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A Grand Decision
(2013-05-07 - 2013-05-07)
Reize returns to the headquarters while Violet and Lily shop. The boy runs into Will, who had eaten everything in their fridge. However, Will is at the headquarters for an important reason: Reize's Path.
Reize Seatlan It has been a couple of weeks since the Shard Seekers departed Fluorgis to go on a journey. In particular, Reize had traveled with Lily and Violet on the journey through the various continents. The exploration had brought many forms of danger and excitement, but for some of the others, they wanted to visit the place that they called home.

Violet and Lily are likely handling some shopping. Maybe. However, Reize returning into the Headquarters to do some restocking.

So here he is, looking around the lobby. It is the same as he left it. At least, initially.
Will Sherman Will is in the lobby, just RIGHT THERE, sitting on the counter. He has a sammich in one hand...probably from your food stores. He is eating it, without any shame as Reize pops in.

"Sup?" He says, swollowing the most recent bite. He gives him a stare, and then proceeds to eat again.

"By the way, helped keep your home safe. You either have the best or worst luck when it comes to trouble." he says, "Either outright avoid it when it comes looking for ya, or run head first into stuff that isn't looking for you."

"Anyway, where were you anyway? I was starting to think I'd run out of food before you dropped by."
Reize Seatlan As soon as Reize comes in...

... Will is eating his food. Again.

Reize hangs his head, comical tears rolling along his eyes as he greets. "Ooi... Will." By the tone, it is pretty dry.

However, he mentions about keeping Fluorgis safe. "Eh?!" He rubs the back of his head, "Something happened to it?!" There is a frown, "...What a time to be away from Fluorgis." A sigh is given, then he shakes his head. It is saddening.

Regarding his question, however...

"A few of the Shard Seekers and I went out to do some exploration. A couple of them wanted to make sure that I did not go alone, so they traveled with me. We traveled through various contintents and we even used the Shard Seeker." He runs his hand over the back of his head. "... When we attempted to use it, we did not find a shard." His antenna hair flops, "...We ran into a monster that seemed to resonate with the device."

His hands lift up, "It was biiiiiiggg! It had a green crystal on its chest. The bird flew off when we found it!" A hand runs along his chin, "But.. it did drop down boulders at us from the top."
Will Sherman Will finishes his sammich.

"The Dark Knight." Will says grimly, "Worse then that, the master of the thing was revealed to be some Emperor of Palawhatever." Will comments, shrugging his shoulders. "He came to burn this place to the ground, and instead Maira did...something with the light, taking advantage of something I did with the darkness that was weakened thanks to a lucky shot.." Those who know Will long enough know that luck sometimes has a way of...happening around him.

"The Dark Knight is free, but well...Palawhatever seems pretty okay with manipulating people with darkness and crap."

Will shrugs, "Man, did you guys seriously use that thing? I mean, come on.../IVO/ built that thing. It was probably only luck that it worked once." Will shakes his head, "Well, you're alright, so that's good." Will has a leasury attitude about this. "Mind if I ask you a question?"
Reize Seatlan Oh.

The Dark Knight? Reize had heard some tales regarding the individual who went around, performing atrocities. The eyebrows hardened, however, it is when Will mentions about the Emperor that the eyes widen.

...Back then..

... Back then.

Reize sweats bullets, recalling his time at Palamecia when he was trapped within the are after being enveloped in a dark portal thanks to Leida.

Twitch. Twitch.

Nevertheless, Reize calms down, offering a faint smile. "...Thank you, both of you."

Regarding the Shard Seeker, Reize frowns at Will. "Ooi! Ivo is a capable inventor! He is good with technology!" He rubs the back of his head, "I don't think many of us are good with that sort of stuff besides him and Shiki." He lifts a finger, "I attempted to press all of the buttons on the computer at some crash site, but... I think I destroyed everything at the facility."

However, a question is brought his way, "Hrm? Sure, what's up?"
Will Sherman "How serious are you?" Will says, taking a serious tone.

"It's great and all you wana help out, but how serious are you?" Will says, surprisingly even with Reize.

"It's not going to get easier. We've just gotten to the point we're starting to find out what we're up against, with getting shards and restoring worlds. These same people are hurting anyone that even talks to some of us just to try and get at us. Garland already threatened this with Avira and Mercade." Will explains.

"This isn't a game anymore, the stakes are becoming too high. We found out in Manhattan what the price of failure was...and only through luck and guile that we all managed to restore Manhattan..." he continues, "People are going to get hurt, people might even...die, or worse, lose their hearts. People who's only crime is that they sold you a sandwich." Will continues, "Are you ready for that? That kinda heavy burden? And don't gimme that crap about saving everyone. No man, NO man is a mountain. You have to rest, you have to sleep, eat, and so forth. You can't be everywhere at once...nor can your allies. You're gona make mistakes, because you're only human, like the rest of us."

"It's not too late for you to stop. Nobody here will blame you."
Reize Seatlan ... "Eh?" The face twists to a more confused look. However, his posture is tensing up. Despite the confusion on the boy's face, he knows where Will is going to get at with the qustion.

Reize lowers his head a bit, considering Will's warning and the stakes that have been laid out.

Reize lifts his head up towards Will. "...You know, I will likely never see my world anymore." He considers, "Then again, I don't even know what my world is like outside of the little village that I've been living in all my life." His eyes narrow, "...The worst thing was that I was not around when my world was taken. I was some plane. It was a strange one."

"...There are some things unresolved that I want to help resolve.." Prince Landon, for one. Reize's eyebrows furrow, "...I learned that this was not a game when Manhattan happened, when Fluorgis was in danger, when my friends that I made here were missing." He lifts his head up.

"... I already have the responsibility of keeping a hold of something that I still know so little about." This time, Reize removes the pendant from his neck, holding it before Will.

"...My father always told me to keep my word. As ridiculous as people like to say that my Knight's Vows are, they are my words that I plan to keep." He shuts his eyes.

"I won't abandon people... I won't let anymore people lose their worlds." He lowers his head, "...I will help those in need. That is partly why I wanted to be an adventurer and a knight like my father."
Will Sherman "Lofty goals." Will says, leaning back on his seat.

"You can't really stop more worlds from going under either..." he says, looking up. "How many words out there aren't even connected to the World of Ruin yet? How many people show up in Traverse town every day? Sure, there are many worlds ground in the world of Ruin and Phantasia..." he says, shruging, "And does Reize Seatlan want to be the Knight for these people, or is he living a dream of following in his father's footsteps because he feels guilty about not being there for his home?" Will pushes the does not grow if not challenged.

Will looks at the Pendant, "And it is not fair for you to force your responsibility on him." He says, NOT to Reize. "The question is...can you live with the fact that SOMEONE will get hurt because of your actions. No matter how good intentioned that they might be...there are many things you can't be aware of until it is too late...can you live with yourself if you fail?" He asks.

"And don't say that you can't. YOu can, everyone can. Mistakes are to humans as much as anything else."

"Don't fall back on 'duty' or 'what my father was'. Answer from here." Will points at the chest, specifically Reize's heart. "Don't just give me whatever answer you have prepared in your head either. THINK about it. No knight's rules, or borrowed phrases...what does Reize say?"
Reize Seatlan Reize Seatlan says, "...No. I can't save everyone. I know that." The eyes look downcast, but he looks over towards Will.

"...I want to be an adventurer." The boy states, "...I never asked or wanted to be the leader of the Shard Seekers. ...I never thought that this clan would become big, or to be an actual clan." He offers a rueful smile, "...I almost left the Shard Seekers to do what I wanted to do."

He lifts his gaze at the window, "... I always admired my father. He was a man who traveled the world and seen many things that I dreamed of seeing. I always tried to emulate him. However, I wanted to experience it all myself and even surpass my father."

He brings the pendant around his neck, "My arrival here... has given me an opportunity to do great things. I don't care about being a normal kid, nor do I care about living in a home. Just like my father did, I want to travel the world to see things for myself, live my own adventure."

Then, the face becomes determined, "And help those along the way. My dream was not due to guilt. It was because it was what I dreamed of when I first heard my father's journies. It inspired me."

"...I'll live, we have made mistakes." He frowns, "...I almost made the big mistake of turning my back on everyone before Emi interjected." He looks back at Will. "..But... I don't plan to give up." He narrows his eyes, "I am an adventurer, but I will also fight for those who can't fight for themselves."

Maybe along the way, he'll find what he's looking for as well.
Will Sherman Will pauses and listens.

And then he shrugs, "Well, if that's your answer.." Will says relaxed, "Then the time for seriousness is over." The Hobo lad says, with a small grin, and jumps up from his vantage point.

"Because I hate being serious, that's Mercade's job. Serious as a heartattack, that man." he waves a hand.

"Well, if you're so determined, maybe you should perhaps educate yourself on just what you're up against." he offers, but to what? Well, maybe that is for Reize to answer for himself.

"Anyway, that was it. I'm fed and you got the hobowisdom, for now."
Reize Seatlan Blink.


With the seriousness dispelled, Reize looks rather confused at Will. "Errr..?" He watches the hobo jump from his spot, then he regards his hatred of being serious. The young boy runs his hand over to the back of his head.

"I suppose he is..." Reize admits regarding Mercade. He reminds him of educating himself, Reize asks, "What do you know about the Dark Knight? I only know a bit about Garland." He furrows his eyebrows, "... However, I only kno a bit."

There is a faint smile, realizing that Will did impart his wisdom for Reize to mull over.

"Thank you, Will."
Will Sherman Will shrugs, "We don't know anything about Garland either...but he took Isaac's arm recently.." he says, shaking his head.

"The Dark Knight is apparently a man who opposed the will of the Emperor and was brainwashed...he's free, for now, but darkness plagues him." Will says, "That's all I know, I haven't had a chance to talk to the Dark Knight more indepth yet...and what I do know...well, it is personal. I'd rather not say anything without talking to him first."

"Eh, don't thank me, I'm just doin' what is needed. Poking and proding at people's choices..."
Reize Seatlan The young boy gives a slow nod towrds Will. "...I learned a bit from someone who worked with him, but..." Even then, there is a lot of mystery to Garland. Reize's eyes furrow, looking rather serious.

But it is dispelled once the Dark Knight is brought back. "Eh...?! So, he is freed for now." He runs a hand to the back of his head. "Hopefully he can carry on forward..." A faint smile, "...I know one person who has been making progress on her path."

He blinks, the he sighs, "Yeah.." He walks over towards the fridge.


Reize hangs his head, "...You ate /everything/."
Will Sherman "YOINK!" Will says, leaving a empty silloutte behind.

A smoke trail can be seen as Will makes for the nearest portal back towards Manhattan.

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