even younger, he is that both of us, but he has decided that his existence is at an end. He looks to destroy himself through some sort of ritual," Rosemarie gestures, "which will leave nothing. Not even a soul to travel to whatever afterlife might exist."

Rosemarie's express gets much more serious. "It was a terribly morbid affair. He invited me to observe the ritual--there will already be several spectators--in hopes of gaining some form of enlightenment from it. You know his ways."
Morrighan Alazne Shoving the floating chest aside, Morrighan wound up glaring at Rosemarie, not angry AT her, but just for what foolishness that had just assailed her ears. "Excuse me? Not long for this world?" Asking rhetorically, she leaned forward a tad, apparently rapt with attention now.

"Why in the world would that fool seek to destroy himself? That is the most ridiculous thing that has ever assailed my ears! What purpose is there to this so called ritual?" Gripping the front of her dress as she continued to ask questions, her expression grew a bit more severe. "I know his ways, but his ways are completely asinine. There is never a reason for such drastic actions! He truly has lost his mind. What he is doing is essentially holding a suicide party and inviting people to come watch! Utterly prepostrous!"
Rosemarie Rosemarie gestures with one hand, trying to calm Morrighan down. "Oh, he's certainly got a purpose for it, albeit a strange one. He explained his philosophy to me, and how he feels as though this world is flawed. I get the impression he's lived quite some time and done a great many things, and from that feels as though existence itself is flawed."

Rosemarie sighs deeply. "And that nothing is perfect, and as such, he must become nothing. I couldn't agree with him less, but that seems to be what he's thinking. When we spoke he cancelled his order from me--this is after we'd met, mind--and left his payment for my time."
Morrighan Alazne "Well of course existence is flawed. Perfection does not even exist! He should understand that well enough!" Morrighan crossed her arms again at that, huffing rather angrily. This was just offending her sensibilities on a whole. "So what? I have lived for plenty long too! And I imagine you have as well. One does not simply give up because things are"

She wound up trailing off then, thinking on her own words. It sounded more like she was angry at more than just Valos. Perhaps not even him, but something else entirely. Falling quiet, Morrighan remained lost in her thoughts for some time before eventually just shaking her head. "Oh forget it. Who am I to try and stop some fool from doing what they want."

Closing her eyes, she contemplated for a bit before asking. "So, he made some sort of deal with you as well?" Not that it really mattered. None of her business and all. "When is he planning on pulling off this foolishness?"
Rosemarie "Yes," Rosemarie nods. "I don't understand his logic completely, myself, but then again his story is much different than my own." Rosemarie shrugs. "To each his own, I suppose."

"Yes, originally he had me concocting a potion to assist him his particular manner of reading people--listening to heartbeats--but apparently he had an epiphany on existence before it was completed." Rosemarie sighs, resting her cheek on her hand again.

"I am told I'll be informed of it when the time comes, but he's still making preparations at the moment it would seem."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan just sighed and shook her head. "Nonsense. Pure nonsense." Grumbling at that, she glanced over at the chest which contained his signature weapon. That axe of which she had no use for except to maybe hang it somewhere. But she wouldn't even do that because it was /his/ axe.

"I fail to understand the grand scheme of this all, but...Again, I suppose I cannot force him to change his mind." Saying that Morrighan glanced back at Rosemarie and pointed towards the chest. "However, there is one thing I would like to do." Looking back to the chest, she continued. "I want to return this useless slab of metal to him. I would throw it at him if I could, but alas, I lack the physical strength to perform such a feat."
Rosemarie "He seems very stubborn, or at least certain of his own decisions," Rosemarie concedes, shifting in her seat slightly. It creaks a bit under Rosemarie's bountiful hips.

"If you insist, I can certainly do that," Rosemarie says, pleasantly enough. "If he refuses to take it I can at least take it off your hands, so that you won't have to endure its presence."
Morrighan Alazne "Indeed." And that was all Morrighan had to say on that subject. With an agreement made, Morrighan just reached over and pulled the chest close before pushing it off towards Rosemarie. "Whether or not he takes it is hardly my concern. You can keep it here. Sell it, whatever you fancy." That said, she allowed a small smile to form, intending to do away with the subject.

"Neverminding that foolishness for now. How have you been? It has been quite a while since we last spoke, has it not?" Going on, the elven mage rested her hands in her lap, relaxing a bit as she tried to move things along to a more pleasant subject. "As I recall, I have yet to fulfill any of the terms of our own deal. Do you require any assistance with anything?"
Rosemarie "Of course," Rosemarie says, fastening the chest and giving it a solid push so that it floats off into the storage room for the moment. So long as it's out the way.

"I've been quite well. Eating well, as you likely guessed from the mess. Has it been that long? How have you been?" Rosemarie considers the nature of their own deal. "Oh yes. Well, nothing comes to mind at present, business has been...rather slow, save for the mundane."
Morrighan Alazne "I can see that." Morrighan mumbled at the eating well comment, raising an eyebrow as she shamelessly roamed Rosemarie's form with her eyes. "...I must ask, how did you come to possess such...bountiful hips?" And that was the best she could do in terms to tact. But curiosity won out in the end. "...Do you just eat often, or..."

Pause as Morrighan brought a hand to her chin, rubbing it thoughtfully. After a moment, a rather amused smile made it's way onto her face. "...Or perhaps you have children?" There. She finally asked. That which she had been holding off for so long and so hard was finally out there. A silly thing perhaps, but still! Burning questions do not just go away!

"As for myself, I am doing just fine. Keeping my head low and doing work for the church as they request it. Otherwise, life has been similarly quiet and mundane."
Rosemarie "I do not have children, I just have a hearty appetite," Rosemarie says pleasantly, "though I think part of it is natural." She smiles pleasantly. "I have a diet and a few spells you could try if you'd like a fuller figure, Ms. Morrighan, though I believe you're lovely as you are." Rosemarie says cheerfully.

"Ah, yes. I visited Mullonde a while back. It seems like a fair enough place, if a bit somber."
Morrighan Alazne "Oh, you don't? Hmn, strange. I figure you would have with the way those hips are-" Pause. She was about say something just a bit too rude. Instead, Morrighan just brought a hand to her mouth and giggled to herself. "Ehehehe, I mean, surely, I have no object to your figure. I find it to be rather lovely, but alas."

She shook her head at the suggestion and sighed. "No, I believe that my figure is quite find where it is. I am not so insecure about my appearance that I would take supplements or use magic to alter it." Because that was pathetic really! But that went unsaid. Moving along, she nodded at the mention of Mullonde.

"Indeed, Mullonde is a rather quiet place. If you just keep to yourself then you will not draw the attentions of religious zealots. Unless you hve the unfortunate luck of having attained some sort of reputation." A shrug and then she continued. "In which case, I wish whoever decides to still reside there good luck!" Morrighan chuckled then and rolled her eyes. "...But then, I suppose I have little room to talk."
Rosemarie Rosemarie laughs, apparently amused by Morrighan's giggling. "Oh no, none of my own, though I do take care of a few stragglers who have no one else to care for them." Rosemarie says wtih a smile.

"Of course," Rosemarie nods, "It's good that you're comfortable with the way you are; I occasionally have rather neurotic clients who just can never be happy no matter how much help I give them with their appearance." Rosemarie chuckles. "Those poor dears, I can't imagine living like that." Rosemarie smiles. "Then again, I suppose, were I not content with my looks I could change it on a whim, so perhaps I've never had that conflict."

"Ah, yes," Rosemarie says, "I got that impression. Ser Senra gave me that impression during his visit."
Morrighan Alazne "Oh, those poor people. It must be such trouble to not be satisfied with one's own body." Surely it must be a human thing. Nevertheless, Morrighan shook her head and spoke on. "Well, in any case. I believe that I will make good on this arrangement we have made and stay here for a couple days. Surely, you do not mind, do you?"

As she asked, Morrighan rose up from her seat on the couch, fixing up her dress meanwhile. "I want to take a break from Mullonde, and I have not been in Traverse Town for quite a while. I believe it is time to catch up with several unrelated matters."
Rosemarie "You are more than welcome to do so, Miss Morrighan," Rosemarie says cheerfully as she hops to her feet. "It'll take me a few moments to get your room cleaned up, of course, but it's not trouble at all. I can't blame you for wanting a vacation." Rose laughs.
Morrighan Alazne "I believe that I will then. You have my thanks." Eesh, with how pleasant Morrighan was being, one would almost forget that she was an evil dark mage that summoned Lich, helped the Shadow Lords drush Manhattan the first time, kidnapped Avira and did a plethora of other things.

"I will go take a walk and have a look around town meanwhile, so no need to rush on my account." Nodding at that, she turned and began to leave the room, heading back to the storefront. "I will be back later. ...But perhaps not too late of course."

And then she waved. "Bye~" And with that, Morrighan was out the door and back into town...

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