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Final Flantasy I
(2013-05-09 - 2013-05-09)
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Alma Hyral It's just a weak little flan, what's the worst that could happen?

Minette, Kyra, and Thirza in the name of SCIENCE had created unspeakable culinary abominations in a deep fat fryer. Their last experiment was to drop a very dead flan in the pot.

Not only did this result in the fryer catching on fire, and exploding, but it created a very real fried undead flan atrocity. This predator was presumed to be stalking the ship, as glimpses of it had been seen within the vents. Minette had disappeared into the vents soon after

After about six hours of denying that she was stuck in the vents, the crack team of Murasame airship janitors had extricated her into the hands of the security staff. They'd shown that she'd just wasted six hours on the clock after all. Whether she was then chained to her desk in accounting to make up for that time is just ridiculous office gossip.

And so they had all gathered on the foredock of the ship, ready to clear out this creature from the random monsters encounter table.

Helena had convinced Alma that the Flan was stalking her, so she hadn't gotten a wink of sleep throughout the day. In fact, she looked like half a zombie as she sipped coffee from a thermos. She did however remain close to the group, not wanting to be separated from the far more competent and powerful fighters.

She was terrified of the thing, but she wasn't taking Jidro's approach of hiding under the bed in his room. That'd all but seal her fate.
Annia Leradine And the search was on. The airship ended up being the place with a flan in liberty, and a potentially dangerous one to, as from the information gathered. Of course, Annia has not been left off the airship yet, so she's still on board and pondering how to get that flan to show up.

"If that flan really is stalking you, it should be easy enough to bring it out, since its close by..."

Then she has a pause. A long pause. Gears are grinding in her head. You can almost hear then.

And then 'ding!', illumination! In fact, one might see the magic torch blink up over her head. Yeah, fantasy-style of lightbulb there.

Barely a flash, a blink of an eye, a small tornado, and Alma disapears.

Only to show up dangling at the end of a fishing pole like a worm, tied up in ropes, and Annia holding the whole thing, like the carrot trying to drag the donkey.

"Come here flan, I have a juicy Alma for you~"

Of course, she's not going to feed it Alma. Just drag it out of hiding.

Its the best idea she could come up with.
Alma Hyral Alma is of course, shrieking and wailing plaintively as she struggles, tied to a pole. "OHSWEETCOSMAHELPMEIDONTWANNABEEATENBYAFLAN!" More struggling, and then sobbing.
Niklas Dragonius Niklas Dragonius is here for a couple reasons - as an added bonus, none of them things that Souji Murasame is really going to approve of.

First, he's here to help out Alma - she's a friend, and moreover, she's a friend of a friend, and moreover still, she's a nice girl who got pushed around way too much. The least Nik could do was come and help her with a problem that had her thoroughly terrified.

Second, he's here to see what deep fried flan tastes like. As much as other people (who aren't Thirza) might find it strange, Nik loved the taste of strange and exotic creatures - especially creatures he killed and cooked himself. He'd never killed a flan before, and he'd definitely never had the resources to deep-fry one; that's a double-stuff of bonus points.

Third, he's here for the reason Nik goes anywhere - hot girls.

Fourth, he's here to annoy Souji Murasame, and that /alone/ was priceless.

Nik's here with his usual luggage: his guitar slung over his back, his patchwork school uniform repaired with a whole lot of creature skins, and a big broad Niklas Dragonius grin. No one's actually said how he got on board, but it might have something to do with the thoroughly terrified guard laying against the wall, wide-eyed and trembling.

Never let it be said that Nik is a *passive* nice guy.

He's not really looking through the ship terribly carefully; there's a LOT of people here, and, as Souji himself said, he's not really necessary. Still...that doesn't mean he's not looking.

At the ladies.
Helena Celba Helena doesn't smile, she looks rather bored to be honest.

She, infact, has a lawnchair and is watching the whole search for the flan. In one hand she has a fruity drink, in the other she has a fan and is fanning herself.

She is also in her bikini.

A pair of sunglasses are over her eyes, but her hair orniment is gone for the moment, her hair let down as she considers the group so seriously going after the flan...a small smile creeps on her face.

Maybe she was having too much fun with this.

And then Annia has Alma tied up and used as bait for the flan...

"Oh my!~ Annia, I didn't know you were so good with rope! You really will be the best wife for Cid~" She teases, wit a wide grin on her face. "I can show you a few tricks I picked up later~"

She says, ignoring Alma's screams for mercy as she wet back to enjoying her time on the deck of the ship.
Kyra Hyral Kyra should have left the ship. She really should have!

However, after returning to the laboratory to put back the unused liquid nitrogen, Kyra was POUNCED by Helena. Unspeakable things happened, no doubt, so her exit was delayed. Then this hilarious issue of a Flan roaming around the ship came up.

Now Kyra has yet to see the creature itself. It is as if it was actively avoiding her. It was as if it knew that it would be captured by the chemist and subjected to further experimentation if it was seen. She's been searching around for it all day (save for climbing into vents like Minette did), armed with some sodium hydroxide, which would puportedly stun a Flan.

Eventually, she hears poor Alma's squealing and is drawn to the cries of her little sister. Upon seeing the state that Annia has put her in, Kyra unleashes her most authentic Disapproving Souji Frown she can manage. "...what is this."

She also shudders at the sound of Helena's voice which completely ruins the Disapproving Souji Frown.
Souji Murasame Souji is on the ship. Somewhere. The aura of his mounting Disapproval is palpable. It might even be able to be measured with scientific instruments in some kind of meter with a critical mass point.

The employees know better than to let it get that high. The proximity of Dragonius no doubt doesn't help. He doesn't know where Nik is, but that aura of shiftless hobo hippie is out there /somewhere/.
Minette Odam Minette has, if nothing else, her pride. And at the end of the day, that is a very large part of why, in fact, she has nothing else. Not content to be chained to her desk (literally as well as figuratively), Minette has managed to give security 'the slip' so as to be able to reclaim her wounded pride. Her honor as an accountant is at stake here!

And she has figured out how she got stuck in the vents yesterday; her shoulders were too wide and thus her arms got pinned, so she couldn't properly use them to pull herself forwards or push herself backwards. In hindsight, it's so simple.

And that is why now, she's stuck in the vents, legs first. Her top half is sticking out of the wall, head and shoulders, her arms hanging down limply and uselessly along the wall. Minette inhales one long, slow breath, then lets it out across fifteen seconds, before declaring,

"Well. Here I am."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria appears on the deck, in her green bikini, and she stomps one sandy foot on the board. "Almaaaaaaaaa!"

She says this crossly, before snapping her fingers. "Sylph, would you give me a hand here?" The Divine appears over Seloria's shoulders, looking vaguely amused. "Flans?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine glances to Kyra, shrugging "Oh come on, I'm not hurting her. As soon as little flanflan gets out of hiding I'll release her, promise!" Well she isn't hurting her, that's true, but it doesn't look comfortable either. And then, Alma is just crying all the tears of her body.

Days like this make it worth to be a bully.

She dangles Alma up and down a few times "Come on, where's that flan hiding?" She starts moving around the large room, holding Alma in front of her.
Helena Celba Helena looks up...

"Oh my~ Kyra and Seloria...I could have some real fun here.." She says, with a soft totally innocent giggle.

Souji comes up from the deck to scowl, but she doesn't move to get up. SHE didn't cause the mess, the F.A.I.L. B.O.S.S. team did, she is, right now, going to enjoy herself until such time Souji decides that it is time to be serious.

"You two should come sit with me...I have two arms~" she says towards Sel and Kyra.
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza Ingersleben, meanwhile, has taken it upon herself to try and get Minette unstuck from the vents. Ideally, this would have happened before other people arrived to find her there, especially since they are probably the ones entirely responsible for this mess in the first place. Thirza has been scouring the ship looking for the creature, which has...not gone well. Not because Thirza is a bad tracker, heaven's no.

It's because Thirza tracks things with geomancy and she's on a flying ship. Rather than being the self-assured (mostly), competent (somewhat) geomancer she is when she's out in the field, Thirza on the ship is frequently airsick and lost with equal regularity.

She makes a whimpering noise when the party shows up in this particular hallway and Minette announces herself. "Minette..." Thirza says, "you didn't have to tell them right away we're least not when you're still stuck in the vent." Thirza gives Minette other good pull with her wimpy arms.
Alma Hyral Minette would hear a rumbling within the vents.

Then they'd grow still.

Then more rumbling, as a tidal wave of fried sludge surges out of the vents, carrying both Thirza and Minette with it. Apparently the creature had added to its original mass... significantly since it was created in the deep fat fryer. The two would be carried along in the wave of sludge, as it rushes out onto the top deck of the ship, right in front of Annia and Alma. It would then congeal, and reform, shifting and consolidating itself, until it was at least thirty feet tall. The pair of previously vent trapped failbosses would be dislodged from its mass in the process. A bulky mess of breaded sludge, with gigantic bulbous eyes would momentarily tower over them. It would then open it's dripping and flowing maw wide.. and spewed.

Covering a significant portion of the Ame-No-Torifune's top deck with fumes and what appears to be... toxic messy flour.


For her part, Alma would continue to scream even louder while attached to the fishing pole, struggling to get free of her bonds. She'd cough, and sputter as she's covered by its initial assault.
Niklas Dragonius Niklas's aura is *very* powerful. Part of that is, of course, just he and Souji's natural disdain (loathing, violent disapproval, hatred, murderous disgust) towards each other; in part, however, it's that - despite the way he behaves - /Nik is a goddamned fearsome human being/. Fortunately, because of the way he behaves, it's really easy to forget it.

Speaking of the way he behaves-

Nik rounds the corner to join the rest ofthe group. Immediately, he whistles - Seloria's in a bikini, Thirza's.../Thirza/...yeah, this is pretty much exactly where Nik wants to be.

"Wow, you ladies look *great*. Hey Selly." Nik takes a moment to admire Thirza again, but the sound of the thing coming has not at all escaped his notice - the rumbling is the kind of thing he was trained to pick up on.


"That is a /fantastic/ but-"

KABOOM. The breaded sludge explodes over the field, and Nik has only a brief instant to deliver a rapid-fire punch to the thing before he's caught up in it. He's sent spinning, spiralling out of the way, until he slams up against the wall; a groan escapes Nik's lips. Great, now he was covered in this stuff.

.../so were all of the girls/.

Nik...yeah, Nik's gonna take his time getting back up.
Kyra Hyral "Nnnnnno. I think you're going to release her /now/." Kyra says firmly, balling up her fists and sticking them on her hips. Her belts filled with test tubes clink a little as she does so. Since she's in 'hunt' mode here, her hoodie has been unzipped so she can have quick access to her various materials. As she watches her poor little sister dangle, she considers skipping back to the lab (where she obviously won't be ambushed by Helena THIS time because she's right over there) and snatching up a scalpel to cut Alma free. Or maybe she could ask Minette, half-wedged in her vent, to borrow her knife.

Helena starts to catcall for her and Seloria and she shudders again. "That's okay~ I am busy right now. You see, I really would like a sample of the creature I apparently had a hand in creating!"

One hand falls from her hip, only to be lifted so she can tap a finger to her chin. "It could make a good fire-resistant, maybe even a /deterrant/. I'm sure there's some kind of use for a fire-resistant gel or lotion." Her green eyes lift skyward, "A new type of sunscreen? No, too simple..."

Her pondering continues right through the ominous rumbling in the vents. She is apparently too wrapped up in considering possible uses for her creation to hear it and only when it EXPLODES from the vent. "Huh?" is her only reaction to that before she is blown off her feet by the Flan's noxious spume.

"Ugh!!! I feel unclean!" Kyra groans, coughing and hacking as she pushes herself up onto her feet. "Goodness, I'm going to need a lot more sodium hydroxide for THAT. Now release Alma already!" A larger than usual vial is pulled from Kyra's pouch that appears to be a clear liquid solution containing a wriggling worm of some kind in it. Popping off the top, she inverts the vial to press it against her skin. The genetically engineered leech contained within immediately latches itself onto her skin.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine's eyes grow wide when it seems her plan worked. She wasn't exactly expectin git. It was more of a way to work up her bullying instinct that keep flaring up with Alma around her. But looks it the monster is out of hiding out.

She sputters at the liquid attack, slipping backward and sliding away with Alma at the end of the stick. She unseathes a dagger out and dextly slashes across to cut down Alma's ropes "Okay kid, enough playing around." She stands up, slimed all over.

Nik is probably enjoying this way too much.

"Alright, let's dance now." She pulls out the second dagger, twirling the twin blades in her hands, as she gets ready for the offense. "Let's see how well you take being diced up." Taking her stance, which is 'dancing' from one feet to another like a boxer would somehow, its like she's keeping her muscles warm for the next move. Or warming them up, since its only starting. And then she moves in. The first dagger takes a green glow, piercing straight at the core in an attempt to poison the thing up. Poison in liquid, should work well, she hopes. Then pulling back, she she reaches up to untie the two ribbons that around her upper arms, and whips them at the flan. They seem to take greater lenghtens suddenly, wrapping around the flan to inflict more debilitating effects. That's how she attacks. Dancing like a butterfly, stinging like a bee.
Niklas Dragonius Nik is enjoying this *exactly* the right amount, thank you very much.
Seloria Delacreaux Sylph points. "Ah." Seloria says.

"Thank you."

Seloria suddenly darts to the side of the ship, agilely rolling up towards it as she puts her hands on top of it, throws herself forward, then launches backwards, neatly flipping in the air, OVER the attack of the flan, before she lands on her feet next to it.

"Someone get Alma."

She says this firmly, before she points up in the air, frowning deeply. "Sylph?" The divine nods, in much amusement. Lightning suddenly strikes down, followed by a harsh series of winds.
Minette Odam "Why are you even all wearing bikinis?" Minette, whom is TOTALLY not jealous, asks/whines as Thirza attempts to pull her out of the vent. "And what's that feeling... it feels... ugh... squishy... and... tingly and... AAAAAH! IT'S GOT MY LEG!" Minette is sucked fully into the vent for a moment, before being ejected like a bullet from the barrel of a gun, taking Thirza with her, and the pair are launched across the deck in a flailing ball of goop and failure.

Minette lands butt over teacups, groaning in pain. "Ewwwwwwwwww, I think I got flan in places I didn't even know I haaaaaad."

It takes a few moments for Minette and Thirza to dislodge from each other. "Okay... okay... Thirza, stand in front of me!" This always has worked in the past, surely it won't fail now. Minette starts calculating, weaving math and magic into one unified whole. And then she sends her yo-yo ricocheting across the battlefield, bouncing off of the deck, rigging, and the flan several times as it carries it's magic spells around the battlefield.
Helena Celba Helena looks disinterested as things start happening...

And then there was a giant flan, partially burned, and...

Mad as hell. It swings down at Helena, and without any effort she rolls up, flipping into the air. /Spilling her drink/. She lands, and then...


Litterally a dark light looks to burn Helena's bikini away as a nose bleed enducing transformation sequence covers her body, putting her into full martial artist outfit, and her head piece sitting along her head, automatically braiding her hair underneath the object. A pair of glasses fall from the sky, landing right on her fair nose as she stares towards the creature.

Helena takes a moment to examine Thirza...or rather a part of her, and then...

Her PDA comes to hand, flipping through it, and activating some spells...

0<0================================> - ~*~ - <=================================0>


0- 0Helena Celba 0-
0- 0The Dark lady 0-


0<0================================> - ~*~ - <=================================0>

She immedaitely strikes Niklas and Thirza on various points on the back, aiming to open up the flows of energy still untapped into their bodies...and turn it up to eleven.

Maybe have a lingering hand on some places...

And she leands back, ready to take survey of the battlefield.
Alma Hyral Alma would be freed by their efforts. Alright, it's probably totally a misnomer to call it /effort/ on the part of Annia. But Kyra had tried. And once the initial blubbering from getting free stopped. She'd actually become a little rational again. Taking position in a less sludge filled area of the deck. She'd do what she did best. She'd focus on keeping everyone alive.

She would quickly triage the group with her eyes, and grudgingly decide that Minette and Annia probably needed her help more than Kyra, Nik, or Seloria did.

As she prayed, a radiant yellow glow would spread over the pair of them, the light of creation causing their wounds to mend, and clearing the toxins from their bodies.
Minette Odam Minette frowns, disapprovingly, at Helena's transformation sequence. "That's just not fair."
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza's eyes widen when Minette is sucked into the vent. She blinks. "Um, Minette?" And then, wham, she's slammed into by a Minette-based missile, rolled in Flan goo (and flour) and lands in a heap with Minette. She's almost back on her feet when Nik addresses her on the radio, causing her to turn bright red. She stands up, covered in goop, but she doesn't seem to mind that too much. It's certainly not the worst precidament she's been in.

And then Helena opens up her chakra points, causing her to shiver a bit. "Um, thanks?" That hand was there for a long time...Thirza turns a little redder. Her attention goes to Minette. "Right," she dusts herself off. "I'll cover you. Yaaaah!" Thirza charges at the tempura-based abomination and tries to wallop it with the might of GOBLIN PUNCH--which doesn't seem to be that much different than a regular punch, save that it's magically powered. Were that not bad enough, Thirza hums a little tune as she does it...

Which seems to be intended to turn the Flan into a frog. Or swarm it with frogs. It's not entirely clear which, but there is croaking involving.

Thirza gets distracted for a moment, right about then, turning around to try and look over her own shoulder at her backside. She turns toward Minette for confirmation, still very red.
Alma Hyral The flan would be struck by Annia's daggers. For her efforts... she'd remove a tiny amount of mass from it. And possibly poison it. It's difficult to tell. It's basically a teeming mass of fried sludge!

The lightning of Sylph, the second god would arc through the creature, causing it to spasm, as the electricity is redirected from its body to one of the lightning capacitators to the side of the ship.

Minette's Yo-Yo would.. Well it'd do something to the creature. We're not really sure what MATH MAGIC she put into its spin. It's Minette after all. Her Yo-Yo would definitely get sludge all over it before it returned.

Thirza would punch the thing, and get her hand stuck in it's body. The flan would burble with laughter horrifically.

But then Minette's Yo-Yo appears to have an effect on it... and it divides by ONE HUNDRED. The Flan literally splits apart, into a hundred tiny flans, which all seperately move onto their breaded forms crawling up each of their bodies..and each one lights on fire. Yes, the Flans were trying to cook each of them into extra crispy academy students.
Alma Hyral Alma would be covered with a radiant yellow aura herself as the flans covered her. And then she'd try to rip them off. She'd be strangely calm as they lit on fire. Again, she'd triage the group, and begin to heal whomever she could. In this case, Kyra, and Niklas. The same yellow aura would spread to each of them in turn.

And then she'd take a step back, as Niklas was about to do something awesome, and she didn't want to get in the way.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine acks as she gets assaulted by a swarm of mini-flans now! How is this even possible! She shudders at the possibility of each of them growing to full size. Well she doesn't know how the first one appeared, but she can only guess it wasn't this huge at first, right?

She twirls her daggers in front of her, attempting to deflect as many as she can, but most of the flock seem to grip on to her body, and then start biting, leaving quite a line of small scorched bitemarks all over her, which are slightly bleeding. Nothing too unnerving yet, but that left a mark.

"What the hell is with those things!?" She tries to slice in front of her, attempting to cut them down even more, so they are too tiny to be of any opposition than being crushed by her foot into a slimey paste. Well, we'll see if that works out or not.
Helena Celba Helena once more flips backwards, just narrowly avoiding the mass of flans as they come for her. She is quick, and determined...but also flowing like water, moving with the tides of battle instead of against them...Nik forces battles to go the way he wants, but she goes with the flow, waiting for her moment to strike...

This is it, she rabbit hops once...twice...

And kicks the flans with a rather HIGH kick, before flipping back down aiming to smash the masses into the deck of the ship.

Her arms glow with darkness, as she closes the distance in...aiming to strike once...twice...THREE times...each strike degrading the various levels of resistance of the flan that they are known for...trying to litterally melt away the upper layer of defenses...

"MELT AWAY!" she demands, and kicks off of it, landing back with the rest of the group, brushing herself off.
Minette Odam With a leap, Minette catches her yo-yo triumphantly. "Ha-HA! ... ... ...ewwwwwww." And now her hand has a fine coating of encrusted slime on it. Minette shifts upwards a step, glances side to side, and wipes her hand off on Thirza's shirt under the gise of giving her fellow coworker a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "You can do it, Thirza. I have faith in you." And then she gives Thirza a push in the right direction, coincidentally into the path of the flan's incoming attack. Thirza's a tough one, she can take it.

As attacks start flying and the deck starts getting ripped up, Minette bemoans all of the work she's going to have to do later, because this is what we call a 'running tally' of damage. She can see it, literally see the price tags in gil, as Nik rips parts of the ship up. This is going to be a hard sell to the insurance company. Siiiiiiiigh.

Minette's yo-yo starts bouncing around the deck, ricocheting off of the rigging, the flan, anything that doesn't move fast enough, and at one point off of Niklas' outstretched fist. Minette is good like that.
Niklas Dragonius Helena taps Nik on the back; even a brief touch is enough for Helena to tell exactly how ludicrously well-controlled Nik's body is. Every single muscle is perfectly organized, consciously, too; he's in absurdly good shape. Despite what Souji says about Nik being the world's greatest slacker, it's clear that he's never neglected the habits he's built up over a lifetime, and that those habits come with some incredible upsides.

Nik tosses off his jacket as the magical boost comes in. The jacket is not, in fact, weighted, despite what a lot of people think; however, it does occasionally get in his way. The jacket snags itself on a coatrack as Nik exhales; the group (that is, those who haven't seen it before) suddenly get to see exactly how ridiculously over-muscled Nik is. It's pretty ridiculous; the guy looks like he could bench press a building. Those same muscles ripple and contract, ready to strike.

He sneaks another glance at Thirza as she goes Goblin Punching in. "That butt is just *divine*," Nik observes cheerfully at Thirza. His distraction costs him severely; Nik is pretty effortlessly set on fire. It's a good thing he got rid of his jacket when he did; the rest of his clothes are going up in smoke, and he is, well, burning. Quite fiercely, actually; if he wasn't so well-trained, he'd be screaming. As it is, he's biting his lip hard, and he's getting pretty black before he finally throws his hands out to put out the fire with a gust of wind that is most assuredly not magical.

"Worth it," Nik mutters to himself. Inspiration comes from all sorts of places - Thirza's hips apparently are today's.

And then all of a sudden, Shonen Power Up Time. The deck strains under the pressure as Nik goes flying for the Flan; each step shakes the deck as his hands go out to his sides, musculature expanding like he's hulking out. His arms snap outwards, and his eyes flare red, and suddenly, why Nik's style is called the Divine Fist is immediately and frighteningly apparent.

"0DIAAAABOLOOOOOOOOOOS DRIIIIVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Nik roars. Or rather, Diabolos/Nik roars; the full, unrestrained essence of the Divine roars around Nik, the body of Diabolos filling the deck as darkness falls around the area. Nik's roar is accompanied by the slamming, crushing piledriver - a piledriver accompanied by the all-crushing force of gravity. People who aren't the immediate target might feel a sliiiight crushing force.

Then the darkness is banished; Nik hangs there for a moment, both hands high in the air. His eyes flash; around him, a great sword, the blade that holds together the world forming around him as he brings those hands down on toRAGNAAAROOOOK RIIIIPPPERRRRRRRR!"

Nik falls a good distance away from the creature; he shakes for a moment, then breaks into a run. He races, and as he runs, his arm swings uRAAIIIIDEEEEEEEEEEN RAAAAAAMPAAAAAAAAAGE!"

Finally, the storm of power is over; Nik stands there on the other side of the thing, tilting his head back over his shoulder, a broad grin spread across his face.
Kyra Hyral The leech grows fat with what is a mixture of Kyra's blood and toxin, but mostly toxin. After a few seconds, she peels the creature off and puts it back into the vial, corking it once more. Normally, she would discard it but lately she's been running low on the little devils and sorely lacking in the technology to recreate them.

Kyra grasps an empty test tube from her belt and seems to be preparing to take a sample when Minette's yo-yo...seems to make the problem worse. Or better? Given how tiny the flans were now, Kyra snatches one up in her free hand. "Ha HA!" she says triumphantly and procedes to try and jam a piece of it into the test tube.

Except it explodes in her face, powerfully enough to knock her off her feet and leave her hand a shredded mess. Burns cover what exposed skin there was upon her from what can be seen as she lies limply against the floor, a bloody smudge where her hand had hit.

Healing settles upon her, sent from her sister and her hand quickly reconstructs itself. Kyra sits up.

"...plan B." Kyra says darkly, pulling her bulky messenger bag around from behind her. She digs through it and produces a suspect-looking white box. It's a box that's commonly associated with pastries and cakes.

She lifts it up over her head, "STAND CLEAR!" she bellows and hurls it into the mass of Flan.

The box bursts open like a garbage bag filled with soup and a black and white ooze leaks and bubbles forth. Horrible, noxious fumes fill the air and the deck of the airship starts to sizzle beneath the strange concoction.

"IT'S A CAKE I MADE LAST WEEK!" Kyra /warns/.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria looks as they split. Not happening. The summoner easily darts out of the way, going up high where she perches away from the tiny, seeking-Alma's-blood, adorable flans.

Wait, what?

Nik tears through it, and she nods in appreciation - she always enjoys watching that, not that anyone ever gets to know that. Then she leans against a wall and starts casually muttering to the divine standing over her shoulder, even as winds whip around the area again.
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza seems unaware that Minette is actually wiping her hands on Thirza's back. If she was, it's not entirely clear whether or not she'd mind. Thirza is Thirza. The Goblin Punch proves ineffective, but she does make for a good meat shield when Minette pushes her into the incoming swarm. Thirza is practically engulfed in tons of tiny flans, all burning and exploding.

"When they're done," Thirza exhales smoke, her clothes a bit tattered (also battered) and burns and soot all over her exposed skin. "...ow," she observes, before sliding out a potion and chugging it the entire thing in one motion. She tosses the bottle aside. "OK!" Thirza draws back, pulling from her magical reserves. "Let's try this--" Nik slides by and both A) compliments her on her backside again and B) punches the Flan like the hand of an angry god. It's difficult to tell which is the one that actually bows Thirza over.

She sniffles a bit, wipes her nose, and gets back up again--somehow still functioning. "--alright! Once more!" Thirza charges in and tries to tear into the Flan, wielding a magical red blade that seems to be shaped out of pure, lingering blue magic. (Which is slightly ironic). Were that not enough, there's an explosion of needles from Thirza right afterward, apparently intended to keep the Flans from swarming her again.
Alma Hyral Annia's strike would slice into the small creatures, beginning to clear some of them out.

Helena would do the same, her technique causing a large swarm of them to melt. Minette... would use more MATH MAGIC, and her bouncing Yo-Yo would strike swarms of them which would explode. Her Yo-Yo of course is becoming exceedingly sticky. She made need to use some of the company's petty cash to get it desludged.

And then Nik, Kyra, and Seloria would strike. Between DIABOLOS,RAGNAROK,RAIDEN,SYLPH...and the cake Kyra made last week. All of the smaller creatures would flatten, and lie still. Several of them try to get up, and Thirza slices them with a blade made of magical blood, and an explosion of needles. The entire deck covered with it's inert goo.

And then all at once, the sludge would surge up over each of them, encasing over them and sucking away at their life force. Then it would slough away into a tidal wave, the force of its impact dizzying as the creature reforms... and breathes more fire at them.
Alma Hyral Alma was continually covered in a yellow aura. When the sludge began to move...she just suddenly wasn't there any longer. There was a yellow blur of movement, and then she was behind Nik instead. Placing her hands on each of his shoulders, she'd just pray that he'd be able to withstand the onslaught.
Kyra Hyral Wobbling, Kyra pulls herself back up onto her feet. Flan slime starts to lurch at her, ready to devour her along with her classmates. Eyes widening, Kyra rips a test tube with a brown-colored liquid within. It is, of course, safely stoppered with a cork.


The Flan sludge immediately shrinks back in horror and slides around Kyra, avoiding her completely.

Kyra stalks across the floor over to Nik. The lucky master of God's FIST is now being serviced by BOTH of the Hyrals. "Don't drop dead just yet, Nik." Kyra says cheerfully, pulling out her gun-style syringe. What looks to be a potion of some kind (but probably isn't) is slotted into the device. Where Alma gently lays hands upon the martial artist, Kyra uncerimoniously jabs a needle into his muscled arm.
Helena Celba Helena suddenly BURSTS into action...

This Flan is getting too hot to handle. Litterally TOO hot to handle.

Flames rush for her, and she flips once more, out of the way of her flames, and lands...right infront of Nik.

tHe's hurt, he's probably on his last legs, her trained eyes knowing and seeking who is near death.

She STOMPS her foot down, summoning a Aegis of dark energies...these energies are not JUST darkness...there is soemthing else. The fire, when it comes into contact with the barrier seems to ball up...and with a flick of her hand, she sends it flying away harmlessly from the pair.

Her eyes narrow...

"Enough games." She says, turning towards Nic, her fingers finding the sides of his temples, staring right into his eyes.

"Kill it." She says, with a simple tone. Helena is done playing.

She speeds off, right towards Minette, and likewise strikes her twice in the temples, unlocking the flow of her chi, aiming to redirect the flows towards /destructive/ tendances.

"Destroy it!" She says in a more commanding tone towards Minnette.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria runs STRAIGHT down the railing she was perched on, one foot in front of another, not even bothering to look as the tidal wave comes near her. "C'mon, Selly, you can /do/ this." She mutters to herself, before she rolls forward into a cartwheel, then jumps over the tidal wave, landing on one foot on the other side.

Still completely, utterly, unscathed.



"Oh, yeah." Nik just got triple-team healed - and Seloria frowns - before she turns on the flans. "Bad Flans! Bad@!" She scolds them. "Siren, sing them the song of their people!" Siren appears, and glares at them instead of singing. GLARE.
Minette Odam Minette sighs; no one ever designs any cute outfits for her, nor do they ever suggest that she might look good in something. Naturally, Alma makes the slightest whimper and everyone's fawning all over her, but Minette knows that the same thing wouldn't happen for her. The entire thing strikes her as exceptionally unfair, but she doesn't voice complaint because she doesn't believe it would do a single iota of good. Some people consider life to be passing them by, Minette is sure that hers is running her over.

And then, in the midst of her self deprecation, Minette forgets to hide behind Thirza like a craven little coward and her position gets overrun. She hauls back on her yo-yo's string, sending it bouncing back towards her, but it does her little good because the bloblets are just too many to handle. The goo can be fixed later, combat supplies are a 'business expense' and one of the largest items on the company budget. Do you know how much Souji spends on maintainence of his sword? More then everyone present spends on clothes. And then the flan starts reforming... with Minette inside of it. This is a poor strategy for long-term survival.

Minette's yo-yo bursts out of the creature's flank, wraps around the main mast, and Minette explodes from the creature's side once again. Now safely up in the rigging that's constantly being hit by lightning, the accountant starts to twirl her yo-yo around like a meteor hammer. Now, she's going to kick some ass. She up and Calculates a spell into her yo-yo... that spell is Drain.

With a yell like Diablos itself, Minette gives in to her inner rage, leaping down from above and spearing her yo-yo through a flanlette. With a wordless cry, she pirouettes around, lifting the flan off of the deck. At some point, Helena's magic washes over her; she doesn't notice. She is in a place past noticing such petty details as 'allies' and 'her own pain'. Minette spins and leaps, mathematically applying savage violence up and down the length of the deck, splattering flan into flan into flan as she goes.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine ;'s life energy is sucked away. It seems like that early bitemarks and burned are open valves for her energy to flow out, right into the sludge's stomach. And that's nothing pleasing when she's released, she barely has a sliver of strength left, or at least its not what it feels like. She's stumbling, barely holding herself up, looking absolutely livid and drained out. She ughs, trying to muster what's left "Damn it all to Chaos if I'm going to go down because of a freaking misbehaving dessert!"

She's not dancing anymore, she's conserving what energy she has left ofr that final move. Even without dancing though, there's something fluid in her movements, as if everything was calculated to conserve a maximum of energy while at peek speed and power. This is where Dragonius might see something familiar in the moves. She can't summon beasts, but the way the movement flows, its definitely similar.

The attack comes in two parts. With the first, she stands high, her grip reversing on the daggers as she brings it down straight into its core, the two daggers striking straight true and hoping to cut off a large chunk of it. But as long as she finds a catch, she's good for the next part.

From the two lower points that she stabbed into, she makes a large X-slice, the two daggers driven upward as she jumps, and flips, right over the 'head' of the flan, whenever that may be in that slimeball, and then lands, less elegantly than she wished but she's running on fumes here, but she lands nonetheless.
Niklas Dragonius Nik is okay with all of the things that are currently happening around him. Yes, even being jabbed by the needle (it hurts a lot less than being set on fire, which he just was). He exhales again, recentering his balance; the Black Belt Summoner did just sort of get beaten to hell, and then loved back to full. Loved and needled, but hey! If he cried about a little needle...

Nik exhales for the third and final time; there's another thunderous sound as Nik starts running, the sound of a whistle breaking through the room. He charges, a roar eruDOOMTRAIN DESTROYYYYERRRRRR!"
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza notices Minette isn't behind her anymore. "Minette!" she calls out, just prior to getting engulfed by the Flan. Magical energy pours out of Thirza, forming a barrier that softens its attempts to digest her. It still pulls some of Thirza's immense vitality, but it winds up being an effort not unlike trying to empty water out of a sinking boat: more keeps seeping in. Thirza's wounds heal up behind the Flan, but she's still flailing about (slightly teary-eyed) because it hurts. Thirza doesn't cope with pain terribly well.

And she's still in the Flan. Left with no good way to lash out at it, instead focusing her energy and trying to return the favor by chewing her way out of the flan trying to engulf her.

"Mmmpf!" is Thirza's battlecry. It's not entirely sure what she was trying to say.
Alma Hyral Siren, the consort of the Raiden. One of the most powerful of the second gods... glared at the Flan, and it just stared back at her.

Minette uses MATH MAGIC to explode THROUGH the Flan, and it now has a giant hole through both sides of it that doesn't seem to be readily healing. But now she's covered in even more disgusting crud.

Annia slashes through it gracefully. Then its vicious X-Strike actually removes one of the creature's bulbous eyes. It begins to burble in agony.

And then Nik hits it with Doomtrain, and for a moment the thing looks like a sludgy accordian from one of the terrible cartoons back on Ramuha. Its sludgy eye whirls around in confusion, it has literal stars and birds circling its head. And then Thirza... bites it.

And the creature looks down at her. And stares. The creature sucks in a fetid breath into its maw, and then spews out its greasy mass over all of them, toxic fumes lingering into the air.

And then it its whole body lights on fire. This creatures a literal grease fire on the deck, which immediately blazes out of control, and causes the lingering toxic gas to explode.

Their world became fire.
Helena Celba Helena once more takes to sliding out of it's way, fliping once more...this time, the fires scorching her back, but only grazing her. She lands, perfectly as she looks towards the mess on the ship..

She crouches...darkness flowing from her body as she slowly controls the flow. Her eyes focusing on the flows of life...or remaining life of the flan...

And then she dives in, a single poke aiming to drive right into the fire.

If she strikes, energy is DRAINED from it, while she attempts to melt it's body away again, but she also drives the MOST distrubing images into it's small small brain. Darkness flowing through it...and then back into her.

She turns, walking away.
Niklas Dragonius Nik doesn't take any of this <GOOSEHONK>. Nik goes flipping backwards into the air, his eyes flashing with brilliant light as his friends are put down by the Heartless's attack. Nik is angry. Nik is really, really angry.

That anger is manifesting the form of brilliant, shining light.

Brilliant, beautiful light; the light shines out of every part of the ship, every hole, every port, every window. It casts a beautiful glare over the city, a magical, peaceful, calm and healing light. For his friends and innocent bystanders, anyway.

As the great sky whale forms around Nik, as he goes through the motions of the summoning, the Flan is BISMAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK BUSTERRRRRR!"

He lands; he's not done yet. Nik starts to sMIDGARDDSOOORMRRRRR MAAAAELSTROOOOOOM!"
Minette Odam Minette's magical power is... unimpressive. Even if you don't compare her to prodigies such as she is surrounded with on this deck, because even Niklas can cast a more powerful Firaga then Minette Odam. Next to someone like either of the Hyral sisters, she's a joke in terms of raw power. As magical flames start to roll in from all directions, Minette starts weaving a Shell spell to defend herself. But it's almost like a joke; one Shell from Minette is going to be overcome easily.

But Minette doesn't cast just one Shell. She Calculates dozens of them around her body, forming a geometeric structure refered to as a geodesic dome; none of the others have hit an advanced enough level in mathamatics to put a name to the weave. Fireballs start hitting the structure and the interlocking Shell 'plates' start to reinforce each other, each piece made stronger for being a part of the whole. The structure stands even as it's pounded from all directions.

Minette waves a hand across the deck, isolating Flan and flanlettes. Slash marks appear next to them; a moment later the number 0 appears next to the slashes. Adding what little magical might she can to the spell, math informs the monsters that they, in fact, suck. The geodesic Shell drops, Minette's yo-yo lashes out, and the bleeding begins anew.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria, mid-examination of someones' fine butt, gets Flan'd.

It's not pretty. It leaves her on the other side, singed, her swimsuit blackened, bits of it in trouble, and very, very furious. It hurt Alma, then it hurt Nik, and now it's hurt everyone,

and it is very, very much in trouble.

Seloria reaches up, and a gust of wind wraps around her hair. She glares angrily into the air around her as she and Siren both start singing at the same time, using their voices to build the wind up before everything goes silent...

And the wind explodes around the flan-bits.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine erks as the monster gets ready to blow itself up, or so it seems... she doesn't lose any second, running with what she has left of her depleted energies to get behind Helena. Yeah, she heard her over the radio, and she doesn't care about who's giving her salvation right now, as long as she's living. She manages to get there right on time too.

As the final attacks bring it down, she phews, and slumps backward, sitting against the nearest wall to catch her breath, her daggers clanging on the ground as she practically drops them there.
Thirza Ingersleben As things continue to get worse--in fact, the whole deck is engulfed in flames--Thirza keeps feeling worse and worse about the entire mess. Sure, Minette was the one who tried to deep fry this abomination. Certainly Kyra had a hand in it with her use of dangerous chemicals, but Thirza is the one who brought the Flan onboard and suggested they cook it. She's the one who failed to kill it initially and let it become this horrible monstrosity that's injured Alma (she seems so nice!) and everyone else. Thirza feels terrible.

Flames surround her as the think tries to go up like a firebomb. People are scorched. /Thirza/ is scorched because she's at ground-zero. Attacks soar back at the thing in powerful volleys of magic, fists, summons, and even yo-yos. They're wearing it down. ...Thirza is still trying to bite it. It tastes...pretty horrible. She's had worse though, and this is her mess, so she's determined to clean it up.

Which is why Thirza, still attached to the Flan, starts channeling blue magic to attempt to devour it. Yes, the whole Flan. It is the monster's destiny, despite it's attempts to overturn the food chain.
Alma Hyral Alma doesn't even try to dodge. The explosion of fire roils over her, knocking her back a few feet, her body landing limply on the deck with a sickening thud. Despite being unconscious, she still appears to be covered by the same yellow aura as before. Her robes are on fire, but a moment later, the fire dims, and dies away. In fact, all of the flames in her immediate area appear to be quenched, as they're drawn towards her. Whatever magic surrounds her, doesn't actually appear to be healing her. It just.. persists, even in unconsciousness.

Helena advances on the Flan, and strikes it, flooding macabre images into its tiny tiny little brain. It ROARS and tries to strike her with flaming fists for daring to make it think of MINETTE NAKED, DUNKING IT INTO AN ICE CHEST.

Before it can hit, Nik makes the second gods manifest. Crushing it with BISMARCK, and wrapping it and crushing it with MIDGARDSORMR.

Minette then really does divide it by 0. And the creature screeches as she attempts to reduce it to nothingness, by MATH MAGIC. It's super.. ineffective.

Seloria and Siren sing...and a huge gust of wind wracks the creature, throwing much of its mass aside.

And then Thirza advances on it....A magical bib appears around her neck...giant Censor bars descend. .....And then its gone. Thirza just ate the whole Flan minus whatever sludge still remains in patches around the deck.
Kyra Hyral Pulling back her injector gun, Kyra gives Nik a friendly grin. "Make with the punching." she invites, sidestepping so he can summon the awesome strength of DOOMTRAIN.

The Flan suddenly belches out a substance that splatters all over Kyra's back. Her nose crinkles up as she takes note of the smell. A split second later, she recognizes what that smell is and suddenly tears through her bag again. What is produced, however, is not another Cake Wreck but a metallic thin sheet of what looks like foil. Turning, she flings the flame retardant safety blanket around herself, the gout of flames that follow warded from the flammable mixture on her back. Miraculously, it does indeed work.

But once the flames clear, she sees her younger sister in a dismal state. Abandoning her, at the time, plans to rain down biological devistation upon the Flan, she rushes to Alma's side.

She kneels beside the fallen Hyral and...well, brings out the injector gun again. Alma is fortunately unconscious so she cannot feel the pinch of the syringe as she opts to inject potion directly into her bloodstream. There is an odd lack of actual white magic.
Minette Odam Minette, covered in slime, burns, and other, more questionable things, stands victorious upon the deck, throws her head back, and bellows out, "I AM THE BEST AT SKULLSSSSSSSSSS!!!"
Helena Celba Helena, who is nearly untouched as she walks by Minette, slowly swaying from side to side, "Yes, best at Skulls." She says, snapping her fingers and producing another lawnchair...a drink, and a fan.

She makes a motion with her hand...and her GI is gone again, revealing in a DETRANSFORMATION sequence the bikini.

"Now let us..." she says, moving to lean on both Kyra and Sel, "Lets go tan!"
Minette Odam "Is that..." Minette squints at Helena. "Is that a /different/ bikini?"
Helena Celba "Yes." Helena says towards Minette, with a smile. "I can show you the trick...when you grow out a bit."
Minette Odam Minette's frown is long and drawn out; she is seventeen and has ceased growing.
Helena Celba Helena doesn't know this...this would require her to care.

"One day, day...or abuse magic."
Kyra Hyral Kyra is leaned on from behind. She shudders and tilts her head upwards to see Helena leering at her.

"...different bikini huh..." she starts, peering down at Alma.

Suddenly Helena grabs her by the hood of her hoodie and draaaaaags her off.
Alma Hyral Kyra's regenerative concoction works its.. well SCIENCE on Alma. Some of the burning grease wounds start to fade away. Eventually she'd stir. Opening her eyes to look at Kyra, immediately managing a faint smile. And then the smile would fade, as she realizes that she's still in a world of pain.

The yellow aura around her would immediately fade, and she'd place a hand to her chest. Praying, and just letting her own healing magic do it's work. As she watched Helena drag her sister away, she'd reach out with her other hand briefly, then grimace, and just decided to give herself more time before going after them. "Helena.. please wait."
Minette Odam Minette turns, slowly, towards Niklas, as each word that comes out of his mouth only makes her more and more angry. Storm clouds seem to gather more thickly over the Ame-no-Torifune as Minette starts to stalk forwards, murder in her eyes (not that it can be seen through her glasses). "You... you..." She points a damning finger at Nik. "OUT!" She declares, pointing towards the nearest exit; that being the deck rail and the long drop downwards.
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza lays sort of half-sprawled out on the deck, her shirt riding up due to her stomach. That was a lot of flan, especially for her to eat in such short order. "Uggh..." Thirza groans, rubbing her midsection. For a moment, one wonders if the monster is going to break free like some horrible monster movie.

And then Thirza belches. "...that was a lot of grease. I could use a drink." A pause. She tries to sit up, with some difficulty. "Umm. Minette? Help?
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria, quietly:

"Helly, let me go, please." She then waits to be let go as she walks to the side of the ship and then onto the railing, where she perches.
Helena Celba Helena sounds annoyed suddenly, letting Sel and Kyra go. She marches off towards her room, becoming fed up with something.
Niklas Dragonius Nik looks at Minette. He considers her for a really long moment; she's pretty tough. He's fairly sure he could take her, but then he'd have to hit her, and Nik hates hitting girls. He hates hitting girls. Hell, he hates hitting *people*; hitting *people* with the Divine FIst makes him feel bad. He was fine with threatening, but actually hittig...

Nik's never killed another human being and he doesn't wanna start now, especially not with Minette.

But, still, he doesn't wanna cause trouble for Alma and Seloria or the people he actually *likes*. Nik heads over to the entry point and looks down. Pretty long drop.

He shrugs, and holds up his hand. "See you 'round."

Then he hops out.
Minette Odam Minette can not fight Nik and realistically hope to win. Maybe, in the aftermath of what they just went through, she could get lucky. But she never beat him in a straight fight in classes at the academy. Sparring there was always a lopsided affair. Minette knows this, and she stands there and stares at Nik as he stares at her. It's a tense moment. Nik backs down.

Minette backs down a moment faster, however, turning away a split second before Nik does. She moves towards the downed Thirza and tells herself that it's to help a friend instead of the real reason of cowardice. She almost believes the lie.

Minette kneels next to Thirza and slips one of the geomancer's arms over her shoulders. "C'mon... let's get you to the infirmary." It is a place both girls are well aquainted with. Thirza has her own bed there.
Seloria Delacreaux After a moment, Seloria falls over the side of the ship, much like Nik does.
Thirza Ingersleben Thirza gladly takes Minette's help. Ms. Ingersleben likes having her own bed in the infirmary. It makes it feel homely. Sort of. She sniffles a little bit as Minette helps her.

"Thanks Minette," Thirza says, "I feel so bad that this caused so much trouble. I hope Mr. Murasame isn't /too/ mad." A pause. "Or that he doesn't take it out of our pay," she adds more quietly.
Minette Odam "He won't fire us." Minette confides. She's pretty sure he won't.
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral just continues to lay there on the deck, letting her healing magic gradually do its work. Ow.
Kyra Hyral Kyra returns to Alma, since Helena let her go. Carefully, she lifts her up and supports her younger sister with her own body. Kyra drags her off to a cabin she could rest in.

This scene contained 69 poses. The players who were present were: Niklas Dragonius, Seloria Delacreaux, Annia Leradine, Kyra Hyral, Souji Murasame, Helena Celba, Alma Hyral, Minette Odam, Thirza Ingersleben