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Margaux Fleury All the hard work in moving the camp and setting it back up again was done and over with. The various members of Ramza's force have already gone off to their own devices. Some sleep and some eat while others take this down moment to practice and train.

Margaux was a member of this latter grouo and had already changed into her elaborate dancer's garb. It was the same dress that she worn in Fluorgis, but it has been mended and altered to cover up where any unsightly seems are due to repairs. The flowing bright blue and olive green dress may appear to be hard to move in. Margaux, on the other hand, seems to have no issue dancing in the garment. The elaborate trim and braiding present throughout her dress seem even more noticeable due to the crystalline trees that surround the camp. In fact, the greens and blues of her dress reflect back off these trees as she nears them and Margaux seems to be enjoy noticing this as well as having the opportunity to practice her dancing.

Because she was practicing, Margaux had decided on a spot near the edges of the camp. She would not want her unrefined dancing to be seen by the majority of the other 'heretics' until it was perfected.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza typically didn't have to oversee the construction of a camp. They were so practiced at the various tasks required for putting up and taking down temporary campsites that he didn't have to. Often, he even joined in, he always tried to set the example that even the leadership wasn't above digging latrines. For that reason, he was out of his armor, wearing only a loose tan tunic of an informal nature and breeches with his boots as he worked.

Once matters had settled down, he took a long drink from his canteen, and made some notations in his journal. About an hour later he was making a cursory inspection to see that all everything was in completion. Walking about the perimeter of the camp at a languid pace, it was only at about that time that he spied Margaux at the edge of the camp going through her routines.

For /unrefined/ dancing, it impressed him, as always. While he'd had lessons with a dancing master as a child, it had been mostly because it'd been expected of a member of the nobility, even the bastard born. He hadn't taken well to it, even if he remembered most of the steps and could manage to get through a dance on occasion without stumbling. However, just because Ramza was only a mediocre dancer didn't mean that he found no value in it. It was just an artform that he could only admire, since he had no true talent in it.

He watched at a distance, but eventually he approached her, holding up a hand to hail her, but did not speak, as he didn't wish to interrupt her routine without her leave. He lowered himself onto the grass nearby, watching the myriad of colors from the crystalline trees reflect off of her as she continues to practice her art.
Margaux Fleury Latrine digging and the use of them was one of the least glamorous things about living in a place like this. Margaux was no stranger of travel due to her being a dancer in times before now. The difference between now and then was Margaux frequently used inns to rest her head in. And inns usually had slightly better accomodations when it came to bedding and hygiene.

The dancer just has to deal with it just as she has to deal with her improvised practice area complete with a marked off 'stage' of sorts. It is here that the dancer continues to go about the opening movements of her latest dance. Unlike many of the dances that she has used in battle, this one is much slower. Her outfit compliments this style of dance well with the hanging sleeves of her dress trailing after her movements. There is a definite sadness or perhaps solemness to her dancing and the usually smiling Margaux has changed her facial expression to reflect the mood that she was aiming for.

Margaux did not expect others to be excellent dancers. In fact, she was glad that most people weren't or she would be out of a profession. Margaux eventually notices that Ramza was approaching. The auburn haired woman does not cease in her dancing, but merely goes about the finale of the opening piece which results in her grabbing the skirts of her dress and outstretchin them slightly. The purposeful design of her outfit becomes apparent as her latest movement displays the 'bird-like' qualities of dress, movements, and even the way that she has styled her hair.

"Messire Grand Heretic," greets Margaux with her eyes cast downward before slowly looking up with a smile now displayed on her face. "You 'ave caught be quite unprepared. This dance is far from finished, but what done is done." She lets her skirts go and stands up properly. "And so, I must ask; what did you think?"
Ramza Beoulve The young man would actually chortle at her greeting "Not the most apt title, Marguerite. I scarce feel like a heretic, much less a grand one. Mayhaps the dissenter would fit me better. But in the end, I think I would just prefer Ramza. What other title do I need?"

He'd put a hand up to his chin when she expressed a desire for his opinion. His expression of the sort that one might have when giving any work of art a critical eye, but then he just smiles at her. "I'm a poor critic, truly Marguerite. You are such a skilled dancer that I don't think I could find any flaw in your routine. I enjoy them all quite thoroughly, this one is no different. Mayhaps the better question for me to ask is, for what sort of occasion is this routine meant? Most of your dances are more spirited. This one.. appeared more somber."
Margaux Fleury "Not many people actually live up to their titles, given or made-up ones." Margaux replies with a slight gleam in her eyes as she continues to smile. "A cruel fallacy of our times. We would be better off without such things altogether." She goes on to say as she pretends to inspect the left sleeve of her outfit. "But, I 'ave heard members of the Church call you similar things before." Margaux's blue eyes focus on Ramza once more. "And if they proclaimed such a thing, then it must be true?" The dancer asks with a belated wink and a laugh chasing her own words.

The talk of her current dance causes Margaux to turn and look back to where her 'stage' was marked off. She takes a deep breath before finally explaining, "My thoughts 'ave been with the Death Corps as of late. I wonder how they hold' up still and if any of the aid I 'elped gather reached them." She wonders a few other things about them too, but she leaves these matters unsaid for now.
Ramza Beoulve "Mayhaps there's hope yet. Many of fragments of the worlds we're visited other than Ivalice have done away with the pretentiousness of nobility, even if there are flaws in what has risen to take it's place." He'd arch an eyebrow at her second statement, giving her a coy sort of look, "If the Glabadosian clergy began to teach tomorrow that the sky is a distinct shade of purple, there would be some who might even believe them. Rooting out heresy from their 'orthodoxy' has always been their purview. It's much harder for people to see the absurdity in it. Especially when they have a love for the drama in it. The youngest son of the Beoulve family. Now a deserter, murderer, and heretic. The story they've spun would have been popular at some of those two gil mummers shows."

He'd tilt his head slightly to the side, then look at where she'd marked off her stage, before looking at the side profile of her expression as she spoke. "Do you think that Ser Senra will go back on that, after he saw you among us in that battle?"

He'd take a moment, to consider her statement and to rub his thumb and forefinger against his brow, "There might be something that we can spare for them.. depending on the sort of aid they require."
Margaux Fleury Margaux gathers her skirts and begins idly going through a few of her dance moves as she was doing before Ramza had appeared. But, she seems much less invested in this practice and retains her smile as she dances. "Yes, you are most correct, there is indeed still hope for a better future." The redhead's smile looks a little sad, but her tone was at least sincere. The talk of the Church brings a much happier smile out of the woman. "It does make for an interesting tale," agrees Margaux before pausing in her dance once more. "But I disagree with one thing. Much more than two gil can be made in putting on such a show."

With a sly look on her face, Margaux raises her hands to block out the area around Ramza, her bangles jingling as they fall down her arms slightly. "And I think you could easily pass for the traitorous heretic should you wish to play yourself on stage." The stage in question behind her is motioned towards to. "We could always run away from this and put on shows in various towns in which we portray the dastardly tale of the heretic, Ramza!" Margaux laughs now as she dramatically spins on a slippered heel to face back towards Ramza. "We could get rich. The Church themselves may become our greatest benefactor." The redheaded dancer soon laughs again.

"I plan on visiting him myself and seeing if he would be willing to..." Margaux clutches her hands together. "...forgive me for my sins and remember the faithful among the ranks of the Death Corps." She displays a smirk for a moment before dropping the theatrics. "In honesty, I will speak with him and see if amends can be made. I believe him to be the kind sort of individual who may yet still see reason. Afterall, I only recently fought to protect him and his precious artifact from some Heartless."

Ramza's suggestion draws an appraising look from Margaux. "Anything that can be spared would be useful. Even if it is shelter from those who pursue us."
Ramza Beoulve He'd watch her idly going through her dance moves, his expression sobering as she speaks of the future, but before he can reply, she makes a jest which returns the smile to his visage, "Well it's good to know that someone can profit off my life story, even if it is one twisted and corrupted by forked tongues." His smile.. seemed a touch sad, after he finishes that statement.

The young heretic places his hands behind himself, leaning backwards. "Do you think really think so? I don't have a head for drama. Methinks that Ser Fair could play me better on the stage than I could myself. But to run away, and to get rich off the falsehoods of the Church.. to live out our days as thespians? Ah, it would be a good life. Just not for me, I think..."

He'd breathe out a sigh, "It seems a shame, that he is still naught but a pawn of the Church. You're right, he's a good enough man that he might just be willing to do that. The Inquisitor with him certainly didn't seem to notice you.. and I haven't noticed your name or face on any handbills. Just be careful Marguerite.. even if Ser Senra can be reasoned with, he is.. prickly."

The young man would nod his head, "Shelter we can offer. But would they accept it? It would be hard for most of them to let go of the hatred that they still hold for me."
Margaux Fleury "I would probably 'ave to add a thing or two to your story. There are not many grand tales out there without a love interest or an unrequited love in the very least." Margaux explains matter-of-factly before tapping a finger against her chin. "I think I prefer the former than the latter. There is already too much tragedy in this world of ours. The question is only on who shall it be?" The redhead goes through another slow set of dance moves that eventually causes her to draw nearer to Ramza. "Madame Mask might be a good choice, but perhaps it being Marlowe would be the more interesting and exciting tale to tell." Margaux takes a step back now and squares up with Ramza, her hands resting now on her hips. "No, nevermind. I think we need a trace a believability in this tale. So, Marlowe it is." She jokes with a laugh. "How is Madame Mask? Perhaps the time is right to ask 'er to dance once she fully recovers?"

The idea of Zack being entered into this fantasy causes Margaux to pause in thought. "There is no reason that Messire Fair could not join us. A proper troupe usually has more than two actors or actresses." Ramza stating that such a life would not be for him draws a sad nod from Margaux. "I thought that would be your answer. A shame, it would be sucha carefree life to live in comparsion to..." The camp around them is motioned to. "...this."

Faruja would be a difficult case to deal with. But Margaux would not have gotten this fair in life without taking a risk here and there. "I'll make sure that I have a plan to escape, just in case. I'll just be sure to wear something a little less memorable than this." She reassures simply before moving right along to that last matter. "I accepted your offer for shelter, eventually. I surey cannot speak for all of them, but these are desperate times. Who knows? They may even see the truth in your side of things as I 'ave."
Ramza Beoulve His expression actually sombers once again, though he speaks in a bashful tone, "To speak truly, there's more truth in... both scenarios, than in either one, or the other."

He was quiet again, as he considered what to confide, "Let us just say that.. she is interested in me, but I don't believe she loves me. And I have trouble settling for anything less. I do believe I.. love her." He'd rub his forehead the admission was a confusing one for him. On her next statement he again manages a chuckle, "I think we should leave Marlowe out of the tale-spinning, unless you wish for him to be relieved of all of his his teeth. He's lost enough already in his philandering."

He'd smile wanly at Margaux, "The type of dance she prefers is with blades.. though mayhaps I shall offer her a dance once she's out of her convalescence."

A smile at her, "Is that so? Already planning ahead, are you? And who else would you take with us, to fill out the remaining cast?"

He rubs his eyes, giving her a sort of chagrined smile, "It's not in me to walk away from the path that I've chosen. A carefree existence.. it is so tempting, but I cannot just.. leave this. All of this."

He'd just nod in regards to Faruja, the Burmecian did not typically try to set traps at least. He was guileless and usually made his intent rather plain.

He'd nod in acceptance of that, "Then you may feel free to bring any to us that need shelter for a time. They're welcome to stay as long as they require."
Margaux Fleury Margaux cannot help but lean in slightly when Ramza's speaks about that part of his life. There was always an allure in being to see what makes another person tick and to hear of their dreams and aspirations. Sometimes all of these things can be related to each other. And on the other side of things, inquiring minds sometimes simply want to know the who and other details about such topics. "Please retain such beliefs, Messire Ramza. There are far too few who do these days. And you never will truly know unless you ask." She won't push the topic any further as she had already offered Ramza the opportunity to ask her for advice. "You are perhaps wise in saying that, the less spoken about the Marlowe...the better." She concludes succinctly on -that- topic.

"Again, you are correct there. But sometimes is the mere offer and thought behind it that means more than the literal act." Margaux says with a grin. "Who would I take? Madame Mask, of course, as she already has the flare for theater. As for the rest...." Margaux pauses and shrugs her shoulders. "There can always be auditions."

The other matters that Ramza brings up get a nod from Margaux in response. "I shall pass on word then. You may even find yourself with a new recruit or two." She offers brightly with a laugh. "But I should not keep you 'ere for too long. There are probably important things for you to be doing and I 'ave the most important thing for myself to be doing as well." Margaux gestures grandly to the stage before beginning to make her way over. "Practice." She answers before offering a parting wave to Ramza.

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