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(2013-05-10 - Now)
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Shiki Misaki In order to make a weapon, you need components. In some cases, you need other weapons to bootstrap together! Fortunately, the art of item synthesis is at its peak in Daguerreo, and moogles the world over come here to train.

What we're going to do today is not exactly glamorous or exciting, but there will be no handouts here- to make your weapons, Kumoto has asked you to acquire the loot with your own hands.

As a result, we're journeying out into that area his apprentice mentioned- and she's come with you, too, because she's got something she claims will help find items (it's a little chunky silver ring with a bell on it, and are you going to argue her now she's done so much for you?).

Apparently a boil of Noise are building up and agitating the monsters around here. It's a hotspot of dangerous activity and the artisans can't defend themselves very well, so you're going to erase the problem and collect items at the same time. Supposedly, if you smash Heartless occasionally they drop little treasure-chest-patterned balls, like munny and health globs.

And Shiki's got a big wooden stick to train with!

Out we sally into the supposed site of the problem. It's a lake.

There is already evidence of combat that's been going down- scorches and shredded trees and cracked stone walls.

"This must be where Neku met Sho..."

This scene contained 1 poses. The players who were present were: Shiki Misaki, Lenn