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(2013-05-11 - Now)
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Brooklyn On a night like tonight, Brooklyn is glad to be here. New York makes him happy. At the moment, the weather is not very good, to say the least, but the gargoyle likes the rain. The dark storm clouds occasionally flash lightning, lighting up his form as he remains perched on the edge of one of the skyscrapers in downtown.

His eyes are focused on the Eyrie Building, and although he can't see it, are looking at the castle which rests above the storm clouds, high atop that massive structure. For his part, he seems content to sit in the rain and ponder, considering crime is usually kept to a minimum on nights like tonight. He hasn't felt the need to go out into the worlds around Manhattan, not since he got his home back. He's happy here.
Avira Manhattan was nice-not precisely home for Avira, but more than enough. Ever since this place had returned, she felt an overwhelming sense of peace while here. Not even the rather lousy weather could get her down right now.

The scarred woman, from Brooklyn's vantage point, walks along the sidewalk. She doesn't carry an umbrella on her and has instead opted for a long cloak to keep the rain off of her.

The gargoyle will notice that this woman is pretty set in this destination. She seems to be heading towards the Eyrie Building.
Brooklyn He recognizes her. How could he not, after all? Anyone looking at the building Brooklyn was on would, because of the weather, just see another one of the New York skyline's gargoyles. However between flashes of lightning, one disappears.

Taking to the sky, he swoops down towards the ground entrance to the Eyrie Building. Xanatos told him long ago that the clan was welcome back there any time, for helping to save the city, but Brooklyn has not felt the need to take him up on that offer yet. Tonight, however, he may just do that.

He lands on the sidewalk in front of the main entrance to the building, and waits for Avira. Because of everything that has happened, the few people who are still out and about don't pay him too much attention. Monsters are, after all, starting to become the norm here in Manhattan.
Avira Rain slips off of dark green hood covering Avira's head. The cloak is made of pretty thick, apparently oiled fabric that withstands the heavy drops. Though it keeps her dry, it doesn't offer her much in the way of visibility.

Yet for a brief second, Avira looks skywards, feeling eyes upon her. She sees a silhouette of a gargoyle, but in a flash, it is gone.

Only once she has passed several blocks and begins her final approach of the Eyrie building does she spy the gargoyle again. His identity is unmistakable to Avira-Brooklyn looks much different than Percival or Deidra. She hesitates for a few seconds before continuing.

"Brooklyn." she greets pleasantly. "How are you? It's...been a while."
Brooklyn "I am doing quite well, thank you." Brooklyn replies, "How have you been? I haven't seen you since...Well, since we got Manhattan back." He says, "Got an appointment with Xanatos or something? I mean I don't mean to pry, just honest curiosity."
Avira ", not bad. All things considered." Avira smiles weakly. "I did a bit of resting for a little while."

She looks up, past Brooklyn, to the castle lifted above the clouds. "I don't have an appointment...I was actually kind of hoping to just walk in and talk to him but that's not usually how it works with the super rich, does it?" she drops her gaze back down to the red-skinned gargoyle and resumes her weak smile.

"By the way...I wanted to apologize. For showing such an unpleasant side of myself those months ago. With the...Hades thing."
Brooklyn The gargoyle actually laughs slightly, "It doesn't work that way, unfortunately. First you'd have to get past Owen, and good luck with that." He hrms, "We could always go in from the top, of course. Usually easier to avoid security that way." He grins slightly, "And apology accepted. It wasn't really needed in the first place, but thank you. I was...Well, I wasn't mad at you, so much as I was mad at...Everything. The situation. But that's all done now."
Avira "Owen? Who's that?" Avira clearly knows very little about how Xanatos runs things. "Go in from the top?" Her eyes absolutely light up at that suggestion because, with Brooklyn around, she knows -exactly- what it means. "Maybe we should go in from the top. Anyway, I just want to warn him about Garland. He might try to do something to this place out of spite. I don't know for sure but I don't want to take any chances."

Her apology is accepted and Avira sighs in relief. "I think it was needed....I endangered a lot of people. Hurt them even. But you're right, it's all over now and it's /never/ going to happen again."
Brooklyn "You can tell me about Garland on the way." Brooklyn says, as he looks around, "This weather might make finding thermals kind of hard, but this is a city, so there's always something. Just need to find a steam vent or something." He motions for her to follow him.

"My personal opinion of Xanatos hasn't changed, but that is because I don't like being used. I won't deny he helped defend the city when it came to it, though." He is looking for the telltale signs of a steam vent so they can get above it to get some lift, "I have been considering...Adventuring. At least a bit. The city seems safe enough since we have it back. But I don't want to just up and abandon it."
Avira Avira taps her fingers together in excitement at the thought of flying. Or gliding, more specifically as she's not unaware of how gargoyles get themselves airborne. "Maybe climb up the side of a building a little? Get a little higher first?"

Evenly, she nods, "I remember saying you and the mutates of the Labyrinth had some pretty unpleasant history with him." she follows along after him. "I know the feeling. After losing this place twice, I don't want to see it fall again. B..but at the same time, adventuring IS a lot of fun."
Brooklyn "Well, he did mutate them against their will..." A pause, "Well...Sevarius did. But Xanatos was complacent in the matter, so it was as much his fault as Sevarius'." Brooklyn replies, "And yes, we will need to get a bit higher. You might be able to fly, as a mutate, but I still have to glide.." He grins and then finds the steam vent, as he moves to start climbing up a nearby building.
Avira Her eyes narrow a little and a breath is sucked in as the name 'Sevarius' is brought up. "Was he now. Why? Why did Xanatos do nothing?" It quickly becomes clear that there's a lot she really didn't understand about the kind of man Xanatos was.

"It was pretty exhausting." Avira notes, "Flying that is. Fun, but it made me hungry all the time." She waits, assuming he'll swoop down to grab her once he gets airborne. Fortunately for Brooklyn, Avira is petite and easy to lift.
Brooklyn "Well...Long story short, he wanted to get at Elisa, and us through her, so he had Sevarius mutate her brother and then fake Sevarius' death in order to make him think there was no cure. Eventually he decided to stay as he is, despite the mutation, because he liked it. Some of the others didn't like their mutations quite as much, though."

He offers a hand from a few feet up, "Come on, I'll carry you up on my back. I may not be Goliath, but I'm still strong enough to lift you."
Avira "A human friend of yours, I take it?" Elisa was another unfamiliar name to her. Still, this brings a deeper frown. "He seems to do a lot to target those around you instead of engaging you directly. I don't like that kind of thing at all. It's...cowardly."

There's a guilty look on her face. Maybe she herself should have stayed mutated.

"I don't weigh all that much. Skoll's even called me a runt before." she laughs, taking his hand and pulling herself up onto Brooklyn's back. She's careful to not impair his wings or squeeze his neck with her arms.
Brooklyn "She's...Well, she's all of our friend, but her and Goliath spend a lot of time together...And both of them went missing before the Heartless attacked. I am always worried about it, but it's my job to lead the clan while he's gone...All one of me." He chuckles, though it's a bit darker, "I'm sure all of the others are fine. They will undoubtedly find their way home."

Once he secures her around his neck, he starts his climb, talons and claws digging into the stone face of the building as he scales it quickly, with a practiced precision.
Avira "I hope they turn up eventually." she sighs. "Maybe they're lost on another world and still trying to find their way home."

In an instant she switches the subject. "Brooklyn, how do gargoyle clans form? Can a new one just happen, or must you all hatch together?" she asys curiously, her voice close to his ear now that she's clinging to his back.

Every now and then, Avira peers over her shoulder to see how high they've climbed.
Brooklyn They're maybe about 40 feet up so far. Not that high yet, "Uh. Yeah, I mean if gargoyles lose their clan, they can form up with other clans in order to keep the species strong. Unfortunately for the longest time we thought we were the only gargoyles left. It wasn't until when I met Deidra and Skyline and Percival that I started to know there were more clans out there."

There's a faint pause in his climb as he thinks back to that weird dream and the blue gargoyle he'd never met before, but he shakes it off and resumes the climb upwards, "Why, looking to start your own clan sometime?"
Avira "Well I...I have VALKYRI, I guess it's a little like a clan. A family even..." Avira says after a moment of thought. "Can humans be a part of a gargoyle clan? I mean, even if they can't..."

She trails off, her cheeks reddening just slightly, "Regardless, I'd consider Percival a part of our 'clan' now."
Brooklyn "I think we practically consider Elisa a part of the clan." Brooklyn says, "Although humans joining clans is probably a relatively recent change. We used to be very exclusive.."

Reaching the top of the building, he hrms, and then reaches behind him to pick Avira up and hold her in his arms, "Okay, hang onto me." He says, as he waits for her to secure her grip
Avira "I never knew your kind existed." Avira adds, "My whole life...there was a lot hidden from me, I guess. You all do a good job at it. Staying out of dodge-though now things are a little different."

Held in his arms, she opts to carefully wrap hers around his neck-again, careful to not impair his wings. There's a big silly grin on her face now. "Alright, ready."
Brooklyn Once she's secure, he leaps, and flares his wings, catching the heat rising off of that steam grate and rapidly ascending up into the clouds. It doesn't take long before the two of them rise above the storm, and into the calm air above the city. Only the tops of the tallest buildings in Manhattan are visible, and their target, the Eyrie Building, is right in front of them.

"In all honesty, until a couple of years ago we were all stone statues in Scotland." Brooklyn replies to Avira, "So we weren't hiding so much as nobody knew about us, save for...Well, a select few, I guess you could say."
Avira Avira successfully suppresses the urge to squeal 'whee'! As they fly upwards. Right now she's finally wondering if she hasn't been chattering the poor gargoyle's ear off at that point. For now, she watches as they fly, marvelling in the experience of breaking through the stormclouds to the clear night sky beyond. Seeing the top of the Eyrie building above the clouds really cemented how tall it was.

"Oh..." she finally says after a stretch of silence, "I ought to warn you about Garland. He is another Shadow Lord, though he isn't interested in destroying the world. If he does anything...he would target the people of Manhattan themselves. The problem is, we do not know for sure if he will or not. Much like Xanatos, he likes to get at people by hurting those around them."
Brooklyn "Last time there was a threat to Manhattan, I waited for it to come, and you saw what happened." Brooklyn says, as he does a circle around the castle, waiting to see if any laser cannons or robot gargoyles pop up, "But this time, perhaps I will be a little bit more proactive in her defense.." He flaps his wings and then begins to decend towards one of the castle's towers.

"I would like to know what I can about this Garland person as well. Perhaps I can deal with him, or find people who are willing to help me do so."
Avira "You make a good point." Avira agrees in favor of being proactive. She pauses to look away from the clouded skyline to the gargoyle himself, easily sensing the determination in his words.

"We're trying to find out more about him-the TDA that is. We welcome all help, especially yours. It would be nice, fighting together-" instead of against each other, as they had in the Hades cup or when Avira was turned against everyone. "...we have very little information on him."
Brooklyn "Hold on." Brooklyn says, as he folds his wings up and lets them drop the last few feet to the surface of the tower. He lands with a thud and his talons dig in, before he sets her down on her own feet, "We will have to find the information one way or another. Surely he can't be so secretive that there's nothing."

Times like now he misses Lexington and his computer hacking ability. But for now, he reaches down to lift the wooden gate that keeps the top of the tower closed from the stairs below, and motions for Avira to head down.
Avira Avira is quick to stand on her own power, though sad to see their flight end. "Thank you." she's quick to supply to Brooklyn. "You're right, there must be something on him, somewhere. Maybe we're just looking at the wrong thing. If we hear any more, though..."

She heads down, past the wooden gate. "We will be sure to keep you in the loop. I...definitely don't want to see anything else horrible happen to this world."
Brooklyn "That makes two of us." He says, as he folows her inside of the tower and then closes the gate behind them,
Brooklyn He lets her lead the way down the stairs, trying to remember the layout of the castle, "You know, Xanatos has a surprising amount of security up here, considering it's a castle on top of one of the tallest buildings in the world. So watch your step."

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