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Media vs Army
(2013-05-12 - 2013-05-21)
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Deelel was captured by the DPS for entering into their facility. Well, more like breaking in -- even if she actually didn't break anything. She still bypassed all their security and sneaked in. This is not a good thing to have on your record.

Worse -- There was some belief she may be tied to a problem they had in their automated defenses, though CHIEF was rather sure this wasn't the case, but she came in at a /very/ bad time. Thankfully, it was a few weeks later, so that saved her from the death wraith of the MCP.

So now she was held in a room with a cell that had a nice light wall barrier and no windows to the outside. It actually was pretty boring. No way out beyond the light wall and even if you could get past that, you had to go up the steps to the door.

Yes, there was a few tables here and there. One designed to hold the disc that was on her backside hooked up to the system, but over all -- there was nothing here.

Yet the door did open and soon a very familiar military program started to come down the stairs with the door closing behind him. He had on a pair of red shades to hide that very unusual right eye. Also that very familiar cigar in his mouth.

As he came down to the ground floor, he removed the cigar before tapping the digital ash to the side before he huffed out a bit of smoke and then started to walk up to the Light Barrier. "How are you holding up, Deelel?" He asks taking a seat at a chair and then kicking up his feet on the table. Much like those Sheriffs in those movies.
Deelel Deelel had not fought back there'd been too many and she'd have ended up as so many voxels on the ground had she fought. She'd known that, and what can you expect with her history of the MCP? The gaming pits had left a very big mental scar on her and she'll alway have a high level of distrust for MCP and his motives. So here she was ironically here because of the malfuction but not it's cause.

She thought it was telling the weapon systems that she'd seen all over the city had not deployed and it hinted to their purpose was not civil defence but likely somehing far more sinister it was somerhing the users wouldn't have noticed the emitters looked to be harmless and rather unimpressive really. If she'd asked they'd have given her an answer that could have been suspect after all. Prehaps TRON had rubbed off on her in that respet or it all came back to the games.

She'd been eying the disc on and off but not doing much in the cells it was kinda like being back in SARK's care really whens he thought about it. She kept her self busy by compising music really even if it was just figuring out the notes in her head and she pauses from one such episode as CHEIF walks on it. It takes her a moment to respond but when she does. She's got a neutral expression on her face.

"Humm? Better than the last time I was in MCP's care. I haven't been forced to derezz anyone yet for his or his lackies amusement."
CHIEF watches her for a moment as he rolls the cigar to the other side of his mouth. He just seems to be staring at her for a moment, before he looks over at her disc, then back to her. He then took the cigar out of his mouth as he then gave it a close over look.

"I doubt the MCP will throw you in some game for amusement." He then looks at her. "..But he is still trying to decide what to do with you. You know, if you /really/ wanted answers you could have just /asked/."

CHIEF then raises an eye brow. "..or is asking above your ability? Cause I doubt that, Deel. I know you. We had many conversations before, but I can't help you out of this one." He admits with a frown. "And though I can maybe talk in your defense, but whatever the MCP decides, is what he decides-- and I may be the very one who has the execute it all."

"Or worse." He then goes to place the cigar back in his mouth. "..he has someone else do it." He then pauses as he takes a draw off the cigar and then puffs a ring of smoke in the air. "..this is the users world. We have to play by rules of the users. This is not the Grid and it is not TRON's little squad of renegades." He then rolls the cigar in his hands before he places it in his hand. "...and now we are going to have deal with explaining to the people why you are here and maybe even to TRON. Do you realize what a mess you have made?"
Deelel Deelel says "And do you honestly think I'd have gotton an honest answer?" MCP had taken over one world he was lose because of her she kinda didn't trust him at all when it came down to it. Being thrown into blood sport by someone kinda permately damages trust between you and them at least for the basic here. "So yes I could have asked and it woulf have alerted things. I never knew TRON before I met him here, I was just a prisnor who managed to escape." The more she thinks of it the more she realsies they let her in when it coem down to it but why. At CHEIF's statement she's got a reply but being snarky or even well on the hostile side would likely lead to more punnishment so she choses her words carefully.

"Such as the users starting to ask questions about DPS prehaps? Other than that I was going to find the truth for myself of what was going on." the TRON card gets no visual response from her but it would be a lie if there wasn't any effect.
CHIEF listens to Deelel and gives her a deadpan look. Though thanks to the shades he just seems to get a rather expressionless face for a moment, before he huffs out smoke from his nostrils. "I don't know. Do I look like I was programmed just last gigacycle?" His response was rather sarcastic and a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"You would have gotten a straight answer, at least from talking to the right people. We all have to /play/ nice here and no. The people are not going to question us, but they will wonder why we have someone like you locked in here.. this could also impact TRON's reputation, sense there are those in DPS who believe you were sent here by him." CHIEF explains as he removes the cigar one last time, huffing out smoke as he goes to put his feet down.

"So maybe if we all learn to start /trusting/ one another, things like this wouldn't start to happen. Now you have to deal with what is going to come. Including TRON and anyone else you have possibly associated with." CHIEF then places the cigar back in his mouth and starts to head for the steps. "Your a good program Deelel," He says looking over his shoulder. ".. a pretty one at that, but you sometimes seriously lack the common sense codex." Then starts to make his way up.
Deelel Deelel says "He had no idea about what was going on. I did this on my own." She goes to say something but doesn't there's been something a bit strange abotu CHIEF when she got caught but she can't place her finger on it. She had been playing nice more or less no one had been harmed she'd not made a single move that was hostile. There's not much more she can say to rebuke CHEIF She finally slumps on his way out though suprised at some of the things she said. Maybe it have been better for everyone had she not escaped the gaming pits. Just dying there a nobody that no one could care was gone? MCP wouldn't be lose at the very least right? It all came down to this was her fault everyone here was at risk and that ate at her and prehaps what was drove her here.

This scene contained 6 poses. The players who were present were: Deelel, CHIEF