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Twilight Valkyrie Needs Hug Badly
(2013-05-08 - 2013-05-09)
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Avira This isn't precisely the docks.

This is Battery Park, a tiny park along the Hudson river with a spectacular view of the skyline of Brooklyn beyond-usually. With the way the world was now, the skyline is mysteriously absent, the river more resembling an ocean stretching off into the dark distance. The sun sets off in the distance, unhindered by the city that was there.

Along one of the many benches lining the cement bank of the river, Avira sits, staring off into the distance. Her weapon, the Spine, has been removed-sheath and all, and set on the bench to her left. Her elbows rest upon her scarred and bruised knees.
Mercade Alexander Mercade arrives at the park, holding a couple cups. He approaches and sits down to Avira's right, offering her the drink. "Hey there." Mercade says with a smile. "Here, you look like you could use this." It's just some soda, but hey, it's something, right? He tilts his head a bit, looking at her. "You look like you're going through with some worse trouble than usual."
Avira Carefully, Avira takes the cup, but she does not drink from it. Instead, she carefully sets it down on the bench to her left. Then, like a slowly falling tree, she tips over until she is leaning against Mercade. "It's been rough lately. This Garland stuff. This Angantyr stuff. This Maira stuff. So much stuff."

There's a pause and she closes her eyes, "...and I don't know what to do about any of it."
Mercade Alexander Mercade sets his own drink to the other side of himself, and when Avira leans in and tips over on him, he reaches out and gives her a hug. "I've been thinking about it myself. Talking to people. We're going to get through this, Avira."
Avira One of Avira's hands snakes around Mercade's side and back to draw him closer to her, adding to the hug. At the contact, Avira doesn't say anything for a while, content to just be there in his arms.

Wiggling just slightly, she manages to position herself so she's peering up at the detective from the hug. "Y..yeah, you're right Mercade. I know we will because..." she reddens a little, "...because I have you."
Mercade Alexander Mercade blinks at that, and he flushes as well. "I'm happy. You being here makes me happy, and I want you to be safe. You know I'll do anything for you." He pauses. "I don't know how I managed without you. When I thought you were gone, I was..." He looks down. "I don't think I could have dealt with it for long."
Avira She pauses and, unable to help herself, Avira laughs. " don't know if that's possible in my new occupation but I think I know what you really mean." Avira smiles up at him, but that smile fades a little.

"When I was...gone? You mean after Manhattan was restored?" she pauses, "...I was...somewhere. Or part of me was somewhere. I heard voices then. One of the voices was yours, Mercade."
Mercade Alexander "Hey! There's a big difference between hunting monsters and... Well, you know." He says, giggling to himself as he's slightly embarassed. He pauses as she brings up something. "Mine? I mean, I tried talking to you some, but... I doubt it was the same." He looks away for a moment. "I wonder if it was the same that dream I had."
Avira "Hunting monsters, opposing Shadow Lords." She pauses, wondering if she ever told Mercade that VALKYRI was against the shadow lords. Honestly, she didn't need to say anything. Her actions spoke loudly enough. "Yes, your voice."

Avira snuggles against him. "Dream? Which dream is that, Mercade?"
Mercade Alexander "The Shadow Lords are a problem, but we're dealing with them as much as we could." He leans his head forward, nuzzling into Avira's hair for a minute. "I had a dream a while ago where I heard you, I was told to choose something to take and something to give up... Things like that. It was... inspiration for that present I gave you."
Avira Just as she suspected, it was no big surprise to Mercade that VALKYRI-and Avira was interested in defeating the Shadow Lords. Good thing too, because she seems very, very interested in the other subject that's come up.

She blushes again as she remembers Mercade's stained glass gift. It's fortunately still in one piece. "Tell me more about this dream, Mercade-no, start from the beginning of the dream."
Mercade Alexander Mercade looks up, gazing at the night sky as Avira asks about the dream. "I felt like I was floating. I didn't know if I was awake or asleep... I landed on this strange platform of stained glass, and you began talking to me about the light and darkness, and how I had the power to fight against it. You asked me to choose between a shield, a sword, and a staff. I had to choose the power of one to keep and one to lose."

Mercade pauses. "You spoke of the darkness in my heart and it appeared, a massive black creature that looked like the Boss in some ways. I fought it with you telling me to not give up, and I won."
Avira Quietly and with grat interest, she listens to Mercade explain his dream. She waits until he's finished describing the whole thing through before saying anything. "I've never had a dream like that one...and my dreams have always been very strange too. And you say those stained glass platforms inspired the gift you gave me." Avira shifts in his arms so she's peeking up at him again.

"That place I had been was very lonely. I didn't start there though. At first when I became...aware, I guess, I found myself being pulled towards a huge set of double doors, beyond which was the most beautiful light I've ever seen before. But as I moved forward, I started hearing voices. Your voice, Will's voice...Angantyr's voice. I stopped."

There's a bit of a haunted look on her face, "Then I found myself in the lonely place, following the voices until Isaac found me. He brought me back." she pauses, "I'm not even sure that was a dream, but I prefer yours. I'm glad I woke up."
Mercade Alexander "Go towards the light." Mercade mutters to himself. He doesn't sound like he's joking.

He sighs, and he squeezes Avira, giving her reassurance. "I'm glad you came back, Avira. I'm glad you made it. Sometimes I feel like you're all that keeps us going. Not even just me, but everyone around you. VALKYRI needs you, and the TDA benefits greatly from you being there. Most of the TDA aren't... very suited for leadership."
Avira In this case, she's pretty glad she hasn't gone to the light. Pretty darn glad indeed. Avira /wants/ to say that was the afterlife...but she's been to the Underworld and knows what the afterlife really looks like now.

"W...what? You really think so? But, Mercade, you're the heart of the TDA. You're the leader-at least in my eyes. When you were missing, everything was a mess." And then Manhattan fell, she would say, but they were so organized she didn't think it would have been stopped at the time. Even if they had Mercade, they were caught off-guard.

"It's exhausting." she confesses, "Sometimes I...I do wish I could sit back and be taken care of."
Mercade Alexander "Maybe they look to me for leadership, but you can't lead alone, Avira. A lot of people, when they look to someone as their leader, they... distance themselves from that person, in some ways."

He shakes his head, but just squeezes again. "You can have that. I can take care of you, Avira. You don't have to be going all the time. I know you wouldn't want it to be /all/ the time, but you need a chance to relax too."
Avira "...distance?" Avira frowns. "But I don't want that. It is part of the VALKYRI creed that we're all friends, working together." Maybe that's why Vespa had left at that one point? Distanced? "I don't doubt they believe me to be the leader, but..."

Avira squeezes back, resting her head against him, turning to face the expanse of water stretching out before them both. "T..thanks, Mercade...I really need that. Especially...especially with this Garland thing. I think he's trying to make me like /him/ somehow."
Mercade Alexander "Maybe I'm wrong. I've just been thinking a lot lately." He shakes his head. "I'm a dumbass sometimes." He chuckles, then, and begins rocking Avira back and forth a bit. "I'll do anything you need. You shouldn't have to handle everything all the time." He looks up, out onto the water. "I don't think he'll do it. You're nothing like him, Avira. He's trying his best to break you down, but he won't succeed. Two are stronger than one... And we're a lot more than two."
Avira "Do you feel distanced from the rest of the TDA, Mercade?" Avira asks, some concern in her voice. "I know the people in the TDA don't always get along but they don't seem distanced...except for Max, he is clearly distancing himself from us."

Avira feels her heart swell a little when Mercade admits he doesn't think Garland will succeed. "...that's right. He's not just dealing with me here, he's dealing with all of us. One of us is going to figure something out...and then we won't be so helpless."
Mercade Alexander "No." Mercade replies automatically. "They're always there and they help out. I see them." He pauses for a moment, and then changes the subject back to Avira's own troubles. "We're not helpless. Even if we can't hurt him, we can stop him. We don't have to kill him to win. As long as we stay strong, Avira, and don't give in to his manipulations, we're going to make it." He grins. "But in the meantime, we have some time. You need to relax and enjoy things a little. Don't worry about anything, I can handle it for you tonight."
Avira "Good." Avira sighs in relief, worry that Mercade felt isolated from the TDA slipping away. That surely could not be the case. "I think everyone adores you, Mercade. Not as much as /me/, clearly-" she smirks, "But I feel that they do. You're an honest and steadfast man."

She relaxes against Mercade, seemingly content to just be there in his arms right now. She doesn't say anymore about Garland or his bullying, choosing, instead, to enjoy the moment. To enjoy Mercade.

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