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(2013-05-10 - Now)
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Argider Deling City.

During the day, this bustling city is much like any other. It is when the sun sets that the city reveals its true identity. Even the heavy presence of the Galbadian military does little to hamper the joyous ruckus that transpires on the city streets. The festivities tonight seem to center around the local ark which has been illuminated with festive lights and decorations. Among the crowd here, Argider wanders on through with a smirking grin on his face.

The man seems to be busy enjoying taking in the local sights and sounds. He even pauses to converse with a few of the booths that have sprung up in hopes of selling their desserts and spirits to the night crowd. Dressed in a crisp high collared shirt, uniform pants, and sturdy leather boots, Argider seems more a tourist than someone who came to enjoy the party. But, the easy smile on Argider's face hints that he doesn't mind being a little underdressed for tonight's event.
Vespa "Why I did I come here again?", Vespa says to herself. Oh yes she told herself she need to explore a bit more and get out of her coformt zone of Traverse Town. Do something risky, coming here to Deling City seemed like a good idea at the time. Now she was bit worried, she did stand out dressed like a maid, and she is a mebmer of VALKRI. She i wondered if any of the Shadow Lords had put a bounty on her yet. She didn't think so, she wasn't a princess or Key blade weilder so she proably had a bit more of a lower priorty. If anything did happend she could protect herself and call for some help if nessary. For now she will just enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. She is surpised at how busy it is right now.
Argider There was definite risk to be had in Deling City. But as long as you towed the line, one should be free to enjoy the unique architecture and the night life without any fear.

Or you could simply be brave/dumb enough to not scare easy. That would work too.

Argider nonchalantly walks through the park until he spies someone a little unusual walking through the crowd. The pink hair was eye-catching enough, but it was the outfit that made Vespa really stand out. The brown-haired man weighs his options before walking over her way. "I'm quite glad to see that I am not the only one who came straight from work here." He begins before gesturing around himself. "Glad that I did, it seems that they are preparing for quite the party, no?"
Vespa Vespa hms turns to look at the man, well dressed as he is and amred as well. He thiks she was working? Oh yes, the maid outfit, best to play long.

"Oh Yes. It does look like quite the celbration I didn't want to miss any of it! Not sure what the party is for then again, I never was one to need an exuse to have a good time."
Argider Some habits die hard and the semi-military fashion in which Argider dresses was one of such habits. Argider glances skyward as a lone test firework goes off, bathing the area in red light for only a brief moment. It seems that there might be quite the show later.

"My thoughts exactly," replies Argider with a chuckle. "Life passes by too quickly if you don't stop and enjoy it. Or, at least, watch some fireworks here and there." The tall man motions towards himself now. "The name's Argider, miss?"
Vespa Vespa hms on that. She's has been trying to enjoy herself more other than just going down and hunting heartless all the time. Avira and Maria definly have something to do with that. She turns to Argider $
"Just don't stand too close or you will get hit by them. I'm vepsa."
Argider Times were rather hard all around and not everyone could rest easy knowing what creatures were out and about. Argider himself knew that one had to take it easy from time to time. He wouldn't have lasted long as a military officer back in the day if he believed otherwise.

Vespa's suggestion results in Argider laughing softly. "Fair enough advice. I think my crew would be rather heart-broken to have lost their captain to a freak fireworks accident." He laughs again before offering a slight bow to the maid. "Miss Vespa, a pleasure to have met you." Argider looks around himself and at what some of the other park-goers were wearing before looking back at Vespa. "Are you from around here? I must admit that I, myself, am quite the tourist."
Vespa "No I'm not from around here...", Vespa says, she not going to tell him her world doesn't exist anymore. "I used to alot of exploring but I've been busy as of late and haven't had the chance to get out much. I'm trying to fix that, thats why I came here."
Argider "Then that makes two of us," explains Argider with a smile. When Vespa explains that she was an explorer, the blue-eyed man nods his head appreciatively. "Now that is a noble pursuit right there! There is nothing like being astride the deck of an airship and setting off for a destination unknown." Argider laughs now and shrugs his shoulders. "A childhood dream for many, but a reality for people such as you and I."

Argider now addresses the last little thing that Vespa said. "An intriguing city to venture to. I heard such terrible rumors about this place, but the people seem so happy and...well...festive."
Vespa "Well it wasn't quite as glamours as some stories make it out to be. It was, is alot of hard work.", she also looking back on it, there was more grave robbing and stealing that seeing new lands, and no instant wealth treasures. She glad she got away from that group..

"The apple looks shiny on the nice but the core may be rotten. Of course they could be just rumors, all cities have there share of troulbe spots."
Argider Robbing and stealing were both things that Argider knew very well. "Is that not the truth about most things?" Argider poses with his eyebrows rising slightly. "But, I should not say such things Miss Vespa. Tonight is not a night for cynicism."

Argider's surroundings are observed once more. "What a shame if that proves to be true. It would be quite the find to actually finds a healthy apple of a city these days." Good ports were becoming hard to come by these days.
Vespa "True. Best not to dwell on these things, right now anyway. Truth will come out in time.",She does a little twirl. " For Tonight we dance and be merry! ..or something like that.", she laughs litely a bit.
Argider There is a SWOOSH noise as a couple more fireworks shoot off and explode up above, each one revealing itself to be a different color. Argider briefly glances up and follows the trajectory of the fireworks before looking back down at the pink-haired maid just as she twirls around. "Now the sentiment right there, I agree with one hundred percent." He gestures to a nearby group of party-goers. "Leave the detective work for another day. Even a bad apple may have a few good parts to enjoy, afterall."

Argider ponders something before adding, "My apologies Miss Vespa if I was holding you up. I wouldn't dare cause you to be late if you were planning on meeting someone here."
Vespa Vespa ohs looking up as the fireworks shoot across the sky. She chuckles at Argider comments. "Eveveryone wants to have a good time once a while.

She shakes her head. "I wasn't meeting anyone here, I came by myself acutally. I regret not ivinting some of my freinds, I think they would have enjoyed this."
Argider "I would like to believe so, but there are a few out there who will remain grumpy and cynical no matter how much fun you have around them." Argider comments before clasping a hand against his chest. "Hopefully, I shall not live long enough for that to happen to me," jokes Argider with a laugh of his own.

Vespa came by herself? Eh, well Argider was here that way himself despite the good possibilty that some of his crew had filtered out into the party-goers. "I guess that means you just have to have that much more fun for their sake since they were left behind." A smirk appears on the edges of Argider's mouth. "Not that a pretty young woman like yourself would have much trouble with that. I bet you would not have to walk more than a few paces without having someone come up and ask you to dance."
Vespa Vespa been down that path being grumpy and cynical all the time, watching your world get destoryed will do that to you. She getting better a few of her freinds have gotten to open up a bit more over time.

She blushes at Argider comment of her being pretty. "I-I'm nothing special", so says the maid who weilds an oversize axe (not right now thought) and has fought heartless and shadowlords. "I might get one or two who ask me.."
Argider "No need to be modest now." Argider lectures with a jovial laugh escaping him. He gestures over Vespa's shoulder before leaning in slightly to inpart some conspiratory information to the young maid. "Don't look now, but I think there are already a few lads in the crowd just waiting for you to finish talking to me." Vespa is going to have look herself to see whether or not Argider was joking or not.

The airship captain scratches at his stubble idly as he glances towards Vespa now. "I would ask you myself, but I would hate to scare off any of your would be suitors by making them think you were dancing with your guardian or eldest brother." He admits sadly to the young woman.
Vespa Vespa huhs turning to make sure Argider isn't joking , there are a few fellows looking there way.. "Well this is a bit of a surpise..", she smiles giving a small wave back to her possibly dance partners

She ahs looking at Argider he is a bit older than her.. She turns to him. "Well it has been quite the pleasure meeting you Argider. Next time we meet I'll definely have to dance with you.", she offers her hands to shake.
Argider Argider smiles brightly when Vespa discovers that he was not lying about that at all. There were times to lie here and there, but tonight was not such a time. The airship captain was Vespa's senior by a few years or so. Not that a single dance between them would be all that unbecoming of either of them in all honestly.

The captain takes Vespa's hand and shakes it. "The pleasure was all mine, Miss Vespa. I shall look forward to it and...." A glance is levied back towards Vespa's potential dance partners. "....try not to break too many hearts tonight." Argider winks before turning to head off to his next destination, a good-natured smile displayed on his face.

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