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(2013-05-12 - Now)
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Emi Dennou Cloud Nine is, arguably, not really the TDA but rather the bar underneath the TDA but the two are pretty clearly associated. Emi is sitting around by her lonesome with Ami Dennou. Ami Dennou is reading Watership Down. Emi is also reading. Her book, however, is the Hound of the Baskrevilles. The two of them are being rather quiet otherwise. Ami and Emi have elected, today, to dress up similarly and both have set up their goggles on the top of their heads. Emi even has her hair down so, really, the two are practically indistinguisable if one ignores their different reading choices.

Quiet day.
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza Ingersleben has been asked, as per job description, to survey. Typically this means going to exciting, exotic locales with strange and interesting natural resources. As such, Thirza is instead in none of these places. She's in Traverse Town, at the Cloud Nine. How did she get here? It's not entirely clear. Maybe it's layover from traveling somewhere else.

Thirza looks around, perhaps a little sheepishly. When she finds Emi and Ami reading, she approaches them cautiously.

"Um, hi," Thirza begins. "I'm looking--do you happen to know how to get to the train depot from here?" A pause. "...should I like, pay for that question. I've never actually /been/ to a detective agency before."
Emi Dennou Ami looks up as Thirza steps inside first. She closes her book, stands up, walks around a bit, and then positions herself near Emi, whom she more or less puts in front of 3/4ths of her, just leaving enough space that she can look over and peer at Thirza. She jostles Emi by the arm who looks up as well at that point and finds herself resisting the temptation to demand payment for a simple question. "Are you new in Traverse Town?" Emi asks, setting her book inside. "The Network is part of the detective agency but we wouldn't charge someone for something like that, if it's just a matter of directions." She extends a hand. Today is Mother's Day, of course, but The Network has no mothers that they are aware of so there's nothing to celebrate. Course that may be superior to those who have HAD motheres but have none anymore.

"We're relatively new to the business, however. We are The Network, you can call this one Emi Dennou." She nudges Ami a bit. "This one is Ami. Pleased to meet you."
Thirza Ingersleben "Yes," Thirza says immediately. "I don't actually live here, I was passing through on my way elsewhere." She seems a little confused. "The Network? Like, what kind of network? --oh, good, because I actually don't have a lot of munny right now. Sorry!"

Thirza listens as the Dennous introduce themselves. "Oh, right. I'm Thirza. Thirza Ingersleben." Thirza considers for a moment: this isn't some sort of secret mission, is it? Should she have used a pseudonym? Probably not, but what if that's the case? It's a little troubling. She snaps back to reality suddenly.

"Nice to meet you both!"
Emi Dennou "That's alright. We can take you to the--" Emi begins, but pauses--suddenly!--as she hears the name. Thirza Ingersleben is something of a mouthful. "We are a human network." Emi says, pulling Ami a bit to the side and standing her next to her. "Do not be shy, this is a polite individual." She chastizes a bit before looking back to... Thirza Ingersleben.

"Miss Thirza...Inger...sleben? Am I pronouncing that right?" She asks. "We can show you the way if you'd like. We were just reading. If it is not trouble, may we ask where you are from originally?"
Thirza Ingersleben "That's right!" Thirza says cheerfully. A lot of people don't get it right the first time, so she's genuinely impressed. Many times she winds up just defaulting to them calling her Thirza and not even trying with the last name. She waves a little--it's a sheepish sort of wave--at Ami when's pulled out in front.

"That would be lovely!" Thirza says, and then, after a pause, "--that is, if it's not too much trouble. I wouldn't want to keep you."
Emi Dennou "It is a bit of a mouthful." Emi admits. "But names are important." She doesn't get an answer as to where she is from originally, but that's okay. Instead she props the door open for Thirza. "It's not too far. Traverse Town is not especially large." Sh e looks on over to Thirza. "Though before you go we'll have to give you our card, so if you have any cases..."

Ami quietly averts her gaze, staying close to Emi at the moment.
Thirza Ingersleben "Oh, of course! Detective agency, right?" Thirza stops for a minute, as though she realizes she forgot something. "Oh, sorry. I didn't tell you where I was from. I'm from Shiva, it's an icy continent. The town I'm from was really small...but you might have heard of Shiva before? Where are you from?"
Emi Dennou "Ah, so that must mean you're from Alexander Academy as well?" Emi asks. "We've met several people from your home. Not Shiva, I mean, though possibly some from there--but form your world. I'm from a world called Earth but as that's a common name, to be more specific, we're from a city called Vespertine City."

Emi smiles. "It of course fell to the Heartless as well."

She starts leading on to the nearby transport service once she's out.
Thirza Ingersleben "Well, mostly," Thirza mumbles. "I didn't go there very long--I was too poor to go until I got an internship with Murasame Zaibatsu..." Thirza shuffles her feet a little bit.

"Yeah," Thirza sighs. "It's kind of depressing." She follows Emi's lead.
Emi Dennou "...Murasame Zaibatsu..." Emi pauses, not moving for a few moments. She turns her head towards Thirza. "Then you are with Souji Murasame? This one worked with him on a prior mission. It was a frustrating one but we accomplished the mission well enough. We have no quarrel with him, but what is it like--working with that company? He must have lost a lot of his funds in the transition, but it seems he can still pay you."
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza shuffles her feet slightly as she walks. "Yes. I work for Mr. Murasame. He's very strict, but he really knows what he's doing," Thirza says pleasantly. "May I ask why your mission with him was frustrating?" Thirza considers for a good money. What /is/ working for Murasame like?

"I enjoy it," she says quickly, as though she's trying to disguise her pause. "I really didn't get paid very much before I came to work for him--it was a struggle to get by, really, but now I get to do all sorts of interesting things and he pays me pretty well!" Thirza looks down. "Even if I worry he thinks I'm a doofus."
Emi Dennou Emi smiles faintly, looking over. "That is a bit contradictory isn't it? If he really thought you as a doofus, he wouldn't be hiring you, or paying you that well to begin with. You must have proved yourself to him at some point." She looks around a bit before adding, "It had nothing to do with him, but the nature of the job. My skills are largely centered around the fact that this one uses electricity, The Network is humbly skilled in that regard, but that naturally led our targets to focus on us--as well as Souji, for that matter. It didn't have to be that difficult."

She pauses and then adds, "Then again, it may be the credo of beggers can't be choosers, The Network recalls that saying but it is probably not that."
Thirza Ingersleben "Oh! That would make sense," Thirza smiles. "And I guess so, I just feel like I'm not nearly as useful as I once was since we've left home. I get lost and confused easily when I'm off the ground for too long," Thirza confesses, and then, as though she realizes that saying such a thing to a near-stranger is probably a bad idea, turns bright red. "Um. I probably shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry." It takes her a moment to realize there's a topic she can latch onto. "You use electricity too?" she asks, "I bet it was a monster of some kind that was weak to it, huh? Or maybe one that fed off of it...I've seen a few of those, too."

Thirza makes a pouty face at the last comment. "I hope it isn't that."
Emi Dennou "I am sure it isn't. At the very least, he wouldn't have upgraded your pay. He could have likely replaced you with refugees if he didn't respect your skill, or drive, or both. The Network offers platitudes reckleslsy."

"Well it's probably true." Ami pipes in. "The Network doesn't know him well but..."

Emi nods. "But you're right. See? You figured it out. The Network notes it was a monster that fed off it. If it was weak to it it wouldn't have been a problem, but we had to get creative--and in the meantime they were focusing on us. Not a lot of teamwork when you don't know who you're working with."

She tilts her head. "--Though this one isn't sure what you meant by 'off the ground too long."
Thirza Ingersleben "Hmm," Thirza seems pleased with this assessment. It makes her feel more useful, even if she did recently unleash a horrible tempura Flan upon her coworkers by failing to kill one before she fried it. No matter.

"Ooh," Thirza seems interested in the monster. "What did it look like? I think monsters are fascinating. I like cataloguing new ones--" she digs through her bag for a moment and pulls out what looks kind of like a journal. "I always try to make notes on new ones whenever I'm traveling-."

Thirza seems more at home when she's talking about her 'hobby', but then Emi asks about her being off the ground. "Oh," Thirza says, "we operate off an airship, so when I'm onboard I'm not in contact with the ground--I use geomancy to navigate when I'm traveling--have you heard of it before?"
Emi Dennou Emi thinks. "Oh..." think. think. "Yes, this one thinks we may have run into it before, though we don't know much about it. If you'd like to teach us about it, we wouldn't mind. We understand the importance of being grounded." She means, of course, a different kind of grounded. "We have a friend who is very interested in being on an airship. We could introduce her, though it doesn't seem like you're very fond of it--at least not in the way that she is."

She looks at the journal. Oh my. "Mm--sort of like...walking junk piles?" Unless the player is misremembering. Entirely possible.
Thirza Ingersleben "Ohh, well. I could see if I could arrange something, though Mr. Murasame is very particular about guests on his ship. You seem nice though, so maybe we could work something out for your friend." Thirza tugs at her ponytail a little bit out of nervous habit. She moves over to let Emi see the book a bit better--Ami too, if she's so inclined.

"Yes, that's basically it. The people form that continent--it's called Odin--have metal in their bodies too. It's kind of like--well, it's like the land rejects people there and makes monsters to reclaim that metal. They're really vicious!" There's a photo pasted in of Thirza half through a wall after being clobbered by one. "Oh," Thirza makes a sour face. "That wasn't a good time."
Emi Dennou Emi says, "Well, this one doesn't mean herself, she has already stowed away before. This one would be referring to our friend Avira." She gets a good look at the book though. She doesn't ask to snoop, she isn't really on the job, but you can tell she's thinking about it without too much effort. Emi is a detective and apparently she believes that detectives are allowed to not care about privacy. Her reasoning is pretty basic. There is always the possibility of a mystery--therefore, it always pays to know as much as you can about anything at any time.

"We have met people from ODin." She says. "We were stuck to one for a while. His name is Kamon Lionwood."

Ami reaches up at the photo and looks over at it. She is, naturally, chibi in this moment.

"That is a bit strange, we had no idea they had undergone such hardship." Emi admits.
Thirza Ingersleben "Oh, yes," Thirza says. "I think they have it worse than even we do--Shivans, that is, our continent is a giant glacier--but at least it doesn't try to actively try to kill us," Thirza says this with far too much cheer.
Emi Dennou Emi thinks, living on a glacier, it must be pretty difficult. Of course living on /metal/ might be even harder. She hadn't even thought about that, treated it as a novelty...

"Incredible..." Ami murmurs. "All that, and you are still working for a way to get it back."

Emi glances away a bit awkwardly. "We would not have made the same choice, but perhaps we have learned a bit since then, The Network supposes..."
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza considers for a moment. "Oh, you adapt after a while. They built big domes to live in, mostly, though we couldn't afford to live in one of those cities. That made it kind of hard sometimes. Some people still stick with the old ways though and live--or they would live, out on the tundra."

When Ami makes her comment, Thirza looks at her curiously. "Um. Can I ask about your home?"
Emi Dennou So much for ending it there??

"Eskimos..." Ami murmurs.

Emi flicks Ami's ear. "Certainly. But we are not especially informed, we were contained to one city as part of the experiment that made us. It was not a pleasant place for us, though it was likely better off before we were made. We were awakened shortly before Armageddon." She doesn't say /how/ shortly.
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza tugs at her ponytail anxiously. "Oh, I see--wow. That's really interesting. I won't pry if it wasn't pleasant for you. I'm glad things seem to be better for you now!" Thirza smiles warmly, much more warmly than things probably were back home for her.

"Thanks for your help, again. It's not too far, is it?"
Emi Dennou Emi shakes her head, stopping by an ambiguous transport service, represented by a giant question mark hovering in the air.

"Here you go, this should take you to Luca." She says. "And thank you." She feels a bit guilty, not at anything she did, but at her attitude regarding her own world until very recently.

"N-nice meeting you." Ami stammers out.
Thirza Ingersleben "Thank you again! It was nice meeting you, too. Next time I'm in town, maybe I'll visit you again? Then I can bring news about visiting the airship for your friend, maybe!"

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