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(2013-05-12 - 2013-05-12)
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Shiki Misaki In order to make a weapon, you need components. In some cases, you need other weapons to bootstrap together! Fortunately, the art of item synthesis is at its peak in Daguerreo, and moogles the world over come here to train.

What we're going to do today is not exactly glamorous or exciting, but there will be no handouts here- to make your weapons, Kumoto has asked you to acquire the loot with your own hands.

As a result, we're journeying out into that area his apprentice mentioned- and she's come with you, too, because she's got something she claims will help find items (it's a little chunky silver ring with a bell on it, and are you going to argue her now she's done so much for you?).

Apparently a boil of Noise are building up and agitating the monsters around here. It's a hotspot of dangerous activity and the artisans can't defend themselves very well, so you're going to erase the problem and collect items at the same time. Supposedly, if you smash Heartless occasionally they drop little treasure-chest-patterned balls, like munny and health globs. And Shiki's got a big wooden stick to train with!

Out we sally into the supposed site of the problem. It's a lake.

There is already evidence of combat that's been going down- scorches and shredded trees and cracked stone walls.

"This must be where Neku met Sho..."
Lenn Lenn nods to Shiki. "And Neku seems to be a tough customer... I'm sure he's all right, Shiki." She puts a hand on her friend's shoulder. She's got a wooden sword on her own belt, and she's keeping her own eyes out for lootables.
Lily Lily's brought her wooden rapier but isn't really so certain how useful it's going to be against the Heartless the group's come across. More than a couple anyways.

Lily hops in front of Shiki and Lenn with her weapon at the ready however, adopting a balanced stance that probably would've helped her months ago in many other situations. Stances! Such a simple idea and she never thought about it.

"We'll run into him again... I get this weird feeling about it! But for now... what will we do with all the Heartless?! They're going to cause trouble!"
Evja "Who?"

That was all Evja could ask in response to this talk of 'Neku'. The Viera wasn't there, and though they'd heard of the issues with Priel, things regarding Neku? Evja had no idea who they were. Though she wasn't going to be an ass and say 'If that fellow was that strong, no, probably they were dead.' like she was thinking. They do point out the noise/heartless, however, and the Viera is left to sigh softly. "I really do wish these things would simply cease to exist."
Shiki Misaki Well, you gotta give it a try, right? Can't get better unless you get practical experience. Kumoto even 'implied' this was better than tons of training in Daguerreo.

"My friend, Evja. You missed him... probably for the best, since it happened when Priel peeled out on us. Good thing she didn't hurt you on her way out..."

"I hope we don't run into the reapers today..." Shiki says worriedly, following behild Lily as the group makes their way through the trees.

So, who's going to be first to hit the barrier?

Yes, there is a beehive-type barrier around the lake. Someone will slap face first into it, the field coming to life as soon as it's contacted. Through the field...

You can see some really terrible stuff.

Seething in the middle of the lake is a luminous purple shadow glob, the pure physical manifestation of the Heartless' power of darkness. Within the lake there are...

Well, a lot of things. Gigan Octopi and Worm Hydras, Dubstep Bats and Popguins, Pot Spiders and Rare Vendors, Living Pods, Air Soldiers, Grindcore Minks and more... and more... and more...

"...c-cuz we've got more than enough problems here..."
Lenn Lenn does hit the barrier... and her eyes widen. "Oh.... that's... a problem." She looks to the apprentice. "Um... you might want to find somewhere to hide. And... maybe call an army?" She looks around. "Yeah, I didn't think so. Jeeze, if this hits Dagurreo, it's toast... and then they move on..."
Lily "Wh-what made so much Heartless?! Why are they EVERYWHERE?!" Lily's voice is growing hoarse with frustration as she SCREAMS at the distant army of Heartless. Lightning and fire crackle about her, setting her hair and robes ruffling and whipping about, as power gathers in her free hand...!
Evja "..."


Good thing Priel didn't 'hurt him' on the way out. No point in telling them /right now/ that Priel is still around. "They are just things. There is no reason to get so upset you hurt yourself or act irrationally." Evja says 'encouragingly' towards Lenn, almost chidingly, really. Mostly because her voice didn't seem /right/. "If you are worried and do not think you can fight, then stay back and keep from causing the others problems in having to keep you safe."

That may sound a bit harsh, but the Judge didn't seem to think she had any issues, because two spears came out and she jumped right towards the pool of monsters, fully planning to take them on without any hesitation.
Shiki Misaki *plink*

The barrier firmly- but not violently- rebukes Evja's leap forward, but much like banging on the glass of a fishtank, it certainly gets attention. The monsters on the other side react and get quite agitated--

"Oh hey, finally."

There's someone sitting in a tree. A man in a hoodie and big baggy pants, he has most of his face obscured by a red bandana. His wings and the markings on his sleeves mark him out as a Reaper.

"Surprised you didn't get the mission notification."
"I'm not a Player any more!" Shiki snaps, waving her staff at him.

"Uh?'re not? Ah, I went to all this trouble setting things up..."

"Get down here so I can shove this stick up your butt!"

"Eh.... nah. Well, if you guys ain't Players, you soon will be, I guess."

He flourishes a Key Pin, and the barrier goes down in a sparkle of stardust. "Tell you what! I'll keep the mission going anyway. Defeat at least... hmmm... seventy-five enemies."

"Y-you can't..." Kumoto's apprentice half-shouts. Shiki grips her staff, and Mr. Mew pops out from under her hat.

"We've gotta! Or Daguerreo is going to get wiped out!"
Lenn Lenn holds up her hand. "As I understand it... Players are pretty obvious?" No timer. She draws out her wooden sword. "While I don't know about a wooden practice weapon against these things..." She opens up her pouch and leaves it open for access. "There's no blunting my magic!"
Lily The wings, the everything... Lily frooooowns at the hoodie guy. "What's WRONG with you people?!" She screeches up at him, flailing her energy-wreathed hand, then immediately focuses on the Heartless down below...
Evja Bonk. Evja is knocked back and looks a fair bit confused. "So the barrier holds." Then someone is revealed, Shiki seemingly having some idea what is going on. Evja falls silent and lets the exchange and threats of butt-sticking go on before he starts to laugh softly, "Well, you lot are certainly riled up today."

Beneath the veil the Viera smiled as he stepped back, letting the girls decide how they were going to handle the situation. Sure, he was still there, but apparently they were... well, feeling arather fightey today.
Shiki Misaki "Some reapers are just a little slow on the draw," Shiki says distastefully.
BJ frowns. "Hey! Now it's 76!"

Kumoto's apprentice puts her hand on Lily's shoulder. "Remember."

Shiki looks at the huge mass of darkness- almost a hundred shadowy bodies with yellow lamplight eyes, and writhing many-tentacled monsters besides wallowing in the water. Her knuckles are white but she can't falter.

"...are you really going to do this?" the apprentice asks. Shiki nods.

"...well, then."

She moves into the sack she was carrying...

And tosses three new metal weapons to Shiki, Lenn and Lily. Then, she puts on two chunky metal-backed gauntlets.

"You have all proven to me that you have purity and determination, to be sure. I have watched you and spoken to you in confidence, you saved my life... If we make it out of this..."

She clenches her fist. "/I/ will make for you weapons that will serve you excellently on your long journey. I..."

"Am the Legendary Smith of Saronia. And I will fight by your side!"

And the Heartless rush forward! It's time to fight!
Lenn Lenn quickly drops the wooden sword to catch the tossed blade. She then quickly scoops up the wooden one to resheath. She just wasn't confident she could CATCH the thing safely while holding the stick in one hand." She then quickly pulls out some crystals, while the horde rushes them... and starts bombarding them with magic to try to thin them out some while they approach.
Lily With the heartless rushing forward, Lily is strangely calm. Or rather, she's focused, far more focused than she usually is, despite the frustrated yelling at the Reaper. She nods once to Kumoto's apprentice... and the elemental power she's displaying shifts.

As does her apparent mood. The flames and lightning dwindle to be replaced with a flowing aura of cold, gently rippling mist. It's unlike the prior displays of raw, elemental fury she's been prone to showing and imbuing others with by proximity.

The Heartless are boulders causing ripples in her still, crystal lake. Their movements become obvious to her as she exhales long, slowly, calmly... then enters a powerful sprint backed by small gales of rocketing wind to make up for her weak body.

In she goes as soon as the Heartless are free, aiming for the smaller ones first with her wooden rapier for a few good thrusts!
Evja Huh.

Evja watched in surprise as the girls started to seemingly fight, and then the woman he has rescued from the trap suddenly reveals herself to be this 'legendary smith' and not the moogle.


Well, that makes a little more sense. Even if the Viera had all the respect in the world for moogles, 'being strong smiths' and 'weapons crafters' wasn't something he exactly knew them for. And for a moment he hesitated, planning on letting Shiki, Lenn and Lily test themselves against the beasts. But if the Smith thought it prudent enough to put on weapons and join in the cluster of monsters and heartless and noise to fight, who was Evja to argue against such? "You shall all survive, I shall make sure of that. Focus on winning and I shall focus on protecting the four of you."

And to that effect that was what the Viera was focusing on. Being the Judge, really. Not that he could extend the Law Magics to them because of clan laws etc., but he could still protect them from being hurt as best he could.
Shiki Misaki You'd be surprised! Many moogles are learning the art of synthesis these days. But that's neither here nor there.

It's dual-wielding time for Lily and Lenn, and ... well, does it count if Shiki uses a staff and Mr. Mew? Everyone squares off against the rushing horde--

And it's time for a coordinated assault! Lenn tosses her crystals to give Lily covering fire as she rushes forward. The fight is on!

With Evja there to watch their backs, no less. But that might be difficult! He's got those black taboo bats to deal with, plus the flying Heartless with their weird flying contraptions.

Lily lands right onto a big squishy octopus, already pre-chilled with an ice attack. Water bursts up in huge crystalline plumes.

Shiki immediately moves toward Lily, keeping herself close and assuming Evja will watch Lenn's back. For the first time in memory she doesn't immediately call for a pact, instead grabbing her staff with both hands and slapping Living Pods back as they try to sneak in their magic hand attacks.
Lenn Bombardment only works for so long.

When the enemies approach, the first one gets sworded before Lenn goes defensive. She dodges, parries, strikes only when she's got a clear shot, and keeps a crystal in her free hand... When one small Heartless pounces over Lily who's rushed forward (and probably busy with octopus) a burst of flame from the elf turns it to dust.
Lily Lily's really new at this, and let's face it-- not really that skilled with melee yet. But her spiritual grasp of the elements guides her as the Octopus blasts her with water.

The water blasts her back, forcing her to hunker down and let it blast past, flow around... and then...


She thrusts her weapon through it once the flow dwindles, straight for the Octopus Heartless!
Shiki Misaki Flow, etc.

The interesting part is how effectively everyone is working at a team. Watching one anothers' backs, and so on. When Lily takes a little knock, Lenn watches her back, and Shiki watches hers. And we've got Evja to watch all of us!

Distinct and powerful magical blasts punch out Heartless one after another, and with a critical strike to the heart of an Octopus it deflates with a squidgy, nasty noise. Lenn is untouchable, parrying the swinging limbs of the Grindcore Mink partnership and the swirling blades of the Dubstep Bats.

The Worm Hydras- two of them- lumber through the water from the back line, their multiple heads spraying dense streams of venom and extreme cold. Shiki takes refuge behind one of the ice pillars to protect herself from a spray of gunk, swinging her staff in wide arcs to shatter the ceramic bodies of pot spiders.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mew squares off against a Rare Vendor, cranking its large dial ... and getting a handy chunk of mythril for his troubles. Reaction command succesful!

"Hey, cool! Lucky!"
The Legendary Smith holds her ring up and smiles.
Lenn Lenn DOES take a near-miss, however, the elven woman's blouse getting torn by a Dubstep Bat blade, that puts her further on the defensive. "Yikes, that was close." She's careful about her attacks, but eventually, she does attack again... slowly.
Lily Lily's not quite in her element here, all up close with the things. When her oponent DEFLATES she promptly backpedals. She does offer backup to Shiki though, gesturing-- and sending sprays of ice that quickly arrange into spiky icicles at the Worm Hydras, aiming to impale their necks and bind them to the ground!
Shiki Misaki It's kind of lucky we're in such a watery environment, isn't it? More and more ice is clogging up the environment, entabgling the large monsters and reducing their mobility. However, on the converse...FR
With so many big pieces of ice in the area, there's a lot of slippy-slidey and a lot of splashy-wadey, and there's Heartless with spindly legs and wings to stay out of it.

Things are going to start becoming troublesome. We've got what it takes to avoid damage, but...

There's a LOT of enemies. And the battlefield is getting clogged. Shiki finally breaks down one of those Living Pods and scores a treasure ball, but ...

It took a lot of effort. There are smaller and weaker enemies like the bats and the scorpions, and the huge and dangerous ones like the worm hydras and the Minks. And of course there are VALUABLE ones like the Vendors.

BJ is still watching, and this may be getting tiring. What do you do?
Lily The rapier's useful, but there's a critical flaw. It can only handle one thing at a time. Lily hops back upon realizing the tide's not going ANYWHERE at that rate... and instead gestures, stretching out with her control over the water. A faint glow fills a large chunk of the water as her mana infuses it.. and quite suddenly...

She launches an enormous, freezing globe at a large GLOB of monsters. It's so chilled that contact causes freezing, and then bursting and breaking with ice crystals launching everywhere!

"This is easy with so much water around!"
Lenn Lenn's running out of options... and room... The crystals she uses are usually returned to the pouch once spent. She frowns, and pulls out a trio. "You guys shouldn't have pushed me this far..." She tosses the crystals in front of her, and breaks them with a slash of her sword, which creates a much bigger wave of energy... first freezing the enemies it hits, then smashing them with a blast of wind, and THEN bursting them to flame....
Shiki Misaki Never forget that when you're bashing things with a weapon, you have... y'know... other stuff.

Explosive power shakes the lake, pieces of ice flying in all directions, some as big as refridgerators. Fire dances over the water (and the Heartless), and causes disarray all over the place, things smashing and shattering and monsters falling with plops into the water. As Lenn and Lily unleash their magic, Shiki stands firm with Evja slamming whatever gets close...

And BJ blows a whistle.

"Alright, you got it! I'm as good as my word. Should'a gone with more worm hydras."

He warps the remaining monsters and Noise back into the dark corridors, opening one himself to step through. "You might not be playing it but the game never stops."
Lenn Lenn pants as the monsters all vanish. "I guess... we won?" She looks around, and seeing no monsters... collapses to her knees. "I am wiped out..."
Lily "...What is the PROBLEM..." Lily gasps out as the monsters all vanish, her eyes now turning towards BJ, "With this game of yours? it's not a game. People get hurt. People cry! My friends are getting hurt and crying inside! Who started this game?!"
Shiki Misaki BJ is impassive behind his face-mask bandana.

"And sometimes people die, too. Them's the breaks. You're asking questions way above my station, sorry. You'll have to go chase after people with more authority."

And away he goes.

The Legendary Smith wades across the ice and picks up Lenn. "I apologise for the deception, but I wanted to see your true natures and speak to you without any authority. I'm happy that you reached my expectations!"

She cracks open a treasure ball. "I will use what we've collected to make weapons that match your natures. It'll take a few days to make all of them, but I'm sure you'll be pleased. You can use them to progress towards the goals you spoke of."

Shiki bows deeply. Her hat falls off and drops into the water.

Shiki Misaki :O

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