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(2013-05-09 - 2013-07-19)
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Emi Dennou Emi and Umi are curious if Tigger enjoyed his gift but unfortunately it's pretty hard to actually know where to find Tigger, he just sort of 'happens'. Emi thinks Umi could use some more Tigger. More Will for that manner. Umi is uncharacteristically subdued. She isn't smiling in the least. The two are making their way towards where they last saw Tigger on the street, doing ridiculous jumps for coins and the like.
Will Sherman There is a familar humming from behind the twins.

"The wonderful thing about Tiggers..." Will starts, perhaps even holding a familar plushy looking creature on his hat. He doesn't look like he minds the thing on his hat, and infact welcomes it.

"Hey guys! Guess what!" he says grinning.
Tigger Tigger is riding on top of Will. Tigger is good at balancing on top of people who are moving. He is wearing a I <3 NY shirt and a Yankees hat. How does Tigger get these things? Do you really need to know?

"What should we guess?!"
Emi Dennou Emi and Umi turn around simultaneously, in both the same direction too, until they're both facing Will and--Tigger!

"The most wonderful thing about that Tiggers are a wonderful thing." Emi says, nodding sagely. She knew she asked Will to pay Umi a visit but she didn't think it'd be that soon. She gives Tigger a big ol' smile. Tigger is mathematically the best.

Umi manages a smile and says, "Um, what?" And...that's it?! Yes she's being outtalked by Emi. It's a terrible thing.
Will Sherman "I found someone with the case of the /emo's/!" he says, pointing Tigger towards Umi.

"We both know what the best thing for THE EMO'S are, right?"

Will grins, "Besides Tiggers." He adds in.
Emi Dennou Emi nods once. "Right, this one is Emi." She pauses. "And that is Umi?" But Will would know--OH! How did she not realize what was meant there!? It must be Tigger Aura.

"Tiggers are always good." Emi adds confidently. "We got him a gift recently with hard earned cash, The Network reveals."

Umi reddens faintly. Nooo not the Emos!
Tigger Stupid puns are what Tiggers do best, though Tigger is never aware of this at the time.

"Oh, UMOS, she has a case of the umos. That's right there!" Tigger points at Umi helpfully before moonsaulting off Will and onto Umi's shoulder.

Tigger takes the shiny ball out of somewhere and holds it up to Umi. "Look how pretty it is! This is a wonderlicious ball of incredible superlifitude."
Will Sherman Will smiles, happy to help a friend who is feeling bad.

He walks over, giving his two sister like people a hug. "Hey guys. I heard you're feelin' a bit down Umi, so I came to...cheer you up. And the only thing that can cheer you up more than me is a Tigger."
Emi Dennou It's basically factual.

Umi somehow doesn't tumble from added Tigger weight to her shoulder though she does brace--but Tigger is surprisingly comfortable to have on one's shoulder. Her body relaxes a moment after. "It's a nice ball." Umi agrees. "What's superlifitude mean?"

"It's bouncy." Emi explains. She thinks, anyway. "This one is glad you like the ball." She smiles.

The two accept the hug and Umi sniffs a bit. Neither say why they're upset, they don't want to trouble a Tigger.

"We're glad you came." Umi adds.
Tigger Tigger cannot be troubled. He can feel Umi's distress. He tries to help by bouncing the ball. He is very good at catching bouncing things. "See? It is superlifitudinal."

Tigger pats the side of Umi's face. "What's wrong, Umos?"
Will Sherman Will crosses his arms..

"See, he wants to know, and we can't help if you keep it all in!" Will says, rubbin' the top of Umi's head. "Is this about Omi?" he asks, "I heard she got hurt..."
Emi Dennou Umi glances to Emi, Emi nods to Umi, Umi (renamed to Umos?).

"Yeah," She says glumly. She's trying to cheer up, really, but it's a bit tough with the current circumstances. But between the power of Tigger and Will, how hard can it be. "She's going to be okay, but it was really close." She pauses. "But yeah, she'll be okay. I just...yeah."

She kicks the floor.

"Umi and Omi--they're sort of--a team, even amongst ourselves." Emi explains.
Tigger "Oh, so Omos isn't here, this is Umos," Tigger says, trying to correct the mental abacus that makes him go.

Tigger wraps around Umi like a stole. "What happened?"
Will Sherman Will smiles at her, "I get that. Without Omi, who is gona control Umi?" he grins, "I can't help but feel the same way, she's gota keep us in check, right? She's a tough one, Umi, but I know..." he gives her another hug. "We'll go pay her a visit later then."
Emi Dennou Umi nods slowly. Tigger asks what happened. "Um, well, a friend was in trouble and she went to help her. And she got hurt doing that, but they both made it out. So I guess--" Umi squints faintly. "That it could've been a lot worse! ... But um, dunno, this one's just worried is all."

Emi covers her mouth to hide a smile as Tigger starts rolling around Umi. "It's really nice of you both to come see us. We should go see her too, but she still needs rest." Emi adds.
Tigger "We should go later then," Tigger says, bobbing his head.
Will Sherman "I'm with Tigger on this one, we're gona have to go later." He says, and with a nod.. Will will get the details from Umi later...and then go punch the /crap/ out of whoever messed with his friend.
Emi Dennou Emi nods. There is a period of awkward silence.

Eventually Umi asks, "Mister Tigger?" /Mister/ Tigger. "...Can i hold the ball for a while, I'll give it back." She shuffles her foot.
Tigger Tigger catches the ball. He hands it to Umi without a thought. "Yes. Here you go!"
Will Sherman Will watches the exchange for a moment, "So Tigger! Did I tell you how I helped restore this world? I had to get a shard from a group of.."

He lowers his voice, "Woozles."

And Heffalumps."
Emi Dennou Umi takes the ball and starts bouncing it. She laughs, "Heh heh...heh..." Hey balls are awesome. She'll be okay?! Probably. Neither Umi nor the Network are Umos or Emos for long.

"This one has not heard this story. What's a woozle?"

Emi's voice lowers fearfully. "...What's a /Heffalump/?"
Tigger Tigger's eyes narrow dramatically. His tail bristles.

"The most dangerous animals in all of the 100 Acre Wood," he says. "Deadly beasts with nasty sharp teeth and stompy feet and claws for hunny-stealing and tea pilfering."
Will Sherman Will grins...

He looks distracted for a moment, but clears his head.

"Well, not just ANY one of these guys...the SULTAN of the FIRE PALACE." He says, "The HEAD Wozzle laid before me, and the people that came for the shard of fire. He was a vain creature, Tigger...he liked the sound of his own voice...and he wanted us to tell THEM a story..."

"So I weaved a tail, Tigger...I waved a tail, and handed it to my friends...who weaved their own tails into it. When they did this...I snuck..." He says, making sneaking moves, and hiding behind Umi.
Tigger Tigger turns about on Umi to watch Will. He scrabbles on her with his soft felty feet.
Will Sherman Will grins, sneaking around...

"Up the side of the stairs...up to the top...right where the GEM of his little kingdom was set...

"The fire crystal."

"The Heffalumps and Woozles were so INTO the story...they started to ACT out the parts...they were so ENGROSSED in what my friends did..."

"That none of them saw me PLUCK the crystal from it's place. So I snuck back down...quietly...

"And then RIGHT as I got down...

"They spotted it, all their beedy little eyes focused on me."
Emi Dennou "Better keep Artemis away..." Emi murmurs.

Umi wonders how big 100 Acre wood is. Emi psychically suggests 100 acres. oh that makes sense.

Umi clings to Tigger, eyes wide! Emi is pretty sure this has a happy end though come on they are /in/ Manhattan. She does not mention this, though.
Tigger Tigger clings onto Umi. "What did you do then?! Did they try to bite you with their terrible teeth?!"
Will Sherman Will grins.

"Why I used the hobo method of dealing when caught stealing."

"Running away!" he says, running towards behind Emi!

"However, I wasn't free yet! The TERRIBLE and LAME Judge bunny named Evja attempted to MAKE me give the shard back!" he waves his hands, "She demanded me to surrender and pay or fine, or pay for it by GIVING the shard back to the EVILEST of all creatures..." he says, adjusting his hat.

"I looked her in the eyes and said..."

"Yoink! And ran."
Tigger Tigger jumps from Umi to Emi to keep up with Will's story, sprawling up on top of Emi's head. "Oh she must be mad!!"
Emi Dennou Umi laughs openly at the idea of Evja losing a yoink battle. Hey, she can't help it. It's a funny image. And the network is not too fond of the person who tried to murder their boss.

"She probably was." Emi agrees. "It's a good thing you did, though! That was needed to get Manhattan back. We might not even be here now if you hadn't taken it."
Will Sherman "Oh she mad." Will says, with a grin.

"But I got it, and we left! Free with the shard...and to restore the world!" he grins.

"The woozles are still there."
Tigger "Golly!" Tigger says. "I hope they stay there forever. You can't trust woozles. They'll work with the heffalumps you know, and that means all kinds of mischief."
Will Sherman Will grins, and bows...

"I am with you there, my friend...they are ALL sorts of mischief." he says, and taps his hat.

"Lets get some hotdogs!"
Tigger "Hurray!" Tigger declares. It is a good day. A very good day... for hot dogs.

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