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(2013-05-08 - 2013-05-08)
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Evja It was a couple of days since the time of Hades appearing and meeting Neku and shit hitting the fan and lots of things happening at once. Which also meant the Viera was quite likely to have had two earfuls and more regarding how horrible Priel was and what all she'd done and how she was a traitor and... really, the Viera was simply worried about her. Had she just up and left the island? She'd gone out this far on just a whim to have fun being amused by their antics, so clearly she was bored enough to get here.

Maybe she stayed?

Which is why Evja now sat on top of Duagerreo, idly looking off in the distance. A part of the Viera had hopes of finding the dragon to find out if she was alright. Who was he to judge by who had a contract with Hades? Even if he's the only one so far, as far as he's aware, who made a contract to help others. Maybe she did too, secretly, because she felt she needed more power.

Today found the Viera wearing a white mages robe while simply sitting there at the top of the building, veil covering 'her' face as ever. Alone. No weapons or any such. Her Chocobo was now down on the entrance to Duagerreo wandering around and playing on the shallow water. On, not in, as it was standing just on top of it. And light blue. Huh.
Priel Aylin Priel had definitely gone, there was no doubt about that. But today, she returned, not to cause trouble...yet. Rather, she maintained flight, overlooking the building and it's surroundings. She didn't seem to have any real goal in mind as her eyes swept across the landscape, mentally taking notes.

And for those that didn't believe that Priel had agreed to become a reaper, the proof was all there. Her wings and tail now consisted of vague shapes colored in a gradient of black to red. One could wonder how she even flew now without the proper anatomy, but they seemed to work regardless. As she passed over the landscape, her eyes spotted something strange.

...Was that someone on top of the building? Now who in their right mind would do something like that? Getting a little closer, Priel could spot familiar robes signifying that it was Evja. "Oh great. One of them." She muttered to herself, rolling her eyes after. Well, this one wasn't there when everything happened. She wondered what exactly the others told her now.
Evja Seeing someone flying, and being pretty much the only one flying in the sky, did manage to get the Viera's attention. She watched a moment until she was pretty sure it was either Priel or a Gria and waved up towards them in a friendly manner. She... actually patted the top of the building next to where she was, though if that could be seen by the dragon girl remains to be garnered. She doesn't move, or seem angry, or pull out a weapon or do anything at this point other than sit there watching Priel to see what she had in mind to do.

Though arguably knowing of her penchant and ability to leap off the air a couple of times, she /might/ have been able to reach Priel where she was if she tried.

Priel Aylin Priel saw the wave and just sighed. So much for a quick fly by to figure out the lay of the land. Ah well, what's the worse that could happen? Evja wasn't Lily after all. And so she descended, eventually landing onto the top of the building some ways away from Evja. "Well, I didn't expect to find anyone this high up. Aren't you going to train with the rest of those idiots?"

Asking that, the redhead crossed her arms loosely, smirking as well as she stared evenly at the Viera. At least she didn't seem to be here to fight. That was always a good thing.
Evja When she landed, Evja leaned back a bit and looked towards Priel in a slightly sideways manner. The blustering, or rather perhaps even cruel, words did cause the Viera to smile. She did remind him of Lia. "No." he said softly, same feminine voice as ever, "I am not going to distract the one training them from doing that job. If they feel they need the training that badly, I am not going to stop them. I came here to keep them safe and to enjoy the sights, and to spend some time around those who do not hate me for my contract with Hades. Or what they want to imagine to be true about me despite things to the otherwise."

Stretching a bit and popping a spot in her back, Evja took the Judges Coat that was laying next to her, the white robe she typically wore most otherwise, and folded it up to form a seat next to her. Should Priel care to take it.

"Are you alright? You weren't hurt, were you?" A hand comes up to point roughly left and right at her 'wings'.
Priel Aylin "Hmm? Me? Hurt? By what?" Priel asked incredulously, noting that he was referring to her wings after. "Oh, these. Nah, it didn't hurt. It just...happened." She shrugged afterward, sauntering over and unceremoniously plopping down onto the offered seat. "So tell me, why /are/ you talking to me right now? You do know what I did, right?"

She chuckled to herself in clear amusement afterward. "I'm sure those shrill harpies had no problem giving you every last detail, am I right?" Not that Priel cared. Not even a little bit. The Shard Seekers was never a place for her. No matter how hard anyone tried, it just was never going to work. Not with the people that were already there.
Evja "Why shouldn't I be talking to you?" Evja finally asked in kind after a moments silence. "You have never done anything wrong to me. In fact... you've only ever been good to me. While I understand that you do cause them grief for your own amusement, and why they would take this as... a personal betrayal, I am not the type to judge before I know the truth of things. And even then, to a point."
Evja's chocobo finally settled down on the water and rolled over, flopping around with his wings like a bird that's way too big in a tiny birdbath, trying to play around. Seeing this caused the Viera to laugh softly to herself before reaching into a nearby satchel on the Viera's other side and pulling out some wrapped food.
"You're welcome to it if you want. And... as I told them, I was not there, and I shall make my own decision when I have heard it from you. You seemingly made a contract for the power, or perhaps something else I am not aware of... no, I suppose it is not my business. If you do not try to hurt me or anyone I know, or cause problems for us... no matter what you made a contract for, it is of no concern to me. And if you are forced into doing something against me, or I have to step in by your bargain with Hades... to protect others, I will not hold it against you unless you try to make it personal. I know what it means to be forced to hurt someone and not want to, to be forced to do things I have no desire to."
Priel Aylin ...Evja was way too optimistic. Priel just looked away and rolled her eyes. "Really now..." She didn't say much more after that, just watching the chocobo play in the water below. It was pretty amusing. "As for my reasons; ehhhh, that's not really anyone's business, yeah." Nope, there would be no explanations on that front.

Of course, she didn't actually confirm or deny the possibility of her causing trouble for them in one way or another. The subject was jumped over entirely. "No, I don't have anything against you, or Lenn. ...Shiki and Lily are horribly annoying people though~" She giggled to herself as she said so, resting her chin in an open hand and her elbow in her lap.

"It WOULD be pretty entertaining to see them flailing about uselessly~"
Evja "Well, if you could refrain from giving anyone reasons to spout conceited, judgmental monologues arund me, I would appreciate it. It amazes me how many there are in this new world we share who are so full of themselves, or without their minds, that they can jump to some things they do."

That was his way of saying 'Please don't cause trouble if you can help it.'

And then awkward silence, given the Viera wasn't quite sure what to say at this point. He'd been meaning to speak with her, but apparently whatever fluff that got stirred up, and now the fact that the others were angry at/hated Priel... it really took those questions aside. "Did you plan on staying in Fluorgis? If so, I have a home there. I imagine your home at the Shard Seekers will not be available until Reize has a chance to speak with you, so you could always stay there. I rarely do as it is."
Priel Aylin "Awwwww, but giving people reasons to spout conceited, judgmental monologues is funny!" Priel replied, pouting at Evja afterward. Surely she must have been playing around again. "Watching them stew in their own anger and rush to false conclusions is the best thing after all!" ...Of course, Priel, of course.

Once the question of where she was staying was brought up, she just shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly. "Eh, I was just going to sneak in when everyone was asleep and get my stuff. After that....Ahhhh...It's been a while since I've been on the road. I was going to go back to doing full time traveling."

Smirking at that, Priel added. "Buuuut if I'm in the area, I'll crash at your place, sure~"
Evja "Perhaps for you."

And that's all Evja said on that part. Though at the mention of stew, the Viera's stomach grumbles just a little. "And... well, if you wish to do such then I shall say nothing of it. But I do ask you not to betray my trust on that. It takes all types, but you have never done anything wrong by me." Thinking about it a moment, Evja fishes around in the satchel nearby to pull out a map of Fluorgis, holding it up. "My home is right about here, in the residential district. Section four, home sixteen. Of course, there is no keyhole on my door. A Judge, and lady, must be more cautious in a land that has many thieves than for such. Just catch me next time you desire to stay there perhaps, maybe after you get your belongings, and I will change the magicks on the door to allow you entry. I may even pay you again to cook for me. I can do it myself, but it... is not as enjoyable to do it just for me, I mean."
Priel Aylin "Right, right. Of couuuuuurse." She spoke lazily, laying back against the building and letting her legs dangle over the side of the building. Glancing aside, she studied the map that Evja had presented, noting the location indicated and nodded a bit. "I'll keep that in mind then. ...Whenever I get to it." Because surely hanging around in Fluorgis after pulling such a fast one on the Shard Seekers would be a pretty silly thing to do. Not that she was afraid of /them/, but still.

"In any case, sure, if I'm around I guess I can whip up a carrot stew or something." Chuckling at that, she sat up and began to stand, stretching her arms above her head. It was amusing to her that Evja was perpetuating the carrot stereotype so badly, but hey! "I should be going though. I have so many things to do today." Saying that, Priel took a couple steps away, staring up at the sky.

"Oh, and feel free to tell those idiots I was here. Their reactions should be pretty hilarious~"
Evja A small sigh comes from Evja as he shakes his head a little at her last remark. "I do not understand you dragon types sometimes." Truly. What is their interest in seeing others annoyed? "If you need help with anything, though... please, do not hesitate to ask. You had your reasons for doing this and I will not treat you different of them until I learn why. I do not want to see anyone I know hurt. Especially when it comes to things with Hades."

A small pause and Evja sighs as he looks down towards the ground. "I am going to be heading, eventually, on another trip to find something for my Chocobo. I would enjoy having you along, it could prove amusing and you may get to taste /my/ cooking for a change. To that effect I can promise I will not allow anyone to start a fight with you, and vice versa, if you could hold off on goading them?"
Priel Aylin "Hmmm..." Priel mused to herself, tapping her chin in thought. "Well, I don't know how easy it'll be not to mess with Lily and Shiki. I mean, that's where all the fun is. Buuuuuuuut...I can try. Maybe. A little...perhaps." She wasn't going to try at all. Nope. Shrugging then, the redhead took a little hop and then began to take flight.

"Anyway, I guess I can come with you on a little wandering. Seems like it might be fun!" With that, Priel glanced back at Evja and waved a little. "Anyway, seeya~" And then she flew off, heading to parts unknown as she took in the landscape below one more time...

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