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(2013-05-08 - 2013-05-10)
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Datapoint Security was outside of Traverse Town. Oh sure they have been helping out with rebuilding Valkyrie HQ after the mass destruction that took place. They helped in holding people back from going to District 3 during the assault.

They had some goons, but the goons were not always dependable and there was only so many elite warriors. Very few at that. The main six plus one. With only perhaps four of the original six who knew how to fight, well-- maybe more like three; Then there was CHIEF who was added in but had yet to place himself in a combat situation sense his code alteration. Why?

That was a mystery for the time being.

Maybe he too was just being lazy?!

Either way, Datapoint Security had to have some answers right? They had to have better security measures. They could have done something more then just, you know, hold up the people, right?

Well this seems to be what brings one program here tonight. Her name was Deelel. A media program by their records. Friend of TRON's. Friend of several really. It seems she would come at perhaps night? That may be the best time as that is when the DPS HQ was rather quiet. Most of them were recharging and all she have to do is get around the typical security stuff.

You know, like cameras, perhaps even some ground sensors, and oh yeah, light wires.

First task was getting past the main wall, then it was getting through the locked door, and inside all without being detected. That is your mission, program. If you accept it.

This message will self destruct in...
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Deelel Deelel was wary of Datapoint she'd not hated them but enough questionable things had happened during the assault Garland lead on the town. While the Black Guard had been active keeping people safe. The turret systems why didn't they activate? It could have cut down most of the invading force baring it's leaders in short order. Just all the othere things left Deelel wary, such as what was MCP actually up to here in the city? There was only one way to snoop but the question is just how much trouble is it going to get her into. He'd already sent het to the gaming pits once and she knows how dangerous it could be. SO she wa taking a risk she knew thet technology best but she also knew if they were prepared for anything it would be their own kind, other programs.

So she's got an idea of the guard's patrols.

She has cobbled together a few things to help guard her from the camera and the ground senoors at least for a bit as she's made her movement for. She'll at least have her helemt on and covering her fae as she moves in aiming to make he wya past the wall, and the door that was a problem it was going to take some time to get past but there's just something about it did she catch them on a lax cycle.
The getting around everything was-- kinda easy. You would think someone like the MCP would make this actually /harder/ being how the games were, but instead it was almost like a tip toe around, slide here, slide there. Not even that difficult, but yes. The door was the /hardest/ part.

It had a combination lock on it, matter of fact, two of them. Looked like one would have to be cleared before the other could be access. It also had a timer on it with a 3. It would seem it would only allow for 3 screw ups before probably an alarmed was sound.

Yet the numbers were very simple. Just a 1 and a 0, with a red button to cancel and a green button to accept. It seem to go up to five numbers on both.

So three attempts, two keypads, and just two numbers to work with that had up to five numbers to input. This shouldn't be that hard right?
Deelel Deelel is noticin that and she's not sure about this, she wonders is it that MCP was confident enough grid tech would generally baffle most users that would try to get in or was there heavier security deeper in. She wasn't sure about this but it's too late now and there might be informationt to find. MCP had used her to cause this situation she was going to find something to start correcting what she'd done. She'd put Users at risk and hasn't really forgiven herself for it.

She starts runninf the numbers and starts to try the most proable codes. Also the security seems more to foil users.
The First Attempt Deelel will find is a fail. The second attempt is also a fail. Each one came with an annoying 'EH EH' sound. So there she was with the last number, her last attempt, then as soon as she dials it into the top one. It goes green, but so does the bottom?

What is up with that? Maybe the bottom pad was just to screw with people? The world may never know.

Either way the door bolts can be heard unlocking and soon Deelel would be finding herself right into the Den of the Lion. The main floor was pitch black, nearly no lighting at all beyond the ominous red glow at the very walls that were both on the ground and ceiling that didn't stretch out very far.

There was also a soft glow on the railing that went up to an upper level and there was also some closed rooms under the stairwell and then in the main room a hallway. It seemed like no one was even home and there was not even a single camera here.

The only other light in this place was the light coming in from outside and her own light-suit lines that glowed in contrast to the colors here. However once she was inside, she would find the door suddenly closing on its own with the sudden sound of the bolts locking once more.

A glance around the area once more and it still seemed empty. Maybe they were not home? Could it be /that/ easy?
Deelel One chance down the second also fails, there's only one last goes. The second lock also triggers was it a dummy? Loooks like it that might throw a lot people but it actually threw her too. She's being cautious as heca k and she notices all the lighting is much like back home. She takes a moment to adjust and will have to make use of her own light lines her normal tranverse town outfit is not in use at the moment.

She sees the lack of camera os even any hideen one she reaches out to sense if there's anything hidden she found she can often contact machines and the like. This was a bit too easy, weak outer defences so that would mean things got tighter in or there was nothing of value...
So far everything was still very quiet, it was actually even far darker then it be on the Grid if the power was pulled. No silver colors, just this stark black with only slight red.

However as Deelel moved around searching for anything she hear a soft chuckle. If she was good at picking up sound locations it be drawing her to the stairs. Then slowly there was glow with a bit of smoke that wisped off it, before the glow dot seemed to move off to the side, only highlighting what seem to be smoke being huffed into the air.

Before then suddenly like a snap of a finger there was a single red eye glowing from the darkness. Like someone had a red optical lens over a scope glowing brightly, before a white toothy smile escaped from the darkness.

Then there was a step from the individual with what seem to be a single eye, then another step. Before the object with the bright tip went back up to the mouth. Then at last coming further into view the details could be seen, even as the red circuit lines on the light suit started to fire up. The amber eye on the left starting to at last be seen which was far duller then the red eye. It was indeed CHIEF. "..Hello there program... Welcome to the Wolf's den." He said with a very creepy smile with that cigar being held by his teeth. "What could /ever/ bring /you/ here? Hmm?"
Deelel Deelel doesn't like this it's getting to be too quiet and it's darker than home she doesn't like it it doesn't feel right and she's tarting to think it was far too late. She'd been hoping to look for certin bits of information and then slip the hell out. Had she been wrong she'd have left DPS along for longer but there's this feeling of dread as red lins appear in the drkness. She stares for a moment in suprise her face plate still covering whom she is she looks at CHEIFG but something seems a bit strange here. It's also like runing into the monster under the bed and knowing now it's real.

In the words of famous program. This was bad, very bad.

She just locks in placve and is going to do the only thing she can attempt to do, is run without a word.
Lancer Other silhouettes become visible in the gloom with a startling rapidity. On the stairs. Leaning against the wall or in the doorframes. All six of them are giving Deelel an identical expression of bemused anger.

You are in a lot of trouble, program. One of them says very softly. Lancer bearing a serious expression of grit teeth rather than the smiling faces of the others. And.. honestly, I am interested in whyeven though some of us couldnt care less. AESIP smiles bemusedly at Deelel. ..And we know you arent working for Garland, or you wouldnt still be standing.

Another voice from the shadows from another DPS officer. SHRIKE. He was leaning against the door leading back out of the complex. " And you can't have planted the glitch unless you are playing dumb. So... is that it? Are you playing dumb, program?"
CHIEF just watches her go to run and shortly seems to find herself even into further 'wolves' then himself. Yes little program. You made a very bad move sneaking in here. One doesn't just simply walk into such places, though he was rather sure that was the MCP's line more so then his.

He was just the watch dog.

"Smart thing for you to do right now, /Deelel/, is to get stop running before you make a wrong turn into someone. Get down on your knees, and keep your hands up." CHIEF states not really moving but looking directly at where she has gone. "Then answer the questions and you wont be harmed. Though we are going to have to, most likely, for entering in illegally, detain you in a cell for a time." CHIEF's voice was very calm, even if that smile was on his face.

"Though I admit. I love a good chase," He starts to walk toward her. "I am sure everyone here does. So what's it going to be? You keep trying to find a place to hid little program or you going to play the rules of the house you stepped foot in?"

She did have a ton of questions to now answer. Why she broke in. Why she would even /think/ about this. Did TRON put her up for it. CHIEF could see a list of the questions in his own mind, but he knew such questioning wasn't really his job. Though with the others now here as well, there was very little room for her to run; or so CHIEF figures.
Deelel Deelel very well knows she's in a lot of trouble she's been in trouble ever since she broke out of Sark's gaming pits. She looks left and right. She is very not much working for a user space virus. There is no reply yet at least verbally. Also the pause at the about a planeted glitch she's not sure what. TO surrender means going back in a cage prehaps permately or worse ending up dead here.

She's still making a hell of a sprint for it she's skilled for a non security program. It's kinda suprising she surived the gaming pits really could she have been.

She's looking almost like a cornered animal she's expecting to die but she doesn't go for her disc she might be able to take one of the black guard elites here alone sure but with there more than one and CHIEF, TRON she is not. She just sags like someone expecting to die shortly.

"... Glitch...?"

She says nothing else what else is there to say she's pretty hosed and she knows it. Damn it she shouldn't have gone alone.
Lancer "Ugh." SHRIKE says with disgust. "This isn't any fun." While Deelel makes their sprint the six just.. stand there in their places. They don't chase. They look between eachother with that bemused anger, only their silohuettes seen in the gloom. "Well." Lancer grins in the darkness. "..we could always let her go and see what she does. That would make for a fun game." AESIP snorts. "Yes. And what do we get if we win?" "Satisfaction?" "..maybe not even that. I don't think it's her." "You ruin all my fun." CHALK snorts, talking in AESIP's deeper voice. "He ruins all the fun he needs to ruin." "Pft."

And then there is another figure and a sound that silences the group. A singular, small click of metal on wood. The tap of a cane.

The MCP appears at a doorway near Deelel, eyes glowing very dimly red in the gloom. "It seems rather... fortuitous for you to show up on our doorstep unannounced, program. Have you come to render your earnest condolensces for our security lapse? I do not think TRON would stoop to being so petty. You came here alone.. didn't you?"
CHIEF did kinda tell her to drop down on her knees, but she kinda sprinted and perhaps some where halted. Either way while some bemused their anger, CHIEF only started to slowly, at last walk in that direction to where Deelel last may have at last came to a stop too.

Though with the clicking of the Cane, he glanced up and his right eye flickered for a moment before his walking came to a stop for the time. The MCP was now present. So CHIEF glanced toward the others for a moment, before his attention returned to now where Deelel is, along with the MCP. His places his hands behind his back and stays at attention.

Yet CHIEF was puffing on his cigar a bit before he rolled it to the other side of his mouth. The smile was nearly gone. It was mostly now a straight face. The question was going to be how Deelel would answer the MCP and what she would do.

After all, know matter how well he knew her before, this was his job now. His function, which was far better then the state he was in when he first stepped into user space and even better when the MCP first locked him up. He was just silently going in his own head-space of 'Just answer the questions, Media. Just answer them...'
Deelel Deelel has got on her neees at this ppoint and is no longer moving. She doesn't reply to the chatter of the guards no that would be the last thing that woudl be smart here. She looks up to MCP as he enters and since they said her name at this point already the face plate snaps away into pixil and is gone. "I guess I'm the fool. No he knows nothing of this." Does anyone know anything of Deelel's plan no. Trying to distract and confuse wouldn't go over on someone like MCP not at all.

"I did not come to snark about your security either."

She's given up and is answering the questions.
Lancer The MCP leans on the cane and his fingers tighten on it's upper surface. There is a very thin whine that scales up from the cane as the MCP looks down at Deelel kneeling on the ground.

The DPS officers lean away from their walls or stand from their staircases, looking at CHIEF for a moment before assuming similar positions. Some stand at ready. Lancer and Aesip merely continue to cross their arms and glare.

"You and I.. have played this game before, haven't we program?" The cane reaches out and very, very lightly attempts to lift Deelel's chin so that she meets the eyes of the Administration who still has a hand behind him in the small of his back, as if investigating some interesting but ultimately inconsequential anomaly.

"Oh.. you have been a useful fool indeed, Deelel." The MCP smiles very faintly and chuckles deep in his throat. "In fact, in a way.. I consider you ultimately responsible for things having happened the way that they have." The cane lowers as the tone gets louder, and louder in the silence. "So.." The MCP asks with a slightly wider and hungry smile.

"..What is it that we should do with you? Tell me why you came here. I profess a moment of curiosity if you so neatly profess ignorance. So much has gone on in this sector. So much of it has gone-- unchallenged."
CHIEF glances over at the others for a moment, then he looks over at AESIP then to LANCER. Should she run. She be honestly foolish. AESIP could easily move into position needed. LANCER was also no push over when it came to go time; even if he was the mechanic.

His attention slowly went back to Deelel and the MCP once more. He tilted his head slightly to the side. Listening to what was being said and just waiting. Waiting to either take he away, to have to take action, or continue to just-- wait. Patience was key.

Patience he now had.

Well, for the most part...
Only so much one could do waiting.
Deelel Deelel isn't about to sark at the MCP that's foolish she's failed again but this time she's been prehaps a bit smarter she didn't try to run or fight. She's staying there nd is beat but not defeated as odd as that sounds. She damn well knows that this is her fault and she will find someway to do something about it.

"Lying would just mean you'd pull it from me painfully." This isn't like with users she knows about the disc, one way or another htey could extract it from her. It was a matter of trouble for them and pain for her.

"Yes that is part of why I came seeking the truth of why the massive weapon grid that has been installed in the city was not actived when Garland's forces invaded. Yes DPS moved to act but the grid could have decimated his entire force. I came to find out the truth of what happened over that. I doubted I'd get a binary answer about it."
Lancer "What, and a friendly neighborhood /SOCIAL CALL/ wouldn't have done the same thing?" Lancer snarks as MCP looks down at Deelel and shakes his head. The cane is removed, the tone muffled and shut off.

"I find it amusing that you have the same impulse that TRON has. When all is in plain sight, he would turn down any blind alley except the one lay right in front of them. There was no grand design or collusion. There was a rather catastrophic glitch in the grid defense grid. One that would have resulted in the system firing rather incriminately. So we chose to keep our silence because there are those simply waiting for us to make a mistake. It is easy to decry someone who does not fight back, after all." The Administrator smiles thinly.

"Take them away, CHIEF. Contain them for a cycle or two for breaking and entering. My gift to you Deelel will be considering what to do with you, and giving the answer, and your inevitable fate, more care than you merit."
CHIEF glances over to LANCER, before his eyes shift back over to the MCP and Deelel. He puffs a few more times on his cigar in silent though over silent radio chatter between himself in the six. Though when the MCP says his name, his attention is quickly given to the Administrator program.

"Understood, Administrator." CHIEF says calmly as he reaches up to remove the cigar from his mouth at last and it seems to vanish from his hand as if to pocket it somewhere. He moves toward Deelel with calm, precise steps of precision. There was almost a military pattern to his steps, before he rests his hand on her arm, then reaches for her other arm. "I would suggest you remain silent." CHIEF states as he goes to then cuff her wrists together behind her back. Then moves to force her back up to her feet. "Do not speak unless spoken too. Do not ask questions unless given permission to do so."

CHIEF then glances at her disc, he stares at it for a moment, noting its configuration style and then goes to push her forward carefully, moving her to the doorway which leads to the underground cellar where the holding station is. "If you attempt to escape.. you will face the high probability of deresolution." He narrows his eyes slightly. "Do I make myself clear, program?"

"..and I will," He then whispers softly to her, his red right eye glowing brightly as there is almost a dark smirk on his lips as he speaks, "Derez you, if you try anything funny. So please don't test the limits of my former kindness, little media."

Once he gets her down the steps, he closes the door behind him, removes her disc to set it on the table station, and then uncuffs her before shoving her into the cell area which then fires up and a red light wall activates to hold her in there.

CHIEF stares at her for a moment before he narrows his eyes slightly. "...try to get some cycle down time.. you will need it.." and then starts to make his way back up the steps.
Deelel Deelel looks at MCP for a moment is suprised at that, she's borked up she knows it and she's just kinda stunned she's got the idea MCP isn't lying at all. She's just been on edge for so damn long she's run off and pulled a Reize. Unlike Reize she didn't drag a gaggle of people with her. PRehaps this is why Reize is still alive inspire of his luck. She'll move as ordered or pulled along. "Understood." her tone is flat she's not going to twitch even funny. She'll move along anf just ends up there in the cell the MCPs words echoing in her mind. TRON was going to have her head if she lived...

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