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(2013-05-08 - Now)
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Maira Alright, so maybe VALKYRI radio wasn't the best place to argue about this. Not that this was really even an argument anymore. At least it shouldn't be!

Thus Maira goes back to her room at the Inn where she has basically been staying, bored out of her mind. She doesn't even open the windows most of the time after having sworn she swore the yellow eyes of Heartless out in the night.

She has a few books and what not, but she's pretty darn bored and going a little stir crazy. Maira turns to face Perci, idly stacking some of the books as she looks over to him, frowning gently. "I'm sorry."
Percival The Gargoyle was staring out the window of the inn room, his gaze upon the streets below. His talons had worked a gouge in the side of the window frame which he was leaning on. He wouldn't get his deposit back, but he didn't really care. His tail was actually curled about a table leg, perhaps to put it at rest to keep it from working into an anxious frenzy.

When she speaks to him, he'd just close his eyes, still turned towards the window. "You don't need to apologize Maira. You didn't do anything wrong."
Maira "I've made you upset, and for that I'm sorry," she replies. "I don't want to upset you, and I know you are only trying to protect me but...I won't let you call yourself a coward and not argue," she says, crossing her arms as she watches his form by the window, seeing the tension in his shoulders, the tail curled around the table leg, the talons indented in the window frame. She can even imagine that sort of strength.
Percival The Gargoyle breathes out a sigh, his shoulders sagging, and his wings with them. "You didn't make me upset."

He'd turn his head slightly, his ears flattening back as he looked over her shoulder, "I'm a coward because there's no bravery in being willing to give up one's life in battle, if one doesn't value it, Maira. I'm cowardly in every other aspect of my life that doesn't deal with fighting."

And he personally couldn't imagine such magical power, in such a small frame. He didn't know whether he had any talent in magic or not, it just.. fascinated him.
Maira Maira flushes slightly as he looks toward her, no doubt remembering more embarrassing moments.

When he says that he does not value his life at all however, Maira looks quite heartbroken. Can he have any idea how much it hurts her to hear him say these things? Well, he ought to. She's never been able to hide what she was feeling.

"You should value it. I won't let you throw your life away--especially not before I manage to show you how valuable it is!"
Percival He'd flinch, wincing notably as he sees her stricken reaction. He'd put up a hand as a sort of gesture to ask her to stop, before continuing, "I apologize, that didn't come out right. I promise, I won't throw my life away, Maira. That's a promise I've already made to Zia. She'd tan my hide if I broke it."
Maira Maira looks obviously relieved, letting out a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding, some of the tension draining from her. "Good...cause the thought of losing you terrifies me," she replies quietly, picking up a book and flipping through it, not really actually reading it. She just needs something else to look at.

"I didn't use to value my life you know. I wondered for a really long time why my mom died and I didn't. I was the sickly one, it should have been me. My only friend was already dead, I thought it was only a matter of time till I joined him."
Percival The Gargoyle would cross his arms, turning to face her, trying to keep his expression reserved and.. failing. He wouldn't say anything to the thought of her losing him. He'd just watch her flipping through the pages of the book.

And then his expression would tug, and look conflicted, and then he'd walk over to her, wrapping his arms around her in a hug. His wings would soon follow. "The world is brighter for your presence, Maira. And would be darkened by your passing. Please don't ever doubt that."
Maira Maira glances upward shyly as he sees his approach out of the corner of her eye, putting the book down in order to return his embrace, sighing quietly, seeming to melt into his embrace. When the wings follow, she smiles. She loves that. It's like double hugs.

"The world is brighter for /yours/ too. At the very world is," she replies quietly.
Percival Double Hugs! He never even thought about that. For his race it just came naturally if your wings were built that way. Some weren't, and had winged webbing in between their arms and legs like flying squirrels. Poor deprived souls..

He'd sigh, and look down at her, "I.. nevermind. I'm being too grim lately and I apologize. I promised all of you that I'd try not to be." And then there's a pause as he considered the matter, "Are you happy, Maira?"
Maira Maira leans her head against his shoulder, becoming quite comfortable. She's very warm, but not uncomfortably so--at least for the moment! "Things have been difficult lately, its true. We have to really put an effort into trying not to let it get us down."

At the question on if she is happy, Maira considers. "Heh...I'm...I could be, I think. I'm kind of stir crazy right now just because I feel like I'm trapped in this room--but you're here, and that makes me happy."
Percival Well that's good. If she was uncomfortably warm he might have actually jumped back. He'd learned during one of their first meetings. 1. Maira can be scorching hot if she wanted to be. 2. SHE DOES NOT DO ICE MAGIC. 3. Burnination=Pain.

He'd wait until she was finished speaking, before finally murmuring. "...Then I'm happy. I just admit that I'm worried. Worried that I'll mar something beautiful by hurting you."
Maira Maira smiles, her cheeks flushing pink. She's a little worried about hurting him too! She'd burned Ivo's eyebrows off twice!

"I'm...a little worried about me hurting you too," she admits with a small laugh.

"You won't hurt me, I know you won't," she whispers, turning her face to press her warm lips against his cheek.
Percival The Gargoyle would actually manage a very faint smile, "Don't.. anything you can do to me will heal." The implication being that anything he could do to her... might not ever heal. And that frightened him even more.

He'd accept the kiss on his cheek, and return one on her forehead fondly, but he looked away. "If you're feeling cooped up... we could go elsewhere for a time?"

Anything to change the subject. Her kissing him.. it always made his emotions run haywire. Everything in his heart said it was right. But his conscience, his told him it was wrong.
Maira Maira nods. She want to kiss him, but she doesn't want to bring on his guilt again.

She does however, reach up to touch his hair, patting him gently, smiling warmly. "If we could go out, I think I'd like that. Get some fresh air, maybe a change of scenery. I want to find that hotspring Avira mentioned!"
Percival He wanted to kiss her too. He just.. stopped himself. Every time such thoughts entered into his head. Wanting to do something didn't necessarily mean that your head didn't tell you it was wrong.

He'd manage an affectionate smile. "That's right, where exactly is that hot spring again? I can take you there."

He untangled himself from the embrace, getting up. He'd then walk over towards the window, motioning for her to follow, as he opened the window, placing one leg outside of it, and downwards so that the talons of his feet dug into the outer wall of the inn. He'd then offer with both arms for her to climb up, extending them towards her.
Maira What would it really matter at this point? Restraining wasn't really going to change anything.

Maira grins as he moves over and opens the windows, extending his arms to her. She laughs and scampers across the room before leaping into his arms. "I'll see if Avira maybe has any idea where it is. Just be on the lookout...Heartless," she cautions.
Percival He'd take ahold of her as she literally leapt into his arms. He was suprised, but her enthusiasm was literally infectious. He was still wrapping his head around how someone could be so enthusiastic about gliding around.

Flaring his wings, he'd just kick off the inn room window frame, taking off as he followed.. Skoll's very specific instructions on how to find it, heading towards the hills. "Heartless are the least of our worries right now." He'd bank slightly, flexing his wing joints to take them over, and down a little closer to get a better view as he scanned the hillside for a hotspring. "Have you ever been to a hot spring before?"
Maira How could she ever not be excited about gliding? It was amazing! Not only that, but it has the added bonus of giving her further excuse to be close to him.

She laughs brightly as they take flight, giddy with the freeing feeling. It was exactly what she needed after being cooped up there.

At his question, she shakes her head. "Nope! I bet its really nice though. I heard its very relaxing!"
Percival "I suppose. I've heard the same thing, though I've never been. In my world we had something called... hot tubs. Powered tubs where the water was warmed up, and bubbled by pumping in air. I've never been in one of those either." He'd smile as he watched her laugh. It always made him happy to watch her cheer up whenever they glided around.

When he spotted what he thought might be the hot springs, he'd start their descent, circling around gradually to finally land a few yards away from the edge of the steaming hot natural spring. "This certain looks like the place!"

He'd then set her down.
Maira Well when he's cheered up than she is too, so it should just build like that until they are both ecstatic!? That's how it works, right?! If only!

Maira grins as they spot the hotsprings, approaching once Perci sets her down. "Ooh...well that sounds awfully nice too. I really like to take bubble baths. Avira does too, that's why we got that big tub we have at VALKYRI HQ. You can fit two people in th--" hurk! Choke on words! She coughs as a rather obvious thought flits into her head.

Turning, Maira sits by the edge of the springs and begins to take off her shoes. She'll put her feet in first. Then...well, she'd see!
Percival If only.

The big doofus on the other hand didn't seem to understand what she was driving at, instead thinking that she took bubble baths with the other girls. That always seemed to be some sort of fan service that humans enjoyed seeing on television. Avira and her taking a bubble bath together seemed entirely natural to him, they were best friends. While Gargoyle culture in general did not have the same taboos against showing bare skin as human cultures, over the years his clan had developed wearing clothes more to make the humans they did interact with less uncomfortable. Even so, they weren't really embarassed around each other to have less clothing on.. Unless someone decided to get intimate during that time.

As she took off her shoes, he'd roll up his pants legs, and stick his taloned feet into the water. "It does seem quite comfortable, Maira. Relaxing."
Maira Maira didn't use to think about it so much, but she's become a bit more worldly since her world fell and she was chucked into this world of ruin.

"Aaaah," she breathes as she slips her feet in the water, though that quickly became not enough for her. "Well. I'm going in. Um...if you...want to turn around..." she says, scooting back and standing up to quickly wiggle out of her clothes and toss them aside so she can slip in without having to have a soggy, chilly flight back to the Inn.

"Ooooh...." she moans after a small splash. "That's...that's nice....wait where's the--" glub.

Percival Turn around, why would he want to turn around?

Oh, human modesty. He'd turn his head just to give her her privacy, then waited for her to slip into the waters. He'd turn back to look at her, smiling, until she slipped underneath the waters, "Maira?"

Was she playing some sort of game with him?

.....Well he wasn't going to wait to find out. As he immediately dove under, clothes and all.

Bubbles. Bubbles, more bubbles. What, it was a hot spring after all!

And then a moment later he'd emerge with an arm around her, as he paddled in place to keep her head above water. Just holding her close to prevent her from dipping underneath again. "Are you alright?"

He'd then swim her close enough to the edge that she could grab ahold.
Maira She is indeed sinking, flailing wildly and preparing to launch herself with some magic to get out of there when Perci gets an arm around her and hauls her to the surface. She coughs, clinging to the side of the hotsprings and feeling really stupid. "I'm okay! That--I forgot. Uuugh! Perci, tell me you know how to swim and can teach me. This is getting really ridiculous," she sputters.
Percival He'd chuckle, bending over to press a kiss against her forehead. "Well for starters, when you're on the surface.. you can paddle your legs, by moving them in a circular motion. If Avira ever showed you a bicycle, move your legs sort of like that. Then sort of sweep your arms out." He'd demonstrate by putting both arms in front of him, then sweeping them to your side. "This will keep you afloat, but it's tiring. And not /truly/ swimming, so I recommend we teach you some sort of stroke that fits you."
Maira Maira purses her lips together, watching him carefully as he demonstrates what she should do. "Okay...I'll try," she says, detaching herself hesitantly and moving her legs like she's riding a bike--they had those in her world too, they'd had one for the whole orphanage for a time. She got to ride it a few times. Maira moves her legs like so, a bit fitfully, moving her arms as instructed--but what she really needs is just to relax. If only she'd stop panicking, she would float.

"I...think I'm I can imagine this would be tiring after a while!"
Percival The Gargoyle would watch her for a time, nodding in satisfaction, "You've got the concept. Now let's try something different..."

And then he'd sort of do a breast stroke motion. Same motion with his arms as the paddling, and a similar motion with his legs as his arms. He'd dip his head underwater between strokes each time. Eventually stopping to explain. "This stroke is called the breast stroke. Humans have many different strokes in my world."
Maira If she wasn't fairly naive, she would be laughing her butt off right now.

Instead, she watches with intense concentration, then tries to copy him.

When her face goes under the water however, she kind of loses it a little, trying to right herself and ending up in a flailing mess again, grabbing onto Perci and clinging to his arm. "Okay--okay I'll try that another time. I'm just...relax now..."
Percival The Gargoyle would click off his radio in irritation, taking the earpiece off of his ear and tossing it against a rock with a harumph.

It didn't break, but he wish it had. And then he'd just let Maira cling to him, gently leading her back to the side of the hot springs. He'd pat her lightly on the back, between the shoulder blades with his other arm. "You'll be alright. Just rest for a time. Try again when you're ready." He'd smile at her encouragingly.
Maira Maira blinks as she watches Perci click off his radio and give it an impatient toss, raising a brow. "What was that about?" she asks.

She gives treading water another go, as well as the breast stroke, smiling widely when she meets with some success.

As she looks out around them however, her smile fades and her eyes widen in alarm. She senses darkness. "Perci...heartless..." she whispers. As she does so, half a dozen yellow eyes blink open, shambling toward them with mindless hunger.
Percival "Will just needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. That's all." The Gargoyle grumbles, not really wanting to talk about it.

And then.. she points out Heartless. OF ALL THE TIMES. Well, he wasn't about to wait around. He simply clambored out of the water, with Maira, picking her up immediately. And then he'd do something that he'd practiced...but never actually tried before.

"Just, hang on tight Maira." He'd run to the wall of the mountainous hillside, and with a single arm, grasp his talons into the stone, and both his feet. And then he'd just just kick leap himself upwards. He'd then reattach with his other hand. Then repeat the motion. It was certainly risky, especially while carrying someone, but this was an emergency. Once he had enough altitude, his wings would open, and he'd kick off the wall, gliding away from the hotsprings with her.
Maira Maira was ready to climb out and fight. It was just a few heartless! Then they'd get away! As Perci grabs her and hauls her out of the water and suddenly takes off however, her sound on indignation and surprise can only be described as something like this; "HRRRGLBWEEE!?"

Flailing slightly, she looks down. "PERCI! MY CLOTHES! I'm not leaving without my clothes! Bring me back! I'll light those heartless on fire!" she exclaims, trying her best to convince him. She is NAKED! And he's holding her! And and and--

So, about that being on fire thing.....

Lady and Gentleman we have ignition.
Percival He wasn't stopping, in fact, he continued to glide... His priority was her /safety/ not her /modesty/ after all.

And then she lit on fire, and he yowled. This yowl turned into an all out scream as they rapidly descended for the ground.

Unlike the first time that this happened, he didn't let go.

He'd descend at nearly terminal velocity, the speed dizzying, as he opened his wings at the last moment. They'd hit the ground, hard, but at an impact they'd actually live through. Only then, as he rolled away, did the Gargoyle let go of her. His entire torso, and his arms charred with terrible burns.

There may be crying involved. IT HURT A LOT!
Maira Maira screams with both fear and frustration. Not NOW! This couldn't be happening NOW. She struggles to get herself under control before she immolates him completely, her magic withdrawing inside of her before they hit the ground.

The breath is knocked from her on impact.

She lays there for a moment, naked and now filthy, trying to get her bearings. As soon as she can move she scrambles over toward Perci, and if he is crying so is she. It should not need to be said how /horrible/ she feels about this. "Perci! Oh no oh no--stay still I'll heal you!" she exclaims, summoning her healing magic to wash over him, casting it again and again until she is exhausted from the effort, tears streaming down her cheeks. "I'm sorry--I'm so sorry..."
Percival His breathing would steady, as he was wracked with pathetic sobbing.

He wasn't able to say anything all that coherent for a long time.

When he could though, he'd totally state, "I-It's alright Maira." More sobbing. OH GOD ALMIGHTY DID BURNS HURT
Maira "No! No it isn't okay!" she states, increasingly distraught. "I--I--my emotions I lost control of them and my magic reacted to the presence of Heartless or--or I don't know but I've really hurt you. I TOLD you...I told you!" she wails. She'd burnt Ivo's eyebrows off twice! This was much worse!

Maira hugs herself, shaking. "Back at the Inn...I have potions and salves...more healing magic--I'm...I'm going to go...try to find my clothes," she says, turning and then running away.

She's going in the wrong direction, but whatever!
Percival And he'd follow...if he could.

He literally can't. Instead he'd just reach pathetically her way. Shouting hoarsely. "N-No Maira don't go!"

And then he'd lay back down, he really couldn't get up. He didn't know what good her staying would even do, but he didn't want her to be on her own.. even for a second.
Maira Maira is waiting for Percival to wake up, knitting what appears to be a shawl while she waits for the inevitable cracking of the stone. She needs to assure herself that the sleep would indeed heal him.

She feels truly terrible. And he thought he'd be the one to hurt her. It sucks being right sometimes.
Percival When he wakes up, its not in the usually dramatic manner of his race. The stone just sloughs off. His skin still looks raw, and tender, and he doesn't look like he's in great shape.. but the wounds should be entirely gone by the next day.

He'd stumble over to her, taking a seat beside her, and just wrapping his arms and wings around her. Not otherwise speaking, not yet.
Maira Not it is Maira who is hesitant. She doesn't immediately move to return the gesture, too focused on trying to stay in control. It was as Faruja said, and she was going to take his advice. She needed to use whatever time she had to improving her control over her magic.

Maira sighs deeply. "I told you. You're okay? Still looks a little raw. I have some salve..." she says, reaching for her pack to pull out a jar of ointment that smells strongly of camphor.
Percival "Told me what, Maira? That you'd hurt me? This.. is nothing." He'd just continue to hug her rather tightly.
Maira Maira opens the jar of salve and begins to gently spread it on the wounds, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. "It's not nothing. It's clearly not nothing," she insists. "I'm sorry. You...embarrassed me, I guess. I was--I don't know. I have no real excuse. I have to get this under control. Practice, I guess. I need a safe place to practice though," she continues.

Once she has applies salve, she will finally return the hug, sighing gently. "How is this any different Perci? From what you fear you could do to me?"
Percival He'd chuckle in a self-depreciating manner as she begins to spread the salve on him, drawing back only slightly. Ooo that stings. "You don't need to apologize. Though thank you nevertheless. Maira, I don't care if I'm hurt, if my feelings are hurt....I only care if you are. I don't matter."
Maira Maira frowns deeply, looking up at him now. "Stop that. Stop saying you don't matter. I'm going to just...start smacking you if you keep saying that! Or--or I'll figure out /something/ to discourage you, I swear it."

Maira sighs heavily, shaking her head. She's growing extremely frustrated with this! "So I wonder if we could go to Manhattan...I'd be less bored, and there should be less Heartless around, considering what Avira did."
Percival For some reason the thought of her smacking him brings a smile to his expression, until he thinks of her smacking him WHILE SHE'S ON FIRE. Then he's back to somber again. "As you say then Maira."

He'd scratch the back of his neck, "Well if you want to go to Manhatten.. we could do that. Mayhaps have another movie night.."
Maira Maira brightens, nodding. "Yes! I would love that! Will you ask the TDA if they wouldn't mine me coming for a little while....? I don't want to put anyone in danger but...well, I know it would probably bring you some peace of mind as well. Hmm...and I hope Ulharisk is well, I haven't seen him..."
Percival After the embassing moment where he realizes its back at the Hot Springs, they return, he retrieves his radio. The Heartless thankfully had moved on. Then he'd speak to the TDA, then look at Maira, "Well Avira is supportive at least.. Max is.. well he's having a rough time right now."
Maira Maira has only met Max very briefly. He was very...charming? Very...French? Other than that she knows nothing about him. Still, she frowns. "A hard time? I hope nothing serious? Will we be in the way?"
Percival "I.. don't think we will be. Max tends to keep to himself." He doesn't seem to want to relate what the subject is to her, afraid of how she'll take it.
Maira Maira nods. It really isn't her place to pry.

"Well, lets go then! I'll get all my stuff ready."

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