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Some Things Are Better Left Buried
(2013-05-12 - 2013-05-12)
Sanel wanders into the Crossroad, determined to enter the Castle of Oblivion. However, a mysterious gate to another world opens. The figure leading him in learns that some memories are better left buried within the darkness.
Sanel It is a place that is plain as day.

It is a simple crossroad admist the golden hills. However, it is strange that the simplest place can offer the hardest choices. There are different paths that a person can take that will affect what happens to their lives.

This is the Crossroad.

There is a boy who eternally wanders around from place to place, trying to find something. He doesn't know what. Perhaps it is true happiness. Perhaps it is a purpose. Or it could be some super special pet.

Nevertheless, the blue haired boy wanders along the Crossroad, looking back up towards the Castle of Oblivion.

Luso Clemens "Heh heh heh..."

In some other space, a certain figure chuckled to himself, watching a mirror which revealed a view of the Crossroad. That view also showed Sanel wandering aimlessly with a look of awe in his eyes.

The perfect candidate.

Off to the side, in the grass, the ground began to shift as a golden, ornate mirror rose up, standing tall and ominous with a faint white glow radiating from the surface...

"Enter my world, little lost lamb. It is time to see just what...lies within your memories." The figure mumbled to himself with anticipation, watching Sanel's movements...
Sanel The Castle of Oblivion has been a great deal of interest for a long time. Sanel had gazed at the place very often. However, every time he had tried to enter, something would always distract him or some people would do bad things to him.

Not this time.

A look of determination fills Sanel's eyes. This time, Sanel will enter the castle. This time, Sanel will make his way to see what lies within the mysterious castle. Nothing shall stop---

--Oooh mirror.

The Castle is forgotten about in favor for the new ornate mirror that popped up. As the ominous glow radiates from that mirror, Sanel follows the shining light and enters through the mirror.
Luso Clemens Pause.

Blink. Another blink.

"Seriously? That was far too easy! He did not even stop to make sure it was safe!" The figure spoke incredulously, having to keep himself from falling over in surprise. "...I have heard that some people can be rather dim, but this certainly takes the cake."

Oh well! The boy was snared. Time to lead him within. Having entered the mirror, the light grew blinding, obscuring the surroundings and once it fades, Sanel found himself standing on a white stone bridge. One end was broken and led only to an empty void... The other direction led to a large castle. Pure white in color to constract with the black spacial void that made up it's surroundings.

Going up a set of wide stairs to accomodate many people climbing side by side at the same time, one would eventually see a set of tall, marble doors. Much taller than any human. ...They began to slowly creak open, as if inviting a guest within...
Sanel The bright light has a negative effect on the boy. It temporarily blinds the boy's good eye. This allows the eye hidden beneath the hair to become the leading and only eye. He winces, clutching onto his face until it all becomes clear.

Now, he is standing upon a stone bridge. With one end being broken and out to a void, the other led to the large castle. It looks like it is no contest as to which path to take. So, Sanel is walking along the pure white path.

While traveling along the path, Sanel took the time to admire the surroundings, though the black void left a lingering sadness in the boy. "Black Void looks bad." Then, he turns his eyes towards the door. "Ooohh... Big door!"

As they creaked open, Sanel's eyes lift up to see the open space. He walks inside, taking his role as the invited guest to start his way into the area. "Ooh..."
Luso Clemens "Truly, this must be the easiest one yet. ...Hmn, perhaps not. Some others were quite...special. To say the least." The figure mused aloud to himself, leaning forward in his seat to continue watching Sanel's progress. Regardless of the boy's apparent mental facilities, the outcome would no doubt hold some level of interest. Perhaps.

And as Sanel stepped through into the main foyer of the castle, he would see a single wide hallway directly ahead of him, and then spiral staircases on either side of him. But those were far less interesting than the hall for sure. Just the disparity of immediate architectural design seemed to bring out the hallway ahead while downplaying the fact that there were even other places to go. The fact that everything so far was pure white helped as well.

Even from this point though, one could see into the hall. It was wide and stretched straight on. The most interesting aspect of this hallway however was the fact that on the walls of both sides were mirrors. Hanging periodically at certain points. They were seemingly silver in color on the surface with ornate golden framing illustrating various creature motifs such as chimeras, dragons, and such...
Sanel Now within the main foyer, Sanel wanders along the single hallway. It's wide and there are spiral staircases. "Nngh." It's not interesting. In fact, Sanel sticks his tongue out. "Tttthhp!"

Hallway is nicer. So, Sanel is wandering along the hallway. With his exploration, he continues to explore the large hallway. There are mirrors all around. The boy then looks over to the ornate illustrations. "Oooh..."

He reaches over to touch the ornate framing. Hopefully, he doesn't accidentally knock anything over.

Well, this is Sanel, something WILL get knocked over.
Luso Clemens "Annnnnnnd let's begin the game~" The figure chuckled, twirling about a white scepter in his hand. The tip began to glow with some sort of magic and suddenly, the mirror Sanel was looking into began to flicker. Showing some sort of image. Since he was looking at the first mirror on the left side of the hall, what he saw were his parents, and himself as an infant.

...It would not stop there, if Sanel would proceed down the hallway, all of the mirrors on the left side of the hallway seemed to read his mind, displaying people and memories from his past. All leading up to who he is now. But on the right side of the hall was something else. A different series of events were being played out with each passing mirror. They were not the events that he grew up with. They were different. Perhaps his parents were still alive. Perhaps he and his brother were never captured by /that man/. ...Perhaps that girl was never killed. ...Perhaps he never lost his eye...perhaps....perhaps...

But what did he see? What did his mind show him on the right side? Only Sanel would know.
Sanel Magic starts filling the air, which causes that eye that is normally hidden to start glowing. Magic is amiss and it is directed towards the mirror that flickers before him. Those images.... On one of the mirrors. It shows his parents, him, and his twin brother. A small farm.

Sanel peers along the mirrors, unable to find any sort of familiarity within it.

"...Ooh! That looks like Sanel! ...and that looks like Sanel too?" He furrows his eyebrows.

As he proceeded down the hall, the boy can see the images in the mirror. His pace starts to slow down. Earlier, he had a brisk, awe-filled walk as he took everything in. With each step he took, it felt like an additional set of weights accompanied each step.

His eyes drift over towards how his life played out.


The eyes turned towards the right. The sight that has been laid out before him stops every single movement.

In fact, Sanel is becoming lifelessly motionless. His head lowers to where a veil of shadow covers his eyes. The expression is difficult to tell, but his lips are neutral.

There are some things that were better left buried.

His lips curl to a snarl.

0The crimson eye lights up.

The temperature becomes frighteningly frigid. Slipping from the boy's body, the temperature within the halls of the mirror steps into the Below Zero category. Like wild-fire, frost and ice slips out and starts covering the mirrors within seconds.

The trails of ice emerges and begins sweeping up the entire castle, bit by bit.

An ominous blue and black glow eminates from the boy, his hair covering his entire face.

0Yet... only the red eyes are visible.

Destruction is now left within the wake.
Luso Clemens "Heh heeeeeh...There it goes~" The figure spoke with an entertained glee as Sanel began to slow down with each passing mirror. It seemed like something was struck. What would happen now? "No, what is your reaction?" He mused, rubbing his chin lightly as he watched.

Yet, those entertaining moments of earlier suddenly vanished as he could feel cold creeping even up to the higher levels of the castle. The walls gradually were beginning to frost over and even the surface of the mirror he was watching was becoming obscured. "...What manner of devilry is this?" The figure spoke, expecting no answer as he was only one here. Frowning with equal parts worry and curiosity, he reached forward and wiped away the frost from the mirror's surface, looking into it again to see Sanel.

But what he saw instead was a veritable cloud of black. Only two red eyes could be seen through the haze. "...Just who is this boy!?" He demanded again rhetorically, a cold sweat running down the side of his face. Or rather, it would have if it hadn't gotten frozen mid descent.
Sanel Everything must disappear.
Everything must perish.
Perish. Disappear.

The chilling frost continues to cover the entire castle, seeking to consume everything within its path. It expands outside of the castle, seeking to tear through the life outside of it.

Within the very center of the area, the young boy is standing in the midst of it all. He has not even moved an inch since the last thing he saw. There is only a grit of his teeth.

Rage is the only thing left in him.

Adding to the complications, that glow along the boy becomes brighter. It is as if a nuclear reactor has started. There is a glow radiating from beneath his shirt as the energy bleeds through. If anyone was to become within the boy's proximity, the sheer power of the gravity would likely cause an aneurysm.

Everything around the boy is about to reach critical mass soon.
Luso Clemens "Hrm...Well, this certainly looks like a rather grim predicament." The man grumbled to himself, wiping away frost from the mirror again while simultaneously rubbing his arms for warmth. "I know a ticking time bomb when I see one. This boy..." The figure hrmed, narrowing his eyes at the sight of the unmoving Sanel within the hall of mirrors.

"He must be removed. A simple task, really, but where should I put him..." He mused to himself, glancing aside as he thought about it. It would be hilarious to drop the boy into the middle of Traverse Town and watch everyone panic as a nuclear winter is suddenly set upon it. But alas...he didn't need that kind of heat on him right now.

"Perhaps a mountain range..." Yes, that would be perfect. The Sabil Mountain range would do. The boy would be able to explode in peace there. Perhaps a few critters would get iced, but no matter! And the aftermath? The church zealots could have fun with it. Nodding to himself, he took hold of his scepter, twirling it once before pointing it upwards.

"Begone from this place. Yours is a kind I would rather not trifle with." The man spoke clearly, his voice echoing throughout the castle this time. As he did this, a white light began to envelop Sanel. A warp spell aimed to displace and drop him at the designated location. Lest his castle be destroyed.
Sanel The motionless child continues to have everything within the castle consumed by ice. And yet it merely acts as the stage to set the process in motion. The ticking time bomb is seeking to tear everything apart.

However, his mind becomes fully blank. His head lifts up, eyes rolling to the back of his head. His chest pushed out and his arms are out behind him. The glow is becoming apparent.


However, as the white light envelops the boy, Sanel is already glowing with that blinding light, ready to detonate.

It was only that second to act that saved the keeper and his entire world from becoming completely destroyed.

However.. out within the open area...

Those who traveled nearby the Sibil Mountain Range could see a large light erupt from the sky. Those who could feel magic from around the place could feel a horrible power that casts off.

...And yet, as everything clears..

Sibil Mountain Range is a place that has been covered in ice. It looks like an entire winter wonderland. Ice shards are all over the place and the rocky structure is given frosty sheen to them. Everything within the area is frozen.

Snowfall drops. Creatures within it had been wiped out.

Left alone is none other than the young boy, Sanel. Blood drips past his eyes and mouth and his jacket is in tatters. It exposes the sleeveless black shirt and the scars.

Worst yet, the black collar that is breathing.

Sanel's eyes lift up, gazing at the sky. His vision is blurry, but his eyes start to fall shut as he is able to manage out a song.

"o/~ Where are you, my light? Farther from my hand?
o/~ I reach out to you and... call you to my arms.
o/~ For that day that you will stay with me tonight...
o/~ And guard me from the darkness that haunts me.... o/~"

Although the vision is blurry, he can see the smiling face of a young girl. Her voice is so familiar.

~ "Would you like to see the sunlight, Sanel?" ~

A faint smile grows. The vision is fading as everything blackens before him.

~ "I'll be able to show you someday once we get you out of this dreadful place, I promise." ~

Everything is back into the darkness.
Luso Clemens Back at the Crossroads, the mirror that had pulled Sanel in shuffled back into the ground, as if it were never there to begin with. The Mirror Master would not surface again for something.

...He needed to pick better targets.

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