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(2013-05-12 - 2013-05-13)
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Maximilien It's only been a few days since Maximilien Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne resolved to try and make his relationship with Jihl Nabaat really, really stick - despite his own stupid mistakes, he really, really means it, too. He's surprised himself by how much he means it, in fact - by how much he's willing to do to make up to Jihl for his failure, and by how much he's throwing himself into this relationship now.

Like right now. He's currently standing on the roof of Jihl's building, a very old record player sitting next to him. She's probably gotten his note (and a flower) about now; she'll probably figure it out. She's a smart girl. If not...well, he could probably call her.
Jihl Nabaat Jihl, carrying paperwork, ascends to the roof of the building. Being in the penthouse, she has really, really easy access to it - and she has the flower tucked behind her ear, a colorful bloom in her silver mane.

"Max?" She calls out, astonished. "What are you doing?"
Maximilien Jihl arrives on the penthouse roof, and Max flicks his fingers to the side, brushing them against the phonograph. The phonograph clicks against the record, and it begins to play, beautiful tango music wafting across the penthouse floor. Max moves in time to the music; each step is reflexively perfect, each tap of his foot rythmically in synch with the song. His cape whirls about him as he slides across the roof stylishly, moving to slide his hands around Jihl's waist. His free hand reaches to grab hers, and he begins spinning her into his dance as well; the lights of the city spin around them as they move, Max's smile widening.

"Apologizing," he replies quietly as he dips her low towards the ground - literally, he's practically holding her over the edge. She's in no danger; if she fell, he'd just dive and float down.

Jihl Nabaat Jihl hastily settles the paperwork down, ditching her heavy jacket on top of it so it won't go flying anywhere, up as high as they are. She is spun straight into the dance, and there is a wickedly large, surprised-happy smile on her face, even as they do a delicate tango.

She lets out a breath of surprise when she is let down, however - giving him a long look.

"Again, monsieur? Did you sleep with Cirra again?"
Maximilien "Non," Max replies, "I did not. I am not apologizing for my actions, but for my attitude. I have kept a fair deal from you. We both have our secrets, of course; you have yours, and I have mine. I am in no way interested in changing that."

Max spins her into his arms at a pause. "But I do want to apologize for them."
Jihl Nabaat Jihl smiles - it is perhaps, momentarily, bitter. However, she allows herself to be spun easily. "You ask for my forgiveness, my dear - forgiveness, something I do not normally give, you know." She tells him this -

Well aware he probably knows this well by now.

"But... I forgive you. Twice, now."
Maximilien "Your generosity," Max replies calmly as the music begins again, and he moves to step and sway with her still in his arms, "Is endless and appreciated, ma chere."

"I will not see fit to apologize a third time. This, of course, means that I shall not make another mistake worthy of so grand an apology, and should not be taken as a declaration that I have nothing more to be sorry for." A shadow passes over his face for a brief instant - metaphorically. "I have many things to be sorry for. I do not intend any more of them to be wrongs done unto you."


"I will likely make mistakes, of course; so will you. That is part of being in a relationship. But a mistake, and a wrong...something to learn from, and something to be sorry for...those, I think, are two very different things. No one, after all, is perfect."
Jihl Nabaat "Good. I normally am not so."

"As a matter of fact, I might declare that you are taking advantage of my generosity, and as such, shame, shame on you - I disapprove of such things, even if it is for a very, very good reason."

Then, modest as ever: "Which, of course, I am certainly such a good reason."

She continues swaying with him, smiling at him gently, even kindly - certainly, something that rarely truly ever gets seen on her face.
Maximilien "If, ma chere, I have made you smile, then whatever price I have paid is worth ito me." Max replies as the music dies down. A new song starts up, but it's much slower, much softer; it lacks the almost violently passionate spins and dips, trading the swift and sudden fluidity for slow and somber security and intimacy. Max pulls her close as they dance on the rooftop, hand still tight around hers.

"I have no intention of hurting you again. Ever."

His chin brushes against her head as they dance, the lights of the city flickering and fluttering, unsleeping and unswerving in their defiance against the darkness. It is almost the perfect metaphor, Max considers quietly; there are shadows all across his heart, but the lights stay on, refusing to cease.

"You have been working hard again. I can tell; you always seem to be. You are so dedicated to this city; I hope, one day, we can be as dedicated to each other as you are to your country."
Jihl Nabaat "Oh..."

Jihl leans in against him, comfortably, even as he fully, and accurately, tells her that she has been working hard. Again. She tilts her head up, her eyes twinkling slightly. "Again? I do, really, never stop - you, of all people, should know this by now."

She sways with him, happily enough. "I will always dedicate my heart - the mystery hearts may be - to everything I do." She says, firmly.
Maximilien "Yes," Max replies quietly. He does in fact know that she works too damn hard, being the main proponent of 'why don't you let Yang do some work for a change' and also 'maybe the world won't literally explode if you go out for a night', as well as 'hey you know working hard is bad for you and you should take some time off so I can help you feel young again'.

Max is the proponent of a lot of helpful things when he's not out ruining his own life, really. He'd be level-headed if not for his propensity to completely wreck himself on a single decision and generally throw away lots of progress for stupid risks. He's trying to get better about that, really, but, well...habits die hard.

"I know you never stop. You were working even on vacation." Max doesn't cluck his tongue. He doesn't need to; he's certainly done a lot worse than work on vacation. "There are...worse things than to have someone so dedicated to all that she does."
Jihl Nabaat Jihl gives Max a brilliant smile.

"I know. Thus, you understand, why I stay here. At the top of everything, where I can watch the skies, and the streets, to protect the Primarch, the man I have pledged my life too... professionally." She says.

"Inside of the room, I have pledged my heart and soul to... you." She points this out, delicately.
Maximilien "Cocoon's greatest treasure, oui. I have mishandled it woefully. I promise, once again, that I shan't do the same in the future."

The record quietly dies - it's an old one, and not much still on it that Max knows. Max releases her from his grip, stepping backwards and folding his hand over his chest.

"But so long as I can continue earning your smile, I think I can continue to say that I am happy."
Jihl Nabaat "Greatest? Non, monsiour."

"I am merely the brightest of the currently found jewels. There will be others - I think - that may surpass me, with time." Jihl tilts her head. "I'm hungry."
Maximilien Max frowns. He's about to protest, but he shakes his head instead. "Non, I do not think you are. Or if you are...they will not be found by me."

"Then again...shine has always been something in the eye of the beholder. Let us go; I will cook you something lovely this evening."
Jihl Nabaat Jihl smiles.

"Have fun with that. I don't have anything in my fridge." Beat. "Don't look in my trash can, either..."
Maximilien Max just sighs. "That is unacceptable, you know. I suppose I will have to start visiting *regularly* to ensure your pantry is well-stocked."
Jihl Nabaat Jihl shrugs. "Take out is good." She argues. "I mean, it is to ME, but I'm not a French Master Chef."
Maximilien "But you are, theoretically in the long term, sleeping with one, and therefore should not settle for anything less," Max replies.
Jihl Nabaat "Yes, but he doesn't stay with me, and I don't like bothering to cook. I'm lazy like that." Jihl retorts.
Maximilien "I do not stay with you because I fear what might happen if I did," Max points out as they descend towards her home. "I could always teach you how to cook...ahm, a touch more *gently* than I am teaching my /current/ student."
Jihl Nabaat "Ahhh, right." Jihl says, then she shakes her head. "I would not remember." She admits, honestly. "To cook."
Maximilien ", I imagine you would not. Perhaps I should simply start preparing all your meals for the week ahead of time, so you need merely reach into your icebox and warm them slightly." Max sighs, rubbing his brow.
Jihl Nabaat Jihl stares at the steps as they descend. "Right..." She says. Yeah, right. Jihl, do that much when there's paperwork?

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