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(2013-05-11 - Now)
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Croix Refresion Costa Del Sol. The various worlds are deteriorating into nothingness thanks to the encroaching darkness that threatens to swallow all whole, but Costa Del Sol? It'd probably still be an ideal vacationing spot even if it were being torn apart at the seams by roving denizens of darkness. It's a credit to the warm sands, the clear ocean waters, the sheer laid-back luxury. Really, there'd be worse places to be drawn into the lightless voids if such a thing were happening right now.
It isn't. This is good. Why are we speaking in theoretical doomsday scenarios? There's no reason to be. Everything is nice and fine here. Just the right amount of heat to really soak up rays and go play in the ocean. Just the right amount of mist from the crashing waves to refresh the weary.
Things that a certain individual over near one of the small shops is not currently getting to enjoy personally - if there is really a person in there. No normal human being could possibly want to walk around wearing... that.
A giant mostly cloth suit of... armor? Some kind of giant rook chess piece, maybe? Whoever or whatever it is, they bounce to and fro on one foot, calling aloud through a slightly muffled male voice.
"This is the one stop! The one shop you can't top!" He calls out to passers-by as he waves about a large bluish-white arrow sign with completely illegible written text upon it. "Right here, a skip and a hop! The best food, a fair cop!" Between plush hands with no visible fingers, the large sign is spun about deftly.
"Good food and a bottle you'll pop..." they throw it high into the air and arms held high and a sudden flourish of bright, sparkling multicolored lights, with dramatic lens flare as a much smaller golem-like doll suddenly leaps unseen from the creature/costume/robot?/thing, leaping on up high to somehow catch the sign between its two tiny arms, landing squarely atop the head with perfect balance as the refracting glitter drifts down into the sands where they continue to sparkle in the sun.
"...At the one and only Noodle Mop!"
There is a silence that passes. Most people largely keep passing by, though a few stop to clap their hands every so often as the sign comes back down to the bigger figure's hands. "Ah... more?" He mumbles aloud. "Those were some of my best ones too...!"
Just another harsh mid-day for the small businesses competing for any and all business they can milk out of what tourists they have.
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral really didn't know what to wear on the beach. Both her dowdy traditional robes and the gown Seloria made for her would get sand on them. They were just too long. She had no experience with fashion, and especially not purchasing something for herself. She was too self-conscious, she needed a second opinion. Swimsuits.. they were just out of the question. Not around her classmates. She just didn't have enough self-confidence for that.

So in the end, she reverted back to what she knew. She was walking upon the beach with those frumpy robes, true to form. She could always wash the sand off later. The only concession she made, was allowing her hair to flow freely with the cowl down.

It still felt strange to her, actually allowing herself to care about her appearance. She didn't know whether to consider it a sort of selfish vanity, as her parents did.. or just a concession to herself. Something to make her feel better about herself.

As she walked along the beaches of the premiere Shinra resort, with the sun shining down upon her, she decided to pay Seloria's apartment a visit. She'd offered for her to /model/ after all. It wasn't something she thought she'd be good at, but.. it'd give her a chance to talk to her face to face.

The last thing she'd ever wanted to do was disappoint her, and she'd failed at that. She wanted to at least try and make up for it. Unfortunately this caused her to be anxious, and when she was anxious, she was fretful. As she walked by, she peered off at one of the small shops in the distance... only to see. Wait, it couldn't be. Was that mascot of the Armors?

She'd just stare dumbfounded for a while. Could it really be him? And was he advertising for a noodle shop? Slowly she'd raise a hand to the earpiece of her radio, mumbling something on it.
Soan Sagittarius Costa Del Sol is, in fact, a rather pleasant place to be. Not that being an Ifriti really matters, especially in his case that he never really stayed any noticiable amount of time on that continent. Still, he can generally support heat much more easier than he can stomach really strong temperatures. The sand felt more /right/, if anything. Then again, that could be more because the town is a resort than anything else, after all.

Soan was already in town for another sorts of buisness entierly. Alma's comment on the radi, however, made him change his schedule from whatever that was previously. He goes where she mentioned, to that noodle shop, walking at a brisk pace. As he turn around the street, the figure is pretty hard to miss: big armor, distinctive heraldy... and silly noodle shop costume. Plus, even if she's so tiny, Alma's mountain of clothing is also very, very distinctive.

He's rather certain about it. It has to be him.

"Croix?" Sagittarius lets out as a he approaches. "Is that you?"
Emi Dennou Meanwhile, at the dumpling shop nearby, an Emi is wearing a Dennousar costume while wearing a sign around her chest. The sign says 'SEA some tasty treats at the Wharf's Dumpling Shack!'. She says, "Come stop on by to the Wharf Dumpling Shack." She says monotonally before her head sloooowly turns towards the other 'plush mascot' that's working his own shop nearby.

Emi's plush dinopaws grab her own sign protectively, her eyes narrow.

"Rhyming...sign spinning..." She looks towards Alma for a few moments--and then back towards Croix.

"...The Network will not give up."

She removes her sign and tries spinning it up into the air and catch it. "Be sure to come back to the Wharf Dumpling--THWACK!"

The THWACK is the sign coming down on her head. She grabs at it painfully.
Alma Hyral Wait was that Emi in an adorable dinosaur costume?

Adorable overload. That was like Alma kryptonite. Only moogles had been able to do this to her before this point.

. The girl would let out a muffled squeal, before approaching the Dennousaur and hugging it. "Emi, is that you? Oh sweet Cosma that outfit is just too cute!"

. Sorry Croix, Alma is officially out of commission for a few pose rounds while she focuses on the adorable.
Croix Refresion The plush golem person/thing/whatever re-centers themselves where they stand. Most faces are a blur. Faces of people who look very similar to ones that he might recognize, but.. aren't. Some laugh as they pass by, with him or at him? His upper body shifts about to the left and right listlessly, as though nervous, or... expectant? It's hard to tell when one's face - if there is one to be found - underneath the costume cannot be clearly seen at all.
How is he even seeing clearly out of it?
His eyes catch sight of someone in frumpy robes... out in this weather? He might be squinting, given the slight forward lean as the sign is clutched a little tighter with anticipation for the next volley of cheers that come to mind--
Then, a name.
"What? Who, who said that?!" There is a sudden urgency in his voice as he turns his entire person towards that certain someone. The Ifrit-born thief.
"It's, it's," he stammers for a little while, "it's, it's really..."
He throws the sign high up into the air! It spins about dangerously, threatening to descend upon the opposing Dennosaur costume-wearing mascot as heavy footsteps stomp across walkway and sand (actually it's kind of a wonder he doesn't sink into the sand so deeply), arms hastily outstretched.
In any other circumstance this would be a good time for someone to run away.
"S-Soooooaaaaaaaan!!" He tries to wrap those large mascot costume arms around him in a forceful hug. "Soan! It's you! It's you, it's, it's you, isn't it, Soan? Soan! I can't believe it! Sooooaaaaan!!"
The little doll thing mimics its bigger self's movements, trying to wrap itself around Soan's ankle. "Oh, please, you have to tell me, which way back to Chocobo?! Everything's really okay right? Can we go back? Please tell me we can, you don't know what I've been through, Soan, oh, please, please take me back there right now--"
This emotional blubbering goes on and on and on and on....
Emi Dennou Emi removes her hands from her head before wobbling a hand down to try and pick up the sign. The costume is not very well situated for picking objects off of the ground. She wobbles precariously as to tries to pick it up, pausing only when she's hearing squeals she turns her attention to Alma and--

-THWACK! Croix's sign comes down upon her head as well. Emi's eyes cross for a moment before looking up at the sign resting on her head and--uses a flipper to just knock it off her head--shoving it to the side away from Croix and closer to a nearby trash bin.

Emi turns her attention back to Alma. "Hello again Alma." She says. "Is that other mascot a member of Alexander Academy as well? The Network has calculated at least an 80 percent chance of that being the case."
Soan Sagittarius Soan Sagittarius can be, at times, a sort of serious fellow, or at least conducting himself with a fair amount of calm, poise and professionalism. It's just things you learn in the Deperatment. He would notice Emi's rather cute costume. If it wasn't for that tall, enormous armoured figure that's striding toward him like a panicked, saddened child to take him into a hug. He sees it coming far, far too late, his eyes widening right before impact.

All bits of self-respect and poise he had is instantly destroyed in the armored man's crushing hug, the thief struggling for a few moments, arms trashing momentairly. His face is stuck in metal, trying to squeeze himself out. Once he get back some /air/, he gasps, looking up. "Look, look! Calm down, there's a lot to explain!" At least, he's not crushing his ribs. This guy, despite his apperances, is just a big softie. "I wish I could tell you, but I can't."

He squeezes out another arm. He'd be worried about the Dennou, but he's more worried about this situation NOW. Namely his'.
Croix Refresion "--it's crazy out here, they've never heard of Alexander Academy, and there's this talking duck I couldn't understand a word of, and, and, and--"
The blubbering continues for a while until Soan finally gasps out the words about there being a lot to explain, at which point he is mercifully completely released. "Wait, we weren't... we weren't expelled, were we? Or... or some sort of silly trick from the black magic students, right? Or, or," he mumbles out some more theories as he starts nervously tapping arm-stumps together like pointer fingers being pressed against one another as his head shifts about a lot. "Why can't you tell me, Soan? I don't... I don't get what's going on..."
The little doll thing goes limp in the sand, which Croix takes a moment to lift up and out of what could have been its sandy grave. Seriously, the things people lose on beaches!
Soan Sagittarius Sweet, merciful air! Soan gasps out, straightening his jacket once he's let go, nodding once. "No, no, nothing of the sort. There are more of the Academy in here... Not just this time, but the world we're in." He begins. He figured he should at least start with the good side of things. How good that might be is up for debates and for personal opinion. He tilt his head toward Alma, who's completly struck by the cutness of the other Mascot. "She's one of us, too."

Soan checks the glasses in his pocket. Good, they're all fine. Sturdy little things. Regaining his previous calm, he return his gaze up at the armoured guy. "That's because, Croix -- you might want to sit down --" He begins, taking in a deep breath. He can barely beleive it himself. It's still a strong wound. "Galianda is gone, and we're in another, fractured world." Soan lets out, voice subdued, closing his eyes.
Croix Refresion "There's more? You mean, like--" Croix doesn't get to name any other examples as Soan gains metaphorical grasp of the microphone for exposition. He turns himself over to see Alma over there as gestured to by Soan. "Oh! Then..."
Nope, not Croix's turn to speak. When the offer comes for him to sit down, he looks around awkwardly. There really isn't so much a place to... sit, but it wouldn't make what's being said any more comfortable.
'Galianda is gone.'
"WHA?!" Croix suddenly leaps up with arms up high. "W-Worlds don't just... disappear, do they? That's silly! Entire... continents, into... nothing? I, uh, um, I, I, that's, I, er, ah, umm."
He's at a loss for words, his entire body (...costume) shaking nervously. Perhaps the cold sweat that is undoubtedly breaking out underneath the costume is helping keeping him from being too hot in this weather?
"That, that's, I, but, wait, I," he's not going to be able to form a coherent sentence for a while yet.
Soan Sagittarius Yeah... that's a very resonable reaction. Some reacted less violently, more sadly, rejecting or just starting to babble incoherently. For Soan, it was anger, anger that he couldn't fight the darkness that flooded through their world. It's a hard hit to give, but he's got to give it. Lying wouldn't have helped, here.

"Yeah. They don't." Sagittarius replies, his voice even, calm, collected, with a strong touch that he's feeling the same thing right now. He gives him some time to babble, to at least stomach what he just heard, before adding. "What do you remember last, Croix, before you woke up here?"
Croix Refresion It takes some more time for Croix to put together anything resembling the Oxford dictionary's meaning of 'coherence.' There may be clenching fists within that costume that just simply can't be seen readily from the outside. It's easy to hide so many things about oneself within the comfy confines of that costume, beyond what movements are vulgar enough to make the entire suit shift and shudder.
"I, well... just... dark things, everywhere! And... and, and and and... just... dark things, everywhere, in the gymnasium, I was all alone, and... that's all I saw! There was nothing but them, and..."
This is probably above-average in so far as recollections go, though it is laced with a voice that grows softer and increasingly distant with every word as he brings those arm stumps up to his face. To cry?
"It was like this, and, and... and then I was all over the place, I, I don't know where to..."
Emi Dennou The Dennousaur is being clinge to by an Alma. She has been listening to this stuff between Soan and Croix--it's hard for her to do her job while in this position, for that matter. She looks back towards Croix. Huh. Another fractured world--yes, this is such a large group of individuals though--isn't that kind of strange? Most worlds have had only a few manage to escape. Hmm.

"It is not silly. And they do not just 'disappear', The Network can provide a somewhat complete explanation and tutorial if it is desired, but the basic gist of it is that a force known as the Heartless have consumed your world's heart. It's shards may or may not remain for the purposes of recovery and restoration, depending on whether or not your world's Princess of the Heart is in proper condition."
Soan Sagittarius Oh thanks the Light for support. Soan sucks in a deep breath, nodding at Croix's description. "It was similar for me. Small, dark creatures, pouring out of everything, just flooding the entire world as far I could see." The thief replies, looking over the static-clunged to Emi. Huh. Which one is that, Emi, he thinks? He return his gaze after acquiseing at her.

There might not be much showing from the man beneath the armor, but as someone that DO wear an armor that allows no expressions to be conveyed except for large movement, he knows perfectly what's going on underneath. At least, he's pretty sure he does. "It's as she said. Heartless came -- we don't know from here --, attacked our world and... threw it into Darkness." He pauses. "About... eightteen of us came out of it, you're the 18th that we heard of."
Croix Refresion There's silence at the confirmation that this 'Heartless' is responsible, along with other information he doesn't quite understand. Princess of the Heart? World's heart? Shards?
"Eighteen?" Croix looks up a bit as Soan brings out the census. Just eighteen? His mind is already wandering with the list of people who could have survived. Entire sports teams are probably safe to write off at this point as he straightens himself out. "So, so that must mean... the Princess could be one of them, right?" It's hard to see the eyes in there - if one even can at all - but perhaps there's sudden hope in his voice, arm stumps eagerly shaking. "So we got to do is find who this Princess in and she can bring it all back, right? That... that should be easy then...!"
Alma Hyral Alright, Alma is done now. She has worked through her adorable overload.

She slowly slides her arms out from around the Dennousaur, her voice becoming somber, yet calm as she looks at Croix, and Soan. "I'm working on a way to locate world shards.. for all of the worlds. I just need more time. More data."

She'd push her glasses back up on her nose, examining him, her voice became slightly more nervous, "As t-they've s-stated, my name is A-Alma Hyral. I-It's v-very nice to meet you."
Emi Dennou Eighteen. A precise number. Ironically THE SAME NUMBER that used to be in The Network. Emi shakes her head a bit, clearing it from such thoughts. "Are you doing so..?" Emi asks, eyebrow raised. "Could you ... pick up that sign for this one?"

She looks on over to Soan for a few moments. She blinks a few times and then nods slowly. She doesn't like the idea of providing false hope, but it's not as if there is no hope here. It could be possible. She's quite interested in their world.
Seloria Delacreaux Another Dennou wanders down the boardwalk towards the gro--

No, wait, hold on. That's Seloria.

The LEvitani bounces up to the small group, clapping her hands. "Alma! Soan-- Croix?!" She does not know Emi/Legion.
Soan Sagittarius "It could be. Or she could be still out there, waiting to be found." Soan says, shoving his hands into his pockets. He smiles sadly, looking aside at Alma. It's a big shot, sure, but at least it's something to go on. "We hope, yeah. Sadly... the Heartless still lurk around there. Whoever controls them are still going to want to prevent us from... restoring our home."

What Alma says wasn't something that he knew, which is at least some good, reassuring news. At least, it's progress. Progress is progress.

Then SURPRISE SELORIA. The Ifriti looks over his shoulder, giving the swimmer a wave. "Hey. Look who I found."
Croix Refresion The talk about looking for world shards of 'all the worlds' should be reassuring, but to the active mind of a young man, it immediately jumps to the most convenient conclusion as he rises up with a start, arms thrown up high and wide. The little doll does the same from his shoulder.
"W-Wait! Maybe you're it!" He declares as he turns to Alma in full. With the calling of his name - Seloria, he knows her. "Se-Seloria! Hi! I, I think we found our Princess of Heart that we need! It has to be her! It must be!" He stands ever closer towards Alma, clasping his arm stump things together. "So um, please help bring our world back! Er, unless it's... Seloria, or, or, um--"
Alma Hyral Alma's research wasn't exactly the talk of the Zaibatsu staff, nor the less organized academy members. All she did was stare through a telescope. Compile data. Gather star charts from other worlds. Try to triangulate the location of their world before it vanished, and where it sat within the Celestial bodies of the sky. Figure out the position and rotation of the World of Ruin on the day their world fell, calculate possible trajectories for shard fall. Simple really. Most people didn't think it would bear any fruit.. but she was hopeful.

When Soan looks at her, she just offers meekly, suddenly self-conscious of what he might be thinking, "I c-can s-show you my r-research data later, Soan, if y-you want..."

And then Seloria shows up, and she freezes, closes her eyes for a deep steadying breath, and turns to face her, trying to calm herself. Right now, even though Seloria was only two years older than her... she was the closest thing to a best friend, and in many ways.. a mother figure that Alma had. She feared her disapproval more than anyone else's, including Kyra. "H-Hi S-Seloria..H-how.." She was about to walk over to her... and try to apologize.. When Croix approaches her, and declares that she's the Princess of the Heart. She gives him a strange look, then begins to look embarassed, "Croix.. no. A p-princess of the H-Heart is a v-very important i-individual, needed to r-restore a world. T-They're c-chosen by C-Cosma for a specific role in r-restoring creation. I'm.. I'm a n-nobody. C-Certainly not a p-princess, or c-chosen for a-anything importnat. B-But it c-could be S-Seloria..m-maybe. I r-really don't know, but she is p-pretty amazing."
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral looks over at the fallen sign, then eventually picks it up, handing it to Emi. "S-Sorry."
Soan Sagittarius "I--I don't think she's the one, Croix. Heck, we're not even /sure/ what make a person a Princess of Heart, yet." Soan lets out, even if he can't blame Croix for jumping to that conclusion. She does have that feel. He lets out a sigh, rubbing his eyes for a bit. "Most of us are over in Traverse town, and we've set up a little communication, altought we're all over the place now."

He looks upward at the sky. "We've got a lot to do. How... long have you been around here, Croix?"
Emi Dennou Emi remembers Seloria however. She approves of pigtails. In fact, she tries to give SEloria a 'flipper up' for her fashion sense. She looks deadpan at Croix for a few moments. A way to pick out Princesses of the Heart would be very useful.

"Thank you." She says as she takes the sign and pulls it around her neck again. The Dennousaur is getting paid to stand here and wear that sign, however. She listens to Alma stammer up a storm.

"...You can relax, there's nothing worth stammering over, The Network remarks, shocked again by the typical reaction."

She glances to Croix. "It's dangerous to just randomly pin people as princesses of the heart however. They could become targets."

She looks for the puppet. "..."
Seloria Delacreaux "Princess...?" Seloria echoes. "You realize out of the..." She frowns. "Eighteen? Yeah, eighteen of us, there's Alma, Annia, Helena, Kyra, Minette, Myla, Rena, Thirza, and myself that are all female?" She notes. "So, like... it could be half of the group?"

Then Alma denies being it and suggests Seloria, and the Levitani quickly scissors her hands over her frame. Nope. Nope. Not her. Oh please if Cosma has any sense it's not her.

But Cosma sometimes likes her little jokes...

"Good find, Soan." Seloria says, giving him a brief smile. She also tosses the Dennosaur a thumbs p back. Pigtails are the best.
Croix Refresion "I, but... oh." Croix leans forward, arms nearly touching down into the sand. The doll falls off his shoulder lifelessly to Alma's explanation. To Emi's eye, that doll there really is... well, a doll. It looks like a golem, colored and dressed up the same way as this big lug of a sports team mascot. A mere toy. Seloria's added denial of the fact makes hopes grow a little narrower - especially in time of the warning.
"Target? Uh," he rubs an arm against the side of his headpiece, as if unable to really... understand? That's a good word, understand why anybody would be against such a concept. He sways listlessly, even with the list of names that the Princess of Heart /could be/. Does he have any thoughts about the individual possibilities? One can't see his face inside the costume...
"I, I've been everywhere! Asking everyone about the Academy, and... and most of them look at me like I'm some kind of weird freak!" Uh, given this is a guy who is still in a school mascot costume even now, can anyone blame them. "I just got a job spinning signs... just today! And... and then you all appeared, and, and I was hoping," he almost completes the full circle of complete despair as he goes crestfallen again. "Um... so... it's gone, and, all eighteen are... are what's left? Just... us?"
He suddenly looks around as if suspicious. Maybe he realizes the doll's missing again, sitting in the sand near one of his feet.
Alma Hyral The girl would just give Emi an embarassed look, her voice still quite meek, nervous, "I.. j-just can't h-help it. S-Sorry. I t-try but s-sometimes it's h-hard." And then Emi mentions that they'd become /targets/ for someone labelling them Princess of the Heart, and she suddenly seems even more timid, even shivering a little, "I h-hope not."

She'd then walk over to Seloria, murmuring softly to her, "S-Sorry again S-Selly. I m-messed up."

Then she'd look between Croix and Soan, smiling, "Y-You should go with S-Soan. He's a g-good guy. He'll s-set you up in the w-world. G-Get you f-familiar. If a-anyone can s-save our w-world... It's him, K-Kamon, and N-Nik."
Emi Dennou Emi slinks closer. "..."
Emi slinkers even closer. "..."

Emi reaches down to pick up the doll with a foot and take a good look at it. She slinks a bit away. And then she slinks a bit away again. "..."

She looks up at Croix. The noodle shop wants to spin signs??

"Kamon...This one remembers launching him through the power of magnetism for a Kamon Rider Kick." She bobs her head once. "It was fun."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria gently wraps one arm around Almas' shoulders, bending her head down to murmur into the smaller girls' ear, mostly because she doesn't want to embarass her further in front of everyone, especially with someone(Emi) she doesn't really know around.


"Alma is right. Soan will know what he's doing; if he's not..." Seloria makes a sour face: "Talk to Souji... or Kamon." She blinks at Emi. "You've met Kamon? Heh." She nods. Kamon's a good kid.
Soan Sagittarius Soan, for a rare case, looks a little embarassed at what Alma calls him, shaking his head. "If we are to do it, we'll need all the help we can get." He says, giving Emi a look. He knows perfectly what she's talking about, but, he was there as DRAGOON MAN. "Really? Huh. That's... cool, he didn't mention that all that much." He replies, curious.

The Thief fishes into his pockets idly, making faint metallic sounds with whatever is hidden in them. May be money, may be other things. "Yeah, so I've seen! It's good that you've tried your best to survive, Croix, good job on that." He says, smiling with a nod of approval. His expression falls at his question. Also the mention of Souji. "Yes. So far, it's us. Just us. We... haven't seen any fragments of Galianda yet around, either. And as far I understand it, this world are almost a patchwork of fragment of other worlds that suffered the same fate as ours."
Croix Refresion Croix straightens himself out yet again, or at least sulks backwards (somehow?) at mention of some of the other names through Alma's stuttering. "Y... yes, you're right, they have to!"
Emi procures the doll without incident. It's a pretty nice doll. The sort of thing you'd probably get at a premium price in a school's gift shop. There are no obvious mechanisms that would make it move like it did. No strings attached. Probably very pleasing to the touch, aside from the grains of sand and a bit of dirt it's picked up over the weeks. That said, is spinning signs a waste of Croix's talents... or all the talent he actually has?
"If, if it's just us, then," Croix tries to clear his throat. He looks around again for the doll, not quite catching it in Emi's hands, "um... okay! Please take me to Traverse Town, and, and..."
His voice grows sharply more confident as he swings his arms up. "The Armors always endure, that's for sure! I'll cheer you all on in finding the shards, or the Princess, or both! I'm the Armor of Alexander, after all, so that's what I do! Then you'll be able to find them with the power of our school spirit!" He sounds... awfully convinced of this fact, based on how he's all but shouting it as he puts his arm stumps around hip level... and then throws them up again with a brief flicker of bright, white magic-esque light.
The little doll in Emi's hand(s) throws its arms up too. Magic! It doesn't seem to acknowledge her, in so much a (previously?) inanimate object... acknowledges much.
Either way...
Emi Dennou Emi meticulously cleans the doll with a flipper once she's able to get the doll there--it takes a moment or three. She blinks faintly as the doll throws its arms up, but she has already seen it moving about--but it's not close to Croix right now. Hmm. Maybe it's some sort of empathic link? She pets the doll's head anyway.

She <3s quietly at it for a moment.

But then she realizes there's talk and discussion and such. "Yes, that's more or les what it is." She glances to Seloria, nodding again. "I am attracted to Kamon. And also Helena it seems. It was difficult to remove ourselves from their bodies at first but we're getting better at it."

Alma Hyral Alma is turned entirely towards Seloria, with head bowed. Seloria murmurs something to her. The girl murmurs something back, then wipes a hand against her eyes, and turns around, smiling. She actually even giggled a little at Emi, "Y-You actually m-magnetized an O-Odynar? H-How'd that w-work out?"

And then Seloria would mention Souji, and Alma would sort of just vaguely agree. "R-Right, Souji is a g-good option too..." It wasn't that she didn't still think the world of Souji.. it was just that she didn't see him as the same person anymore.. not until he worked through the grief which made him so cold, and distant.

And then to Soan she'd just respond, "W-We sure will. A-Anyhow S-Soan I'll.. l-let you and K-Kamon know if my r-research turns up a-anything on the world s-shards.

And then Croix would use white magic, and she'd flush just a little bit with pleasure. Maybe the faith in Cosma wasn't quite.. dead yet. Or at least, she was making some assumptions. She'd find out soon, as matters of faith was a conversation that tended to be a rather private matter Otherwise she'd just smile at Croix's /spirit/.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria blinks wordlessly at Emi as she explains that she is attracted to Kamon and Helena, mostly because she was not paying attention to the conversation totally and thus she is rather confused for a very long time, because -- removing herself from ... well... uhh...


"Anyways, we should get Croix his radio..." Seloria thinks to finally add on to the conversation. Herp.
Soan Sagittarius NEW PARTY MEMBER GET!

Crap, not enough party room. OH WELL.

Soan's smile broaden at Croix's apparent bravardo. He's not sure yet if it's just the man reassuring himself by falling back to what he already knows. Then again... for a man that's never seen without his mascot costume, apperances are probably never a safe thing to wonder about. He can sense the white magic coming out of him -- information that he can't relay or act on, as Soan Sagittarius, the Thief, has about as much magical talent as a flat tire. Still, he should be very strong and helpful to their noble cause.

"Then welcome, Croix!" Soan lets out, warmly as he lets out a hand to shake. "It's good to have you around."
Alma Hyral Maybe Alma was entirely innocent, as she did miss the possible innuendo and skipped right to a scientific explanation. Just maybe.
Soan Sagittarius Alma's words does not go unnoticed from Soan, nodding at her. "That'll be very appreciated, Alma. If you need anything for that, as well..."
Croix Refresion Emi might find herself attracted to Croix if she stands too close - but maybe the suit provides enough of a buffer that there won't be another magnetization incident. Maybe.
Croix takes in the smiles in seeming stride, lowering his arms to take Soan's hand in both mascot arm stumps. There's hands underneath there at least, but there's a comically vigorous shake in it.
"Radio? Um, yes, please," he says to Seloria, suddenly a bit more somber. It's like a switch got flipped on, then back off fairly quickly as the little magical effects dissipate from the air. "I, I can't wait to see everyone again, it's been... so long, it really has!" Now he almost sounds like he's on the verge of tears - or at least makes the gesture of wiping them from his face even though there are none to be seen on the headpiece, and his arms can't quite reach his actual face.
"Uh, have you guys seen the doll, I just had it..."
Emi Dennou Emi looks up at Croix. "I didn't steal it, The Network lies blatantly while holding up the doll in question." She holds it up close to her body. She seems a bit infatuated with it. "We were marveling at the craftmanship, The Network adds, sabotaging their own alibi."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria can't help but hide a giggle as the -- Network does themselves in. She pulls her bag out of midair - or, more accurately, from her hip, where, seeing as it is the same color as her dress, it was lying.

"Here, Croix." She holds out a backup system that she had gotten for herself; she can get a replacement. "It should be preset." Then she looks around for Alma, and Seloria just sort of...

Reaches out and yoinks her into a hug.
Soan Sagittarius "We don't know what they are about, either. She has... sisters, I guess." Soan admits, whispering to Croix as he takes back his hand around the... nub, he guesses. How does he wield things, this guy? Then again, it's a question he may not want answered. Just like how he don't want to answer how he eats with a metal mask on as DRAGOON MAN.

Seloria handles the radio. Good. she had an extra MaBell!
Croix Refresion "Oh! You found it... thank you!" He takes the doll back. The doll does not return the less than three'ing, but its beady little eyes positively ooze with merchandising potential. /Ooozing./ This might have been a preorder bonus in Japan. It doesn't wave goodbye. Maybe one day Emi will see it again. "I actually made most of these back at the Academy! I made... T-Shirts, banners, and stuff too, I still have some..."
As Seloria addresses the radio bit, Soan has a much greater question: how Croix is going to be able to affix that radio to his ear, through that headpiece, with, um, hands like that. The real reason is that the animation team is lazy and recycles the same animations a few other of the male characters used when affixing radios to themselves for the first time, but this one is full-on clipping! It's like it's the late nineties again!
That or he just... manages, somehow. The ways of the Armor of Alexander are mysterious.
"Thank you. All right, um, let me try. Hello? ...Hello? Is this Alexander Academy? It's me." His voice picks up a little added bravado. "It's me! The Armor of Alexander! Your school mascot!"
Alma Hyral Alma gets suprised utterly by the hug, and allows herself to get drawn in, wrapping her own arms around Seloria, and putting her head against the other girl's shoulder. "T-Thanks S-Selly, you're the b-best."
Emi Dennou Emi tilts her head at Soan but doesn't seem to have caught most of what Soan was whispering. ? ? ?

She raises her hand up, as if ready to slap Croix's hand away from his own doll, but she ends up not being cruel enough to deny Croix's home AND a doll in the same day. She lets him take it. She watches the doll depart. She looks at its beedy eyes. IT doesn't even wave back. Sniff.

Emi remains impassive, but then--wait!--perhaps...

"...Could you make us a doll too?, The Network asks hopefully."
Soan Sagittarius That bit makes Soan pause a moment, blinking over at the tiny doll. "You mean, you made all of theses?" He asks, quite curious about that declaration. My, this guy has a lot more talent than he let himself show!

No, the bigger question now on Soan's mind is how /he crafted all of this with his suit on/. In fact, it may bother him for quite some time! This is really a curious question! Which is ironic, considering who, himself, he is. When he tests the radio, he speaks into it, mumble a few things before looking at Emi.

"They're pretty cool, aren't they?"
Seloria Delacreaux "I am not." Seloria says to Alma with a smile. She watches Emi and Croix for awhile. Mascot love?!
Alma Hyral "O-Oh just stop d-denying it." She'd breathe out a sigh, eventually drawing away. Then she'd murmur to her in a sort of conspiratorial whisper, "Y-You said y-you needed a m-model?"

And then he'd watch the interaction between the network and Croix over the dolls. She had to agree with Soan.. "T-They are p-pretty cool."
Seloria Delacreaux "I do. Several of them, of all sort of various types. Small and petite, like you, lithe like Annia is, because she's a dancer, Frank for the bigger guys, Souji for the 'I am totally awesome and look good in a suit', and then Niklas for every other guy." Beat. "Except, well..." Seloria trails off and mutters into Alma's ear, quite possibly hiding a large grin.
Croix Refresion Croix takes in the responses by voices not personally present... well, pretty well, all things considered, given the added confirmation of all the communications working. In touch with classmates and survivors alike, a certain sort of relief seems to wash over him as his posture gets just a bit more slack. A bit.
"I do! I did! I... I still do!" Croix almost seems to puff his chest out, somehow. "I could make another one, if I had more materials!" Oh crap, could this be a fetch quest in the making?! (It's a JRPG, so yes.) Granted, he may just have yet to learn that silk is almost a multi-universal constant, so let's not assume the worst of things yet.
"Um, but first... I think I should go to that place where everyone is. I'm sure they want to hear me cheer again, right?" Do they? Is there really a place for someone so deeply buried in school spirit in a world(s) where such a thing no longer exists...?
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou nods to Croix and adds to her quest log. She gives a small nod to Soan and then says, "This one will need to get the costume off, The Network will see you all later." And then she steps inside the shop.
Soan Sagittarius Soan... is not too sure about that part, but hearing about more people that survived the tragedy will, in fact, rise everyone's spirits. Mostly. "Like I said, we're a little all over the place," The thief begins, tipping a salute at Emi's leaving. "But a lot of us hangs around Traverse Town."

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